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LIE of Anti-Semitism EXPOSED

LIE of Anti-Semitism EXPOSED

The jew bitch Amy Goodman helps us expose how anti-semitism is just a bullshit lie.

You’ll love this video.  I know I did.  Keep in mind that Amy Goodman is a rotten little pig nosed jewess herself trying to sell our people on the idea of “Democracy Now”.  You can see what I have to say about this demonic little wench here. My answer to her is democracy NEVER, subversive slut. America is a constitutional republic….don’t you forget it. Also, let it be known that this jewtube channel “Representative Press” is run by a jew. These little rats are into everything trying to be the one YOU look to for information. They want to be YOUR VOICE so you do NOT have one. That said, this video is definitely worth watching. It totally blows the MYTH of “anti-semitism” out of the water. Remember, jews are not as bright as they’d have you believe. They always expose their own lies.

  1. The intelligence or lack of intelligence of the lying jew has nothing to do with the exposure of their lies. The truth is a very powerful consciousness
    and it will eventually free it’s self from any and all attempts to conceal it, in the process destroying everything in it’s path to exposure and light.

    I agree with your views on Amy Goodman by the way.

    Also please share with your audience that most cities have public access television. Encourage them to start making their own television shows and start spreading the truth in their own television markets.

    • Of course not, but their intelligence, or lack thereof, is something they love to boast about, so exposing how little of it they really exhibit is great for those who think they’re up against an intelligent enemy. Unfortunately, many do believe these creatures are smart, and it’s my job to make sure their brainwashing is erased on all matters concerning the jew.

      Ahh yes, public access TV…that sounds like fun. I might look into doing it myself!

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