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Passengers Peg Jew as Terrorist

Passengers Peg Jew as Terrorist

A jew wearing this ridiculous getup on his head was suspected as a terrorist. Finally people can start looking at jews as hijackers, murderers, baby rapers, and the terrorist sons of bitches they are.

This is the kind of thing we need to have happen more often.  It appears some passengers on a US Airways flight from Laguardia, New York to Louisville, KY pegged a jew as a terrorist for wearing their ridiculous psuedo-religious apparel.  The passengers mistook this jew’s silly little box he was wearing on his head and around his arm as a bomb.

This is great stuff if you think about it.  The passengers on a flight from New York picked out a jew as a terrorist.  Considering the facts that the real terrorists are jews like this example HERE it’s high time people started pointing them out and saying terrorist!  There is no question that these jews are the ones we caught dancing and celebrating the attacks on 911.

A passenger was alarmed by the phylacteries, religious items which observant Jews strap around their arms and heads as part of morning prayers, on the flight from New York’s La Guardia airport heading to Louisville.

“Someone on the plane construed it as some kind of device,” said officer Christine O’Brien, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia police department.

No one was arrested or charged, O’Brien said.

The plane landed without incident and the passengers and crew were taken off the plane, a spokesman for US Airways said.

Phylacteries, called tefillin in Hebrew, are two small black boxes with black straps attached to them. Observant Jewish men are required to place one box on their head and tie the other one on their arm each weekday morning.

The jews are into all kinds of twisted, primitive, ritualistic behaviors like wearing boxes on their heads, yarmulke, blowing goat horns, sucking bloody baby penis, raping children, draining their blood, murdering and mutilating their bodies like THIS fully documented and prosecuted case, among other things.  In this case, the jew wasn’t caught with anybody’s children trying to use them as a snack or a sex toy, but the interesting thing is normal people picked up something funny about this creature with boxes tied to itself.

The reason I say this article is great is because we need more people to look at all jews as potential terrorists.  If you see a jew leave a back pack laying somewhere, you should be immediately suspicious.  Every time a jew parks a car somewhere, something might be getting ready to explode, like the OKC Murrah Federal building did. Every time a jew boards a plane, people should get suspicious.  Every where there is a jew, people should be watching like a hawk.  What we need is to catch a few in the middle of a terrorist attack, and have them mobbed and beat to death.  Certainly the jew owned media would advocate such brave, patriotic response from Americans if it were those non-existent Muslim terrorists.

Thursday’s incident was the latest of several false alarms on U.S. flights since the December 25 incident in which a Nigerian man attempted to detonate a bomb in his underpants from materials he smuggled onto the plane just as his flight was about to land in Detroit, authorities said.

The device did not explode and only burned the man, who was pounced on by fellow passengers.

Since then several flights have been diverted by security scares that have turned out to be harmless.

Another jew faking as a terrorist, this is the supposed evil Al-Zawahiri Muslim terrorist posing with his star of david background. This ugly jew was so stupid he used a jewish blanket for a background.

This may have been a false alarm, but there is nothing harmless about jewish terrorism.  I like the fact that they mention this fake terror attack by the Nigerian underwear bomber, but they leave out the fact that the savior du jour in that fable was a Dutch jew film maker.  This scare was a fake, but not harmless. This attack by the Nigerian is being used as a precedent for more police state perversions in the form of the sudden and hefty thrust for full body scans in airports. No doubt the terminals will be manned with depraved jews who will enjoy seeing men, women, and children naked as they pass through the scanners.

The important part of this whole fiasco is that it’s great jews are being looked at as terrorists.  In the eyes of the mainstream media, they would hope that this incident where we find out the jew is just an innocent fella doing nothing suspicious, would train people to ignore the innocent jew.  After all, this jew was just being an obedient servant to his psuedo-religion of racist supremacy, and thinking of how many times he will get to perform metzizah on a baby.

Be suspicious every time you see a jew.  No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, take note of the jews around you. They are terrorists, and may be looking to blow something up.  They are historically proven to have ill intentions, no matter what they’re doing, so be suspicious of every single jew you see.  Watch for jews who pretend not to be part of the tribe, and watch out for jew heroes too. Let the jews feel the eyes of everyone upon them, and maybe this time we will catch their asses in the middle of an attack and beat them to death. Help teach others by sharing my book with them, so that these genocidal pedophilic terrorist jews are sure to get NO QUARTER.

  1. jews are proud of being deceptive, so your advice is well taken.

  2. Jews being Jews is a terrifying thing.

  3. KrypticClue says:

    That “ridiculous getup” is the mark of the beast, as is according to revelations. The mark, on the hand, the forehead and the heart (on the arm level with the heart), its stands for 666 by deed, by will and by desire.

    Its just a shame they all can’t be so easily identified all day long whilst amongst us.. or can they?

