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Mike Rivero – What Really Happened

Mike Rivero – What Really Happened

What really happened?  That’s a good question.  Here’s what happened.  America, and many countries around the globe ignored their ancestors, and allowed the jews to live freely amongst them.  Unfortunately, jews do not wish to simply live freely, and work hard to become a part of any society.  The jews are a parasitic ilk that instead always act as a nation within a nation.  The jews consider themselves far above and beyond everyone else, whom they deem to be “goyim” or cattle at best.  In fact, jews consider all others as insects, and proudly boast in true supremacist fashion that they are the only real humans on earth. (See Basic Training for Revolutionaries)

The jews are racist, supremacist, genocidal maniacs, and sadly, this cartoon couldn't get any more true than it is.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The jews are, in fact, not exactly human, and are in fact much closer to neanderthals than real humans, like the rest of us, but that is not the point of this article.  What really happened is, some people finally started to remember what their ancestors always knew.  The fact that jews are parasitic, nation wrecking, baby raping, ritually murdering, genocidal maniacs, hell bent on world domination.  The problem is what happened before this time came about.

Before people started to awaken to the infestation of jewish pedophiles and nation wreckers in their midst, almost as if waking from a dream into a real life nightmare, the jews made sure to put their agents in every place imaginable, and to set themselves up as purveyors of the truth, as it relates to the jewish problem.  The jews have long since had a plan for global domination, and an integral part of that plan was to stave off any real pogroms against themselves, by making sure that any major outlets for so-called “truth” about jews, was in fact, run by jews.

This is exactly the case when it comes to sites like What Really Happened, which is run by an admitted sephardic jew by the name of Mike Rivero.  This Rivero character has a website, which I will not link to, that is one of the largest, most heavily trafficked “anti-zionist” sites on the internet.  The site has done well since it arrived online in 1999, and holds a rank in the top 6000 websites in these united states alone, and ranks even better in most other countries around the world.

Is it any wonder that this fat sephardic jew gets publicity from other fakers like Alex Jones? Both of these worthless pieces of trash are full of shit and wasting your time.

What’s really happening is, people who are becoming aware of the jewish problem, are being sucked into this vortex of bullshit and propaganda as if it were a black hole, and in many cases, it is.  Honest human beings looking for answers find a site that says “what really happened”, and then ignorantly assume that this site is going to tell them “what really happened”.  However, being run by a jew and jewish interests, the fact is people will NEVER discover what really happened.  They will NEVER learn what they need to know and how they need to approach these issues, because THIS is the real intention of sites like WRH.

Mike Rivero is indeed an admitted sephardic jew as can be seen HERE at another site which I will not endorse for very similar reasons.  Check out this quote:

Today, while interviewing guest speakers at the No More Wars for Israel Conference, Mike Rivero told a bit about his family history, noting that he descended from Sephardic Spanish Jews of nobility, who had fought in the Crusades to “get back the old homestead back—that didn’t work out”, and who were forced to convert to Catholicism under the edicts of Queen Isabella—a conversion which did not take.

So, as you can see, Kike Rivero has indeed admitted publicly that he himself is jewish, and with that, it should become obvious that he is misleading people when it comes to the true intentions of the jew.  Of course, many won’t understand this, but take a look (if you can stomach the squeaky annoying, nasally voice of a rat faced jew) at this video HERE (approximately 22:00 into the video), and listen as this kike explains that, not only is he jewish, he was once married to an ashkenazi jewess.  However, he uses this as yet another opportunity to confuse and distort the truth about jews, and their plot for world domination.

Not only a disinformation specialist, but a jew who works for hollywood and NASA. Does this sound like someone you can trust for honest information?

At about 20 minutes into the video, Rivero talks about his ashkenazi jewish wife, and then gives the impression that ashkenazis are racist towards sephardic jews, but this is not the case at all.  ALL jews have the same DNA, and work in tandem with each other to keep the rest of the world snowed as to their true intentions.  Kikes like Rivero pretend there is a huge void of racism between the ashkenazi and sephardic jews, but this then begs the question, how the hell was he married to an ashkenazi, if there is such a divide?  The truth is, there is NO DIVIDE between any groups of jews, regardless of which type they claim to be.  ALL JEWS were exiled from dozens of different countries in the past, with no regard to who was ashkenazi or sephardic.

Kike Rivero is content to pretend not to be in on the game, as he tells how he was let in on their “tribal secrets” because he married this ashkenazi rat.  He pushes the idea that ashkenazis having white skin, means they are not from the middle east and that they are somehow not the same as the sephardic jews, but this is just a ruse.  Rivero pretends that the beliefs of all jews, including himself, are something he never heard of (yeah right).  He attempts to pretend that he actually thought jewish racism was a “practical joke they were trying to play on me”, and he couldn’t be more fake in making these absurd statements.

While attempting to make us believe there is a divide between ashkenazi and sephardic jews, this sephardi Kike Rivero was married to an ashkenazi jewess himself!! In his supremacist mind, you are gullible enough to buy that fable!

For those who have keen senses, you’ll notice that at one point, he actually says “this desire to keep your racial lines pure…or your philosophical lines pure”, but again, the race of jews consists of both sephardic and ashkenazi jews with the same DNA, and the philosophical lines are obviously the same, as proven by the number of jewish exiles including BOTH supposedly separate groups of jews.

I could rip on this radio show of his for hours showing the inconsistencies in what this kike rambles on about, but I can’t stomach his pathetic squeaky jew voice long enough to do so. It’s also probably best that my readers NOT bother listening to this pathetic whelp anyway, as it will only serve to program your minds with propaganda, inaccuracies, and other distortions.  In fact, let me add right here and now, that you should NOT visit his website.  You should NOT listen to his propaganda radio shows.  You should NOT patronize him, by giving him more traffic, which in turn becomes more advertising dollars in his pockets.  According to his shirt in the video he is “richer than Iceland” (quite a supremacist attitude) anyway, so why bother patronizing him at all?

That said, many people are donating every time this rat faced jew squeals about needing money to keep his site online.  Judging by all the jewish advertisers on his site, his “richer than Iceland” t-shirt,  and the traffic he gets, it’s not likely he’s hurting for money at all.  In fact, it turns out that Kike Rivero has been working for Hollywood for a number of years!  Yup, while supposedly leading people to the truth, Kike Rivero is actually working for Hollywood, which does nothing more than distract, distort, and spew filth and propaganda!  Take a look at his “Home Baked Entertainment” business he runs on the side HERE.

I’m willing to bet that Hollywood pays the kike Rivero quite well for his work, but what’s more interesting is what KIND of work Rivero does for Hollywood!  Let’s add in one more important fact though because, not only does Rivero work for Hollywood, but he ALSO has worked for NASA!!  Does a jew who works for hollywood and NASA sound like a good place to get your information from?

Michael brings over 30 years’ award-winning experience in feature films, broadcasting, and television advertising to Home Baked Entertainment, including work in feature films like “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, “Coneheads”, “Stargate”, “Final Fantasy”, and “The Day After Tomorrow”, as well as television work in award winning commercials and the ABC series, “LOST”. Prior to his film career, Michael worked with NASA developing advanced image processing tools for the Viking and Voyager Missions.

Mike Rivero works for both NASA and Hollywood, but we're supposed to believe he's one of the "good guys" for bringing us his lies, labeled as truth? I don't think so.

Certainly makes one wonder exactly what this kike Rivero is up to, begging for donations while working for Hollywood and NASA these past thirty years.  Do you really think this kike who is “richer than Iceland” is in desperate need of your money, or is he trying to swallow up income that could be used to support real patriots, and a serious fight against his own ilk?  Rivero has no problem talking bad about “Israel” and “zionists”, but as I’ve shown, he’s still doing nothing more than shoveling shit at you.

HERE is a recent article stating that: While ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ramps down, others like ‘Battleship’ and ‘Hawaii 5-0’ are launching into full swing, making this the highest-grossing year for movie making in state history. Skinner pointed out that, “It’s nudging very close to $347 million in estimated production expenditures.”

Guess who is also getting a portion of these “production expenditures”?  Yup, Kike Rivero, and he is even featured in the article. Take a look at this:

It’s also helping local enterprises. The trickle-down has boosted business for Michael Rivero who owns a computer animation and special effects company in Aiea.

Rivero pointed out, “We’ve been very busy. We’ve worked on a lot of projects. We worked on ‘Lost.’ We got to work on the pilot for ‘Hawaii 5-0.'”

Rivero says things could be even better for the local film industry, if the state continues to train the next generation. “Hawaii needs to sort of understand its identity. That we’re not just a support organization, that we’re filmmakers in our own rights, and we need to nurture that along as well,” he said.

Those who have been supporting Kike Rivero, visiting his website, patronizing his advertisers have done nothing more than prop up the enemy’s own propaganda outlets.  Do NOT visit his site.  Do NOT listen to his shows.  Do NOT swallow anything this infiltrator attempts to sell you.  It’s high time his traffic took a nose dive, and sites like SN started reaching millions of people.

Someone actually had the audacity to portray Kike Rivero as a super hero for the truth movement! Instead, Rivero is more like the jewish golem, a weapon against non-jews.

Of course, I don’t work for the jews, so I don’t get the publicity Kike Rivero does.  I struggle and scrape and fight for every hit I get on this website.  I spend hours a day just posting my own link everywhere I can.  I put in more time commenting across the web to drive people here than I do creating content most of the time.  This means that I must also rely on YOU to help push the message.  We won’t have any real help coming from people in high places, because they are on the other team.  We won’t have millions of hits coming in every month, unless WE work diligently to make it happen.

So, do us all a favor and stop patronizing sites that don’t tell the whole story.  Stop patronizing sites that mislead, distract, divide, or otherwise try to bullshit our people.  HERE is an example of one such site, run by yet another jew, and linked to be kikes like Rivero. Take a look at the article “demonisation of the jews” and the image, “zionsim, judaism…there is a difference”.  There is no difference between any of these rat faced, baby raping, nation wrecking, ritually murdering, genocidal beasts.

Here’s a difference for you.  HUMANS who put together sites like this one get a fraction of the traffic these liars get, because I’m trying to steer you directly at the target.  The difference is, I’m not trying to pretend some jews are better than others, or pretend that it’s just “zionists” or any other bullshit group they can push the blame off to.

Next time someone tells you there is a difference between “zionism” and “judaism” and “sephardic/ashkenazi jews” at all, just remember these simple facts.  Your ancestors knew better.  They exiled ALL jews sephardic, ashkenazi or otherwise, and these exiles went on for THOUSANDS of years before “zionism” was ever codified, so don’t be gullible enough to buy into these lies.  This didn’t just become an issue when jews invented “zionism” to distract you.  These ARE demons in the flesh, and demonizing them is the ONLY way you’ll ever get people into the right mindset to solve the issues. Everyone must view the jews as the inhuman and inhumane beasts that they are.

I said this once before in an audio on SN, and I’ll say it again.  Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage, and we are merely players”.  The truth is, “all the world is a stage, and we are merely being played”.  The last line of the Hawaii article featuring Rivero also sums it up: “there really is no business like show business”, and everything coming from sources like Kike Rivero is just that, a show, a hoax, a fiction, or a hollywood production.


Mike Rivero’s trolls have been commenting that he is indeed a super hero, but comments of this sort don’t get published here.  Within two hours of posting this, Rivero picked up the article and claimed “I must be important to be getting smeared like this”.  Obviously jew owned hollywood has no problem paying Rivero tons of money to work on their movies, so we can easily see he is NOT any kind of real resistance to them. Anyone ignorant enough to believe a sephardic jew, once married to an ashkenazi, working for NASA and Hollywood is any kind of real resistance is an absolute moron.  You’ve been snowed. Waking up isn’t fun.  It’s even less fun when the shills you depend on get “smeared” for being the shills that they are.  DEAL WITH IT. Yet another layer of programming must be peeled away. Also note Rivero has this posted as “cover ups/deception/propaganda”.  Funny when the deceivers who run propaganda outlets call their own exposure “propaganda”.

  1. It’s great to see you and John back in action.

    Checked out the letters page at jew-know-who’s page…I cannot believe that anyone can say with a straight face that YOU are a Mossad plant.

    These individuals are either huge fucking waterheads, or disinfo agents trying to set everyone off on the wrong path.

    Anyway…once again, great to see you back – I will be posting again soon; it’s too bad that Americans wasted monies on Ron Paul’s money bomb – if you, John and I were able to amass like funds, the revolution would already be OVER.

    So…think about this, folks – do you want to fund someone who’s “richer than Iceland”…or would you rather be on the winning team?

    Did you download Adam’s guide? Read it – and then tell me how Adam is a plant, disinfo agent or a scumbag…then get ready for a slap in the mouth and a kick in the ass.

    Looking forward to the next Voice Of Venom from you guys.

  2. michael mazur says:

    But Rivero does frequently address directly the issue of counterfeit money being the output of the Federal Reserve and its two predecessors, and he does frequently address the fact that 911 was a Israeli hit.

    The resolution of both matters will bode ill for both Judaism and Israel, and he knows that.

    • No shit he does, but he doesn’t go all the way. If he doesn’t at least touch on some of these subjects, his credibility would take a massive nose dive. Now that I just smacked him up, he’s in major damage control mode. He won’t admit there was no plane at the Pentagon. He won’t admit there were no planes at all on 911, and there are tons of other shit he won’t admit. His job is to teach you to love some jews, so you don’t wipe out all of them, like you should. He is part of the deception. While hollywood spent 30 years teaching you Arabs were evil terrorists, GUESS WHO WAS WORKING FOR HOLLYWOOD!! While NASA sold you a bullshit lie of the moon landing GUESS WHO WORKED FOR THEM? Isn’t it funny both 911 and the moon landing were television HOAXES, and here this major (JEW) truther worked for BOTH NASA and HOLLYWOOD doing none other than SPECIAL EFFECTS!!!!!!! WOW! Go ahead, go follow the jew around if you like….good luck solving the JEW infestation by listening to a rat faced KIKE.

      • michael mazur says:

        Hollywood ended his career there when they overheard him at a eatery say to a collegue that Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster was murdered and that the evidence was in the photo released.

