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NASA Releases “Definitive Proof” of Moon Landing

NASA Releases “Definitive Proof” of Moon Landing

I think I made it quite clear that I will never be convinced that man has ever set foot on the moon, so now let me blow the hole open a little wider. I wouldn’t even usually think about writing on this topic, but it has come to my attention that there is a massive campaign to silence anyone who might be silly enough to claim that man never set foot on the moon. Of course, like all the other lies our people are sold, this one is embedded deep in the psyche of everyone around us. Indeed, it’s an uphill battle to enlighten the sheeple, but I will continue to do my part, no matter what the cost. I do not fear negative opinions of myself, I do not fear the threats that accompany what I do, and I do not fear death; should it ever come to that. Instead, I welcome the chance to fight tooth and nail for what is true, what is just, and what is right for the people of the earth. Wherever I find resistance to truth, I will tear down the walls and let the light shine through.

Recently while arguing with some of the paid disinformation retards on youtube (more on this coming up soon), one of them made mention of the recent pictures released by NASA from the LRO or Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, so naturally, I needed to take a look and see what this was all about. It turns out, that NASA’s latest moon probe, which isn’t being violently crashed into the surface, will instead orbit the moon and send back detailed photographs of the moon surface for mapping purposes, among other things. Unfortunately for NASA and all of their shills, at this point, their new photos are going to turn out to be more of an embarrassment than anything else.

While digging around for information about this latest folly, I stumbled across an article on just published July 17th, and this is what they have to say about the new photos (article here):

For stubborn folks who still believe the Apollo astronauts never landed on the moon, NASA has new images – definitive proof – that clearly show the Apollo 11 lander that carried the first astronauts to the lunar surface 40 years ago.

The images, taken by NASA’s first lunar scout in more than a decade, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), show the Eagle lunar lander at Tranquility Base, where Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on July 20, 1969. They were snapped between July 11 and 15 of this month and released by NASA today.

“The LROC team anxiously awaited each image,” said LROC principal investigator Mark Robinson of Arizona State University. “We were very interested in getting our first peek at the lunar module descent stages just for the thrill — and to see how well the cameras had come into focus. Indeed, the images are fantastic and so is the focus.”

So, these images from NASA are supposed to be the “definitive proof” of the moon landing (hoax). What is so sad about this pathetic attempt to appease the masses, and reinforce their programming is as follows. First, almost EVERY article pertaining to these pictures across the internet has some sort of blatant attack on those who don’t believe in this hoax. Let me make it clear that “believing” in anything is for idiots, morons, ignoramus’ etc. Knowing or not knowing is for the rest of us. Second, this “definitive proof” is nothing more than a bunch of grainy, low resolution (despite their claims of fantastic images with excellent focus) images. Third, these images wreak of amateur photoshop tampering.

So, without further a due, here is the latest and greatest from the multi-billion dollar fraud known as NASA, in all their glory, as posted by

You see the tiny spec? This is definitive proof that NASA is lying.

This little spec has a massive photoshopped shadow. This is definitive proof that NASA is lying, err telling the truth, right?

This grainy photoshopped image is NASA's "definitive proof". You have to be a total moron to accept this fable.

This grainy photoshopped image is NASA's "definitive proof". You have to be a total moron to accept this fable.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were trying to convince someone that man walked on the moon, and I had a multi-billion dollar budget like NASA, I would be sure to first capture better pictures, and second, make the full size images available to anyone and everyone; which failed to do, all the while claiming this to be the “definitive” answer. My own children could do a better job, and produce more convincing photos than this in under 10 minutes with photoshop. However, if you will head over to this page at NASA’s own website, you can find clickable images that are much larger, one being much darker, and still fail to show anything of value. They damn sure don’t show anything “definitive”.

Next is this article, which is even more demeaning to those who refuse to believe in fairy tales, with it’s title stating “Slaying Lunar Hoax Lunacy”. The photo provided with the article has the caption “Apollo Landing Sites Imaged – DEAL WITH IT!!” Well now, that’s enough to convince me! I give up NASA, you win! I am now totally convinced of the fake moon landing! Yeah right, who do they think they are kidding? I think this is a case of too many slope heads who are missing frontal lobes trying to convince a more intelligent species of their fables, and nothing more.

NASA denies that stars are visible from the surface of the moon with no atmosphere, even though they are visible from earth with it's thick atmosphere. Image courtesy of hollywood, I mean NASA.

NASA denies that stars are visible from the surface of the moon with no atmosphere, even though they are visible from earth with it's thick atmosphere. Image courtesy of hollywood, I mean NASA.

What I find most interesting is that NASA and these news outlets actually feel they need to debunk non-believers. The truth is, if this were a real event, they wouldn’t even need to entertain the thoughts of those who refuse to believe. I mean, if it’s assumed to be real by the masses, why bother? When someone puts so much effort into convincing you that a lie is the truth, but fails to ever provide tangible proof; most intelligent people will be naturally inclined towards disbelief. People who speak the truth, and know what they are saying is fact, usually completely refuse to answer absurd accusations, and why should they? Facts are not something to debate. What’s really happening is the hoax of the moon landing is failing as fast as the holohoax and all their other lies. Maybe later I’ll delve into why NASA needs to continue propping up the moon landing fantasy. For now, check out the animosity in the second article:

Now, can the whole ignorance of the lunar hoax conspiracy be laid to rest? No. Even if all the ‘hoaxers’ were transported to the landing sites and had their mugs slammed into the side of the landers they would still deny what they are so divorced from – reality. These new images are only good for those sitting on the fence, the undecided. I am not entirely sure that the hoaxers even believe the nonsense they are spewing. If you do the research you will find every lead nutcase, Sibrel, Kaysing and Rene is pushing some book or movie. It is easy to believe something did not happen when you are collecting royalties…

Does this sound like someone who is upholding credible facts, or does it sound like a typical liar attempting to attack the messengers, rather than refute their message? Why such a violent argument? Why would those who refuse to believe the lies spewed by NASA need their “mugs slammed into the sides of the landers”? Do these morons not realize that this type of argument only tends to substantially weaken their wobbly platform? The truth is, the images are NOT for the “undecided” fence sitters. These images are for the brainwashed masses who might stumble across material that deflates their whole ridiculous story. For those people, these images don’t need to be clear, because the programming is already in place. They will already be inclined to believe what they are told, because they have always trusted what these propaganda outlets spew without question. In short, these images are a FAILED attempt at damage control, but again, I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide whether this is “definitive proof” of a moon landing; or whether it’s definitive proof that NASA is working overtime to keep this 40 year old lie alive. If you want my opinion, it is positively the latter.  Just for shits and giggles, I see that Curt Maynard has been busy picking apart NASA’s fables too, and he has an article here showing a satellite photo of a man next to truck as comparison for the shadows in these photos, so be sure to check it out too.


