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You Will Accept a New Currency

You Will Accept a New Currency

That’s a rather bold title isn’t it? Telling you that you will indeed accept a new currency, but it’s because I already know you will, for you will not be given a choice. You refuse to do the one thing that could save you from whatever agenda the jew wants to push on you, i.e taking up arms and solving the problem, and so you will be forced to accept whatever it is they wish to do to you.

Reading is fundamental. In today's technological age, do not discount it's importance. Sit down, read something useful, and stimulate your mind a little once in a while.

One of the reasons for this is that many of you often refuse to read to benefit yourselves, and due to this it’s nearly impossible to have a grip on the way things really work in this world. Instead you would rather complain that you need more audio or video or some kind of simple way to hear the truth. You’ve been conditioned to believe that reading is a waste of time, and that video or audio can give the same amount, or even more info in less time.

Sure, video and audio are more convenient, and more entertaining, but the hardest truths about this reality are not entertaining by their very nature. The most important truths are not best absorbed by your brain in low alpha brain waves state, where you are susceptible to suggestion and the implanting of ideals, such as video and audio often produce in humans who are “tuned in” (or out, as it were) and listening or watching with a blank stare on their face, and no higher cognitive function taking place.

The truth is, if you would actually take the time to read what material is available to you, at least for now, you would be able to discover and decipher all of the truths that I bring forth all on your own. You wouldn’t need someone like me to spell it all out for you. Not that all of you don’t read, because some you do. You read what all of the jewish writers produce, and in turn these jewish subversives teach you how to sit idly by, whilst other jewish ring leaders finalize their plans of domination over you. They slyly and covertly teach you that you should “love the jews”, as one jewish writer put it.  Or they attempt to lull you into accepting that the problem is too big to solve.  Or they use crafty speech, Hegelian dialect, and even semantics to convince you that you need jews to help you defeat the jews.

For BANNED BOOKS WEEK, why not read something useful like Basic Training for Revolutionaries, which includes a complete copy of the Protocols of Zion? You are absolutely guaranteed to learn something pertinent and useful.

It’s only fitting that something as fundamental as reading gets the kind of mention it does here, seeing how it is “Banned Books Week” right now as I type this out. Had you actually taken the time to read some of the more important pieces of information available to you, such as the so-called “forgery” the Protocols of Zion, a copy of which is not only in the BANNED BOOK Basic Training for Revolutionaries FREE PDF, but is now also hosted in text format HERE at SN; you would realize that the enemy has no problem with your protests of their action, for they will protest with you or even for you!

The enemy has no problem with your writings, videos, and speeches against them, for they too will create mounds of written word, speeches, videos and other material.  They will work tirelessly in hive mind fashion to produce so much material, and so many jews protests against their own ills, that it becomes nearly impossible for enough people to hear one voice of reason amongst the thousands of jewish sources.  All of this is by design of course.  See these select quotes from the protocols:

The principle object of our directorate consists in this: To debilitate the public mind by criticism; to lead it away from serious reflections calculated to arouse resistance; to distract the forces of the mind towards a sham fight of empty eloquence.

In all ages the people of the world, equally with individuals, have accepted words for deeds, for THEY ARE CONTENT WITH A SHOW and rarely pause to note, in the public arena, whether promises are followed by performance. Therefore we shall establish show institutions which will give eloquent proof of their benefit to progress.

So, getting on to the idea of a new currency in these united states, pretty much everyone has heard of the so-called “Amero”, a new American currency for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This currency is supposed to be the one used for the coming North American Union, an entity which will likely come to exist in the future, no matter how much Obama or anyone else tells you it won’t happen. Certainly in a quest for one world government, it is easier to form smaller unions, such as the current European Union, and then unite those into one all encompassing group, than it is to try and create the whole thing all at once.

The kikes David and Barbara Mikkelson, behind the disinformation website Snopes actually prop up FBI informant and straw man Hal Turner as the originator of the so-called Amero conspiracy.

If one were to read the famous urban rumor (disinformation) website Snopes (which I don’t recommend as a healthy practice), you actually run across an interesting assertion. Apparently, the jews Barbara and David Mikkelson behind the site, who’s tag line is “rumor has it” say that the story of the Amero actually comes from famous FBI informant and straw man Hal Turner, as can be seen HERE.  Supposedly, the informant Turner had a “real Amero” to “prove it”, yet the idea is “debunked” (if you can call it that) by the kikes at Snopes.

Does this mean that the push for a new currency in these united states does not exist?  The short answer is no, because it is part of their ultimate goal, but there is no telling if it will come in the form of the Amero or not.  Part of having their informants and agents pushing this idea is to warm people up to the change, so it’s not such a sudden shock when it does actually come to fruition. Indeed, as Snopes notes, a jew professor named Dr. Herbert G. Grubel, at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver published a report in 1999 entitled “The Case for the Amero”, which advocates abolishing our current currency in favor of a unified monetary system.

It turns out, the maker of the Amero is a jew named Dan Carr, and unlike what Snopes has to say, supposedly he just conveniently heard about the idea of the Amero somewhere along the line, and decided to start making his own rendition of it.  It also turns out that this man has indeed designed some of the coins in use in these united states today, such as: He was invited by the US Mint to submit designs for all five of the 2001 state quarters. His New York and Rhode Island designs won the competition, and they were used on the actual coins as can be seen at one of his sites HERE. So, this Dan Carr is not just some nobody, but a person who’s coin designs have been put into use in our currency as it is.  Have a look at this video from Fox News where the Amero is discussed at length.

