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Pour On the 9/11 Propaganda

Pour On the 9/11 Propaganda
These two pictures don't even look like the same guy, but we are told to rest assured this is the mastermind of 911, even though many people know it was just a bunch of jews.

These two pictures don't even look like the same guy, but we are told to rest assured this is the mastermind of 911, even though many people know it was just a bunch of jews.

As we approach the anniversary of yet another attack on America by jews, it’s time to dump a bunch of bullshit onto the unwitting masses of our people.  As the war in Afghanistan ramps up, spreading into Pakistan and other innocent countries, there should be no doubt that the dealers of death at the top, are in need of something to reinforce the need for their wars of aggression.  What better way to do so than to use the tragedy of 9/11, which they orchestrated, to get more of the lemmings riled up about killing Muslims? Time to remind the troops of this horrific event, and sadly, these jews are going to do it with their usual vile motivation and tasteless, inhuman nature.  As awareness and suspicion of government involvement in 9/11, the financial collapse, and the new communist policies is growing, these jews need something to reinforce the fear and anger that allowed them to start these ridiculous wars and snatch most of your freedoms in the process.

With tomorrow being the anniversary of 911, this is the perfect opportunity for the perpetrators to cement the illusions they’ve sold the public about that event. At the same time they can pump up the “patriotism” and “righteousness” to keep the fires warm in the hearts of the morons who sanction their wars in the Middle East.

First, we have this article where supposedly, some photos of the (cough) fake mastermind of 911 were recently released to the public. What a coincidence that something like these would show up just a few days before 9/11/09. Nope, no coincidence there what so ever.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which photographs Guantanamo prisoners as part of its mission to monitor their treatment, confirmed on Wednesday that it took the images in July and sent them to his family. Spokesman Bernard Barrett did not identify the location of the family or specify their relationship.

Barrett said the photos were given only to the family and were not intended for public release, but the organization does not impose conditions on detainee families.

The military began to allow the Red Cross to photograph Guantanamo detainees in February and the group has taken pictures of 107 inmates. Detainees are allowed to select two shots and the ICRC sends five prints to their families, along with personal messages.

Mohammed’s photos began appearing in recent days on Internet sites that have previously been used by al-Qaida and sympathizers to communicate with each other, said Jarret Brachman, the former research director at the Combating Terrorism Center of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Right on, the photos were passed to family members of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed back in July, by the Red Cross. Then all of a sudden, they pop up on sites for al-qaida and it’s sympathizers within mere days of the anniversary of 911! We are expected to believe these just magically showed up this week somewhere on the web, on sites where those dastardly terrorists hang out, and what? How did they find them so quick, and why is this news? Oh right, because we’re trying to reinforce the fairy tale of 19 Muslim hijackers with plastic box cutters slamming large commercial aircraft into buildings, and everyone must be inundated with this crap on the anniversary of such a tragic event. Gosh, I get confused some times, so bear with me.

Brachman, now an independent terrorism researcher based in Fargo, North Dakota, said he fears the photos could breed sympathy for a man who has proudly proclaimed his role in the Sept. 11 attacks, as well as other incidents of terrorism, while also alleging he has been tortured by the U.S.

“What’s problematic for me is it really humanizes the guy,” Brachman said. “I understand the value of these photos for family members, but at the same time this is the guy who planned 9-11.”

An Australian counter-terrorism expert, Leah Farrall, said she first noticed one of the photographs on Sept. 3 on an Internet forum that al-Qaida has used to communicate messages. She said it has since “gone viral,” with some users posting online statements of support for Mohammed.

“‘We’ll come and get you’ is one message that I saw,” said Farrall, a former terrorism analyst with the Australian federal police.

Some terrorism expert in Australia is the one who stumbled upon these photos in some al-qaida forum. Like terrorists use internet forums to discuss their business and activities. If that’s the case, we should be looking at any and all jewish forums extremely closely. I could easily out-do these “terrorism experts” on my own by pointing out who the real terrorists are. They’re a bunch of genocidal jews, just like it was when the USS Liberty was attacked June 8, 1967. It was a bunch of murderous kikes, just like the King David Hotel bombing, which they openly admit too, and was covered here previously. Watch the video and see how a bunch of jews, dressed like Arabs, flattened the building killing 91 people and injuring 46. They openly admit to it, and openly admit to the same modus operandi as 911.

