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Ritual Murder, Serial Killer, or Both

Ritual Murder, Serial Killer, or Both

Suspicion and interest in a jewish character named Joran Van der Sloot cropped up in 2005 with the disappearance of a young girl by the name of Natalee Holloway.  Young Natalee was on a graduation trip to Aruba with a number of her friends, when she met someone who is now known to be a pathological liar and smooth talker named Joran. What should have been a joyous time of celebration, turned out to be the end of Natalie’s life, and the beginning of years of unanswered questions, deceptions, and cover ups in the case of her disappearance.

When Natalee Holloway went missing she was last seen with patholigical liar Joran Van der Sloot, who was picked up for murdering another woman exactly five years later in Peru.

Natalee was a vibrant young girl attempting to enjoy her success as a child in school, and celebrate moving forward as an adult, but unfortunately, she wasn’t ready to face what the world outside of indoctrination centers has to offer.  Many seasoned adults, especially the kind that read sites like SN, know that the world is nowhere near as fun and boisterous as it is depicted in advertising and media.  Aruba isn’t the paradise travel agencies would have one believe, because it is full of corruption, drug running, gambling, slave trading, and other ills common to the jews who have ultimate control of it.

On the night of May 30th, 2005, just six days after her graduation, Natalee Holloway went missing somewhere in Aruba.  Scheduled to fly home the very next day, her return trip to the United States was one she would never make.  The reason she would never make this trip is all too apparent now, but might not have been so clear then.

Apparently, Natalee met Van der Sloot the night before her departure in a casino in Aruba.  She was last seen later that night outside of a Caribbean nightclub and restaurant chain called Carlos ‘n Charlies in Oranjestad, by a group of her friends.  Little did they know it was the last time they would ever see her, and little did the world know it would launch Joran Van der Sloot to a kind of infamy jews throughout history have gone to great pains to avoid.  Natalee was in a car with Joran and two of his friends, who are brothers, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

Van der Sloot and his friends were questioned about her disappearance, but gave the obvious lie that they had dropped her off at her hotel, and had no idea what could have possibly happened to her.  What a likely story, imagine that!  Joran was arrested two different times on suspicion in her death and released each time.  His friends were also arrested three times each, and also released each time, supposedly for a lack of evidence.  Joran’s father, Paulus Antonius Petrus Johanna “Paul” van der Sloot, who is now passed away, was in training to become a judge in Aruba at the time. He was also arrested and held for three days, before he was ordered released from custody.

Isn't it funny how they always protect high profile murderers! Why put a vest on him, if someone should take out a murdering piece of garbage like Van der Sloot, the victims families would likely cheer!

An extensive search was made for Holloway and/or her body, but she was obviously never found. In December of 2007, despite many inconsistencies from Van der Sloot and friends, Aruba authorities declared the case closed, and there would be no formal charges pressed against Joran or his friends. Throughout the entire investigation, it was thought by many that Aruba authorities were not doing all they could to bring a resolution to the case. The sudden declaration that the case would be closed with so many unanswered questions, and very suspicious behavior from the last person Holloway was seen alive with, only gave people more reason to wonder. Aruba has long since been an enclave of jewish corruption, due to it’s autonomous nature, and is known to host large international drug rings, as well as a hub of the jewish sex slave trade, among other things.

The Aruba prosecutor’s office was later forced to reopen the case when surveillance video surfaced of Joran admitting that he was with Holloway when she died, and that he had disposed of her body, as can be seen HERE. In the article, Van der Sloot shows absolutely no feeling or remorse, and even admits, “”I didn’t even feel bad about it,” he said at one point. “I didn’t lose a night of sleep over it. I thought, ‘I have to go on.'”

Joran repeatedly exhibited strange behavior for someone who wanted people to believe he was innocent, simply because he wasn’t, but the jewish media and jewish prosecutors were doing all they could to continually plant seeds of doubt. Joran later attempted to retract what he had said, but then gave an interview to a reporter, Greta Van Susteren and made the bold statements that he sold Holloway into sex slavery!

Of course, the little rat faced kike hustler would later retract these statements also, but by this time, the damage was already done. Check out how this creep reacts, in yet another interview, when a crime reporter questions the credibility of his statements. Does this look like the behavior of an innocent man?

After all of the odd, defensive behavior, lies, contradictions, repeated admissions and retractions of said admissions, Joran has made it more than obvious he is guilty of the murder and disappearance of Holloway. Not to mention the fact that he has been the main suspect the entire time, and was the last one around when she disappeared. You can only change your story so much before people start to realize what a lying piece of shit you are, regardless of how the jewish media soft peddles the problem.

Typical of serial killers, Joran Van der Sloot shows no remorse what so ever. Instead he looks angry that he was caught before he could escape Peru.

As if all of this weren’t enough, Van der Sloot would only continue to dig himself a deeper hole. Not only was Van der Sloot at the forefront of everyone’s minds for the killing of Natalee Holloway, but come the beginning of June 2010, Van der Sloot was back in the media limelight once again, and this time it was not just for the murder of Holloway. In true ritualistic or serial killer fashion, Van der Sloot was arrested for murdering another female in Peru, exactly five years to the day since the disappearance of Natalie Holloway.