        A skill of his is photographic analysis, for which he was also valued at NASA.

        He would have been a materially well off individual by now were it not for the Hollywood blackban put on him 17yrs ago.

        • Learn to read. He is still working for hollywood, as the article states. Do you actually buy that bullshit story? Next time, read the article thoroughly, because he was just in the news a week or two ago about his work on hollywood projects. Please don’t act so gullible as to believe “they” overheard him say something at some jew deli and he lost all his work.

          • michael mazur says:

            He actually recently relayed that detail on his radio program of being overheard in the eatery and so lost his job there in Hollywood, which is why in `94 he started his website though initially it had a different name.

          • And what? His business site says he’s been working for Hollywood for 30 years, and just looking at the projects he’s worked on, it’s clear he’s lying about being “shut out”, so it’s yet another line of bullshit. Not only that, but just a week ago he was featured in Hawaii news as one of the local businesses making so much money off the booming movie industry out there. He’s a lying piece of shit JEW……NEVER trust what a jew tells you. Especially when it comes to the JEWISH PROBLEM or MONEY. Got it? GOOD!

          • “When Jews step forward as innocence itself then the danger is great”. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        If he works for bith Hollywood and NASA…. He must have a big role in both hoaxes, for someone who has been working for 30 years.

  3. americafarm says:

    Desertpeace is a JEW? Figures.

    Rivero should realize his constant Christian-bashing reeks of the kosher.

  4. By the way, great write up on exposing Rivero, and that rat desertpeace. They have confused so many people and have been holding back the natural aggression and ANGER of the average person who wants to do something about the current situation.

    Im sure for the newcomer to all this they will be a bit shellshocked by this “infighting” as they say. The fact is it’s not infighting, Adam is exposing agents who work for the enemy. It’s what they say, and don’t say, and don’t do that is giving them away. Take a closer look.

    Rivero supports MANY ASHKENAZI JEWS like “Gilad Atzmon”, a worthless jew dribbling shit pretending to fight the evil israeli government.

    Show me a jew that has picked up a rifle and stood shoulder to shoulder with a palestinian family who is about to get his home bulldozed, and shot at the jewish soldiers, and killed them!!!

    Jews from America went and enjoyed coffee on a hill while watching Palestinian women and children get blown to pieces.

    I want people to seriously think how dangerous it is to follow jews around looking for solutions to a JEW PROBLEM.

    If you don’t think it’s a JEW problem, then you need to do more research. Read Adams book


    Its on this website for FREE.

    Those caught in this “Zionism vs Judaism” bullshit better get one thing clear. If you got rid of Israel tomorrow, you would still be left with MILLIONS of JEWS in America and around the world. They would not simply stop doing what jews do. In fact, you would probably have MORE filthy jews to deal with because they would flee Israel like every other country in the past.

    Jews are the ones in the media that push this “Don’t be a racist” crap. It’s a HEALTHY DEFENCE MECHANISM to be anti-jew, so don’t think “oh Im a racist”…boo hoo….fucking grow up.

    It’s a jew problem, so deal with it.

  5. John Martinson II says:

    As is typical, Desert Peace won’t address Jewish genetic diseases.

    How can there be a Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders if Jews aren’t a race?

    Karen Brodkin’s also wrote a book entitled How Jews Became White Folks: And What That Says About Race in America? Brodkin talks about the racial distinctions between Jews and Whites.

    • Not just jewish genetic diseases, but HOW THE FUCK can a person get a DNA test to see if they are jewish, if jews aren’t a race?????? HUH!?!?!?!

      How the hell is it I can’t get a DNA TEST to see if I am Muslim or Christian??? HUH?!?!?!

      How the HELL does one get a hook nose, sloped forehead, crooked eyeballs, missing ear lobes, joker smile, weak pathetic chin and all other traits passed down from their jewish heritage if jews are not a race? You CAN NOT get physical features from reading the fucking talmud!!!!!

      They should have kept their mouth shut…now I’m going to have to wreck their world by writing something new.

      • ihatekikes says:


        I love coming here, read this in 2010, now im here to look for more ammo. adam this last post says you gonna write somemore. im waiting for long. i know you have alot of work to do, but please dont forget us. hey can anyone tell me what really happened(heh) to joe cortina? just asking

        adam may the force be with you.

        • Yes, there is more to come…..Being human, I don’t know everything, and even with my knowledge, there is still much more to learn…..well, I’m learning it. You’ll notice a difference when I do start writing again. Thanks for the kind words.

  6. so true…..their is no difference between the zionist and the common jew who gladly supports jewish controll of our country. lets say their were 5000 jews in america who honestly were more loyal to the us than israel…..well if they didnt want to be endangered by the american backlash against jews then they should have spoken out!….but where are the jews who would say”we must stop subverting america from within” “it is wrong and dangerous for jews to controll 96 percent of american media and use it to further our jewish interests” “we must stop intimidating and threatening politicians into voting israel first” “what will we jews do when the MAJORITY of americans realize we used their country to enrich ourselves and attack our enemies and have their children die defending israel while we lied to them telling them muslims “hate your freedom” “what happens when americans become infuriated watching jewish owned msm lying them into another war and making their president cower to jewish interests,and their politicians forced to prove their loyalty to israel to get elected,while we snicker knowingly” no jew has ever publically stated any of these things therefore they ALL deserve what they get after we invade iran and have 12 dollar gasoline 30000 dead american soldiers, our tranportation system and our manurfacturing supply chain totally at a standstill……like your style and wholeheartedly agree ” ‘debate creates only confusion’ when jews own 96 percent of the american media and force OUR representatives to prove they are loyal to israel,push us into wars.when 94 percent of the subprime mortgages were originated by jewish owned fly by night mortgage brokerages that popped up in EVERY poor neighborhood in america and ruined our economy,when EVEN NOW as we teeter on the brink of a financial collapse jews willingly push us into war with iran for israel. DEBATE TIME IS OVER. This statement should in no way be construed as either a call to violence or the justification for violence against any person.btw I was an avid reader of WRH but always had the sense that the REAL PROBLEM WAS NEVER REALLY ADDRESSED,the same frustration that most of us feel when so called alternative media sites rant about the bilderburg/council on foreign relations/or other vague boogeyman like “the military industrial complex” all meant to channel american frustration towards meaningless, vague,enemies while we are being subverted from within

    • Remember…not only have they had a couple hundred years to speak up here in America, but they have had THOUSANDS OF YEARS and have had the opportunity to speak up ALL AROUND THE GLOBE as this was done to EVERY COUNTRY and to ALL PEOPLES, but NEVER ONCE have they done so. This means ANYONE would be an UTTER FOOL to think that any of them are on our side now. TOO many hundreds of generations and millions upon millions of individual jews HAD THEIR CHANCE to help, but they failed, and for this, they must be dealt with harshly. Watch the movie Jud Sub here on SN…….ONE JEW is a SERIOUS PROBLEM…even JUST ONE.

      • But they are the “chosen ones” as they have stated themselves. They have done this by writing stories and amending it as the times have gone by. Isn’t that proof enough.


        • Yes, the jews have “chosen” themselves to be the masters of the world, because they are master manipulators. Initially, as you have stated, they tried to accomplish this one nation at a time. But that didn’t work out, when the goyim became aware of their trickery and kicked them out of their countries. As a result they also lost most of their loot.

          Then, by seeing that this tactic was not beneficial, they chose a different tactic. Starting in the mid 18th century they chose to go the international route, with the help of certain money-lending family in Germany. This led to the creation of central banks in different countries, which are controlled by one of their “chosen ones” or a chosen goyim. Eventually this central banks will be united into one, which will help them accomplish their goal of being the the chosen masters of the world.

          So the way to resist this is for the people to demand that these private central banks be abolished. Then, and only then, will we be out of the clutches of these self-proclaimed “chosen ones”. And, as it happens, we have a real opportunity here in the united States – lower case intentional- to do something about it. The 99 year charter of the Fed is set to expire at the end of 2012. Thus we have a chance to not grant another charter to this private central bank. I hope most of the people are awake by then to demand that this enslaving bank be abolished, so that we the people can have an opportunity to create our own money, without any interest attached to it.

          This way money can be used for what it was intended for: COMMERCE. That’s right commerce, instead of it being used to cause imaginary inflations, followed be recession and depressions, along with bribery at all parts of society. Think about it; we still own all the resources in our country. The only problem is that they have been confiscated by the use of current form of money. People are in imaginary debts because of this fictitious money. Once this illusion is exposed, all our resources will still be ours to use.

          And guess who have created this illusion.

          • Yup, but we’ll have huge wars to face for trying to get rid of their banks. Those who gain too much publicity or political power and try this are assassinated, and wars are brought against countries who try kicking them out. This is why it must be a GLOBAL effort to rid ourselves of the jew. There HAS to be some unity amongst humanity or we simply will not win. Many people overseas say “America is our last hope”. WRONG….WE ARE ALL OUR LAST HOPE. If you know and do nothing, you have no reason to hope or to complain either way. Coming together as one is how we stop this…Oh, and don’t forget, you’ll have to do something about the freemasonic constitution too, because most want to conveniently ignore how this republican form of government got us into this mess.

          • Walk out on your credit card payments and keep your money under the bed. Hit them in the $$$, only lnaguage they respect.

  7. this is fantastic seems that the exposing rivera article is a great success. our hour is closer.

  8. no planes at all on 9-11 ?????????? am i reading correctly??? you MUST explain that statement. I work in the financial district i was there when the planes hit.if you dont have a real explanation for that statement Im going to have to expose you as a provocateur.

    • I don’t give a shit if you were there or not. I note you didn’t say “I SAW THE PLANES” because you didn’t. It’s very simple, but not for simple minds. The planes were edited in by the news feeds, in VERY POOR FASHION timed to coordinate with explosives in the buildings planted by some of the mossad rats we caught on 911. Almost every piece of “eye witness amateur footage” came from plants, and not from real people standing on the ground. This has been uncovered and exposed VERY THOROUGHLY by things like September Clues, and people all across the globe who weren’t stupid enough to buy the story.

      Ask yourself this. WHY is it taboo to discuss NO PLANES? WHY would ANY part of a REAL investigation be TABOO to discuss? Aren’t we supposed to be honestly looking for answers? GUESS WHO made these topics taboo? WHY, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, and others….

      You can try exposing what you want morgan, but you won’t get far with me. There were no fucking planes, no matter how much Rivero, Jones and other have made you believe there were. Do your due diligence rather than whine because someone touched a nerve of programming you’ve yet to overcome.

      • due dilligence? taboo? its almost laughable! do you realize the amount of tourists that are in lower manhattan every day? not to mention on the wtc square(if youve only seen the wtc in news footage you wouldnt know the buildings are actually set back from the street 100 yards with an enourmous square where tourists mill about)do you know how many new yorkers filmed the tower burning from their windows while the second plane hit?? their is no way you can be intelligent enough to write the articles you write (and ive spent the last hour reading through you archive section)and be so stupid as to believe there were NO planes. My feeling? you are a provoceteur and assume you readers are uneducated.

        • What’s laughable is you think people actually LOOK UP while they are milling around on the ground. Most people’s entire world consists of nothing higher than their own forehead, and most people NEVER LOOK UP. (half of why chemtrails are still not getting much attention) Yeah, how many New Yorkers filmed the second plane hitting the tower? Almost EVERY video released of this second plane is a FAKE, a PHONY, and a FRAUD. Let me see one video that hasn’t been tampered with, or doesn’t have canned screams and poor acting. I’ve watched almost EVERY video on 911, and haven’t seen any that had planes and were real.

          What’s funny is most people now openly accept that there were NO PLANES in Shanksville and at the Pentagon, because there weren’t. However, when it comes to NY city, EVERYBODY and their brother who drinks the AJ and Rivero kool aid, somehow believe all of the faked footage, and can’t DARE swallow the idea that planes did NOT slam into the towers on 911.

          See, I have nothing to hide from you or anyone else. I am after the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What I present is 100% in line with this, and nobody has ever come close to showing that it wasn’t. I know this is one thing most people are SCARED SHITLESS to say in public, but I don’t give a fuck. The implications of no planes is FUCKING HUGE, and as such, it MUST be outed. I’ll one up your “provocateur” statement…if you have seen September Clues, and all the videos exposing what a FRAUD 911 was, and STILL believe there were planes…it’s is YOU who is the shill.

          YES, your “feelings” and your “opinion” that there planes on 911 are not needed nor wanted here. You want the truth, I told you NO FUCKING PLANES. You don’t like the cold, hard truth? Go the fuck somewhere else. I am NOT going to tow the line that planes hit the towers because you and everyone else have been programmed to SHUT DOWN when they hear “NO PLANES” just as much as you’ve been programmed to SHUT DOWN when someone says “JEW”. Being an outsider and an outcast is FUN WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT, and I don’t give a FUCK how many people don’t like it.

  9. Rick O'shay says:

    Judaism is a religion, people can convert to it. People can leave it, but do they really. That’s what takes discernment to determine.

    Not sure about Mike though, he’s ignored some very important things I sent him for posting. Plus he’s pro gay it seems to me. That’s sick in itself.

    So isn’t Jeff Rense Jewish too? You know,

    • Well, judaism is a psuedo-religion…more of a twisted ideology that codifies jews disgusting instinctual behaviors, but the JEW is a RACE, defined by their genetics…

      Many of the so-called “converts” or nothing more than “conversos” coming out of hiding or “shabbas goy” as the jew would call them…i.e. good slaves.

      Yes, Rense is a jew too…maybe I should give him a good thorough smack down. The controversy is great for bringing people here. Both him and Rivero are worthless as fuck!

