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Oath Keepers are a Fraud

Oath Keepers are a Fraud

Fat boy Alex Jones and his Prison Planet shills support the jew Stewart Rhodes for distracting Military and Law Enforcement from the jews wrecking America. Fat boy wants to hug Rhodes for being a good shill.

I’ve already made it quite clear that the group calling itself “Oath Keepers” are nothing more than “Gate Keepers” who are hiding the truth about America’s problems from those who need to hear it most; our Military and Law Enforcement.  Fortunately, their jewish leader Stewart Rhodes, has and will continue to expose himself and his false front as a fraud, so it’s not like it will be extremely hard to help this process along.

Oath Keepers have been heavily promoted by Alex Jones and his Prison Planet and Info Wars websites, because birds of a feather flock together. Alex Jones is a shill, as I’ve thoroughly exposed here, who also helps promote other false front groups like the jews behind Loose Change and the jew led group We are Change. You can bet your bottom dollar if Alex Jones and Prison Planet are supporting “Oath Keepers” that they are a false front, because Alex Jones is a well known shill for the jews, but that’s not the only evidence.  Some of it was covered in my last article about Real Oath Keepers, here.

Recently Rhodes appeared on an RBN broadcast with some twit, John Stadtmiller, that also soft peddles the truth to unwitting and untold masses of people, and no doubt he had some really stupid things to say. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to break down what this fool rambles on about, and show you what a lying piece of shit he is. Here is the audio file, so you can listen for yourself to verify what a tramp this fat bastard is for the jew mafia: Click HERE to listen to the show. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download. Now, I’m sure a lot of you will find you don’t have the patience to listen to bullshit, lies, and propaganda from the enemy, so I have undertaken the task for you, and I will highlight a few things that stand out.

This bunk ass radio host helps Stewart Rhodes to "dispell myths" about his false front Oath Keepers. Better known as Gate Keepers who refuse to tell our Military and Law Enforcement about the real issues.

At around 9:20 (estimated) into the audio, after a few minutes of these two criminals stroking each others egos, Rhodes finally starts to talk his trash. He makes it clear that he is a GUN RIGHTS LAWYER, like every other jew on the planet, and that he worked with Ron Paul’s campaign to help swipe $30 million from honest American patriots who thought Paul was going to be their savior. Of course, his first thing is to tell you how there will always be “some nut” who doesn’t like you because you don’t tow their line, in reference to Ron Paul and himself being “moles” as he puts it. People like myself know for a fact that Ron Paul and Rhodes are both “moles”, but to insist people are “nuts” for figuring it out, is exactly what one would expect from a jew. Slight those who speak the truth, but never face the facts. I know how the game works.

Next he cries out rebelliously, “don’t join” his false front Oath Keepers if you don’t like his lies. He insists that you don’t have to visit his website, you don’t have to tell them who you are if you do, etc. Apparently, he does allow people to join anonymously, but those who join using their real names can GUARANTEE that their information is being harvested and stored for a later date. Groups like his aren’t just there for the warm fuzzy feeling they give you inside, and they are not there to help you fight off the infestation of jews that are wrecking our country.

In fact, Rhodes never mentions the jewish problem once in this audio, or anywhere on his site. He also fails to mention that his board of directors is headed up by a jew named David Freeman. It’s funny though, because he actually says if you don’t want to be on some list, don’t go to his website, at around 11:20. Take that as a warning, because that is a major part of his purpose. Rhodes also mentions in a very threatened fashion, “don’t friggin join” because his site isn’t a “bug trap”, insinuating that those who do flock there are “bugs” at best. Playing the reverse psychology of “don’t friggin join” won’t work out in his favor with people capable of their own critical thinking.

This fat, neanderthal looking heeb contests that the Military and Law Enforcement should STAND DOWN, and let the jews wreck America, while American patriots do all the work to stop them. Stand down, don't fight, it's not your problem. This is Rhodes' message to the Military i.e. stay out of the way of Rhodes and his tribe of jews.

At about 17:15 into the audio, Rhodes mentions that the enemy always tries to marginalize you, chill free speech, label you, make people afraid to associate with you, and then relates it to “Nazi” behavior. Unfortunately for Rhodes, this is EXACTLY what him and his crew tried to do when they learned of Real Oath Keepers, and relating it to “Nazis” was a BAD MOVE, because most people will recognize this as JEW SPEAK. He says “this is what was done in Russia” also, but fails to mention that Russian JEWS murdered 30 million people when they installed communism there, and WILL DO THE SAME HERE!

