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PayPal Communists Freeze SN Donations

PayPal Communists Freeze SN Donations

Well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened BEFORE or anything, because the kike’s little “Jewish Internet Defense League” attacked Subverted Nation’s paypal account once before and had it blocked, but I was able to get around it that time.  For the past year, I have had the paypal donate button for SN on my other site at Real Oath Keepers, in order to keep the jews from shutting it down, because it’s not really hosted here on SN, but the jews can’t have people like me accepting donations and using them to fight their treasonous subversion of our country.

Many people will make absolutely retarded remarks when someone like myself tries to use paypal to receive donations, while at the same time never once thinking of doing anything themselves to help out people like me, who put their neck on the line for the rest of you.  I have had people come at me sideways asking “why do you use the jew paypal service for donations”, but of course, these people are incapable of even the most minimal types of critical thinking of their own, so I will explain the why and the how before explaining what happened with this most recent paypal account.


Paypal is a racist, subversive organization that has no problem sucking up your money, but don’t dare talk about the jew or they will freeze your account. Dirty kikes.

First, why would I ask people to use paypal to send me a donation?  Certainly it costs a couple dollars per transaction, which goes into the jew’s coffers, but tell me where a dollar spent in these united states doesn’t go into the jew’s coffers? People complained in the same fashion when I attempted to sell copies of my (now BANNED) Basic Training for Revolutionaries through Lulu, but never once offered to print it themselves, so I could give it away free, as I willingly offered to do.  It seems, even with all the hard work put into producing a site like this, and such a powerful book, some shit heads don’t think it’s cool that I should actually make a few dollars from it to keep a roof over my head or something.

The reason why people like me use paypal to collect donations is that most people are too lazy to actually walk to the mailbox and send a donation to me personally.  It takes too much effort, and most people on the internet will not donate, or buy a product if it means mailing off for it.  Today is the age of “instant gratification”, so if people are unable to donate immediately by clicking a few buttons, most will refuse to do so.

This supposed “French born Iranian” (read JEW), Pierre Omidyar is the owner of both Ebay and Paypal. This jew became and INSTANT BILLIONAIRE when his company Ebay went public on the jew run stock market. This kike’s company won’t allow real revolutionaries to accept donations using their bullshit paypal service.

Of course, 99% of the people who benefit from sites like SN won’t donate anyway, because they’re not really trying to help win this fight, or support those of us who are.  Imagine for a minute people during the revolutionary war turning their nose up at the soldiers who stood against the British to free this country.  Not that we were ever actually freed from the crown, but damnit, a lot of sincere people spilled a ton of fucking blood to attempt it, and they would never have gotten as far as they did if regular folk didn’t pitch in and help them.  Without regular folk giving them ammo, dry powder, shelter, and even food to keep them alive, the fight wouldn’t exist.  Same goes for websites like this today, and the same will go for our weary soldiers when the next revolution comes….and it’s coming now. Will you be one of the chump bastards turning your nose up at our warriors?

So which is it? Do you support those who lead the fight, or do you turn your sorry ass nose up at revolutionaries like a bitch? You can’t have it both ways.

Many people like to criticize everything people like myself try to do, especially collecting donations, but these are also the people who do not donate.  I have said before, show me a way to collect donations instantly online that doesn’t involve using some jew owned service, and I will do so.  Nobody has stepped forth to show how this can be done yet.  I stated the same with my BANNED book.  Show me a way to print and produce copies of the book for everyone, without involving jews, and I will do so.  Nobody stepped forward.

That said, most people simply refuse to donate anyway.  Why should they support someone who spends their time trying to get the message out to the public?  Why won’t they show their face and stand behind the message like I do? Oh right, it’s rather fucking dangerous to do, so what exactly are they criticizing?  Why should they donate to people who have risked everything, including their livelihood to speak the truth?  Why should we actually have a support system, where patriots and revolutionaries support each other?  We might actually stand a chance of winning a few battles if our most outspoken warriors were actually supported in one way or another.  We can’t have that, can we?

Very few people donate, but those who do are appreciated, because it certainly makes a difference for those of us leading the fight, when it comes to our ability to survive day to day, and pay the expenses related to websites like this.  Some people actually do go through the effort of getting a money order or writing a check and mailing it to help out, but money orders are preferred, because a bounced check (which has happened) only costs me money, and doesn’t help support my efforts in any way.  Although a very nice gesture to send a check, it only takes away from money used to maintain my computers, hosting, etc. when the check bounces in my account.

This time around with the attacks on my efforts to raise some funds came on the heels of some funny circumstances.  As I went to check my yahoo email account, which my paypal account was attached to, I noticed that there were THREE messages with the subject “How to reset your password” for paypal, and a FOURTH message from Yahoo it’s with the subject “How to reset your Yahoo! password”.  So, it seems someone attempted to actually get into my paypal account, and my yahoo account, because I never made a request to reset either password.  With my paypal account, it seems they actually succeeded, because I had to use secret question confirmation to reset my password again, because my regular one was no longer working.  Funny paypal claims to be trying to ensure security by freezing my account, yet someone was able to reset my password without my authorization.

Here you can see the messages in my inbox showing someone attempted first to reset my password on my accounts. You can also see I immediately withdrew all funds from paypal, which they may now seize, because paypal is known to be crooked kikes who steal people’s money.

Needless to say, I reset both passwords on both accounts to much more difficult passwords, in order to keep whatever JEW was after my account from gaining access, and there is no doubt it was a jew.

Since the jews who attacked my paypal account were unable to gain unauthorized access (a felony) they obviously decided they would email paypal and have them shut down my account, because the jews at paypal have no interest in allowing free speech, as you will see here shortly.  In fact, youtube also just blocked my latest account for “hate speech” as you can see below.

Youtube is a jew owned piece of shit also, that will claim that speaking the truth is “hate speech” and close your accounts at will. This is something I have become used to over the years, but I still have multiple accounts.

