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The Law is on YOUR Side

The Law is on YOUR Side
I don't think many comprehend the significance of the words contained in this document, and how pathetic those are who ignore it.

I don't think many comprehend the significance of the words contained in this document, and how pathetic those are who ignore it.

This is an interesting topic, and I’m going to touch on a number of things that people in this movement concern themselves with, in the context of “the law is on your side”. Many people who have awakened to the realization that the world is indeed under the control of an evil cabal, still have no idea what to do about it. Almost every one of them has lived their entire life under the control of these demonic manipulators, bowing to their puppet rulers, their laws, and even their false religions. Due to this fact, many are unable to think outside of the box, even when they themselves feel that they are living outside of the box. It is this very evident problem that proves many have only glimpsed the outside of the box, but their body and mind, still reside within it’s confines.

So, why is it that I state the law is on your side, as they continue to push more and more draconian legislation through, our now illegal congress? Well, let us start with the most basic of concepts and move forward from there. As American citizens of these great united states, we have the right to do whatever it is we see fit to secure our lives, liberty, and ensure our pursuit of happiness. This is nothing new, this is how America, as it stands, came to be. To take it a step further, as living beings sharing this earth with everyone else, we have just as much right to govern ourselves, as any other organization has to govern us.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Whether it be the laws of nature, or of Nature’s God (for those who believe in deities), we the people are entitled to certain things. Among those are “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. When they say all men are created equal, this does not mean in physical or mental ability, or physical form or function. It means that all men are created as EQUALS as far as class is concerned. There are no rulers and servants. There is no “nobility” or “divinity” that makes one man fit to rule over the actions of another. Who exactly are you to say what I should do with my mind, my body, and my mouth? Exactly, you are NOBODY in my world. I govern this vessel of mine all on my own. You don’t have your hands on the controls, and you never will. If it comes down to it, I can easily save a bullet for myself and deny you any opportunity to gain control of this vessel. Those of you who really want to fight this fight, might want to sit down and think about that statement for a moment.

There is no such thing as nobility or authority except in the minds of those who bow to it.

There is no such thing as nobility or authority except in the minds of those who bow to it.

Note that all governments are instituted among men, and deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. If you refuse consent there is only one way left to control you, and that is with force. Like vampires, the people who have infested our government NEED YOUR CONSENT to enter your home and do you harm, but again, the law of nature and the law of the land is on your side. There is no question the government has passed the point of being destructive directly against it’s own people, so there is no room for debate on this idea. The very document that started America’s legacy, as we believe it to be, tells you that it is your duty to abolish this subverted fallacy and start a new. It’s not a government by us, for us. It’s a government controlled by the jew, working for the jew, and against us, period. Therefore, it has no authority if we didn’t give it to them. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t give ANY of you authority to rule over me, and I never will. I refuse to “go along to get along” for any reason. Just because those of you who bow to these “authorities” out number me, does not mean I will bow with you, to you, or for you.

Of course, there are more so-called “laws” that are indeed on your side, when it comes to facing a subverted and therefore illegal non-authority manipulating you and your peoples. One such law is the second amendment, but I caution you thus; the second amendment, nor the bill of rights give you any protection. They were instead, always intended as a benchmark of what is important and should be protected. Let’s have a look at the wording of the second amendment:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

What do you think it means to bear arms? Don't just stare at the screen in stupor.

What do you think it means to bear arms? Don't just stare at the screen in stupor.

Now, there is no doubt that subverting our court system turned into a way for the jew to “interpret” our founding documents, just like preachers “interpret” the scriptures to their unknowing masses. However, if you look at what I said about fighting this, I’ve already given one GOOD example of what you CAN do to help. That information is vital for fighting within the construct, and I have more to share on thinking outside of the box. Going off of the second amendment as it’s written, it says we have the right (ours simply for existing) to form well regulated militias, and that the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

How is it that this right will not be infringed, when they have already passed tons of anti-gun legislation, with more cooking on the back burner right now? Remember what I said about consent? Let’s talk about one more thing. What does it mean to “bear arms”? Why don’t we take a look at some definitions of “bear”. In this case “bear” is a verb, an action word. Not a noun, so let’s see a couple select examples of what “bear” can mean used as a verb:

To hold up; support. I will bear my arms in everywhere I go.
To carry from one place to another; transport. I will bear my firearm with me on my travels.
To offer; render: I will bear my guns against any enemy foreign and domestic.
To move by or as if by steady pressure; push: Thousands of militias bore down on the tyrannical government.
To have as a visible characteristic: He bore his weapon over his shoulder.
To have relevance; apply: When we bear our arms against tyrants things will change.
To be accountable for; assume: The force of our arms is what tyrants will bear.