  10. Salman Hossain says:

    I posted the same shit recently on kike peace’s site…asking him that if kikes weren’t a race…how’d there be soo many kike diseases….hasn’t responded yet….kikes are a race that can be identified by DNA testing and checking for diseases…but mainly Ashkenazim that is…the Sephardim DNA is the same as the Middle Eastern DNA strain with their Muslim neighbours and there are NO Jewish Genetic diseases amongst the Sephardim…btw I am not holding any quarters against the Sephardim but I am BEING OBJECTIVE…

    I was having a conversation with my psychic the other day and was obviously questioning her about the presence of underground Jews in Muslim countries where there are no genetic diseases amongst them that would make them ripe for detection – the following nations still have a Jewish underground whether it is active or in sleeper cell mode is in itself another matter –

    1. Sudan
    2. Saudi Arabia
    3. Morrocco
    4. Algeria
    5. Turkey
    6. Tunisia
    7. Algeria
    8. Egypt

    She mentioned to me that there are underground Jews there but they don’t go out and about publicly saying they are Jews. Look at Yosef Al Khattab – the cunt is a Maghrebi Jew – from Morocco.
    I am still in the process of trying to find out any other Muslim nations that may have crypto-Jews in them that are in deep sleeper cell mode. But this is a list of confirmed cases! Surprisingly she said there were no cryptos in Libya or Iran. I was shocked to hear that there were none in Iran. Until she added that all have either left or converted to Islam! Of course there is a small overt Jewish community in Iran. We are obviously looking for crypto Jews here…if anyone has contact with REAL psychics as most real psychics truly hate Jews based on my experience, they should take a look into researching the presence of crypto or secret Jews all around the world.

    There is no way in fucking hell this Rivero fuck does what he does without being a kike. He is complete tribal opposition. Plain and fucking simple!

    Next question will be are there recent descendants of Jewish converts to Islam in Iran and other places.

    • WRONG…….Totally wrong. Go here for sephardic jewish diseases: There is 100% positively a genetic link between ashkenazi and sephardic jews. The mitochondrial DNA of sephardics and ashkenazi is the SAME…mixed with this or that, sure…but the SAME. NO DIFFERENCE between their original heritage.


      Wtf does a psychic know about jews? There is much more than just a small jewish community in Iran…they are literally THRIVING by their own words. Let’s only speak of facts here, not speculation from a psychic.

      • You just lost me.

        The 13th tribe, ashkenazi jews are white from Khazaria which converted to judaism around 800 AD. Their country ‘failed’ about 100 years there after and they migrated to Russia, Poland, Hungary, Checheslovakia(sp), and then to Germany and England, and then to America.
        They have White Khazarian mitochondrial DNA and chromsomal DNA.

        The Sephardic jews actually have semitic DNA (mito- and chrom.) as they originated in the land of Judea and then migrated to Spain and there intermarried.

        DNA in Khazarian (Askenazim) and Sephardic jews is NOT the same. Only the latter is semitic. It is the former who through Rothschild and Balfour created Rothschildlandia.
        The Askenazim (non-semitic jews) actually ‘look down’ on the Sephardic and other semites.
        Anti-semitic is in fact a gross misnomer when applied to all things Askenazi.
        They ain’t semites – but the Palestinians they are genociding to steal their land are!

        • WRONG…..DEAD WRONG. They ALL HAVE THE SAME DNA. They call this “Israeli” DNA, but it’s all the same regardless how they label it.

          Paternal Line Jewish DNA Test (Y-chromosome for males only) examines DNA from the paternal line (i.e., the Y-chromosome comes from the participant’s Father’s, Father’s, Father, etc.) and places the tested individual in a haplogroup. Certain haplogroups are associated with Jewish populations. The Cohen Modal Haplotype, for instance, belongs to haplogroup J. The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews of the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations of the world is Israelite. The Israelite haplotypes fall into haplogroups J and E. Ashkenazim also descend, in a smaller way, from European peoples such as Slavs and Khazars. The non-Israelite haplogroups include Q (typically Central Asian) and R1a1 (typically Eastern European).

          The Khazar story is a fucking LIE told by JEWS, so you might want to think again. Sephardic JEWS were exiled from Spain, so they’re just like the rest of the jews. NOT ONE SINGLE COUNTRY that exiled the jews said “oh this jew is against that jew, so we are safe with them”. FUCK THAT SON. These mother fuckers are a specific SPECIES separate from HUMANS. We can EASILY see this because these MONSTERS have numerous genetic diseases, NO conscience, and NO soul.

          Don’t EVER come on here and act like one jew is against another. That’s a bullshit lie that won’t fly no matter what kind of wings you put on it. It may be that you just thought you had learned something from JEW sources, but either way, that propaganda will not be accepted here. EVERY group of jews falls into the SAME FUCKING CATEGORY of DNA because they ARE INDEED 100% related. Do you think it’s by accident that so many genetic scientists started dying after the human genome was unraveled? Do you think when Elie Weisel said “jews are ontologically exceptional” that this meant YOU knew the difference? No……YOU and even I do not know EXACTLY what this difference between HUMANS and JEWS is, but REST ASSURED that EVERY FUCKING JEW is related to the next one.

          NO QUARTER. Sephardic, Ashkenazi or whatever kind of shit stain jew they are……NO QUARTER.

  11. Rick O'shay says:

    Judaism is a supremacist belief system. Believing the whole world was made only for the Torah and the Jew, and all others are subhuman beasts, made only to serve the Jew.

    There’s tons of stuff people need to know about this ‘Tribe’ if they want to come out alive….even maybe…

    I know it’s a bit of a read, but do you want to stay alive or not?

    • Sorry dude, I don’t read hebrew…To stay alive, humanity joins hands and kicks their ass. Very simple really.

      • Rick O'shay says:

        It comes up in English for me, if it comes up in Hebrew, there should be a little English flag, click on it, and it’ll shift to English.

        Important info in there my friends.

        Important info.

  12. I know this much DesertPeace blocked my IP a long time ago for outing the jew. The jews definately are subverters. They are well known for dominating both sides of an argument in order to control the flow. Too much non-jew disinfo or too much jew disinfo and the unwashed Goyim will get suspicious so they balance the two so that the jew always comes out the winner. Like how they front load American elections. Either candidate chosen and the jew wins and the Goyim lose. DesertPeace is claiming this is a crazy site full of batshit crazee Nazis but I haven’t seen anything here that isn’t 100% truth about the jew.

  13. Thanks for this site. I’ve had problems with Rivero for several years. Ever since I sent him some material which he sent to Jones. I never liked Jones.

    I just went to Desert Peace. My email was suppressed.

    I suggested that “Jennifer Chen” was Jewish. You know to inflame things.

    I also suggested they go here.

    They didn’t like that!

    Thanks also for mentioning the “No planes” theory which I subscribe to.


  14. A person doesn’t have to be an extremist to be anti-jew or jew-wise. You only have had to work for them for their true character and evilness to show through. They’re not you’re average penny pinching stinge, they truly do walk around thinking that they are The Master Race and will tell you so to your face.

  15. Never heard of this kike rivero guy. But thanks for the heads up. jew jones I have heard of though. neither have ever gotten any of my money. I’ll keep spreading the website Adam. Wonder why I didn’t get this article in my email?

  16. From Riveros page-

    “I am old enough to remember the last country that thought it was okay to burn books. They wore armbands with Swastikas on them and their leader copied his mustache from the film actor Charlie Chaplin and as I recall they were pretty much jerks in the long run.
    Dare we follow their example any further than we already have?”

    What he fails to tell his readers is that the books were mostly JEWISH BOOKS full of lies and factual distortions. They simly did not want the minds of the younger German kids to be filled with garbage. In Riveros jewish mind, that is obviously a bad thing!

    Jews hate people from looking at the Nazis or what Hitler had to say, because it might offer some solutions to the jewish problem today, or inspire people to fight back, and know they are not the first ones to ever have to deal with the jewish infestation.

    Hitler did say in his speeches that they were “restraining themselves” against the jews…..they wanted the rest of the world to join them in the great battle, but the jews lied and said the Germans were killing them anyway, so “being nice” proved to be a fatal mistake.

    This is why NO QUARTER is so important.

    • Hah, Rivero shows his true colors by trying to piss all over Germans for burning JEW BOOKS…and I agree, they were JEW BOOKS. He has also consistently (along with a lot of other jewish writers) tried to relate Israel to Nazis, to keep people from looking at how good the Nazis really were. Even General Patton said the Germans were great people…I have something coming about him soon!

      It’s funny to here a KIKE say he’s against BURNING BOOKS knowing that KIKES BANNED MY BOOK. Fuck him and his demonic tribe. It’s only a problem when someone burns THEIR LIES, but no problem when someone BANS THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT THEY SAID!

    • Hi Mike, thanks for that post but the Hitler part confuses me. Wasn’t Hitler financed by American Jew bankers, wasn’t he part Jewish and when they did a DNA test on his (supposed) skull the Russian had been saying for 70 years was Hitler’s turned out not to be (so did Hitler get away)?

      Me thinks Hitler was the 1930’s version of Osama bin boogieman Jew puppet show!

      • That’s what the jews say Mano. Also there’s one big glaring oversite on your behalf.

        Hitler did not like jews controlling Germany, and removed them from positions of power, check out the Nuremberg laws, which were passed 2 YEARS after jews had already declared war on Germany! He would NOT allow jews to have young german maids due to the treatment they were given. I’ll let you figure out what that means. The first 5 google results are from jewish sites whining about the laws, that tells me enough in itself. Jews in a panic tried to say “Hey, Im an ATHEIST, not a jew!”… convenient! So they could still be a JEW, but not a religious jew! Just like MIKE RIVERO.
        They use so many safety hatches these days it’s getting ridiculous!. The “Im a good jew fighting evil Israelis” is a classic, so is “Im a good jew fighting the evil zionists!”.

        Hitler was PROTECTING the average German from the filthy nature of the jew.

        Obongo IS A JEW, LOVES JEWS and is doing NOTHING to protect Americans from the filthy jewish way of life, in fact he PROMOTES it. Look at ALL THE JEWS around Obongo passing laws to screw over the American people!!

        Obongo is nothing, I don’t recognize him as the president, or anything. He is just a half jew fool.

        Germany was backed by the LABOUR of the people. The German government did not have to borrow money from anyone, which is why they were such a threat. Any country that decides to delink from the jewish bankers and declare total independence is A THREAT to jews and their money making scams.

        Rhodesia seems to be another country that declared independence, and the jewish bankers sent in the communists to wrestle control back. Rhodesians, (blacks and whites fighting side by side), asked for British, US and European support, but were left hanging and declared a “terrorist nation” simply because they wanted to be clean and free.

        The problem is individual countries have TRIED to break free of jewish control, but because the jews were international, and the masses naive, they believed what the jewish media was telling them. That these nations were “terrorists” that wanted to control the world! Which ironically is EXACTLY WHAT THE JEWS THEMSELVES HAVE DONE!

        The time is quickly approaching where ALL NATIONS will have to rise up and end the jew once and for all, on a GLOBAL SCALE. Americans, Canadians, French, British, Indian, Australian, New Zealand, Irish, Scottish, Italian, South American, Central American, Middle eastern, African, Russian, European, Black, White, Muslim, Asian……everyone must unite, and kick these bastards to the sun.

        The fucking jews tried to say BUSH was just like Hitler years ago. Sorry, I don’t see Bush or Obongo PROTECTING the American people in anyway shape or form, and going after the jews.

        The comparisons are so far apart it’s laughable.

        The only mistake I see Germany making is they let 6 million walk away. Germany being a “good Christian nation”, they did what they thought was “right”. If Britian and America had not gone against them(due to the jew owned media), they would have a jew free Europe today. Many countries were very HAPPY to have their jewish run governments disbanded. It turned around and bit them in the ass, and the jews gave the Germans NO QUARTER.

        • No way Mike, Hitler was financed and was financed by Jew bankers(even GW Bush’s grand daddy was financing him)

          Hitler was a Jew himself and he got away!

          There is no way what you are saying is the truth!

          Hitler was a Rothschild puppet to get WW2 underway and the Rothschilds ended up owning Palestine because of what Hitler did.

          The Jews may scream about Hitler but Hitler was the founder of Israel!

          The Jews should be having a national holiday because of him, if it wasn’t for Hitler there would be no Israel today!

          The creep was a Jew and the Rothschilds had him installed as a puppet to get what they wanted, Palestine and the control of Germany! (and he didn’t die in a bunker, that was a lie too!)

          • Stephen Wolfe II says:

            OK so anymore bullshit you would like to spew before actual knowledged people school you on this misconception that Hitler was anything but anti-jew and pro german?

          • Mano, you’re about to get a cold hard lesson in posting on SN. DO NOT come here making claims you don’t have evidence to back up or you will be blocked, period. This website is about disseminating FACTS to people, not your “opinions” or “feelings” on issues for which you have no proof.

            Hitler was funded by Rothschilds early on, but as of yet NOBODY has produced credible evidence that Hitler was a jew. If you can produce such evidence, then do so, but don’t come here making erroneous claims or you will find yourself blocked from posting. Hitler may have failed, but much of what is said about Hitler is not true, and the rest is propaganda so thick you can’t possibly know the answer. The JEW might know the real story, but as many will attest, I have NEVER made any claim as to what Hitler really was. I’m not that stupid. There is NOT ONE reputable source with SOLID PROOF that Hitler was jewish.

            I agree that the OUTCOME of what Hitler did was NOT GOOD for the entire world, but that doesn’t make Hitler jewish. Even jews will admit there is NO solid evidence for this, as well as most of the big name holohoax researchers.

            DO NOT take it personal…it’s NOT. ANYONE posting arguments without a solid factual basis, or ANYTHING out of line with the message of this website will be BANNED PERMANENTLY.

      • Bolshevik genocide says:

        The false claim that Hitler was jewish is based mainly on two ideas:

        1. A highly speculative claim about his maternal origins that remains unsupported by evidence.

        2. His paternal DNA

        Point 1. remains in the unsupported rumour category and point 2. is scientific proof that Hitler’s paternal ancestors were Europeans, NOT jews. In any event it is his maternal DNA that is relevant in defining a jew NOT his paternal DNA.

        Hitler’s paternal haplogroup E1b1b1a2 originated in Europe and was very common among the ancient Greeks and Romans.

        It is NOT jewish.

        • My problem with Hitler is number one, he was funded by jews, and this is undisputed. Number two, there are too many discrepancies with his actions and dealing with the jew. Too many signs point to his insincerity.