Dan Carr has also designed the “Restore the Republic” coins distributed by Freedom Mint containing images of Ron Paul, Aaron Russo (jew), and Alex Jones, which can be seen HERE.  All three of these people being nothing more than shills for the jewish mafia running the show.  In fact, Alex Jones was presented with such a coin bearing his likeness by these “Freedom Mint” screwballs. See the video of it HERE. It seems that Carr is all around this issue of both “fighting the new world order” and a new currency.  Obviously he has no problem capitalizing by selling people his renditions of these “North American Union fantasy coins”, and will benefit from it both now and later, should a new currency come about.

I have received numerous inquiries as to my personal stand on the North American Union (NAU) issue.My goal with these coins is not to endorse a Union of North America or a common “Amero” currency. I fully support the United States Constitution, and I would not welcome (in any form) a diminishment of its provisions. I expect that these coins will help make more people aware of the issue and the possible ramifications. I leave it up to others to decide if they are in favor of, or against a North American Union. And I encourage citizens to voice their approval or disapproval of government plans that impact them.

A currency union, similar to the European Union “Euro” has been proposed for North America. The name of the new currency is the “Amero”. The Wikipedia encyclopedia article has additional details about the “Amero”. This has been the source for many conspiracy theories tied in with other proposals such as the “Canamex Corridor”.

He is not the only one pushing the idea of a new design for our currency, or a new currency it’s self. In fact, according to this article HERE there are 15 amazing new designs for our currency, and you can even vote to choose the one you like! How democratic of them!  This idea is coming from some jew named Richard Smith and his Dollar Redesign Project, as can be seen HERE. Below is a video of a kike from AOL interviewing Smith about his new currency ideas, and his little contest.  The idea is being sold as if changing the look of the currency will make it regain it’s value somehow.

As you can see, there is a lot of hoopla about creating a new currency for these united states, and even currencies that include other countries. The question still remains though, how will they get you to accept such a currency? That one should be obvious, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past ten years or so, because it is very easy to see that America’s economy has been set up for a major fall.

Many people are pushing the idea that a massive collapse is coming all at once, but a big part of that already happened. That was the first drop in the stock market we saw a while back, and the beginning of the real great depression, as I spoke about HERE before.  The truth is more likely that they will let the economy deflate like a tire with a small leak.  Not necessarily letting it fall flat all at once, or burst like the over-inflated beast that it is, but letting it down at such a pace that many won’t notice the tire is flat until the steering wheel starts to wobble and shake.

Have a look at this video where Obama pretends to not know anything about this “North American what is it” on the campaign trail before his appointment to president of these united states.  While Obama is busy debunking the idea of a North American Union, pay close attention to his words, and especially his left hand (holding the microphone) at 1:35 into the video as Obama says, “I see this as something that has been jigged up, on certain blogs on the internet”. If it’s so far off the mark, how does Obama explain op-ed pieces like this one HERE, where it seems he is actually quite supportive of such an initiative? – OBAMAS RESPONCE TO THE AMERO Video

The reason everyone will accept a new currency is because you will be given no way out, lest you take the new currency, just like your self-appointed masters have already planned for you.  Should you refuse, you will indeed face a whole host of extremely harsh consequences.  These consequences can consist of everything from a complete collapse of the American economy and being stuck with worthless currency, in a state of complete turmoil; to wars brought against you by foreign nations like Russia and China, both of which are fully controlled by the jews.  (On that one point, DO NOT let any of the jewish conspiracy writers convince you otherwise.)

It wouldn’t be anything for these jews to have major American debt holders like China cash in their chips and bring our economy to a grinding halt over night.  In turn, this would stop all of the trucking, imports, exports, etc. and you will be left fending for yourselves in no time.  When the trucks stop, the super markets will empty within a day or two, and then the real fun starts.  This is why it’s absolutely imperative to strike first and take the control back from these demons, but barring extreme physical action against them, you will indeed be forced to accept a new currency.

Again from the Protocols of Zion:

Literature and journalism are two of the most important educative forces, and therefore our government will become proprietor of the majority of the journals. This will neutralize the injurious influence of the privately-owned press and will put us in possession of a tremendous influence upon the public mind …. If we give permits for ten journals, we shall ourselves found thirty, and so on in the same proportion. This, however, must in no wise be suspected by the public. For which reason all journals published by us will be of the most opposite, in appearance, tendencies and opinions, thereby creating confidence in us and bringing over to us quite un-suspicious opponents, who will thus fall into our trap and be rendered harmless.

This is what will happen to those who allow jews like Hufschmid, DBS, Makow, and others to carry the message of “truth” (i.e. lies) for them.  This is what will happen, should you be ignorant enough to listen to jews like those mentioned, and the dozens upon dozens of other jews not mentioned here that attempt to lead you in this fight.  They will render you absolutely useless and harmless, and unable to think or act, let alone actually alter the course set out by the jews. This is why I continually reinforce the idea that physical action is your only choice.  In actuality, it is NOT your choice.  It is what you will do should you wish to even have a choice in the way the future unfolds.

This jew billionaire, Steve Schwarzman complains that taxing billionaires is somehow related to Nazis invading Poland. I guess that means that taxing jews goes against their plans for world domination, and their supremacist view of themselves as divine beings. The reality is that these monsters are disgusting demonic pieces of garbage who profit from your suffering.

Carrying on, if you will look at this article HERE, you will clearly see that the poverty rate is far beyond what the government and mainstream media are reporting to you.  What’s even worse is that while the middle class in America is being completely wiped out, the billionaires (like the jews listed HERE) are whining that they aren’t making enough profits!  Take a look at this article HERE where kike Steve Schwartzman complains that making billionaire jews pay more taxes is like “the Nazi invasion of Poland”.