Rhodes makes the case that jew bitch Janet Napolitano released a report about homegrown terrorists, because they are afraid of “strict adherents to the constitution”, but anyone with a brain knows this to be bullshit. The constitution is the document that allowed them to subvert us, and is now being propped up by them because they fear losing their mode of infiltration and control. The jews are far more worried about people who know the JEW problem, than they are worried about people blinded by loyalty to the constitution.

About 26:00 into the audio is where things get interesting. Rhodes is asked about a coup d’etat and his position on it. According to Rhodes, the best thing our Military and Law Enforcement can do is STAND DOWN and DO NOTHING. Sounds just like the Gate Keepers oath to me!  Rhodes states that they have NO AUTHORITY to take action, that the Military’s job isn’t to fix our problems. Instead, he insists that the problems we face as a country are for THE PEOPLE and MILITIAS to handle all on their own, because of laws in the constitution blocking Military from involvement in such issues. It’s YOU THE PEOPLE who have to fix these problems according to Rhodes. You can’t count on your own Military, or consider them a part of WE THE PEOPLE either. Go figure this jew doesn’t want our finest to join up with our civilians and right what is wrong like Real Oath Keepers do.

Even though the host mentions that the Continental Army fought WITH the American people during the Revolutionary War, Rhodes wants us to be SEPARATED from our Military and Law Enforcement, so we have no real backing in this fight. At 29:00 into the audio, Rhodes carries on with the idea that if our Military STEPS DOWN we will have won a HUGE VICTORY. He fails to mention that if our Military STEPS DOWN, the JEWS will be the ones winning a HUGE VICTORY. He carries on with the peaceful resolution bullshit, knowing full well that the enemy is engaged in WAR against our people, attacking us from within. There is no PEACEFUL way to deal with GENOCIDAL MANIACS who are already in control of your faculties, so forget that idea. If the Military steps down, we will find foreign troops on our soil in a heart beat, then what?

Funny isn't it? The gun grabbing jew false front (JPFO) and this jew gun rights lawyer Stewart Rhodes work hand in hand to usurp our nation, and distract honest Military and Law Enforcement. Hopefully Rhodes will be hung when the Military and Law Enforcement realizes he's full of shit.

Well, according to Rhodes at about 34:00 into the audio, the Military is not the Militia. They are not the fix for our problems, and as such are helpless to defend us. He even says the Military only need help in the case of FOREIGN INVADERS, but again, he fails to tell the people that the foreign invaders are ALREADY IN CONTROL of every branch of our government! Since the foreign invaders have already infiltrated, why can the Military not help the people solve the issue? Simple, Rhodes wants you to think that STANDING DOWN, and PEACEFUL resistance to MURDEROUS EVIL BASTARDS will work.

If I kick your door in, and I’m standing over you with a shotgun about to waste your wife and kids, do you think PEACEFUL INACTION is going to save them? Of course not, Rhodes is a lying piece of shit. No wonder Alex Jones and Prison Planet help promote him so much! No wonder he gets on CNN and other mainstream outlets. Doesn’t sound like a group the jews want to “marginalize” now does it? Why hasn’t CNN contacted ROK to have me on for an interview? Why isn’t Alex Jones supporting ROK, knowing we’re the only real group focused on the right issues? Getting national news coverage is nothing close to being “marginalized”, like Rhodes and his jew crew did when I visited their forum.

At around the 45:00 mark, he tells us what we should do is join our Police Auxiliary, join with our (mostly jew) Sheriffs, volunteer Fire Department, and THEN worry about the state legislature. His solution is for us to worry about things on a county by county basis, and maybe later we can deal with the bigger issues. This is nothing more than a diversion. Rhodes is attempting to tell us some form of action, but his ideas for action are useless with issues as large as the ones we face. Rhodes tells us that once we get off our butts and do something like this, then we can deal with state legislators, etc.

Due to the fact that most Sheriffs are jews, and most legislators are jews, working hand in hand with them won’t do us any good. Of course, that’s exactly why he’s trying to steer your energies in that direction. Instead, we can have those who are NOT jews within our Military and Law Enforcement join Real Oath Keepers, and pledge to actually do something about the problem. Rhodes and Shitmiller carry on for a few minutes talking about how we haven’t challenged our legislators or thrown them out of office, but how exactly do you do that when you don’t control the electronic voting machines, and these legislators are the usurpers who need executed, rather than voted out? Why should we beg criminals to stop being criminals rather than execute their sorry asses?