    So, it might be helpful if gentiles could recognize jews easier then they could counter them more effectively.

    Firstly, every gentile needs to get it through their head that of ALL things they are good at, jews are the masters of disguise.

    If you cannot grasp this, then there is no point going any further, just find a lounger and let others take up the slack.

    If you can recognize this, then you need to realize that you have been systematically and deliberately lied to.

    You’ve been brainwashed, and you need de-programming and you need to re-program yourselves.

    This brainwashing stops you from recognizing your “masters”. It was bred into you and your parents and is repeatedly re-inforced via their media.

    Here’s the game…

    LIE 1. “You cannot identify jews from the rest of you..”

    YES you can, its easy – with a little practise.

    You may not recognize them all, but the 95% getting past you at the moment, will not get past you in future.

    Getting you to believe the lies they’ve told you, is how they “programmed”/”conditioned”/”brainwashed” you into believing this.


    LIE 2. “You cannot identify jew names from the rest of you..”

    YES you can, 80-90% of jewish surnames can be recognized.

    LIE 3. “You cannot identify jew faces from the rest of you..”

    YES you can, 70-80% of jewish faces/stature can be recognized as jewish, rather than gentile.

    You will eventually learn to see beyond their part-castes with gentiles, to the jew below.

    LIE 4. “You cannot identify jew mannerisms & speech from the rest of you..”

    YES you can, for 50-60% of jews, their mannerisms & speech can be recognized as jewish, rather than gentile.

    LIE 5. “You cannot identify jew by their behavioural/social patterns from the rest of you..”

    YES you can, 60-70% of jew’s, their behavioural/social pattern can be recognized as jewish, rather than gentile.

    Armed with this knowledge you can now re-program yourselves.

    A few more hints will help you on your way..

    1. Look to the TV to find examples of jews. Nearly ALL TV/Film/Music/Newspaper/Magazine personalities are jewish.

    (a) Identify them from their names, then once you are sure you have identified one,

    (b) study their faces and build up a visual library of facial types.

    (c) if within a family/group try to compete with each other to ID them from facial features, first. This is good practise and builds confidence.

    Before long you should able to see that nealry ALL those on TV news/discussion, even those “joe public” interviewed in the streets are jews. The dictatorship is that tight.

    2. Note the names of politicians, lawyers, judges, doctors, bankers, managers, educators, police, company owners and investigate whether it’s jewish or not.

    A high percentage of “officialdom” jobs are run by jews. Thats how they control the dictatorship.

    3. Go to the internet to get your pictures to study. Take a good look at “Israeli” faces and names.

    4. Do an internet search to see if a name is frequently used by jews.

    Use, and enter search strings like (without quotes)..

    (a) find the names supposed origin/meaning (be careful there are lots of jewish lies here)

    “xyzname name origin meaning”

    (b) then checkout the results for..

    “xyzname jewish”
    “xyzname jew”
    “xyzname jeweler”
    “xyzname rabbi”
    “xyzname Israel”

    (c) check family histories and see if the name traditionally married into other known jewish names

    “xyzname name family history”
    “xyzname name genealogy”
    “xyzname family tree”

    (d) check jewish cemetery records to see if the name is there.

    Will follow up primer for combating LIES 2 to 5, if possible.



    • Yeah, keep it coming KC. Don’t forget to search the family crest for each name, as you will likely find good information there as well. Names that are occupational in origin, are quite often jewish, so keep that in mind as well. You can also search “xyzname surname”, “xyzname family crest”, “xyzname sephardic”, “xyzname ashkenazi”, etc. Type “sephardic surnames” into a search engine, you will come up with a list of common sephardic or crypto jew names. There is indeed a lot more, but these are some of the tactics I use to research people, and they’re quite effective.

  4. Best way to go these days is to 1st THINK someone is a jew on the net or the media and RULE IT OUT over time. Judge their look and what they say (deflection, misdirection) and do, and who they associate with and what lies they protect. 9 times out of 10 they end up being a jew.

    The good jewish subversive agents know damnwell peole with half a brain are not buying the holocaust bullshit, so they moved the goalposts a bit so they can say its full of shit, but like Adam has seen, they interject doubt and try to pin the worlds problems on anyone BUT THE JEW.

    Things, the truth, are steamrolling along and waking up people daily, and the jews know the end is near.

  5. KrypticClue says:

    PRIMER for.. LIE 2 above
    “You cannot identify jew names from the rest of you..”

    The name JEW is from the word JU which is derived from the name of the JU-DAH, a group of homicidal religious supremacist criminals, who after slaughtering all the tribes of the children of Israel (KJV Bible Chronicles 2: Chapter 13: Verses: 14-18), then took the “persona” of those they had slaughtered. Of course, like any group of dissociated psycopaths they claimed to have been the instrument of god.