That’s right, while over 50 million Americans are living in absolute poverty, and after the massive bail outs and $13 TRILLION in debt, billionaire jews like this pile of shit Schwartzman, are complaining about getting taxed too much, and relating taxing them to “Nazi” behavior; as if Nazi behavior was something bad anyway. All this whining is coming from kikes making figures as high as $900,000 an hour, and if that alone is not enough for you to arm yourselves and kick their asses, I don’t know what is!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  We are in for a whole new depression, that will far outweigh any the world has seen before.  More mouths to feed, more people to clothe and shelter, much bigger bubbles, deficits, and debts all add up to one colossal collapse on the horizon.  The economy isn’t going to get better, simply because it can not do so from the point it stands at now.  Extreme jobless rates with HALF A MILLION PEOPLE PER WEEK filing for unemployment (these are just the NEW filers per week), as you can see HERE means that the snowball is already rolling down hill, and will do nothing more than gather steam. However, in light of being optimistic, the article is titled “Jobless Claims Down for Second Week in a Row”, in somewhat of a sly ruse to calm the masses.

As foreclosures increase, and property values decrease, it’s obvious that the real housing crash has yet to begin. This does not even take into account the commercial real estate sector, which is soon to follow into the abyss.

Now, I’m not a sadistic person, and I’m not laying out all of this “bad” news to get you down.  In fact, I see this as GOOD NEWS that things are going down as they are, because I know that discomfort is what will cause people to finally take real action to change our situation.  For the jew, this means luring you towards accepting a new currency, drastic new laws and regulations, and locking you all into eternal servitude.  Now, if you want good news, and optimism of the kind the subversive jewish media likes to flog you with, you can check out articles like this one HERE which claim that, not only is the “recession” over, but that it ended 18 months ago!  The truth is, the recession ended right where the depression began with the first major downturn of the stock market.

You can take a look HERE and see “15 Bone Chilling Signs that Part Two of the Double Dip Housing Crash Has Begun”, so you can thoroughly understand that there really is no escaping the fact that something drastic must be done, but if you continue to go to jews as your source of news, you will be rendered useless, and nothing will ever get done in your favor.

The reason I say it’s good that things are going down hill is simply this.  In order to get people to do something useful, they need to feel some pain and discomfort first.  I only hope that people will unify and take action of their own before the jew steers us and our flat tire to the side of the road, where we will be quickly looted by yet another jewish ambush, and where we will be forced to swallow whatever terms they dictate for us; including a new currency.

It is the discomfort of the clam that spurs it to action, and provides the catalyst for the creation of a beautiful pearl. So too is this time of strife our opportunity to take the power back, and create a better world for ourselves.

I have clearly demonstrated that there is no hope for our economy and currency the way it stands, and there are really only a couple of paths that we can take from here.  We are at a fork in the road, both paths are rocky and will be hard traveled, but one is a direction intelligent people will absolutely refuse to embark upon.  Thus our choices are to either go in the direction of slavery and servitude as dictated by the mafia known as the jewish race, or we can take back the reigns, and create our own future and a DEBT FREE currency.

No matter what we choose, it will not be easy.  Even if you choose not to decide, you have indeed still made a choice.  We will experience pain and discomfort no matter which path we take; either brought about by our struggle to free ourselves from the grip of these serpents, or by the squeeze of the serpent’s coils as it strangles us to death.

Regardless of all of this, our own perception of our situation plays a vital role, so here’s an example of how to view things.  A clam isn’t motivated to make a pearl, nor are the tools made available to it to do so, until it is discomforted by a grain of sand within it’s own shell, yet out of that discomfort can come something beautiful and even valuable.

Even the enemy knows this is the truth, hence their motto “order out of chaos”, because as unfortunate as it is, people refuse to move when they are comfortable.  Out of the struggles we face, we too can create something beautiful, valuable, and timeless, but we must make a choice here and now how we will proceed.  So the point is, you will accept a new currency, or you will finally stand up and fight to create your own future.  The choice is yours.

  1. I don’t understand why the Jewish elite need new currency when they already have the Wall Street, Fort Knox, Bank of England and rights to print new currency in the US, Canada, Ukraine, Britain and several other European countries.

    The Jews have got the West by its tail and they know when and how to shake the tail.

    Anyone who study Zionist past history in Europe objectively, would find that they lied, deceived and cheated people German by collaborating with Nazis; Russians under the guise of Communism; Italian while co-operating with Musolini’s fascist regime; British by declaring war against Germany, and American by draging them into WW II on British side, which promised them to divide Muslim-majority Palestine for European Jewry. Herzl even tried to fool Vatican – when he suggested to world Jewish leaders to convert to Catholism in a public ceremony, if the Pope promise to eradicate anti-Semitism within Christian societies.

    Karl Marx, Lenin and Herzl – though pretended to be Atheists – but they could not get rid of their inborn hatred of Gentile. Under Communist rule, thousands of churches and mosques were destroyed, but not a single Synagogue was touched. Similarly, both Christian and Muslim communities were persecuted and tens of millions of Christians and Muslims were killed – but not a single Jewish community was persecuted.

    • I think jews collaborating with nazis is just a double mind fuck. Germany disconnected from the jewish run debt money system and created debt free wealth (as all government should), backed by the labour of the people.

      There is a REASON jews have a nazi fetish and link everything bad to “just like the nazis”!