          This war can be won without being a Hitler worshiper, which just gives the jew a way to shut you down in the eyes of the public anyway.

  17. Unlike many world leaders, Hitler actually fought in a war and was blinded by gas. If jews are correct *laugh* about Hitler wanting to take over the world, why didn’t he crush 300,000+ British soldiers fleeing at Dunkirk? It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel, yet he halted and let them escape. It’s funny because jews have NO EXPLANATION of that!

    Why did Hitler leave southern France unoccupied? Again, jews have no explanation, because if something does not fit their story, they don’t talk about it.

    Why trust anything the jews say about anyone. They make up stories and twist things in all directions, with NO PROOF.

    I was not alive back then, but I can see that Jews pissed off the Germans, and they responded, but because they were a nice Christian god fearing nation, they did not deal with the jewish problem. They simply moved them out of Germany, to the detriment of all other nations, including themselves in the long run.

    That is what we must learn from.

    • Mike Quote
      Unlike many world leaders, Hitler actually fought in a war and was blinded by gas. If jews are correct *laugh* about Hitler wanting to take over the world, why didn’t he crush 300,000+ British soldiers fleeing at Dunkirk? It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel, yet he halted and let them escape. It’s funny because jews have NO EXPLANATION of that!

      That is exactly the point I am making why Hitler was just a puppet, he was ordered to let the British go when he probably would have won half the war by capturing them at Dunkirk!

      What a fucking idiot he was letting 300 thousand British troops escape. What freaking sense does that make in military sense?

      Hitler was just told what to do by the Rothschilds and followed like the puppet he was!

      Can’t believe you still think Hitler was anything but. It’s so obvious only a tard can’t see it!

      And honestly Adam you not exposing the Hitler puppetry is really sus seeing so many of your articles are so intelligent, how come the hitler crap has slipped you by?

      • Dude, what is there to expose concerning Hitler? There is NO SOLID EVIDENCE Hitler was jewish and STILL no solid proof that Hitler was working lock step for the jews. If you have said evidence, go ahead and provide it. Hitler not outright slaughtering 300,000 British soldiers does not make him a jew. I have PURPOSELY left the Hitler topic alone, because no such evidence exists. I have REPEATEDLY stated I am NOT a Hitler fan, and that his work only gave the jews a stronger hold, certainly, but I have no CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that he is jewish or that he was indeed working hand in hand with the jews. If I were to get such evidence I would BLOW THE LID on the whole thing…that’s what I do best, but I’m not shitting on my own credibility by taking a stance on EITHER SIDE of the Hitler debate. I’m smarter than that. Maybe you should actually listen to my audios and read more of my work before leveling criticisms, because all of this has ALREADY been covered. I’m not going to jump into a bear trap by sticking to either side of that muddy debate, because nobody has any empirical evidence. PERIOD.

        • The fact he reached out to the British because he saw them as a natural alley against the communists is why he let them go. The fact Britain had a jewish pm in churchill is the reason the brits didn’t join and fight with the germans.

          Thats why it was called the gentlemans war in the west and TOTAL WAR in the east.

          I can see the jews saying someone “is a jew” everytime someone stands up to them, makes people think it’s hopeless and NOBODY is standing up to them. They just laugh.

          Even jews try to say Adam Austin is a jew! Just throws a spanner in the works and keeps people confused. They know we know they have agents, so they get a double whammy out of it by saying people are agents, when they are not.

          All the evidence that Hitler was a jew is only what jews have said, and thats not enough for me. Jews do everything they can to slander the nazis and Germany and try to get people NOT to look into that whole time period, but to “trust” what they say.

          Fuck that!

          • Don’t get me wrong Adam this is the best site out there exposing the jew parasites infecting humanity!

            But this Hitler thing needs to be nailed because the Jew parasites are still milking this issue for themselves!

            1st up who benefited because of Hitler? oh and who is still benefiting because of Hitler 70 years later? (The Jews of course)

            2nd I did not say Hitler should have slaughtered 300 thousand british military I said “CAPTURED” Hitler could have had them working in the camps building military stuff for his war effort instead of just letting them escape so they could come back and attack the Germans again. Him letting them escape is obvious he was just a puppet and told what to do!

            It makes no military sense at all him doing that!

            BTW Adam much respect for this site, I understand your need for absolute evidence regarding issues! Great site please keep up your great work.

            Oh and Mike you are a retard!

  18. mr Fantastic says:

    you’re a fucking coward, girl.

    awwww – the little girl can’t broach any criticism…… she stoops to censorship. haha. woah! Watch the big tuff girl go, huh?


    • Really? If I’m such a coward, why don’t you show your sorry face or step up to the plate and do what I do? Oh right….

      YES, censorship is an old staple here at SN. If you run your stupid fucking mouth without using your pathetic little pea brain first, you will be censored. If you say something fucking ignorant, or that detracts from the message here, you will be censored.

      So, I’m sure your BRAVE ASS is going to tell us exactly who you are, and post photos for us all to see, right? I mean, you’re not hiding behind some bullshit name like “Mr. Fantastic” or anything, are you? Yeah, little girl….looks like your soggy panties are all twisted in a knot because someone shut your stupid mouth for you…haha! Learn to deal with disappointment, because if you don’t listen to me, you’ve got a SHIT TON of it coming your way.

    • Mr. Fantastic? Is that what Jeff Gannon calls your anus?

      Go spread your feces elsewhere, meat-licker.

    • GuitarMan says:

      Mr. Fantastic, is this where you came from???

  19. A comment Rivero made today regarding the TIME magazine cover-

    “I will admit I was rather surprised to see that TIME magazine cover at the supermarket today. My first thought was, “Finally the US media are starting to wake up.

    So of course it comes as no surprise at all that Israel whines, “Anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!” yet again.

    Now, Rivero, the jew, damnwell knows the JEWS OWN TIME MAGAZINE so why the fuck would he think they are “finally waking up”. They will NEVER WAKE UP! Just more deception as usual. It’s like him cheering for OBAMA and saying he really liked him etc before he was elected, and encouraging people to “vote them out” when he damwell knows voting is USELESS.

    These fools are just wasting your time people, and trying to give you hope that someone in power will change things. They won’t, it’s up to YOU to change it.

  20. Keeping to the topic- Rivero on Hitler-

    “This is an aspect of WW2 history we have touched on many times here at WRH. Adolf Hitler, regardless of his later failings, pulled off a major economic miracle for the German people when he kicked out the reserve-style system of banking imposed on Germany after WWI and reverted to a value-based currency issued by the government for the use of the people free of interest charges. ”

    Even this jew Rivero is stuck. He promotes delinking from jewish bankers and creating debt free money, which by default promotes Hitler, yet notice how he says “regardless of his later failings”……which is what?

    Rivero also promotes the truth that the holocaust is a LIE so what is he talking about? Starting world war 2? Rivero does not talk about the Danzig Corridor and how Polish jews went on a murder spree killing German nationals, and Germany was forced to go to the rescue because it doesn’t fit the jewish version of history that Hitler was a madman who wanted to takeover the world! Why do jews go to such HEAVY lengths to make Hitler look silly and crazy.

    There is a reason they attack his legacy, and Germany 1930s/40s so strongly.

  21. History Lover says:

    Regarding Hitler’s decision to let the British escape at Dunkirk, this was apparently due to his admiration of the British empire and the important prop to global stability it ensured. There were many people in the British establishment at the time who regarded Germany as a natural ally against the Bolsheviks. Please read the incredible book – Friendly Fire by Lyn Picknett et al, which uses recently declassified historical documents to paint a picture very different from the accepted myths.

    • i know that these 2 books that i am about to write are not light reading but they are very relevant in what you are talking about Hitlers admiration for the british empire david irving’s books HITLER’S WAR and CHURCHILL’S WAR. the great thing about these books is that mr. irving takes his time to give the most accurate account of these persons and the events. shit this man irving took 10 years of research to write just HITLERS WAR which is also quoted in adams work/tool basic training for revaltionalires.

  22. Another comment from rivero today regarding a cellphone application that helps you spy on your neighbours.

    Sep 27

    Want to earn tons of cool badges and prizes while competing with you friends to see who can be the best American? Download the SnapScouts app for your Android phone (iPhone app coming soon) and get started patrolling your neighborhood.

    Webmaster’s Commentary:
    Use your smart phone to be just like the Nazi neighborhood informants! Be a REAL American today!
    Germans were united against a COMMON enemy, the jew. People turned in jews, and or people helping jews, to protect the community. They do the same thing in Lebannon with Hezbollah. The guys sitting on the rooftops with guns are PROTECTING their families from infiltrators, and jewish agents.

    Why didn’t Rivero say “just like the communists in Russia!”?
    Because Rivero is a jew, and jews have nazi fetish. They can’t help blaming,or tying things to the nazis. Rivero virtually never talks about the 40 million in Russia that were killed by jews.

    Maybe people should use these applications and technology and start SPYING on the jews! Turn it around on them. Start checking out your local synagogue and photograph your local jews, because if the shit hits the fan and people want jewish blood, they will try fade and blend into the Christian crowd or muslim crowd. This way they can’t hide.

  23. Thanks to dummy Mike for linking this site, I now have the last piece of the puzzle as to who the so-called global elite are, the scumbag jews. I’ve spent the last month reading many of your old post and everything fits together as to why high profile people/traitors stop shy of fingering the common denominator. Mike and AJ have been on my radar all summer as not being true patriots and your articles have confirmed my gut feelings, thank you!

    I love the radio shows and would like to see you guys do more. I have began to spread your site to others, but so far everyone is a frick’n moron stuck on hating brown people because the deep seeded lies of the jews. I have download the book and will burn it to a cd to hand out to people, hopefully I’ll find others who are ready to really wake the fuck up and get prepared to fight.

    Keep up the good fight as you now have two more proud Gentiles on board.

  24. Adam your the man bro ! good to see you still exposing these kikes… slay the jews !!!!

  25. Another classic Rivero quote today-

    “There is a warning in there for Americans, because the people of Ge4amny did not find out the full scale of what the Nazis had been doing until after they lost the war. Remember,m we have a President more interested in “semblance” than reality!”

    The typos are his, not mine.

    Again this is a double fuck fuck by Rivero because WHAT is it that the NAZIS were doing? Rivero himself says the holocaust is a complete fable. Germans knew jews were being sent to camps. So what exactly is jewvero pointing to?! Typical jew, waving nazis at everyone saying how bad they were.

    All this “Obama is a nazi” or the US government are just like the nazis is utter rubbish. The national socalist party of Germany were all about protecting the average German worker from jewish exploitation. Seems to me it’s the complete opposite in western countries today.

    Im not saying NAZIS are the answer, but we can sure learn a lot from what happened back then. They made many mistakes that came back to haunt them. Simply seperating jews from Germans did NOT work. jews simply don’t want anyone looking at nazis except from “their point of view”.

  26. Hey Adam on the topic of Rivero being a jew , do you know anything about James Stenzel of Jew Watch the last name sounds jewish to me i may be wrong came across his site and im on the fence about it what do you think?

    • Frank Weltner was the original owner of jewwatch, then he seemed to dissapear and James Stenzel said he bought it and now owned all the material.

      Nobody seems to know what’s happened to Frank. Some say he is dead, and I found this dubious story link:

      68-year-old Frank Weltner arrested for child pornography, JewWatch, National Alliance,

      A blogger story linking to a “St Louis Today” article that if you click on it takes you to “page missing”. Even searching for “Frank Weltner” on the stlouis today page takes you to an almost blank page.

      The blog that created this child porn story was created the same month (june 2010) as the story, and its the only story the blog has, so who knows what the real story is.Probably jews making it all up.

      Frank Weltner did feature in a movie called “The protocols of zion” where a jew tries to figure out why people think the protocols are true?! (Making ot like people are crazy for believing it). What struck me was Frank seemed “smug” in the movie, and did not behave in the way one would expect of someone who knew so much about the jew. Im sure most here at this website can’t stand looking at those vile creatures, let alone talk to them.

      Id say look for misinformation from jewwatch and see what the overall messege is from the site. Does it want you to take action? Or make you feel like a helpless victim? Many jew sites (like wrh) bombard the reader with so much shit as to make someone crawl into a cave and think it’s all useless.

      It’s not.

      • pls tell me thats a kike hanging from that tree?

        • It is Leo Frank, a filthy fucking jew pedofile who murdered 13yo Mary Phagan.

          The jewish court system (JEWdicial system) overturned his death sentence to life in prison, but the GOOD FOLKS of Georgia would have none of it and were waiting outside the courtroom.

          You can see the result.

          This is the kind of justice that is needed. These fucking kikenvermin always get light sentences, like a mental institute, or always fake a death and flee to Israel.

          The Leo Frank case scared the fuck out of the jews to the point they created the ADL, which run by jews to protect jews.

          Now we have the JDL and southern poverty law center and a host of other JEW run entities to PROTECT JEWS. The orgs do NOT GIVE A FUCK if the jew is guilty or not, they ALWAYS run to the defence of the jew.

          Who’s out there for you?
          Short answer-YOU…..and your fellow countrymen.

          jews are NOT american, nor british,nor australian nor french or german, not russian or canadian. THEY ARE JEWS.

          They say that themselves! They have ZERO loyalty to anyone but the jew, and will ALWAYS fight hard to kee jews out of prison even though the evidence is overwhelming. What does that tell you about them?

          No other race protects their own criminals!

          Jews protect their own no matter what.

          They are sick twisted little fucks.

          This picture should be a reminder to all jews that good people will do what the fuck they have to do to protect their loved ones.

          Im positive you will see a lot more of this in the coming years…..jews hanging by their necks… it’s long overdue.