If that doesn’t make clear what it means to bear arms, I don’t know what will. You have to bring your arms to bear against the tyrants, or you have no reason to complain. It is THIS one key element that keeps them from completely bearing down on us, because they KNOW the law is in our favor, and they fear it. Why else would they push so many gun laws on capitol hill? Why else would you hear jews screaming stuff like this:

“These weapons have absolutely no purpose except to kill. They can’t be used for sport. They can’t be used for hunting,” Rendell said. Rendell later acknowledged “this might not be the right time” when asked about a Newsweek report that President Barack Obama’s domestic agenda is more focused on the economy and health care. Rendell said U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.., is prepared to move forward with a ban.”She’ll choose the right time,” he said.

Allow me to lay out for you exactly what it is you’re supposed to do about it:

“If we would be free, if we mean to hold inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have so long contended, if we mean not basely to abandon the noble cause for which we have so long endured, and to which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon, until the glorious object of our contest should be obtained, then we must fight! I repeat Sir, we must fight! A call to arms and an appeal to the God of hosts is all that we have left. – Patrick Henry – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

“The Constitution should never be construed to prevent the people of the United States…from keeping their own arms. – Samuel Adams”

“The great object is that every man be armed… Everyone who is able may have a gun – Patrick Henry”

“And what country can preserve it’s liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. – Thomas Jefferson”

“Arms, like laws, discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. – Thomas Paine”

“A people who mean to be free must be prepared to meet danger in person , and not rely upon the falacious protection of armies. – Edmund Randolph”

Oh, and don’t think I left out those of you who are religious. If you believe in Jesus, he had some choice words for you too:

Then said he to them, But now he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his sack: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. – Luke 22:36

He didn’t tell you to be a pacifist pussy, he told you to take up arms! Maybe those preachers are lying to you? What did Jesus do when he came face to face with the enemy? He took a whip in his hands and beat the tar out of them. Jesus chased the money changers from the temple. Well, who were the money changers then, and who are they now? The same people, as defined in Rev. 2:9, so go look it up.

Jesus took a whip in his hands and beat the shit out of the money changers. Do you think he meant for you to be a pacifist?

Jesus took a whip in his hands and beat the shit out of the money changers. Do you think he meant for you to be a pacifist?

The law is indeed on your side, especially in my neck of the woods. Here in Florida, we have a “no retreat” or “stand your ground” law, that clearly states you do not have to run and cower in the face of oppression and tyranny. When someone threatens your very life and liberty, you do not have to flee like some scared little rat. You can legally stand up to someone with LETHAL FORCE, and face no charges for it. Too bad some of these jews that like to threaten me don’t ever show their faces. (insert devious smiley)

It turns out, that law was just tested again this last week, when a man awoke to find someone in his home, as this recent article shows. It turns out, someone broke into this fellas house while he was sleeping. Fortunately, the neighbors saw it and alerted him that someone was in the house. In his own words he says, “I didn’t really have time to think, you know what I’m saying,” West said. “Didn’t have time to think to be scared or not. I just know I had to try to protect myself. That’s it.” He also stated, “I couldn’t really see because I wear glasses, so I just shot because I had buck shots, and I know they would spread”. He follows that up by stating, “I was trying to protect myself,” West said. “That’s all.” One must be careful though, because the article ends like this:

This marks the third incident in the last couple of weeks where victims are no longer waiting for police and instead utilizing Florida’s stand-your-ground law.

The law gives victims the right to use deadly force in self-defense situations.

“I don’t think it should have to come down to this,” West said. “I really don’t.”

Nature's law says nobody messes with a bear when it's bears it's arms.

Nature's law says nobody messes with a bear when it's bears it's arms. Bear yours and secure your freedom.

As you can see, the law is definitely on your side. In fact, when dealing with these tyrants, laws like this are very important to understand. This is indeed a self defense situation. You either defend yourselves now, or you live like slaves forever. That is your only choice. It’s important you note what the man said above when he stated, “Didn’t have time to think to be scared or not. I just know I had to try to protect myself. That’s it.”  This is exactly the attitude you should have at this point, because the enemy is already all over you like white on rice. You don’t have time to sit and think about it, the time for action is now.

In fact, let me list the few key missing elements vital to your true freedom and liberation from this yoke.

  1. Awareness.  You need more people aware, so that they can be organized, and so that you may reach unstoppable numbers.
  2. Organization.  You need structure and organization in a strong military fashion.
  3. Bear arms.  You need to bring your arms to bear against those who are killing and enslaving your people.

