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Jewish Billionaires

With the jewish people making up such a minuscule portion of the global population, why is it that the majority of billionaires around the globe are jewish? Are you ignorant enough to believe it’s simply because jews work harder? Of course not, jews don’t work hard. Are you going to buy the line that jews are smarter? Of course not, jews are not smarter. It boils down to nothing more than deception and underhanded swindling that has made these notorious carpet baggers so wealthy. This list barely scratches the surface of jewish billionaires, another area like the media, hollywood, congress, senate and government in general where jews are far over-represented, and it’s not by accident.


Warren Buffet – crypto-jew Berkshire Hathaway
John Gandel – Northgan Gandel Group
Solomon Lew
Frank Lowy – The Westfield Group
Harry Triguboff – Meriton Apartments
Elie Horn – owner/founder Cyrela Brazil Realty SA
Joseph Safra – Safra Group
Moises Safra – Safra Group
Dorothea Steinbruch – widow of Mendel Steinbruch, co-founder of Vicunha Group, owner Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (steel company)
David Azrieli – founder Canpro Investments
Charles Bronfman – co-chairman Seagram Co.
Daryl Katz- founder/chairman Katz Group of Companies
Bernard Sherman – founder/chairman Apotex Group
Alexander Shnaider – co-founder Midland Group
Jeffrey Skoll – co-founder Ebay
Sir Michael Kadoorie – owner/founder CLP Holdings Ltd
Serge Dassault – Dassault Group
Alain & Gerard Wertheimer – owners Chanel
Andy von Bechtolsheim – co-founder Sun Microsystems
Shari Arison – co-owner Carnival Cruise
Ami/Michael Federmann – Federmann Enterprises
Morris Kahn – co-founder Amdocs
Lev Leviev – owner Africa-Israeli Investments
Alexander Mashkevich – co-owner Aflgeron Management
Arnon Milchan – New Regency Productions
Sammy Ofer – Ofer Brothers Group
Benny Steinmetz – Steinmetz Diamond Group
Yitzhak Tshuva – Delek Group
Stef Wertheimer – founder Iscar
Lily Safra – born Lily Watkins married into jewish money, husbands die of odd circumstances
Alexander Abramov – Evraz Holdings, steel production
Roman Abramovich – Sibneft
Peter Aven – co-founder Alfa Bank
Boris Berezovsky – a.k.a. Platon Elenin former deputy secretary of Russia security council, robber baron
Mikhail Fridman – Alfa Group
Vyacheslav Kantor – Akron
German Khan – executive director Alfa Group
Lev Kvetnoi
Leonid Mikhelson – founder/chairman Novatek
Victor Vekselberg – TNK-BP
Nicky Oppenheimer – De Beers
Isak Andic – founder Mango
Marcuise Alicia Koplowitz – Omega Capital
Marcuise Esther Koplowitz – Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas
Gennadiy Bogolyubov – Privat Group
Igor Kolomoysky – Dnipropetrovs’k Group
Victor Pinchuk – founder Interpipe Group
Clive Calder – founder Zomba Music Group
Richard Desmond – publisher Daily Express
Lloyd Dorfman – founder Travelers Group
Bernie Ecclestone – president/CEO Formula One Management
Laurence Graff – Graff Diamonds
Sir Philip Green – British Home Stores
Albert Gubay – founder Kwik Safe
Nasser Khalili – art dealer
Joseph Lewis – founder/investor Tavistock Group
Baron David Sainsbury – J Sainsbury
David & Simon Reuben – joint Chief Executives of Reuben Brothers
Eduard Shifrin – Midland Group
Daniel Abraham – Slim-Fast
Sheldon Adelson – Las Vegas Sands
Philip Anschutz – founder/chairman The Anschutz Corporation
Edmund Ansin – president Sunbeam Television Corp
Micky Arison – CEO/owner Carnival Cruise Lines
Steven Ballmer – CEO Microsoft
Ronald Baron – founder Baron Capitol Management
Marc Benioff – chairman/CEO of
Carl Berg – owner Berg & Berg
Nicolas Berggruen – founder Berggruen Holdings
Leon Black – partner Apollo Management
Arthur Blank – co-founder/co-owner Home Depot
Leonard Blavatnik – shareholder TNT-BP Saul and Access/Renova
Michael Bloomberg – NY city mayor, founder Bloomberg L.P.
Neil Bluhm – owner JMG Realty
David Bonderman – founder GP principal, TPG Group
Norman Braman – former owner Philadelphia Eagles
Charles Brandes -founder Brandes Investment Partners
Donald Bren – chairman Irvine Company
Sergey Brin – co-founder/co-owner Google
Eli Broad – shareholder American International Group
Edgar Bronfman, Sr – Seagram Co.
Ronald Burkle – founder Yucaipa Cos.
Alan Casden – partner Blackacre Capital Management
Leon Charney – lawyer
Steven Cohen – founder/chairman SAC Capital Partners
Leon Cooperman – founder/CEO/chairman Omega Advisors
Lester Crown – shareholder General Dynamics
Mark Cuban – founder, Dallas Mavericks
Michael Dell – founder Dell Computers
Barry Diller – founder CEO IAC
Stanley Druckenmiller – founder Duquesne Capital
Glenn Dubin – co-founder Highbridge Capital Management
Larry Ellison – CEO Oracle Communication
Israel Englander – Millennium Partners
Doris Fisher – co-founder The Gap
John Fisher – main shareholder The Gap
Kenneth Fisher – founder/chairman/CEO Fisher Investments
Robert Fisher – chairman The Gap
Thomas Friedkin – Gulf States Toyota
Robert Friedland – Ivanhoe Mines
Phillip Frost – chairman Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
David Geffen – co-founder/co-owner Dream Works SKG
