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We Are Change – Freemasons and Jews

We Are Change – Freemasons and Jews

I have covered the topic of We Are Change before on this website here, and made it clear that most of their leadership were a bunch of jews.  We Are Change is one of the largest 911 truth groups on the internet, and in the public eye, but that’s only to be expected, because jews always lead their own opposition. Thanks to worthless blow hards like Alex Jones, we are chumps gets plenty of exposure to help them stay at the forefront.

Slick logos, loads of supporters, and still full of shit. Don't let all the attention they get fool you, we are change is run by the enemy.

We are change got it’s fame by confronting political leaders with cameras and tough questions, but this type of activism is ultimately useless.  To the uninitiated, it looks like they’re doing something good, and other morons have followed suit with this same type of “activism”, but what does it really accomplish?  In all honesty, it accomplishes absolutely nothing, besides making those incapable of critical thinking believe the enemy has been delivered a painful blow, but the enemy doesn’t really give a shit about your questions and your cameras.

The jews responsible for 911, the engineered economic collapse, and all of our other ills knew way ahead of time people would eventually rise up in revolt against their murderous communist take over our countries, so they had plenty of time to make sure they had the necessary players in place to quell dissent, and using the techniques described above, they have enlisted millions of unwitting patriots to join their bogus “fight”.

Quelling dissent is exactly what groups like We Are Change are out to do, but at the same time, they like to waste your time, energy, and money while doing so.  This way you are left without the energy and resources needed to put up a good fight.  Most We Are Change members are probably good people who want the truth about the 911 attacks to come to the surface, but what truth is that?  Their truth, unfortunately, consists of nothing but lies put forth by the jewish leaders of their groups. All they’ve done is teach people to parrot “911 was an inside job” and run around chasing their tales asking for a new investigation.

The truth is, 911 was pulled off by jews to force a number of different agendas on our people.  These include, but are not limited to, pushing us into wars that suit their needs, removing more of our freedoms, propagandizing our people, making patriots out to be terrorists, etc. and unfortunately, many of these have worked flawlessly.  We don’t need a new investigation.  911 was a jewish terrorist attack, covered up by the jewish media, with the same modus operandi (method of operation) as the King David Hotel attack, i.e. jews dressed like Arabs blow up a building and blame it on Muslims.

The jews knew you’d be angry and be looking for a leader, so they put dozens of them in place everywhere you turn.  The question is, do you know what to look for when trying to decide what is legitimate and what isn’t?  SN does all it can to make sure you gain the kind of insight that is necessary to do so.  Take a look at this quote from the protocols of zion.

We might have reason to apprehend a union between the “clear-sighted” force of the GOY kings on their thrones and the “blind” force of the GOY mobs, but we have taken all the needful measure against any such possibility: between the one and the other force we have erected a bulwark in the shape of a mutual terror between them. In this way the blind force of the people remains our support and we, and we only, shall provide them with a leader and, of course, direct them along the road that leads to our goal.

You can see why so many people attack Subverted Nation, because they know a good leader when they see one.  They fear all of you joining hand in hand to squash them like the bugs that they are.  The jews are extremely fearful that people might come together in a united fashion behind a fearless leader, so they put their false messiahs in the right places at the right times, while viciously attacking any others that might arise.

Luke Rudkowski is the jew that was hanging around Dan Wallace, a young truther who met a mysterious untimely death. Is he unknowingly pointing at his own killer?

Most of the people following groups like We Are Change will never hear about sites like Subverted Nation, because the jews are good at using distractions to keep them from the real story.  Most people won’t be able to stomach the truth as told by websites like SN, because the jews have been leading them the whole way along.  Of course, you can help make sure these people do hear about sites like SN, it just takes a little effort.

Anyway, it turns out that We Are Change is not only lead by the jew Rudkowski, but also has numerous freemasons amongst it’s ranks.  How exactly can this group be expected to stand up against the secretive cabals ruining our countries, when they are both run by, and infested with their members?  You have to realize that many so-called dissenters are in fact jews and their agents.  They mingle with you daily, spouting the types of things they know you want to hear, in order to both monitor your actions, and mislead you.

Thankfully, SN has numerous people all across the internet and the globe, watching all kinds of different activities and groups, and reporting in on the information they find.  This enables me to be able to bring you some insight into problems the “movement” (which jews make sure doesn’t ever get a chance to actually MOVE) and offer solutions on how we can change it.

Here are jews Craig Fitzgerald and Danny Panzella of we are change fame. Note how stellar Danny looks in his yarmulke.

Someone sent me this information regarding we are chumps a while ago, but it wasn’t until the person hosting a lot of the information regarding the freemason in their midst, that I decided to write about it, because upon second glance, it became obvious that one key part of the information was being left out.  Not only is there a high level freemason at the forefront of we are change, but like Rudkowski, he is also a jew.

It turns out there is a movie called “Truth to Power” which chronicles “the lives of two New Yorkers who have found a calling unveiling the real “truths” in our post 9/11 society”, except for the fact that nothing they tell you is anywhere close to the truth.  The film can be found here, but really isn’t worth wasting your time on.  If you want to see some jews boosted up for leading the blind, but supposedly awakened “truthers”, then be my guest.

The movie covers the efforts of false truthers Craig Fitzgerald, the freemasonic jew, and another rat faced jew named Danny Panzella.  The movie was made by Connor Fieldman Boals (most likely jewish) and Evan Wexler (positively jewish).  So, hopefully it’s already become patently obvious how much jews are involved with leading this bullshit front, we are chumps.  Yes, I call them chumps, because that’s exactly what they are.  Those who follow them might not be, but their leadership certainly is.

It turns out, that not only is this jew a freemason, but he proudly boasts about it, as can be seen in this video here. Take a look at the video image, and get a close look at the hook nose on Fitzgerald. Once you know what to look for, jews are easy to spot.

BUT WAIT, he’s a GOOD GUY according to the video! Is anyone really gullible enough to believe that, knowing that freemasons are one of the groups helping to destroy our nation? Is anyone stupid enough to believe that line, knowing that freemasonry is jewish, and here we have a freemasonic jew involved with this “truth” group? It would seem that way when reading some of the comments associated with the video above on youtube, but you’d have to be even more gullible to believe that.

Here you can see Fitzgerald loves to pose making freemasonic hand gestures for we are change.

The real story is that there are literally thousands of jews all over the internet backing each other up, and twisting truth into a distorted mess. Often times when you read comments on news articles, or even videos like the one above, you are NOT reading the words of legitimate patriots. You are reading the words of your enemy, who are attempting to create the illusion that there is nothing to worry about. Israel even enlists IDF soldiers to help push their bullshit image online, as can be seen at this link here.

