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TV Magic Exposed – Moon Landing Hoax

TV Magic Exposed – Moon Landing Hoax
Mainstream media constantly employs the types of tricks used by magicians and illusionists.

Mainstream media constantly employs the types of tricks used by magicians and illusionists.

I’m going to keep this one as short and sweet as possible, which is a difficult feat for someone as long-winded as myself, so bear with me for a moment while I learn you a little something.  During my journey through this thing we call life, I have worn many hats, and held a wide variety of positions.  I’ve done all sorts of things from washing dishes, to tossing garbage, to selling cars.  For hobbies, I’ve gone from 15 years of martial arts/boxing, etc. to working in a magic shop, or building computers, and each and every one of these experiences has taught me something different.  I have a rather short attention span, and I absorb information at a very rapid pace, and as a former student of Florida’s (jew initiated) Gifted Student Program, I do not lack in cranial capacity or function, but I do tend to move quickly from one thing to the next.

Anyway, getting to the point.  Below you will find a video from FAUX News (Fair & Balanced my ass), which is a comical commentary by some old goof that worked for NASA at the time, but had no direct involvement in the moon landing program, which immediately makes one wonder, what the hell is the point of interviewing this old coot?  Who gives two shits what he has to say if he wasn’t even involved in the program.  He can’t provide any useful insight into what was going on, and the video below makes that clear.

There is only one little thing I want to point out, but when I do so, it will clearly illustrate to the reader how linguistic programming, semantics, and other forms of chicanery are employed in almost EVERY last word you hear from the mainstream media.  Like I said, I spent a good deal of time working in a magic shop and learning the ways of the magician.  It is often this experience, among others, that enables me to see through deceptions or misdirections, and allows me to give the kind of insights you can’t find anywhere else on the web.  Not to mention, I’m not a jew trying to mislead you, so that makes a big difference in my writings compared to others.  Learning magic, is learning to master the art of deception itself.  It’s learning how the human creature works, and how to exploit it’s natural tendencies, in order to give the illusion of being able to perform magnificent feats. The magic business is full of deceptive jews, and knowing what I know now, I am inclined to say they pretty much dominate this arena also.

In magic, there is common ploy used which is called retention of vision, and I’m going to show you how it’s being employed in this newscast below. If you’ll fire up the video, you will hear this statement leading in to the interview of the old coot who had nothing to do with the moon landing:

“A lot of people will NEVER FORGET (key words) where they were when Neil Armstrong first took that STEP (notice the word STEP is accentuated by the reporter) on the moon, and the PICTURE THAT WE ALL HAVE in our minds, of what that…that FOOTPRINT looks like on the moon…”

What this statement does is first of all planting the thought that we should “NEVER FORGET” the moon landing, i.e. they want it embedded in your psyche that this really happened, and your mind should never forget, but also, never question it.  Next is a call to your memory, you’ll NEVER FORGET where you were when Neil Armstrong took that first STEP, and the word STEP is accentuated by the reporter.  Then comes the retention of vision I was talking about, when the reporter says “the PICTURE WE ALL HAVE in our minds” speaking of what “that FOOTPRINT looks like ON THE MOON”.


Retention of vision makes the mind believe it sees something that isn't there, and the media is using this trick on you daily.

Retention of vision works, because once the eyes have seen something like say a shiny quarter laying in your palm, the mind naturally retains the vision of the coin laying in your palm, even when you simply remove it with the other hand.  In order to make the trick work, the quarter is held by the other hand gripping JUST the very edge of the coin, leaving almost ALL of it to be seen by the spectator. When the coin is withdrawn by the other hand, the mind does indeed retain the image of the ENTIRE coin laying in the palm.  When the reporter says we all have the picture in our minds of the FOOTPRINT, being ON THE MOON, the mind automatically pulls up the picture of the footprint associating it with being on the moon, or even CREATES it’s own image.

The words STEP, FOOTPRINT, and ON THE MOON help to either recall or create this image in the mind, giving them the retention of vision necessary for the next step of the trick, which is the bogus interview discussing an event that never occurred.  Just as your mind believes the coin is still laying in the other hand, your mind believes it sees the FOOTPRINT ON THE MOON, from when he STEPPED onto the moon, like it really happened. However, just like the coin, if you look in that hand you’ll find there is no coin, and if you look on the moon, you will find there is no footprint either.

A few moments later the reporter mentions “the trickiest part of the whole thing”, but if you don’t understand how some of this works, the tricky part has already slipped by under the radar.  Now listen to the video below, and see if you can pick up on what I’m putting down.  You may even catch a few more phrases used in this same fashion, either in this particular interview, or elsewhere; but hopefully now you will NEVER FORGET how this little piece of chicanery works. Also, I hope you NEVER FORGET how deceitful and dangerous jews are, so get on with educating your children immediately.

  1. what ever happened to JAM? When last did you Adam talk to him? I know you built the OWNparty and NVNSP websites with Vice Manion. Is he safe and sound or not?!?! PLEASE LEMME KNOW ASAP!!!