Here is the supposed boogey man behind 911, with his entire face covered to the point it's difficult to identify him.  I wonder if he'll turn out to be a jew like Adam Pearlman?

Here is the supposed boogey man behind 911, with his entire face covered to the point it's difficult to identify him. I wonder if he'll turn out to be a jew like Adam Pearlman?

The jew Bachman tells us, he isn’t quite happy with the pictures because they humanize this supposed mastermind. What he’s not telling you is that the release of these photos, is for that very purpose! When people to actually see the face of this supposed attacker, it solidifies the image of the enemy in their mind, regardless of whether the images are faked or not, which has been the case numerous times before. I would suggest looking at the comparison photo closely, because it’s definitely difficult to discern if it’s even the same character.

Then look at the odd way the photos find themselves getting attention in the public eye. They’re magically stumbled upon by terrorism experts, with impeccable timing in relation to 911. The criminals responsible for 911 can’t just release them on their own, that would be too obvious. Hence the reason they’re stumbled onto by some obscure terrorism expert in Australia somewhere. How fortunate they should show up, and be immediately caught onto by these “experts”, just in time for the anniversary of that horrific event. I can’t wait to find out the guy posing for these photos is a jew, like the kike Adam Pearlman, who was pumped up as a major al-qaida player, and was covered in the same article about the King David, here.

Then we have this article about the 911 memorial museum, and this is where the disgusting character of the jew really shines through. Apparently, the museum is scouring the globe for any and all clips it can get it’s hands on, that documented the attacks of 911. Maybe their worried there are still a few amateur videos out there that don’t exactly show what they’re supposed to? Leave it to me to ask a question like this, that most others don’t ask on their own. Think about that question for a moment. What would it mean if that was the case? It would likely mean there is something to the videos of 911, taken by amateurs, and not publicly released, that isn’t already there with the ones you’ve seen on tv.

“They say that 9/11 was the most digitally documented event of all time,” said Alice Greenwald, director of the planned museum. “We’re asking people everywhere to help us tell the story.”

Visitors will be warned about graphic images — people jumping, human remains, planes piercing the towers — and will have a choice of whether to view them.

Organizers say one of the most difficult tasks they’ve faced is how to present the most sensitive material. Some of it, with the warnings, will be available online and at the museum, which is scheduled to open in three years.

One victim’s family member said such images wouldn’t keep him away.

Indeed, 911 was digitally documented probably more than any other terrorist attack in history, but there is still a big problem with what many think they saw. The news about this museum, as the other article above, is designed to keep the images of 911 fresh in the minds of our people, and especially our troops, and young gullible suckers who are lining up at the recruiting offices, as our economy falters and jobs disappear.

The most documented terrorist event in history will be used to propagandize our people and strengthen support for the murder of innocent Middle Easterners, and jews plan to use the most disgusting images and video footage they can find.

The most documented terrorist event in history will be used to propagandize our people and strengthen support for the murder of innocent Middle Easterners, and jews plan to use the most disgusting images and video footage they can find.

The sad thing is, this jew bitch director of the new museum, is going to use graphic images of the atrocity to play on the emotions of those viewing them, who will likely be propagandized by the museum when it comes to who is responsible for the attacks. Images will include dead bodies, people jumping from the towers, and things of that nature. This is obviously inhuman and disgusting. Most of us don’t like to have to see those kinds of images repeatedly. When 911 happened, it cut to the very bone of almost everyone in America, minus the heartless jew. I myself have shed many tears for those who lost their lives that day, because I’m human. I’ve shed tears for those brutally murdered in Palestine by these jews. I’ve shed tears for our soldiers, many unknowing young kids, who have lost their lives in these bullshit wars. I’ve shed tears for the innocent Iraqis who’s lives have been stripped away by those same troops. I am human, and watching people die is painful.

To a jew, it is a mere spectacle, and it will be treated as such in this new museum. People will be propagandized with all of the collected video and graphic images. The idea that a bunch of third world Muslims flew sophisticated commercial aircraft into the towers will be solidified in their minds, and disgust for these brown people will be reinforced by the pain and anger many will feel when viewing these things. The idea is so disgusting that many family members refuse to visit the museum because of it’s grotesque display. I wonder if that’s what it looks like inside holocaust museums! I’ve only seen photos, but no doubt this same method is used to propagandize people about the holohoax. Show disgusting images that hurt, anger, and enrage those who see them. Then simply insert the enemy you want to demonize, and you’ve got a powerful brain washing machine on your hands.