Once is bad enough, but to be accused of yet another murder occurring exactly five years to the day, with nearly the same modus operandi, is more than just coincidence.  Just like the Holloway case, Van der Sloot met yet another young lady at a casino, and within 24 hours of him being seen on surveillance camera footage with her, she would lay dead in his hotel room.  According to La Republica newspaper, van der Sloot said he broke Stephany Flores’ neck after she grabbed his laptop without his permission and found out that he was involved in the disappearance of an American woman.

In this article HERE, Aruban prosecutor Peter Blanken, “told  CBS News that the allegation was a remarkable development and says that he is personally shocked by it.”  Yeah right, totally shocked huh?  After letting a murderer run loose like an absolute incompetent moron, unable to prosecute someone caught repeatedly lying and admitting to involvement in Holloway’s disappearance, Blanken should be more than shocked.

According to Blanken, he is examining the new details but does not expect it to affect the Holloway case or provide new evidence. He says that they will be contacting the Peruvian authorities later today to see if they can offer assistance.

So, the number one suspect in a murder occurring exactly five years before hand, being caught up in yet another murder case should have no bearing on the previous one? Wouldn’t the second murder in such a short time span prompt investigators to start looking a lot closer at this creep?  It’s funny, because after the repeated admissions of Van der Sloot, his extremely strange behavior, and yet a second murder, an honest investigator might actually start asking questions and looking to see how many other murders this monster may have committed.

Remorseless yet again, Van der Sloot was arrested in Peru for murdering Stephany Flores exactly five years to the day after Natalie Holloway disappeared.

Checking murders over the past five years occurring on the date of May 30th, and cross referencing those with Van der Sloot’s movements and credit card receipts to see how many more murders could be tied to this creature.  Of course, if you have more interest in covering up the crimes that solving them, you might react like the incompetent prosecutor Blanken too.

It turns out, that not only was it five years to the day that the second known victim of Van der Sloot was killed, but Joran actually used money extorted from Holloway’s parents to get to Peru where the killing occurred! Check out this article HERE for confirmation of both of those statements.

Joran actually admits to a crime, as he has done before, but will likely retract it later as he has also done before. However for now, Joran has indeed admitted that he attempted to extort money out of Natalee’s parents! This worthless mouth breather actually had the balls to try and extort money out of Holloway’s mother, in exchange for telling her where the body was buried. I don’t know about you, but that would be enough reason to hang this bastard like Leo Frank, with or without “official” prosecution as far as I’m concerned.

I wanted to get back at Natalee’s family — her parents have been making my life tough for five years,” the paper quoted him as saying from prison in Peru. “When they offered to pay for the girl’s location, I thought: ‘Why not’?”

U.S. prosecutors say in the sting earlier this year, Natalee’s mother sent $10,000 in cash to Van der Sloot through an FBI witness, and a wire transfer of $15,000 to Van der Sloot’s bank account in the Netherlands. He took the money and flew to Latin America.

He has been charged with killing Stephany Flores in his hotel room in Lima, Peru, on May 30 — 5 years to the day after Holloway’s disappearance. He met both women in casinos.

Ritualistic serial killer Joran Van der Sloot is seen heading for his hotel room with his next murder victim in tow.

This pathetic chump wanted to get back at Natalee’s parents for making his life hell?  What about their vengeance for him murdering their daughter?  This pile of crap took $25,000 which was part of an FBI sting against him, used it to flee to Peru, and then murdered another girl exactly five years to the day after killing Holloway.  If that isn’t a slap in the face to her parents, I don’t know what is.

One character meets two different women in casinos.  Both end up dead, one still missing, and both murders exactly five years to the day from one another.  This wreaks of ritualistic serial killings, and I don’t doubt for a moment that there might actually be more of them out there.  Anyone with half a brain can see a pattern forming, like for instance, admitting to the crime and then retracting the confession yet again!

Van der Sloot initially confessed to killing Flores to Peruvian police, but later said he only did so because he was intimidated and had been promised he would be extradited to the Netherlands.

It’s sad how the media plays him out like a timid little victim.  Poor little ritualistic serial murderer is “intimidated”, and wants to go home to the Netherlands.  The only reason he admitted to the killings was to get away form a place that might actually prosecute him?  Are you kidding? I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for him.

No doubt if he is released to the Netherlands, the media will continue to soften the blow, until authorities do like the Aruban prosecutor and let this criminal murderer walk again, citing something retarded like “not enough evidence”, which in the case of Joran Van der Sloot should say, “not enough confessions and retractions”.  I say hang the bastard at dawn, that’ll teach him.


Here is a little more information on Joran Van der Sloot.  HERE is an article outlining, not only how Van der Sloot got caught selling young women into sex slavery, but HERE is video footage of him with underage Thai females trying to trick them into dancing for money, or “shaking their ass” to make $15,000. The problem is, the women (better yet – girls) did not know they were being sold into sex slavery and would receive no money what so ever. It was Van der Sloot who would receive $13,000 a pop for the girls he recruited.