      They know that a nation UNITED AGAINST THE JEW is their worst nightmare, and thats why they are behind all the western countries immigration policies. They have flooded europe (especially england,france and germany) with muslims knowing full well the white majorities would clash, and take the heat off the jews economically raping them.

      ANY money system created by the jew, is for the advancement of the jew, nothing more.

      ONLY a debt free money system where the government/royalty creates the money out of thin air for the people, and the good people are ARMED to the point where they can execute the the government if they go crazy printing for themselves, and destroy the money system, will work.

      The Germans were WELL ARMED and could have overthrown Hitler easily had they thought he was not working in their best interests.

      In Russia under communism, the people were DISSARMED and had no way to fight back (jews love that!)

      The notion that jews ran Germany, and Hitler was a jew is just jewish rubbish designed to make people look AWAY from what the third reich accompished WITHOUT jews running the show.

      Germany reached out a number of times to Britain and the USA to help, but because jews ran those countries, the people only heard what the jews were telling them about Germany.

      Now Brits, French, Germans, Australians, Canadians, Scandinavians and finally the US are starting to see what the deal is, and are slowly feeling what eastern europeans and Russians had to deal with for all these years.

      The world bank, or jews says “you need to do this”….all countries need to point a gun at them and say FUCK YOU!

    • Not sure if we are still looking at this? But it does not matter what the jews use for money. They co-opt governments to grant them the ‘rights’ to make loans. That’s how we get our money supply. No borrowing = no money, high intrest = high inflation. It’s a monopoly on the loan making that makes them the controlers of the world. think if they just print money what the fuck do they do with it? make loans and you own the goy.

  2. Stephen Wolfe II says:

    Personally, I think the jews are simply going to use the plastic currency that is already here. As soon as the Fed drops out, which they have intentionally kept quiet, all the sheeple will simply sign on to cashless society using the credit cards already in thier wallets. People are stupid and fucking lazy. All the jews have to do is explain how its easier to use the credit cards we have in a cashless society than to make a whole new currency and BOOM. The foundation is already there and most people use credit cards every day to inflate the whole debt system. Why would they go through all of the bullshit of getting people to sign onto a new currency when they already have these hapless fucks on a debt card to begin with? This reminds me of multiple carpets on top of each other. One gets dirty and fucked up and so you simply slide it away to reveal the fresh new carpet underneath it, already situated and in place. Same jew game, same old psyop.

  3. Scott Mollett says:

    The jews are scrambling to save the US dollar. Logic tells me that the last thing the the jews want to do is trade the world reserve currency in for a regional currency. The “amero” or any new US currency would mean that the USA had ripped off all its creditors. The world will not accept a new world currency from people who have just ripped them off. Every time I have asked why the jews would purposly kill the the world reserve currency when it is the pinnacle of currencies I have recieved no answer or a rehash of your current post that ignores my question. What could be better than a world reserve currency? The answer is nothing. Any move away from the US dollar as world reserve currency is a step down for the jews. Again I would love a logical explanation why I am wrong about this simple fact. Also understand jews have been playing currencies against each other and getting rich off it forever. Why would they want to take away their safe havens by steering us towards a one currency world?

    There are no jews in the Chinese central banks. Jews are not inflating the Chinese money supply for the benefits of jews. In fact the opposite is true. The Chinese got the jews to build up their infrastructure while the Chinese gov’t owns at least 51% (control) of everything the jews sent to China. In a large part Chinese politicians power comes from ideology and behind the scenes power plays. I do not see Chinese politicians needing cash or a media that blackmails politicians in China. What would the jews have used as a lever to gain control of the Chinese money supply? I would say in the long run the Chinese kicked the jews ass’ handily. In 2008 Russia smashed 100 billion dollars worth of jew owned infrasturcture in Georgia. I doubt the jews were to happy about that.

    I think the whole Amero, NAU ideas are planted by Federal reserve jews to make people who have caught onto the FEDs crimes sound like crazy people. It is not an accident that the truth about the FED is always included with a bunch of obviously illogical bullshit. It marginalizes people who talk about all the stupid shit when trying to inform others.

    I also have to agree with the other commentor that Hitler was not a jew tool. The jews did to Germany what they are doing to the USA today. Jews created money from nothing and loaned it to jews who used it to buy all the real property in Germany. The German people got fed up with jew bullshit like many had before them and Hitler was their answer. This is way more logical than jews backing Hitler for any reason.

    The stories we need to tell is that jews in the banks are loaning money they create from nothing to jews so they can buy everything worth anything in our country and that in doing so they have disenfranchised the US blacks and latinos. Including that jews have usurped our political process through money and media control is another good point. These are the age old jew crimes that get jews in trouble. These crimes are easy to explain and easy to prove. Everything else is part of a smoke screen to make anyone who catches on sound crazy. It works.

    • The article posits the very real possibility that jews are looking to create a new currency for the Americas. Obviously they did indeed unify the currencies of Europe, and eventually plan to unify all currencies. The Chinese government is a communist institution and has obviously been used to swipe the power of our American economy out from under us. They got all the manufacturing and jobs while we got the short end of the stick, in case you didn’t fucking notice.

      The jews very clearly stated they would start their conquest with China and end with the US. There are many crypto jews in Chinese politics and leadership positions, and even Chinese jewish families in power, and have been for a long time. I can easily cover this information as need be. Russia, like China has been run by jews for at least 100 years since they killed the Czar, regardless what they appeared to smash in Georgia or not, because the leadership there is also jewish. The ONLY people I’ve seen saying that Russia isn’t under the control of jews is JEWS. Imagine that shit. Pitting states against each other is often more about controlling the populations, not the leadership who are usually all on the same team. You’ve never once come here and asked why jews would change their reserve currency, and my post is no rehash of anything…it’s the first time I’ve ever written on the subject.