Apollo 11 Crew: Moon Less Interesting Than Mars

Neil Armstrong spends only ELEVEN SECONDS talking about the moon. Buzzard Aldrin makes absolutely ZERO commentary on the moon, and instead, all the speakers at the convention mentioned in the article above, want Obama to push for manned exploration of Mars instead. Michael Collins, who lies about circling the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin pretended to be walking on it’s surface, also wants the focus squarely on Mars. In the article, these astro-nots consider the moon an “old hat”, but we haven’t been there for 40 years.

They downplay the significance of the moon, and insist NASA would be “bogged down” with trying to get to the moon again. If it was so easy on an ancient rocket with a total of 36KB of memory, why would NASA be “bogged down” doing it today? Astro-nots wouldn’t even have to touch the controls. Computers could land a craft on the moon better than they could dream of doing it. Knowing that cabala is heavily intertwined with the moon landings (Apollo 13 was the Phoenix which “rose from the ashes” after supposed troubles on the “dark side of the moon”), it’s rather funny to see that Aldrin mentions they landed on the moon 66 years after man’s first flight, and would like to see man land on mars 66 years after their faked landing on the moon.

Why is the moon an “old hat”, and if it is, why the hell are people packing auditoriums to hear these liars spew more dishonesty? Did people really want to hear about Mars from man’s first moon explorers, and why would they AVOID talking about the moon? Why would they want to steer conversation and all future efforts towards Mars? The answer is simple, because they never set foot on the moon, and anyone who even ATTEMPTS such a flight now would either die in the radiation of space or, if they actually made it to the moon, they would quickly realize that man had never been there before.

I have two words for NASA, Armstrong, Aldrin, and all the others: EPIC FAIL.

  1. Micheal says:

    On the photo labeled “Apollo 11” showing the massive (by comparison) shadow associated with the LEM, it appears that the Sun, during the time that this photo was taken, is oriented to the East, at approximately 37 degrees or so. Therefore, the Shadow should be running in the opposite direction, to the West.

  2. If you’ll look at the Apollo 11 picture again, there is another anomaly near the center on the right hand edge, there is another “object” with a long shadow. Could this be ANOTHER LEM? They are almost identical.

  3. Apollonian is a Jew piece off shit – I hope you’ll ask around about this motherfucken disinformationist.

    • Indeed I will. I have no alliance to anyone. Especially considering the fact that most people just want to pat me on the back for all my hard work. Fuck that. I’ll take these jews down on my own if I have to. I am looking into this as we speak.

  4. I had a friend some years ago who was a JPL engineer and project manager. He has since retired, and no longer communicates with me, after I asked too many questions regarding technical details about the “moon landing”

    In previous conversations, he told me he was in on executive meetings where the topic of discussion was about a possible “manned Mars mission.”

    Seems that the big, huge, un-answerable question they got stuck on was how to protect any human crew from deadly RADIATION. He said they talked about how a “solar flare” erruption, which cannot be predicted, would kill all crew. The only protection would be to have a “safe room” on the craft, that had walls filled with 3 to 4 feet thick, chambered walls of water, or about 1 foot thick lead. Any such “safe room” would make the craft too heavy for launch, thus being the single, huge “unsolvable” problem. He also said, the crew would have between 3 to 4 minutes to get into this “safe room” once a solar flare had taken place. They (JPL engineers and other big honcho’s) seemed to know a lot about the radiation hazards of space, once out from under our earth’s protective shield.

    I then asked him how the “astro-nots” avoided any kind of solar disturbance in the 6 or 7 moon landings. He said, “They just got lucky!”

    Another NOT discussed factor about a “Mars landing” which was the favorite topic of the liars Armstrong,and crew recently, is the time factor. A trip to Mars, depending upon how the ballistics of using the gravity of other bodies for a slingshot kind of route was, 1.5 years going to; and 3 years return, or vice/versa. These kind of logistics casually bantered about, sound like insanity!

    Once those highly paid assholes in positions of leadership and authority step into the black hole of lies, it just gets deeper, and deeper, with no way out.

    Finally, in case some don’t know, the Head Liar at JPL in those days was one “Dan Goldin” a jew.

    • So how do the people on the ISS (International Space Station, orbiting the Earth since years) survive this radiation of “solar flare” eruptions?

      • There are a couple of different ways. Geosynchronous orbit on the opposite side of the earth is one way, and the other is that they are still within the magnetosphere around the planet. It doesn’t end at our atmosphere, but gets weaker as you get further away. This is why they could only fly to about 350 miles above earth, at which point they could see radiation passing through their eyelids. They can only get so far away…ask em, haha.

        • You’re right, the Earth’s magnetic field is protective.

          Btw, NASA does cover the issue of solar flare radiation on moon missions:


          “On the Moon, Cucinotta estimates, an astronaut protected by no more than a space suit would have absorbed about 50 rem of ionizing radiation. That’s enough to cause radiation sickness. “But it would not have been fatal,” he adds.

          To die, you’d need to absorb, suddenly, 300 rem or more.

          Such doses from a solar flare are possible. To wit: the legendary solar storm of August 1972.”

          So their basic excuse is that a strong solar flare would be too rare to have hit their moon mission.

          • I don’t care what their excuse is, it’s obvious they faked the shit, because 40 years later we would be mining the surface if they could actually get there. Why are the estimating radiation on the moon if they had a dozen men on the ground there? Even the way they talk “would not have been”. If it was a real event they would say “it wasn’t fatal”. They wouldn’t have all these faked photos, and they would try to pass off the bullshit above as “definitive proof” either.

            The doses at only 350 miles above the earth were too much for them, and they’re admitting they would get sick if they actually went to the moon. They don’t even factor in the long ride there and back basking in solar radiation with their little tin cans. Their excuse is just that…an excuse. Not to mention a very poor excuse also. They know damn well their astroNUTS would be dead before they ever got to the moon. There’s no need to theorize about solar flares, and when a big one might hit their mission. They can’t withstand the radiation just outside of earth’s protective shell, let alone the sustained bombardment they would get on a trip to the moon.

            There’s no debate on the topic allowed here. They faked the shit on TV, just like they did the attacks on 911. Most of what people have known their entire lives is a television deception. NASA is a major fraud they’ve used to drain our money to pay for our own enslavement. As for space flight, they have produced almost nothing noteworthy that we couldn’t do here on the ground. It’s a bullshit money pit and nothing more. NASA should be put out of business.

