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They Live

They Live

They walk among us. They talk like us. They act like us. They pretend to think and feel like we do, all while planting seeds of doubt and infecting humanity with their diseased ideals and behaviors.

I told you this was a matrix, and I’m going to start showing you all exactly what I mean. You better start opening your eyes, because deception is your reality. In fact, there is nothing “real” about your so called “reality” at all. If you think you are awake now, just wait.

This is an interesting video from a rapper who seems to get what’s going on around him, at least to an extent. I’m not promoting this guy, but this video I’m sharing below triggered me to say a few things. Hopefully it triggers some awakening in other people at the same time.

The actor and main character from the original movie “They Live”, was a famous WWF wrestling star named “Rowdy Roddy Piper” (real name Roderick George “Roddy” Toombs). He’s the fella in the video below looking around for the first time at the world with “open eyes”, thanks to some super cool sunglasses. The creator of the movie, John Carpenter, had this to say about the movie here, “Yeah, it is. You have to understand something: It’s a documentary. It’s not science fiction.”

As an aside, Carpenter also gives us an interesting tidbit when he mentions the back story he and Toombs came up with for the awakened character in the movie. “I believe his wife was killed by unintentional acceleration, which is something that happens with cars.”, said Carpenter. This is interesting, because that wasn’t such a big thing 25 years ago. However today with remote controlled electronic throttles, it is a method of assassination that has actually been deployed on some occasions, but I digress.

Even though the movie portrays the antagonists as “aliens” it is still spot on. Those antagonist “alien” creatures represent the jew quite well. Look close enough at a jew and you will recognize them as something alien to humans. They are literally everywhere around you, manipulating your entire life, and acting like they are just another one of us. Just like the Cicero quote on the home page says, they wear your face and your arguments. They appeal to you on a level that makes you feel as if they are just like you! Do not be fooled, for their deeds expose their disloyalty.

This lie of unity is sold to the American people, and I’m sure children every other nation, early on in school. I grew up in public school, and there was always the “all for one, one for all” mantra, but it doesn’t have any basis in reality. We were raised as “we’re all Americans” and we are “all in this together”. The problem arises when you grow up dirt poor in public school. You tend to find out real fast that nothing is “all for one and one for all”.

Daily swearing to a flag is how you make people stupid enough to do anything in the name of a colored rag. This is brainwashing at it’s finest.

Certainly while you are growing up in the middle of it all, with these bullshit mantras and flag worshiping brainwashing shoved down your throat every day, you think and feel like you are part of a greater whole. It takes constant reinforcement to make it stick, and that is the only saving grace for these bogus ideals. Daily pledges of allegiance, sports rallies, us vs. them, obedience and conformity are more important than truth and freedom, so much molding is done every day.

It just doesn’t last for some people though, because reality and what we’re told are so different. It really requires more of a surrender on the part of the victim to this brainwashing, which eventually turns into cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome in adults. Public school is designed to bring about this surrender of individuality, just like the military does to its recruits. Still some slip through the cracks.

The snotty little jews and the other materially spoiled little shits carry an attitude that they are special because they have nicer clothes and brand name lunch boxes. Their behavior actually helps to disrupt this process of indoctrination and surrender of will. There were many children like me had holes in our shoes, and we were lucky if we had brown bags to bring our lunch in. Often it was just the empty bread bag we had to carry our lunch in. Sometimes we had no bag at all. Sometimes no lunch at all, and somehow not being able to afford to eat made you the laughing stock.

If you start realizing there is something different about certain groups of people, they will start to look at you just like this. They live, and they’re among you right now.

Growing up like myself, starting life on the bottom end of the economic spectrum, you learn little things others don’t. For instance, you learn that although an apple in your bread bag takes away the pang of hunger that seems to define most of your life, it has the most undesirable side effect of smashing any semblance of a sandwich into an unrecognizable mess that is hardly edible. That’s for the days you might have had enough bread or meat to actually make a sandwich. I still have nightmares of slicing my own bologna off of a nasty loaf hardly worthy of being called meat.