          • Hey Mike thanks for the response on Jew Watch im still on the fence about it even more so now considering the mystery of the first guys death both last nams seem jewish to me ,the site has some excuses for the jews as well stating zionism as a possible cause we all know thats bullshit .It really seems as if subverted nation is the only one of its kind .I dig the forum here too , no more debating facts or circular logic .Something still doesnt sit right with me on jew watch , I cant put my finger on it though , I felt the same way about hufshmids and boylns site too and I ended up being right about that . To me anytime a website diverts from the primary topic (jews)or makes excuses say like zionism ,or turks, or the N.W.O. or any of that other bullshit it seems like theres a jew behind it.In other words Anything that steers you away from the FACT that its all of them seems subversive to me anymore .Jews like to dance around a topic nothing is concrete everything is subjective its this big circulur pattern ,you back them in a corner they lie or change the subject there is no proof ever, no admiting it ever ,fuck that shit . Thanks Mike

  27. Yet another of those rivero quotes that seems harmless, yet distracts from the jew.


    The New Tax Man: Big Banks And Hedge Funds
    Tags: ECONOMY
    Nearly a dozen major banks and hedge funds, anticipating quick profits from homeowners who fall behind on property taxes, are quietly plowing hundreds of millions of dollars into businesses that collect the debts, tack on escalating fees and threaten to foreclose on the homes of those who fail to pay.

    The Wall Street investors, which include Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase & Co., have purchased from local governments the right to collect delinquent taxes on several hundred thousand properties, many in distressed housing markets, the Huffington Post Investigative Fund has found.

    Webmaster’s Commentary:
    Excuse me, would those be the homes of the people whose taxes BAILED OUT THOSE VERY SAME BANKS, the same banks whose reckless gambling with derivatives wrecked the economy, making it impossible for Americans to pay ever-higher taxes they never agreed to in the first place? Those banks??!?

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the nation.” — Michael Rivero

    So rivero just told you jews are buying up government rights to collect taxes, then tells you it’s the government looting the nation!? The government is owned by the jews, and is a business that collects money for the jews.

    The correct quote should be –

    “The official act of the jews is to loot the nation”.

  28. I read all the post here with a great interest.
    I like the arguments presented by Subverted Nation but I do not like the way and the language many of those opinions are delivered with:)
    Sometimes it looks that the host doesn’t tolerate any point of view different than his own.
    I would like to ask our host what does he think about so called”holocaust”.
    After 25 years of ‘studying the subject I do not have ANY illusions that official version is just an official crap like many other fables coming from the Jewish source.

    What do You think S.N. about this part of humans history?

    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

    • The holocaust is a fraud. When one realizes that jews used things like shrunken jew heads, jew skin lampshades, and soap made from jew fat as “evidence” the whole story falls flat on it’s face.

      Foul language is only considered as such because of the collective perception. It is no different from the rest of our vocabulary. It is simply how you’ve been taught to view these words compared to the rest.

      There is no debate allowed on this website, because the material presented here is based on FACT and fact alone. Those who wish to express OPINIONS are free to create their own websites!

      • “The holocaust is a fraud. When one realizes that jews used things like shrunken jew heads, jew skin lampshades, and soap made from jew fat as “evidence” the whole story falls flat on it’s face.”

        Thank you.You are 100 % right.

        I send the e-amil with the same question to m.Rivero.So far-silence.

        Foul language is only considered as such because of the collective perception. It is no different from the rest of our vocabulary. It is simply how you’ve been taught to view these words compared to the rest.”
        Fuck me dead..You are right:)

        BTW.Feel invited to my website”

        Not many fucks maybe but plenty of facts as well 🙂

  29. After several minutes…
    Because I do belong to those fellows who don’t take anything (especially the words) for granted and because I didn’t have a lot of materials linked to WRH on my website I decided to check the words ABOUT the M.Rivero on his website-directly and compare his words with the words of SN.

    In the “test” materials I looked at M.Rivero is presenting a very interesting theory supported by pictures (which are FAKES without any doubt because I know the REAL pictures) related to the 9/11 /Pentagon .
    Every single word I read on WRH confirms the SN opinion about him.
    Be your own judge:

  30. Defense Against Jewish Aggression

    Once we acknowledge the threat that faces us – Jewish Aggression – we are left with the problem of how to remove that threat. Jews are in controlling positions in every segment of our lives, from the financial collapse of Wall Street, to the collapse of our currency by the Federal Reserve Corporation, the collapse of the US military from Jewish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a de facto Jewish war against Pakistan and a threatened Jewish war against Iran. Trillions of tax dollars have been lost to the pockets of Jewish bankers and speculators.

    The news media have always been and continue to be in the hands of Jews. These lie factories, thanks to the Internet, are in freefall collapse and deservedly so. If the news media had been honest, we would have been informed and warned of the criminal conspiracy so that we could have dealt with it legally. But we were not informed or warned. It was not in the interest of the Jews to do so, as they explained in their Jewish Protocols a hundred years ago. So to save ourselves we must take the law into our own hands, where it belongs anyway. This is where the failure of news has put us.

    Jews are the masters of destruction. They now admit that they possess several hundred nuclear weapons, quite illegally in terms of international agreements, but very logically since it was Jewish mad scientists who designed and developed nuclear weapons and supervised the use of two of them on helpless Japanese civilians. Whether the Jewish nukes actually will work is open to question, since much of what the Israeli military does ends in failure, as we saw with the Lavi jet fighter and Merkava tank and their disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 2006, which ended in a rout. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was a catastrophic failure that destroyed an elaborate US/Israeli operation to sink the ship and blame it on the Egyptians, which would have “forced” the US military to join Israel and invade and occupy the Arab countries. It is now generally acknowledged that Israel engineered the shock and awe attacks on 9-11, with the complicity of the US air force and intelligence agencies. This attack was finally successful in putting the US at war with Islam.

    Israel’s military strategy is completely dependent on the US military backing it up. The fact that Israel now slyly brags about its illegal nukes and even threatens to burn European cities with them indicates they may not actually function, that they are bluffing. Reports of American missile sites being mysteriously knocked out suggest that much of the world’s nuclear arsenal is kaput. But it has been Jews such as Einstein, Oppenheimer and Teller who have been behind the dropping of nuclear weapons on people in the past and Jews such as Netanyahu and Lieberman who want to drop them on people now.

    [size=150]I am proposing that we neutralize the Jewish threat before they try to use them again.
    Jewish aggression is caused by their control of our money system. If this is taken away from them, and only if this is taken away from them, we could regain our national health, and the rest of the world could do so, too. There is a very simple way to do this. It has been done before in this country. The two presidents who did it were shot in the head soon afterward, so there is a risk involved. The Austrian leader of Germany also did this quite successfully until stopped by the combined forces of the Jewish allies (America, England and the Soviet Union) some years later. The Jews were successful in stopping these men mainly because the people didn’t understand the nature of money and debt, which the Jews call “credit.”

    Once we understand that Jewish Rule depends on their control of our money system we can figure out how to beat them. Events have shown that there is no political solution, i.e., by elected politicians. The politicians can’t save us even if they wanted to, which they don’t. The police and FBI are controlled by Jewish agencies such as the ADL and SPLC. There is lately talk of a US military coup against the Jews but this is frankly unlikely, since there is no curriculum in the military academies teaching the army, navy and air force about Jewish subversion. The Jews have made sure that the only curriculum is about the Moslem threat and the threat presented by American “patriots.”

    The way Jews control our money and our lives should be basically understood. It has been done by Privatization of the only legitimate function of the federal government, the creation of our money. This writer is not an admirer of the US Constitution for reasons explained in other essays, but Article 1, Section 8 does specify that “the Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.”

    Nevertheless, Alexander Hamilton persuaded President Washington and the Congress to allow the private Bank of New York to become the first Bank of the United States in 1791, in a charter lasting twenty years until 1811. On the Caribbean island of Nevus, Hamilton’s birthplace, it is known and openly recorded that Hamilton’s actual father was named “Levy.” Hamilton was a Rothschild agent. The Bank of New York, aka the Bank of the United States, was a private, profit-making company owned mainly (at least 72 %) by the Rothschild-owned central bank in London – the Bank of England. So, from the very beginning of this country, the financial system has been owned and controlled by foreign Jews and their agents here. Despite a bloody war for independence from England, our money and credit was still run by the Bank of England – and is to this day. Dividends to investors have continued virtually uninterrupted for 219 years! The Bank of New York is today known as the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the actual headquarters of the Federal Reserve System.

    Anyone still dumb enough to pay Jewish income taxes should examine the back of his canceled check to the IRS. It will say, “Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.” Why do you suppose it doesn’t designate the IRS or Treasury Department? Why does your tax money go to a private, profit-making English corporation owned by Jews?

    The (first) Bank of the United States lost its charter in 1811. Due to our second war with England in thirty-six years, the War of 1812, it was not possible to charter a second Bank of the United States – owned by the Bank of England! – until 1819, when another twenty-year charter was granted. In 1833, President Jackson cut off its funds and this private British-Jewish company calling itself the Bank of the United States died six years before its charter would have expired.

    People were a lot smarter or more educated in the 19th Century and they would not allow the Congress to create another private, foreign-owned central bank that would profit by lending us our own currency at interest. By 1913, however, the persistence of the Jews finally paid off when Paul Warburg of Germany bribed and manipulated American politicians to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which gave us our third and current private central bank.

    Paul Warburg’s brother, Max, was Germany’s chief financial advisor to the Kaiser as well as the head of the German espionage service during World War I, while Paul was on the board of the Federal Reserve – while Germany and America were at war! Only Jews can get away with such wild criminality.

    Our corrupt government pretends to sell treasury bonds on Wall Street which are converted by the Federal Reserve into Federal Reserve Notes for which we pay the Fed to use our own currency! In other words, our government can print and sell bonds but cannot print and distribute currency. The currency must be supplied to us from a private, British/Jewish company (printed at the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving!) at great profit to itself. The US government is now trillions of dollars in debt to this artificial company calling itself by the grandiose name of the Federal Reserve System.

    This scam must have irritated John F. Kennedy because he attempted to put an end to it, sort of in the manner of Andrew Jackson, by ordering the issuance of Series 1963 United States Notes – about $4.3 billion worth. That was just the beginning of his move to destroy the Fed. He tied the US Note to silver and this would have meant the end of the Federal Reserve Note, for who would have wanted something backed only by smoke and mirrors? But, five months later, JFK was dead and the US Notes were withdrawn from circulation. I still have one.

    But, what Jack Kennedy did can be done again and must be done again. The Federal Reserve Note must be replaced by the United States Note and be issued by the Congress interest-free. This is exactly how the economic miracle of Germany was produced starting in 1933, when Germans were still starving due to our rapacious and sadistic program of “reparations payments to the victors” of World War I. Hitler and Schacht issued interest-free currency tied only to the productivity of the German worker, since we had stolen all of Germany’s gold ten years earlier. By 1935, while American farmers were starving to death and trekking to California to pick other people’s prunes or working themselves to death building dams, six million formerly unemployed German workers were taking paid vacations on cruise ships and buying their first cars. Germany was manufacturing again and exporting goods while the rest of the world was mired in the Great Depression, engineered by the Jewish-owned central banks – the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. To the Jewish banker, German success was an outrage that had to be controlled or destroyed, and so we became the military partners of the Soviet Union for three and a half years, something America can never live down. Together, we, the Jewish allies, destroyed Germany and millions of Germans for the crime of being successful. To be successful, though, requires the removal of Jews from power. That’s what Germany did, or attempted to do. For that they had to die. For that we were ordered to kill them, which we did by the millions.

    Today we face the modern version of the Great Depression. Actual unemployment in 1933 was 25%. Today it is 22% and climbing. This writer was “laid off” a very good job and subsequently homeless for 21 months and was lucky to get his old job back – but for how long? Those 21 months were the most terrible, degrading and frightening of his life during which he and his wife lost their home and vehicles and horses and virtually all of their belongings. Millions of Americans are experiencing this terror right now, with 43 million of us on food stamps! All of this misery has been caused by Jewish bankers and Jewish speculators on Wall Street.

    George W. Bush lied us into two evil wars of aggression for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish war profiteers on Wall Street and the banks.

    We are the victims of Jewish aggression. I have spent much space on our money system, since it is the heart of our lives. No money – no lives. We must remove the Jews from our money or we will die, and soon. Now, of course, the Jews cannot let go of our veins, arteries and bank accounts. It would be against their religion, the control of all money. We must pry them loose.

    There is no legal way to do this, because Jews are the law. The Jews are God and they are the law. So, to bring them under control we must ignore Jewish law and make our own law. What law is that? It is the law of survival.

    The Jewish Problem is much more terrible than we even know. Jewish subversion has saturated our lives with death and filth and our minds with confusion and an inability to defend ourselves. If you wonder how this was done, read a few of the twenty-four Jewish Protocols. You’ll get the picture very quickly. Few can read all twenty-four of them – they are too revolting.

    Defense Against Jewish Aggression requires that Jews be disfranchised from all positions of power and influence in the important aspects of our lives. Starting with government, of course. Medicine, law, banking, finance, news, publishing, entertainment – all must be free of Jews and Jewish influence. Our actions should start against the powerful Jewish organizations of subversion, such as the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, the Jews-only Masonic lodge they call B’nai B’rith and the Council on Foreign Relations, which is roughly 70% Jewish. There are hundreds and hundreds of Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization. Quite simply, these subversive organizations must be destroyed. Jews must be put on notice that their dreamy days of power are ending. All things must end and Jewish power is one of them.

    Naturally, the Jews will fight hard to prevent losing their unearned power over us. That is, they will hire as many of us as they can to fight us. Jews can’t fight. They can kill, assassinate, murder and just about anything by stealth, but they can’t fight. When the Jew is confronted with his Jewishness, he splits.

    The filmmaker John Carpenter made a great training film for us in this coming struggle. THEY LIVE. Malevolent aliens live among us. But most of us can’t tell who’s who, or realize how they control our lives. A small group of resistance fighters have special glasses that reveal the hideous faces of the aliens, who have taken over the organs of power. The aliens are so evil that no mercy can be shown them. If you see the scary face, start shooting, because they mean to enslave all of us and kill some of us. The only way to save ourselves is to kill them and keep killing them until the source of their power can be turned off – forever.

