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Justifying Liberal Use of Czars

Justifying Liberal Use of Czars

It seems there must be a bit of an uproar over the use of the term “czar” when talking about American politicians, but is there more to it than meets the eye?

An article I found HERE states “Already Tom Daschle has been tapped for “health czar” and Carol Browner for “climate czar.” Adolfo Carrión is expected to be the “urban affairs czar.” There’s also been talk of a “technology czar” and a “copyright czar.” Plans for a “car czar” recently fell apart on Capitol Hill, but Obama and the incoming Congress will try, try again in the new year.” What we must ask ourselves is what is the real reason for the use of the term czar?

The article in question correctly denotes czar as a word associated with tyrants, but attempts to quell any dissent over it’s use at the stating it is a “newly benign term”, as well as saying, “Now we hear that the Obama team doesn’t like czar either. No wonder: Even now, the word evokes either old-fashioned despotism or latter-day caricatures of tin-pot tyrants. But it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere, as long as that compact word keeps doing its job, glibly condensing bureaucratic mouthfuls.” If the Obama team has such an aversion to saying the word czar, why has it been so liberally applied to most of Obama’s appointments?

What’s safe to say is that both this article and their recent liberal use of the term czar are designed to soften up the resistance in America to the idea of a supreme ruler. The jews will push terms like this in your face until you’re so used to hearing it, that you eventually don’t question the role or the authority of a czar, which will eventually be installed to rule you.

They are stalking daily towards collapsing this country so that a new phoenix may arise from the ashes in it’s place, and that will surely be a dicatorship. What’s sad is all the people have to do is resist in unison, eject this parasitic infestation of demons that call themselves jews, and we will be on our way to a better society without the need for supreme rulers.

If you will so easily accept these “czars” as your masters, there is nothing they can’t push on you. Even if resistance is futile, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or shouldn’t be done, and we won’t know until we try. Again, if you have the stomach, you can find that wretchedly disgusting, appologetic article HERE, but I wouldn’t waste the energy if I were you.

  1. the ugly american says:

    I want to be the Tsar of good will to NAZISRAEL.
    Tsar Bomba from AmeriKa.

  2. I agree….I’d like to see Israel “wiped off the map”, but I REALLY said that, unlike Ahmadinejad who was miss quoted. My only issue is I don’t wish to harm the Palestinian people in the process. Israel and the jews are scum, and their days are numbered, whether they like it or not.

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