The end of the article is for nothing more than pacification of the public. The law is on OUR side, and they don’t want you to understand it as such. The law allows for the use of deadly force in this situation, i.e. treason, subversion, and all the other ills that come with these tyrannical jews. It IS time you stand your ground for there is no retreat necessary. Although I understand the sentiment of moral human beings like the man above who said, “I don’t think it should have to come down to this”, but he didn’t have a choice, and you don’t either.  You don’t ask questions when the criminal is already in your house, and the threat is imminent, you just shoot.

  1. So why are you blogging instead of shooting? I’m sure you got a shitload of guns and a long list of people, from the first girl to turn you down to the last boss who fired you, all traitors and secret JEWS.
    Only fags and JEWS write when it’s time to empty a clip.
    You’re not a fag Adam, are you??
    You know what is needed to save America so go do it!

    P.S Aim for the brain, otherwise its a waste of ammo

    • Excuse you dude? What kind of ignorant bullshit response is that? Your lack of reading and comprehension AGAIN stunts your ability to understand what is put before you. I don’t know where you get the “secret jew” bit from, but everyone I’ve pointed out as being a jew is a jew. Anyone else is a jew puppet. Yourself, you sound like a jew. Maybe that’s the problem?

      I said a few KEY elements were missing, without those, shooting anything would be a waste. In fact, I think it’s your brain that is a waste, because all of this content seems to do no more than confuse you.

      Your whole “fag” bit is childish at best. I am a grown man with five children in a monogamous relationship with a woman for the past 14 years , certainly not a fag. Are you a fag? You definitely have all the traits, stupid mother fucker. Find some other website to cry about, because you just gave up your chance here.

  2. It’s always the pussy anonymous pukes that try to confuse the issue by switching the argument from looking at the facts and the reality down to cheap personal shots. It’s like you said a long time ago, expose their illusions and their show is over. I am battling against legions of these morons on forums here in Jew Angeles and they are horrified by encountering an opponent who won’t fall for their tricks and refuses to stop beating them over the head with facts.

    Anyway, another great post thanks for all your efforts keep up the excellent work!

  3. I know this is off topic, but Quest is a turkish jew piece of shit with a rich israeli father (or some guy whose banging his mom) same shit

  4. Great article.

  5. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Good post. You said “… we have just as much right to govern ourselves, as any other organization has to govern us.” No organization has any right to govern anyone, but I think you’re aware of that. Anyhow, as for the notion “the law is on your side”: there is no more law in America as there’s no lawful money. This is a long subject too involved to delve into here. From my study of the planet’s legal/commercial “Matrix” I’ve come to realize that it truly runs on consent/contract. For the most part there is no physical oppression because it doesn’t work in the long run. Also, the system operators need to keep their hands clean, so to speak. We volunteer to serve their system everytime we consent to be recognized by *their* name, that is, the one on the birth certificate or any derivative thereof. Their sham gun “laws” don’t apply to people, just persons, i.e. fictions like the aforementioned birth certificate name, citizens, etc.

    • Yes, I am totally aware there is no real “law” or “authority”, and it does indeed work on a system of consent. Laws, legal definitions, admiralty, etc. is a very deep subject and something I plan to cover in the future.

      The main idea of this article is to help people understand that WITHIN the confines of this system, we do have power to “legally” destroy these vermin. Since the majority of the people in this country, or on this planet for that matter, believe they can only act WITHIN the system, this approach is necessary to help those who are still trapped understand that they have the authority to handle this on their own.

      Let me add a little more. When I said we have as much right to govern ourselves as any other organization does, I should have said we have MORE right to govern ourselves than any fictitious organization ever had or will have. That should clear it up.

  6. not accepting defeat of the PR battle, Israel shells out even more dough (American tax dollars),7340,L-3744516,00.html

  7. …and now they have a propaganda booklet to play by:

  8. Excellent!

  9. Adam et al on this forum: Unbeknownest to many people here in the U.S., we are not operating under “Constitutional Law”. We are, for all intents and purposes here in the U.S. operating officially under Talmudic Law and have been for at least 17-18 years. Jew Bush Sr. signed off on this Jew bullshit in the early 90’s. (Remember the Bush clan claims to be descendants of the Jew Plangenat family – the Royal House of Judah – explains a lot – doesn’t it).

    Understanding how busy you are Adam Austin with this website-work and family (as most of us are), I hope that some day in the future you will run an article and narrative about how the U.S. is, in reality, operating under Jewish Talmudic law.

    This, of course, has serious ramifications and implications, and I believe that if the majority of people here in the U.S. were aware of this, we just might be seeing a different scenario being played out here in the U.S. But on second thought, the majority of people in this country are blissfully asleep and aren’t even aware of our Jew masters are controlling the U.S. – their deliberate collapsing of our economy, or their complete control and infiltration of all government, schools, police etc., much less anything regarding to Jewish Talmudic law.