Groups like we are change only serve the purposes of the enemy. If you haven’t done so, head over to the videos page and watch my protest video to get a little insight into what protests really accomplish. They mostly make those protesting out to look like fools, turn off people who are still heavily programmed and unknowing, give the media a chance to make you look ridiculous, and pit the people against the police, who are not only taught to have distaste for “unruly” protesters, but have this idea reinforced every time they face off against protesters.

Here we see Fitzgerald making the masonic hand gesture for 666 and posing with jew Rudkowski among other "truthers".

We are change apparently attempted to defend their freemason, but promptly removed any and all information regarding this topic. I’ll let this suffice for explaining that whole fiasco to you, but certainly one must ask, what are they trying to hide by removing their defense of this freemasonic kike? If he’s such a “good guy” why not just let everyone know your group is full of subversive freemasonic jews? Thankfully, most SN readers are smarter than that.

We are change is full of jews and freemasons, and just like jews are known to do, it seems the jew Rudkowski is also swiping all kinds of money from patriots across America, and refusing to disclose what happens to the money! Take a look at articles like this one or this one.

It turns out the little cretin has been using the money donated by genuine patriots like his own personal lush fund. The sad part is the second article linked in the last paragraph, where you will see that people were keeping their mouth shut for the benefit of the group! Why on earth would anyone ignore the “truth” about this jew in the “truth movement”?!?! Why bother calling it a “truth movement” if you’re not interested in truth and transparency in all of your dealings?

Here the jew Fitzgerald poses under a masonic compass and square, while making another masonic gesture and wearing his "911 was an inside job" shirt.

It’s high time groups like this are demolished in the public eye, and their members and efforts are put to better use. Instead of sending money to jews, that money could be used to promote sites like SN. Instead of spending all of their time and energy promoting jewish led controlled opposition, these people could be spreading the message of sites like SN.

Imagine if SN and ROK had as many promoters, supporters, and voices pushing it’s message! The damage that could be done on a daily basis would overwhelm the enemy within a very short period. This is why it’s absolutely vital that any and all supporters of SN are out in force, both on the web, and in public, pushing this message. People are always asking me “what can I do”, and the answer is simple. Go forth and MULTIPLY. Instead of being just one person who knows the truth, recruit others to the same line of thinking, then get them doing the same thing. Network with people and get them active spreading the same information. We’ve got a long row to hoe in getting people on the same page, but by exposing the false front jewish led groups like we are change and enlisting as many people as possible, we can make a difference.

  1. there is no end to the jew and their evil is there?

  2. Very informative article. Thanks Adam. Time to get to work on the contact list and spread the truth.

  3. I would like to donate, but to get my jew owned federal reserve bank debt $1 dollar notes you will need to post an old fashioned snail mail address so I can send you some… because at the end of the day I would be doing myself a disservice to trust you and all of these jew manufactured and operated electronic communication systems…

    • Wait a minute, did you say you’d be doing yourself a disservice to trust me? You can snail me at my home at 7473 Centauri Rd Jax, FL 32210 but if you don’t trust me, why would you do so? It’s not my fault jews own all of the electronic banking services, they own all of the banking services hands down anyway. The only reason for using paypal is most people are too lazy to actually go to the mailbox and send donations. In today’s world, if you don’t have instant click methods of receiving money, most people simply won’t do it. In fact, most people will donate to groups like we are chumps before they will donate here.

      Anything you wish to send would be greatly appreciated none the less. Also, big thanks to those who HAVE ALREADY donated. Your willingness to help others in need will not go unrewarded. I hope to see more of it in the future, and I also hope that when revolutionaries are tired, dirty and hungry from physically fighting off these enemy infiltrators that you will take them into your homes and feed them, regardless of the risk. This is how America has done it before, and we will ALL have to rely on each other to do it once again soon.

      • Maybe we can make inroads with a banking system that doesn’t engage in USURY.

        Think of it – they reap the benefit of unforetold funds; we reap the benefit of depriving the scumbags of funds; their system comes to a screeching halt, as the motherfuckers begin to feed on each other, as parasites deprived of a host will do – WE WIN.

        • death to all negro and albinojews says:

          that is right. hitler was ajew bitch who is the ofunder os the stolen land. The fagmite rothchilds have a winery that sells bottle of adolf hitler series wines. They love their kike brethren who murder million of germans while pretending to be their people.

          the simple fact is: the jew will come to your land and pretned to be your people long enough to murder as many as htey can. Can you tell me anytime they didnt do this?? Amica? it is coming. these kikes lizard fucks are all in CONgress and htat 10×10 mile homosexual jew paradise. Even that negro jew obango as president. Soon these negro and albino jews will have the non jew attacked by hteir negro jew counterpart brethren while they murder off more non jews in a war they start real soon.
          fuck all htese kikes

          • I see what you mean by “negro jew”, because Obama does have brown skin and he’s certainly a jew. I might have mistook your position with the “negro” thing in another post. I don’t differentiate jews by their skin color. A jew is a jew.

            Glad to see someone gets it with Hitler. People don’t realize that all of the “demonizing” of Hitler is really the jew’s way of praising him. He is eternally famous straw man that helped the jew look like the eternal victim. Every time they flog Hitler, they’re really boosting him up as a hero and keeping his name famous for eternity.

      • I think this dude just asked for your address thinking you were a coward and wouldn’t give it, so he could then turn around and try to use that against you, as Jews are famous slanderers. Good to see you don’t fear these scumbags.

  4. Why is it people don’t trust you Adam? Bizzare. Thats your real address! You are a person who has not changed his position on ANYTHING, and has hit the nail on the head every single time. Unlike DBS who said it was 90% of the jews that were the problem, now only 10%….he flip flops all over the place. Once you know about the jews, it’s obvious. There is a reason these websites don’t go any furthur, because they can’t without being harmful to the jews. Most of DBSs books on his site provide a safety valve for jews. Many books go on about jewish crimes etc then somewhere at the end (or start) say “Its not all jews”…..what a load of crap.

    I found a website called UAFF news and this is at the top of the site-

    “Our Organizations are not faith based and do not tolerate racism of any kind. If you hate someone because of their skin color or religion, then you are not welcome in our website areas.”

    In other words if you dislike JEWS because of the overwhelming evidence that JEWS are fucking up the world, you are not welcome at the website. So just who the fuck are they pretending to fight? Ghosts?