    Carpenter’s aliens are the Jews. Most of them actually look like us. Carpenter’s special glasses represent the Jewish Protocols. Once you read a few of them, you see immediately what we’re up against. That’s why the Jews always freak out whenever the Protocols are mentioned. They are probably the most important writings you will ever read, even if you can only manage a few of them. Victor Marsden of the London Morning Post translated them in a special room in the British Museum but could only manage a page or so per day, so malevolent and disturbing were they. He died shortly after finishing his work.

    Just look at Palestine! Do you want to live the way those people live, showing your papers to some creepy armed Jew at a checkpoint twice a day, fearful that he may refuse to let you pass today? This is how life is under Jewish Rule. But forget Palestine – now we’re getting a well-deserved dose of Jewish Rule at our airports. In case you hadn’t considered it, the only reason for “airport security” is the fake fear that enraged, crazy Moslems are trying to get on board with bombs and guns, which the TSA can’t seem to find at the best of times. And why are these Moslems supposedly enraged and crazy? Because of Israel, right? Isn’t airport security all about Moslems being angry about Israel? Now there may have been a couple of fake Moslems with phony explosives in their pants or shoes, but real Palestinians? Name one. Not to mention that most airport security is run by Israeli companies.

    TSA now stands for The Sex Aggressors. These morons are now authorized to squeeze your private parts for Glocks and grenades. Little kids, too! A friend of mine’s wife was strip-searched in June after she’d passed successfully through the metal detector because the moron thought she “didn’t look right.” “Airport security” is the result of what Israel does to Arabs. When you get your crotch squeezed, if you haven’t got the brains to stop flying, think about Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

    DAJA. First step: Recognize the Jewish Problem. Where does the Problem originate? Well, probably in the synagogues, in Hebrew school, in all the brainwash programs the Jews have for their kids. These kids are born and bred to hate us, to feel nothing when they cheat us, steal from us and kill us. It’s all laid out in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, and of course in the Talmud. The problem is with the rabbis. I’ve written it before but Defense Against Jewish Aggression means the entire rabbinical class has to be wiped out. That means all the rabbis who preach Jewish hate and all the Jews who accept it. The rabbis are the political commissars who keep the party members in line, just like the Jewish commissars under Stalin who shot Russian soldiers from behind to terrorize the rest into attacking the Germans. I’d bet that a lot of Jews who’d like to assimilate with us would even help wipe out some of the hate-mongering rabbis.

    Theodor Herzl comes to mind. Herzl, the supposed designer of Zionism, actually hated the Jewish ruling class and all typically Jewish ways. What he wanted was to blend with the Gentiles, whom he greatly admired. He was rejected because in those days, it was hard to trust a Jew, no matter how much he wanted to be a Gentile, or a Christian. Sad story.

    So Plan B was to get the Jews out of Europe, out of polite society, and into a land for Jews only. Herzl knew that most Jews just couldn’t behave properly, so the humane thing was to put them somewhere they couldn’t do any harm. What he didn’t count on was the rise of the Russian Jews, the real Zionists, whom he’d never heard of before his 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel. These uncouth roughnecks from the Pale showed up, demanding to go to Palestine. Not Uganda, not Madagascar, not America, not South America – Palestine. These were the phony Jews, the poseurs, the Khazar converts to Judaism but converts who possessed the deadliest zeal in the history of the world. They wanted to kill all the Palestinians and take over “the holy land.” Well?

    My late friend, Heinz Weichardt, was another. His mother was Jewish, a famous opera singer in Berlin, his father a well-known journalist with the big German papers. Heinz was a life-long supporter of Hitler and of National Socialism. I recommend his memoir, “Under Two Flags,” on the Gnostic Liberation Front website. Jews such as Aaron Russo and David Cole have done more to hurt the Jewish racket than anyone on our side. So we mustn’t be indiscriminant in our Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

    Anti-Jewish operations must be designed carefully. The big organizations must be taken out first.

    The US military has never exactly covered itself in glory. Actually, it has been a total disgrace to America. The military has done the Jews’ dirty work, and I do mean dirty, ever since the Civil War and the Indian Wars. World Wars I & II? Imagine, Americans going to fight Germans in Europe! Most Americans in those days were of German descent. Korea, Vietnam… Total disgraces. Desert Storm? Burying alive thousands of Iraqis with their hands up. Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, Fallujah, Predator drones – Jesus, what a shower of shit the US military has always been, including the glory days against the fascists. (Read Other Losses, Crimes & Mercies, Operation Keelhaul if you’re craving US military glory.)

    And, soldier boys, I have news for you. The Jews consider YOU to be the fascists. That’s what the military is for, to absorb the “fascistic element” of society (masculine men) into a controllable organization, because you scare the hell out of the Jews. They dread the day that you will turn on them, stop killing their enemies like the fools you are, and aim your guns at them. Watch THEY LIVE. How do you think the guards at Abu Ghraib could become so sadistic so early in our invasion and occupation of Iraq? They were conditioned by Jews with Jewish hate before they ever got out of the US.

    I do have one good story to tell about the marines. A buddy of mine, Mike Hanson, was at the airport in West Beirut in ’83, near where Arafat and his men were holed up. A half-dozen Israeli tanks came rolling up to wipe them out. The marines just looked at them but the captain in charge of the airport detail climbed up on the lead tank and held the muzzle of his .45 against the Jew commander’s head. “If this tank moves another foot, your brains are gonna be all over this tank.” Jew commander ordered everyone to leave. This is the only language Jews understand.
    The upshot was, a truck bomb soon killed over 240 marines nearby. Victor Ostravsky, a Mossad officer, revealed that the Mossad knew about the plot but deliberately withheld the information. Translation: the bombing of the marine barracks was a Mossad operation, probably in retaliation for the marine captain’s heroism. Mike bunked in the open and escaped the blast at the barracks. He carried out a lot of bodies.

    But that captain was the exception that proves the rule: the US military man is always obeying Jewish orders. So, the only way for a US military man to gain his honor is to join with this DAJA program – Defense Against Jewish Aggression. It’s the only way to gain honor. You can’t regain something you never had. You joined up to fight, didn’t you? Against all enemies, foreign and domestic? The only foreign enemies we have are in Israel. You don’t need to mess with them. The real enemy is domestic, the Jew who sends you to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran to kill people who never threatened us but who are hated by Jews. We have to clean up this country by wiping out the Jewish organization. Once the organization is wiped out, the Federal Reserve and its stinking Note can be wiped out and replaced by the debt-free US Note.

    And that’s how we’re going to clean up this Jewish mess.

    Author unknown

    • ha, this made it onto, and even gordan duffs “veterans today”, yet they have CHANGED JEW/JEWISH to “zionist, and zionism” through the article…..

  31. Great article, It’s by JB Campbell, old head of the real American Militia movement.

    The only part I disagree with is letting the jews play ANY role in deciding what will happen. As far as Im concerned, ALL JEWS are the problem, NONE can EVER be trusted whatsoever, without exception. History has proven time and time again jews always stick with fellow jews at crunch time. Count the number of jews in Palestine shooting at IDF soldiers and you will see what I mean. The “anti-israel” protest by jews are just for show.

    Don’t ever let some smiling hook nosed kike lure you into the belief that he is “on your side”. A jew is a jew, or a jewish double agent playing you. That’s it, that’s all. Their writings are mixed with propaganda and lies. Even aaron russos video is deceptive. Do they say “Grab your guns and lets execute these mother fuckers?”….no…..for jews love to tell you you are being screwed by them (like WRH.COM) yet offer NO SOLUTION. Why people think there are “good jews” out there is beyond me.

    They are either jews themselves (getting paid by YOU to spew crap), or don’t know the full extent of the jew and have not done their homework.

    As for the patriots out there, quit flying the USA flag….thats THEIR BUSINESS FLAG, not yours.

  32. The controversial American Jewish academic, author and a critic of Zionist-regime’s policies in Occupied Palestine and Lebanon. Unlike his fellow Jewish academic and critic of Washington’s foreign policy, Dr. Chomsky, Dr. Finkestein has never claimed to be a supporter of Israel.

    On October 28, 2010 – Dr. Norman Finkelstein spoke at a function sponsored by the Canadians For Justice and Peace In The Middle East (CJPME) held at the University of Toronto. He told the audience that the 2008-2009 Israeli genocide of 1.5 million Palestinian people was a prelude to what’s to come in Lebanon. Watch a video at the end of this post.

    According to Dr. Finkelstein, the Zionist entity flew 2,800 to 3,000 combat missions, not a single plane was damaged because Hamas sat in its bunkers the whole time; an Israeli analyst said not a single battle was fought.

    “After the first week of the air assault, the land assault began. The Israeli soldiers had special night-fighting equipment so Hamas couldn’t even see them. One Israeli soldier said: ‘There was nothing there. It was a ghost town, with only livestock.’ Another soldier said: “I didn’t see a single Arab the whole week I was there.’ Another Israeli soldier said: “It felt like hunting season. It reminded me of a playstation computer game.’ ”

    Surreal though this may sound, Mr. Finkelstein said the reality is that this so called War in Gaza was really 22 days of death and destruction inflicted on the Palestinian people in Gaza. He said the Israeli military exploded white phosphorous – which burns at a temperature of 816 degrees Celsius – over schools, hospitals and markets, resulting in 1400 Palestinians deaths.

    “Four-fifths of these deaths were civilians, of which 400 were children. Israel had 10 combat deaths and four civilian. The kill ratio was 100 to one. Is this a war or a massacre?”

    Subsequently he asked the audience to raise their hands if they had heard that Israel claimed the high number of civilian deaths was due to Hamas using human shields and forcing people to gather near Hamas staging grounds. Although many in the audience raised their hands, few did when he asked them how many knew that of the 300 human rights organizations that investigated, not one reported any evidence of Hamas using human shields or forcing people to remain around buildings controlled by Hamas.

    “That shows the power of media,” Mr. Finkelstein said. “The basic facts are not widely known.”

    He added that Amnesty International said even if Israeli accusations of human shields being used were true, it doesn’t explain the deaths in Gaza.

    “Many were killed in their homes or going about their daily activities. Of the 400 children killed, many were studying or playing on their roofs or in their homes. All the human rights organizations said these actions were war crimes and crimes against humanity. They said Hamas committed comparable crimes, but not on a comparable scale.”

    Dr. Finkelstein said he thinks the real reason for the assault on Gaza was part of a plan to restore Israel’s deterrence capacity, after it suffered military defeats in Lebanon in 2000 and 2006. He said a former US ambassador to Israel has predicted that Israel will attack Lebanon within the next 18 months.

    “Israel has made it clear that it intends to do to Lebanon, what it did to Gaza – use massive force against the civilian infrastructure. Israel has said that the next war will be a game-changer. Hezbollah leader Nasrallah said the next war will be a tit for tat war – a factory for a factory and an airport for an airport. If missiles hit Tel Aviv there will be massive casualties. There’s no way that Israel will accept a third defeat in Lebanon. If Hezbollah starts losing, it’s almost certain that Iran will enter, knowing they will be next. It’s difficult to know how it will end, but both sides will probably resort to extreme measures.”

    With the possibility of war on the horizon, much is being made in the media of the peace process to try and resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; but Mr. Finkelstein said there has never been a peace process: it is just a facade for annexation.

    “In September 1993, when the Oslo Peace Accord was signed, there were 250,000 settlers. Now, 17 years later there are 500,000 settlers. Fourty-two per cent of the West Bank has been annexed. When Palestinians complain about this, Israel says the issue of settlements must be negotiated in the peace process.”

    In January 2009 – Amnesty International had called for a ban on arms supplies to the Zionist entity. In September 2010 – the Neculear Watchdog (IAEA) rejected the 128 UN members’ call to force Israel to join NPT.

  33. I don’t think asking people NOT to read or listen stuff is the good way. I know WHY you are asking this but think about it: one of the reasons why people are dead asleep right now is because of their inability to diversify their source of information. I’m always telling my own relatives: Don’t believe what I say: go check it out by yourselves. It’s intellectual curiosity that brought me to trying to understand what the hell was wrong in the begining and I would have looked as extremely suspicious someone telling me NOT to go somewhere.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Also: great idea that basic training book. I’m devouring it right now. Keep the good work.

    • Yes, in this case it is extremely important people DO NOT READ the other crap. You are far more easily influenced than you think, and your enemy far more crafty than you think. You are NOT diversifying, you are SUBJECTING yourself to brainwashing which will have it’s effect whether you are CONSCIOUSLY aware of it or not. There will be more information regarding this very topic coming here someday soon, so stick around and DO NOT READ THEIR CRAP for any reason.

      • A lot of understandings I have come to about the mind and how it is affected has indeed come from this site.

        As much as I would enjoy it, I also think it would be of a great benefit if such an article were indeed written.

        More awareness of how the mind works would aid in people re-evaluating their perceptions and help render the jews lies ineffective (obviously with the help of sites like this).

        If you can’t get around to writing such an article soon, are there any books in which you can reccomend to learn about it?

        I’ve taken a college psychology course before (prior to discovering the jew problem) and it’s obsolete in knowledge, the jew system is purposely witholding knowledge of the mind….people will begin to notice too many things that lead to them.

        • The topic is deeper than just psychology, and I don’t quite have the urge to write about it yet. Maybe some day, but I have my sites set on destroying them, not just exposing them; hence the reason I’m not writing new stuff every day. That part doesn’t get me much closer to my goal. For now, I must stay focused on my own learning and formulating ideas that will help me reach this goal.

  34. This is a really good article – one of the best I’ve ever read.

    For my virgin ears replacing jews/judaism with zionist/zionism removes any lingering subconscious reservations about of what needs to happen.

  35. Rivero is a clump of Yid shit, smelling so bad Jones couldn’t bear to be near him: I’m shocked that RBN has anything to do with him ….

  36. Wow, I like your way of thinking! Well written too, had some laughs while reading all this. And especially all those comments, haha.
    But I’m gonna agree with all that’s being said here. There are some shitty jews even in our small country! (Latvia)

  37. I never really fully understood this kike Rivero when I first read this article, although him being a jew said it all and nothing further was necessary to convince me that this rat was up to some trite jewish trickery.