          • Dennis Karr says:

            Subverted, in 1978 my Dad took me to see the movie “Capricorn One”, and after the movie was over while we were walking back home, my father said “I don’t want you tell this to anyone else, but I want you to always know the truth about things, so you don’t grow up believing a lie. That movie you just saw was exactly how they faked the Lunar Missions.” And I remember him saying something to the effect like, hoping that nothing happens to the movie producer. My father also told me that the moon rock that they say the astro-nots brought back from the moon, were actual moon rocks that were deposited on the earth millions of years ago and that they got these rocks from operation highjump, a 1946-1947 Antartic Expedition. So although the rocks are from “The Moon” or “A Moon”, they were collected right here on Earth.
            Funny also is these GRAIL spacecrafts that NAZA says took 3 months to get to the moon, even though the astro-nots got there in three days. Could this be because the Van-Allen Radiation Belt would fry all the sensors and circuits, so they must loop around the belt and thats why it takes so long? But Humans were obviously able to circumvent this process because our SKIN is just like LEAD SHIELDING right?? Why do you think all the land around AREA 51 has been gobbled up by the US govt over the years? Because AREA 51 is the location of the filming of every lunar non-mission. Wouldn’t want any incriminating photos of Earth landscape looking like Lunar landscape now would we? Seriously, any adult who thinks we still landed on the moon, needs to do more critical thinking. The very logistics involved in landing on an alien planet’s surface and SAFELY lifting off and returning to Earth are, and were extremely risky, and all these astro-nots knew this. Do you know three people who would get on a spaceship to travel to another planet were there is no backup anything, no human support, nothing….knowing that the chances of returning are slim? I don’t. Brave men run into burning buildings to save others, crazy men get in spaceships for a one way trip to another planet and there are no “astronauts” who are “crazy” so to speak. They are mainly the top of their classes acedemicaly, and are stable members of society, not suicidal thrill seekers with nothing to live for. So anyone who thinks that they actually got a dozen of our astro-nots on the moon 6 times with no problems is naive at best.

          • Here’s the big thing you have to ask yourself. WHY FAKE A MOON LANDING??????? You’ll have to think LONG AND HARD about that one too, because I myself have just had some recent revelations regarding this question. Would they fake it just because they can’t get there? That isn’t good enough reason. Would they fake it because of the cold war? Again, not a good enough reason…..jews on both sides of the cold war playing us like a fiddle. No need to really fake a moon landing to beat their buddies in Russia. There is only one good reason to fake a moon landing, then claim it’s completely unspectacular, and never try to return. Reality is stranger than fiction…….and I don’t want to say too much more at this point, but to keep it short, you would only fake something like this if you had something to hide, and were looking to discourage people from visiting by playing “been there, done that…nothing to see”.

            Can you come up with ANY logical reason to fake a moon landing? Hiding something is the only logical answer.

          • That’s so interesting, that’s the thing I always ask if I suspect or find a lie: what would be the reason. And I came up exactly with the same answer, as you: if they really faked it, then they want surely to hide something (regarding the Moon). Second answer I imagined was the cold war “competition”.

            I think it had to be 10 years ago, I didn’t care then about moon landing and such “stuff”, but at that time it simply occured to me, when the last moon landing was, just out of curiosity, which type of curiosity could be satisfied then easily with the help of the internet, I thought (and I never cared about TV too much). And I was very surprised, kind of shocked, that they haven’t been on the moon since the first “landings”! I just didn’t understand, why “on hell” they weren’t. The same surpsise occured to me, when I heard about the Mars landing plans couple of years ago. Why do they want to go to Mars, without revisiting the Moon again first?? They haven’t been there for decades! Is the Moon theme already exploited, how is that???

            The most interesting aspect of these things is, that back then I didn’t care about conspirations: so I know exactly that my surprise and shock and disbelief then was not fake not a lie to myself and it was neither coming from prejudice from me in this matter. It was true, it was honest, naive disbelief!
            I cannot think of a better proof to myself, than that.

            (I just recently saw, after many years, 2010 again. (I mean the sequel to 2001 Space Odyssey.) ( I just right now realised, that it is from the same director of Capricorn One. 🙂 ) And what was 2010 about? By the end about the forbidden place in space where humanity is forbidden to go. And The story takes place during a cold war crisis…)

          • There is more to why they can’t actually explore beyond low earth orbit, but the answers to many of those questions still remain hidden.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:

            One human limitation to space travel is that (supposedly) the human efficiency potentials break down out there. The mathematical/technically oriented mind component is bound to the planet. In effect a space traveler would have difficulty maintaining a serious frame of mind, start to act “goofy” and ignore procedures which could prove deadly.

            If NASA/whoever is sending satellites or ships up there they aren’t using the technology they claim to use; they’d have to use classified technology like electrodyne/antigravity propulsion.

            It would appear rockets can’t produce thrust in a vacuum because of the principle of free expansion of gases which states: when gases (e.g., rocket exhaust) escape into a vacuum they do no work. Rockets need a dense atmosphere to work in. NASA knows of this principle but it’s buried in their website, probably because it blows apart their tales of space rocketry.

            Since the 1800s a number of experiments have been done, the results which have been published, which prove this principle which is also taught in science texts.

            There’s also the issue of “cold welding” which the European Space Agency states is still a problem, something that NASA should have resolved decades earlier–or so one would think.

            In the end, how devices work in the near vacuum, near zero-G environment of space is a matter of conjecture. We can’t experimentally verify NASA’s claims yet many who’d consider themselves intelligent and well versed in physics are content to simply accept NASA’s claims as a matter of faith. Such is the effect of jewish media & dis-education institution conditioning, I suppose.

          • This is very interesting information, and I did look into cold welding. I’m sure they have excuses to get by these things. Maybe they’re not really travelling into space, but the very limits of the atmosphere. I don’t know.

          • I’ll add my two cents. Oxygen, food supply, and fuel. Where would you carry all that on a space flight? That vehicle would be so heavy, there wouldn’t be enough thrust for lift off. The space suits themselves are thermal suits, not to protect in a oxygen-less, zero environment, but to keep the body insulated from extreme cold. If you look at the aviators who flew the SR-71 blackbird, which had a maximum service ceiling of 80,000 ft. You’ll see they wear the same suits, as supposed astronauts. The space shuttle only flies to roughly 85,000-90,000 ft, it flies around the world a few times at this altitude then lands at Edwards Air Force Base. It has never been above that altitude stated, nor was it meant to. Same applies to the space station, satellites, other rockets, and probes. All the supposed space walks took place in giant swimming pools. They’re all frauds. Adam your guess about them operating at the very limits of the atmosphere is right on. The altitude I stated above is approximately the limits at which a rocket engine (which is nothing but a low by-pass turbine engine with a high pressurized cone)can operate, any higher, the engine will run lean, overheat, and stall out.

          • Makes good sense. Rockets need oxygen to burn. I’m sure there are ways for chemicals to burn/react without gaseous oxygen, but how else would we know?

            I know for a fact China faked a space walk in a pool, the bubbles were pretty damning. I don’t know how accurate this video is, but it does show the bubbles, which are good for a laugh.

          • Few more things to say, and to correct. I said “any higher, the engine will run lean, overheat, and stall out.” The rocket engine will run lean on air causing it to suffocate, due to lack of atmosphere. It will begin to run rich on fuel, causing the engine to lose power, and stall out. All space travel is a hoax. Man has never been outside of the earths atmosphere. Space station, satellites, hubble telescope, going to other planets with rovers, all fake. Matter of fact how much that were told about space is real? Do we really have nine planets? If space is a vacuum, or absolute zero, and void of matter. Why would a alleged planet such as Saturn have ice rings around it? Can anyone answer that?

          • Well, some of the planets are visible even with low power telescopes, I have viewed many myself, but that doesn’t mean we’re being told the truth about them. We’re not even being told the truth about THIS planet, and the reason we’re trapped here, unable to leave it. Alex Jones and others don’t call it “prison planet” for nothing. There is far more to that name than what fathead jew boy uses it for.

