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Reaching Out To U.S. Veterans

Reaching Out To U.S. Veterans

Department of Homeland Scrutiny Secretary Janet Napolitano has made repeated public appologies for the subversive agency’s recent assessment of American patriots, and most of all, their remarks about American military veterans being suspected as terrorists. Apparently, Napolitano blames one of her agency’s analysts who sent the report out “too early” for the whole misunderstanding. In her eyes it has nothing to do with the fact that the recently publicized report labels just about anything patriotic, including serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, watching your buddies get maimed and killed for these jewish parasites, can be contrued as qualities of a terrorist.

Killed to help jews dominate Iraq.

Napolitano spits in the face of veterans.

American military forces, some of the best armed and highly trained professional killers in the world, are not supposed to come home and realize their brothers were being maimed for some sick globalist jew agenda. They are not to return home knowing that the real terrorist enemies are in the white house, congress, senate, media, hollywood, federal reserve, wall street, and every other facet of what they thought was their lives. American veterans who served doing what they were told was patriotic, are not supposed to realize that they were betrayed. That their friends lost life and limbs for nothing than to further seal a negative fate for their country.

In this article it only becomes more clear that the reason for the stir is, they had something to hide about their real intentions. American veterans should take this seriously, because people like myself who stand against this infestation have nothing to hide. We are simply showing you where the problem exists, who is responsible, and how it is they keep screwing you; in hopes you will stand with us against them. It’s not a bad idea to give them exactly what they don’t want.

Treason's punishment is death.

Treason's punishment is death.

The article gives us the usual dog and pony show, with some even calling for Napolitano’s resignation, but never calling out the, utterly complete, unconstitutionality of the Department of Homeland Scrutiny at all. The mere existance of this agency is a clear sign of America’s subversion. The patriot act, homeland security act, and military commissions act, along with a whole slew of other, constitutionally illegal, legislation have no real authority in America. It’s a wonder these people get a pay check, because if we follow the real law of the land, they could not exist. The truth is, the law of the land gives us good reason to give these people a guillotine. Rather than a pink slip, they should get a slip of the head into a basket.  Quoted from the article:

 “Has this Homeland Security secretary gone absolutely stark raving mad?” Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, said Wednesday.

“I think the appropriate thing for her to do would be to step down,” Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, told Fox News on Thursday.

“Janet Napolitano should resign or be fired,” Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, said on Wednesday.

Obama administration aides dismissed the criticism as a “typical Washington game” and “political theater.”

Veterans called white supremacists like OKC patsy, McVeigh.

Veterans called white supremacists like OKC bombing patsy, McVeigh.

Damn right, she is stark raving mad, how do you think she got the job? This is a typical mental trait of most subversive jews who’s sloped heads allow for very little frontal lobe development, leading to a whole slew of psychological issues; including their dellusions of granduer, violent domineering behavior, and lack of a common level of morality. Her department was absolutely serious when they attempted to marginalize American veterans and patriots alike by stating that they could likely become “right wing extremists”, or be targetted by “white supremacy groups”. The report which can be found in PDF format HERE, says it all, and should be taken literal like it was meant.

Keep note that any government dissidents are being associated with Timothy McVeigh, the OKC bombing patsy, and white supremacists or nazis, in a brazen attempt to marginalize these people to another important part of our resistance; law enforcement officers who still have their own critical thinking skills intact, and are capable of helping us. They want useful elements like trained officers and veterans with a patriotic love for their country, and what it stood for, to view those who speak against them as “extremists” or “terrorists”, and they want a racist angle included with this agenda. Make a very serious note of this fact: People must realize how white supremacy, black supremacy, and other racist topics are simply being used to divide us. Keep focus on the target without getting tunnel vision. It’s jew vs. non-jew, period. Skip across the racial divide for a moment, regardless of your “beef” and let’s handle these “swine” in a cohesive manner first.

It’s up to us to do two things. First thing, reach out to our law enforcement and military for help ridding ourselves of these parasites. Second, make it clear to them that all we want is a better life for all of us. Our country, our families, our friends. Let them know this about our prosperity and real American values. Let them know this is about a love for our country, and for what is true and just.


Patriots don't want our troops dying for lies.

Imagine the glee of officers who wouldn’t be shot dead stomping down the door of sovereign citizens for nothing more than the whims of a bunch of unbridled draconian power mongers and unconstitutional “legislation”. No longer would they risk their lives attacking the very people they are sworn to serve, while trampling the contract they swore an oath to uphold. No longer would American troops die forgotten in some foriegn land for senseless wars, publicly known to be based on a pack of lies. No longer would maimed and battered veterans return to being spat on by jews like Abby Hoffman, after serving the jewish agenda. No longer would American verterans return having shamed their country and all it stands for, with stains of innocent blood on their hands, as well as irreversable stains on America’s reputation.