See, if you don’t support those who publicly speak out, they will simply block your accounts, erase your words, and make it as if we never existed to begin with.  Just like those found guilty of “thought crimes” in George Orwell’s 1984, anyone who speaks out against “Big Brother” (i.e. the communist jew rats in control) will be erased from the system, history will be edited, and eventually there will be no record that such things existed.  If you think that’s funny, you just wait, because with every major website or service controlled by jews, we are not very far off from having this happen.

Thankfully we can take screen shots, and others can archive information to keep it available.  Also be thankful that there are a number of copies of Basic Training for Revolutionaries floating around planet earth in hard cover format (only about 50 copies) that can be shared with people for decades to come, should we ever lose the internet to speak our truths.  Maybe one day copies of this book will become the coveted manuals for those of the “Brotherhood” who stand out against “The Party” (communist), as it was in 1984?

So, here is what happened once these foolish kikes were unable to hack in and thieve anything from my paypal account.  They went and complained to their jewish rat friends at paypal, and had my account frozen.  Check out this email:

The jews are NOT intelligent, because they were too STUPID to realize there is NO paypal donate button or logo on SN’s website.

So, what exactly is their acceptable use policy?  Wouldn’t you find it funny to know that SN has NOT actually violated this “acceptable use policy” in any way?  The jews are actually rather retarded, slow thinking people.  If you read the acceptable use policy, you will see that you can use paypal for anything that may “relate to sales of” blah, blah, blah, “items that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance”.  Unfortunately, the moronic jews at paypal, so blinded by their supremacism can not see that there is NOTHING FOR SALE on SN.  Nor is there any paypal button or logo here, but regardless of these facts, the account is frozen as of now, and I have requested that they CLOSE the account.  This will be my last go round with these kikes in this manner.

If paypal disagrees with the content of your website, your account will be shut down, regardless whether you are actually in violation of their rules, as they state them, or not. It is clear that paypal is a subversive, anti-human, jew owned treasonous entity.

Here is yet another look at the idiocy behind paypal’s position.  It is blatantly obvious that this has nothing to do with me SELLING anything related to hate.  I don’t have anything to sell.  What’s funny is, paypal is more than happy to keep my account open, if I remove any reference to them from my site.  I figured, instead of do that, I would show you what paypal was really all about, and they can fuck off about the account.  These jews are more than happy to keep collecting fees when the account is used, they just don’t want people like me to be able to get support using their service, because it goes towards stopping these jews.  They don’t want their service used by a website that exposes what a bunch of subversive, murderous, racist, supremacist shit bags they are.

Again, you can see that paypal seems to think I am actually selling something, because I would HAVE to be selling something to violate their terms of service. Since I am not selling anything, this clearly demonstrates that paypal is violating their own acceptable use policy to attack my account.

Anyway, this is how the cookie crumbles when jews control everything around us.  For a while it worked to keep the donate button on Real Oath Keepers to accept donations.  It is NOT here on SN, and there is NOT anything being sold, but the racist, anti-human, subversive, baby raping jews at paypal have no problem breaking their own rules to lash out at those who speak the truth.  I am not even really upset that they closed the account, because hardly anyone donates through it anyway, and I knew these kikes would shut it down again.  With no way to receive funds readily, there is really no way to build any kind of real organization, so that part rather sucks, but maybe people won’t see it as such an issue to walk a check to the mailbox now.

If you are one of the few (very, very few) people who would like to donate and support SN and it’s owner (me) in this fight, then contact me personally, and I will give you the information needed to send a donation directly to me. My personal address has been given publicly on this website a number of times, but I may set up a P.O. Box for people to donate through.  There’s no point in risking giving out my home address to any old fool that wants it, when nobody will even support my work, let alone be here to fight off any attacks that may occur against me or my family.

Donations are ALWAYS NEEDED for someone like myself with zero income, so don’t be shy about helping.  Even if you don’t, this website will remain, as I will scrape as much as necessary to keep it alive as long as I can.  I will update it at my leisure as usual, and will continue the fight without you.  If you feel SN has helped you better understand the jew problem, then help out.  If you feel SN is a good resource, then help out.  If you feel too selfish to bother, you should get a job at paypal.

  1. Abe in East LA says:

    A damn shame that no one has had the balls to put their monwy where their mouth is- me included. Even though I make minimum wage part time, I can still kick in a few bucks. Use the email submitted for commenting to hit me up with a PO box or something. I don’t want or need any personal info and would rather not have it given some of the shit that attacks my pc.

    • So you post a link to a PayPal alternative, you don’t say who owns the company, you don’t bother to mention if any controversial websites are using that system and you don’t mention if you even have a hunch that they’ll be okay with a site that speaks out against Jews.

      This is the kind of useless garbage I’m talking about. People are so out of touch with what it means to take on the Jew. When I and Adam say, “The Jews control everything,” and speak of how they will stop at nothing to shut us down, do you think we’re lying?

      Do you think we haven’t already searched out numerous PayPal alternatives?

      If you’re going to supply what you believe to be a solution then provide the evidence. Otherwise you’re just wasting our valuable time.

      • Karan bhatia says:

        Hi Adam and John,
        Last year i tried sending john a donation through paypal but it wouldn’t go through, I did this after seeing a video made by john. Your original site got shut but I was glad to see the II site, I even added your number to my skype id and tried to call you, my skype id is kayhem. I’m really glad to see you here. I have been conversing with adam through email Well I just wanted to say I found this site.
        Best Regards,

  2. I’m glad the snail mail system still works. It’s pretty easy to get a money order at the post office.Do you think posting your home address again will help?

    • I will put it here again for those interested 7473 Centauri Rd Jacksonville, FL 32210

      That is my REAL home address, so a word of warning goes with it. To many of you this is just something you do in the evenings online. It may not occur to you the real and present danger in the physical world that comes with what I do. I have a family to protect, but I have risked even that to speak out openly on this website. I have put my entire life on the line to tell it like it is. Many people don’t realize just how far the control goes, as can be evidenced by some of the responses, or how this is already a real war, taking real people’s lives. That said, anyone who may dare bring trouble to where I live, you can absolutely, positively guarantee 100% I will shoot you dead on sight with ZERO hesitation.