    What about DBS site?

    “The French Connection disavows any contact with Nazis, Fascists or Racists in any form.
    More than likely, all of these new groups are Government Psy-Ops.”

    “We are not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or prejudiced against any race, creed, or national origin. We are prejudiced only against criminals”

    There is nothing wrong with hating the fucking jews people!!! See the trick? Anyone that hates the jews must be a government psyop right?! Im fine with all other races. They all have their good and bad people. However, the jews proportion of assholes and criminals is beyond ridiculous, and they work as a tight knit unit to achieve the goal of a one world government which they will control. WHAT OTHER RACE IS ACTIVELY DOING THAT? What other race thinks they are the chosen ones?

    These websites make it VERY clear they will not do anything about the jewish problem the world faces….because that would be racist in their view….

    We are chumps shows you that it’s all jews participating in the jewish goal, from every corner of the globe. All working like little piss ants to do what jews do. Lie Cheat Steal and Kill from non-jews.

    They hide behind other names, like the “Nigerian” email scam. Came out of Israel. These fuckers don’t have the guts to face us head on because they know we will squash them. They have to hide. Time is running out though, they can see it. The rocks are being turned over and they know 2000 years of screwing everyone over is coming back to haunt them.

    • Yes Mike, you would know…that is indeed my real address. I think many people get confused by jewish shills like DBS, Hufshit, Mark Glenn, Ognir, and many others. Thanks to the bullshit they spew, when they finally come across someone real, someone hardcore that doesn’t pull any punches, they can’t believe their eyes. Of course, there have been shills like Hal Turner, but it should have been obvious he was full of shit, because he actually stoked the flames of racism between non-jews.

      There are tell tale signs with ALL of these people, it’s just that most people don’t have eyes like mine to see it. I constantly warn people to read between the lines. Do not read or listen or watch with your emotions. I tell people to look for the 2% bullshit coming out of everyone, instead of praising them for the 98% truth. I think more than anything, I’ve tried to teach people how to see the deception for themselves, but it’s hard to overcome multiple layers of programming.

      Think about it. First you have those who are the drones, they are programmed by the media. They live in the system, and they love the system. Getting them past the republican/democrat argument is a tough step. Then you have the ones who have “awakened” to people like Alex Jones. Getting them to snap out of this step is even harder, because they now believe they are awake, and avoid suggestions to break free of this level. Next, you have those who have learned about those dreaded “zionists” and “khazars”, and here again, they are trapped at yet another level of programming. So, we attempt to peel back the layers of the onion for them, and push them even further to the final understanding.

      However, along the way, they’ve picked up so much propaganda and brainwashing (YES BRAINWASHING) that they fear a real person putting the smack down. They fear someone who isn’t afraid to say KIKE. They fear someone who isn’t afraid to be racist against jews, yet shows NO OTHER signs of racism to ANYONE ELSE. They are afraid to pass on a small donation to help people like myself at the final level, because there is STILL some programming over riding their own good judgment. Hell, people like Ognir say “oh, he has a big donate button, that’s a sign of a shill”. Right, but I don’t own two homes and get ADL checks in the mail. I have less than 98% of people out there, and here I am willing to risk what little I do have for them????? There should be some form of appreciation for it, because I don’t see them sticking their neck on the line…I don’t see their names, addresses, photos etc. being willingly made available to the public. Who would have thought that someone who has almost nothing would have to stand alone on the front line?

      That said, people like Mike and some others have actually helped me with donations. They have talked to me on the phone. They have my address, my phone number, etc. and seem to have no problem helping prop me up. THESE are the kind of people I would like to rebuild our world with. Humans that show some humanity, and don’t let jewish programming get in the way of it.

      • Adam…I have you to thank for opening my eyes and brain to the 2% of scumbaggery Rivero was hiding.

        Done with that motherfucker and his obfuscating lies.

        Listen and heed this advice well, dear readers – besides Adam, John Alan Martinson, David McGowan, David Martin [and myself, but I haven’t yet earned my place at the table, as far as I am concerned], the rest of these so-called truth sites are manned by GATEKEEPERS.

        Fuck them all.

        Here’s a quick hint for some of you out there…throw out your television set. Do you pay to be lied to? Well, why are you paying the media companies that are doing that very thing? I’ll be damned if I would – no newspapers, nothing. You can’t trust everything you read on the internet, either…but it’s much easier to discern the truth if you utilize statement analysis and other methods of discerning statement validity.

        Adam…they haven’t yet fucked the world up beyond repair – let’s get some Solar Zionism going.

  5. the truth will set u free says:

    I agree with you, the damage the Jews are doing to the USA, this bullshit propaganda , how practally all dem senators and congressmen are jews, they have taken over our govt because they are making the laws, they controll all media, but tell me what u think of this jew, who supposedly has turned his back on his fellow jews by writing articles revealing their true EVIL motives, and also revealing that Obama is their puppet. I came onto your website researching the scam efraim diveroli is getting away with, and how on 11/8/2010 judge Lenard , a jew, will sentence him in miami.but check out his Jews ; berating of jews, he had some interesting and eye opening articles on jews from a jew lol

    • Yeah, we have a jew problem. Last thing you want to do is trust a jew to help you solve it. Kapner is full of shit on so many levels it’s not even funny, plain and simple. He needs to burn with the rest of them.

  6. Adam,
    I think I went to war yesterday on jewhoo.It was the article about the israel blast wall on the West Bank being removed. I was sucked in for too long. Is it bad that I pasted some quotes from “Basic Training” in my comments on jewhoo. Those quotes about the pedophiles from the sanhedrin, talmud got some recognition. There were some thumbs up but mostly thumbs down. I’m noticing a few more anti israel comments out there. And one comment from an Adam in Orlando almost sounded like you! Thank you.

    • Haha…if you see me posting on yahoo, it will say my full name or it will say A A. Learn this one trick…do NOT DEBATE. Facts aren’t debatable. Speak your peace, leave a link to SN and move on. They will only try to bring you down and discredit you. NEVER debate with a jew….

      • Ok. A wise person once told me, “you can’t argue with a sock mind”. It’s exhausting and I’m quitting now. Thank you

      • Stephen Wolfe II says:

        You got that shit right. Some “Patriot” signed my e-mail up for jewish newsletters after his/her entire life was shattered on the XCR forums from my posts. Keep pushing links everywhere and try to enjoy watching people crack when you show them what they could not understand otherwise. Personally I am at the point of fighting the whole world alone, since everyone else seems to be on the jews side, fighting FOR them and claiming they are not even part of the situation at the same time.

