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Obama’s Rabbi

Obama’s Rabbi
Obama's rabbi.

Obama's rabbi.

Do you even want to begin to ask yourself why Obama, another supposed christian of some sort, has a rabbi? I mean, it’s obvious with all the jews in his administration that there might be a rabbi in there somewhere, but it seems Obama has a rabbi there by his side to serve his needs. Or is it the other way around? Certainly dark skinned jews aren’t treated as nice, because he looks like a full blown “schwartzer”, but it’s damn good cover if you want a puppet in the white house! I mean, look at this list. Obama’s administration looks more like the roster of names at a bar-mitzvah than a symbol of American power:

David Axelrod (2009- ) Senior Advisor to the President
Jared Bernstein (2009- ) Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President
Rahm Emanuel (2009- ) Chief of Staff
Lee Feinstein (2009- ) Foreign Policy Advisor
Gary Gensler (2009- ) Chair of the Commody Futures Trading Commission
Elena Kagan (2009- ) Solicitor General of the United States
Ronald Klain (2009- ) Chief of Staff to the Vice President
Jack Lew (2009- ) Deputy Secretary of State
Eric Lynn (2009- ) Middle East Policy Advisor
Peter Orszag (2009- ) Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Dennis Ross (2009- ) Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State
Mara Rudman (2009- ) Foreign Policy Advisor
Mary Schapiro (2009- ) Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Dan Shapiro (2009- ) Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council
James B. Steinberg (2009- ) Deputy Secretary of State
Lawrence Summers (2009- ) Director National Economic Council
Mona Sutphen (2009- ) Deputy White House Chief of Staff

That doesn’t include all the jews and crypto-jew appointments and staffers that further surround Obama on capitol hill like Geithner, Paulson, Napolitano, and those in the senate, congress, judicial system. Not only that, but this really was a historic election year. Jews loved to boast that there were a record number of jews elected to Congress this year, so the infestation and infiltration has simply dug deeper and deeper roots.  One important question, how much longer will people ask whether Obama is a jew or not?  If he’s not, you’ve got to wonder why he celebrates seder at the white house, surrounds himself with so many jews, has his own rabbi, is married to a wife who’s cousin is a rabbi, and on, and on, and on.


Abusive Israelis Pushing America to Communism

Obama’s rabbi, David Saperstein, was appointed by Obama to, “a White House volunteer advisory council of religious and secular leaders and scholars, some called him “Obama’s rabbi.” The article is littered with this rabbi playing softball with the politics of Israel, stating that no matter what, people should stand behind AIPAC, even if Israel is committing genocide. He attempts to give us the idea that Israel is just a misguided child or something, and it’s OK to disagree with it, but still support it. Here the rabbi pacifies his fellow jews by letting them know that Obama will work towards their agenda:

“If there is an opportunity and one party backs [away] from it – then there will be a tension,” he said. “But I think everyone is committed, even if there are tensions, to keep this special relationship with Israel.”

This rabbi is also part of a reform movement that supports gay marriage:

The movement’s emphasis on social justice affects its role in some of the more divisive social issues of the day, including gay marriage, which the movement supports, according to Saperstein. “It looks like a generation from now we’ll look with a kind of puzzlement about the intensity of these debates in America, like towards the discriminatory policies towards women and minorities,” the rabbi said.

“The direction seems quite clear not just in Jewish leadership with more and more rabbis officiating it, but the Jewish community supporting overwhelmingly the full equality for gays and lesbians.”

Saperstein added a warning about global warming, which he said “threatens to destabilize the whole world, and there is no Noah’s Arc to protect the Jewish community if global warming erodes the earth’s environmental infrastructure – it’s up to us to do something about it now.”

Jews gay comic hero targets children.

Jews gay comic hero (Rawhide Kid) targets children.

Man, what a mouthful. What’s sick is this rabbi is one of the guys standing over Obama’s shoulder and influencing his decisions. Like Rahm Emanuel, who is the son of Irgun terrorists, Rabbi Shmeckle Sucker, isn’t exactly what most American’s would consider a good influence for the most powerful office in the land. The direction of jewish leadership is indeed very clear, with jews pushing gay/lesbian rights down our throats and using it to degrade the common decency of our people, it’s quite clear what’s going on. With jews behind the gay Marvel comics hero, it’s also quite clear that our children are being targetted with this filth.  This isn’t a joke.  These jews are so filthy you can’t make this stuff up.  I’ll completely ignore his drivel about the fabled global warming.  Maybe it comes from the heat of jewish rabbis trying to love on little boys.