      In the future I will likely have a P.O. Box available that will be posted on the donate page. For now, there are still ways to donate, just contact me by the form on that page, and you won’t actually have to go out an mail anything.

  3. Will this site work for you in place of paypal?

    To name another person who is suffering at the hands of the damn Jew, the owner of Vanguard news network.

    I can’t even get to Vanguard News Network, that site is blocked. I get the RSS and when I attempt to click the links and visit the site all I get is an error message. I just hope they don’t block your site – its a shame they have this much power over us.

    Lets look at this as the Jew digging and digging himself into bigger trouble – his day will come.

  4. opps, I should have read the previous posts BEFORE i posted mycheckfree suggestion.

    I’ll see what I can find out.

  5. Thanks George, I’m not an expert on any of this and I had no idea paypal was Jew owned although as has been stated they have their big noses into everything.

    There is a republican candidate for governor in New York who is suing major news media and others for slander. He spoke his opinion about other races and of course blasphemed the jew gods and anyone who blasphemes must be punished, the republican pander to the jew party rejected him – so now he is suing.

    We have freedom of speech and freedom of the press in this country. Naive as I am I still believe in those freedoms.

    Are there not law firms who will sue on your behalf and then whatever money is won will take a share of that as payment.

    Please, for the love of God, sue pay pal. Sue sue sue.

    • No, there are no law firms that will sue on my behalf. Most of them are run by people who bow to the queen. That’s why they are all BAR registered lawyers. The BAR association is the British Accredited Registry, and I bet you thought we were freed from the British after the revolutionary war, right? There is nobody but those of us on the lower levels to fight this thing. There is no fighting them “legally” or “politically” or anything else. The ONLY way to fight them is PHYSICALLY.

    • Psychological warfare is the first step toward winning the fight against the Jew…and we are winning. The Jew is in a predicament in that to secure its power it must hold positions itself. In holding those positions (since they will always abuse their power) they must create false anti-Jewish as well as pro-Jewish propaganda. Mel Gibson is an example of false anti-Jewish propaganda, as well as numerous jokes about Jews in their own media. There is also the Jewish controlled anti-Zionist movement.

      Naturally, this brings the words “Jew” and “Israel” to the forefront of peoples minds. Therefore, the Jew inevitably must work against himself by revealing his existence.

      Even those who scoffed at my statements about Jews are recognizing the words Jew, Hitler, Nazi, Holocaust, etc., are being said more and more in popular media. As they respond to authentic hatred of them with make believe “Antisemitism” we must respond with the truth.

      It takes only one day of truth to wipe away a century of lies.

      What must follow is a Final Solution. Humanity must be prepared to treat them the way we have been misled to treat each other.

      Remember Dresden. Remember the slaughter of the Native Americans. Remember the African slave-trade. Never forget what they have influenced us to do to each other.

      Mere expulsion has NEVER worked. We MUST have a Final Solution.

      • “It takes only one day of truth to wipe away a century of lies.” well said that’s all it took for me and a few others that i have talked with in the last few weeks. thanks to the internet and fearless authors of books that tell the truth about the jew.

      • Great John. You could start by letting go of that Dev Samael left hand path black lodge hocus pocus bullshit and staying on message.

        • I don’t think so. Those who aren’t afraid of “demons” and hocus pocus understand its purpose. The enemy works carefully to vilify even the greatest men (Hitler, Malcolm X, Idi Amin, etc., etc.). The enemy possesses superior propaganda. They turn heroes to monsters.

          He who is afraid to become a monster in the eyes of the sleeping masses has no possibility of winning this war.

          There is absolutely no way to smear or blackmail me, because I do not care. All press is good press and whatever increases my infamy makes me stronger.

          I would much rather be infamous than famous.

          I do not run from the accusation of consorting with the Devil, in fact, my middle name [Samael] is the name of the Jewish Satan (their spiritual enemy).

          Read the Jewish Encyclopedia. Samael is credited with inflicting every misery and malady upon them…and there is still work to be done.

          As for the Christian “Satan”, there is not a single verse in the Bible in which Satan kills anyone, tells anyone to kill anyone, nor any verse where He condones rape, infanticide or slavery…but there are plenty of instances of the Jewish god Yahweh doing all those things.

          …of course, I don’t believe any of this Middle Eastern garbage anyway (Christianity, Judaism, Islam). My people didn’t come from Western Asia so their spirituality means absolutely nothing to me apart from its symbolic use, just as much as I don’t believe in werewolves but I appreciate the symbol of what they represent.

          Remember that it was the Christians that destroyed the Third Reich. It was the Christians who put my African ancestors into slavery (along with Jews and Muslims). It was Christians who slaughtered the Native Americans. It was Christians who forbade the practice of our ancient European spiritually. It was Christians who vilified the spiritual practices of all of my ancestors! Yes, there have been Christian nations who have thrown out the Jew…but it is the same Christian nations who let them right back in!

          It is Christians who tolerate the Jew.

          If the Christians and other such simpletons are dumb enough to think that I am their enemy, and that the Jew is their friend, then they deserve what they get. Regardless of whatever my spiritual affiliation is, the worst enemy of any anti-Jewish activist is not the Jew, but the dumbfounded Christian thugs who will bring their army against him to protect their beloved “Chosen”.

          If an anti-Jewish activist is to be locked away by law enforcement at the behest of the Jew, what “faith” do you think the officers will be? If an anti-Jewish nation arises in the same vein as Nazi Germany, what “faith” do you think the army will be that will raise against them (carefully guided by the Jew)?

          The Christians have always been the best friend of the Jew. The Jew has never had the numbers to wage genocide on a massive scale (apart from meager Palestine) so they use Christians and their Judaic Freemasonic cattle herders.

