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Thought You Could Trust Nader?

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Thought You Could Trust Nader?

So, how many of you thought that Ralph Nader was the good guy? How many thought he would make a great leader? Isn’t Ralph Nader the guy who’s famous for railing against corporate America and standing up the big corporations?

Hook nose, evil eyed Nader.

Hook nose, evil eyed Nader.

Ralph Nader has long been considered a good alternative to the choices put before us for the office of the President, here in the U.S. Many in the fabled “truth” movement and many people seeking an alternative to the two party system, have fallen for Ralph Nader, repeatedly, as a man who would fight for the little guy. A man who would stand against the oppression wrought on us by servants who deem themselves leaders. Many have campaigned, advocated, and voted for Nader over the years as he continually fights for a chance at the big seat in the oval office, but sadly, these people do not realize that old Ralphie is nothing more than an agent of the jew, and possibly jewish himself.

Laduke is an ugly jew.

Laduke is an ugly jew

Thankfully, on Friday, November 21st, Ralph Nader’s true colors were exposed, but before I get to that, let me point out an interesting fact about Nader. During his bid for the presidency during the 2000 election year, Ralph Nader had a JEW as his running mate. His running mate that year, Winona LaDuke, is a half Indian, half JEW and should have been a major clue to any of his supporters that he is batting for the other team. Proof can be found in her bio at Wikipedia HERE, where it says “Her mother was a Jewish artist, employed as an art professor at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.”

If that tidbit of information isn’t enough to clue you in to the fact that this guy is not going to help fight this infestation of jews in our government, I don’t know what to tell you, but let’s get back to the events of November 21, 2008. Ralph Nader actually appeared as a guest on Darryl Bradford Smith’s radio show, which really took me by surprise. During his time on the show, which he cuts short due to the questioning, Ralph reveals that he has no interest in fingering the jews as the problem that America faces. Even when dealing with DBS, whom I consider to be very SOFT on the jewish question, Ralph becomes very uncomfortable when confronted with the jewish question and does everything in his power to divert attention away from the jew. At the end of the show, DBS seems to try to smooth things over for Ralph, but his behavior has always been questionable in my opinion anyway.

All I can say is thanks to DBS for letting Ralph expose himself as a shill for the jews. Listen to the audio for yourself by CLICKING HERE.

  1. the ugly american says:

    I’ve always known Nader was a Bolshevik Jew.
    I call “IT” the Watermelon, Green on the outside and Red on the inside.

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