    I provided some links below. Disturbing.

    “Keep in mind that the United States is an official Talmudic Jurisdiction under Public Law 102-14 House Joint Resolution of the People, by the People and for the People”

    • Hey rxmtw, I have in fact made a brief mention of this before in this article: where I note that the illegal congress recognized the jew noahide laws.

      However, pointing out this issue is much simpler than that. Our courts have been operating under the Uniform Commercial Code since at least 1952. NOTHING in a court room has anything to do with the constitution or bill of rights. Those “ideas” are perceptions the courts allow the common man to keep, while completely ignoring those rules.

      Like I said in an earlier reply to someone else, I do intend to cover this whole system of admiralty law, because this is what we really operate under. When you walk into a court room, you might as well be stepping aboard a ship on the ocean, where international maritime law prevails. The “judge” is the admiral, and whatever HE says goes, and there are signs around you denoting these things, but the average person has no idea. I’ll go into more detail at a later date. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Adam do you have references on hand regarding the UCC practice since 1952? I’ve been researching law for the last 2 years and I can at least say that with out a doubt much of what passes for law is merely contact which is passed off as law with the coercive threat of violence. I have researched the law regarding the use of automobiles for simple personal use and it is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS how similar the “code” is structured for the “States” that I have looked at (California, Washington, Colorado, Maryland, and Indiana). It is a clear indicator of the top-down control of society via fraud. The only people who, by the codes, are supposed to “register”, get a “license”, and indicate registration via valid “plates” are those who engage in commerce. This simple point just makes me more ready for war. There are FUCKING POLICE who will kill your ass or wreck your automobile(don’t call it a “vehicle” that’s a legal def. for commercial automobiles!) or harass the shit out of you for not driving with plates!. The public is so damned brainwashed that things will have to change WITH OUT THEM.

    Sorry for the rant. I just know some one who is going through hell right now due to “police” concerning themselves in a NON-CRIME!

    • Yeah, even Wikipedia has this information.

      Check into it further, because when you set foot in a court room, they are playing by these “codes”, NOT by our constitutional laws, which are the ONLY law in this land. ANYTHING that is not expressly stated in it, and many illegal amendments added since have NO “authority” to speak of, but alas, these are what they will charge you with, i.e. violation of code 123.45 Section 4 Subsection 2 etc…it’s an absolute maze of bullshit, with jewish designers. There are other “uniform acts” also, and it is this they are using against us in the courts. They will laugh if you invoke the constitution in your defense. They will completely laugh at you. The admiral decides your fate on his own, and all the attorneys work for the court, including your defense attorneys.

      To keep it in simple form, the court system is “subverted”…..completely. There is no justice in that venue, and when you set foot in their court rooms, you are NOT in these united states, you might as well be floating in international waters facing the admiral of the ship for your charges.

      Here’s a pretty good reference to get you started:

  11. Facts, please says:

    The Declaration of Independence and Consitution were the foundation of a Liberal, Progressive, Jewed State; which the USA is today.

    • “They [the Jews] work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.” – George Washington

      Have you ignored history? America was FAR from liberal when it was founded. In fact, it was extremely conservative. The jew infestation is what made it liberal. Many of our founding fathers, and the men who laid down their lives for this country would be disgraced by such a comment. We can’t always throw the baby out with the bath water. Tell me one country on earth you’d rather live in than the U.S.? You wouldn’t have the liberty to sit there and type what you did if it weren’t for what they founded. There were many honest men with honest intentions that helped found this country, and if you understood what they tried to do with the decleration, constitution, and bill of rights; you would realize that many of those men gave it their best shot at creating something fair, that couldn’t be easily infiltrated. There is no denying they overlooked the fact that the jew would simply fill all the different branches of govt. and take over. In fact, one could argue there were jews in the midst that made sure certain elements were in place to enable them to do it easier. The whole “liberal” bit is a jew creation (just look at mainstream media and see who’s screaming “liberal” all the time), and manifestation. This is why if we should ever rid ourselves of this parasite, education should FOCUS on their machinations, because if we can’t teach future generations what we’ve learned, they will suffer the same fate all over again. There are your facts…

  12. “This is why if we should ever rid ourselves of this parasite, education should FOCUS on their machinations, because if we can’t teach future generations what we’ve learned, they will suffer the same fate all over again.”