          “I have always felt friendly toward Satan. Of course that is ancestral; it must be in the blood, for I could not have originated it.” – Mark Twain (anti-Semite and activist against racism toward Africans)

          • I forgot to mention that it is this predominantly Christian nation that funds the Jewish State, which therefore funds the genocide of the Palestinian people.

            Again, Christians are the best friend of the Jew.

          • Your spot on about Christians and their
            support for Israhell, they are nothing more than stupid pawns to the Jude Elite.To be used and then discarded when they are no longer useful time to dump that shit as Christianity is a semetic religion and most if not all Christians aren’t Semetic.
            Have you all ever given
            any thought to maybe raising some money on Twitter..a lot of people use it for that purpose.. Just a thought.

  6. If you give me news and information and a special thank you and I contract to give you a donation that is a business transaction.


    Fuck it,use a P.O. Box if you have to.Ex cons use P.O. Boxes so they won’t be found. l use to work for the post office,also had a cop friend who filled me in on cons and crooks.l also have some Law Enforcement Training.
    Fuck that lranian kike.l myself was born in lran.l would love to tell that kike off in Farci! Bohrow gome show meaning Go Fuck off!

  8. AsylumKnight says:

    Funny how I told you this was going to happen in an e-mail and you never replied to me, or made a post on this site about dropping the internet sites via \hate speech\ ever since the new act hit us about a week ago. Tough luck.

  9. My help is on the way, keep up the good work.

  10. According to this, they launched a thermo-nuclear missile at the pentagon and got away with it.
    And thanks for the articles, a friend says things as they are, he doesn’t try to sound nice, he warns you, tells the truth as it is, even if it hurts.
    I’ve been wasting years with naive libertarians and austrians. I won’t let my homeland become another palestine or a soviet hell.
    If only the anger of the crisis were to be directed to those who caused it…
    Any thoughts on the video?

  11. Adam, do you realize how pathetic this sounds?

    Your site is all about money now?

    Everything boils down to money is just Jew shit, just what I have been telling people to look out for.

    People that I have emailed about your site are now saying you are just a money grabbing shite.

    This is fucking embarrassing!

    Is money your God too Adam?


    • Is Adam Austin supposed to go get a desk job while being internationally known as a committed anti-Semite?

      Why don’t you produce your true identity for all the world to see? Then and only then will you know what it is like to walk in Adam’s shoes, or my own. The fact is, once you are publicly known as a raging anti-Semite; once the harassment begins, then whatever career you hoped to have is over.

      I take it that you are a Jew or a coward, or both. Reveal your full name and location as Adam Austin has. Otherwise, shut your ungrateful mouth. You have no idea what it is like to be targeted by the Jews and how speaking out against them ensures financial ruin.

      • Mano is probably nothing but some fat child-molesting jew scumbag living in Tel Aviv on American tax payer largess using his computer to further the agenda of his criminal kin.

        I suspect this POS is nothing more than a jew agent twisting reality and muddying the waters as all agents of Hasbara have been set out to do all across the net.

        The fuckers are out in full force all over the place, their efforts can be noted on virtually all forums where comments are allowed. One dead give away is that they operate in insect like swarms like locust after e-directives go out on Twitter or other social networks that the world-wide sayanim network frequent.

        Leave it jerk-off like “Mano” to talk heavy shit but never offer up any solutions or ideas, another typical game these sub-parasites play. Their mission is to go out and confuse the gullible and the spineless among us.

    • Mano, go create your own website, with your own real name and address and photo and talk the way Adam does about the jew. I know for a fact that is his real address.

      How is it embarrassing that they ask their supporters for some money for what they do? That would make ANYONE who asks for money for the work they do “embarrassing”.

      Do you work? Do you ask for money, or do you work for free?…..Are you a hypocrite?

      It’s a simple case of if you agree with what Adam says, and the way he says it, then support him! If not, fuck off! He is a voice for everyone who is sick of the jew, and is putting his life on the line to tell it like it is. If you can’t see that, then you are useless anyway. That goes for everyone out there.

      Imagine what damage Adam could do with a million $! ron paul got 30 million and all he said was “audit the fed”?! and “lets go to a gold standard”… the jews control all the gold. Adam has done far more damage than most could ever hope to achieve, same goes for John Martinson II.

      If you dont agree with them, then go hang out at, we are change, oatherkeepers,whatreallyhappened,desertpeace,alex jones infowars, rense, or the thousands of other jewish run “truth” websites that do everything but tell the truth.

      If you haven’t figured it out by now, you probably won’t.

      Most likely you are just another filthy rat faced jew trying to sneak in under the radar.

      The only good thing about jews is that constantly rienforce what I say about them!

    • Do you realize how much of a JEW you sound like to even make such an insinuation on a website like this? I suspect, like many others have already said in my absence, that you are a kike. In fact, I wonder if you are one of the kikes who first tried to get into my account, and when that failed, contacted paypal to have it shut down. What never stops is the attacks and bullshit from jews like yourself “mano”. Normally I would simply delete your comment, but as you can see, it’s spawned a whole rash of reasonable responses. Obviously nobody bought your whiny jew bullshit.

      • That’s bullshit Adam and you know it!

        This freaking outing jews then asking for donations just seems like a business now days. Look at what’s going on, DBS crying poor asking for donations, Kapner is so freaking irritating everytime he posts an article with the obligatory “make you feel guilty if you do not donate post”, Rivero today with his “I can’t keep this site going unless you donate”

        This shite looks like big business now, maybe I should get into it!

        • No, you are the bullshit, and you know it mother fucker. I’m not going to sit here and debate with some worthless, anonymous fucking nobody who does just like a jew and screams every time someone asks for some fucking support. There is no debate allowed on this website, PERIOD. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Don’t bother coming back to my website, don’t bother reading my work, and don’t ever even attempt to speak to me again you fucking coward. I have every right to ask people to help support me, because I am the one who put the time and energy into this website. I am the one who puts my name, my family, and my entire life on the line to say the things jews like Kapner, DBS, Rivero and all the others will never fucking say. I’m not about to hear some bullshit from some anonymous chump that won’t show their face. Until you step out in the light, you have no room to even bother speaking to me about such issues.