He bragged to friends by email that he had recruited a dozen young Thai women who were on their way to Holland—each for a finder’s fee of $13,000.

While in Thailand, Van der Sloot enrolled in Rangsit University as a cover, and promptly set up a front he called DD Consulting, a fake modelling agency Joran would use to trick his unwitting prey.  He actually had business cards printed up, and would sell young women on the idea that he could place them as strippers with Holland’s better clubs. What is funny is that Van der Sloot didn’t use his legal European name. Instead, he used a typical jewish name, Murphy Jenkins as his cover.

Many young women from all around the globe are tricked into sex slavery. The thing most people don't know is that sex slavery, like organ harvesting and the illegal drug trade are run mostly by jews.

The article gives a hint to his jewish ancestry when it says, “Van der Sloot may be despicable, but he was shrewd with the money.”  Being “shrewd with money” is considered a trait of a “good jew”, and a murderer like Van der Sloot shouldn’t ever be patted on the back for anything. Joran took the money he made from selling women into sex slavery, and invested in a little coffee shop called Sawandee Cup, in order to be able to recruit more locals for profit. What a shrewd investor, I’m sure the entire jewish community is proud! HERE is a video Joran himself posted proudly displaying his little coffee shop on youtube.

It actually gets worse though.  Van der Sloot is caught on the surveillance video linked above offering two young females $15,000 a piece to shake their ass, but it turns out that now, these two females are missing also. As I said above, there would likely be a pattern of assaults on women, and guess what?  The article I just linked you to proves that Joran just can’t control himself, and that the situation is almost always the same.  He meets a girl at a casino, and assaults or kills her within 24 hours.

Throughout 2009, Van der Sloot was spotted across the globe at various poker tournaments. He won $12,000 at the Asia Pacific Poker Tournament in Macau, where he reportedly assaulted a young woman after inviting her to his room following a night at a local casino. That young woman is filing an official complaint and cooperating with the Peruvian and Dutch authorities, a source tells The Daily Beast.

Anita Van der Sloot has a typical beady eyed jewess look, and her husband has a huge, unmistakable neanderthal like cranium, typical of many jews, but we're not supposed to be able to recognize them.

So, here it is we have a little Dutch jew, running around murdering women he meets in casinos, extorting the parents of his victims, and selling women into sex slavery in Thailand.  Yes, Van der Sloot is indeed jewish, because the majority of the sex slave trade is run by jews, and the little yid actually took on a jewish name for his little sex slave enterprise.

The jews don’t want people to know that Van der Sloot is jewish, so any information relating to this will be hard to dig up, but this does not mean jews can not be recognized by their features and their behaviors.  It is not hard to recognize the jewish features on Van der Sloot, and especially his deceased father, and other family members.  It’s also a lot easier to pin him down as jewish after watching years of jewish media coverage trying to soften the blow for this pathetic serial murderer, and his own deeds do nothing more than dig a giant hole for this monster.

  1. This story can show the doubters out there about “jewish control” . If this guy was black, asian, white or something else he would be in jail for life, if not executed. This clearly shows the jews run the media. I remember watching this on tv and the reporters hinting that Natalie was a slut, a player etc and she probably deserved what she got. Her mother was dumbfounded why people in the media and government/FBI/police were giving her the run around.

    Just a disgusting “all jews to the rescue” effort played out in full view of everyone. Just like that JEW who was stabbing black guys, in your other article. They downplayed it to the max.

    You are right, the world is a dangerous place, and many nice young naive girls and boys wander out of their safe zones to explore, and think everyone is wonderful and helpful. Churches must share a lot of the blame for this as well.

    You can be a good person, but ALWAYS keep your guard UP. Especially when traveling and coming across JEWS. I have never heard any traveler say anthing good about the jews they have met.

    Look at all the serial killers out there, and how many are JEWS! Now factor in their % of the population…..they are extremely overrespresented.

    Look at all the “mafia” guys in the USA over the years, MOST WERE JEWS!

    If you know of jews in your area, it’s high time you watch them like a hawk. If they step out of line, deal with them.

    Letting demons in the flesh like Joran the dirty jew run lose is a death sentence for someone.

  2. “Her mother was dumbfounded why people in the media and government/FBI/police were giving her the run around.”

    Dumbfounded — exactly.

    There are lots of cases that don’t make any sense, like Belgian snuff pedocriminal Dutroux and the strange deaths of witnesses — they don’t make any sense until you have a look at how many Jews are involved.

  3. How do you know he’s a JEW?

    • How do you know he’s NOT? Let’s see…looks like a jew, uses jewish name to commit crimes, selling women into the jew run sex slave trade, ritually murdering women, jewish media working hard to soften the blow, jews flying off the handle if anyone dare mention he’s jewish…yeah, he’s a jew.

    • Derek Prudence says:

      As Adam states, his mummy is a typical jewess; daddy has the nose and missing lobes (I didn’t know about the huge cranium as an identifier).

      Finally, we *know* he is a jew because the jewsmedia never mentioned it, and the jewdicial process acquitted him, despite several murders and human trafficking.