        I have lost all respect for “humans”. Sorry everyone.

        • It’s a time factor. Truth takes a little while to sink in. Most people are where I was at around 2006. People will continue to read and learn and dig and eventually all roads lead here, to subverted nation.
          They will fight in their own minds over the information, years of programming vs truth, truth will win through every time.

  7. Adolf Hitler says:

    Adam, where can I get John Alan Martinson radio shows? His blogtalk radio site does not have shows. Its blank.

    Do you have radio shows of yourself besides the ones on your website? I have downloaded them all.

    I am sick of listening to DBS and Ognir. They’re too soft on the jews. I need some hardcore anti-jew radio shows. ANYONE KNOW ANY?

  8. “I am sick of listening to DBS and Ognir. They’re too soft on the jews. I need some hardcore anti-jew radio shows. ANYONE KNOW ANY?”

    Adolf Hitler:
    There are at this moment only two sort of radio shows on this subject online.
    One: Those who support their jewish pimps with stealth or openly desinformation like this one.
    TWO: Shows who expose all jewloving shills and at the same time support us (the antikike military forces worldwide) with solutions on how we can handle with OUR jewish-problem allover…

  9. John Martinson II says:

    The Freemasons and Jews are two-sides of the same coin. Freemasonry is Judaism. The beginnings of Freemasonic power came during the French Revolution (overthrowing the monarch) and the American Revolution (breaking away from a monarch). Jewry takes significant issue with monarchy, dictatorship and fascism…unless they can control it.

    Once you understand that the very nature of this Constitutional Republic is Jewish, then you’ll hear the Jewish-Freemasonic message loud and clear in the words of We Are Change, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell and others.

    Note the double-think in railing against Freemasonic wickedness and yet the worship of Freemasonic Founding Fathers and the Judeo-Republic that they have created?

    The Freemasons and Jews have positioned themselves at the ground floor of this simmering revolution to ensure circle-think. Which is to say that our revolutionary energies will put us back at the same Freemasonic position we started in; under the Judaic powers of the Constitution of the United States.

    We are Change? How about changing to Monarchy? Remember, it has always been dictators who have dealt with the Jews.

  10. i was looking at my towns police “Strategic Plan” for the community and sure if enough of in a town of 6,000 people these planes involved the jew by proxy of masonic means. the strategic plan involves the fallowing that is copied from the police departments web page
    Many other topics can be discussed in the development of a police strategy or mission. One area that is essential is community involvement and support. The Chief of the police department can prove most effective in building support from community groups whereas the average patrol officer can prove most effective in building support from the average citizen. The patrol officer as encouraged by his or her supervisor should seek any opportunity to present a positive image of the department. Public speaking, classroom instruction, department tours, citizen police academies and neighborhood watch programs are various ways in which the department can bridge gaps between reality and public perception.
    The Chief of Police is responsible for developing relationships with community organizations. This can be accomplished by visiting and speaking at various meetings, such as;
    · VFW
    · Knights of Columbus
    · American Legion
    · Masonic Lodge
    · Various churches
    · School Board
    · City Council Meetings
    · Senior Citizen’s Club
    · Lion’s Club
    · Boy Scout/Girl Scout meetings
    · Town-hall meetings, “Report to the People”

    how is it that a group such as the masonic lodge is considered a community organization? i cant even think of any thing this lodge in town has ever did, hell as a matter a fact i cant even remember every seeing any one there for a meeting. fucking jews and their fallowers, people must have never read this city Strategic Plan. so when a state of emergence is declared like marshal law i guess i will find out what kind of community organization this masonic lodge is. let this be known now i will not go alive or be caught off guard. i dont care if i am the only man in the whole town that’s willing to fights i will fight. better to die free and have a little taste of it, then to live life under thumb of the jew any longer.
    history of the masonic lodge in my town

    The Masonic Lodge was formed in 1873, building a temple in 1912, dedicated in 1914. The Holly Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star was organized as an auxiliary of the local Masonic Lodge in 1891.

    • KrypticClue says:

      Freemasons are not the only group on your list which are linked to the jewish dictatorship.

      Both Lions Clubs and Knights of Columbus are also associates of the larger ROTARIAN organization.

      ROTATRIANism, a form of communism (so its said to be), has the ROTA at its heart where jobs and responsibilities are ROTATED around the membership.

      MAIN ORGS of Rotarianism –

      Freemasons, Illuminati, Knights of Columbus, Rosicrucians, Jesuit Order, Orange Order, Judism.

      More modern orgs of Rotarianism –

      Mormons, Buffalos, Lions Clubs, Roundtable, Foresters, Rotary Clubs

      ROTARIANISM (22 – the ring/rota) has its root in ancient mid-east and is as old as the Hebrew alphabet which was designed on it.

      Hebrew has 22 “letters”, 7 of which are “Doubles”, 3 “Mothers” and 12 of which are “Simples” – one of the “simples” (shin) is TRIFURCATED and is counted as 3 letters in 1, this adds 2 “hidden” letters to the 12 “simples” = 14 (simples).

      So just as 22/7 = 3[.]14 = pi = ring/dimaeter = V/G=C[.]AD

      then for the HEBREW alphabet….


      I suspect that the KKK is similarly a Rotarian org. If anyone has any proof of this KK link I’d be interested in seeing a post here about that.

      Catch 22, Crime Ring

      The mason bares his “shin” (that trifucated hebrew letter) on initiation, on his rebirth into judism, at the lodge he will then on refer to as his “mother”!

      -.- KC

      • I remember the rotary clubs and lions clubs, etc. They were the old pedophiles who would ride around on mini bikes dressed like clowns giving candy to the kids at the parades……That was 25 years ago I remember this from, but I bet it’s no different today.

        • KrypticClue says:

          Yep, they’ve always got their begging bowl out and the money they collect goes to the interests of jews world wide.

          Here’s a useful, if glossy, link..

          Search “Lions” on the page.

          Notice the Rotary emblem – six spoked wheel – the “inner wheel” – the mothers, here …

          Its a massive “protection racket”. The Rotary Club is the “visible” umbrella org.