          There are two camps when it comes to the jews. There are kikes who scream about money every day, and threaten to remove their sites if you don’t pay them. I have never made such a statement, and never will. In fact, I said my work will remain regardless if judgmental pieces of garbage like you help out or not…which obviously, you haven’t done. I have also made it clear I will continue updating and expanding this site as I always have, at my own pace. Second, there are the jews who claim that anyone asking for money shouldn’t be supported, because they must be the enemy if they ask for money.

          All the while this is going on, people like Alex Jones are having money bombs to the tune of $500,000 in just a couple days, see Shit bag chumps like Ron Paul are raising $30 million dollars to stomp the truth out, divert people’s attention, waste their time and energy, and keep everyone from getting anything done.

          Then there are people like me…regular folks who figured out the truth, and risked my entire fucking life, family, and everything to say what needs said, and some pathetic piece of shit like you has the audacity to talk shit to me for asking for help? Oh wait…there aren’t any others like me. There are just anonymous fuck tards who think they actually have the right to talk smack because I asked for some support! So, before you even think of opening your mouth again on this website, post a picture of yourself and your home address. I bet you’ve NEVER ONCE stood out in public and said one tenth of the shit I’ve said, or taken even a small fraction of the risk I have.

          I’m betting my first guess was right. You’re a fucking jew, and we’ll see just as soon as you post your picture and your address kike.

  12. Mano=jew, ignore his fucking punk ass. Only a jew would post something insulting like that. I doubt very much Adam is getting rich off of this site. In fact I bet he barely makes ends meet. And even if he did get rich I’m sure he would just invest it towards spreading the (real) truth even harder, more than ever.

  13. I cant believe these comments from mano,have you ever debated a jew mano? I have,and let me tell you,it takes up alot of time and effort,and that was only on a forum.
    now can you imagine running a website like this?Do u think articles magically appear on here!

    what is wrong with someone asking for a little help? if we dont help eachother for the sake of the common cause who is going to help us?
    having said that,we must not jump to conclusions and assume he is a kike,he could be just delusional.

    Enough about that,Adam how can people not in the states such as myself donate?
    i know from experience direct bank deposits are not worth it because they charge you like $30 per transaction,what are the options out there?

    • Contact me through the contact or donate page and I’ll fill you in. There are a couple ways. It MIGHT be possible there is another route I can try, that SUPPOSEDLY won’t bow to pressure from these monsters, but what works for SOME people is NOT likely to work for ME, because I have gone far above and beyond what pretty much everyone else has with this website.

      • Adam, go open a Basic checking (minimun deposit requirement $500.00) account at the largest bank in ( Bank Of America) America may be the world. Then you give out the Checking account number)20 identication digit at the bottom of your check to people who visit your web site. Then you ask them to go to any Bank of America branch to depost their donation using your Bank of America checking account number to deposit, it doesn’t cost any money to the depositer. There are thousands of Bank of America branch in 50 states. I used to deposit thousands of dollars into my brother checking account from another state. I deposited a small amount of money to his Bank Of America checking account once a month for 7 years it doesn’t cost me one single penny when i deposited it. I deposited it at least 80 times and it is always free. Your donater must go to B of A and use your checking account to deposit their donation it. May be they could do it on line, you should research it.

        • E-mail use to be: The easy way for me was to fill out a western union form and send it to you at the address you gave me. Nothing suspicious about that. It’s like sending it to a friend. Then I sent you an e-mail with the control number and told you it was ready for pick-up.

      • PS. they don’t have to write a check, or use money order, they could use cash only. They don’t have to have a Bank of America account or use their ID, or driver licence ID when deposit. They could be anonymous. I hope this work out for you. I knows it worked out for me 80 times over. Give it a try. Your enemies are not able to do damage to your checking account even they know your checking account number.There are hundreds of people and business i wrote check to they know my checking account number, when ever i write a check to anyone they have my checking account number. So you shouldn’t worry about peoples knowing your checking account number.

      • Dude go open a basic checkin account from Bank Of America. Then give out your basic Bank Of America checking account number then i will go to the nearest Bank Of America branch which is two block from my house then i will put some cash into your checking account to prove to you it is posible, and the bank will not charge me a single penny to deposit it. Give it a try dude.

        • Look. It’s hard enough to get people to part with a couple dollars through paypal, which they could do instantly. Trying to get them to actually go to a bank and make a deposit will never happen. ONE or TWO people MIGHT just MAYBE do something like that, but most won’t. People think there is no risk or something, and I’m just doing this for my health, yet none of them are sticking their fucking necks on the line for this.

          Let me add, the enemies we are dealing with can have me killed by the time you read this, so don’t think they can’t shut my bank accounts down or block them, because they can and they will. They own the banks, not me. These people have TRILLIONS of dollars, and I am flat fucking broke. What the fuck am I sticking my neck on the line for when I can barely keep a fucking roof over my head? Fuck all these people who are too good to do anything. I accept the risk to my life and my family for speaking out, but NOBODY wants to accept any risk of their own.

          It’s a nice idea, but if people don’t actually do much to help, it doesn’t matter anyway. Lately, I’m focused on my family and my own defense. I’m not going to sit here in poverty and try to help a bunch of self righteous people who don’t want the help, and don’t want to extend any effort of their own. I’ve said most of what needs said, now it’s up to everyone else to step up. If it’s every man for himself, so be it. I’ll make sure my family is safe, and fuck everyone else.

  14. A subscriber at the wayne madsen report wrote that someone used her paypal account, and she had to get her bank to block the charge. She is adamant that no one use it, and I know in the past. when I did have an account, I was constantly getting weird emails, supposedly from paypal.

    Anyway, I am glad to know who supposedly owns it, and that real oath keepers got some help from them. I will continue to send good checks, and please, Adam, continue to call on your readers, to help you grow, by contributing. Have a great week.