    Education is the critical issue. After years of studying the human population it is clear that the average person will not independently continue “research/learning” regarding history (even recent). They will maintain a superficial comprehension of “how things work”. _IF_ education can be brought back into the hands of parents, then they should teach their children how to assess the motives of others and how others act to fulfill the desires which motivate them. Wild animals _BEHAVE_ with caution. Domesticated animals (those which live in simple controlled environments) are less cautious. The population today behaves more like the latter. Human behavior is being molded heavily for 13 years on average in the USA. Independent behavior is punished and attitudes which do not benefit those who are attempting to enslave us all.

  13. Facts, please says:

    “Have you ignored history? America was FAR from liberal when it was founded. In fact, it was extremely conservative.”

    Correct but the ideology that the Founders followed was liberal. They were greatly influenced by the Enlightenment, Classical Liberalism, Individualism, etc.

  14. Facts, please says:

    It naturally follows that even if the United States was not “conservative” as a society the time the Founders were agitated, the Liberal principles the Founders put in train would eventually make the society liberal.

    • I still find myself having to disagree with your sentiments. What made this country “liberal” (jew speak) is the jew and their brainwashing through the media and hollywood. Our people have learned to accept almost anything thanks to these two mediums in the hands of these monsters.

      You’ll have to be more specific what you mean by “liberal”. Is free speech liberal? Is sovereignty liberal? Is gun ownership liberal? This country was founded on the idea of LIBERTY for all, so I am very cautious when someone starts slinging the “liberal” label around. The jew media has made this “liberal” thing sound like something bad, but if it means keeping my rights it’s good. If it means letting grown men have sex with children, that’s not liberal, it’s just fucking disgusting. So, define “liberal”, and we can move forward from there, because in my best estimation this country, and it’s residents were extremely conservative people for most of it’s history.

  15. Facts, please says:

    ** were agitating **

  16. OZ Bear- Good to see another Tasmanian on board! This battle against international Jewry is going to be won or lost in America. If public opinion moves towards anger to Jews and Israel, its all over. If we do not have public opinion on our side, then no matter what we do, we will be seen as insane by the masses. The battle right now is trying to get the average joe to take a look and see whats going on. It literally only takes a few hours of reading about Jews, Banking, media and history to figure out they are all interlinked, and all heavily controlled by Jews.
    A few years ago it took thousands of hours to sift through all the information, and I know many of you, like me, went down many dead ends and rabbit holes put in place by the Jews. If you have found this website, you have most likely come through the other side.
    Public opinion is the key, because they can pass any law they want, but if the overwhelming majority of people say no, and stick a gun in their face to boot, the law does not exist.
    Oz Bear- I used to go to the ANZAC parades, but now I just can’t stomach it. How can I worship people who helped Jews get to where they are?! They say now we should honour their sacrifice-for who?! The only soldiers I would glorify right now are eastern front soldiers and those who fight Jewish control around the world.
    To get people looking at all the problem depends on where you live, and what would get people interested. Everyone is in different states of mind. I have found in Tasmania, its peoples superannuation (401k) and people like Bernie Madoff, I start there then ease them into it. The other is getting people to understand that the reserve bank is a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT organization that makes money out of thin air, and loans it to our government at interest. That one FLOORS most people. From that moment on they see things differently, and they understand a little better what they are seeing.
    When it comes to mandatory swine flu vaccinations and carbon green police knocking on my door, Im drawing a line, with force. We have to draw a line, and NOT RECOGNISE THEIR LAWS.

  17. So, freedom of speech…ok….thats why I vehemently support the destruction of aryan societies.

    let’s see if you post this. I am not even Jewish, I just really can’t identify with anti-semitism. Its just that its such a boring topic

    I am much more interestesting in collecting the deformed skulls of ignorant aryans whose phrenological calculations clearly indicate scientfic slopism towards primordial self gratification that is tantamount to rubbing their tiny genitals on each other in the hopes of increasing their populace.

    The American ones are the worst..totally ignorant, most of them distilled southerners who tend to mix their silly religious views with purity. They/you really ought to give up you are outnumbered, your days are becomming shorter and shorter and the whole of the world mocks your hiding behind websites.

    When is the last time we actually saw a aryan protest that was made up of anything more than 60 ugly whiteboys (yep I am white as well)carrying a little patsy banner and sweating all the people waiting to cut them up into ribbons if the police force the aryans try to bend for were not there? I mean come on, at least get some educated anti would be refreshing…in any event lookin for you

    • What, you think I wouldn’t post your comment when you make yourself look like a total idiot? Of course I will. First, no self-respecting white man calls anyone an “anti-semite”. Those who are not wise to the jew problem, do not know the meaning of the word. Those who are wise to the jew problem, would never call others of the same stripe “anti-semite”. This is typical jew speak directly from the mouth of a rat faced kike, but it was funny that you thought you could simply claim yourself not to be a jew and get away with it here.