  4. Adam, I notice you have not posted my last reply re the Van der Sloot’s not being jewish and other items.

    Any reason for that?

    • You’re god damn right I did. Last time you were here, you’re posting links to a jew, Dr. Judy Wood. This time you come along and give links to some obvious rat faced kike with his bogus “investigation” supposedly proving that somehow Joran didn’t kill this chick, and a blog by Joran himself claiming “I was framed folks”. This conjecture is nothing close to an investigation, and doesn’t prove a damn thing.

      I don’t allow debate on facts, and I certainly won’t have someone linking to a bunch of KIKES to say that I’m wrong. I can tell simply by looking at Joran and his family that they are indeed jewish, and judging by the bullshit you keep trying to post here, you are likely the same. As such, you have been silenced. Go make your own website to stick up for him.

      The mother fucker has already repeatedly admitted to the crime as it is, and you want the world to believe he was framed? Hmmmmm….

  5. Lemme see …

    – Joran/Yoran is definitely a jewish name
    – van der Sloot is (possibly) a jewish name
    – Blanken is a jewish name
    – Holloway is (possibly) a jewish name
    – Kike is NOT a jewish name, but Upkike is

    One has to be really really sick to want to do anything other than friendly things to a sweet girl like that. I think he will be taken care of in Peruvian jail – they HATE whites there more than most can imagine.

    • Actually KIKE is jewish…it comes from the yiddish word kikel, meaning circle. Joran isn’t a “white” he’s a jew. If Peruvians dislike jews then hopefully they will deal with him properly.

      • Thank you for distinguishing the difference between white and jew. BIG DIFFERENCE! Another very informative article. Excellent!

        • nickatnoon says:

          The Jew-owned media NEVER mentions that these pervs/pedos/killers are Jewish. I have watched them ALL on A&E, Dateline, 48 Hrs Mystery, etc.,repeatedly. You have to do your own research, and once you do, you will be surprised that OVERWHELMINGLY, most of them are Jews, per capita. I remember years ago watching Joutube video, of a “white” guy who picked up immigrant Mexican workers in his pickup truck, and filmed himself dropping them off at the Immigration Office for a joke. The d00d was a Jew, but b/c they look somewhat like whites b/c they have inter-breeded, they can hide, and pass themselves off as white.

          • Antoine says:

            Oh, you mean the “Amazing Racist.” What… a… FUCKING…KIKE. That motherfucker has every last physical feature of what I call the “the North American urban-faggy-wimp-rat-faced ashkenazi yid”, like Woody Allen, Jesse Eisenberg, or Larry David.

            And GUESS WHAT? This same KIKE visited fatboy Alex Jones’s studio with (some other fucker named Joe Rogan) where they all joked about “jew-gold” on the air! Fatboy sure likes hanging around kikes, including his family.

          • You know, I meant to put this video up on the site, and since I may start doing articles again, I think I’ll keep this one in mind. Just more proof that JEWS are at the center of all the racism and animosity between people of different heritage.

          • MorbiousStone says:

            Yup even those creepy girls who stabbed their little friend in the slender man attack all 3 of them were JEWISH the one who planned it was a Jew big time, see her dad and mom in interviews kiiiiike

      • The point is, the distinction is lost on most Peruvians.

  6. Hello.

    Do you propose any response to the jewish “Tea Parties”, and the cheerleading of the Republicans in the run-up to the 2010 and 2010 elections, by jews and neo-cons?

    They are keen to oust Obama and the Democrats. The jewish media and jewish online activism are going into overdrive on this effort.

    A Republican administration will be 100% pure concentrated jewish neo-conservatism – just like the Bush era.

    I think it’s fair to say that the jews have been less than totally happy with Obama and an Obama administration is preferable to a Palin (or whatever) one.

    • Sure, I propose that people join a real group like ROK and make a fkin difference with firearms. You’re never going to win in a political arena. You can forget it. Obama has been 100% perfect for the jews, and whatever puppet comes next will be too. There is NO distinction between democrat and republican. ALL THE SAME TEAM….Obama is a jew, and has done EXACTLY as they wanted him to. You think his massive push towards communism didn’t make them happy? Hah!!

      • “You think his massive push towards communism didn’t make them happy? Hah!!”

        I have to disagree on this one. The jew turned his back on communism back in the 1940s at least.

        The jew has spent the last number of decades undermining communism however. Neo-conservatism – which is the jewish ideology du jour – is based upon anti-communism (anti-soviet style communism).

        The jew has long recognized that capitalism, free markets and liberal democracy are the best way to achieve the jewish utopia.

        • Meh…somehow you think these labels mean a difference in the policy or the outcome? The truth is, the jews long since stated they were looking to form a one world republic, and Obama did indeed make a lot of communist moves such as nationalizing GM, banks, mortgages, debts, etc.

          The point is, it doesn’t matter what label you put to it, it’s all jewish communism. Democracy is just another means to an end of communism. Same goes for republics and every other bullshit form of government they have foisted on the public for the past few hundred years. The only form of government that can change things is one like monarchy, where there are no representatives, there are no democratic votes, and the power is centralized with someone who has the sense to deal with issues like the jew properly. This is why Germany was so successful at shutting the jews out…until our republic stomped their asses and opened the way for jewish communism.