  15. Stephen Wolfe II says:

    Im not trying to start a shitfest here like above, but why exacly would anyone donate to this site, when it is already revealed that jewish kabal will be removing it from the internet in the next 6 months? Is it just me or is the entire USA just a pile of fucking subhuman retards? To think this website is the only combatant vs the jewish mafia just prooves how dwarfed all of these people are in thier consiousness. Buy some guns, get some friends and start an internal order. Anything else is just a waste of fucking time and bandwith and in the end SUPPORTS thier movement.

    • Stephen you underestimate the power of the net, and the media. The jews understand.

      By your logic, buying a GUN from a jewish owned company supports them, even if that same gun is then turned on them?

      This is the only website that says its the jews, and they must be removed from the rest of us, without any form of racism towards other people. The focus should be on the jew, all else at this point would be helping the jew.

      Other sites elude to the jew, or whisper zionist or communist, or have a go at israel, but don’t go near the sayanim network and the everyday jew undermining society.

      At some point the shit will hit the fan, maybe thats what people are waiting for. Sad yes, but most people are not like jews and can’t just kill like they do. It will change, and they jews will be delt with, but far worse than the other 109 times.

    • Well now, that’s a mighty jewish thing to say. I think your agenda is rather clear. Don’t support people who stick their neck on the line to say what anonymous (and/or JEWISH) twits like yourself are afraid to say. Don’t support the ONLY website to ever lay it all on the line like nobody else is willing to do. Don’t join together into LARGE EFFECTIVE groups, fracture yourself into tiny little useless minorities and pretend you’ll be able to stop the jews from running you over like they’ve done everywhere else on the planet.

      If this site is such a waste of time, then why is that it attracts so much heat and bullshit whiners like yourself who claim it is useless? I think it’s clear who supports the movement of the jew…whiny little good for nothing anonymous pussies like yourself who don’t have the balls to stand out in the open and say shit, but would rather criticize those who do, while trying to make sure that any real resistance to the jew doesn’t get support…imagine that.

      Oh, and please provide a source for where jews say they’re going to remove this site in six months. I’d love to see this one. If you think this site will disappear, you better think again…I have my ways of keeping it alive.

      That said, those who do support this site know exactly why they should support it, because it pains little jewish twits who want to pretend they’re one of us just long enough to slip in some bullshit like you just did.

      Just for those who wonder what they’re seeing WOLFE IS A COMMON JEWISH NAME, no surprise there.

      The truth is, Subverted Nation has put a big dent in their plans, has changed the entire playing field, and has brought the discussion to a whole new level. Subverted Nation has totally wrecked the credibility of all your jewish leaders, exposed most of the so-called “anti-zionist” kikes as the whores that they are, and done a lot of damage, while also teaching thousands of people what time it really is. If that bothers you so much, you should join a synagogue.

      • Here is an email from the fella with the jew name “Wolfe”.

        You have alot of fucking nerve my friend. I am a jew? What the fuck dude, thats my point. YOU ARE A JEW. YOU are telling non jews to fight each other and are managing infighting everytime someone asks a legitimate question, like how the fuck does your host allow you to talk all of this shit if you arent in ties with the jew? YOU are a fucking fake my freind and I am going to change the world without faggots like YOU who think having a fucking website like a 12 year old girl gives you “status”. Go fuck yourself and that psuedo illuminary John. You both have proven your bullshit through crossreferenced audio files. Oh by the way how is New York Treating you? Fucking kike.

        I have offered Mr. Wolfe the opportunity to “expose” me, as many others have tried to do, and when he provides his proof that I am a fake, I will publish it here for him. He is going to have to provide me with his real name, his real address, and some photos of himself, so we can see exactly who the accusers are too. If he comes up with this info, I will publish an article with his information “exposing” me. When he’s ready to step into the limelight, I will give him the stage.


        Imagine that. Some fool with a jewish name comes here talking about “don’t support this site” and claiming it will be shut down in six months (maybe he has inside info) and somehow I am fake?

        Since I am the ONLY person who doesn’t allow racism (except against jews) or infighting, or any other shit, somehow I am the one who is fake? I don’t see Mr. Wolfe’s books, videos, websites, articles, etc. I don’t see any material from him. I don’t see his name and his face behind any message, in fact, all I see is him crying “don’t support this site” because it’s hurting the jew!

        This is what you get when you tell it like it is. When you have people purchasing wood chippers and fire arms, and looking for ways to unite and destroy the jew, then you must be the enemy! I dare Mr. Wolfe to step out into the limelight and see how long he lasts. Send those photos over Wolfe and we’ll prove how I’m a fake, and you are not jewish at the same time. Good luck.

        • I can hear the wood chippers starting already around the world. It’s funny how jews can’t stop blabbering their disgusting kikenvermin holes under their crooked hooked noses, and it only wakes up MORE people to the jewish infestation!

          Take jon faine, the jew abc radio idiot.

          jews really are stupid to think people don’t see right through their bullshit.

          It’s finally coming to an end, which is good. When their banker buddies try and steal everything, the wood chippers will be in overdrive. jews have nowhere to run!

          Their best bet is to get everyone fighting each other, but this time it will not work.
          Far too many people around the world know about the jew, and how they operate.

  16. How come if Subverted Nation is so powerful against the Jews why you haven’t been taken out yet?

    Gee they had no problem in killing President after President that exposed the parasite Jew but they let you live, explain that!

    • Subverted Nation is powerful because it attracts so many jew trolls looking to save their hide, while at the same time humans all across the globe read it and start pondering the finer uses of a wood chipper. The only people who have ever complained about this site are kikes, but you kinky haired bagel eating morons are too stupid to keep your mouth shut. It’s like I’ve always said, all you have to do is instigate the jew a little and they will wreck themselves.

      The real question is why are jews SO bent out of shape about Subverted Nation getting funding? The jews think they control every dollar because they own the banks. They know grass roots support could fucking destroy them, and it scares them shitless that a site like Subverted Nation might get some serious funding.