      Second, your grammar could use a lot of work, which is also typical of slope heads with decreased cranial function and capacity.

      Third, you say you are “white”, but most jews are “white” today, so that doesn’t help your case.

      Fourth, we are far from outnumbered by you little rats. The fact you would suggest this and pour on the “just give up” line, is even more indicative of a jew. Non-jews outnumber kikes 20 to 1, so you might want to go back and recalculate.

      Fifth, I am 120% racist against jews, but I make every attempt to reach out to all other races. Part of my family is of mixed races, so you won’t find any racism or animosity to anyone but the jew here. So don’t get your panties in a twist thinking this in an “aryan” website. In fact the aryan ideology, in it’s purest sense, it is not racist either.

      Finally, in the education department, you’ve been damaging enough to your own credibility on this issue, that it doesn’t really warrant a reply. I can guarantee that jews are not leading in this sense either with average IQ’s in Israel being only 90. You’re about 60 points shy of mine, so we definitely have better minds on our end. Oh, and if you’re looking for me, I’m very easy to find. I don’t hide from anybody. Stop by some time, I’m in Jax, FL.

  18. Thanks for that Oz Bear. This fella was nothing more than a jew attempting to stir shit, who is simply being exploited by me for his entertainment value.

    Just remember, here at SN, there is ZERO division between sephardic, ashkenazi, zionists, good jews, bad jews, or anything of the sort. Any critter that can be labeled a jew is slated for execution as far as this website is concerned, and will be given NO QUARTER.

    Remember, ZERO separation between any of their groups. I don’t give a shit what one jew does to the next, nor will I accept many more posts that make out ANY jew to be a victim in ANY way, shape or form. I don’t give a FUCK what kind of jew it is. A jew is a jew, is a jew.. This is not a game we’re playing here, and posts that give ANY jew ANY kind of slack will hang by a very thin thread if not get deleted totally.

    Not trying to be an asshole, but I am an asshole as some surely say. NO QUARTER is my motto with very good reason. Until such time as we can clearly define these demons, NOT ONE will be given ANY KIND of slack. NOT ONE, NOT NOW, NOT EVER. Fuck sephardic jews, fuck ashkenazi jews, fuck zionist jews, fuck NON-zionist jews, of which almost ALL jews are NOT zionists anyway. That label is a fucking farce, as is separating one jew from the next. Fuck these sorry rat faced fucking kikes. Damn EVERY LAST ONE STRAIGHT TO HELL. This shit is designed to confuse the fuck out of average people, and leave a safe place in their mind for a few jews. Fuck that. Bobby Fischer, Friedmans, Bernsteins, I don’t give a FUCK who or what they are. These mother fuckers are jews, and they will be executed with the rest of them.

    I am NOT going to doom my children to the same fucking fate I am fighting to free myself from. So be VERY careful what you post, or it will end up in the garbage.

    When this is all said and done, don’t be surprised to find out that these jews are far from what many believe them to be now. These demonic little fuckwads are not human….you start separating one from the next, and you’re asking for SERIOUS trouble.

  19. Adam, spot on mate.

    One only needs to ask Lithuanians or Latvians who had so called “Jewish Friends”. When the communists rode through town they started slaughtering their Christian neighbours! This is a battle of all humanity against the Jew. Period. ANY white man, black man, Arab man, Asian man, African man or Hispanic man that sides with the Jew, is sealing their own fate. The Jew is NOBODIES FRIEND and will stab you in the back if it benefits them.

    The Jew has CAUSED ALL THIS TO HAPPEN BY THEIR ACTIONS. We are simply the RESPONSE to what they have done. They will never confuse, or shift the blame amoung us again. NEVER. When something happens, it will be the JEW that is looked at first, no matter what the TV or papers say. ALL JEWS will be held accountable for the actions of their tribe. ALL JEWS. If the MOSSAD blows up more buildings and kills “gentiles” there will be action taken against the Jew. It is cause and effect.
    Jews of Australia are now under watch by insiders in the AFP and ASIO. Jews think they have them in their back pocket, but they don’t. Members of the police force are also now tracking and monitoring the movements of certain Jews.
    The Australian government just announced yesterday that there are to be new changes to the “terrorism laws”. That being that any citation of violence towards individuals or groups or races or nations would be punishable by PRISON.
    This is good news! It means no more can the Australian government, or Jews in Australia, push for an invasion of IRAN, or pursuit of “Al Qaeda”, demonize Arabs or pursue any group that exposes the Jewish criminal network! Otherwise they will be guilty of breaking THIER OWN LAWS!