One victim’s family member said such images wouldn’t keep him away.

Charles Wolf was in his Greenwich Village apartment when he saw an American Airlines jetliner pass overhead, then crash into the trade center — and his wife’s office.

“I and many family members don’t want revisionist history, and we don’t want this sanitized,” Wolf said. “It is very important that people remember what happened that day: This was civilization, people merely at work, caught up in religious fanaticism.”

Construction of the museum is moving forward rapidly, said Joseph Daniels, president of the 9/11 Memorial Foundation. The museum and memorial will cover 8 acres, at the street level and underground, graced by 400 oak trees.

How fitting they should put so many oak trees at the memorial site, because if I get my way, those trees will be used to hang the criminals responsible for 911. That includes all the government officials guilty of treason, any and all perpetrators, and the members of the media who helped sell the lie. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the media is guilty in the cover up of 911. See, among the hundreds of films found at that museum, you can be sure there are some key elements they won’t be showcasing.

With all the oak trees that are planned for the jew created 911 memorials, the only thing missing will be the nooses from which we shall hang these treasonous murderers.  It's not against the law to speak like this, it IS THE LAW for dealing with traitors.

With all the oak trees that are planned for the jew created 911 memorials, the only thing missing will be the nooses from which we shall hang these treasonous murderers. It's not against the law to speak like this, it IS THE LAW for dealing with traitors.

If you noticed above, I asked a question about 911, that should have gotten your gears turning. What if there is something about the amateur videos of 911 that could be floating around out there? Why would this museum want to get their hands on them? I’m actually getting at something here that many of you will have a predisposition to hearing when I say it. Many of you who know that 911 was a jew job, will still be a little set back by what I’m getting at. You’ve been programmed too, and many of you don’t even know it. Some of you do, but if you’ve come to the conclusion about 911 that I’m about give you, I can guarantee you are an often ridiculed minority in this “truth” movement.

Funny thing about getting to the truth is, you can’t just rule out things without examining them. I have done years and years of examination of 911. I have read what just about every website on the internet has to say about that event. I have seen just about every news cast from every major network that day. I have seen just about every amateur film available. I have seen just about every documentary that’s been produced about 911. I have listened to hours upon hours of audio, video, text, and discussions about the topic, but only one thing sticks out to me. Only one very short, very obscure clip from the mainstream media gave me every clue I needed to understand the event.

See, 911 might be the most digitally documented terrorist event in world history, but that is more of a problem than it is any help. The reason I say this is that in a digital environment, anything can happen. Pigs can fly, cows can jump over the moon, and they can do so in quite realistic fashion. Planes can even make two of the strongest structures ever built crumble like a house of cards. I told you 911 was like the King David Hotel bombing, and that’s true. It was a bombing, not an airliner attack. I know you are probably freaking already, and wondering why you ever read this website to begin with. Here’s another one of those “no planers” telling us we didn’t see what we saw, right? Interesting how people who are onto the truth get special names; “truther”, “birther”, “no planer”, “conspiracy theorist”.

Let me describe what you’re seeing, before you take a look at the video below. A reporter on the scene, right after supposed second airliner hit the towers, is getting eye witness accounts from people on the street below the towers. The reporter apparently asked the wrong guy what he saw, because his response was “no second flyer, was a bomb…bomb in another building, not a second plane”. The reporter responds, and his words are more key than the witness, when the witness asks him “who said a second plane”. The response from the reporter is “that’s what we’re told, a second plane, we saw it on television”. To which the man argues vehemently, “no, no, I saw everything“.

Honor people like the person standing in this gash in the tower by executing their murderers, and the treasonous bastards who supported it. Extremely graphic images like this will propagandize our people into believing Muslims are responsible.

Honor people like the person standing in this gash in the tower by executing their murderers, and the treasonous bastards who supported it. Extremely graphic images like this will be used to propagandize our people into believing Muslims are responsible. Help get people focused on the jew.