      I think it’s time to do an Alex Jones style money bomb, or see if we can create a fund raiser like Ron Paul and rake in $30 million dollars. These jews would be swinging from every tree across the land in a month if that happened.

      Keep supporting sites like SN people…..if nothing else, it pains the enemy to see it happen. Just look at the responses to this thread. They thought closing my paypal would slow me down obviously.

      • Money bomb. Great idea. I noticed those Ron Paul type site spam email accounts quite a bit. Obviously they’re pretty effective. I’m all ears.

      • Karan bhatia says:

        Adam, the line instigate a little and a person will wreck themselves maybe true for non jews as well, or maybe the jews or whoever it was that instigated me in march 2010 knows that this instigation tactic works. They instigated me perfectly and I wrecked my self. I’ve been trying ro piece together all the names and events, and it gets more disgusting every day.

  17. Easy, Mano the hidden yid:

    All of our presidents have allowed the rats to take refuge among their campaigns.

    Adam can smell one of you from 50 paces. Your smell gives you away. Know what else gives you away? Write this out…jew. Don’t capitalize, stupid.

  18. Stepehen Wolfe II says:

    Sorry dude you lost me with that whole rant that was rather fucking stupid. Good luck on this crusade to nowehere. So now I am a jew I guess? You are a product of your own ignorance, and thats why this site is in stalemate. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A TEAM OF FIGHTERS WITH YOUR ATTITUDE. Ever, so just give it the fuck up. I am going to use my time for actual production to get myself out of this fucking hole rather than spending all my energy fighting non jews. THAT ADAM IS WHAT JEWS DO, AND YOU DO IT EVERY DAY HERE! That’s ok though since you will just twist or otherwise block anythign said that makes your foolishness come out. All I see is the same thing on any other website, A bunch of fucking kids waving rocks in the air.

    • Sorry dude, you lost your credibility when you said not to support this site. THAT IS WHAT JEWS DO MR. WOLFE.

      SHOW WHERE this website fights with non-jews. The ONLY people who get smacked around here are people who make SUSPICIOUSLY JEWY COMMENTS like yours.

      MAKE YOUR CASE and I will publicize it for you. See, I have NOTHING to hide, and refuse to let some chump talk shit on my website with a JEWISH name, claiming it will be shut down as if you know something we don’t. You won’t be blocked…MAKE A SOLID CASE and it will be PUBLISHED ON THE FRONT PAGE for you. Good luck with that.

  19. Salman Hossain says:

    u started this shit Mr. Wolfe…u instigated it by telling ppl not to give Adam donations when WE ALL NEED IT BADLY….Wolfe is a Kike name, Marcus Wolfe was the head of the German Stazi….Communist intelligence front…so now tell me u punk as beatch…whats yo fucking problem!?!

  20. Kill Bernanke says:

    The first Jew to kill ASAP should be Ben Bernanke!

  21. That donation I promised before the PayPal fiasco is on the way, hope it helps with sorting out your computer situation.

  22. Lol All this talk about “donations”
    Is it me or has it turned like this because jam is involved in this site now?

    • No, it’s turned in to “where the fuck is your risk in this” kind of website bitch. Glad to see you’ve got your fucking neck on the chopping block with me. Way to go hero.

  23. damnjews says:

    la mort au juif.

  24. Karan bhatia says:

    Adam there must be a way for you to see the ip addresses of the anonymous trolls like wolfe. Maybe he and frank are the same, check both their ip addresses, maybe these hasbara idiots are foolish enough to not hide their ip even if they are posting from the same office

  25. When I first began usng the net for things more important than “chat rooms”, (I’m pushing seventy and was in awe of it), I instantly felt the evil hand of the Synagogue. When I post, I do so in a civil manner, posting only things I’ve verified “just the facts” and use links where able to. Then I monitor these “objective” sites over weeks. It’s quite clear that, when a site allows postings of Muslim hatred, lies etc but “filters” facts which are critical of Israel you pretty much have your answer as to whom is bankrolling the site/organization and abandone it. A few come to mind.. Commonsense et al.

    I began commenting, (facts only, with links to back them), at a site called Already my suspicions have been aroused but I’m still checking it out.

    Then it hit me that it may not be the site itself “losing” or blocking comments critical to the other terrorist nation, (Israel), it could very well be one of the “clearing houses” you are required to join before you are allowed to post! I.E. Twitter, Facebook, Diqus et al. Being more than a tad ignorant about things “cyber”, Could you commentors answer me 2 questions?

    1.) What the heck is the term used to identify these “clearing houses” that cholate and filter(?) our comments before sending them for publication to the sites we’re trying to post at and;

    2.) Are my concerns well founded or just paranoia?

    Thanks. I’ve checked the “notify me…” box and will be watching for enlightenment.

    • You are still trying to tangle within the matrix. All of these places are usually run by jews. Almost everywhere you post, even places that seem critical of Israel, are full of jewish writers playing with your emotions. I could name dozens of sites that are critical of jews, that are still so full of shit they fucking stink, but most people don’t want to hear that. Be very careful who you trust. They are more prolific than you think.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      A friend and I also came to the same conclusion some time ago, that most “conspiracy” and “weird” subject web sites, in addition to the more mainstream ones, are run by jews. In our case the funny thing is when we post factual comments critical of jews and their scams, like media fakery, we don’t get the usual “you’re crazy”, “you’re an antisemite”, etc., comments. Almost always no one responds to our comments and our posts aren’t deleted, which surprises us. Most posters on such sites are not what one would assume and presume them to be. Such sites probably have an official or unofficial “staff” consisting of a handful of jews, each of whom post under several handles. They know the truth about whatever subject is being “discussed” and are there to steer curious humans away from the truth.