  2. Many of the folks that view this site are, I assume, younger than myself. With that in mind, I submit the following information; which may be interesting. In the late 1930’s a young pornographer appeared onto the Hollywood scene. He was not a film producer but rather an artist, and more specifically a cartoonist. Pornography was unheard of in those days, and the little of it that wss in circulation was underground. Photography and film could not be used to spread this nasty expression, as the moral climate was so high it was nearly impossible to find ‘models’ or ‘actors’ who would participte. However the young pornographer managed to produce a number of illustrated pornographic works, as well as cartoons. He met with a degree of success, and when the motion picture industry began to boom he ventured into more legitimate endeavers. He produced animated shorts to be shown in theaters before the feature, and they were also called cartoons. His success continued and aventually he opened his own production studios. Just a short number of years after the popularity of television grew, he introduced a daily one hour program, the “Mickey Mouse Club” The show was casted by a number of kids from 6 to 20 years of age who sang and danced betwwen animated and film features; and read fan mail, involving young viewers in their scripted drama. Disney, our former pornographic cartoonist soon became the ‘American Pied Piper’. His next venture was a Sunday prime time hourly that was called “Disneyland”. It featured three imaginary realms from which his features were sourced. From ‘Fantesyland’ would be seen animated ingenuity. From ‘Fronteerland’ one would view a version of American history. And from ‘Tommorrowland’ would come glimses into the oracle of the Anerican future. Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ series “The Conquest of Space” was a series which combined animation and film and revealed to the American public for the first time all the information on NASA. ( if it could be found, it would surely be worth a watch today. It would show just haw much of Disney’s ideas were actually called upon in producing NASA’s final version. Keep in mind that the Disney work which primed the public, preceeded NASA’s eventual display by a number of years.) Disney’s studios were the Halmark of American acceptabillity. They have deganerated greatly, being owned and staffed by Jews. His inovative ‘Theem Parks’, also Jew run have degenerated into Fag Frollics suitable for fire from heaven. Disney himself, a bonofide quack, of the 33rd degree in the Order of Weird, now has passed away. However his remains lie in frozen suspended animation, funded from his foundation, awaiting for science to discover the cure for death.

  3. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I’m glad to see people are waking up to NASA’s lies not just about the moon program, but everything else “space” related. However, some of the technical arguments people have put forth to illustrate NASA’s duplicity don’t hold up–the “no stars in the phots” being one good example. At least people are asking questions; most don’t. The astronauts have been under pressure to lie & withhold information about what they did & did not experience, and it has taken a toll on them. If one digs further one will realize there’s more to the deception than is first apparent. I think NASA/jews don’t mind people looking into their activities because even if people conclude we never went to the moon, we will still be duped thinking we’ve figured “it” out. It’s like when we were children: we were willing to incure our parents’ ire upon their discovering we committed a minor offense if in so doing that kept them from learning we actually committed a much larger offense.

    • Actually, I have found the resistance to this hoax to be extremely fierce, and this is coming from someone who is more than out-spoken against the jew and their devious, criminal behavior. I actually took the time to test the water, and see what kind of reaction disputing this hoax would bring, and this is what prompted these recent articles. I must conclude that from both the resistance to this hoax being uncovered, and the public interst in the topic, it definitely has massive relevance, and must be exposed fully. In fact, it could be a topic like this that is the tipping point for the masses. This or many others like it could be the Achilles heel…

      I totally agree that some of the arguments are ridiculous, but many are very solid, and these must be fully exploited wherever possible. This is indeed a war, if nothing more than an info-war for now….and I will use EVERY asset at my disposal to win it.

      • I understand what you are saying about “fierce resistance! Ha! Recently I stumbled onto some studies that contend the “dinosaurs” never existed. I felt a fierce resistance! What? After considering the evidence I concluded it is very possible the dinosaurs are another great lie. If you will note, they were first mentioned in the modern context in about 1841. That date alone should set some alarms off. (Darwin, Marx, etc). The question asked that most got my attention… “Have you ever seen a MODERN DEPICTION of a “dinosaur” on a pyramid wall? Any wall? Painted pictures? Historical texts? A stegosaurus? A triceratops? T-Rex? Brontosaurus? You mean to tell me these people who worked in stone for thousands of years did not stumble onto the specific fossils of these creatures? Please… Another GREAT LIE!

        • Oh shit! Be careful now. You’re all out there thinking for yourself and starting to see more things as the fraud they are. That is not normal behavior, haha! I agree, dinosaurs are probably faked as well. Keep digging because there is much more than this that has been faked. Fake dinos, fake moon landings, fake nuclear meltdowns, and on and on.