Exactly. This man stood on the ground and watched it happen but he did not see any plane hit the tower. The fact that “we saw it on tv” is the only thing necessary for most to believe there really were planes that hit the towers. The image of planes ramming into the building were played over, and over, and over again, but here is an eye witness who never saw one. This man stood at ground zero and saw the building blow up before his very eyes, with no plane in sight. The trick is a wag the dog scenario, because anything people see on the magic box is as real as the day is long. If you haven’t seen the movie Wag The Dog, you should, because it will give you a little more insight into how things can be created, and exist only in tv land, yet have the entire public convinced it is real.

Every bit of amateur video is needed for the purposes of this museum. Remember what I asked earlier? What if there is indeed amateur footage floating around that doesn’t show planes hitting the towers? What does this mean if planes never did hit the towers? It means the entire media apparatus, and many of the players on screen that fateful day are also guilty in the cover up. I’m not going to say much more, it’s time for you to do some digging on your own. Do some soul searching, and look at what’s presented. There were no planes on 911, and there is no escaping that fact. Go look for the September Clues documentary about 911, because it covers the missing planes in thorough detail. Think about what implications this could have for the media. Think about the fact that liars like Alex Jones and We Are Chumps outright attack anyone who brings up the “no planer theory”. There are clues all around about what’s going on, and you need to learn to decipher them yourself. Check out the video below, and stay tuned, because I’ll have an audio broadcast discussing this issue and many more sometime late tonight or early tomorrow.

Dont forget, get your copy of Subverted Nation’s Basic Training for Revolutionaries today!

  1. I have only two things to say about 911

    1. Major General Albert Stubblebine

    2. Thermite

  2. The Ugly American says: A jew lie.
    OK now for the real statue. Looks like 12 points on that shield.
    How dare you question the actions of my supreme race!
    We were once a great nation of warriors whose magnetic shields attracted the horse shoe of our enemies. May our shields meet the shoe of your horse once again on the battlefield! Funny FORBIDDEN TRUTH.
    I don’t have a horse, will steel core ammo work on those shields.

    “Anything that is allowed to be openly and agressively addressed in the news, should be suspected as propaganda being used to manipulate. Likewise, whatever isn’t being made public in the mainstream media, is what really needs our attention and investigation.” — Marjorie Tietjen

  3. Mike (Aust) says:

    Big call Adam….certainly not out of the rhelm of possibilites knowing what they can do with the media these days. They could easily fake an alien landing and have Obama shake hands with them, and because its “Obama” it would be REAL right? If its on tv its real! Shit, 100 years from now (if they win the battle today),they could bring out that mini series V from the early 1980s and say to the people it was a DOCUMENTARY! It really did happen!…..Basically the Jewish line is-

    “The truth is what we say it is!” At least thats what it is by the time communism is installed.

    What disturbs me about the jews in this day and age is they have blurred the line between fantasy and reality, and they like it that way because lies are easier to cover up and people are easier to manipulate. They fuck with peoples heads every day in countless ways and laugh all the way to the bank. People really need to see just how much fantasy they try to pass off as reality.

    Look at Alex Jones childish stunt a few days ago along with dickhead Charlie Sheen, half the people who commented on the fake Obama interview thought it was REAL! That was just a test to see if people still buy their bullshit, and yes, sadly when we smell bullshit, others smell baked muffins.

    The no plane at the pentagon theory has weight, because the plane could not have slammed through as many walls as it did. It was probably a plane, just not the one we were told. So much secrecy still surrounds the entire 911 event. Why is the US government still holding onto visual evidence of what hit the Pentagon? That alone should tell anyone they are hiding something. The fact Jews are all over 911 is another, are we supposed to believe they are just good citizens fighting for a good cause-the truth? Fuck that!

    The problem is, even if some high ranking guy or gal from BBC or NBC came out and blew the whistle and said “its all fake! No planes hit the buildings!”…..they would be ignored by the MSM or written off as a loony. The media for some fucked up reason still (!) has credibility and trust amoung peope. The trick is trying to get everyone to turn off the damn tv and stop them reading newspapers…..and also figuring out that all the mainstream news and 99+% of internet news is created by the jew.

    My tv is only used to watch war movies (same as you Adam), Dirty Harry and maybe some other motivational movies. There is NOTHING on tv that appeals to me anymore. I feel sick trying to eat breakfast of dinner watching the news, I can’t eat because all the news is about JEWS! Or demonizing muslims.