          Here’s a masonic nursery rhyme…

          Bah, bah, black sheep, (aka prostitute, thief, murderer, drug baron, pedo ring, numbers gang)

          Have you any wool? (aka money)

          Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full (aka “shin” (=3) of something)

          One for the master, (of the lodge)

          One for the dame, (the lodge itself = mother – the whore of Babylon)

          And one for the little boy who lives down the lane. (the mason himself – probably a policeman)

          *** A bribe, a payoff – Split 3 ways ***

          Here’s another one little masonic ditty, sung in school playgrounds, to the beat of a skipping rope…

          “On the mountain,” (aka pyramid / heap/pile of people – the whore of Babylon sits on quite a few)

          “stands a lady” (the whore of Babylon = mother)

          “Who she is, I do not know.” (oath of silence)

          “All she wants is Gold and Silver,” (money/power – overlaid Gold & Silver triangles – six points)

          “All she wants is a fine young man.” (mason recruit)

          Boy skipper…

          “So come/jump in, my darling, darling, darling.” (mason recruit) – skipper jumps into the rope to skip.

          “So come/jump out, my baby.” (mason = ma’s son)

          “Whilst/While I go out to tea.” (have a break) – skipper jumps out of the rope.

          Girl skipper…

          “So come/jump in, my lady, lady, lady.” (the whore) – skipper jumps into the rope to skip.

          “So come/jump out my lady,”

          “Whilst/While I go out to tea.” (have a break) – skipper jumps out of the rope.

          *** Membership and roles in life ***

          Bloody sickos

          -.- KC

          (p.s. how about an article on gun touting jewish psycos – aka Loughner, Columbine – we can then add to the article, a sort of record)

  11. CFR hater says:

    Would you please take a minute, host and readers of SubvertedNation, and give an opinion about the worth of the seminar on change after 911, linked to at Wayne Madsen Report website homepage presently, up to 9/11, naming each of the panelists. Thanks for your consideration.

    I will continue to write and speak the identity of the enemies that patriots need to fight, though my listeners and readers are determined to change the subject when the name is given, the Jews.

    • It looks like nothing more than a bunch of jews spewing tripe and offering no solutions. What good is that? They’ll use their platform to mitigate the damage sites like this one do to jews. They’ll spew all kinds of worthless information about how everyone is being screwed, as if to slap them in the face with it. They’ll use their platform to guide people AWAY from the truth, more than anything else. They’ll use the platform to pretend that the big bad gubment did 911, and how we should stand up against them, but they won’t accomplish anything useful.

  12. Adam you are the man,i actualy seen that luke mason video when it first was uploaded on cvietch channel..intresting..and im not suprised he was a little kike..all im saying is i know your legit..thanks for the good work i always have been a fan of your work..peace brother

  13. Adam, why do you say that Mark Glenn is a fraud? He doesn’t stop at Zionism like most of the shills out there, he exposed the “Anti-Zionist” Rabbis as “liars and deceivers”, he knows exactly what the root of the problem is: The Judaic Tribal religion.

    Read his excellent articles: “The Men in Black” and “Judaism is nobody’s friend”.

    Please if you care to elaborate your position on this guy, I would be interested to hear what you have to say, because I trust him.

    • I know this question is directed at Adam, and it’s been answered before on this website. The reason Mark Glenn is a shill and NOT trustworthy is he says “We need jews to help defeat the jews”.

      Bullshit, jews are liars and infiltrators and a subversive force. ANY MOVEMENT that includes jews gets destroyed by them, OR GOES NOWHERE. Time has proven that over and over again. Ask Mark Glenn if he thinks jews should be eliminated for what they have done to this planet and it’s people, and see what answer you get. What excuse is there?

      If you think that there are “good jews and bad jews” you have a long way to go. I suggest you watch the movie on this website called Jud Sub-The dangers of just ONE JEW.

      What you don’t understand is that ALL JEWS are part of the jewish criminal network, with some jumping sides to whatever suits them at the moment. If being a Christian suits them, then they do that, if being a different “nationality” works, then they do that. The one thing they ALWAYS REMAIN, is a jew, and always work in various ways towards the ultimate goal of population reduction and global slavery.

      How many jews are fighting side by side with Palestinians and SHOOTING at IDF forces bulldozing homes? The “protesting” by jews is just for show, they laugh at how easily non-jews are fooled by their antics.

      Anyone that trusts just one jew is a traitor and should just go join the jews, because they are a danger to the rest of us.

    • First, Mark Glenn is a flaming kike himself…well, not flaming yet, but hopefully one day! Here’s the issue. The problem is NOT jewdaism, many jews will simply claim to be of some other religion. The problem is not zionism, many jews will claim not to be zionists! The problem is the JEWISH RACE.

      Look under “Jew Lists” on this site, you will see a list of exiles and expulsions. How many more exiles and expulsions must we have before you realize it’s ALL JEWS???? The ones listed span a period of over 1750+ years. How many more years of this would you like before you realize ALL of them are a problem? How many conversos or muranos would you let hang around?

      See, when you have a JEW like Glenn telling you that we need JEWS to help us solve a JEW problem and you actually believe it, something is terribly wrong. I know, humans have compassion, and often see jews as human (LAFF) but they are not. You must learn to see them as a parasite that mimics the host.

      I could go on for hours instructing you as to where the problems are in the line of shit he’s pushing, but it gets old for me. The info is here on this site, so explore. Stop reading his crap with your emotions. Don’t take what anyone tells you at FACE VALUE, instead learn to read BETWEEN THE LINES. You can NOT EVER have jews living amongst humans if you want a safe, decent society. PERIOD. Anyone who fails to meet that standard is LYING TO YOU.

      • why cant people get it through their head that for a jew to have wrote and said the shit they have from the talmud to their speeches to the illness that is called entertainment this means that their DNA is of a evil nature in and of its self. its the blood that flows through their veins and the thoughts that run through a jews head that makes them a fucking problem to the rest of the earth and all of the earth from the bees that they have wreaked havoc on to us humans their favorite pray to the earth its self that the jew has raped sence the beginning of recorded history and long before that i am sure.

  14. Sufyan-I suggest you READ MORE from this website, as all of these questions have been answered.

    Jews lack a CONCIOUS, a physical attribute. Yes they are taught the “jewish way of life”, but they lack certain qualities from birth. They are NOT made the same way as humans. Jews make great actors, because thats how they live, they LIE.

    The sloped forehead is a PHYSICAL trait. They are MISSING PART OF THE BRAIN that makes them feel remorse or guilt. Why is it so hard for people to understand this?

    You need to read a hell of a lot more.

    As for Mark Glenn, go to his website and read closely what he says.