At the same time, you realize that there are differences between people. Huge glaring differences, such as the behavior of certain groups of people. Being poor and easily ostracized makes it instantly clear that YOU are NOT one of THEM. Not that elementary school children will recognize who and what these people are, but it’s a good start. The towering egos and self righteousness coupled with animosity towards people with less material wealth certainly exposes the vile nature of certain people. This goes for both the jew and their brainless minions.

This isn’t to whine and say people who have money are bad, or that all of them are jews. This is simply to illustrate how some may go down the path of being brainwashed into supporting the system, while others who are ostracized may naturally reject it as false. I am thankful every single day of my life for the childhood I had. Bad as it was, it gave me the eyes to see, the street smarts to recognize bad people and bad things, and the combination of experience and strength to stand up to the evil never do well kind of people.

I don’t need any sun glasses to spot the subversive shits who walk among us. I don’t need hearing aids to hear the lisp of their forked tongue, or to instantly recognize the stealthy whispers of a liar. One word from their pathetic mouths is usually all it takes to pick up on who and what they are. The litmus test of cui bono coupled with hard earned wisdom and experience immediately exposes the evil fucks. The great thing is, they can’t wait to open their mouth and show their true colors. All you have to do is provoke them a little. Know thy enemy.

Your whole world is a fantasy. Nothing is what you think it is, and all you have to do is scratch the surface to see it. You are being played. They live among you every day.

Awakening to a world that is completely full of shit can take a lifetime. In my case, my entire life has been defined by being an outcast on one level or another. It started young as a product of economics, but it continued as I grew into a life of rejecting false people, false ideals, and false authority. You can’t raise someone with intelligence telling them they are “free”, but they have to sit down, shut up, raise their hand to speak, only walk single file quietly down the hallways with eyes forward like a prisoner, etc.

Anyone with even a sliver of their own independent thought and autonomous cognitive function, will instantly recognizes this system we live in as the joke that it is. The perspective looking in from the outside helps to see things in a totally different light. From there it is not hard to notice the coordinated efforts of large groups of “people” that go totally against the wishes and best interest of everyone else.

It becomes easy to see that certain people have intolerable behaviors, ideas, and actions. It is so painfully obvious that the massive system didn’t build itself to the level of control it currently exhibits. Without a doubt, some large group of people have to be behind it somewhere.  They have to function in a uniform fashion, all having the same eventual goals. These are clues that there is no way we’re all the same. If you’re not part of the clique, it’s easy to observe.

This sad pathetic material world has a lot of people caught up in the glitz and glamour, the flash and pizzazz! What people are failing to see is that the glitz and glamour is all just a rickety facade. They are failing to see the fake social behavior of most people, and because they can’t see this, they can’t see how fake they have become themselves. All of this hides just below the surface of our society. People can feel it, and sometimes you see little glimmers of alternative thinking or behavior. The sad thing is people self correct, or the herd corrects their behavior. Funny enough, that is often done through social ostracizing. This is also one of the reasons for social media today, and we’ll get into that another time also.

I will often muse about how many “women” (if you can call them that) are completely fake today. They have fake accents, fake behavior, fake tits, fake hair color, fake finger nails, fake caked on makeup, fake eye color, fake botox lips, etc. There is literally NOTHING real, or desirable about them, including their personalities. They lie to each other and play extra super nice face to face, then talk trash the moment someone walks away. They are a great example of how fake our society has become. Many are just hollow shells of materialistic narcissism with little real breeding value, but “men” today aren’t much better.

Your world is a facade with very little real substance beneath the surface. I intend to show you that truth, so stay tuned.

Even worse, since man and woman alike subscribe to a world that is completely false, they are unable to see the subversives amongst us who are also false. Our fellow humans fail to see these belly slithering snakes and they can not hear the hissing sound of them lying through their forked tongues. People are quick to shun someone breathing on them with halitosis, but they often fail to smell the truckloads of bullshit coming out of the mouths of these snakes. This is a by product of their lifelong brainwashing and assimilation programming.

