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SN – Good Ole Boy Broadcast

SN – Good Ole Boy Broadcast

Finally, Subverted Nation goes to an audio format!  Hold on to your hat, because if you’ve never heard a good ole southern boy rant about jews, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.  Do NOT download and listen to this in front of your children.  This audio is for ADULTS ONLY.  It contains graphic content, raw, and uncut speech on these parasitic jews.


That said, I’m sure many of you are going to enjoy this broadcast.  If you’ve been with me for a while, reading my articles, and you’ve heard my other audios, this broadcast will be both fun and educational!  What more could you ask for?  Now, after putting this together, I realized the file size is a bit larger than I would like myself, so just bear with me this time around.  The file weighs in at about 59MB, and run time is 1 hour and 5 minutes.  Next time, I’ll be sure to get the file size down a little bit for you, but for now, you need to hear this show! Now you will have some more content from me in audio format that you can put on a CD and share with anyone you want.

Topics covered:  Who is Adam Austin? – The BOOK Basic Training for Revolutionaries (Get your copy NOW) – Anonymous Internet Personalities – Racism and Immigration – The Unwitting Masses – Truthers and the Truth Movement – Awakening the Awake – Call to Action & Passive Attitudes – The Scourge of Democracy – Who’s a JEW and Who’s Not? – Free Speech & Language – Reaching the Masses – Effective and Ineffective Activism – Leadership

If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below, and I’ll try to answer those things in future broadcasts. Enjoy the show! These will all be archived eventually on the Audio Page to make it easy to find particular shows.

Click HERE to listen. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

Get YOUR copy today.

Get YOUR copy today.

  1. Subverted Nation Radio is Freakin Awesome!
    You are an inspiration.

  2. I am reading Basic Training. I am halfway through it.
    I am learning from it. I am inspired to the battle against the enemy of humanity.
    As an aside, I have been listening to some opera this morning withg my three old Gentile Warrior ZPrincess in my lap. Pavarotti, Paul Potts, etc…It ocurred to me that no jew has ever produced anything beautiful the way Gentiles all over the world have. Every Gentile culture has beauty in it of some sort. Only the jew is full of evil and vileness. Even the jews have admitted that jews only cause trouble and scam for gold.One only has to look at the historical evidence to see that I speak the truth.

    There is a fight to the death. The jews know it. We have to open the eyes of our Gentile brethren to make them see that this is mortal combat. We Ask no Quarter and we Give no Quarter.

    They must be crushed so that the future can be free.

    I look forward to listening to the radio program.

    I have to admit, Adam, you and JAM II(Daval) have been inspiring me for the past two years.

    Thanbk you

  3. excellent broadcast, very inspiring!

    i shrunk your file size down and uploaded it to Also posted it on my website under audio files/


  4. Excellent Arminius. Report back to the other readers here, and post a review of the book at lulu, so that others can see what YOU have to say about it.

  5. Excellent broadcast. Fuck these rat-faced kikes.

    Anybody notice how many vampire TV shows and movies are coming out? They’re trying to make blood sucking scum sexy and prepare people to “see them” in full view.

    Holy water won’t do shit, but a stake through the heart should do just fine. 😉

  6. Paul (London) aka Pablo X says:

    Yeehaw! I fuckin’ love this shit! Love the message. Love the accent. Just been doin’ a load of pressure washing myself here in London. Gonna order the book.

  7. Mike (Aust) says:

    Kick ass audio! Got the PDF thanks mate. Ammunition like this is priceless. Looking forward to having the hardcopy!

  8. What else can I say – great show!

    Hope to hear fucking more, bro.

  9. Adam, quick question. I’m interested in purchasing the book/audio because I believe the jews are going to declare war against us Americans. I firmly believe every crime the jews have perpetrated in the last two years (stealing trillions from us etc) is a culmination of their vile plans for this. More than likely jews will use a foreign army (China, Mexico, etc) towards this objective, who obviously have no compunction about killing 100 million or so innocent Americans.

    Do you have a p.o. box et al for ordering the book/audio, or is ordering via internet your preferred method? Many thanks Adam. We all know how hard you work towards saving the sovereignty and freedom of America… comes across very strong in your narratives. Godspeed to you.

    • Hi rxmtw. The book has to be ordered online because it is print on demand. Meaning, when you order one, they print them for you and ship it out. I wish I had the means to print the thing and have it on hand for people to purchase, but this is the only way I can get it into people’s hands without large amounts of capitol ahead of time.

      The audios you can simply download and put on a CD yourself any time you like, so please, feel free to do as you wish with them.

      Thank you all for the support and compliments. Hopefully we will make a big difference. I am quite humbled by the good responses and the interest in the book.

  10. How dare you question the actions of my supreme race!
    We were once a great nation of warriors whose magnetic shields attracted the horse shoe of our enemies. May our shields meet the shoe of your horse once again on the battlefield!