    1. Jewelery

    Jews gave their name to the trade of “Jewelering”.

    Gold – anything yellow – sand (golden), straw, saffron, coward (yellow belly), hay, field, hind (golden), calf (golden), bullion, Kruger, Rand, Sun
    Silver – anything white (blanche, weiss) – Whitethorn, May{flower}, sterling (silver), Moon (silvery), sand (silver)
    Diamond – white – Hard, Berg, Stein
    Ruby – red – rose, wine, blood, fire
    Emerald – green – tree, wood (Bois, DuBois), forest
    Sapphire – blue – water, river, lake, brook, pond

    As Jewels = Gems Chrystals = Stones (Stein) = Rocks then

    Rocks – mountains (Berg), hill


    Anything to do with jewelery and the jewelery trade, including foreign translations of the any terms.

    Hallmark – Hall, Mark

    2. OT Biblical characters or groups and things jewish

    Names like ..

    David – David, Star
    Solomon (Solomons, Solomuns) – Wise, Wisdom, Bright, Sage, Shine, Brain, Smart, Sharp
    Samson (Sampson, Simpson, Stimpson, Timson) – Strong, Bryant, Bryan, Ryan, Fort, Forte, Fuerte, Hale, Stark, Starke, Sterk, Sturdy
    Jacob – Jacks, Hazel, Cobb
    Nimrod – Nimmo, Nimmoy

    Rabbi (priest) – Cohen, Coben, Kohen, Cowen, Curwen, Cohn, Kahn, Kohn, Cahn, Cohan, Curwen, Cowan
    Shalom (Hebrew greeting translates as “peace”) – Peace-man, Pace, Paxman, Dove (after jewish white dove of peace), Pacey, Spacey
    Ashkenazi – Ash, Ashby, Ashly, Ashe, Ashman, Ashken, Asher, Rowan (mountain ash), Roan, Row, Rowe

    Physical attributes..from the “Beak” nose

    Hawk, Falcon, Parrot, Eagle, Buzzard

    … etc

    Get yourselves the free searchable digital copy of KJV Bible and use this to find check if names are OT or not (remember to OLD Testament books only).


    Try this link for more…

    Don’t forget jews swap forenames for surnames and vice-versa…

    3. Prestige objects or titles or positions

    Drinks (champagne, perry etc), furs, artwork, castles, royalty, aristocracy, castles/aristocratic homes/estates.
    Knight, Lord, Baron, Admiral, Marshall, Priest

    There are many more – if its a gentile rank of power position then they will have taken it.

    4. Places

    Cities, counties, countries, states, peoples…

    Berlin, Paris, York, London, Devon, Ireland, Cornwall, German, Dutch, Holland, Deutsch, France, French, English, Welsh, Welch, Walsh, Wales, Whales, Texan

    There are many more including translations in other languages.

    5. Trades

    Goldsmith, Silversmith, Goldman etc.
    Trades you can purchase items from in a jewelers shop.

    There are hundreds and many are in either german or english.

    Plenty of examples to get a feel for it can be found here..

    6. Breeds of Dog ( = God to the hebrew way of reading it)

    Includes wild dogs like Wolf and Fox

    Here’s a list of dog breeds, stick to the main breed name (so for AffenPinscher they use Pinscher) and older European breeds.

    They may drop/add letters e.g. Pinscher -> Pincher.

    This would give you most of them by name. Particularly the orthodox jew.

    Typical ending include -man, -smith (schmidt), -berg (burgh, burke), -stein, -son.

    Try for Spanish names.

    A word of caution, do not get overly paranoid when you start out. So until you are sure of a name, use more than just the name.. use the looks, habits etc also, so as to balance your judgment. Slow and sure.



    • Great information. Thanks. I concur with learning to judge the looks, habits, behaviors, and speech of the jew too and making sure to correlate the name with the other proper indicators. Only jews pretend they can’t be figured out as jews.

  6. KrypticClue says:

    PRIMER for.. LIE 3 above

    “You cannot identify jew faces from the rest of you..”

    Watch for the names as they come up on TV, particluarly sporting events like the (Winter 2010 – loaded with jews) Olympic Games, and gradually you should see enough faces to know that you can easily recognised them.

    Look at .. NOSE, EYES, HAIR in that order.


    1. Aged by Evil – Ageing is early and pronounced.

    Due to their evil nature, the jew is genetically pre-determined to age at about a 50% faster rate than the average gentile of mid-European decent.
    This is caused by the triggering of an auto-destruct gene, embedded in mammalian genomes. This gene is designed to protect a species, as a whole, from (self-)destructive elements within the population. So this gene is turned on early, so as to protect other members of the human species from an evil scourge.

    The following demonstrates was you will see..

