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Plea To US Military – Save the Homeland

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Invisible Barriers – Change Your Perception

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Someday – Education For Protestors

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No Quarter – Give no quarter, ask no quarter.

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  1. My father fought in WWI, and he told me what the Jews did to Germany, before that war, and how they couldn’t be trusted. He would not do business with a Jew.

    • My grandfather fought in WWII. Wish he knew what I know. All his pain and suffering were just to feed the beast. It’s disgusting what jews have done, but wait till you see what they’re going to do. Evil as pure as theirs knows no bounds.

      • Just feel powerless to do anything, it will take a gigantum effort & without our (judaistic)Christian faith think it will take Muslim-Islam to beat this one. The damage has been done, last century knocked the stuffing out of us!

        • Then don’t do anything. I’ll handle it. Choose your side wisely. Choosing not to decide is a vote for the other team. Nothing is done and never was. As long as resistance lives in the mind of ONE PERSON, they’ve LOST this battle. I will show people how and why soon.

  2. ostpreuße says:

    My Grandfather fought in WW1 and WW2. Every war is disgusting and every military potential is fearful.It is always about economic control, political control and the always greedy inhuman warmongers never would leave any power vacuum that follows post bellum. The killuminati and shizophrene elites will probably start WWIII.

    • Of course they will. Order out of chaos…war is good chaos. War is also good money. They pull the strings, everyone else loses. They don’t go fight wars, they make everyone else do it. They love the negative energy.

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