            One thing I do know is that the shuttle doesn’t go straight up into space, it goes up at an angle to orbit the earth. How would we know if it actually left the atmosphere or not? We wouldn’t be able to tell.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:

            A few points:

            1. We shouldn’t assume that if the PTB (PowersThatBe) were to return to the moon (assuming they actually went before) that they’d tell us. I think there are a number of places they can leave the planet from without being noticed.
            2. A rocket engine can ignite in space because it has a liquid oxygen tank. It’s just that (as far as I can determine) the rocket wouldn’t move.
            3. As for space suits being designed to protect from the extreme cold of space, I’m not so sure. I don’t think space is cold, it’s just nothing. If a piece of metal, for example, were floating in space it wouldn’t become cold for the same reason coffee in a vacuum thermos can remain piping hot for hours: there’s no medium for the heat to travel through. I’m sure it would eventually reach freezing temperatures but it would take a very long time. Perhaps the suits are designed instead to protect from heat that would build up from exposure to solar radiation. However, some researchers have claimed that a suit’s integrated cooling system lacks the capacity to keep a man cool enough.
            4. Even though the PTB faked the moon landing imagery, it’s still possible at some point in time they’ve actually gone there though I doubt the “astro-nots” paraded before the public did it. Perhaps the moon landing scam parallels the 9/11 scam: the gist of what was depicted in the imagery (building collapses) actually happened even though for some reason they faked the imagery.

            Whatever the truth is we can probably all agree they’re not going to tell us any time soon.

          • Interesting analysis.

          • In response to your question of why fake the moon (non)landings.. not sure if someone has brought this up somewhere here already but i’ve stumbled upon this site and just had to jump in. The reason for faking this event was to finally present PROOF! that the world we live in, or on, is a globe !!!! I’m not sure how many people realize this, but this fake event is responsible for more sheeple than you could ever fricking imagine. NASA is what it is today because they were able to convince the population that America is indeed the world power by accomplishing(not) this feat., and in doing so put the image of a globe in everyone’s head.
            You’ll wake up to this with a minimal amount of research needed to do so, common sense, and the ability to think for oneself!
            That fake picture of the (not)globe we live on is perhaps the most powerful piece of propaganda ever. Everyone thinks nowadays that the National Academy of Space Actors are the most authoratative presenters of science, and astronomy. Its called brainwashing. I could go on all night. What has consumed me lately is the question of how on this flat earth do we convince all the sheeple that they are being fed 24/7 – BULLSHIT ! And yes, i am a FE knower, not a believer.
            Just as Subverted Nation has made the argument for why do they try so hard to convince people otherwise , to their lies about the moon (not)landings.. they do the same exact thing to the flat earth knowers, which is to ridicule and make fun of! If it were not a lie, why would Obama ever feel the need to make a comment about the subject during an address to the nation !
            Its truly unbelievable the shit people think they know.

          • Good answer, and I’m with about the flat earth. People are trained to think they know shit, and to argue to the death about it. Talk about annoying!

  5. What a government and media coverup the moon landing was; just like was 9/11.

  6. Hi. I agree with you but than why did they fake it? It seems they faked the whole appolo program, why?

    I personnaly dont buy the “because of the competition with the soviets”

    • That’s easy. To funnel literally BILLIONS of dollars into Israel. To allow them to spend BILLIONS on defense programs, FEMA camps, etc. This is why the space program is one of their most highly guarded secrets. It is one of the ways they obtain funds for their black ops projects, etc. Of course, it allows them to further what space technology they are capable of like satellites and spaced based weapon systems too. The idea was simply to get people to accept the money pit known as NASA. The jews in Russia and the USA staged the whole space race, cold war and the animosity between the two countries. At the top, they’re all on the same team.

      • That’s true because if Russia was not in on it their government would have called the U.S. out for the clearly faked moon-landing footage, and asked for more substantial evidence.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      It’s no secret that NASA is run by the Department of Defense. That alone tells me it (at best) withholds truth from the people or is (at worst) a hoax factory.

      As could be expected, the latter seems to be, in fact, the case.

    The picture in the link is from who sell panoramic posters of moon landing. With the sun that far away from the moon, you would expect the shadows to be parallel, but if you see all the shadows are angled towards the left, while the shadow of the picture take itself is straight. How much more convincing should this be that the landing never happened.

  8. Something else about JPL you may have missed…Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley

  9. Ask for an Earth-bound telescope to snap a shot of the nodules. They often claim they can read a newspaper on the moon… that would be a definitive, repeatable, subject to testing approach. It will either be there, or not. And that picture THEY took will serve as excellent comparison. If the craters disposition isn’t the same… bingo!

  10. You hit the nail with your points subverted nation. That’s exactly my point. It has been over 40 years since we went back to the moon, after having been there over 13 times. Did NASA realize that there is nothing there to explore anymore? LOL. It has to do with MONEY. Each and every fake moon landing required actual cost of going to the moon which was BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayers’ money. So, NASA put on a show for the public and made billions while they were at it.

    Any times there is a definitive proof about moon landing, they are always fuzzy and dark. If satellites sent to Mars and other planets captured decent images and sometimes High Resolution like the planet Saturn, why can’t NASA send a rover to the surface of our moon in 2 or 3 days and control it in real-time. Why do they have to send orbiter to spin around the moon? Because it is all a lie. They are trying their best to hide it. LOL

    Man never landed on the moon. Just read my blog at

    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      Guy, what can I say??? You see through the Mooniehoax but you can’t see through the Obomba hoax! Shut up already!

      • Sam Elbonias says:

        You mean the ‘Obama did 911’ hoax or the ‘Obama did 911’ i mean ‘Osama did 911’ hoax? Oh, right — it was GFB and his Jewboy fiends such as Silverstein who cashed in on 911, not the Obamby. Of course Obummer is a hoax — if you mean he wasn’t legitimately elected. But, who cares? No president of the USA has been lawfully elected for decades.

  11. LMAO. These images so called definitive proof are laughable. This is the best you can do, NASA? LOL. My 3 year old child can produce much better and believable definitive proof for an image.

    HEY, NASA send a rover or two to our moon and take a picture why don’t you like Mark said. Don’t make yourself look worse than you are. LMAO. Cat is out of the bag, NASA. Now, it is on your shoulder to clearly prove to the world that you did put a man on the moon with solid evidence and I know it will never happen. They will only lie more to hide their lies. LOL.

    These days all you hear about is Mars Rising, Mars Landing, etc all over the television – Science Channel, Discovery Channel, Natural Geographic Channel and History Channel. I guess NASA struck a deal with these satellite channels to produce these programs. So, people won’t be asking or thinking about the NASA’s fake moon landings and look forward to new FAKE Mars Landing at the expense of taxpayer’s money LOL. Go Figure.

    They will probably use Area 51 again for this new Mars Fake Landing. It makes you think for sure doesn’t it. Why is Area51 so highly guarded? What are they trying to hide from the public? Don’t tell me NASA that its a highly classified projects. Yep, projects that involves faking scientific progress – Moon landings and Mars landings. LOL. I have no doubts that all these lunar modules and space suits “astro-nots” wore are within Area51 not Aliens.