          Call it what you like, I say it’s still communism…everything we own will be taken for the good of the jew community. That’s communism, and we can see it going on every day.

  7. Well one thing is for certain that if jews had not destroyed White women’s morals with the feminist movement these women like Holloway wouldn’t be seeking out sexual perversions in these Spring Break events. White women have been encouraged to throw off White males and seek out dark skinned races or dirty olive skins like the jew. Holloway would not have been in this place to be murdered by the jew had she not willingly accepted the corruption of her own morals. That certainly DOES NOT justify murder. What I am saying is White women have cast off all warnings about the dark skins as “myths and dangerous racism”. White women tend to be heavily liberal as a result of the feminist movement and because of their own sappy Motherly tendencies. This makes them root for the underdog which they are told is the jew and the negro. Unfortunately all too often we know how this turns out, the White women is brutally murdered or violently raped.

    • Well now…if white folks would raise their children properly instead of letting jewish indoctrination centers raise their children, this would not be an issue. If all races would teach their children themselves, instead of letting these pathetic jewish institutions fill their heads with lies, 90% of our problems wouldn’t exist.

      I’m not going to allow any further generalizations about ANY RACE on this website, so don’t come at me with that again. Next time I will be forced to delete it. I don’t want people thinking I support a racist view against anyone except the JEW. ALL RACES have their good and bad, the jews do not, they are just plain EVIL. Stay focused on the prize, and take responsibility for your children, and your families.

      • Well if we are to get at the heart of the matter then we have to complete abolish “deep down we’re all the same” because that’s a jewish lie. Deep down we’re all different and outward appearance is where it begins. Just because we share similar characteristics does not mean we’re all the same. Now you’re already contradicting yourself. You don’t want “racist” generalizations unless they’re against a “specific” race. That sounds like the same stupidity exhibited at Stormfront and Vanguard News Network (VNNForum). Males are the traditional guardians of the tribe and their role has always been to keep the tribe safe from external threats. Because Whites have been taught to lower their guard and think “Oh, well deep down we’re all the same, we’re all just floppy puppies, these dark race tribes mean our tribe no harm, if they rape and murder our women it’s only because they’re just being playfully playful and we’re overreacting”.

        • No, you simply don’t get what I’m saying. I’m not playing the “we’re all the same”…What I am saying is WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT and I will NOT tolerate racism between HUMANS. Racism against the jew is 200% OK, but against others who could be allies, I won’t allow it. This is NOT your forum for your opinions. The reason this site exists is to get people on the SAME PAGE focused on our COMMON ENEMY. That’s it. If you have racist views towards blacks, mexicans, chinese or whatever else, you’ll have to display that shit elsewhere, because until we actually rid ourselves of the jew, you’ll be shooting your foot AND following the jew plan to destroy us all. PERIOD. There is no debate on this topic, or any topic here for that matter. You are STUCK in a multi-cultural society, and if you are outwardly racist YOU WILL find yourself in a race war against EVERYONE ELSE and you will NEVER….EVER get a shot at taking out the jew. This is about what’s right for ALL of humanity, not just the interests of one race over another.

      • Exactly! The Jew wants us to fight amongst eachother. That was one reason for Obama being elected into office: to swap a motive for hatred, and to concentrate on a man of dark complexion. This concentration of hatered should be aimed at the Jews and the entire left, right paradigm. I have a good quote for you: “Haste is the slave that pays” -Shakespeare. So as you can see from a world history book, time is an ever revolving door, once opened it takes you to a different place that always ends up in the same place. The Jews will get it again. It’s only a matter of time.

        By the way, gotta love this website! This is what journalism always should have been. Thanks.

      • As a non white I support the right of a race to stay to their own. However integration forced or other has already happened to more races than the white race. We have a common enemy and it looks like the jew wants to pit humans against humans till we are too exhausted to destroy them. The whole my race is superior to other races shit gets old mother earth could sustain us we just have to stop fucking with her, if you wanna do something about being superior come fuckin try it….

    • Mike LVNV says:

      Israel Cohen’s racial program for the 20th Century:
      ” We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is Racial Tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the communist party…in America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes.”
      ISRAEL COHEN 1912.
      From the Congressional record…June 7, 1957.

  8. There needs to a REAL forum for White issues. So far I’ve only found Nazi wannabee fruits like Stormfront or VNN. Now this forum has turned out to be a piece of shit too. The author is nothing more than someone with a personal vendetta against jews and we’re supposed to blog here to feed his ego, Fuck it! No rest for the White man.