Most humans suspend their disbelief all day long, to the point that they are unable to think and feel properly for themselves. They can’t see an entire army of demonic dirt bags walking amongst us. They don’t even know such a group exists. They think we’re all the same, while each claims to be unique, to only turn around and lash out at anyone who is different from them! There is a lot of “we are all one” propaganda reinforcing their behavior, but we’ll get deeper into that topic later.

That group of closely coordinated subversives are known as the jews, but they masquerade as just innocent unknowing victims of the oppressive system they created and regularly defend. I could sense it in its raw form when I was younger, but I knew nothing like I do today. I could tell that some people were just evil, demonic shit for brains that really have no value at all outside of maybe being used as a pinata. However, I was oblivious to the thought that there was a whole host of evil shits purposely manipulating us. It took me a long time myself to grasp just how many of them were working in uniform fashion.

Where I’m at now, I don’t need glasses to see things like the protagonist in the video below. I am well aware that everywhere I go there are literally droves of these demons working to undermine us. They are under every rock, permeating the matrix to every corner like Agent Smith in the matrix, and they live…….for now.

There will be very vivid discussion of these creatures and how to deal with them soon enough. For now, enjoy the video and remember. This isn’t fiction, it’s a documentary. The documentary is showing us a glimpse through the veil, and letting us know that They Live, and they walk among us.

  1. Brandon William Hennig says:

    Glad you decided to cover this. I personally was lucky enough to see this movie as a kid. I think I was nine if I remember correctly. I recommend every parent watch this movie with their children, boys and girls.

    John Carpenter’s The Thing should be mentioned as well. The jew is like the thing but instead of assimilating individual people THE JEW ASSIMILATES FAMILES. I’m not saying the jew turns into a badass tentacle monster obviously but the parallel should be obvious same as with They Live.

    Although I am almost certainly positive that the jew has some sort of true beast/demon form and are vibrating on a sapient level to appear as if they are sapient organisms. There is simply too much information pointing to this as fact.

    They want us to think this is the absolute nuttiest conspiracy theory EVER but I really think it’s THEIR DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET, and is possibly the key to their complete exposure and extinction.

  2. Leo Lundgren says:

    Yes They live is a damn documentary.

    As you said Adam, in the end of “they live” this Roddy cuts off the tv-signal.

    That is literally what this site does.

    We are many and we need more promoting it and doing the same.

    It’s a revolutionary act just to promote this website.

    Why do you guys reading this think that another of the jew agent site “splcenter” does not include subvertednation in their funny “hate map”??

    This site cuts off their signal. That’s why.

    • That’s a major piece of the puzzle, because without the constant feed of BULLSHIT from that stupid box, people will quickly start to come out of their slumber! If only we had control of the networks for a little while…..Imagine how much people would know! Since we don’t, we have to spread the word like butter…..everywhere. It needs to INFECT every corner of the earth…every last place they utter their “sly whispers”, we need to be heard above them!

      This site does more than many ever thought it would, and we’re not even getting warmed up yet.

      • Indeed. And EVERY universially lying evil-stinking kike is IN on it.

        What has to be done is to tune in people to the fact that kikes are not welcome here in this world, anywhere, they do not belong amongst us.
        And repeat it, They. DO-NOT. belong amongst us.

        But we also has to break the spell they are in in order to think correctly…

        • I am sure you are going to cover some of it but I throw tesla’s quote here to see if someone has something useful to add to it.

          Tesla says “if we can control that resonate system ELECTRONICALLY…” the ELECTRONICAL TV is sending out ALPHA BRAIN WAVES to your brain.

          The quote doesn’t say that much in itself but I welcome people to add to it.