  11. Fellow Freedom Fighters

    John Kaminski has a great article at his website, about the secret holocaust written by Eustace Mullins.
    Unlike Greg Szymanski, Kaminski is not a disgusting piece of shit kike fuck-face motherfucking crapy jew bastard.

  12. To: arminius

    “Unlike Greg Szymanski, Kaminski is not a disgusting piece of shit kike fuck-face motherfucking crapy jew bastard.” Well, either you have not looked at his photo (, or you have your eyeballs removed, or you are a fucking kike/shill and/or an idiot. Kaminski, along with the other Kaminskis I did an image search on, has the beady eye, the drooling eyelid and that fucking disgusting cunning and crooked look on its face. Kaminski is a jew beyond doubt. I am fucking fed up that people just can’t recognize the jew simply because it’s dressed as an arab, a nazi or “tells the truth”.

  13. Shirley Walcott says:

    Recieved my copy in the post yesterday, just started reading it and can tell already it’s a fantastic book.

  14. Shirley Walcott says:

    Just finished rating and commenting on the book. If the RODENTS are getting ants in their pants as they become more and more exposed, then I am delighted.

  15. Go fuck yourself AA. You piece of shit. Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to motherfucker.

    • Maybe I’m talking to you fucking bitch. Now what mother fucker? What the fuck are you gonna do? Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Worthless piece of shit. Don’t come to my website again, BITCH. Girly ass little fucking cry baby. Grow the fuck up.

      WAIT…I remember now. Aren’t you the dumb mother fucker that came here talking about that JEW Kaminski, that got called out by another reader? Oh yeah, I can see what’s up now. I ruined your JEW heroes, and now your panties are all in a knot. Thanks for making it clear you were not needed here. You are not ready. You have no idea what you’re facing, or maybe you’re one of them? Instigate the jew, and they will wreck themselves every time.

  16. Antoine says:

    Unbelievable. This morning I actually had to cuss out a couple of anti-abortion protestors. Now I know what you mean about how it’s harder to wake up the “awake” than the people who are clueless. You would think that a bunch of people who go to the trouble of rolling into the city from the sticks, lining up on each side of a busy four lane avenue, evenly distanced and bearing giant signs with graphic images of murdered fetuses would give a shit about WHO is behind the abortion industry, and WHY they do it. While I did state “” about three times before I left, I didn’t even have a chance to mention jews, because this stupid old motherfucker wanted to tell me that Michelle Bachmann is going to save the country, and that I’M WRONG about wanting to get our military out of other countries and back on our own borders!

    “duh, if we pULL out a duh middle yeast, freeeeedom is gunna die… …Michelle Bachmann 2012!!”

    I explained to him that his desire to save unborn lives conflicted with his desire to bomb humans in other countries, and I tried to explain that the masses have been brainwashed by hollywood/media to ignore protest signs and think that protestors are crazy, but this retarded coot and his brain-fried companion just kept TALKING OVER ME. What the fuck is it with all these street activists that they look like they’re all nutritionally deficient, ravaged by meth, and behaving like jittery cokeheads? The communists, the LaRouche-ites, the anti-abortion folks; they’re all tiny fuckin’ weirdoes who can’t make eye-contact, can’t hold a two-way conversation, can’t listen to info even WHEN YOU FUCKIN’ AGREE WITH THEIR SIGNS (in this case), and they TALK OVER YOU after you patiently listen to them! Why do they look so fried? Most of the others were kids, who looked healthy and human, but I chose to go for the two adults closest to me. Big mistake. I should have planted anti-jew seeds in the young ones.

    What really irks me is that I got treated like some commie faggot Planned Parenthood activist. If these stupid fucks can’t even make the distinction between that and someone like ME, who starts out by agreeing with their position, then they’re fuckin’ useless. To be honest, I knew they were worthless just by looking at them before I opened my mouth. I am only going to approach “warrior-material” from now on, not Christian Zionist weakling sheeple pushing 80. Motherfucker had the nerve to mutter “Welcome to Chicago” all sarcastically when I blasted the wars. I replied: “No bitch, welcome to Planet Earth where real human men like me are going to die taking our countries back! What the fuck are you people going to do? Pray to God like cowards?”
    I’m pissed. I’m going to start pushing Subverted Nation harder, and in more creative ways. The sad thing is that I still care and want to help those retards. Luckily, Zio-Christian sheeple like that can be easily swept out of the way when we win. 70% of humans are push-overs who fall into line no matter who is in control. They’ll never be reached before TSHTF, so let’s not waste effort on them like I just did.
    Find the warriors and the supporters. NO QUARTER.

    • Exactly…….You need not worry about EVERY last person, because ONLY a very SMALL minority will stand up and deal with the problems. The rest will follow whoever leads without question….oh wait, they might wave a cardboard sign to make themselves feel better, but they won’t do anything to physically change the situation.

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