      If you would have paid attention the article clearly states that they likely intend to let this economy down slowly, which will mean eventually a candy bar will cost $1000 dollars or more, as it is for many other economies they have been involved with. It doesn’t mean they’ll be dropping the dollar tomorrow afternoon for something new. It may not be for 20 or 30 years, but they are certainly planting the seeds of creating a new currency. How that all plays out remains to be seen. If the US dollar becomes completely worthless with it’s value deflated, these creditors get ripped off either way, because they will still be holding worthless paper. They aren’t buying treasury bonds for US dollars, the debt they are buying is in the form of the slaves attached to those bonds.

      If you think for a minute this article was put together to make people sound crazy, you’re a fucking nut yourself, and you can fuck off for making that assertion bitch. This article was put together to simply show that we will be forced to swallow whatever agenda the jew wants us to unless we form up and kick their sorry asses, in case you missed the fucking point. It doesn’t matter which part of the crime you explain, because your whole fucking reality is a farce. Your bullshit comment that saying stuff like this makes people sound crazy is just because it’s outside of your paradigm. If I tell you there were no planes on 911, you would kick and scream in the same fashion, but it wouldn’t make it any less true. They are obviously starting to condition the American people to the idea of a new currency, or a new look to our currency, for whatever reason that may be, so don’t ever fucking come here and tell me what I write is part of a fucking smoke screen bitch. You go write your own shit and do the job yourself before you start talking smack and criticizing people who put in so much effort to make a point.

    • Stephen Wolfe II says:

      Read my post above, I just told you what the fuck is going to happen. It is the easiest to manage and most importantly IT IS ALREADY ESTABLISHED RIGHT NOW. You are all clammering about a new currency and it is that fucking plastic card in your wallet. Once they team that up with a national ID card, theres phase 1 of implant RFID tracking. Comeon people I feel like all of these comments are dragging the same old bullshit. They own the banks and they print the money. How the fuck are they “struggling” with anything?

      • Exactly. They aren’t struggling to save SHIT. They control the monetary policy from every angle, they control the governments on every side of the equation, and they will change the currency when they are damn good and ready, but they will change the currency, and people who won’t stand up and kick their asses will accept with nothing more than a whimper. It’s absurd to say jews stirred up tensions about changing currencies just to make people look silly. They did it because their plan has been at work for thousands of years, and they are not so short sighted. It’s also absurd to say that a plan for a dictator with their jewish king as the ruler doesn’t include a one world currency. Even if it takes them 50-100 years, they’re going to change your currency, and you are going to accept it or your are going to kick their ass.

        • I agree with Subverted Nation. The want one currency for the same reason as they want one world government (which they have already done to the EU). CENTRALISATION!!!

          Centralisation = one system = more control = less chance some will break away. It’s all very simple.

          The only reason they haven’t done the same to north America as they did to Europe with the EU is the US constitution which was the strongest in the world and still is, although they are almost finished breaking it down using the pretext of terrorism. This is why the false flag attacks continue.

          They are almost there now, it has not been easy for them as America was set up to resist these bastards, but they are almost there now. ANY DAY NOW, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

  4. “THEY ARE CONTENT WITH A SHOW”…well, maybe many of the “sheeple” are, but not I. I could care less about the shitty movies offered by Hollywood; they are naught but soulless rehashes of what came before. There isn’t an original thought in their smelly heads.

    I thought that there was a missing trilogy to the Star Wars saga that we haven’t yet seen; yet the latest “innovation” is to put out the six movies in 3D?!?

    It’s OVER, losers. The jig is indeed up. Everyone with working brain cells know that fires didn’t bring down the buildings that formerly comprised the WTC complex before 2001; the 110th expulsion of the scumbags will soon ensue.

    • “the 110th expulsion of the scumbags will soon ensue.” – – – – – True, the only thing we need now is a total collapse of the US dollar rendering them totally helpless. Once that happens, they are FINISHED!!! Those who colluded with them and now loose everything, will have us at their throats in 24 hours – and THEY know who the culprits are as they were (are) in cahoots with them!!! No honour amongst thieves. It will become a numbers game, which is why they will then bring China, India, Russia, Mexico, etc against us in their last moments!!!

  5. We are slowly being made into slaves. Wages are frozen or they are dropping. I remember when the gas station attendant pumped the gas. There are lots of people at every corner begging for a handout. Cashiers are losing their jobs to auto check out. We’re bagging our own groceries.Unemployment is double what the papers say. Domestic violence rates are up. Substance abuse is rampant. This is just the way they (jews) want it. The people will kill each other off. Parents fucking up their own children. Shit. Child Protective services is a booming biz because the people or sheeple are fucking eachother up! Oh I believe action needs to be taken. So many people don’t know what to do. People are blaming each other for the problems and stress.Nice article.Too bad it makes sense!