  12. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Like their chums over at the CIA, the NASA crowd are a bunch of sexually deviant Satan worshipers. They should all go to FEMA camps for “re-education” by honest, loyal American SANE citizens. Barring that, they should be stuffed in a few of those “space rockets” and sent to their dream planet, Mars. NASA are the biggest, lying, evil, scumbags on Earth. All the “chairs” in the biggest physics departments–all Jews, like that fake Einstein–full of CRAP! If people believe this shit, that’s their problem.

  13. Grapost says:

    Is this some kind of a joke? NASA releases to the media crystal clear close up photos of craters on the moons around Saturn yet they can’t produce a SINGLE clear close up photo of the moon landing sights for ANY of the Apollo Missions! The photos here are SUCH POOR QUALITY! They look more like acne on a teenagers face than of the moon!

  14. I have researched NASA, science, geology, lunar geology, chemistry, physics, etc.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Apollo was indeed fake and am gathering the evidence now for the big bust. The world needs to know the truth, and they will.

    I have some videos now showing some proof that the landings were fake, yet people are still not convinced.

    That is why I’m filming an eight part documentary that will explain how it was all done in details. I don’t care about jail or death either, as the world needs to know the truth.

    We never went to the moon, it was all a big scam/scheme and there’s nothing NASA A.K.A. the government can do to hide it anymore.

    The truth will be revealed…

  15. Wake Up Amerika! says:

    Yet, another lie exposed! They raped the taxpayer and laugh right in our faces.

  16. Clearly this website has made a very convincing case that NASA hasn’t gone to the moon… but how do you know for sure that what these people are saying is true? I honestly don’t think that they went to the moon the first time if not the first two, but after that they’ve gone to the moon. I don’t know if you all realize then how much money they spend just to “stage” the entire thing, is it really worth it? Millions of dollars are put forth to launch these spacecrafts that aren’t going to be put to use. How would anyone explain what would be the point in lying about something like that? Would we as Americans get anything accomplished from that? You know people could sue their asses for lying like that… I just don’t see the point, anyone have some reasonable answers?

    • No. They never, ever set foot on the moon. They’ve never even been close. However, convincing you that they could pull off such a feat has given them DECADES of free funding to further enslave you. People have put a lot of time, energy, and money into NASA and it’s space exploration since they were convinced man could walk on another planet. Some of the purpose is to provide them not only more ways to monitor, propagandize and control you. Just look at what satellites and the internet have allowed them to do. If you’re looking to build a global network of control, it’s nice to have something people are willing to have their money and energy dumped into which can help facilitate that end.

      By the way, you can’t sue them for anything. Even if you could get to court with such an purpose, their judges would simply laugh you out of court.

      • So you think it possible that the moon is an “alien satellite” put there BY the jews, yet the jews have never set foot on the moon or come anywhere near it? Huh strange theory. Or do you mean that humans have never been to the moon, but jews control the moon?

        • Actually, no I don’t. Nobody goes to the moon, or even outer space. Funny to see myself talking about “global” stuff in 2011. Now knowing the planet (PLANE) we live on is FLAT and NASA can’t go to space, things have changed quite a bit. I have no clue what the moon is, regardless what types of hypothesis I may have made. I do know for a fact the earth is flat and nobody goes to space, so if anyone can define the moon, it’s damn sure not what NASA said.

          • FlatasFCUK says:

            it’s good to know you know the truth about our plane. i believe the laws of physics do not apply to this plane either. of course physics are mostly BS anyhow, with ‘constants’ invented to make the equations work.

          • I think some of them do apply, and they actually screw the model for the ball earthers. Things like “what goes up, must come down” definitely works, because they can’t go to space and just stay up there, lol. All rocket launches turn and head sideways across the sky instead of going straight up to space. I will be adding information regarding all of this soon.

    • Sam Elbonias says:

      Halle why do you think that NASA would not fake a Moon landing ‘the first few times.’ But c’mon, *definitely* they didn’t fake it the 2nd or 3rd times? Give me a break! You say “…what would be the point in lying about something like that?” You actually believe what you are saying? What would be the point? How about dollar bills sufficient to fill 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools? Would that be sufficient motive?

      • The point would be making people think they live in something totally different than what they do. Once people realize the plane we live on is FLAT and NOBODY goes to “outer space” it changes the WHOLE GAME.

  17. Dennis Karr says:

    I don’t know, I always assumed the main reason was to come off as the biggest, baddest mofo on the block. Alot of bullies have gotten away with the mere illusion of toughness, so for me that reason was always enough. You seem to think its deeper, and you may just be right, but what? what is the gigantic secret they are hiding, other than the usual, antigravity, zero point energy systems, exotic fuels, exotic craft, awesomely advanced super technology, etc…? or is it bigger and more frightening, do you believe in ET? I do, it’s a simple math thing really so there is no question in my mind that they must exist somewhere in this galaxy, and if they do, how involved are they with us earth humans and are we just some experiment of theirs? What if all those rumors of Eisenhower signing Alien Treaties is true? What if James Forrestal was pushed out his hospital room window because he had found out about ET and couldn’t handle it so they silenced him? I hear it’s the real reason they killed JFK, but I guess you never really know until you know, you know? Bottom line is, there are not enough people globally that are awake yet and the clock is ticking.

    • Nah, has nothing to do with being the baddest on the block, because every other block is run by the same click. I’ll say this much…..I don’t have beliefs, but I do have enough intelligence to tell when someone is hiding something.

    • brian morrison says:

      hey dennis – how about the 4 billion dollars in debt-free/non-federal reserve currency kennedy had just issued to the nation? and don’t forget kennedy’s demand that israeli jews come clean about their nuclear ambitions and submit to inspections. your alien angle of assassination is too naive and dissembles away from the perpetrators.

      stay on target.

      the moon secrets are older and more immense than we can begin to imagine. yes adam, it is because they have something they are hiding about the moon. a precisely placed clockwork in the skies to be observed from the surface of the earth. the deeper purpose?… and who put it there?
      when viewed from earth the moon:
      -is the exact same size as the sun (the sun is 400 times bigger and 200 times the distance from earth – approximately)
      -follows the exact elliptical path of the sun across the sky six-months opposite. tic toc, goes the clock…
      -impossibly shows the exact same side towards the earth – in perpetuity – which suggests placement and maintenance.

      also the mass of the moon is supposedly such that it would not maintain an orbit around the earth as it does but would either fly off at a tangent or come hurtling toward us.
      there’s a lot to mention about the moon but i’ll finish up with this. the jew calendar is a lunar calendar… go figure.