    Also, I watched VALKYRIE tonight, and let me just say Im a changed man. I had it all wrong! There were good Germans out there, good Nazis, that tried to blow up Hitler and bring peace and prosperity to Germany.

    *Insert barf bag with ass blown out*

    First of all I went into the movie thinking “How long before they mention 6 million Jews”? Only 1 minute into the movie and we have a guy (Cruise) in Tunisia 1943 and the movie starts in with subtitles, then turns to English, and the first real english sentence is “The mass extermination of Jews.” The fact that Auschwitz Birkenau had only “just opened for business” stikes me as kind of odd. “Mass extermination”! if it only just started?! I love how these Jews can never get their stories or timelines straight, they rely on people “not looking into things” they talk about. “Trust me” is their cry. FARK YOU! is mine.

    Funny though, the moral of the movie I personally got out of it was that in the end, liars and traitors GET KILLED. When Stauffenberg crossed the line, he based all his actions on a LIE. That lie being Hitler was dead. Those LIES caught up with him and those around him. Even though the Germans were fooled, or lead to “believe something”, truth prevailed, and the traitors got what they deserved. Im quite amazed that Jews, of all people, would make such a movie. Im sure they did not expect people to see this side.

    Jews are liars, and those lies are starting to catch up with them.

    To Doug- Do yourself a favor, and the rest of us, and bite a bullet. We are not “ARYAN WHITE NATIONIST SUPREMACISTS”, we are not like Jews, who think that of themselves. My family is completely multi-national and multi-racial, and we ALL KNOW ABOUT THE JEWS.
    You speak like a Jew.
    Go hang out at your 911 truth org or anti-zionist/democracy now websites with your fellow buddies, and talk about how your days are numbered.

    Think about the movie VALRYKIE and especially the end, where they are watching the German soldiers come rushing into the building.

    Think about it.

  20. Damn straight. My cold, dead, bloody fingers.

  21. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    I’ve tried this before, despite that fact that I know it won’t succeed with one alone, but why don’t we form up, hunt down Jewish synagouges with our knives and guns, and kill them? It would be more effective if people were to be more aware of the Jew.

    • The time for that will come. The problem is that you will have a vast ocean of brainwashed morons trying to kill you for messing with their masters. Taking them out has to be done right. Forming up is necessary, but it’s got to be BIG. We need 50-100,000 people ACTIVELY fighting the jew NOW by spreading the same message RELENTLESSLY. The jew NEVER RESTS on brainwashing and propaganda, we must PUSH EXTRA HARD to counter it. I probably drop a link to this site 25 times a day AT LEAST and post THOUSANDS of comments exposing this stuff every week. Imagine if we had 100,000 people doing the same thing? NOW is the time, not later. How many times do you spread the truth every day? The jew spreads their filth millions of times a second all around the globe.

      I will explain other important parts of the equation in the future, but for now, there is NOTHING stopping us from doing this much.

  22. Mike LVNV says:

    Just wanted to point out that the people who drafted and signed the founding document were racists, and one jew, Alexander Levine.
    The Declaration of Independence was written by Jefferson and he owned black African slaves at the time he wrote it and did not free them afterwards.
    The 1st Article of the Constitution says” 3/5ths of all other persons.” The 1st Census of 1792 also brings this out, as well as the supreme Court opinion in the Dred Scott case.
    The slaves were treated as property for taxing purposes and we know who (the jew) brought them over from Africa in their slave ships.
    The jew is truly the child of darkness and will be dealt with in this United States of America. How will we know it’s time? The Spirit will move us as it always has. The lights will go on and there will be no doubt in your mind. As I said begore, the blood will be up to the bridle’s bit and it will take 7 months to bury the bastards. There won’t be a Canite jew in America when we are finished.

    • All of the founders were freemasons and jews. There is no question in that regard. They only gave everyone the illusion of freedom, so the slaves would work harder thinking they actually had a say in things. Anyone who is confused should watch this video.

      It’s a fairly good depiction of what happened here in America. You are not free, just free range slaves.