    “–note from me, MG–as a strategem, we MUST use Jews to destroy this movement. We gentiles CANNOT (yet) do it alone. When we find one of them who has a security pass that lets us into the building, we have to use them. Otherwise we simply stand outside pounding our fists against a fortified brick wall, wishing we could get inside to do what needs to be done. This is something so basic that it should not need any explanation and yet there are so many who do not get it.”

    By saying this Mark Glenn allows jews to infiltrate,subvert and take over ANY MOVEMENT that is anti-jew, anti-banker,anti-government and anti- new world order.

    It took me an HOUR of my time to find this fucking quote, and I will not do it again!

    Mark Glenn looks like a jew, lives in Idaho which is a hub for dissinfo agent retards, and gets to be on tv. The jews will NOT allow anyone on tv that will hurt them.

    Because of the damage the internet has done to the jews, the jews are constantly falling back, as the line of truth breaks through their lines. Jews even now say “we need to put jews in camps” because the world is understanding we have a massive jewish problem.

    Read that article and understand that it is written by a JEW…”Words from a Christian Israeli Refugee “……another Brother Kapner! Speaking of Kapner, watch his videos and tell me you would trust him to look after your son or daughter! NO FUCKING WAY!

    To get ANY sort of credibility they must speak as though they are NOT a jew. In the end they just keep people in a box, or running on the spot and nothing happens. Thats their job! Many get PAID to do this. Jews spend millions counteracting sites like subvertednation, and trying to downplay the messege that all jews are the problem, and all jews must be delt with for the world to survive.

    Henry Makow is another filthy jew that fucks with peoples heads.

    Have you noticed this site does NOT link to anyone?

    Look at the sites Mark Glenn links to! Whatreallyhappened which is ran by a jew, and an article on him is on this site.

    Learn how to spot the DECEPTION by what these kikes say and do.

    • Ugly Glenn is also constantly making-up-and-breaking-up with all his Jewey clan — a key tactic of STMs (Shit-Throwing Monkeys).

      Half the regulars at Ugly Glenn are openly Jew. And yet a regular is the Kike Shaminski, who wrote an article there stating that ALL Jews are ALWAYS liars. Glenn interviewed him, and praised the article. And then the next week interviewed and praised the (obvious) Kike Alan Hart, who went on and on about how wonderful Golda Meir was! Then back to interviewing and praising one kike after another. No logic. No logos. No honesty. Jew Jew Jew.

      Ugly Glenn pretends to be a Christian, but SAID THE BIBLE MUST BE BANNED!

      Their big schtick there is that Muslims are more Christian than Christians, that Muslims are the only hope for humanity, that more people should become Muslim and more Muslims should be immigrating, and that anyone who disagrees is a hateful bigot: All typically Jew.

      They also keep promoting Gnosticism, and then actually say, “Oh, I don’t even know what that is, Gnosticism?”

      They’re as bent as an old lag hanging around a kiddies playground fiddling away behind the bushes.

      That Kevin Barrett is very Masonic too, in his spiels. They love him at Ugly Glenn’s. He also loves “real Judaism”.

  15. Well it seems to me the only way to a better world is to fuck all the talk and start action in having all rat faced kikes herded somewhere never to interact with the humans.

  16. Mike thank you for your answer. I read a lot about this and know quite a lot about Jewish deception.

    I want the Jews isolated from us, I want them out of our realm, we all agree with this. But what can we do ?

    Jew-aware individuals are rare, and in top of that they are not regrouped in the same area but scattered around the world, what can we do now?

    • The next jewish expulsion will be a GLOBAL one. Everyone around the planet is sick to death of these creatures. Thats why jews are behind banning GUNS from the general population. The UN, run by jews, wants all guns banned. The simple reason is they know people are figuring out the jew problem at an alarming rate (for them).

      Jews are also pushing through internet censorship laws in america as we speak. Why? Because they know sites like SUBVERTEDNATION are kicking their ass, and this is the only way they can counter it.

      Get hold of as many guns as you can, and get ready for the showdown.

  17. cant even watch the dumb shit on tv without the freemason shit being in it so how. i was watching with my mom last night billy the exterminator and sure enough this dude on there named rick or some shit i did not really get his name cause i left the room after seeing what i did, but any way this guy has on a all seeing eye around his neck but i did not think much of it till later on the show he had another thing around his neck this time one of those companies and straightedge what ever the fuck they are things. we are so far up the river with these kikes and freemasons it insane and in turn makes me insane i hate this shity world that’s been up before us.

  18. RudkowskI is a polock. If it were skY then you got a Jew.Fitzgerald is an Irish boy.Let’s just say their 2 goys chasing an untruth.And as a former Mason(joined before i knew what was up)I honestly don’t beleive Fitzgerald is an ENLIGHTENED ONE.Just a retard that can download info on the craft.

  19. “Neocons”……fuck off Rehmat, quit spewing your soft approach to jews. Norm Chomsky has shed NO LIGHT on 911 because he is a gatekeeper. I don’t give a flying fuck about filthy jews like Norm Finklestein. He has said nothing that non-jews have said, so why keep promoting them?

    Everyone can see your bullshit interlaced with your articles. I see “safety hatches” and “good jews” all through your crap. It’s assholes like you that keep allowing jews to do what they do, because you either are a jews, or you believe a jew when they say “hey Im good!”.

    If you are a muslim voice, then I pity the fools that follow you.

  20. 11-17-10 8 downing street

    @ Somegrel 9-22-10. On the need for action. It hard to disagree.
    The banking and insurance parasites have their actuarials and statisticians working day in and day out classifying and tracking every man, woman, and child in the 50 U.S. states, 3100 or so counties, and 43,000 or so Zip Code areas.

    Do any of the so-called Patriot sites have any organizational apparatus similar to that of the aforesaid parasites. I suppose
    tapping into their data bases would be the best way to obtain the info they glean on everyone from their date of birth to their date of you are no-more.

    For example, wouldn’t it be good to know how many individual lots of land there are in the zip code area you live in and who OWNS them all.

    “The monopoly of money created the monopoly of land and the two debar man of his God-given rights and privileges.” Mary E. Hobart

    This reminds of when Trotsky and about 280 other jews left N.Y City
    after WW1 on their way to Russia to exterminate tens of millions Slavs. Does anyone think these psychopaths achieved their goals without the aid of the banking and insurance parasites and their genocidal actuarials and statisticians. Not me. Good day.