People like myself have reached out to our armed forces and tried to make it clear that our problem is a foriegn enemy, domestically entrenched. We must educate, network, plan, and regulate. Real Americans, call to their brothers in these once honorable capacities to stand empowered by WE THE PEOPLE against these manipulative serpents, while the serpents try to marginalize, discriminate against, and insult those very men. Our resistance against the total destruction of America will go much further with these veterans and public servants working for us and with us, as well as being empowered by us, to do that which is right. Share the video below with them. Show them that real patriots still love them, and realize that united we stand, divided we fall. Show them my video, and let them know we DO support them……to do the RIGHT job.

Plea To US Military from Subverted Nation on Vimeo.

    THE OATH KEEPERS ~ Good old American boys who have seen the light and probably scared the bejeebers out of the creeps in power.

    The J-ws have subverted everything. I get the feeling that, according to their talmud, the more evil you create, the more benefits you reap in the after life.

    I don’t know, I have learned so much more over the past few days about these parasites, that I am hard pressed not to just become a crazy ranter. However my knowledge is too deep to let that happen. It will take a lil time here but there is NOTHING these creatures will not do to get their way.

    The current pandemic being just the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow I hope to get to work on a piece showing their involvement in soooo much that is wrong with the world. sooo much? How about 98%!

    I like your site a lot, think I will be back.

  2. GREAT article. I agree it’s the single most effective way quickly make up lost ground. It’s true, the law enforcement and military don’t have to risk their lives killing REAL Americans that love and need them, just to serve the demon-jews.

    The video is one of the best I’ve seen on the entire internet, keep up the fine effort!

  3. Adam,

    Since the Jews’ argument heavily references Timothy McVeigh, it’s important to clarify what kind of patsy Timothy McVeigh was. It’s physically impossible for a fertilizer-laden truck bomb to cause the extensive and highly asymmetrical damage sustained by the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma in 1995.

    The building was mainly damaged by military-grade explosives carefully placed by Jews associated with the ADL and SPLC, as the grand finale of a series of false flag operations to destroy the militia movement in the United States; the militia movement had especially flourished after the Savings and Loans Financial Crisis orchestrated by Jews. I have posted some of the details of the 1995 Oklahoma bombing by Jews.

    I’ll be uploading the video of General Ben Partin’s speech on the aforementioned page shortly. You may also want to discuss this topic in a main entry because we need Americans to realize just who the ‘homegrown terrorists’ were and are likely to be.

    Additionally, McVeigh’s alleged co-conspirator Terry Nichols, who is serving life, was married to a Filipina. What are the odds that a white supremacist would do this? I have also heard that Tim McVeigh had had an affair with this Filipina. Again, what white supremacist would do this?

    • Well said. I do believe it’s important to see things in this light, because understanding the level of deception and even absurdity of their methods are important. I just mentioned McVeigh in passing, but you’re right, maybe I should give my whole take on the situation with OKC. It’s extremely important and relevant to where we are heading today. History repeats like a broken record some times.

  4. Are THEY not just as guilty as the globalist, corporatist j-ws?

    • No. The jew is guilty, period. Is a scalpel guilty of a surgeon’s slicing? Is the puppet guilty of it’s masters’ indiscretions and motions? No, it is just the tool wielded by a manipulator. Just like guns aren’t guilty of murder when a man shoots another, those serving blindly are guilty of nothing more than ignorance. Those serving KNOWINGLY are guilty 100% in equality with the jew. There is no escape for the guilty, but the scalpel isn’t consciously of the intention behind it. If the scalpel is wielded by a drug crazed maniac slashing faces open, rather than the surgeon, is it now guilty of the slashes? No….the manipulator wielding it carries the guilt.

      Here’s another related example. If any harm or loss should come to ANYONE caught in the crossfire of this battle, the JEW BARES THE BLAME. Many state laws are very clear that if ANYONE is injured during the commission of a crime, THE CRIMINAL IS GUILTY and THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY for said damages. If you are the one committing a crime, YOU ARE THE LIABLE PARTY for ANY AND ALL results of said criminal actions. Even if someone else injures kills, or causes loss to an innocent bystander in an attempt to stop a criminal, THE CRIMINAL bares the responsibility for those injuries.

      There is NO WEASELING out of the blame for the jew or ANYONE who knowingly goes along with things, period. There is also no shifting of blame for any reason. It’s really rather black and white, there is no in between.

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