At about 49:00 onward, Stewart Rhodes and the host try to tell us that we can’t criticize Oath Keepers for not doing anything, “or our Military for not doing that coup”, because “this ain’t no third world back-water nation” according to the host. Rhodes gets a good giggle out of this one, and says “yeah, they sit on their butts for decades and then clamor and complain because the standing Army doesn’t come in and save them”. That’s not quite the case though, because many of us have been toiling at this for a long time, and we’re not begging to be saved. We’re looking to FORM UP and take their asses out on our own.  A REAL SOLUTION, like Real Oath Keepers is what our people have been looking for.

Stewart Rhodes might as well be smearing a hand full of feces on these monuments, because he is shitting on EVERY person who ever gave their life for America, by purposely distracting our Military and Law Enforcement from his jew buddies.

We are simply asking that the Military and Law Enforcement make an oath to THE PEOPLE, since they are PART OF THE PEOPLE also, and HELP do something about it. Nope, Rhodes message is you shouldn’t mess with the “constitutional government” by “violating the constitution itself”. What about the fact that the government is nothing close to “constitutional” anyway? Ooops, forgot to mention that fact. You have to fix it, it’s not their job to protect you! He even says he’s a Yale trained lawyer, but he doesn’t talk to other lawyers and judges because they’ve already demonstrated their contempt for the constitution. Great, then we shouldn’t be so worried about that either!!

Rhodes then attempts to tell us the solution is taking our country back county by county, which will take some time, and that Oath Keepers mission is to BUY US TIME to do it. How exactly is that going to work if our Military stands down? Time is up as soon as they drop their weapons and walk away. He wants to create uncertainty in “their eyes that if they blink and don’t do it” (meaning the jew usurpers) that we might do something to them first. How are we going to do anything effective if we can’t get our own Law Enforcement and Military on board with fixing the problem, or if they’re taking an oath that says “I WILL NOT” on every line? The truth is, Rhodes does NOT have any solutions. His job wasn’t to provide you with real solutions, like REAL OATH KEEPERS, because he just wants to keep you busy at the county level while you get raped from the top down.

At around 56:00 a caller makes it clear that the Militia itself has had it’s ass handed to it a number of times because the Military wouldn’t help, and unfortunately, his call is too late for Rhodes to reply. Actually, it’s a good thing for Rhodes, because he has no way to face up to the facts like this. The Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian Militias are going to have to work together cohesively to rid ourselves of these parasites. The truth is, united we stand, and divided we fall, and a Yale educated lawyer like Stewart Rhodes KNOWS THIS ALL TOO WELL. In some of the cases mentioned, the militias were over run by the Military itself, who occupied American soil and stopped them from doing any good, but thankfully Rhodes didn’t have time to answer up to this fact.

How does it all end? Rhodes says “just keep your oath”, but fails to mention their oath is nothing like the one Military and Law Enforcement take when being sworn in. In fact, Rhodes is quite good at lying by omission, but not good enough for the keen eyes of real critical thinkers. What needs to happen is Military and Law Enforcement need educated on the fact that we have been completely usurped. They need to know the constitution doesn’t mean shit to the FOREIGN INVADERS they are sworn to protect our nation against. They need to know that YES, FOREIGN INVADERS have taken control, and YES, they DO HAVE THE AUTHORITY to do something about it in allegiance with THE PEOPLE.

What needs to happen is Military and Law Enforcement need to join a REAL group of REAL patriots and revolutionaries like Real Oath Keepers. What needs to happen is our Military and Law Enforcement need EDUCATED about the jew infestation, like ROK does with every new member. They need Basic Training for Revolutionaries, and they need it now. Thankfully, I have made the .pdf of the book available as a FREE DOWNLOAD at Real Oath Keepers, so that ALL civilian, Military, and Law Enforcement patriots can read it and learn the REAL story. Do your part. Help spread the word. Help by donating. Help by offering whatever skills you have to make a difference. Real Oath Keepers is waiting for you.