    Females often reach puberty by the time they are 9/10yo and males by the time they are 10/11yo.
    Males begin to shave at 11/12yo.
    Males are often balding (receeding) and females are beginning to lose that “nubile” teenage look by the time they are 14yo. At this age both sexes appear to have the look of a 18-20yo gentile of mid-European decent.
    Males are very regularly seriously receeded and balding at the back, by time they are 18yo, making them look as through they are in their late 20’s.
    Females at 20yo, begin to look as though they are in their 30’s, losing shape, wrinkling heavily and often putting on weight fast.
    Males reaching 25yo are often bald at middle front of the head, the back, and normally they will be combing over. By contrast, mid-European males will onlt just be starting to receed at the front, along the side partings.
    Males at 30yo, will often be bald from front to back and either combing over or shaving the rest off.

    This premature ageing seen in jews, was recognized by themselves many millenia ago. Their “books of generations” (starts in Genesis Chapter 5) details their own concerns, of course its complete exaggeration, maybe.

    2. Pop-out Eyes – Eyeballs appear to be oversized.

    Giving the appearance of their eye-balls “popping-out” of their sockets or large ball under an expanse of eye-lid if closed.

    If they are normal weight, it gives them a “starved” appearance. (chimp?? – rare in women)
    But if they are overweight, it adds to their “piggy” appearance.

    3. Shorter in height, on average (2-3″), than average people of mid-european decent.

    4. Noses

    a. The Ashkenazic (Drop) nose – with the head balanced squarely on the shoulders, the point of this nose dips below (horizontally) its point of attachment to the face.,_Henry

    This nose may be variously shaped and may have a wider boney bridge or may just be badger shaped (e.g. very large or even pro-boxer like).

    b. The Semitic (Hook/Beak) nose – the typical hook nose.

    This has a large boney angular (beak) bridge with a curved lower bird of prey beak shaped section. Often will also dip below its point of attachment to the face. (

    c. The Negro (Piggy) nose – whilst in Roman captivity, most male jews had to breed with negro slave females. As a result their offspring may today bear these nergo traits as a sort of throw back.

    (None of these noses should be confused with the largest European noses – Norwegian large Craggy Bridged Nose (steep decent), Gallic (mega) snozzle – triangular – side on & wide, Roman moderate Craggy & Angular Bridged Nose with steep decent.)

    5. Frizzy hair – most non-ashkenazi jews have frizzy hair (even when blonde/ginger) – either from negro/babylonian or persian ancestry.

    Look for modern hair straighteners and colorings in females, so check the eye, tongue etc color (inner skin is light pink in mid-Europeans, darker in Arabs/Asians, and pigmenting brown in negros), and skin tones to match.

    6. Brunette/Dark Brown/Ginger Brown Hair – in males when older look for white hair if still have a full head (this is Greek/Spanish/Portuguese/Persian influences).

    7. Brown/Hazel Eyes – with the exception of some English/Germanic/Scandanvian jews (often v. wealthy), most jews have brown or hazel colored eyes.

    May deceive with pupil color changing contact lenses.

    8. Minor facial blemishes – like hare-lip, disfigured, lop-sided or other genetic defects are common, particlarly inheritable genetic disorders. All caused by inbreeding.

    9. Speech impediments when speaking european languages. (strictly speaking not a facial feature)

    Commonly has “dead/protruding tongue” in the front roof area of the mouth, stops them pronouncing “s” and “t” properly. Leads to slurring/fluffing “th”/lisp & inability to roll tongue in roof of mouth.
    Caused by inbreeding and speaking yiddish/hebrew as a first language (much more common in males because of this).

    10. As a general rule, surgical fixs/implants are much more common in “media/fashion/acting/modelling/political” career people, partciluarly amongst those under 40.


    1. Balding pattern is early and pronounced, with baldness at the rear and a receeding front, eventually becomes complete, from front to back.

    (Chimpanzee Baldness Pattern – CBP)


    By 14 many start thinning at the front, down the side parting.
    By 16 most are starting to bald on the back of the head, where they fix their saucer.
    By 18 most are balding at the front and by 30 many are completely bald down the center of the head from front to back (though they may comb over).


    a. Chinese Asians bald (unless shaven) from the front backwards in a broad area including the side-partings and sometimes wider.

    (Orangutan Baldness Pattern – OBP)


    b. Europeans (particularly northern) bald along the side partings themselves, leaving a central thinning growth on the crown and rarely bald at the back (until older) like jews or asians.

    (Gorilla Baldness Pattern – GBP)


    Other observations..

    CBP is also seen in some “High Caste” Indian subcontinent Asians.
    I have no idea how Persians or Arabians bald (as they always seem to have a good head of hair), but Persian hair appears to go white quite often.
    Palestinians, Syrians, Lebonese, Jordanians, Iraqi’s appear to be similar to jews (CBP), a little more mixed.