      • The jews know you’re not one of them when you start posting. If you don’t make too much noise, they’ll just ignore you. If you start posting too much truth, they’ll just ban you, or they’ll simply carry on the conversation like you aren’t there. That’s a very typical tactic of theirs, they just pretend you aren’t even there any longer, and carry on without you. I don’t doubt that many of the sites are nothing but jews going around in circles with each other. There are some heavily trafficked “anti-zionist” sites where this goes on every day. The idea is to keep people busy arguing mundane bullshit, stirring up racism, and never getting to the point of how to deal with the jew.

        • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

          “If someone calls you a donkey, ignore them. If two people call you a donkey, buy a saddle.”

          That’s the Jewish saying.

  26. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    “See, if you don’t support those who publicly speak out, they will simply block your accounts, erase your words, and make it as if we never existed to begin with. Just like those found guilty of “thought crimes” in George Orwell’s 1984, anyone who speaks out against “Big Brother” (i.e. the communist jew rats in control) will be erased from the system, history will be edited, and eventually there will be no record that such things existed. If you think that’s funny, you just wait, because with every major website or service controlled by jews, we are not very far off from having this happen.”

    I’ve found what’s possibly a major revelation on this statement: You know what’s funny…? Orwell’s a Communist/Jewish person, yet Jews claim he’s an anti semite.

    • Yeah right. Do you think you would have ever heard of him if he weren’t one of them? NOPE.

      • MorbiousStone says:

        I literally only was able to find you because of a Jew crying on his website about you after i heard you say your name on a vid, you left some funny comments to HAHA! when ever you record a vid make sure to say what ever contact details or websites you have, book titles etc I had to type in your name the word jews & a cryjew website popped up LOL shit i found your old painting biz before i found you HAHA God bless you KJVO

  27. Peter Appio says:

    Dear Adam,

    I find your site extremely interesting and thought provoking. You clearly have put a lot of effort into your researches.

    I also very firmly agree with old fashioned liberties and principles such as “freedom of speech” – which have been severely curtailed in recent times. If it carries on like this they will be utterly lost – so those of us who hold dear to such ideas must do what we can to try and preserve such rights and principles – no matter the personal cost. If you are not prepared to defend a right – you don’t deserve to have it.

    On this principle I have made, in the past, a significant donation to Dr. Frederick Toeben of the Adelaide Institute (he is an academic of some standing) who has been greatly persecuted and financially ruined simply for asking legitimate questions about the claims of the Jewish “holocaust” in WW2. Here is his website:

    I would therefore like to make donation to you as I have visited your website and downloaded your book and as such feel obligated to make some kind of payment. However I do not use PayPal – but I can make money transfers.

    Since I am presently in Nigeria – and because of the high risk of fraud – I always ask people to whom I wish to donate money to open a dedicated account with $1.00 US Dollar – so there is no risk to themselves. If you can do this and send me the details of the account name & a postal address, Bank name & address, account number & “routing” number + SWIFT or IBAN code – I hope to make a donation to you in the near future.

    If you google “Peter Appio” – you can find a little about me on the internet.

    I realise that many people are uncomfortable contacting you – for fear of possible unpleasant consequences (I have experienced such difficulties myself recently) – but the idea that one is not allowed to entertain certain thoughts – or visit legitimate websites – simply because of “Political Correctness” is highly objectionable to me – and I am too old and stubborn to care any more what people may think about me.

    Your are clearly a highly intelligent man – and extremely brave – and these are very rare qualities these days.

    Best regards,


    • Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure on the safety of receiving money this way. I do have an address donations can be sent to though so please contact me directly for instructions.

    • Guillermo says:

      Fear is all in one’s head. It’s good to think in advance and weigh the consequences but that is why you should be prepared or prepare yourself.
      I personally have donated many times(within the last months) and I know that Adam can attest to this. So, for anyone who has any doubts or trepidation towards donating to Adam, think about this “20 years from now whatever option we had of donating to Adam may be gone , he may be dead and/or the jewish conquest will have been completed since America is the last peg to their (absolute)global domination, so knowing this, assuming you want to donate, why make it more difficult for your contribution to be effective when it will be MORE effective NOW then in the future?
      So, as far as consequences, honestly you got to think strategically, I don’t go around telling that I donate or anything like that anywhere and I don’t go around telling my business so that the “AGENT SMITHS” can get one up on me and fuck up my source of money.
      So, no reason to be fearful, I nor Adam have been personally confronted be these jews.
      For me it helps that I play dumb and play my moves in advance, if only these kikeroaches knew what is in store for them!
      NO MERCY!!!

      • Thanks for that too Guillermo. If more people would help, I would have more time to focus on strictly this. Instead, I have to fight and struggle to stay afloat while fighting an enemy that prints the money. Your logic on this is flawless.

  28. What are your views on the american patriot William Bill Cooper?

  29. MorbiousStone says:

    You can always pick up virtual giftcards like visa and otherwise and or get in hand ones and just send them to what ever PO box they have

  30. Suajuortu says:

    Bad enough that they obstruct the transactions and accounts of the “Jew-wise”… yet leave it to the slimy Jew to surreptitiously extort money from us on EVERY transaction via a “currency exchange fee” which PayPal (read: LapYap) LEVYs in ADDITION to the current exchange rates. They disclose having charged the fee only AFTER the transaction has been completed, and what’s more, they DO NOT disclose the amount or rate discreetly, because they BURY it as a “modified exchange rate”. I read the complaint of one customer (read: victim) who made an agreement with the vendor to pay in CDN dollars, and to her chagrin, PukePal converted the CDN to US, and then converted the US back to CDN, and charged her for the “work” they did for the “CON-version”. Therefore, I very strongly dislike the JEW. Including the weasel Elon Musk, a PreyPal fartner. To summarize: whenever possible, make your transactions ARMS LENGTH, and check beforehand to ensure that there is NO JEW up either sleeve.

    Achtung Juden.

    • Elon Musk another jew being praised as a fucking hero. A hero for what? Stealing Tesla’s free energy, then spitting in his face by making electric cars that run off of metered electricity from fossil fuels. The company “Tesla” is a disgrace to the name.

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