  1. “I take an oath not to turn my gun on Americans. As an oathkeeper I pledge I will not turn my gun on anyone, especially those that are destroying my country. I know I am a trained killer and patriot, and I am a just and righteous person that seeks to protect my family, my community, and my country. I will obey oathkeepers and put down my gun, and do absolutely nothing, ensuring those jews that wish to take over America totally, can do so without a patriot like myself standing in their way. As UN troops, and blackwater thugs rape and pillage those around me like 1917 Russia, I pledge I will stand down……..heck man, I won’t even say Boo or raise a fist……thankyou for showing me the way…..the way to being a totally useless fucking retard, and traitor to my fellow American.”

    Fuck you jewish oathkeepers.

  2. Thanks for exposing the deception. It would be interesting to get your views on this place:

    It seems way too late for that approach or even exposing obongo as an illegal alien jew puppet traitor that he is, given the heavy propaganda currently being spewed by the kike media to prepare the sheep people for the next false flag attack. Also, the jews are so blatant now in destroying our great country and are so far along in their plans that the only way to stop this evil may be the old fashioned way:

    • Lynching was often done by jewish led KKK against blacks, when it should have been jews swinging from trees, and immediately brings to mind those images of racism between whites and blacks. In fact, a lot of what I see on the front of that site seems to be that very thing. Now, if it’s lynching like what was done in the Leo Frank case, where a JEW is what gets lynched, I’m all for it. We must be careful how they are dealt with, because they need extinguished and eradicated completely.

      As for the tenth amendment site, I don’t care much for the constitution, because I’ve read the damn thing, and it’s full of garbage most people will never read. If the constitution were so great, you’d be able to use it as a defense in court. If it was so great, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The truth is, the constitution is half of what got us where we are today. It’s time for something new, no matter how sentimental people are about it. The one good thing is it laid out clearly that we should ABOLISH the government and START ANEW should we ever come to the point we’re at today. That’s the part I agree with…

      You can’t even say “oh, well the bill of rights……” Wrong. The bill of rights had to be added ex post facto because the constitution as it stood was SEVERELY FLAWED. That the SHORT answer…..

  3. You know several days after I first visited the site it was SCRUBBED. All the ‘good’ stuff about jew lynchings is gone now. Talking about “nigger hunts” down south all removed. The changed tone is now against lynchings whereas it was totally in favor of it before. They must have been threatened by the jews to turn it into a nigger holohoax site now and the overnight changes in the content show it. I saved the original copy somewhere before the site took a surprise 180.

    About that constitution- the one good thing you mention is all we need, like you said abolish the government, clean house and start over. Unless you are looking for a “Mad Max” scenario. Keep up the good work, I like your style.

  4. It was good of you to make a copy of BASIC TRAINING FOR REVOLUTIONARIES available on line. I am really digging into my hardcover book.

  5. here’s one step towards caring for our own “backyard”

    Working section by section throughout the subdivision, the April Sound Property Owners Association is amending its bylaws to ban any convicted child sex offender from owning property or living in the Lake Conroe community…

  6. Adam – updated the link at 911 Liars Exposed – let’s get ready to beat some ass.

    PE – that’s just what needs to happen. We can’t sit by impotently as the fucking kid touchers try to get ready access to our children. I Huntington, the scumbags tried to get a sex-offenders shelter placed in the middle of child-friendly businesses.

    What the FUCK – why would you let what amounts to WINDOW SHOPPING occur?

    So…they voted that crap out…but the kid touchers were given $90 vouchers good at any local hotel. I’m sure that they have enough left for a bottle of chloroform and a bag of candy.


    • Thanks hANOVER for the links. You’re damn right, we need to FORM UP, GEAR UP, and DEAL with the situation. There aren’t any saviors coming for us, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  7. I’m well aware of the “Oath Keepers” shills, but i just ran across this Sheriff Mack guy…what is your opinion of him? Is he a shill? (

    • Yes, he’s jewish.

      • Jimi Bigbear says:

        Hey Adam Austin (Subverted Nation)I like your stuff and agree with you about Rhodes being a gate keeper instead of Oath Keeper. [Lenin – the best way to control the opposition is to lead it.] I have found no triangulation site to prove your contention that Rhodes is Jewish, however. He claims to be the son of Mexican-Apache mother and Detroit father. Please point me to a site that can confirm that he is crypto Jew like Alex Jones?