    Even when combing over, hair implants/weaves in those over 30yo is still common, particularly if they are in the public arena or wealthy.
    So look for hair dye usage in the crown area (dye usually shows up under studio lights), often purpleish/blueish, very obvious against the color of any remaining original hair (look for the seam).

    2. “Chimp-Monkey” face.. this fits well with “pop-out” eyes with wide face, small chin, sticking out ears, and the almost triangular protrusion of the area surrounding the upper mouth to mid-nose (see Planet of the Apes – chimps – did the jews recognized themselves and so portayed the chimps as having superior morals/sensitivity over the insensitive devious Orangutans and the dumb-ass agressive Gorillas) – obviously a Bonobo Chimp (

    3. Surgical fixs to.. ..pinned-back ears, hair-lip removal, occasionally the nose.

    Worked example..
    – CBP, “Drop nose” (main picture), slightly “Chimp face”, short height (uniform picture), with moderately “pop-out eyes”, slightly premature ageing (see 30yo mug shots).


    1. Dark almond or spanish eyed

    A common trait amongst those of S. European origin.

    2. Naturally straight black/dark hair

    From Spain, Greece or mid-east. (straightened??)

    3. There are very few natural blondes (except some v. wealthy who married into gentile aristocracy)

    4. Natural frizzy ginger/brunette is the norm, but it will often be straightened and dyed black/brunette/blonde hair (roots??).

    5. In non-Ashkenazi, most commonly, a wide jaw with a narrowing of the face to the top of the head, giving a triangularish head, rounded cheek bones, with a short very horizontal jaw line often to a small pointed chin.

    6. In Ashkenazi, most commonly, a high cheek bone with long slowly narrowing jawline to a wider chin. This is often described as a “horse” face, particularly where the eyes are “pop-out”.

    7. Wide hips, big fat ass and v. large breasts are quite common (and often ugly as sin).

    This comes from the family ancestral line having habitually hired their women out as nurse maids/nannies (pre-“baby milk powder” this was the ONLY way to feed a young baby whose mother either failed to lactate or who did not want to do the feeding themselves, plenty of money in this and a sure way into wealthy gentile homes).

    8. Surgically modified nose, very frequent… look for one or more of these 3 features ..

    (a). Ski Slope Bridge – the bridge of the nose appears to be concave (opposite of beak), as a result of it being shaved down too far by the surgeon.

    (b). Triangular Tip – often goes with a shaved down bridge where excess flesh was removed from the top of the tip giving it a triangular (point of triangle up) shape (possibly with stubby wings at the base of triangle).,

    (c). Large and Low Nasal Septum (the piece of cartilage separating the nostrils from each other) – this is often visible in the “Beak” nose and if the “Drop” nose tip was reduced, revealing the nasal septum hidden behind it. Anything you see dropping down here should get the bells ringing. (“drop” nose after surgery) (“beak” nose before and after)

    9. Other surgical fixs to … pinned-back ears, hair-lip removal, increasing size of eye-lids to hide the “pop-out” eyes, etc. .

    10. Wearing a complete WIG – Orthodox jewesses are required to shave their heads. They therefore wear a wig.

    Eventually you should start seeing these faces very frequently on TV, but keep a tight rein on your imagination though as the brain has a tendency to “fill in/manufacture” when it gets “too” suspicious.

    Go to if you are stuck for jews.



    • KrypticClue says:

      One small, but very sigificant omission here, of the semitic “beak” nose is the nostrils. They are larger and curve much more upward that usual.

      This adds to the appearance of bird beak (which of course have wide nostil facing forward/sideways rather than downwards).

      And to a lesser extent, this is often the case in the Ashkenazi “drop” nose, this flared nostril, further re-inforces the “horse face” description used to describe German jewesses.



      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        Where are LIES 4 and 5?

      • Uau, nice. I think that we must look more to red haired and grey eyes. Many jews have grey eyes, but i do not know if non jews can laso have grey eyes.

        Genhis khan, alexander the great, many irish british druids, atila, many aegiptian and precolombine mommies had red hair. I think there is many kind of jews. Maybe in many caves near mont Zagros lives jews with 100% genética stock and a lot of rh- DNA.

        Some of them have a strong constitution and aré moré tal than persons. Just an opinion.

        There is a kind of jew that is the dwarf. Not all dwarfs aré jews, but the ones with childish beheaviour probable aré.

        In the past always have been stories about faes or nimphs for the greeks. In fact this is the childish jews disease. Most of them aré small, as Angus Young. This guy have a mentallity of a 5 years old kid. Many porn actresses aré in fact jews with “fae/childish” disease mentallity.

        Most of them are sexual slaves and have birds or butterflies above the coxis to identify them as Monarchs. Many fea jewish sexual slaves have grey eyes, but I insist, i don’t know if grey eyes it is only for jews/neanderthals.

