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Kosher Slaughter

Kosher Slaughter

Agriprocessors Inc. is a kosher meat processing plant in the small Iowa town of Pottsville that processes things like beef, chicken, veal, etc. The kosher plant is owned by the hassidic jewish Rubashkin family from New York. This processing plant was recently in the news when it was raided for what were at first deemed immigration violations.

Check your food for symbols like these. You pay a tax on everything you buy to a bunch of murderous, heartless rabbis!

Initially immigration and police officers detained somewhere around 300 illegal immigrants working at the plant. That’s 300 jobs that tax paying, flag waving americans could have filled that were given to illegal immigrants. This is a typical jewish business practice. Move in, buy up the businesses, and bring in the immigrants to handle the work.

Following the initial immigration raid, there were allegations of everything from using illegal immigrant child labor, ID fraud, and they even had a methamphetamine lab in the plant according to this article HERE and employees who would come in armed with guns. This place HERE has a timeline of the events with the raid, and more info about that aspect.

Anyway, what’s interesting about this place is it was obviously a facility full of despicable activities and run by jews, but what I think those who can stomach it should look at is this video. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH. Got that? It’s sick, but this is a ritual kosher practice of slitting throats and bleeding out victims, err, I mean beef. It’s absolutely appalling how these animals are treated. This is what you get when you buy kosher beef.

Do gentiles treat animals this way? Can this be healthy sustenance from an animal treated so poorly? You decide. Me personally. I’m disgusted as can be, and I don’t think we can nourish ourselves with healthy energy by abusing nature.

  1. Is this fucking place closed down and boarded up yet?

    • Does it look like it’s boarded up? Don’t get your panties in a twist, I’m allowed a little time to myself once in a while. It seems people have an insatiable appetite for new news, and new information all the time, but rest assured if you’ve come this far, there’s not a whole lot new to learn. Be glad you are here! From here we have more pressing issues than covering every story that comes our way.

  2. The place is closed down now. The town of Postville (not Pottsville) has taken a big economic kick in the teeth. After getting the jewish mafia treatment.All the jews that ran it have skipped the country to avoid punishment.

  3. Great website and it is good to hear the truth about the satanic jew proclaimed loud and clear! They are indeed satan’s children and the true vampires of the world yet so few have even a clue as to who they really are. So great has been their powers of deception that they have convinced the world that they are the true children of God from the Bible when in truth, they are the devil’s own spawn. Does not their history and behavior support that statement?? Keep up the fine work.


  4. but I thought satan and the devil were different? I don’t know I’m all confused about this christian shit.

    anyway, with real player you can download videos off youtube, so that all these videos you put on your page exposing kike scum won’t be erased.

    just curious why do you use recaptcha on your site? I think that’s something to do with kikes personally, I find it very annoying and sinister, half of the words aren’t even words. Do they pay or something?

    • I don’t really get into any of the christian dogma, but generally Satan and “the devil” are considered one and the same.

      As for recapcha, it’s to reduce the amount of spam I have to filter through, and it helps, why else would anyone use it?

  5. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    I have a question. Has anyone heard of Temple Grandin?

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