Malcolm Glazer – First Allied Corporation
Alec Gores – leveraged buyouts of technology firms
Tom Gores – Platinum Equity
David Gottesman – founder/partner First Manhattan
Jeffrey Greene – real estate
William Gross – manager Pacific Investments Management
Joshua Harris – partner Apollo Management
Carl Icahn – 2.9% of Time Warner, financier, corporate raider, private equity investor
Michael Ilitch – founder/owner Little Caesar’s Pizza
Jim Irsay – owner Indianapolis Colts
Irwin Jacobs – co-founder/main shareholder Qualcomm
Jeremy Jacobs, Sr – owner Deleware North Companies
George Kaiser – owner Kaiser-Fransis Oil
Sidney Kimmel – founder Jones Apparel Group, Nine West shoe stores
Alexander Knaster – CEO Pampona Capital Management
Charles Koch – CEO/chairman Koch Industries
David Koch – co-owner Koch Industries
William Koch – The Oxbow Group
Bruce Kovner – founder Caxton Associates
Robert Kraft – chairman Kraft Group
Michael Krasny – founder/owner CDW Computer
Henry Kravis – co-founder/co-owner Kohelberg, Kravis, Roberts & Company
Edward Lampert – CEO/chairman EPS Investments
Marc Lasry – founder/partner Avenue Capital Group
Leonard Lauder – co-owner/CEO Estee Lauder Companies
Ronald Lauder – co-owner Estee Lauder Companies
Ralph Lauren – founder/chairman Polo Ralph Lauren
Thomas Lee – founder Thomas H. Lee Partners
Richard LeFrak – president LeFrak Organisation
Nancy Lerner – main shareholder MBNA Financial
Norma Lerner – main shareholder MBNA Financial
Randolph Lerner – main shareholder MBNA Financial
Theodore Lerner – principal Lerner Enterprises
Peter Lewis – chairman Progressive Insurance Companies
George Lindemann – Palm Beach Investments
Jeffrey Lurie – owner (1994) Philadelphia Eagles
Stephen Mandel, Jr – founder Lone Pine Capital
Alfred Mann – owner Mankind Corporation
Joe Mansueto – founder/CEO Morningstar Inc
Bernard Marcus – co-founder/co-owner Home Depot
Gary Michelson – spinal surgeon
Michael Milken – Drexel Burnham Lambert
Paul Milstein – partner Milstein Properties
John Morgridge – chairman/CEO Cisco Systems
Michael Moritz – Sequoia Capital
Donald Newhouse – Advanced Publications
Samuel Newhouse, Jr – Advanced Publications
Daniel Och – Och-Ziff Capital Management
Larry Page – co-founder/co-owner Google
John Paulson – president Paulson & Co.
Nelson Peltz – Triarc Companies
Ronald Perelman – Revlon
Isaac Perlmutter – CEO Marvel Enterprises Inc
Michael Price – founder MFP Investments
Anthony Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Daniel Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
James Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Jay Robert Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Jean Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
John Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Karen Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Linda Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Nicholas Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Penny Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Thomas Pritzker – Hyatt Hotels, Marmon Group
Stewart Rahr – president/CEO Kinray Corp
Mitchell Rales – director (1983) owner Danaher Corporation
Steven Rales – chairman (1984) Danaher Corporation
Sumner Redstone – CEO/chairman Viacom
Ira Rennert – Renco Group
Marc Rich – commodities trader
Robert Rich, Jr – main shareholder Rich Products Corp
George Roberts – co-founder/co-owner Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co.
Stephen Ross – CEO/chairman Related Companies
Alexander Rovt – fertilizer
Marc Rowan – partner Apollo Management
David Rubinstein – co-founder The Carlyle Group
Haim Saban – Saban Capital Group
Henry Samueli – co-founder/owner Broadcom Corporation
Tamir Sapir – (birth name Temur Sepiahsvili) commodities, real estate
Steven Schonfeld – Schonfeld Group
Lynn Schusterman – Samson Investment Company
Stephen Schwarzman – founder Blackstone Group
Eugene Shvidler – shareholder Sibneft
Thomas Siebel – founder Siebel Systems
Herbert Simon – Simon Property Group
James Simons – founder Renaissance Technologies Corporation
Daniel Snyder – founder/owner Snyder Communications
Sheldon Solow – real estate
George Soros – investor
John Sperling – founder Apollo Group
Peter Sperling – Apollo Group
Jerry Speyer – CEO Tishman Speyer
Steven Spielberg – co-founder/co-owner DreamWorks SKG
Leonard Stern – Hartz Mountain
Henry Swieca – co-founder Highbridge Capital Management
Alfred Taubman – Sotheby’s auction and shopping centers
David Tepper – hedge funds, Appaloosa Management
Joan Tisch – co-chairman Loews Corporation
Wilma Tisch – co-chairman Loews Corporation
Leslie Wexner – CEO Limited Brands
Meg Whitman – CEO/president Ebay
Stephen Wynn – chairman/CEO Mirage Resorts
Charles Zegar – New York Bloomberg LP
Sam Zell – Equity Residential
Daniel Ziff – co-owner Ziff-Davis Publishing
Dirk Ziff – co-owner Ziff-Davis Publishing
Robert Ziff – co-owner Ziff-Davis Publishing
Mark Zuckerberg- founder Facebook
Mortimer Zuckerman – founder New York Daily News
Rockefeller Family – Standard Oil and other oil holdings
Bill Ackman – founder Pershing Square Capital Management