    • Ummm….who exactly is the fucking enemy? HUH? This is NOT a forum. Let me get this straight, you are mad because I AM RACIST AGAINST JEWS, and also mad because I am NOT racist against anyone else? Are you kidding me? Yes, I have a vendetta against the JEW and NOBODY ELSE. Apparently, you want to have a war with EVERYONE who isn’t “white”, however it is you define “white”. If you can come down off your high horse for a minute and use some sense, you will see that what I am doing is for the good of everyone. I don’t give a FUCK about EGO, or what you think of me…most generals don’t give a fuck what foot soldiers think of them either. ALL I care about is you getting with the program and helping win the war…AND you are GOD DAMN RIGHT I AM DEADLY FOCUSED ON THE JEW. I’m not going to side track on to black folks or ANYONE ELSE because THAT is TACTICALLY INCOMPETENT and NOT acceptable. You will NEVER make things better by making MORE ENEMIES. Does that make sense to you, or are you too simple to understand it? I have said 1000 times that I prefer to be with my own kind of people too, but I am NOT about to pit whites vs blacks vs mexicans vs chinese vs muslims vs this and that when it should be ALL of these groups vs the JEW…got it? Good.

      • surely you agree however, that after the jew is gone for good, that we should set up societys whereby white communities and black and mexican all are seperate if they should desire it and not mix them up like the jewish agenda would have it.

        • I know that humanity can find it’s own way to move forward in the future once the jew is finally out of the picture. I don’t think it’s easy to define “communities” by “black” and “white” at all.

        • Derek Prudence says:

          Yes, that is what we had before the jew. Diverse and different, as God created us. Each holding their racial/national/religious integrity (boundaries). Each with their own honest internal work, creating their own internal wealth (which will be different across nations) and trading the true wealth of what they create. Not some external measure against a jewish yardstick, that in reality, outside the cabal, does not exist.

          The destruction of every pillar that keeps us (each race strong), has been destoyed jy the jew, by intention, as per the declared Protocols. Race (by various means, including the mixing, immigration, etc) . Religion. Nation. Sex (natural roles). Nation (by various means, including destruction of finance, commerce, etc). Then there is the monopolising of media, medicine, etc.

    • Stephen Wolfe II says:

      This is why I will side with Africans over Europeans any day of the week. “White” people are just too far behind the bellcurve to get out of thier fucking mental hole. This coming from a “white” man who knows more than enough about self, history and where we came from as people overall.

      If you have a problem with originating from blackness I suggest you take a long hard look out into space at night and realize you are fighting against NATURE. If you honestly think white people have any sway in this world at all understand while europeans were beating and raping thier women to procreate in caves, africans were well into dynasty rule and had an entire nation constructing the pyramids.

      “White” people like you make me wish I was african so I would not be labeled in the same class as you stupid robot voicebox mothercfuckers.

      Sometimes I think the africans got it right, Just wipe out all 15% light skinned european peoples and they could go back to ruling the world like Kemet never ad a hiccup.


      • Oh look another “white person” toting the typical jew inspired anti white line and even furthering his descent into batshit obscurity by proclaiming the bronze age middle easter civilizations were black…. Yea ok Sharpton your a real voice to listen to. Whilst denying the actual existence of white people you are reaffirming the existence of blacks…Your even using the jew supported “all the same” out of africa theory of evolution and biology. Jew alert anyone?

        • That’s funny, I don’t know how his comment slipped by without an answer from me. This whole bit about Africans building the pyramids really isn’t true. The more one looks, the more of a farce it becomes. I also don’t approve of the racist tone towards white people, or anyone who isn’t a jew for that matter. Anyone who has done even the most cursory research will start to realize that many different races of humans were “seeded” or at least appeared here on earth about the same time. White people didn’t come from black people. That’s a joke only the most gullible will believe. Thanks for picking out this comment Sean.

  9. Joran van der Sloot is a piece of subhuman garbage. FUCK him and the poisoned snatch he issued from.

    He MURDERED Natalee Holloway, and he killed that poor Peruvian girl. But guess what, scumbag – YOU FUCKED UP. I’m glad the cops lied to you – you deserve nothing less than diseased Peruvian prison cock up your hole for the rest of your days.

  10. Hi Adam, I just watched the Dateline 1 hour segment on this sociopathic POS. I went to click on a bookmark and hit yours by mistake, and what do I see, but the same article! I was going to post on here about Van Der SLEEZE later but you beat me to it! This mfer is an obvious psychopath just by watching his facial expressions! Now it looks like the JEWdicial system is going to set him free on a technicality!!!

    • Hah, and WHY OH WHY would they let this little sleezeball go if he wasn’t jewish? It’s funny how they keep trying to deny he’s a dutch jew, but he is. Van der Sloot means DRAINAGE DITCH…and this fucker is pure SEWAGE! His Henry Waxman pig nose and missing ear lobes are dead give away. In fact, if you look at those two characters side by side, the similarity is amazing.

  11. countries. The Guardian on March 6, 2009 quoted a senior police officer saying that 15 Iraqi children are sold every month – for a price ranging from 200 to 4,000 pound sterlings. These children are sold in Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Switzerland, Ireland, Britain, and Sweden.