          • Replying to myself, but I have something important to add to this statement. Dinosaurs AS WE KNOW THEM may well be faked, but there IS a large body of archaeological evidence pointing to some kind of creature similar to dinosaurs. It’s possible that something like this may have existed, but without knowing the truth about this planet’s history, it’s very hard to tell. Many ancient tribes and artifacts depict animals similar to dinosaurs, and there are of course many tales of giant creatures that resemble them. A lot of what we see in museums today may be faked, or sorely misrepresented. It’s hard to pinpoint the truth, but rest assured, all is not what it seems. Our limited knowledge of history only going back 10,000 years or so does little to tell the story of tens or hundreds of thousands of years before that. Whatever the truth is, we are being heavily mislead and lied to about everything to do with earth’s history. Until humanity can wrestle control back from the jew and their bullshit academic liars, we will never even have an opportunity for open and honest scientific discoveries.

          • SN,

            I am highly intrigued by your mention of “fake nuclear meltdowns”. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me as to WHICH meltdowns in particular we are talking about?

            My family has been living in fear of the Fukushima disaster as of late, so I am interested in your thoughts here.

          • Have you seen any real evidence that the meltdowns are real? I haven’t. They have a massive nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, and people are back on site the next day. Sure thing! Have you seen how laughable the process for making nuclear power is? I’m not so sure I buy into a lot of what they’re saying, but your mileage may vary.

    • So what’s the bigger picture, I’m curious?

      How does this faked moon landing tie in to or distract from something else, and how does it benefit the ratfaced sociopaths to convince people we landed on the moon?

      I feel that you’re turning people off from the topic by not addressing what the benefit is to the kikes, it leaves one confused.

      I definetly feel the moon landing was a hoax, but apparently you’re saying it wasn’t to “outdo” the soviets which was the reason but something more sinister. Please address this further.

      • I don’t see how people are so easily confused by this subject. Exposing the moon landing is supposed to help you realize that you live in a world of COMPLETE FANTASY. It’s supposed to highlight how NOTHING you think is even close to reality. With this perspective, hopefully you will be able to uncover more truth on your own, but I have grown weary of expecting too much out of people. Something this huge should show beyond a shadow of a doubt that what us humans see of this world, or what is presented to us, is nothing more than a facade for their schemes.

        The benefit to the jew is the expansion of their space programs, which we are now seeing the fruits of. Space based weapons and monitoring systems, instant communication, weather modification, etc. They now have their dragnet over the globe just like they always wanted. If you look at freemasonry, you’ll see they often depict the globe with a net over it, and now that net is technological reality.

        Faking a moon landing has many aspects which I could dig into for hours. Attempting, and succeeding at faking something so huge certainly does two things. Gives the enemy confidence in their schemes, and makes it harder for you to believe. The more audacity they proceed with, the less likely people are to understand, or even believe it to be possible.

        Then there is the fact that they use competition between us as the energy to fuel their lofty pursuits, such as having all of the money to spend on space programs; a lot of which is then diverted to other programs used to control you. The space program is a money pit, and that money is positively being used elsewhere. The space program has it’s legitimate pursuits, such as space exploration in general, but there is probably even more to the whole space fascination. Everything from ancient astronauts to the fact that Alex Jones calls this “prison planet” and they can’t escape the Van Allen belts. Not only do they use our energy to build and create physically, but also our spiritual energy that is being fed into things. It’s all action and reaction…look around!

        I hope I’ve cleared some confusion, and I have no doubt I’ve created more. The rabbit hole is deep and dark, and has many different paths….but they eventually all lead to the same place. Without a major breakthrough of some sort, I seriously doubt anyone can nail down 100% why they faked a moon landing. That is, unless they have some sort of inside information, but you can rest assured there are other very huge fakes of the same proportion that have yet to have much light shed upon them. This is just the tip of the iceberg…..NOTHING is what it seems is not a cliché.

        I don’t have all the answers to why they do what they do, but I damn sure know how, and a good part of why.

        • Yes, of course.

          I do see exactly what you’re saying I was trying to look for a very specific reason (which may not be clear) but as you have just outlined there are obvious benefits for them as far as the Net-work of spy satellites and technological weaponry for which they did receive more money for thanks to “landing on the moon”.

  4. Jim vonBeker says:

    The vid doesnt work, is there somewhere else I can view it?

    • I’m searching for it now, but it looks like Fox did the disappearing act with this video, which is funny considering the angle I took with this article. Maybe it got too much attention from this site? If anyone else can find it, let me know.

  5. One of the benefits derived from the space program was BRAGGING RIGHTS…My jew source (as Sun Tzu says: keep your friends close and your enemies closer) grew up in Cape Canaveral and his father was a NASA engineer during the heyday of the space program. He will claim (and I have heard other claims as well) that jews were VERY HEAVILY represented in the space program. the REAL joke is that they COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANYTHING without the assistance and knowledge of the former Nazis of Project Paperclip, most notably Werner Von Braun. The association of jews with top physicists and mathematicians all goes to strengthening the myth of superiority, and is designed to keep gentiles in a state of awe towards jews. ‘Rocket Scientists’ are held up as the zenith of intellectual capacity and achievement and jews like to claim this demographic. It all goes to bolstering the MYTH OF SUPERIORITY.
    I like to always keep in mind the fact that jews DO NOT invent things…whites do. Jews DO NOT innovate…whites do. jews can only STEAL and LIE.

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