      • You said it all…same side always facing earth. Why is it everything in our solar system turns on an axis, except the moon? Even the sun spins on it’s axis, but not the moon. If you look at their bogus claims as to WHY it is that we only see one side of the moon, things start to get real fishy. They actually try to say the rate the moon turns on it’s axis is relative to the rotation of the earth in such a way that the earth can never see the other side! If that doesn’t bake your noodle, I don’t know what will. That one point is enough to prove something is seriously wrong with what we’ve been told about this “moon” of ours. I could go much further, but I don’t think I need to. Go find a logical reason as to why we only see one side of a moon which science claims IS IN FACT TURNING on it’s axis.

        • The moon does rotate on it’s axis.
          The moon has the same rotational period as it has orbital period.
          That’s why we see the same side all the time.

          But don’t take my word for it.
          Try this experiment.
          Use a basketball as a model of the Earth.
          Then take a smaller ball (golfball) to use as a model of the Moon. Scale doesn’t matter.
          Draw a line on the golf ball for reference.
          Now circle the basketball with the golfball and make sure the line on the golfball always faces towards the basketball.
          You will find that one complete orbit of the basketball coincides with one complete rotation of the golfball.

          • I’ve already done the experiment, and I understand how that works. The problem is that it’s too accurate. The moon turns so perfectly on it’s axis that the same side always faces the earth and has for as long as we know? What if it doesn’t rotate at all and instead acts like a geo-stationary satellite where one side is constantly attracted to the earth, and therefore it doesn’t rotate at all? It’s very odd that we would only see one side of the moon for eternity, because it’s perfectly synced with earth’s rotation.

          • Brad Kayganich says:

            Actually from my observation of the moon. It rotates like a wheel across the sky. No spinning on a axis. If you were to track the 30 days of the moon cycle you’ll notice it makes a clockwise rotation. Could the moon be flat? It sure very well could be, and even more it’s horizontal in the sky. Not vertical. Another thing I’ve noticed when the moon is visible during the day time on a clear day. It’s dark spots take on the same color as the sky. How is that? I bet the moon is a transparent disc. The moon as well produces it’s own light. It doesn’t reflect the suns light. Moonlight is cold, put two thermometers out. One in the moonlight. Another outside of the moonlight there’s a difference in temp. Moonlight will be colder than the thermometer not in moonlight. One more thing. About lunar eclipses (this would apply to solar eclipses as well). The ancients knew of a third celestial body that follows the sun and moon called the black sun. Which is described as a transparent disc that causes the eclipses both lunar and solar. Eclipses have been seen with both the moon and sun visible away from the horizon.

      • Venus rotates once every 243 days making its day longer than its year at about 255 days.

  18. Dennis Karr says:

    Holy SHite!! Ok, Brian, now you really have my gears spinning…..But knowing what we know about the moon and it’s apparent locked, artificial orbit, it only makes my ET argument stronger. I mean, I doubt the DoD is responsible for the orbit of the moon, so if it aint us humans, who else is left? What other explanation could there be for the behavior of the moon? We know there is no way we ever got humans on the moon via rockets, we know about the radiation that killed the Russian dog back in 1957, so we can safely say nothing biological would ever survive past, lets say 2,000 miles out from Earth agreed? Now the question is, WHAT is the main secret that they are hiding regarding the moon other than the fact that they did not land on it when they said they did and probably never have? What is the secret?

  19. The main secret about the moon may be that it’s an artificial alien satellite, parked in Earth orbit millions of years ago to stabilize the Earth’s rotation and precession in order to allow intelligent life forms to evolve. Prior to the moon’s arrival, the Earth’s rotation and precession may have been too unstable, leading to periodic cataclysmic pole reversals which wiped out all evolving life forms. Also, it’s well-known that the moon regulates the Earth’s tides. What were the Earth’s tides like before the moon arrived in orbit? Possibly unpredictable and tsunami-like?

    Supposedly, seismic tests done on the moon have revealed that it is hollow, which isn’t possible with a real moon or planet. Adam’s comment about how unlikely it is that only one side of the moon ever faces Earth turned on a light bulb for me. Although I knew that was the case, I had never really thought about how unlikely it is.

    I also agree with the comment that the “Cold War” explanation for the moon hoax doesn’t cut it, because the Jews have controlled Russia since 1917, and the United States since at least 1913, when the “Federal” Reserve was forced upon us. So, it doesn’t make sense that they would stage such a risky, expensive, and elaborate hoax just to make one puppet hand (the U.S.) “fool” the other puppet hand (the Soviet Union). The military, intelligence, and scientific directorates of the Soviet Union were surely intelligent enough and had enough espionage and technical capabilities to easily figure out that the moon landings were hoaxed, yet they never called the U.S. on it – they played along.

    I don’t agree with the idea that the moon landings were hoaxed just as a way of funneling more money to Israel, because there would have been much easier and less risky ways for the Jews to do that. Imagine the risks they took to pull off multiple moon landings hoaxes – what if something went wrong, and their hoax was suddenly exposed to millions of TV viewers? There has to be something about the moon itself that they don’t want people to know, and therefore they took the huge risk of hoaxing the moon landings so that, as Adam said, NASA could later say, “Been there, done that. Nothing more to see on the moon – move along.”

    Here’s an article about how NASA has issued orders to the private companies wanting to explore the moon to stay away from the Apollo “landing sites.” Most likely, because there’s nothing at those sites!

    Or, on a more hopeful and somewhat less “far-out” note, it could be that the Jew-created, German-bashing spoof movie “Iron Sky” is a reality, and that those “evil Nazis” may have antigravity ships and bases on the moon’s far side, waiting to conquer Earth. This sounds ridiculous, but there is actually a lot of evidence that the Germans had made incredible technological advances in the closing years of WWII, possibly including antigravity “flying saucers” or UFOs, and that they managed to ship those secrets to Antarctica and/or South America, where they developed them further. I can easily see why the Jews who control the U.S. and Russia would want to hide German antigravity UFOs and German military bases on the moon, if that is the case. It could also explain why U.S. and Russian nuke sites have been repeatedly probed by UFOs from 1947 up until the present day. Why would aliens from another star system be so concerned about our nuclear missiles, which could never reach them anyway? This “German UFO/ moon base” scenario could explain the NASA Space Shuttle video in which it appears that a missile was fired at a UFO in Earth’s upper atmosphere, which then immediately darted off into space to evade the missile.

    Or, it could be that both scenarios are true – the moon is an artificial alien satellite, and the Germans have used their antigravity UFO technology to establish military bases there. I can certainly see why the Jews would want to hide such a reality from the people. If such a scenario is true, I’m pulling for the Germans!

    • There has to be something about the moon itself that they don’t want people to know, and therefore they took the huge risk of hoaxing the moon landings so that, as Adam said, NASA could later say, “Been there, done that. Nothing more to see on the moon – move along.”

      Exactly. Something fishy is going on, and I don’t purport to have the answers, but I know when things don’t add up. I don’t know about the whole German moon bases and UFO angle, I just know there has to be a logical reason to fake something as massive as a moon landing.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        I’d bet the coverup has to do with one or more of the following, among other possible reasons:

        1. The properties of the moon, space, earth, etc., aren’t quite what we’ve been told.
        2. There’s more to the so-called laws of physics than we’ve been told, and is related to point #1 above.
        3. The existence & their use of suppressed, advanced technology, e.g., antigravity/electrodyne propulsion, free energy, etc., which is related to point #2 above. Note: this is human invented technology, not alien stuff. If–and this is a big IF–anyone has actually gone into deep space & landed on another planet than that feat certainly wasn’t accomplished using the obsolete, junk technology we see in the public.
        4. The history & nature of the human species is not quite what we’ve been told, which is related to point #1 above. I agree with SN’s comment elsewhere on this site that the jews are working to prevent us from learning who & what we & they really are.