          “Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance OF THE EARTH is between 6 an 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system in the BRAIN and the EARTH ITSELF – WORK ON THE SAME FREQUENCIES. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind.” – Nikola Tesla

  3. making hard copies and distributing content such as the Protocols of Zion document (may be with an introduction as on your website) is what is needed also. Invest in copies each month and attach a one dollar bill so it does not get thrown away immediately and leave it on cars or distribute it by hand around your neighborhood or at work. This is a SMALL investment each one can make each month in time and money! Each person can distribute 10 copies each week or month depending on resource availability and time…and attach a one dollar bill to it (staple it) and write the web address of or your web address for example.

    It makes it harder to trace also for the feds as many people are scared of computer viruses when they open emails and so on (done on purpose by the Zionist themselves thru media)

    • We don’t say “zionists” around here. We call a jew a jew. If someone is a “zionist” they’re a jew. Period. For people to consider themselves a “zionist” they have joined the jew garbage heap, and will be disposed of with them.

      That said, I do like your idea. We need a veritable ARMY of spreading the message DAILY. They literally have the ARMY to help them spread their propaganda. There a millions of them trolling online all day every day. All we have to do is inject the truth all over the place, and it will make a difference.

  4. each person distributing 10 copies and 10 person receiving those copies encouraged to do the same is 10X 10 (IDEALLY). it can be an very EFFECTIVE “marketing” tool for spreading the message. make the count 10X 10 X 10 x 10 can very quickly grow into millions!! God be with truth speakers.

  5. I know it is PROTECTED under the constitution under the FREEDOM OF COMMUNICATION that each US citizen has (guaranteed by the US constitution). The police knows this so they cannot arrest you hopefully) They didn’t but evidently they were pissed at me doing it for so long in Clifton, NJ 🙂

    They know I do it out of sense of US patriotism and peacefully/ lawfully ONLY and to help save the nation with my little means and they also see that I understand they have JEWISH masters ONLY at the police station. When/IF they arrest you, use the opportunity to teach them also politely (they are human being after all). I know their superior thru radio did not want to have a copy given to the officers because they (the Jews) are so scared that people just read it for themselves. The same happened in court, they just had to make an investigation within the district court itself to see where those documents mailed thru certified mail had ended up in one Case. ALMOST TRAGIC-COMICAL!

    • I don’t really give a shit how they feel about it. The freedom of speech doesn’t come from the constitution, and it’s not guaranteed by it either. It’s guaranteed by people being willing to kill these sons of bitches to keep it. The entire system of government is fraudulent, and they have ZERO power without consent. Without consent, they only have force. Thankfully it is just a flimsy veil of hiding the fact that they have no power, and I’m here to help lift it. God help these sorry sons of bitches when I do.

  6. “Daily swearing to a flag is how you make people stupid enough to do anything in the name of a colored rag. This is brainwashing at it’s finest.” You want to see brainwashing at it’s finest? Watch this video and look at the Comments. Jesus Christ.

    • I have very little patience for jackass veterans. These fucks went to murder people they don’t even know, they have zero legs to stand on. Some of them really have no legs, because they got blown off trying to commit genocide against innocent people. I have zero respect for anyone who doesn’t completely denounce anything and everything they did in the military any more. There is no fucking excuse, and this bravado bullshit is a good way to get killed for shitting on the rights of your fellow country men. If you assault people’s free speech you are a fucking traitor to humanity. This guy is the epitome of what’s wrong with this world.

      • And Veterans wonder Why people have no Respect for them well because it’s that simple veterans have the most Nastiest, Narcissistic, and Egotistical Behavior than any other group i can think of which i think Jews taught them that behavior.

        But anyway Here’s another video a Veteran attacking Pokemon Go players.

        • They are so foolish and ass backwards. Assaulting Americans for exercising freedoms that they claim to be protecting! These people are so brainwashed they can’t see the irony of their behavior, or their own ignorance.

  7. I wanna know How are we gonna Outnumber the jews when they blend and Mix with the masses.

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