        People will be surprised about how many famous jews have the childish disease. Now i am beginning to recognise them.

        I am thinking now in a blood transfusión in an orangután. I am not gong tomexplain this. If someten catches, it is ok for him. It is just a joke, or malle not, who knows.

        They aré compulsive liers and aré amoral. In a website one of them wrote that they have the blood of a traitor and that they have not the right to love.
        He insinued that they can understand good feelings, they haven’t so they must rationalise what a food behaviour or good feelings is. Does anyone noticed that many times smile showing too much the teeth and look as a torced smile? Maybe this lack of impossibility ofvfeel good feelings make them to overact and seem hipócrits or non fair, even if their intention is not bad.

        For recognise one ofvthem many tipes of jews i look the front, neck and shoulders. Their tórax can be also bigger or more massive.

  7. .. and the kikes wonder why they are perceived as subhuman. Aside from their immoral practices, immorality and deceptive behaviour their cultural practices are a freak show!

  8. if German Jewesses are horse-faced, East Europeans Jewesses are CAMEL-faced like the ugly specimen at

  9. Who ever Thought antichrist is No person , but a whole population , a sekt , a cult , an Criminal terrororganisation by culture ?
    They are the “”Bad people” the religions are Talking about !

    The habits , the crimes , the terror , the scams , the Childmolestations , the druggings , the prostitutions , the Child prostitutions , exterminations , bribes , extorsions , blackmails We Do Know SO Well , are JUST their usual behaviour by culture , they decayed Mankind !!!

    They are to My Knowledge Originating from asian Man eaters !

    At the core , Most evil center jews (jew …a Name stolen from the Kaukasian Population 600 years Ago) You Can See Easily the asian background !

    golda meir , ruud lubbers , prins charles , cohen , and the “high?” jewfamilies like rotchilds who took a seat in their towerapartment Complete with Pop Corn befor the Planes Flew into WTC , You Can See it Easily !

    Ted bundy , dutroux , fourniret , polanksi … Churchill , rooseveldt , trotski , even Hitler ( alot of asian ) are/were jews , always war and terror!

    There are also afrikan , semite , Chinese , egypt , White Mixes , But When grown up in jewsociety … in Any Case Ful Blown evil Criminal anti christs from early Childhood on , No Matter what color , also ritual abuse experts from childhood on!

    The youngest jew I Remember torturing and raping Me When I Was 3 Years of Age in 1962 and was him self 5 years of age and a Full Blown expert already about how to torture and rape !
    Possibly a son of dries van agt who was president once and who accompagnied him in the torturing and raping of My 3 Years of Age , and must be now about 53 years of age and having a good position in society no Dought There , they all Do !

    How Many Victims he already realised I Do Not Know , But a Lot ! Of That I Am Sure , More than ted bundy , more than dutroux , or dahmer , those were peanuts , little jews , for jewsociety !

    it´s that michael jackson complex they all want to be white , also they Do prey and scavenge by means of association , assimilation and identification …a look a like … the German Health Departments Teached That 70 and 80 Years Ago Already !

    Terrorism from with in “invisibility” , background , behind the scene , indirectly … a Lot !

    In My Nation Most Do Not See They Have brabbled Their Ears Full of jewshit Every Single Day and Night on tv and in the media , Or Else There Would Already be Seas of Lawsuits and Arrests for massive Racial hateseedings , scams , Disrimination , and the daily try to get Us killed by Each Other and Other Nations !
    Always hate seeding and terrorism !

    Ever Noticed they are present at EVERY school and elementary even Kindergarten , male AND female , that is for the sekt to rape , drug abuse and Brainwash Our Children for years and have this way the control for the rest of Their Lives !

    Children are already at elementaries AND Kindergarten appointed by these same jews Who will go to their brothels whorehouses as whore , No … whores Do NOT grow on trees !!!

    But is Your Child taken away and Lost for ever !!!
    A Lot of Most jew´s wealth , especial those jewish teachers male and female , is from Or Originating from Child abuse and Child prostitutions !

    They abuse EVERY Races Children , No One ever Had a Virgin because of that , even the islamics who them selfes also are secondhand whores after elementary as We All Are because of them , as Already Our Fathers and Mothers were befor Us !!!

    jews do massively work and collaborate with afrikans and semites in these Crimes of filth and decay !

    The heroin , ghb , lsd ,Reproductioninhibitors , Muscletraumainducors Can Be Found for Years after those Crimes!!!

    I Ad Some More Maby Useable Information!
    Please forward the Information So Now and Then , also toward China , Russia , and Pakistan and Such , to Warn Them !

    So We Can Stand Together !!!

    Satanic is when a society or criminal sekt or cult Abuses Children by raping Them ( Not only sexually) And Breaking Their Souls to be submissive , slave and whore to the Sucking Us Dry , them selfes often leaders calling beasts of prey and parasitism on the Lives of Others !