        • Exactly. Nothing is what we’ve been told it is, and it’s not like the truth about these things isn’t already known. It’s just suppressed, hidden, and kept secret from the rest of us.

  20. I thought about that too but if the shaddows have different angles means that there were minimum two sources of light and is there were two different sources of light why the objects have just one shaddow instead of two.
    For me is very strange why the 9/11,the holocaust and the moon landings put huge amount of proofs on conspiracy theorists table in comparition with so many other huge events in history which are perfect undeniable.
    Brian Todd O’Leary (1940 – 2011) was an American scientist, author, and former NASA astronaut. He was a member of the sixth group of astronauts selected by NASA in August 1967.In March 2001, O’Leary appeared briefly in Fox TV’s “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon,” stating that “I can’t say for sure 100%, whether these men walked on the moon. It is possible that NASA could have covered it up, just in order to cut corners, and to be the first to allegedly go to the moon.”
    I mean this could be enough evidence for any other gouvernment to take action and official clarify who/what is wrong and who must pay.Instead no Nasa/govn’t reaction.

    • I think NASA is just a big money hole for them to fund black projects, and nothing more. The government isn’t going to investigate itself, and when it does, it’s just a dog and pony show.

  21. God Bless You Sir…..

    The Truth doesn’t need threats and lies to be told.

  22. How is it risky when they own all the networks? If they make a mistake they just cut from it, it probably wasn’t live anyway it was recorded and presented as “live”.

    1 don’t subscribe to you and adam’s beliefs that the moon was “put there by aliens” lol.

    With j ews it’s usually about money and power, to use against the Gentiles (Humans) to control them.

    So, this seems to be about money and power. There is no other way they could amass that much money so quickly than an excuse like NASA and our amazing groundbreaking treks into space.

    Name some other ways they could have stolen that much money that quickly? There’s not too many, it was a hugely successful plot to fleece the gents for untold trillions.

    1 suppose it could be done but 1 can’t think of too many ways. 1 suppose the financial bailouts and 9/11 netted them some huge gains as well. But they can’t use the same scheme everytime.

    One thing 1’m trying to figure out which is very important: Why do so many Americans refuse to even entertain the truth that our jew controlled government has been lying to us for some time about a number of huge events.

    Is it because of the collective trauma inflicted upon us, people are not ABLE to entertain the truth because they are too damaged mentally and spiritually?

    Or is it due to people’s (PARTICULARLY AMERICANS) lack of humility and arrogance, the belief in “american exceptionalism” that we’re too good for that to happen.

    • There is nothing here saying I have any beliefs, first of all. Nor is there anything saying I “think” the moon was put there by aliens.

      All you are seeing is me speculating about things to which we do not have answers, so don’t confuse that and start talking about me “believing” aliens put the moon there. I don’t have beliefs, and I don’t appreciate someone trying to mock me by putting words in my mouth.

      You will see that as far back as 2009 I made it clear this is about money. Let me clarify some things for you thought. They don’t need to get money from people. They print the fucking money. Only half witted idiots think they use their scams to get money from us. They have as much money as they can imagine. The only reason a scam like NASA would be about the money, is giving them an excuse to funnel billions into black programs, without too much questioning where the hell the money went.

      So the reason the moon landing and NASA scams are about money, is so they could fund undermining the entire planet without having to explain why they’re printing and spending so much dough. It’s about controlling where the money goes, not getting money. They have all they could possibly want, they just need excuses for the appropriation of it. Notice that now they’ve cut NASA’s funds quite a bit, and shut down the space program. The reason for this is because people are wondering why we can’t go back to the moon with our advanced technology. Well, can’t go back if NASA doesn’t fly to space anymore! That settles that.

      Americans can’t see what’s going on because they’re under a spell, just like Sleeping Beauty. Some of it is certainly ignorance and arrogance, but there is a whole other side of the coin that is being left out of the equation. The planet really is asleep at the wheel. They can’t see the problem, just like aboriginals couldn’t see a ship floating in front of their face, because they have no idea that such a thing exists.

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        One has to wonder if this moon landing thing is just simply photo-manipulated because there’s no way they could have possibly gone to space. That would definitely be the case if a non-Jew looked closely.

  23. Hi,

    I have a basic doubt, since moon is glowing how come its near by space is dark , it should be very much brighter.

  24. In these videos I absolutely and unequivocally prove that the Apollo moon landing footage is manufactured on Earth through extensive analysis of falling objects and sand seen in the TV footage. However the complete analysis is far more involved than just that. I believe you will be impressed.

    The Presentation videos are YouTube and Vimeo upload-ready. I would also appreciate if you would post all of the video links provided below for download by anyone.

    A kind citizen has already uploaded the main videos to his site. You can view them here:



    The more the merrier!

    I thank you.

    Presentation Videos:

    Make_Believe___part_one___MAIN_____.mp4 5.94 GB!0ghi0T7T!eqLYOfkdF1MMoLjEE8FyO_IMVOFsiOLwW3wFJlD9MWU

    Make_Believe___part_two___APPENDIX_.mp4 1.88 GB!U1QmGZ6D!zzpsHqGwsPTG1b1TcCqNAFUcKyjQHWXy0PvBEWc8JXQ

    TVcamera footage edits: 641.7 MB!lkByyZ7b!IUl6FxRHfTORfON50-k0yDgc8aMixcl_oq0rlcjKRyU 160.1 MB!A8BRmIAA!K4Zc0CURPahJvWvDbSYGteTHoqB4w9HsoC3XhFLLsNY 1.93 GB!4x4yjSzJ!KDH7XH36n7ntDcaRf4RBe8IUzdHFtbojnz2lFAEpvyQ 2.89 GB!xxwymArR!E_V83ZM2j4pEiIRYAvwqyt5Rt9WWVLUHGQnNz68BdtA 3.97 GB!E8w01BaC!uQdNiOIXhZ8ngSAA_PtTwaAfcAvILzHjef_REy5FFAc 4.10 GB!5wBSWIQY!kZGTHi00zNqf-QZ3uYmJlC06G-rry_aBiFApv9kkiU0

  25. “Star Wars” or other wars, NO thanks. The Evil Empire: religion, armies, monarchies and politicians…are the causers of all wars

  26. All lies NASA never been to the Moon, Mars or any other planet fantasy channel sucking billions from the American populace deception after deception same as nukes don’t work more lies the Earth doesn’t turn at 1600 k’s an hour travel by plane East to West or visa versa takes the same time more lies. Who are these people working for the guy in the red suit not santa Claus .God help us all