  21. I just started reading this web site. It makes a lot of sense. I have read Henry Makow, Nathanael Kapner, Stormfront, Vanguard News Network, David Icke, Incogman, Ziofascism and I have learned a lot from all of those sites, but everybody has an agenda and everybody is pushing for some type of “unity” either under jesus christ, a swastika,aryan, a white nationalist saviour and that really bothers me. The language and the attitude toward women on the white nationalist sites also bothers me a lot. White women have a bleak future even with white nationalist men. They expect women to be breeders and brood mothers. So many white women are intelligent and well educated but who wants to be with these white nationalist types who preach violence, rape and genocide, and they want white women to bring children into this world??? It’s insane. There cannot be a movement until women are brought on board. Whenever people are setting themselves up to be some type of saviour then I say run. This site seems sane to me.

    • This site is indeed sane, and is not run by jews like half the ones…oh wait, like ALL of the ones you mentioned. On the bit about women, I urge you to be careful where you tread, because most of your ideas about this topic seem to be from jewish feminist sources. Women have a role to play, as do men. We are not equal, and we will never be. It’s time to get back to NATURE, and give up on the jewish feminist ideal. Also, I do indeed preach violence and genocide, because I know what it will take to save our species. Anyone who isn’t willing to destroy the enemy to save ourselves is a traitor. Good day.

  22. John Martinson II, I think your comments on Freemasonry are excellent. I have read a lot about that and notice that on Stormfront and VNN there is very little discussion of Freemasonry and secret societies and that is suspect to me. Yes they always praise the white founding fathers but never discuss Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma or the fact that the United States is a freemasonic republic. The masonic symbols are everywhere, right in our faces and they consider us to be the “profane” who deserve to be deceived and to be kept ignorant of their symbols and what they mean. I have also noticed that on the white nationalist sites there is not much discussion of the Rothschilds, George Soros, all their agents and what should be done about the bankers. If everybody focused their energy on the bankers instead of beating up people of different races and painting swastikas on them, maybe we could get rid of the problem. I would like to know what white women think.

  23. As a white woman that had no kids, I will ask no one what my role should be going forward. Our family tree ends with both my husband and myself so we have nothing to loose except our souls, and they’re not up for sale. Just wait and see what one pissed off woman can do with guns and enough bullets to make a dent in the scumbag problem. I’d gladly go out in a blaze of glory rather than live on my knees begging for shit from these fuckers.

  24. Jewish Feminists easily make up 90 percent of the movement. The Gloria Steinems, Bella Abzugs and Betty Freidans of the world. It’s a legal form of ethnic cleansing. The know that a black or hispanic woman is three times more likely to have an abortion. If the baby daddy is a criminal, they believe they’re doing the world a favor as they believe the child is more likely to follow in his footsteps. Of the 1.2 million abortions peformed each year, how many are given to Jewish Women? Approximately 1.3 percent. Why? Because they along with the wealthy are more likely to use contraception. How many children have died over the last forty years due to Roe Vs. Wade? Far more than the 6,000,000 people that died in the holocaust. It’s their way of getting control over women and promoting their liberal/zionist ways.

  25. Now on the 2. day that I sit and read your GREAT site… Have none myself but are spreading the truth on YT. “TheArtemisiolius” is the channel´s name. Just wanted to say that you are doing a fantastic work and you have a furious (economic)way of expressing the facts! I like it.
    My question to you is: Would it be alright if I promoted your website on my own channel, or will it in some way endanger the whole thing?
    PS: Either way, please keep up the good work. We surely need more people of your standard 🙂

    All the Best and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!




  27. The only problem is that we are change is just a brand and theres over 500 chapters. Some WAC chapters have no problem calling out zionism and all that, others try to be a little more “politically correct” but to just go and brand ALL we are change as gatekeepers or controlled opposition is going to end up hurting the folks who do tell it like it is and happen to go under that banner. Some of the NWO aspects wac discusses are totally off limits in some other truther meetups (say ron paul/campaign for liberty, agenda 21 only groups, 911 truth groups etc)

    • Doesn’t matter if some of the people are sincere. As long as they support WAC and promote it, they are propagating our problems, not helping solve them. Fuck we are change. Anyone who is truly sincere will dump that jewish outfit like a hot fucking potato.

  28. hello,

    could someone please tell me anything about Russia Times? are they good or bad? usually they have some great stuff but i notice this friend of Rudkowski, Abby Martin, has her own show now and promotes Occupy Wall Street often. Is RT propaganda?

    • Any major outlet like that is going to be full of shit. Be careful, they are very crafty at feeding you bullshit with the good stuff. Use your gut….read between the lines. Think of HOW they say things, and who it benefits. Any of you can decipher these things. You’re asking this question because you know it’s not right…that says enough. Listen to your instincts.

  29. At least this connection helps one see how far the octopus can reach. I always thought RT censored any racially related matters based on wanting to not look racially motivated even if their funders maybe were aware to certain racially motivated perculiarities aimed their own way…

  30. Jewish countries against Syria says:

    I am with you guys!I know 2 other 2 jewish created fake countries and in the beginning of the WW3 you all gonna see them:Turkey and Greece-Cyprus are jewish “created” and sponsored by the jewish lobby against both Christians and Muslims!It`s in the history,but if you read about the real creation and fake history of those three countries-both lies,fake history,fake nationalism,genocide of the native population.That`s why these countries will are used and will be used against the syrian christians and muslims both.
    Do you know that these three countries will die after years from now?A lot more,but these three,on top will be Israel!
    Something interesting as eternal wisdom for you:look at yourselves,your whole lifes.Then look at the people around you and their lifes.Try to remember that LIES BOCOME REALITY!Yes,”in the beginning…” as the Bible says…
    Every lier has his lies become truth as with the tale with the boy shepherd and the wolf.Their big lie “Holocaust” will become truth,they will be hunted,first in the medias and the non-profit organisations they have created.Then the politicians.
    The whole idea of their destroying of USA and pushing the world into WW3 is for weakening all countries and mass genocide in order to push their “world leader” and NWO one government.
    The jews have afinity for media,PC busyness,politics,banks,finance affairs as a whole,journalists and writers,some are even famous bloggers hidden as the eternal “opposition”.When the time come to look for them you can safely do it.Because they will try real hard to push for racial tensions and curfew.This will be only the beginnig before trying to take you weapons,if this process start better die like a man.
    I know that all my words are the reality,but in the near future.I can`t proove what i just said because only mix of reading,intuition and personal expirience can help you to believe me.I hope to check the information i just gave you.I hope they won`t start on the 11th this month…

    • Why “die like a man”? How about, “FIGHT LIKE A MAN”?? I prefer if they die instead. Some people will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to reach our goal of freedom, but no sense going into it thinking that dying for your cause is how you win. Making the other sucker die for their cause is how we win.