    The souls of these beasts exist by millenia of cult (ural) evil incest of pure evil
    ( There Also is GOOD Incest )
    They are devoted to evil , Not to have that against them of course but for them , to rule the Planet with it !

    Are Anti GOD

    This has got as Consequense they are against All Life , Including that of the own Children!
    They destroy Happyness as evil can not stand it !
    They exterminate Love and abuse it in their whorehouses !
    Even own Children are used and abused between the Ages Zero And Four Years of Age !
    As They them Selfes were befor !

    Are in Fact the living Death , Empty souls who commit the same crimes over and over again through all of History of their existense !

    Automatons or Neumanmachines , No Living Will , only repeatings of the same old stuff over and over again !

    One Big coercive action as society !

    Are attracked towards Living Beings , Humans , Children Especial , even Animals and Realy Do suck the Live out of Them , and All Became Black and Dark by rape and murder !

    The Associations with “the living death , count dracul , vampires , army of darkness , anti Christs , God murderers” Do Have an Real Life Connection with Real Life History , by Existing with thém !

    Do Realy throw All Life in Unhappyness , evil and decay , endless wars and sufferings , poorness and Sorrows from Birth to Death , where they feel well with and prey on like jackals or bold vultures , scavengers!

    This IS Their culture , preying and parasiting on Other Races And Societies by evil and terror!
    Usually from above or powerpositions , whether this is as teacher at Kindergarten and schools , whether it is in finance and politics !

    Most are in Governments as the official !
    The Core evil ones came from an Man eatertribe out of the asian Sector , You Can See the formost asian , black haired , Origines Easy because of the millenia of evil incest at golda meir , ruud lubbers , prins charles , maxim verhagen , eurlings , tang or job cohen ( cohen means priest in their language , they are a cult a sekt , evil it self , All Mass Childrapers , drugdealers , pimps and murderers , scammers ) or that justus that dwells around at this Site !

    Because they rule Us , over the White Race as Least , for millenia now , Every One is to Some Degree affected , raped and influenced by them !

    How Farther South One Goes , Especial asian Regions , the More the Presense of evil is Found !
    This is Because of Ages of evil in a Population , in a Race !

    Therefor the Southern races always did crime to Us Kaukasian Races , We Not to them !
    Therefor One of the Big Reasons asians , afrikans/morokans , islamics/semites are evil for Us and the Crime Statistics Confirm That!

    Here Comes in the association with “the armies of darkness ” , those races were/are for millenia the whoresoldiers of the israelite as they call them selfes nowadays lately !
    As We Became Also , fakechristians of the evil lords , serving antichrists !

    Up on that curse jews Do use and abuse these racial tensions they create and pamper for own profits and power , to break the power of Nations And Races , to get rid of All Uprise against their crimes !

    That´s Whý they Are Always behind immigrations and emigrations !
    Above All And Against All , the Worst of All , is the asian Man eater who calls them selfes Now a Days israelites !

    Because of them alone since 1991 800.000 Families Fled the Nation of Holland because of their terror from above , And 35.000 a year extra Died by Suicide because of the sferes these beasts created , Especial since 1991 !

    At the same time they kept importing more evil , so the Populationnumbers Did Not drop and No One Noticed!
    Also the CBS , statisticsburo , aswell as Government is possesed by them so no Numbers and Victims are Known !

    In the USA 20 Million People and Rising , Lost Their Homes by this jewevil Since 1991 !
    In Holland We loose as Result of their evil statecrimes at the Moment With 3000 Families a year Our Homes !
    In the 1930s already they massacred many tens of Millions Human Lifes by mass Starvations and wars in the USA , Russia , and Europe !

    In China they also are and were Present with many Tens of Millions deaths also!
    We Do Not Know these Things Because they Do monopolise all Media!

    The Oldest evil incestcorekeepers of them have much asian , egyptian , negro , semitic in them !
    You Can See at core jews like cohens or van mierlo also an egypt Yellowish part!