  27. Hey get a load of this crap lie. Supposed Aluminum Space craft flying through our earth’s atmosphere where re-entry temperatures exceed 10,000 degrees according to NASSHOLES own figures. The outer shell is stainless steel honeycomb between stainless steel sheets, covered on the outside with ablative material (heat-dissipating material which chars and falls away during earth entry).The inner shell is aluminum honeycomb between aluminum alloy sheets. A layer of insulation separates the two shells. This construction makes the CM light as possible yet rugged enough to stand the strain of acceleration during launch, the shock and heat of earth entry, the force of splashdown, and the possible impact of meteorites.
    Engineering ToolBox
    MELTING POINT is the temperature at which a substance changes from solid to liquid state.
    Aluminum Alloy 463 – 671 865 – 1240 Aluminum Bronze 1027 – 1038 1881 – 1900 Steel, Carbon 1425 – 1540 2600 – 2800 Steel, Stainless 1510 2750
    ALL OF YOU TUBE COMMUNITY watch how the LANDER CONSPIRATORS moonie believers, lie their way out of these facts.
    I am curious how a craft made from Stainless Steel and Aluminum with materials made on earth can withstand melting temperatures FIVE (5) times greater than made for stainless steel. EIGHT (8) times greater than made for Aluminum.
    Will all you scientists, lander conspirators, and PhD’s please tell all us tin hatters how can re-entry temperatures exceed the melting point of ALL KNOWN METALS on earth using a craft made that DIDN’T melt? Please tell us all again how true all these space lies are. I won’t even go into the freezing point that all metals crack.
    You Lander Believer’s, PhD’s, and Scientists what a bunch of jokers, tricksters, you learned people are!

    • There is no way for satellites, space ships, or anything else to exist in the temperatures of the thermosphere where they claim these things reside. You would cook inside that thing like a pizza in a fucking microwave!

  28. IsItSomethingISaid says:

    The rover is revealing in the videos of it. It didn’t fit, and the videos of them trying to explain how it does fit are hilarious. Photos of it being “unloaded” on the Moon are also quite humorous. And then there are the photos of it next to the LEM, where it is quite apparent that it is too large to have been transported inside of it.

    However, it is the weight that gives it away. It supposedly weighed 463 pounds on Earth. It takes 9 times the weight of an object in fuel to get it into low Earth orbit (LEO). I.e. it takes 9 pounds of fuel to get 1 pound into LEO, so each additional pound of payload weight becomes 10. So, just to reach LEO they would have needed 4,200 additional pounds of fuel, plus the weight of the rover–that’s about 4,650 extra pounds, 2.25 tons, in total.

    After reaching LEO, going to the moon required at least three additional rocket burns of fuel. One to leave Earth orbit, one to slow–no brakes–to attain an orbit around the Moon, and lastly the actual descent to the Moon’s surface. All of these, because of the weight of the rover, would have required a lot more fuel, and subsequently, at a minimum, at least 9 times that weight at the initial launch and lift-off to LEO–many more tons of unplanned for, at the inception of the Apollo project, fuel weight.

    Since there were not no provisions at the commencement of Apollo, at say the launch of Apollo 8, within the specifications of the rockets or vehicles for many thousands of pounds of extra fuel and a rover, we much conclude that the rover is a hoax within a hoax.

    Then there are the rover’s “rooster tails”…

    • If they could actually get to space, then we’d be able to talk about what happens next. They can’t leave the atmosphere, so who gives a shit about a rover? Everything about NASA and “outer space” is a hoax.

  29. This is the BIGGEST Bull S of all..Even as a Young Lady I knew but didnt know as I was not really paying attention(Young, party) the MOON..COME ON, nobody could get to the moon..Maybe now some how closer 2 the moon or.. ..I mean my goodness the lies and the bull..WHY did any of us fall 4 it back then..IM so angry at the crooks and the $$$$..What about the people that perished on the rocket or what ever you call it BOOM gone..Was that all 4 show 2??? Probably make it look more authentic..So what do astronauts do anyway now?? IM late to this section..IM always a little bit LATE but I do make it in the end..CHEERS All Happy 2016…

    • Not only are the moon landings fake, but space itself is fake. There is no flying away from this plane…what goes up, MUST COME DOWN..remember that one? Uh huh. There are no satellites, no space station, no none of that.

  30. Sparky Soetoro, Esq. says:

    several show stoppers with the flight, the most important are Van Allen and the solar flare activity for the time, in the case of most of the Apollo hoaxings, the approximately 1400 or more solar flares were at least by probability likely to produce 140 flares lethal beyond 1000 REM to kill the crew. also, NASA inadvertently released a film that shows they faked the half way, 130,000 mile point with trickery, even had a third voice not of mission control prompting them to speak. “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon” is a good start. it’s short but packs a lot of punch. Guys like Kaysing and Sibrel have done so much, as did Ralph Rene, to expose the absolute utter zioturd spun B.S. that was the 120 billion dollar jew ripoff called GEMINI/APOLLO.

    the presser tells it all, as does the last speech Armstrong gave at the Whore House at 1600 Penisveinia Avenue not too long ago before he died. Cryptically he reveals the truth that the whole friggin thing was a huge lie and hoax. I hope he rots in hell for it.

    it was important enough to slaughter the Apollo 1 crew for objecting to the shitty crap, incapable for a flight, and the murder by CIA of the I.G., and his wife and stepdaughter, and the theft of his 500+ page report stating that we just couldn’t do it in another ten years even.

    jews run the media, and are staging many hoaxes now to grab guns, and they are the proponents of; “if you question the LUNAR LANDINGS you are an ‘anti semite’ crap. Enough is enough. Jews hoax everything. scam everything. rip everything the fuck off. Kubrick is burning in hell for his complicity in this jew hoax.

  31. It comes down to what Adam is saying..There are People that believe Bull Shit(sleeping Uglies not beauties) and People that dont believe bull shit(most of us reading this website)..More than half the People in the USA are sleeping..Drugs, booze, OVER EATING, football= football anything with a Ball..ITS really Pathetic..I knew years ago LBJ killed JfK(he was one of em)..I was only 16..I knew the idiots NEVER went to the moon and I was a Young Lady..I remember looking up at the moon that evening..I said to myself..There is NOBODY on that moon..IM naive sometimes BUTT I dont usually believe bull shit..IM angry because I want some of that money the jews are always stealing and printing..The jew owned TV News brainwashing worked on many sleeping People..The idiots believe what they are told..Research is not a word or action 4 the masses..This is a new comment from me regarding an older topic..

  32. frontncenter says:

    People are such idiots. If we landed on the moon, don’t they think other countries would like to go and plant their flags as well? So what’s stopping them? Certainly not technology since we did (not) with nothing. The U.S. has always had a bunch of lying, thieving, treasonous, murderous, traitor bastards running things, starting the first traitor President Washington the Brit. America has to lie about everything. If were so great why are we sucking Israel’s dick?

    • Exactly. NASA can’t even go to “outer space” let alone to the moon. Just wait, because I’ll be exposing this fraud and many others. I’ve had enough, and I’m about to blow the lid on a lot of stuff.

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