    I had seen his site a few times but it was clear that the tricks he was up to was to steer eyes away from certain things while seemingly being critical of other jewish malfeasance. I won’t even bother to go into detail about this but it includes his evading heavy hitting information like mentioning the exclusive jewish running of sick shit like the “Russian” child pornography ring, the white slave trade in Isrealhell, and on and on.

    I had never listened to his show or really looked at him too closely before but after listening to a few episodes of his whiny nasally radio show a caller got through and pressed him for some details on his heritage which he freely admitted to, albeit insisting his family converted to Catholicism in the 1490’s.

    Look, I could convert to Buddhism and perhaps even become a citizen of an Asian country but I could never change my race or my genetic make-up and cultural instincts. Just like he could not convert to anything to change who and what he is pretending to be. I think he said he was an agnostic, but who cares–still a fucking jew in heart, mind and lack of soul.

    Again, just like “Brother” Nathanael Kapner all this clown is doing is clouding the waters for the gullible and making it seem as if all jews are not in lockstep with each other.

    It’s hard to believe that this guy actually has a two hour radio show each day and that people actually dance to the tune of his nasally siren. That’s what makes him dangerous. Look at how many people have been convinced that “good” jews exist.

    Isn’t it funny how over 500 years of supposed conversion to Catholicism his family supposedly underwent did nothing to alter the typical jewish nasally voice? Thankfully, you have helped clear this clown’s ruse away for many people, and have planted a seed of truth that is gnawing at the minds of others concerning this fucker.

    Is it not just too typical that non jews keep falling for the jewish shell game when they basically tell you up front that it’s all just a trick and you have no chance of winning?

    Working for NASA and Hollywood- in special effects–no doubt heavily employed heavily in both.

    What is truly sad is that it’s almost universal among them to basically always give their game up right up front but somehow pull the suckers in anyway; tragic really.

    • That is it, isn’t it. You can always see right up front what they are really up to. The thing is, most people don’t want to believe that someone went to all that trouble exposing “Israel”, while still playing for the other team. The problem for many of these people is that they don’t want to admit they were fooled. Fuck, I was fooled! I read all of these sites, I listened to their shows…..I read the books, heard the audios, watched the videos…..and I KNEW they weren’t telling the whole story. It’s like listening to a three year old tell you how he wasn’t really in the cookie jar. His protests are TRANSPARENT!!!!!!! The same is true for any of these shit stains purporting to tell the whole story, while offering no real solutions, no unity, no direction, and no purpose.

      You can whine about the problem all damn day long, but until you actually say “I WILL DO ALL I CAN TO FIX THIS” then you are blowing fucking smoke. Until you put your entire soul into fighting this battle, you’re just wasting mine and everyone else’s time. This will go NOWHERE with people who waiver on their position, or who will fold because of one reason or another. You have to pick your fucking side, because fence sitters will rightly be taken out by crossfire. There is no in between and there is NO QUARTER. If the jew has beat any of you enough that you have already publicly given up the fight, then you can’t be trusted to carry the load when the shit gets deep. You are either with us or against us. This is where the buck stops….these jews and these bullshitters will have NO QUARTER.

    • Your post makes me glad I never gave that kike a minute of my time. I checked him out for 10 seconds after Adam wrote this article, just so I could sample his schnoz mouth for a laugh.

      All these different levels of bullshiters and their individual angles of slightly varying messages really reveal how intricate the controlled opposition is played by these jews:

      Mike Rivero – jew
      Henry Makow – jew
      Bro. Nate Kapner -jew
      Daryl Bradford Smith – jew
      Eric Hufschmid – jew
      Norm Finkelstein – jew
      Mikey Moore – jew-controlled obese fool
      Alex Jones camp/WeAreLooseChange – jew-controlled
      David Duke – jew controlled
      Mike Delaney & crew – racist pieces of jew shit
      Stormfront/VNN – jews
      John Martinson – batshit money-grubbing destroyer
      Bobby Fischer- It’s a good thing he’s already gone, because he would have been the one jew that I would have quartered. I would have locked him up in a safely contained living space and furnished him with radio broadcasting equipment so he could publicly rant about jews whenever he wasn’t sleeping.

      Just kidding. All jews, so called “half-jews”, and anyone that acts like a jew or helped the jews get NO FUCKING QUARTER.

  38. This is easy:

    In all of his 30 years in doing “special effects” for Hollywood…what has he done to expose the Rothschilds, Israel, their agents and the Christian Zionist retards?

    I don’t need to explain it to a “special effects” guy – think Clerks 2.

    I been promoting Real Oath Keepers – gotta kick that guy Rhodes in the balls.

  39. “Stormfront/VNN – Jews”

    Where is the evidence that VNN is Jews/controlled by Jews?

    • What do you have such a boner over those jew sites for fella? I’m pretty sure Curt Maynard had the folks behind VNN pinned down quite well, and if you are too fucking stupid to see that both sites are full of kikes, YOU MUST BE ONE! Oh but Curt Maynard is dead now, like so many who speak out about the jew, so I guess we can’t check with him, right? What evidence do you have that they are NOT jew run websites bitch?

    • You’re joking, right? Stormfront is like the Greenwich Village of the internet and VNN is a box of matzo crackers. If you don’t understand why, you haven’t read Subverted Nation in its entirety. If you disagree, you’re a fuckin’ jew, or you’re worthlessly stupid.

      Let me make this clear in case some people still don’t get it. This is for any well-meaning anti-jew humans who are still listening to the tunes of jewish controlled opposition. The jew is the #1 problem on this planet. Well over 90% of our international, national, local and individual human ills stem from this diseased, worthless parasite. Until we physically deal with the jew and the jew alone, once and for all, we cannot even begin to devise REAL solutions for any legitimate national, social, cultural, economic, racial or governmental problem. In order for us to permanently defeat the jewish race, we must form a single unified army of warriors and supporters from any walk of humanity. No single race or nation can do it alone. Anyone or any group that advocates division amongst humans is either jewish or they’re foolishly playing into the hands of the jew, and ensuring their own defeat in the process. Racial nationalism of any kind must be reserved for the post-jew world only. We’re not there yet people. Look at what’s going on in jew-controlled China right now. Even if every white man, woman, child and infant on the planet became a white nationalist overnight, the jew would not have much difficulty crushing the entire white race as a last resort.

      I have known too many working folks of all different races and nationalities (obviously excluding filthy non-human kikenvermin) over the years with good hearts, good souls and good behavior to condemn any one race as a whole. People that act like savages come in all different colors. Furthermore, as a white guy myself, I can testify that there is an incredible amount of my fellow whites behaving like jews, either because they profit individually from being a minion in the jewish power pyramid, or they’re desperate to join the dwindling white yuppie class, selling out and fucking over anyone that stands in the way of an increasingly pathetic annual salary. Any real white nationalist would have to agree with me.

      It’s the jews, people.

  40. Lex Mercatoria says:


    Michael Moore isn’t merely, as you say, a jew-controlled obese fool. He in fact *is* an obese jew fool. “Moore” is a name often used by jews and this rat, like most of them, is identifiable on sight as one.

    David Duke is one that I’m pretty sure is jewish (mixed “white,” but still jewish none the less). He can fool many with the blonde hair, blue-eyed human looking face, but his “tell” is in the eyes.

    I think upon seeing a jew our animal bodies intuitively sense there’s something “foreign” about them but this instinct has been suppressed. We must awaken and heed this self preservation impulse, thus we can more easily resist them and flush them out.

    With most of these creatures if one finds it difficult to identify them from the overall look of their face, the odd skin texture, or “slimey” sheen of their skin then the look, or “vibe,” from their eyes can betray them. Even when they undergo plastic surgery they can often still be identified for what they really are.

    I’ve been helping a friend and relatives learn to identify them, as well as educating them about the jew. The jews’ television and films are obviously a great resource for studying what jews look like. We’ve reached the point where there are few humans left onscreen in the media now so I advise people not to be swayed by
    the appearances of the “good looking” younger actors and actresses. The jews are aware we are wising up to their antics so they’re peddling more and more of their own who appear human to the untrained eye.

    Between the media & lists of jew entertainers (a redundant term) on the net one can mentally catalog jewish faces to train oneself to identify them. As one studies their likenesses and physical details when encountering them, one will soon be able to spot the majority of them right away.

    As distasteful as the thought of regularly looking at them may be I think this is the only way to learn to spot them because, aside from the typical descriptions of hooked noses and bulging eyes, there is little that can be written to sufficiently describe their appearances, which can vary quite a bit.

    Full-blooded jews and those that are mixed with, or mistaken for “white” people are obviously the most common type in America and its media. When one becomes proficient at identifying these
    variants, then one will be better equipped to identify mixed race black, indian and asian jews. I was surprised a while back when I noticed these latter groups are appearing with increasing frequency in the media–to confuse humans even more, of course.

    • Oh yeah, Michael Moore is 100% jewish, no doubt about it, and I’ve stated numerous times that Duke is a jew. If people can’t tell by his looks, which are rather obvious, they should at least be able to tell by the things he says, but lo and behold, it is totally beyond most people to pick up on it. KNOW THY ENEMY. I’m already quite adept at spotting them, but I STILL spend time looking at photos of them and their features. Eventually you’ll pick up on them very fast……I like what you said about the eyes. Watch for the CROOKED EYE and do not EVER trust anyone who can’t look at you with both eyes at the same time.

    • Lex,

      You’re right. I stand corrected. I fucked up. There was a specific and ultimately flawed reason why I hesitated to call them full blown jews, and it was against my better judgment. Fat fuck Moore and Rabbi Duke are indeed ass-wipe fuckin’ yids, and they’ll get no quarter.

      I grew up in one of the most jew-infested areas on the planet, and I have been studying jewish racial features since grade school. I have a PhD in kikenverminology. Despite many years of spotting jews on sight by their physical traits, I still maintain that their deeds, personalities, and attitudes are what must be relied upon to give them away in the end. At a glance, some of these Chinese jews and black jews can even fool experts like us!

  41. Right now they Alex Jones and Mike Rivero types are busy pushing the hysteria over the next election–like it matters and that there’s any choice.

    Assuming that Ron Paul really is on the side of America and Americans and assuming he could and does somehow does win, then what?–which has no chance of ever happening for a whole variety of reasons, boiled down to the jews not wanting him or allowing him to win.

    Just say he did win, what could he actually do? Both parties are 100% totally sold out to the jews and their interests so neither would work with him on anything–thus, he would be completely ineffective.

    It’s pretty funny that both Rivero and especially Jones rally against tyranny and dictatorship yet each would have to admit that the only way Ron Paul could get anything done would be to rule as a dictator.

    The voting process, elections, and the entire political show is illusion as you know quite well.

    Everyone wastes their time and energy backing candidates who don’t matter in a process which does not matter. This is where Jones and Rivero do their damage, they keep idiots locked into the jew theater known as politics.

    As long as people continue to believe in this fairy tale nothing will ever change.

    Jones and Rivero both continue to do their damnedest to keep that show going and to prevent any of us from dropping the curtain on their jew parades and exposing the fraud.

    • Yeah, Ron Paul is so full of shit his eyes are brown….

    • This time around is especially painful to watch. The kikes are going to allow Ron Paul to make much more headway than 2007-2008, so all of these poor, gullible chumps are going to get their hopes up so high, and they’ll donate a bunch of money thinking: “This time it’s going to work!” He’ll probably start winning some of the upcoming jew-polls, and come in first on some individual state elections just so that everyone stays glued to their seats and distracted by the circus of bullshit. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he cleans up on super-Tuesday and gets the nomination. The jews could then squeeze out as much money as possible from the troofers all the way up until the general election and then…
      …oops! Jew-controlled voting machines! “Obama wins again against Ron Paul!” Not to mention that Ron Paul is a Freemason jew-tool who doesn’t give a fuck about you or me. Fuck Ron Paul, but I still feel a bad for these optimistic fools who are going to have their human hearts crushed and their pitiful savings fleeced.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:


        I think Ron Paul is a jew playing the “struggling white patriotic politician” role.

        On a related note: I’ve noticed those with two first names are mostly, if not almost exclusively, jewish.

        • Lex,

          Ron Paul goes through the woodchipper along with David Duke and Michael Moore. Well, we might have to considerably chop up Moore first so he won’t break the fuckin’ thing.

          By the way, Adam and Austin are both first names, so that theory doesn’t fly with me. I wouldn’t be too concerned with names. As the jews continue to lose and retreat into the woodwork, they’ll be playing all kinds of games with their names and identities. Their physical features identify them, and failing that, their deeds, personalities and attitudes are what give them away.

          Oh. and any human that behaves like a jew ends up like a jew.

  42. I live in the city called Surat, in Gujarat State, in India. Surat processes almost 10/12 diamonds in the world – cutting, polishing, sorting, etc. I read a WikiLeaks cable that up until a few years ago 90% of the trade between India and Israel was in Diamonds alone. So that means, up until a few years ago my city of Surat gave 90% of India’s business to Israel. Do you guys know anything about this, ever heard the name Surat? I want to know more about this Adam, a clip of diamond cutters of Surat was also present in the movie Blood Diamond. This movie was banned and not shown in the cinemas in the City. I think the city i live in must definitely be a very important city for the jews. All the hard labour for their billions of diamonds is being done by people here who get paid some 100-140 dollars a month to sit 8 hours a day on a polishing machine cutting and adding facets to diamonds. This work definitely impairs their vision. I used to write a lot about the scams these jews (after reading your site i have stopped using the word zionist, all of them, or almost all of them are bad it seems), i used to write a lot about them on Facebook, but i stopped using Facebook because i became an easy target for my former ad agency bosses, who are employed by jews, to taunt me. Also i became a sitting duck for some diamond traders in surat to mess with me not just on Facebook but also in offline real world, because of my furious comments and status updates trying to make people understand what i see and i think they don’t. So now i prefer YouTube, the anonymity and randomness makes it difficult for them to target and taunt me. Besides whether i spread the message on Facebook or YouTube, the difference is very little, sure i lose the opportunity to speak to the people i know, but experience has taught that all those i thought i knew, weren’t worth it, or maybe they too got bought/scared/confused by the very bad guys and propaganda that i was talking against. It’s a fucked up world.