  6. i dont know a about the rest of you but i have had enough of these kikes. when the kids and their parents come to trick or treat i am giving candy to the kids and data discs about the jews to the parents. like i had said before if they shut down my FB ACCOUND AGAIN I WHOULD DO ALL I CAN. that is what i am doing. i suggest that you all start thinking of things like what i had just spoke of. these things will bring about new people to learn of the jew and how they are destroying every thing that has and is great. also when i get those calls from telemarketer i say \ we dont have any money the jew has raped us of it and you my friend as also\ every chance that you have when getting gas at the gas station when people are bitching about the tax on smokes or the high ass gas prices THROW THEM SOME KNOWLEAGE ABOUT THE JEW. if you all are for real about fighting the jew or at the lest standing guard against it these are the things that need to be done. the jews have all the media word of mouth is the best way to combat the jew for the time being for us folk that are just trying to do something till the heat makes the water boil and real action can be takin. i for one am sick of this shit and do what every pops in my head about it cause i am good to my word and most of all MY human race.
    one last thing if this kike that’s the chief of staff becomes the mayor of chicago its game over for all of the midwest. remember that i said that shit. chicago is the last real place of any wealth in the midwest having about 200,000 kikes there should explain that. any way ever since i returned to IL about 5 years ago this state has been fucked by one jew after an other jew. look up the kike that was running for the LT governor of that state. this fucking jew scott lee cohen beat his wife, took a knife to a stripper girlfriend that was also a fucking hooker. the 2 governed before were are all in bed with the jew, obama the jew came from these parts, we lost the olympic bid but there are still millions of dollars around from the obama stimulus package cause IL did not spend that much of it cause of the hopes that chi town would get the 2016 games. i know that i am rambling but i get pissed god damn it. once the midwest(the heartland) falls with the destroying of ST.louis and chicago by the hands of the jew the rest of the nation will not be that hard to fall at all. the jew could just stop giving you all food and the rest of the world for that matter food the eat from states like IL. IL is the worlds largest producer soybean, IW and NB are the worlds largest growers of corn, there are alot of things that i believe people have over looked about who the jew is going to take this shit over. hell they could stop giving grain from these states that i have just wrote and india,africa, and china would be having know choice but to invalid less they want the greatest famine in the history of the world to happen. sorry for the rant but like i said i get pissed and it just pisses me off even more how people are not doing anything other then talking to people already know about the jew. after reading this all of you need to get some blank dvds or cd’s and make recordings, data disks, or what ever you can to pass out to the parents that are trick or treating with their kids, hell give them to the older kids that are in their teens years. i wish that when i was a teen someone would have told me of the jew. later you all…

  7. sorry for the space taking rant adam and everyone else but read it we all not adam and a few others WE all need to start doing something NOW. a small pack of snow that comes loss and fall down a mountain is an unstopable fucking mass of power by the time it reaches the bottom of that same mountain.

    • I like your ideas Mark. Giving information out during trick or treat. Nice! I thought about putting up informational notices in various areas of town like the supermarket, library, college or mall.Thanks.Have you seen any polls lately for the mayor candidacy. How popular can rahm the jew bastard be?

  8. German Jews and Zionist groups not only took part in the Nazi Army (150,000 of them – according to the book, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers) but after the defeat of Nazi Germany, the same Jews under the guidance of Gen. Eisenhower, killed 1.7 Christian Germans.

    “Every nation, in its time of misfortune, has conspirators who do their work in secret. In our case an entire nation has been raised on conspiracy. With others the conspiracy is political; with us it is religious and national,” – Chaim Kaplan wrote in his diary during Warsaw ghetto uprising, ‘The Scroll of Agony”

    “Each country can only absorb a limited number of Jews, if she doesn’t want disorders in her stomach. Germany has already too many Jews,” – Theodor Herzl

    “Anti-Semitism is an understandable reaction to Jewish defects,” – Dr. Chaim Weizmann, first president of Zionist Israel.

    “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” —Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994.

    “Show no mercy to the people of Gaza,” – Israel’s Chief Military Rabbi, Brigadier General Avi Ronzki

    The above are a few of thousands of sayings of the Jewish leaders showing their contempt not only for the non-Jews, but also toward their fellow Jews – but no Israeli would dare to call them “anti-Semite” – one of many titles to silence critics of the Jewish occupation of Palestine and their religious hatred toward Christians and other non-Jewish people.

    • Hitlers jewish soldiers is yet another book written by a jew, with other jews saying how wonderful it is. Who gives a fuck what they say.

      Why believe it just because they say so?

      It’s like Mearsheimer and Walt that came out and said the “Israel lobby runs america”. Well for one, it was nothing new to a lot of people and 2, it’s not the ISRAEL lobby, it’s the JEWISH lobby.

      Brother jew Kapner has fooled a shitload of Christians into thinking he is one of them, and “exposing” a lot of jews and what they are up to. He still claims RUSSIA is not jewish controlled, and PUTIN was anti-jew! Russia will save us! he says…..

      No kikes that pretend to be exposing jews should be trusted. Take their info, process it, and move on. 100% of the time there is bullshit mixed in with their writings. That’s what people should be looking for.

      Hitlers jewish soldiers author Bryan Rigg(and those many jews that praise his book) still maintain 6 million died in the holocau$t! What does that tell you? He also volunteered in the israeli army, so he obviously doesn’t think there is a problem with ZIONISM and a jewish homeland.

      These creatures are NOT american, not german, not australian, not french or british nor canadian, they have NO LOYALTY whatsoever to anyone except jews, and go out of their way to fuck with peoples heads and screw people over financially.

      These creatures are nothing more than dog shit on the bottom of my shoe, in fact, I have more respect for dog shit because it does not pretend to be something else like jews do.

      Jews are jews, and jews do what jews do. THATS IT.

      There is no confusion.

      They are pushing to control the usa food supply… that is an executable offence as far as Im concerned…for ANY person that says you need a permit to grow food, or sell it, or you must follow these rules. FUCK THAT!