    But Above All their behaviour is the Part where it Hurts , Childrape , rape of Nations,Populations , Crime , evil , Chronic Genocides and eiger to submisse All Life to their purposes and wishes , spreading of evil (promoting decay and hate , breaking Love , treason , Chronic Poorness and Sorrows ) , crime ( drugdealing , Child prostitution , prostitution , slavery ,abuse , high treason in Governments in Peacetimes , High treasons in justice and law ,in Democracy mass murders , lust murders at Children and people ), deseases ( pest , aids , starvations , tyfus , Muscletraumadeseases , poisoning of Environments , etc ) disasters ( creating ww1 and ww2 , cold war , vietnam , Iraq , stabbing the dikes in Holland in 1953 , chronically spreading hatred and Racial hatred by rape Child rape and with their evil media , chronically creating and progating wars and violence , creating chronically repeating artificial ressesions and inflations with their banksystems to rob Us of All True Worht , Possesions and Value in echange for their worthless papermoney , an kind of pyramidegame with an roundabout of 60 to 70 years ) , sickness and bad Health ( by enslaving Children to alcohol , tobacco and drugs , by torture and poisonings at elementaries and in Societies , ALL Society´s Worries and Troubles , ALL Mental And Fysical decay , Inability , and illness Comes from that , from scizofrenia , manic depresseds , borderlines , depressions to diabetes , Heartattacks , Migraines , Spinetrouble , Abdomen , Intestinals , Cancers , Bad Eyesight ( a Lot of Children are starting to waer glasses after jews raped Them at Kindergarten or/and elementaries ) , autism , isolation , loneliness , Suicides , Murders , Baby and Child murders and violence against , Skeleton and Brain deseases by flouritpoisons) ….You Name It , They Did IT !!!
    They Are the Only Sourche of terrorism !
    Also in ways You Do Not Recognise !

    Befor they came to the Northern hemisfere there where No deseases , No Sorrows , Sufferings , wars , starvations , hate or violence , No strangers or criminals !
    We Had No laws , lawmakers , governments , hospitals , armies , bibles !

    We were Happy and were Free and Had GOD , We Had Love as Government , Our Love !

    Eventually the Planet Will End by their ways , as the Planet they came from already Did , And is Now Called the Kuiperbelt , 10% of their Planet still Orbits as Rock and Dirt !

    But it is no Wonder this way they also do sabotage All Justice and Investigations where a jew in crime is involved , from with in gov and justice , from with in politics and media , policeforces and secret services …from with in Forensics and universities !

    I Hope This is Enough Satanics Definition for You ?

  10. Thank you so much for your webpage! God bless you. The day soon will come when Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, will come to judge mankind. And trust me, the evil synagogue of the doomed one will pay.

    • You don’t understand nothing. God gaves freedom to do everithing. That is our problem, to believe that someten else or god is going to do something. The true war is:

      Devil heló the jews to slaves all non jews. God try to prove the good thing of his creation by not “helping us”. They act as a colectivistic beasts. We, instead, have individual will. God ave us freedom, that they haven’t, HE gaves us love and repent and “perdón”. If GOD participate in the war, GOD losses and the Devil wins!!!

      It is us, with oír freedom and individuality, us with oír free will that must defeat the devil and his neanderthalic/ jews creation.

      That is what i think. I hope people understand what i mean. I am not perfect, but i try to do some lintel things. Normally people stands behind the computer and do nothing. I am not an hero, but i begin to be not afraid of having my opinión and have no fear of making the ridicolous. They attack in group, so don’t be afraid if 4 or 5 jews have the ame opinión and YOU have yogur OWN opinion. They will try to discredit you. I am learning to speech and i am a beginner. In a conversation many times they put words in your mouth that you did not pronunce and then beige to argumentate with the words you did not used. It is hard to percieve, so get some practice. So DO. Talk about 9/11 self demolition or whatever, and try to learn how they make younfeel silly or a crazy one. Try to learn their tricks and how they try to make feelings and think others about you, how they try to convince others that you aré a dumb and notneven discuss any of yogur arguments. They aré experts on make you think they have answered you but in fact they did not.

      GOD gave us free will. If he help us, he loses and the devil win. The Devil is an informatic virus. I have in mind a sort of thing lime the matrix movie.

      There is many posible interpretations of the bible, specially some parts of the old testament, that in fact is the vampiric evangelium. Many cultures have the ame simbols. The greeks, vikings, tracian, romans, etc. Nimrod is gimglamesh or also Hércules. Zeus is the devil. Many panteón gods aré similar. The greek titanomachy repeats all over history and in all continents.

      The estoy of Enoch is most ofbthe times misunderstood. Enoch is a JEW. And the final judjement will be madre by the devil. The “god” that speaks to Enoch is the devil, the one that sed the diluye, the flood, common in All cultures round the world. Why the enoch “god” wants to punish his own creations? What does it means? Maybe the judjement will be o ver the jews theta servid him Well. We the people aré here only for being massacrated.

  11. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    That Boston Bombing is just another day for Jews actors.

    • Seems like a lot of jewish acting, and now the jews are getting to play out martial law, home invasions, and warrantless searches. You can tell it’s a jewish false flag op just by the sheer number of jews and sock puppet accounts they have trolling the internet trying to back it up. In fact, on this one, I’ve seen more activity than I think I’ve ever seen with a false flag event, minus 911. They are out in force trying to uphold the official version of events, and much of what you see are automated accounts doing the trolling, along with millions of jews who are eager to move things forward. We need to be pushing the truth even harder, to even more people now more than ever.

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