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Jews and Their Taxes

Jews and Their Taxes

I’m sure many of the people who read this know how jews go about strangling societies to death with the usury, high interest, taxes, regulations, fees, etc. Now we have an example of another new tax that is as disgusting as it gets when it comes to taxation.

cigarette-taxIf you do not know already the federal tax on a pack of cigarettes basically tripled without a protest on April 1st. A full pound of “Gambler” tobacco and other roll you own brands went from about 17 dollars to over 50 dollars overnight. In fact, all tobacco products fell victim to this illegal tax, and unbelievably so did rolling papers and cigarette tubes.

Say what you will about the ills of smoking but this tax has nothing to do with covering the costs of supposed smokers related health care, this tax was for “the children” to pay for child healthcare.

Here’s the kicker, it is not the governments business to regulate it’s citizens behavior and choices, the government by imposing this tax is endorsing “taxation without representation”, and when people balk and quit smoking to protest this tax, who is going to foot the bill for this tax revenue stream? The government will just go after another behavior or activity it deems socially unacceptable.

You have to understand that the money generated from taxes by both the federal government and individual states is enormous, in the tens of billions of dollars each year. Here is the link that breaks it down in total to the federal government and to individual states:

Since they’re getting away with their new scheme so handily expect taxes just like these on products like alcohol, guns and ammunition, or whatever else these Fabian Socialists see fit in controlling about our lives. Rest assured these taxes will be used to pay for their socialist government, being mockingly erected right in front of our faces.

taxes_peopleSince there is no end in sight to government spending, and as the deficit continues to explode, consider what has just happened. With this new tax to be replicated across the board against anything these jew monsters choose, in order to have us pay for are own destruction.

I say, TAX the BAGELS! Or take back the money these greedy jews are making hand over fist with their Kosher tax, on almost every food product Americans buy. More about the Kosher Tax HERE or HERE and a video HERE.

At least then, the money could be put to good use. Say for instance to pay for a fund to aid victims of jewish bank fraud and other nefarious money oriented frauds; like the gentile fools who trusted Madoff or the many other jews just like him out there. The funds could be used to pay victims of any crime perpatrated by jews. Fund a special task force to go after jewish organized crime, whether in banking, drug distribution, human trafficking, etc. Or to train and equip a special team of highly motivated gentile law enforcement agents, lawyers, and judges, who are so idealistic, that the jewish bribes thrown at their feet will not only fail to be accepted, but will be used as further proof of their criminal nature in their eventual prosecutions.

Special thanks to The Jew List for contributions concerning this article.

  1. What makes the kosher “tax” most pathetic is that it’s just a form or extortion, where the proceeds derived of many, go into the pockets of a few. The government never even sees the cash, and I can promise NO Goyim (non-jews) sees ANY of it, even though he’s charged on every item.

    Jews need to be expelled, again.

  2. Pandora’s box has been opened and the next item on the jew’s agenda is a tax on soda pop, but rest assured that it won’t stop there.

    According to jew Harold Goldstein, executive director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy in Davis, says the tax proposal and the junk food law are the leading edge of a wave he believes will sweep from California across the nation.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet folks!

  3. I knew Adam and the others would appreciate this video. Lawrence Summers gets reamed by protesters, and just about shits his pants!'s%20Remarks%20Interrupted%20by%20Demonstrators&clipSRC=mms://

  4. That video is CODE PINK, a JEW run protest group. Just like We Are Change, and DOZENS of others.×294331

    NOW you see why I’m here. Don’t get too excited to see a JEW protest another JEW for you…This is STAGED.

    They are easy to recognize because the banner is pink. The man is wearing a pink shirt and tie, the person holding it on the left has something pink on their shirt, and the voice of the woman in the background is likely jewess, Ruthy Bladderstein.

  5. I like this site, love facts..the truth

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