    The child trafficking from starving Iraqi population is much cheaper than some European countries, such as, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Moldova, and some other East European countries. On March 23, 2005 – CBS News reported that between 3,000 to 5,000 women are smuggled through Egyptian border into Israel and sold to Jewish pimps for as much as US$15,000. However, the Guardian prefered not to mention the US (home to over one million women prostitutes) and Israel – which are on top of world’s list of stealing human organs and women and children sexual abuse which include even their top government officials

    Since the first American invasion of Iraq in 1991 – the Iraqi people have been target of barbaric western sanctions for Saddam Husein’s indirect support of Palestinian resistance against Zionazi occupation. During the 1990s and till American occupation of Iraq in 2003 – close to two million Iraqi men, women and mostly children died. Iraqis who had the highest standard of living among the Arab countries before 8-year Iran-Iraq war – have been reduced to beggars during the last six year of American occupation – so much so that the country has been turned into another Vietnam – a heaven for the local and foreign pimps and drug-pushers.

    On March 7, 2009 – the Jewish-owned Time Com painted a very grim picture of human trafficking in occupied Iraq. However, instead, of blaming USrael for this tragedy – it blamed the US puppet government.

  12. Honestly, she looks like a Jew to my eyes. Just saying.

  13. Excellent Site. This is my first day on here but I love this website and love the facts that are hard to find in the mainstream media.

  14. I am totally surprised that nobody has iced this POS kikenvermin yet, expecially in a country where the murder rate is so high(Peru) due to drug gangs and such. For a few pecos the job could have been done already and the world would be a much better place for it.

  15. This was posted a few days ago to remind good people how evil the jews are. Watch the video series and tell me you don’t come away with the thought that instead of calling these fuckers – jews, their correct name is satanist.

    It never made sense to me that the old testament had all sorts of stories where there was glee in killing people for a “god” and then all the sudden in the new testament this “god” became all love and peace. No, I think the majority of this old testament was all about worshipping evil/devil/satan or whatever name you want to use.

  16. Derek Prudence says:


    Thanks for your great work.

    Doutroux (mentioned by another commenter) is a jew, who ran a massive pedophile/snuff ring. I will give your one chance at guessing where the children, who are not killed, are take and sold as slaves.!
    The trial was stopped by a judge, and caused the biggest public outrage in Belguim (colony of the jews since 1918), but nothing came of it.

    Also, many of the famous serial killers in America are jews. They were also homosexuals (besides being sexual sadists, depraved, cannibals, etc). Of course those two facts are not mentioned in the media. Blood libel, ritual killing is happening at an alarming rate, it is just not being reported as such.

    The Elias Abuelazam (jew) story is classic ritual killing. The stabbing in the right side is classic, imitating what they did to Jesus Christ.

  17. Derek Prudence says:

    “I don’t want people thinking I support a racist view against anyone except the JEW”.

    Well that is really worth thinking about. See the truth is, the jew is racist, against the human race (I cannot accept that these creatures who have caused all wars since Napoleon and slaughtered over 300 million of us, are human; no, they are devil-worshippers, cannibals). Against every race, and they especially hate the blacks (they rane the *entire* slave racket).

    So on the one level, we humans need to identify the enemy, and unite in the war they are waging, if we are going to survive. That is what we have in common.

    But at another level, each race/nation needs to maintain its racial/national integrity, in order to remain strong, to not dis-integrate. It is no accident that the jew has attacked exactly that. Wanting to have pride in your race/nation/religion is normal, it is idiotic to to be born with German genes into a Catholic lineage and then try to be say, Cherokee and shamanist.

    Since it is actually the jew that is racist, and their attack on us (against Germany or Russia for instance) *is* racist, any defence against such an attack *will* by definition, before it starts, be “racist”. The Germans had no need to transport anyone except alien criminals (jews and gypsies) to the Eastern front. Remember most of the people in the concentration camps were actually criminals. If you read Hitler’s writings, and examine what he actually did (not the fairy tales), he supported every country having their racial/national/religious integrity. He did not destroy the infrastructure or culture of any of the countries that Germany occupied during the war, as the jews did, or their mercenaries the Americans did and continue to do today.

    The Age of Barbarism started in 1942, with the allied bombing of civilian targets.

    He supported the Poles and the Russians absolutely, until the jew manipulated them into war against Germany. Especially Russia, he knew the bolshevik revolution was 100% jewish and was extremely concerned about communism taking hold in Germany. He supported Tsarist Russia and the Russian people. He knew also that war with Russia was something to be avoided, hence his many overtures for treaty.

    Non-whites are not afraid of a strong white race. or of usury-free economies like that which Hitler and Japan were enjoying before and during the war. That was the real reason the jew caused WWII, to crush/colonise the two countries who were demonstrating that national usury-free currencies actually worked.

  18. I would like more guidance on picking Crypto Jews. Can anyone link me to an article on the subject. I would have had a problem picking this piece of shite and would never have guessed him to be a Jew.
    Some Ashkenazis are even blonds with blue eyes. I have a problem where I live with two people who may be Jews. One whose name is Rene Faber is Dutch and I have asked him straight out if he is a Jew and he said No. Faber to me sounds Jewish. The other one is an admitted Freemason and he is a bit swarthy. If he is a crypto Jew he is as cunning as Hell because everybody likes him except me and I don’t trust him or feel easy with him, even though he is undoubtedly generous. It does not feel safe to criticize him publicly because he is popular, but he has tried to shut me up on two occasions about 911 and Dresden. I feel both of them don’t like me for being a Holocaust Denier, but they won’t admit it. Rene Faber told me he would not invite me to any of his social functions again because he gave a party the other day and I went around saying Not One Jew Was Gassed and upset some of his guests (for which I don’t GAF).
    Someone like Abe Foxman or Ben Bernanke or Lloyd Blankfein are obvious. But it is the Crypto that troubles me !
    BTW my name is Joshua but it does not mean I am a Jew !

