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Self described anarchist cause trouble at the RNC


This is an important message to those of you who want to be part of large protests of highly publicized events like the RNC. It seems some “self proclaimed anarchists” have “earned themselves another name…hooligans” for their behavior at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota recently. What’s important to understand is that these “hooligans” are not all that they seem.

Many of the political organizations, 911 truthers, protesters, and dissidents are actually the same jewish criminals behind most of our ills, and the attacks on 911. The idea is to cause trouble, and make the protesters look bad to the audiences watching at home. These protesters went as far as smashing windows at Macy’s, destroying property, bellying up to the police and instigating them, among other things. To the casual observer it seems that the temperature may have just boiled over, but to the trained eye, this is not the case.

Here is a FOX NEWS VIDEO of these “hooligan” protesters. At the point the reporter says “As the protest is just beginning, a sneak attack….” you will note a group of mostly females donning pink clothing, pink bandannas, pink shirts, pink skirts, etc involved in the so-called “assault” numbering at least 50. So what is the significance of the protesters in pink? The group is called Code Pink, an anti-war group headed up by jewess Ruthy Bladderstein, who can be seen in the video below pulling more silly antics and causing a ruckus. Funny how this group causes a lot of the outbursts covered in the news, and this time is resorting to provoking the police as well vandalizing property and escalating tensions. Of course, this is just enough to make herself (and other dissidents) look like a bunch of raving lunatics in the eyes of the public at large who are sure to consume their daily diet of this tripe they call news. Not to mention they gather large followings of HONEST dissidents, and get many arrested, their names added to groups of government dissenters, etc.

So for all of you out there protesting at these major events, you might want to make yourself informed of exactly WHO is standing next to you, and what their intentions are. Agent provocateurs are used frequently to turn peaceful protests into violent collisions between the police and the citizens, and sometimes they are even caught by informed and intelligent protestors as can be seen in this video here:


  1. Considering what we know now about kike delaney, I think it would be appropriate to take down or edit any old posts that show him in a positive light. Especially now because he’s pushing this Christian Identity bullshit hardcore as of late and losing A LOT of credibility. Personally ive been involved in the “trolling” to help people realize hes a devious kike. I myself am still trying to find a replacement for 911 missing links, so i dont have to give him the publicity. If you know a better source to turn people to who know nothing about 911 yet, even though that means theyre probably useless, id like to know.

    • I thought I had done that a while ago. If you see anything that gives him any positive credit, let me know. I don’t really read old posts, and I answer comments from the backend of the site, so I often don’t remember what was said without going to look at threaded comments.

      Delaney has NO credibility, so if he’s losing any, he’s going into the negative, lol. I don’t have any source for a good video on 911. I’d have to make one myself to give anyone something really useful without possibly promoting the enemy’s propaganda.

      • Lol, good point. I just typed delaney into your search bar and this one was the only positive post I believe. This kike even admitted a few weeks ago that he talks to Alex Jonestein on the phone regularly. It really is pathetic how his supposedly jew-wise followers dont catch onto this shit, as well as how stupid they make themselves look worshipping Hitler and saying nigger all the time. I mean sure our country is getting invaded, but there’s a roundabout high road to solving that problem without playing right into the ADL’s wheelhouse.

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