Again, let make it clear. I am about freedom, and don’t give two shits for your sexual orientation, but keep it behind closed doors. The push to bring homosexuality, and sexual deviance out on the front fucking lawn where everyone has to see it, is a jewish agenda. Grown men walking around the streets with their asses hanging out isn’t cool.  Or giving each other oral pleasure in public places, like I mentioned in my last article.  It’s purpose is to degrade our level of accepted morality, and it is here the problem lies. These jews are pushing their depravity onto our people, and targetting our children. They want people to accept lude behavior and laugh when others get hurt. You can laugh when I tell you these are demons, and they want to create a hell here on earth. It’s like treasure island in the movie Pinnochio. Pinnochio found himself on an island where every sin was allowed. They could be just as bad and vile as they wanted, and nobody seemed to care. The only problem is, just like the la-la land most people live in today, pleasure island was a trap.  So, wise up already.

  1. Maybe you should take a look at some of the stuff I have posted about the gay agenda and the Talmudists. I have done a few pieces on that, last week naming who’s who and who is responsible for what part of the gay agenda. You have it pretty straight. RADICAL HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT RUN BY JEWS was a week or two ago.

    If you have ever watched Chapter 3 of The Arrivals, an artist shows how Disney’s workers would draw a sexual image, be it an anatomically correct backside of a woman bending over, male or female private parts, etc etc, and turn them within seconds into cute innocent cartoon characters. My jaw was on the floor when I saw it. Having studied MK Ultra for a long time, I can tell you Disney played an important job, hired by the CIA, to corrupt the minds of children. His “family values” label comes from the first 2 years or so when he did actually create legit stuff.

    I think what ticks me off most is, I can open Google to do a search on, oh, let’s say, Brass Buttons. Chances are 50/50 I will find images of two guys in the middle of something I would rather not know anything about on the second page I go to. One night I plugged in “love” and all voila, first page, men doing the deed. UGHHHHHHH.

    Men don’t seem to have as much problem watching if it is two women together, but I find it equally nauseating. No matter how you look at it, it is the debauchery of Babylon all over again.

    The sexualization of our children begins very young. And so does the satanization if you let them watch Fantasia. And now many other things. I have decided that, since a bunch of non Semites have decided that anyone speaking out about their abuses to real Semites is to be termed antisemitic, then I am proud to be so.

    Anyhow, we heteros get it bad either way. Say you are tired of seeing gays under your nose and full of PRIDE and you are .. OMG, a homophobe! Say you are tired of the Jews pushing it on you, and you are… are you ready, an ANTISEMITIC HOMOPHOBE! Political correctness is no more than an unpopular movement pushed on people who do not want it yes they end up policing themselves.

    Last night I posted a book called Exosing Satan’s Left Behind. I am recommending anyone who wants to understand these people and how they operate, to read this. Ever wonder how the Chad Lubovitch end up being photographed en mass with ever leader (using the term loosely) on earth?

    What the authors have to say is not pretty, but you will have almost every tile placed almoooost properly by the time you are done. Cheers. BTW you have a great site here and some excellent info!

  2. Thanks Barbara. I will check out the book you recommended. I have looked very closely at how they operate all of this, and your information is definitely relevant. Thanks for sharing. If you enjoy the site, pass the link around.

  3. Thanks, Adam. So much hard work you have put in, and it shows.

    And geez, I knew it was the kosher kamp there at the white (jew?) house, but I hadn’t really seen a list before now.

    I just read today that Diane Feinstein is a dual-citizen Israeli. Is that true???

    We are truly infested and over-run. I’m doing what I can to wake people up. Thanks to people like you, I’m encountering less resistance than I did last year when I myself woke up and started the campaign.


  4. I agree with Nom, and Barabara. Thanks for all the hard work and effort. It’s helping awaken many people,and the law of numbers works to our advantage.

    The internet will be the downfall of the Jews. It allow 2 way interaction on ANY topic the user desires vs. ‘tv’ or ‘Talmudvision’ which is non-stop Jew-owned agendas.

    It’s time the jews crying out for Israel actually pick up and get to their stolen ‘homeland’. Of course, they never really had any intention of going to that prison-like failed state, but rather use it as leverage (or a distraction). They fully intend to stay here and continue to lie, cheat, rape, steal, and subvert.

  5. Yeah, it doesn’t matter if Feinstein is a dual citizen, although pointing out the lack of loyalty to the unknowing helps. The simple fact is, she’s a monstrosity of a jew, like the rest of her kind; and as a member of the tribe who’s spent many years on capitol hill as a subverter, she will not be spared for her crimes againt the American people.

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