      The coming WWIII is a setup for America, just like it was for Germany during WWII. America is the big bad wolf, and a coalition of other countries will have to step in and stop America from trying to take over the world. This is exactly the same scenario, just with a different country. Because of America’s conquest of the middle east, we will be made out to be the bad guys, just like Germany, and this will be used as an excuse to crush us militarily.

      America is being set up for a massive defeat by Russia and China, so they can finally install their jewish globalist dictatorship. Expect Russian and Chinese troops on American streets slaughtering dissidents, along with all the jews who are currently here.

      This will work in large part, because they control the finances and weapons. So our troops will eventually be left sitting ducks in the middle east, where they will be utterly decimated. The idiot bastards can’t even see it coming. They think they are gung-ho unstoppable supermen, but they are thousands of miles from home, and it’s easy to shut down their supply lines. Not only that, but they are not facing any real military force. They’re killing goat herders. When the real challenge comes, they will be so unprepared it won’t even be funny. It’s like a high school bully pushing around kindergarteners. When a real high school bad ass comes to put them in their place, they will fold like a house of cards. I’m not saying Russia or China are superior, but if the jews collapse our economy and shut down the supply lines to our troops, they are fucked.

  31. Bob McDonald says:

    Great site and great truth ,it seems everyone is waking up to these low live scum the subhuman jews / freemasons ,even the Jewsuits are jewish ,they were liars from the beginnings just like their fathers liars ,the synagogue of satan ,Hitler knew why he had to get rid of them and its a real shame he didn’t kill them all ,the holohoax as we all now know it is nothing but jewish pig bullshit ,the freemasons worship ur-anus and are behind the rape and murder of millions of kids they are scum ,and I would like to see the world take off where Hitler left , and destroy their buildings sell their assets and jail or kill them all they are worthless human scum and as soon as the whole world wakes up as their pitiful Talmud says they will kill us openly and rightly so hey freemason pig your going down you lowlife subhuman jew scum liar

    • Yeah, don’t forget Hitler was a jewish agent too. There haven’t been any leaders in any kind of real power for a couple thousand years now. This goes back much further than what we know of so called history.

      • Oh, man. I was just about to tell you what an incredible site this is and how glad I was to have stumbled across it. And then I read this. Hitler was the last stand against global Jewish hegemony. His entire political career was about exposing the Jew. International Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933, but despite the boycotts and trade embargoes, he turned Germany from a bankrupt nation into the world’s most powerful economy. He came close to destroying Bolshevism. And when the end finally came, he died bravely and defiantly, proclaiming the same warning to humanity about the Jew as he had always done. How can you possibly call him a Jewish agent? I would rather die than believe that, because there would be nothing left to believe in.

        • I don’t think Hitler died in that basement. I’d like to see proof of it for sure.

          Hitler let 300,000 British troops walk away at Dunkirk. His WHOLE LIFE was about fighting the jew, and he didn’t know the queen bee was a major controlling source of it all? Really? Really? He had no idea? He just thought, “oh fuck it, I’ll let 300,000 armed enemies who killed our people go so they will like me”?!?!

          This site is incredible, and you had better be glad you ran across it, because NOBODY tells the fucking truth about things like Hitler. Come. The. Fuck. On. Let. The. Enemy. Walk. The. Fuck. Away.

          How gullible must WE BE to believe he couldn’t figure that out? Or how stupid would ANYONE be to let 300,000 enemy troops WALK AWAY in the middle of a WORLD WAR?!?!!!!!!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!?!?????? HELLO?!?!?!?!?????????!?!?!?!?

          Read the tag line on this site and sit and think about it a while. NO QUARTER.

          There is plenty left to believe in. Humanity still has some good buried in it somewhere. Just because all your heroes are fake, doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t be the hero you are looking for.

          Hitler didn’t come close to destroying anything. He totally destroyed Europe, handed it over to the commies, wrecked Germany to the point that the women who ran were shot, and the ones who didn’t were raped by these jewish pigs. How the fuck do you let 300,000 enemy troops walk away?!?!?!??

          NOBODY who is a Hitler lover can explain this in ANY WAY that makes ANY SENSE. He could have marched through Britain and LAID WASTE to those fucking jews. With them out of the way, Russia would be easy…almost had them beat too. The U.S. couldn’t sustain a huge war way over there.

          There is much more, but that one point is enough. No way in hell you let the enemy escape like a fucking dumb ass in the middle of a world wide war….holy shit!

    • Lex Mercatoria says:


      In rare moments of honesty jews have admitted they are not human. What they really are is the proverbial $64,000 question.

  32. Rodney Golden says:

    How could you have a list of Jewish journalists and conspicuously omit to mention and include the great MARVIN KALB? Or, are you decidedly trying to consigning him as inconspicuous? Come on!

    • How could you read the disclaimer on the jew lists and not know that they are not all inclusive? I’m not trying to list every jew on earth. The point of the lists was to show you how they control everything. There are plenty of names there to meet that purpose. Thanks.


    Adam he accuses you of being from a long line of freemasons. Not saying I believe him but your name is a bit curious in itself.

    • LOL……..BWAHAHAHA…….TEE HEE HEE……ROFL…….oh boy.

      How do these morons find me? This site isn’t aimed at the lowest common denominator, but it shows up every day!

      So wait, he pointed out the masonry is jewish and got banned? Err….maybe read my book full of quotes stating that masonry is jewish? I mean, if you’re going to say something at least make sure it’s right. Wow….would you like half a dozen more sites complaining that I’m jewish?

      Do this. Find ONE site that says even one TENTH of what is said here, and then we’ll talk about who is jewish and who isn’t. Thanks for the laugh though.

  34. Adam you alright br0ski 1 just noticed you haven’t commented in quite a bit

  35. frederick says:

    what is your opinion of Ken Okeefe and brother nathanel?They seem to be sincere in their criticism of the Zionists and implicate them in the 911 attacks İ always wondered how Rudkowski was able to gain access to Kissinger and Rothshild but now İ guess İ know thanks to you guys that never really made sense to me actually

    • No such thing as a sincere jew. Kapner is a kike, and he’s full of shit. He’s been selling Putin the jewish hero to everyone for ages. A better question is, after thousands of years, hundreds of exiles, etc. why the fuck do people keep asking if any of the jews that pretend to speak against jews are good guys?

      I get it…many people don’t want to believe that jews are evil. How about this…rattle snakes aren’t evil. I have a den of them you can lay with if you like. See how that works?

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