      These cunts need to be dragged behind a truck on a gravel road for even MENTIONING IT! How dare they think they can be gods and tell human beings what they can and cant do!


      As for the currency (back on topic), there are alternatives out there, and some communities are already creating local dollars (some at 5-10%) that are to be traded amoung local businesses and are on standby in the event of a massive US$ crash. At least they will have something to fall back on. It’s debt free money too, the way it should be.

      Here is one (Ive seen many more)

      and another-


      The problem with many of these is that JEWS seem to be the ones running them. Are jews the only ones with an interest in currency!? These programs need to be taken over by non-jews, for the debt free benefit of non-jews.

      The only way a money system can survive is that if it is printed by the government/leaders IN PUBLIC with all money being accounted for. It must be able to be viewed at any time, by anyone, and no one person being allowed to just print up as much as he likes.

      Again, the citizens must be ARMED so in the event of fraud, so they can REMOVE those responsible for screwing up the money system.

      • No you are wrong, government must have to control over money creation because there is always the possibility they will sellout to Jews. Grassroots, decentralized, citizen created currencies are the only way to go.

  9. When people will act like Iceland did with their own native imbred of jewish banksters, we need to call them at the same time with their realistic parasitic kike names! Hiding away from the implications of non jewish monetary slavery worldwide is already deadly dangerous for all of us…

  10. Well, well – CNN did it again. It fired Rick Sanchez for telling the truth about Jews.

  11. Thanks to Adam and all of you who are willing to name and fight, the jewish agenda. Last year, I handed a small statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the pastor of the Catholic Church across the street, after Mass, and he was frightened.

  12. FDA Approves human implantable computer chips

    Silverman the jew brags all about it.

    Working for One World Currency. Remember this is from 09 today the American dollar is about to collaspe along with the Euro.

    The jews are going to impose an electronic form of currency, for it gives them full control over the economy (yes, more than they have now) thus being able to control the funding for any opposition or threat to their NWO agenda.

    In 1865 President Lincoln states: “I have two great enemies the Southern Army in the front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in the rear is my greatest foe.” In the same year on April 14, Lincoln is assassinated.

    The Civil War in America starts when President Lincoln appeals to large New York based banks for loans for the war(Rothschild and the Jewish Banker mafia are behind many of and have influence over these banks) the criminal deal they make him is 24% to 36% on all money’s loaned. Another attempt to regain control over American people by debt. Lincoln, angry and not stupid, simply prints his own debt free money instead outwitting the Jews. Lincoln states of this fact “We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay their own debts.”

  13. I’m gonna hack your site for fun and to teach you a fucking lesson you Jew hating fucktard!

  14. Jew hater? I hate Jew haters. I do like hacking shitty wordpress sites like this pile of filthy shit!

  15. I’m going to donate money on your behalf once I steal your identity! Ha ha ha. Jew hater gets fucked!! I also employ niggars you dumb piece of shit! They like to hurt Jew haters. LOL. I wonder how fun it will be to watch you cry when my Jew loving niggar bodyguards kick your dumb fucking white trash ass. Ha ha ha ha.

    • Go steal my identity. I have a number of black folks who would manhandle you for calling them “niggars”, so you might want to watch it jew. You’re just digging yourself a hole and making my job easier. Don’t be a pussy and talk shit, man the fuck up and come do something yourself. You might feel tough running your sorry mouth from jew york, but if you want to make threats, then make good on them. I dare you kike. Only a pussy runs around with body guards flapping their fat bottom lip.

      • Haha, c’mon man. This is not how we are going to beat the Jews bastards.

        We need to educate the dumb masses, and unfortunately they have been pre-conditioned to deny Jewish control, but not so much “zionist” control. Yes, I’d prefer to use the term Jewish control instead as all Jews stick together, but the masses are conditioned to scream “anti-Semitism!!!” as soon as they hear the word ‘Jew’ in a negative context. Lets start with zionist and work up to using the term Jew, once enough of them are awakened.

  16. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    Really, I think the Occupy movement’s a real piece of shit unless they know it’s the Jews who have hijacked the world economy. Nothing’s gonna change if they keep prohibiting racism. To the idiots of the Occupy protest, The Jewish people don’t want to be saved. They just want to ethnically cleanse us all. Of Course, We have to fight the Jew. You can’t let a criminal roam free. We can’t let these egomaniac kikes roam free any longer….

    • The OWS protests are RUN BY THE JEWS, so of course nothing will change. That’s like throwing Brier Rabbit in the brier patch for his punishment. You can’t let JEWS LEAD THE PROTESTS against their fellow jews. Otherwise you end up being made to look like FOOLS by the jewish media machine. You end up with police trained that dissenters are nut cases who shit on the sidewalk, throw trash everywhere, and build tent cities in the middle of downtown. The whole thing is a scam to make EVERYONE who dissents against these rats look like UTTER FOOLS, as I explained in my protest video YEARS AGO. Do you really think the jewish media would publicize these protests if it was someone like ME leading them? NOPE. You wouldn’t hear one peep out of them, because REAL REVOLUTIONS ARE NOT TELEVISED, and they DO NOT give publicity to their real enemies.

  17. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    But Noooooooooooooooooooooo! The Occupy Protest is against racism. Fuck the Kikes and their ideas. I have to wonder what the Jews are gonna do once they eliminate us Non-Jews? Oh that’s right. Celebrate for our demise, of course. Fucking kikes and sneaky ways. I wish every fucking kike was dead.