    • Learn to recognize them by their DEEDS……it absolutely, positively NEVER FAILS.

    • It’s really simple to identify a jew. First you just look at WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO GET YOU TO BELIEVE!! If the things they are saying are related to race in a “Whats good for your people, What you should believe, etc.” manner then they get extremely defensive when talking about “Israel” and their policies you know it’s a jew. Secondly you just have to learn how to identify their cranio-facial features(this process though is flawed as jews have been interbreeding with whites to create more genetic variability and avoid contracting more exclusive genetic diseases)

      • This is true. It’s usually easiest to identify them by what they say and their actions. Their features can be very tough sometimes, but this is what you get when an “alien” species tries to assimilate your own. That’s the real reason for all of the breeding with humans. Not just whites, but blacks, Indonesian, Asians, Arabs, “hispanics” or native Americans, etc. There are jews that come in ALL of these flavors.

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        The first sentence sounds like something a magician would say, and what they wear is definitely similar to that of a magicians. Say, Sean, do you know anything else Jews would say? Just curious.

  19. We need to be reminded that the most prolific mass murderer of all time was Jewish: Lazar Kaganavich the Butcher of the Ukraine. The second worst mass murderer of all time was another Ukranian henchman of Stalin, Genrihh Jagoda, head of the NKVD, also a Jew. Hmm. As a group the Bolsheviks/Soviets were one of the worst known in human history, mass murdering over 135 million Russian Christians from 1917 to 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. The Bolshevik Communists were all Jews. Almost all the Commissars of Stalin’s gulag system were Jews. Then there are some political assassinations, flying planes into some buildings, bombing nuclear power stations and starting a thermonuclear war detrimental to the entire planet. When all this is pointed out, they answer that they also make good violinists. I guess that it makes it all worthwhile?

  20. Bolshevik genocide says:

    They have slaughtered, both directly and indirectly, more of my European kinsmen than any other group in history.

    if you are not yet convinced of the existential threat these people present to people of European descent please read: “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”

    The descendants of these mass murderes are now here. Be prepared.

  21. SuetheJewsForEmotionalAbuse says:

    FUCK the Goyaphobes. Seriously. Fuck them for the high grocery prices too the fucking skank thieves. I want all the money back these immature losers have stolen from me!!!!! They should be in jail! All they do is lie and hurt other people. And animals. We NEVER should of fought in WWII and I the hope the next war controls these life wreakers once and for all. There will be no peace on this planet until the satanic talmadiac jews are gone. I fucking hate them. I just fucking hate them.

  22. 2010 F.B.I.’s number one underage sex slavery traffickers. Master Masons of all rites, lodges and shrines with over 192 documented locations for sex services expressly for Master Masons. Convicted of the Mann Act a private/secret section of the Shriners of Shriners Hospitals financed and supplied the sex slaves and used taxpayer money and hospital donations in the hundreds of millions to run the Masonic private sex services.
    The Masonic children’s charities are the historically most fraudulent charities in history. The very same people who these sex services were designed run multiple charities in each state nationwide connected to hospitals and universities.
    The DEA also recognizes Masons and the Mexican Zeta Drug cartel as being the largest most violent cartel in the U.S. This has been achieved by the sheer corruption the Masonic Master Masons within our justice system and government. Scotland Yard announced this year that the Freemasons and other rites have infiltrated all levels of the U.K. government using all gangs and known organized crime groups in which they affiliate. Once within the Scotland Yard the primary objective was to derail, confound and stop investigation of terrorist crimes. The notice of most crimes by Masons are censored from media since through their crimes have amassed a superior position in the world to manipulate every aspect of life worldwide.

    • True, except the freemasons didn’t have to infiltrate the FBI and Scotland Yard. They’ve been there a long, long time. These government entities complaining about masons, are run by masons/jews as well.

  23. Persephone says:

    This is why my wise father used to say “Do not talk to strangers and never, EVER, trust ANY jew, no matter what!” Now I see why he put more emphasis on not trusting the jews than talking to strangers!

    A good kike is a dead one for sure!

    Their plans for a New World Order will be frustrated – something will happen and they feel it, although they don’t admit it – they are desperate! They feel deep inside their time is up. Look at Bibi Nutsandpoopoo – he is desperate! Obama turned his back on Israel, it’s the beginning of the end for them! Good! A good kike is a dead one for sure! And I still have to hear the stupid Christians defending Zionism! If they only knew the “chosen people of God” literally torture, rape and literally eat their christian children! IDIOTS! Time to wake up!

    Each day that passes I get more convinced that Hitler had good intentions after all…

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