        Sheriff Mack I know for a fact is Mormon, not Jew, and while Mormons are knowingly or unknowingly Shabbos Goy (water carriers) for the Jews via the Free Mason/Jesuit/Black Pope/Illuminati connections, I don’t believe he has the dreaded XX transmitted Jewish gene.

        While I’ve got you on the line, do you know/read/agree with Kaminski? Rebel of Oz? (Late-Great)Birdman Bryant? JB Campbell and the American Defense Party he created (and his great essays there?) Christopher Bollyn and Solving 9/11?

        I agree with you – “we are spirits in a material world.” And the Jews have the material part WAAAY out of balance.
        Liberty, Peace, Prosperity and Love
        Native American of Scots and White Northern European Descent

        • All of the clowns you have mentioned are jews. Rhodes is a jewish name, and definitely a kike. Sheriff Mack is Mormon? Who started the commie Mormon hive? Oh right…JEWS.

          No, I do not agree with any of the other jews listed, especially kike Kaminski, Bryant, etc. I think you are the guy who emailed me, then freaked out when you realized I knew these guys were all kikes. Deal with it sucker.

          • Mike LVNV says:

            Jews are a race. Mormon is a religion. Learn to distinguish the difference. The jews hide behind religion when they are a race of vampires i.e. blood sucking devils.

          • I’m well aware of the difference. I’m also well aware that mormonism is jewish, and most mormons are jewish.

  8. marineontheridge says:

    First time visit. Ex-oath keeper, as in Rhodes only. Had major disagreements while there, then, and I guess because I couldn’t be converted, I got booted. Another story for later.

    As for the here, and now, one comment stated that the constitution was usless because it doesn’t do you any good in court.
    The reason for that is simple, the courts are all BRITISH….check it out , they operate under ADMIRALTY LAW, that is the British law of the sea ….Google UCC-1-207/308….this UCC stuff is { universal commercial code } It’s always been about the money……You are subjected to extortion everyday of your life….

    Think I exaggerate ? All lawyers, and judges HAVE to be members of the B.A.R. in order to operate. What does BAR mean…..
    Hold on to your collective hats.. British Accredited Registry……Now I’m not sure about how the Jews fit in to all this, but if you exclude the British as tyrants, you make a great mistake….And how do you fit in the murdering, and butchering of the Muslim radicals world wide ? Are they not the mortal enemies of the Jews ? See how confusing this can all be.
    Again I am researching, preaching to some extent, but learning as well. One thing I will agree on, is Rhodes way is a time consuming joke….

    • Absolutely right. The British are a very large part of it. The Queen of England is the queen bee of the jewish hive. London is the private city state finance arm of the whole thing. Just like the Vatican is the private city state religious arm, and Washington D.C. is the private city state military arm.

      The constitution was largely a fraud perpetrated on the people by a bunch of rich aristocrats, most of them jews, to help build the new world order. They needed, no REQUIRED, a “free” country like these united states to advance much of their agenda.

      If you’re going to research commercial law, research the legal fiction of the NAME, birth certificates, and how every last human on earth are sold into slavery when their parents sign the birth certificate, which makes the product of your entire life surety for the debt we supposedly owe to the jewish federal reserve for “loaning” us worthless paper.

      Rhodes is a jew, anything to do with following jews towards revolution will end in disaster.

  9. 100% correct

  10. jeff hurd says:

    is Stuart Rhodes not in fact FBI? is Oathkeepers not in fact an FBI/NSA “front” fisching expedition?

  11. ‘GUNS are just being kept around to conceal
    the reality that the REAL weapons now are
    – – -directed energy,
    —————TOXIC frequencies
    ———————–and microwaves.”
    Deborah TAVAREZ
    REAL media ‘Woman of the Decade’

    STILL no action on those CELL–towers?- – -WIFI?- —smart meters?


  12. Rhodes is a mormon, not a jew, allthough mormons and jews are the same. I was raised by mormons, they are all liars, thieves and con men. I dont trust mormons or jews at all, and that is why I didnt join the oathkeepers. As soon as I found out Rhodes is mormon I instantly knew there was something wrong. I wont be apart of a mormon army and sure as hell wont take orders from them either. I dont like the oathkeepers.

    • Rhodes is a jew by genetics, not religion. The jew who started mormonism was Joseph Smith…caution, because the matrix is full of jews. At least you’re smart enough to stay away from the bogus Oath Keepers front.

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