    • mossberg590 says:

      Karen ,i know your feelings, my older brother thinks im a racist because i had a “white pride world wide” sign as my avatar on face book,now he disowned me,which doesn’t matter to me, all because he married a mexican woman !

  43. mudshredder says:

    Dont know why subject got spun to Hitler, but the big mistake is one anyone of us might have made.
    If you got bullied and asskicked by some asshole then bot built up and took up some martial arts,then years later the guy talks shit and how he could kick your ass still would you fight him?

    That was Hitlers problem. After the Blitzkrieg, France declared war on Germany. Instead of keeping the concentration on the east like his whole idea was, to crush communism, he broke France and occupied it. Had he let the French attack then showed a better defense, ti would have been harder to get Americans to back up war. Look at how countries looked at us over the invasion of Iraq II. IT was RIVALRY that destroyed the riech..simple. Thye got screwed in the Versailles Treaty and revenge seems so sweet until it bites you in the ass.

  44. Now I know Jones is a shill for the Jews,but he really isnt a very good one. Assuming that someone will do a bit of fact checking on Jones’ wild claims,like I did,it wont be long till you run right into the infestation. “Globalists, elites”…these terms can only fool you for so long before you connect the dots….”It is my job wake people up . That first initial stage of waking up to the fact youve been lied to is what motivates me.” Alex Jones

    My question to subverted is what do you think of Sheriff Mack,he seems very well informed and genuine. He recently had been accused off all sorts of lies by the SPLC(Jew front)..He is on Alex Jones show. Do you really think that all guests on Jones are disinfo? Keep in mind most people simply dont want to connect the dots even when the facts are right in front of them. Suppose they dont want the media slash ,and slander they would encounter.

    • You will know them by their deeds. Yes, Sheriff Mack is full of shit. He’s one of them. Guaranteed. People keep looking for someone in the mainstream that they can count on. THERE IS NOBODY. You can only count on YOURSELF. I tried to take the lead, but I don’t have syndicated radio shows nationwide with big jewish sponsors making sure everyone hears it and knows my name. I’m one guy who had the guts to say EXACTLY what needed said, and they made sure most people never heard of me. You see how this works yet? If you are for real, nobody knows who you are. Real revolutions are NOT TELEVISED. Real revolutionaries don’t get on AJ’s show. Real revolutionaries get attacked, slandered, threatened, harassed, etc. We get our websites hacked, we get our paypal accounts shut down, we get our youtube accounts jacked repeatedly, etc. You’re lucky they haven’t been able to completely shut this site down or there would be NOTHING and NOBODY. You are free to go chase around some of the other fakers if you want though. See how far they get you, and how hollow their message is. That shouldn’t take long either. See you when you return.

  45. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    After I’ve this article, I’ve lost a total amount of respect for this guy. I Visited his website like every day. Now, until yesterday, I’ve deleted him and his site. He never addresses the Jewish bankers problem. The Jew is indeed a snake, Honestly, I knew something was not right about him. I seriously hope he sucks baby penises as well. NO QUARTER!

  46. mossberg590 says:

    I like your site and will be back for more,great article on Gen.Patton ,i so admire him i named one of my children “Patton”. i also believe in your thoughts on giving no quarter when this war with the jews gets rolling !

  47. Dennis Karr says:

    To:Subverted Nation; Wheeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.
    Refreshing to hear the TRUTH.
    I 100% agree with EVERYTHING you have said regarding 9/11. I was briefly a “Hi-Jacked Airliner Believer” until about 5:30PM on 9/11/01 when I saw the NON-plane debris at PA and DC on the news. Myself and many I know have known this for a long time and the best part is, the evidence is right in the shitty, poorly manipulated images from that day fed to us by the Psy-op Isreali/America media folks. Question is; When do we reach a critical mass level when enough people know the gravity of the lie and something is done? BTW, I don’t know what your knowledge and or belief is on the occupancy regarding the towers, but I can tell you for a fact that 1. Towers and surrounding area were empty and roped off with Police tape that morning. Before the first “explosion.” Evidence of this is abundant in helicopter footage showing completely empty parking lots that are FULL on any other work day, but were totally devoid of even a single vehicle on 9/11? Bullshit, I worked down there, so I know this without question.
    2.Towers 1 and 2 had less than 130 floors combined. Yes, you heard that correctly, those buildings had LESS than 130 floors COMBINED. From day one, those buildings were a lie, a faccade, an image and nothing more. 3.3,000 people did not die from falling buildings that day. This is a verified fact. Many skilled investigators cannot, I repeat, CANNOT find friends or relatives of over 2,000 supposed VICTIMS. Why is that? How is that? You know what sucks? being awake and walking amongst the dead, dying and stupid who actually believe what they hear off the TV and read in Popular Mechanics, you know what I mean? Anyway, Peace be with, keep up the Truth Telling, and may the Power of Love and Light Protect you and guide you.

    • Well, I do know that the entire thing was a staged media event. I know there were no planes, because I’m not stupid enough to fall for that stupid CGI bullshit. As for the tower occupancy, I do know jews were instructed not to show up that day, but I have never even been to NY city, so I don’t know what you know. Very enlightening to hear your perspective regarding this event. I’m amazed by the fact that people will nod their head in agreement when you say there were no planes at Shanksville and the Pentagon, but will fly off the handle if you mention there were no planes at the towers. How fucking naive can people be?

      I actually have the answer to that as well. They are beyond naive, they are sleeping in a dream state. No amount of screaming and waving our arms will awaken them. They need shocked out of the dream. If you’ve ever had that dream that someone is talking to you, and then you wake up and realize they WERE trying to wake you up, this is what’s happening to many of them. They’re locked in a totally different state of mind. What is happening for them is so real, and so life like, they can’t even see or feel us shaking their lifeless bodies. The people are under a spell….literally, and until the spell is broken, only a few will realize they are sleeping and get with us.

      The reason they can’t identify so many of the victims is because many of the families are simulated and the victims don’t exist. Period. There were hundreds, if not thousands of actors staged for the event that day….you can’t find a fictional family to a fictional victim.

      Feel free to share any more info you have. You can contact me by email, or you can leave more comments here.

  48. For those following this thread I offer this;

    Rivero has been saying for years that a Jumbo crashed into the Pentagon.



    • Yup, he’s a kike…..what else should we expect from him?

      • Adam, I’m not sure I understand your intentions behind stating that there were no planes, does it matter? We know the Jews did it right? I mean unless you have something you have yet to reveal that would be beneficial to fighting them because of this, otherwise it seems like your calling people out for not sharing the same opinion due to… lack of investigation or info? Please explain your reasoning on this, thanks.

        • Yes, it matters a lot. If there are no planes, the sheer scale of this hoax grows exponentially. Are you ok with being lied to? Do you like being a dupe? Kike Delaney is a piece of shit jew, calling him out is necessary, just like pointing out there were no planes. If people have a problem with that, they can simply fuck off. Things are what they are, and I’m not going to gloss over any of it, or leave any of it out because people would rather pretend it didn’t happen that way, than hear the fucking truth. Anyone who still thinks there were planes is not open minded or free of their programming in any way.

          • I get it but.. how is it beneficial towards fighting these creatures besides just knowing the truth about no planes?
            This is why I ask that, if a large movement is going to get together to rid themselves of the Jew, I doubt all of them are going to know every single crime these demons have committed nor do I expect the mass too all be geniuses, that’s what a leader is for.

            If you wanted to call out Delaney for purposefully doing something harmful to the movement fine, or maybe even prove he has Jewish ancestors. But all the while we have this kike Zionget going around who is a known Jew who gets hundreds of thousands of views. This demon IS giving people disinfo in his videos, he is also trying to bring back a Christian movement.. Christianity was invented by Jews to make us complacent and ignorant. So yes, all in all in my opinion I see there to be much more important fish to fry.

          • It’s beneficial to out each and every jew, and every one of their lies. As long as we ignore one lie or another because you aren’t comfortable with it, they continue to get away with lying. Fuck how you or anyone else feels about it. There were no planes, now buck up and deal with it. Kike Delaney knows this, as does everyone else. I’m not playing this stupid fucking game of only talking about what the jews have made acceptable.

          • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

            Exactly. There’s no way a plane would knock down a building. The Magician takes advantage of your beliefs and turn it into an outcome of their favor. What many do not understand is that magic exists… But not in the fictional sense.

            In speaking of beliefs/opinions, it occurred to me some point last week that this may be every adult’s fatal flaw. Every adult seem to cling on their beliefs in some extent. A belief/opinion is no fact, as it’s going to be every adult’s undoing in the darkest way possible, especially if you’re involving the law.

            Also, Everyone who isn’t Jewish, take this note very well: The Jews can disguise themselves as of one of us, as it worked perfectly for them many times. If anyone has seen Europa Europa, this is definitely it.

          • That’s it. Your preconceived notions are always used against you. What you believe to be reality, you MAKE INTO REALITY. Magick is very real, and every word, every thought, and every feeling you have is being manipulated against you in magickal ways.

  49. Hello, you are right there was no plane on 911. The jews are too greedy and cheap to use real plane so what we got was fakery using computer rendered images that is easy to do with today technology. cgi computer animation has been around way before 911 event say the early 90’s. why are the average person so blinded by religion and inability to think outside of jewish deception?
    911 is a conspiracy of jews to destroy the arab nation and take over the world. is it working? yes to a degree.. most people are too selfish to care and too dumb to resist jewish lies.
    People like us are a threat to jewish conspiracy. how many lies have we been fed since birth? too many. i lost count of it. the only thing that concern people in general is a job, money, and enough to eat. they will not risk their life so that we have a better future. If you talk about jews or conspiracy nobody take you serious because they been drinking jewish lies cool-aids all their life and never get their head out of TV. when i say nobody i mean 99.9 percent of our people… which the jews call gentiles. we are not even 1 percent. everybody that is mislead by jews and their agent still sleeping at the wheel and are no better then those who are glue to Jewish Propaganda TV everyday. The jews are on my ass everyday and do what they can to silence me so that my message dont reach out to people. september clues help to confirm what i believe all along since 911 event took place. 911 is good for all jews and bad for all of us nonjews. its us vs them and they know it.
    the jews have an advantage that they did have thousand of years ago. they use everything that we invented against us. since they have control of money they can do anything and get away with it.
    cause with money you can pretty much do anything even get everyone to believe that moonland is real, the government exist to protect, that we should not protect ourselves. so they made it illegal to protect yourself. we are force to obey the laws or be punish by the law enforcement who are our worst enemy. they can taser you, yell at you, use force and lie about it. we have been abuse by jew police and nobody organize to oppose their unjust laws. a cop can do anything and above the law. i seen them run stop sign, drive faster then a speeding bullet, and be as much of a dick as possible.. nobody resist them. because americans fear jail more then they fear the cops. a cop is not public defender and does not serve us the people. they are no different then organize criminals or call thugs thieves cooks. I know how much of a coward everybody is around me.. if i was to walk around with guns a cop is called and i am arrested. because slaves dont have rights to own gun.
    we are all slaves in this world. when you carry a gun a cop is afraid and you will be harassed by police and if you dont drop it they will shoot you dead as happen to few people who oppose the laws. I’m one of those few people who will be shot dead for protecting myself. a cop does not fear someone who isnt armed. i have seen what happen to a old woman in lousiana who refuse to let go of a gun. the Jewish thugs cops beat the crap out of her, broke her arm just to get the gun away from her. that why a cop has an attitude because we are no threats without a hand gun.
    If you know any good cops they already quit their job years ago.. dont believe the hype that not all cops are bad. cops are force to obey order and do thing that are unlawful. if a cop wrong us they will accuse us of something that we did not do such as battery on officer a,b,c… bad conduct, disturbing the peace. etc.. you know what i mean my friend. they treat us like animals.
    cops like people are coward too who are being paid well to enforce the laws and will not go against their superior that will cost their job. Like most slaves who care more about their jobs then pleasing us. when i voice my complaints somebody always say I dont want to lose my job. Why is their job so important? worthless job that pay next to nothing. i’m the kind of person that like to talk a lot and that is something that we all need to wise up to jews. Many in real life and on internet see me as annoying, and will treat me like im mentally unstable.. in truth is i stand out so i dont get along with everyone.
    infact im alone in this world. adam austin i see you as someone that has something in common with me. People who care only about jobs and not fighting jews are worthless IMHO… jobs are created by jews to enslaves gentiles. how do i know this? low pay and the jew get richer by the days. if you complain about low pay you lose your job as happen to me. 8 dollars per hour is a joke..
    better pay would be 10 times more but we wouldnt live in a jew world anymore would we? we dont get paid for what we work for.. labor is expensive they say but how come our labor is cheap to the jews but is expensive when we want to have certain service such as having your car repaired or to see a doctor? a well paying job isnt going to solve jewish parasites. see people are chasing after a wetdream of being rich and live like jews who talk too much and dont do anything productive. IMHO Jews are the least productive member in any society, the most annoying, ugly in appearance and personality. The jews are freak of nature. Are worse then cockroaches because you cant kill them openly. if you talk about jews you are quickly call a hater, a racist, an ansemite..
    I wish we could kill jews legally and their wouldnt be any jews left to cause any more trouble would we? my dream is about kill all jews.. its not about money or a job or a title.. its about destroying our enemy who has been controlling us for too long. Does my nationality matter? yes it does to people but it shouldn’t. how come the jews are better treated then any group of race? People tend to treat you better if you are the same race as them.. such as black, white, hispanic, asian. when it come to jews the race thing dont apply to people who are hypocrites. is it because of jewish programming not to hate them? as long as people of all race continue to dislike each other the jews will continue to rule over the world and its unfair advantage the jews have over us.
    as a slave if you kill another slave you go to jail for life.but jews who kill million upon millions by supplying both the capitalist and communist in any conflict? nothing happen to jews. they benefit from our suffering. u know im sick of hearing jew say we are proud of it over and over and its getting old also pointless. when i talk about jews on youtube a jew would quickly go into panic mode asking me”why do you hate jews?” are they not expecting it? my friend that is laughable. see they cry like baby when you fight them and laugh like clown when they screw with our freedom.

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