    We can’t rule out no planes on 911. We cant rule out anything when it comes to tv or photos, as they can all be manipulated very easily these days (and on 911).

    Anyone out there that was actually there on 911 and actually saw the planes without falling prey to tv mind manipulation?!

    What is reality? On tv, its whatever the jews say or make it to be.

    • Oh, don’t doubt people saw planes that day. There were numerous reports of another aircraft flying near the towers, and it was caught on film in a few shots. However, planes hitting the towers and making cookie cutter cartoon shapes in the side of the building wasn’t reality. The news clip above proves that fact. Somebody should figure out who that fella is and see if he still exists today…that would also be very telling. This is a very easy call to make, it’s just the hardest one for people to stomach. Both the jew owned media, and the jew controlled opposition i.e. truthers, 911 websites, Ales Jones, We Are Chumps, Loose Change, Fabled Enemies, etc. etc. have programmed people to ignore this fact. It’s like jews crying about the holocaust. When they say “don’t look at this evidence or you’re a freak”, you need to look closer. This is about knowing just how bad the infestation really is, and just how big an operation they are capable of. Media fakery has been their thing since the moon landing, JFK’s death, 911, and more. Spotting the fakes and exposing them, while exposing the immense size and reach of their network is how we root them out.

  4. Still shocked and incredulous that the jews has thus far gotten away with this crime. It was a direct assault on the U.S. and yet the Shabbot Goys and Useful Idiots out there still trust jews. To be perfectly honest, I have a sneaking suspicion that jews are going to attack the U.S. again, and this next attack will be worse – something so horrific that it will spurn a war against the U.S. (a war for complete hegemony of the U.S. – jews ultimate goal). It’s almost as if the 9/11 attack was a “warning” to us Americans. A warning and prelude of much worse jew crime coming down the pike.

    For the future of America, and the entire planet, I hope I’m wrong.

  5. @ The Ugly American:
    I looked at the real picture of that statue.
    Ain’t that some shit?
    The Jew is a deceiver of such magnitude.
    Just when I think I have seen the summit of Jewish subversion,
    I am floored by a whole new tier of Talmudic depravity.

  6. Mike (Aust) says:

    Seems like someone else shares the same view!

    *Note* I have not watched it yet, but seems like its along these lines.

  7. Adam the yid flys err I mean CONTRACTORS at Gitmo used duck tape to remove the eyebrows, the sick freaks!
    I can’t help but wonder about the landscaping plans at the new HOAX site why 400 oak trees?
    Why not 6 million weeping willows or 2.5 billion wandering jews?
    The amount of sheckels that DOV stole from the pentagon a fews days before 911?
    rxmtw that was the warning don’t screw with Satans Children.
    My Cryptic Message for the yids that are watching today is.
    What’s in a name? Adam Jackson will be on the way soon.

    • Yeah, those same contractors are engaging in disgusting homosexual behavior like that described by Kay Griggs. Those are not real men. They are pathetic, disgusting fucking dogs.

      What is in a name? I don’t know. Who is Adam Jackson? Do tell…

  8. I will not commit to either theory until we are provided with actual footage of WHATEVER hit the bloody Pentagon.

    As far as KSM goes…it’s sad that such an obvious psy-op isn’t being shouted down by everyone who see it. You might as well get a Mr. Potato Head and wrap a towel around it.

    Ooga booga – dat ebil ol’ Ay-Rab’s gunna gitcha!

    • Bet your bottom dollar it wasn’t a plane that hit anything that day, and understand how the media was the most powerful weapon employed that day.

      Either way, it doesn’t matter what “theory” you want to believe, as long as you know these jews were behind it and are resolved to give no quarter. What I present is not theory, it’s fact directly from the mouth of an eye witness.

  9. damnjews says:

    hey check this site you will find who is really the guy in the picture up above.


    This is a new video that has an a picture of the white van that had a mural of the WTC getting hit by a plane painted on its side. It also has a recording of the NYPD radio communications on 9/11 as these jews in these white vans were getting caught.

    This video proves WITHOUT A DOUBT that Israel played a role in 9/11.

    • Damn shame too, because more people will believe they actually used planes on 911 because of it. Good evidence, but fuck if it won’t perpetuate the myth of planes hitting the buildings.

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