    • LOL! Of course the jews are against racism, because they don’t want their race specifically targeted as the source of the issue! It’s all so transparent it’s not even funny some times, and yes I agree, they need dealt with harshly.

  18. Happy New Year to all @ Subverted Nation.

    I think that 2012 will be a ‘SHTF’ type of year.

    Exposure of judaic totalitarianism has been increasing, rapidly.
    Cant stop whats coming.

    • I agree. 2012 is going to be epic…just remember, no matter what, give no quarter, because the outcome of all of our struggles will NOT be in favor of the jew; even if it appears as such at any time. Happy new year.

  19. was at OWS here in NYC since day 10.

    First night I was there I met three awesome folks who knew EXACTLY what was up, jew wise 100% We had a great chat about Hitler and his economic miracle.

    Then a filthy Khazarian Rat jew took a seat next to us and gave me that “we’re now watching you look” I started telling people that the jews started arab spring. The jew insulted me with their typical disparaging style “why would Israel want Mubarak to go? you aren’t in touch with reality dude” it is funny to hear jews use the word dude, kinda like the watching “the thing” hurriedly take a human form.

    I calmly explained the logic so the others could hear. Then I dropped some major jew wisdom on the jew. The jew’s rat face contorted into that hideous “i am now beaming jew hate at you goyim, how dare you reveal us” look. I love seeing them shocked and horrified.

    Few days later I crashed their GA and gave a speech. The I called out the hidden enemy within, only hinting at a “monolithic, highly aggressive, already here” enemy. They got their black goy to try and shut me up, but the people wanted me to finish. So I did. I got some handshakes after that.

    Unfortunately a FBI dude came up to me. and so did a little rat faced jew. He just stood there in shock and HORROR, so scared, while the FBI dude asked me questions, he was rubbing his arms, so happy thinking he had found someone he could bust. That situation scared me. It showed me how they and the FBI are working so closely in that scene.

    They run the GA, the office, the purse, the FBI is working FOR them there. They run the GA in circles and any voice that emerges they crush, just like Germany before and now.

    I am not sure what to do.

    • The head of the FBI is a jew. The CIA is run by a jew also. That’s no major news. Just ignore them and carry on. We own this world, not them.

      • Even Jesus Christ had to deal with the Jews and warned us against them and their lies. They lie so much about everything, even their very identity and name is a lie!!! They are not even Jews – they are mixed Khazars and Edomite converts, the original true Jews were pure white Aryans!!! Notice the oriental features of Jews like Richard Gear and Meryl Streep from certain angles (although she is blonde).

        Revelation 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and ARE NOT, BUT DO LIE; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

        The Jews have infiltrated Christianity, like they have infiltrated everything else.

        Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
        Calm your anger, there will be a time soon when you can make good use of it. Purify your language and your heart and pray for guidance and strength. You are sure as hell going to need it my friends!!!

        We are only suffering as a nation because we are breaking God’s laws – one of which is racial separation from the “people of the land” (eg. Jews, indians, etc.) Christ taught to love all nations – but he was referring to civilized nations!!! Return to Him (not the Jew loving churches) and He will remove Esau’s yoke from off your necks!!!

        • So why do people put so much weight in the bible that’s been infiltrated and rewritten dozens of times by jews? You propagate the bullshit lie of the khazar conversion, DNA shows that isn’t what occurred.

          We suffer because we break god’s law? You mean the shit written and rewritten by jews dozens of times?

          Why is it people are so quick to awaken from the jew, but then stay stuck on the bible that we KNOW FOR A FACT jews have had a hand in writing and rewriting over and over again?

          Honestly, I’m sick of christianity and all the bullshit that comes with it. Open your fucking minds, and look around. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE, but that book……nah, you believe that one! How about we reserve judgment until we have some real answers pertaining to this god and bible?

          Why do we have to suffer because jews are fucking shit stains? Real cool god! pffft!

  20. Adam, great website. It is indeed grim, but accepting it as such provides connection with other like minded good people, and the freedom that accepting the truth provides.

    I recommend the incredible work of Ed Chiarini, on, who has proven that jews act many parts in media and politics (eg. GW Bush was acted by James Brolin; Mitt Romney is acted by Richard S Jenkins; Ron Paul is acted by Sir Ian McKellen; John McCain is acted by Henry Winkler; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is acted by Henry Winkler. ALL JEW SCUM UP TO MORE EVIL TRICKS. But this website reveals a very powerful mechanism, UNTIL it is revealed and then it becomes an achilles heel to the jews going back for decades – visual records available for all examples. This acting thing goes back 100 years, and affects the entire developed world today. They have faked scores of incidents for the media – eg. Gabrielle Giffords shooting, Columbine shooting, Fort Hood Shooting, and numerous abductions of teen girls and children, for obvious reasons.

    Peace and freedom, whatever it takes.

  21. There is even a website for crisis actors, and actors are the performers in the Sabdy Hook program.

  22. I suggest that people read the words of Jesus, even if they are atheist or don’t believe in his divinity. Jesus was on to the jews and spoke out very well about them, and warned the world what would happen if they were allowed to continue their crap. Finally he committed the ultimate sin- he fucked with their money, overturning the moneychangers’ tables and driving them from the temple. Is it coincidence that they murdered him three days later? Jesus knew that the true God of Light was not the one being worshiped by the Jews.

    “You (Jews) are of your father the Devil, and his works you seek to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and the Truth is not in him. When he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” – Jesus of Nazareth

    • I’m very well aware of what Jesus said about the jews. He also said to sell your garments and buy a sword. The character Jesus was about action, not “turn the other cheek” when it comes to tyrants.

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