  23. Man made laws? What a joke. I can’t believe everyone blindly follow it due to fear or punishment. Most

    humans are pathetic creature that will not break the law or even fight with those who abuse us call

    police. Everyone is a slave in this jewish world dominated by fear and paranoid behavior. I see how

    fearful people are when they see cops car around. They all slow down and if a cop pull them over then

    they must done something wrong! I hate everything about this world.
    Its like the matrix movie. Everyone become my enemy when i unplug from it many years ago. I never did

    well in school. I hated what i was taught how teacher treated me. Searching for truth on the internet is

    like a landmine full of jewish spam call propaganda and misleading information. When i was in school in

    my teens the only thing that matter was my grade not how much I learn or how smart I am. How gifted you

    are has no place in a school made for retard who is only able to recall what the teacher say.
    I do have a lot to say but the problem is that nobody want to listen to me nor care about my opinion. My

    opinion need their approval this piss me off beyond anything.. I know you feel the same.. being treated

    like trash and not respect for who you are.
    Its the most disturbing thing in my life.
    Let talk about my parent and relative, bro, sis, aunt, uncle. their all the same ignorant, close minded.

    selfish beyond doubt.
    Do they know how corrupt the government are? yes they do.. but it everybody problem so they never care

    much. When I talk a lot about taxes my uncle threaten me by yelling..STFU or the fbi will come to arrest

    you soon. Fuck him!
    What kind of people is this that stab me in the back when i speak out against injustice?
    A government is mob rule by criminals mostly jews in control of it.
    This is why when i mention jews to everyone i get treated with hostility. A cousin of mine who is

    totally brainwashed question me,”Are you an anti semite?” WTF is his problem? sucking too much jewish

    circumcized penis too much lately?
    How in the world are we going to fight jews when those close to us are against what we do and even stop

    us from fighting the jews?
    I told my dad we need gun to protect ourselves.. guess what this dumb fucking niggga do to me?
    He tell everyone i was gonng a buy a gun illegally and start killing people randomly. this happen a few

    year ago.. i was put in jail for 2 months.. due to fear.. btw the stupid jew judge kept asking me and my

    lawyer do i have any firearm in the home. lmao. these stupid cops.. 3 car. park out side our home..
    came in search the car, search the house for any weapon. WTF is this? america?
    the most enslaved nation in the world. You have no rights to gun or to protect yourself.

    btw i dont have any gun. cops that are reading this. go fuck your momma. i hate you all.

    Just talking about guns scare the daylight out of anyone that isnt intelligent like us.
    If you have guns u better not talk about it or let other know.. it must be kept secret.
    The world fear gun more then Jews which is proof everyone is insane.
    Jews love to joke how guns dont kill and that people do. That mean us and that we are too stupid and

    dangerous to carry a gun to protect ourself.
    I have a question for cops.. How is a cops having gun more safe then us having no guns?
    Gee.. I wonder. the ironic of it. FYI, People fear guns.. its not the police they fear…
    just having a gun give someone power kill and harass you into doing anything foolish even kill yourself.
    If we don’t have these 2 essential right such as freedom of speech and to defend ya life how the fuck

    can we defend our selves from everyone including the jews? Talking about guns doesnt make someone a

    criminal.. cops have been known to kill dogs, and people, and kids.. for no good reason. I am so sick of

    this world. When a cop kill someone even wrongly he is never punished. the blame always go to the victim

    and the excuse is self defense!

    How useless is the police in any society? very useless. we would be better off without any assholes

    using guns to harass people and enforce stupid laws that benefit none of us.
    I keep hearing dumbasses say this over and over again.. “without law their will be chaos”
    LMAO. these are my jail inmate people when i was in jail at the time. I believe anarchy is better

    because we can chose to punish someone ourselves rather then let organized criminals be the judge of our

    This kind of society exist because my parent are cowards and many parent like mine who just dont like to

    fight. some talk about how they joined the military and how war made them stronger. Really?

    If there were no law, no jail. we would be free to do as we please wouldnt we?
    People who need criminals to protect them are insane and should not be allow to reproduce. They make

    good slaves for jews but are useless for anything else. dont fall for the bs lies by cops who post

    online saying not all cops are bad. There is no evidence that cops will convict his own fellow and even

    worse he or she will often lie so cop buddy are not convicted of any wrong doing.
    The cops who enforce the laws is very important to a jewish slavery society. without these fucking

    retarded cops in place the jews would not have got this far. sometime i think the society are more of a

    problem then the jews are if they would just fuck off and let people like us deal with it be over by

    now.My neighbor is my worst enemy.. i seen these jackasses call the cops on me many time in my life for

    no good reason. 1. piss off.. 2.. use cops to harass me.. 3.. dont like me walking around their


    • Welcome to reality. I tried playing nice with police, and not labeling them all as bad. I tried to reach out to police and military with ROK, but it was a waste. All police are indeed corrupt shit bags. Every last one of them. They will rob you on the side of the road for victimless crimes. Why is it when we talk about the king’s men robbing people along the road for “taxes” and such, everyone frowns upon it. However, if they see a police officer robbing someone on the side of the road today, they think it’s justified!

      The world is diseased, and that disease is the jew. Unfortunately they are all under a spell, but spells can be broken, and when this happens, support for truth and justice will go through the roof.

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