  1. 50 yrs on the chain gang for all of them.
    Investing is really just a scam, the little guy always loses in the end, and these guys work together.
    We need to be targeting our money at business and enterprises that will genuinely help humanity.
    Boycott the Banking class.

  2. Lockheed Martin top heads are they part of this list because they are moving at a fast pace in opening a plant in Israel. A place that wants no other human beings that are not Jews living in Israel.

    • Yes, the heads of most major corporations are jews.

      • Douglas of Avalon says:

        Actually, it is true. EVERYTHING in the realm of commerce created by these jews (and do not kid yourself about WHO created it) is fake. The holocaust is ALL fake. BS. Phony as a 3 dollar bill. The illusion is easily broken along with the ‘spell’ that was cast over the thousands of years people have been subverted by that racist group of thieves and greedy bigots. Fuck all that “reality TV” crap, nothing is real in that realm and TV is commerce of course. So is the court system…need i say more. We are doing it to ourselves by using the “legal name” incorrectly.

        • Forget the legal name. Although I will cover more about the legal fiction and the fraudulent corporate system overlaying our constitutional republic, the bigger issue is that we allow such a system to even exist. Forget trying to navigate it. The moment you think you’ve figured something out, they will just railroad your ass anyway.

  3. Facts are facts. Why be afraid of being called anti-semitic just for telling the truth? I am no more anti-semitic than I am anti Mexican, which is my background.
    Isn’t it strange that the Jews more than any other racial group have been expelled from more nations than any other group? I don’t think I have to enumerate them all. If you can get a copy of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” you will see the conspiracy that the Jews have of taking over the world? They propose that whoever has control of the money controls everything. The book, written by the Jews, is hard to come by, but it is worth looking for it.

    • When the Jews start to take over and strangle a nation, lthat is when they are run out.

    • Tiggs Benoit says:

      You say ” Why be afraid of being called anti-semitic just for telling the truth?. I say to you: Why be afraid of being called anti-semitic at all? Why not just own up to it freely and openly? I certainly do. The day may come in which that will no longer be possible, but surely it will come a lot sooner if we succumb to the pressures of Zionists while we can still fight them. The only venue I have for doing that is the social media. And I use a number of them and when it is timely I say exactly what I feel, what we all know, which is what has been said here, and that which appears in the rest of the material available, The Book of the Elders of Zion being one, El plan Yinon being another. Standing up fearlessly and openly is the only path left to us.

    • Excellent observations, Josph. I’m in full agreement.

  4. Erik the Red says:

    Is this surprising to anyone?
    The funny thing is 90% of them aren’t even “Jews.” They are eastern white Europeans who through the influence of the Rothschilds and the Khazar empire tradition are Jewish based on a secret society.
    It’s a joke and people need to put an end to this.

    • No. They’re jews and it’s genetics that determine that. This has always been the truth. Even people who are just friends of the jew, or practicing jewish sorcery with the jews is a jew for that matter. There will be no escape because some jews claim to “convert” to something else to save their hide. Not this time.

      • Correct. ALL jews are related by descent or kinship, so anyone who believes they are a jew, or is married to a jew, or is in bed with jews is a jew or might as well be.

        They’ve had 2000 years of diaspora across the world, so they’ve naturally accumulated some mutations here and there, and they’ve mixed with the locals over 2000 years, but they are all related to the same tribes. This is what they themselves believe. They come in all colors, but they are all related, just like you can have family members of different races. It doesn’t make a difference, they’re still your family.

        The fundamental problem with jews is that after 2000 years of being scattered across the world as small minorities they never assimilate. All the other ancient cultures are dead. The Babylonians. The Sumerians. The Ancient Egyptians. Even the Romans and Ancient Greeks. Jews never assimilate because they always maintain interests that are against the host Nations that they live within.

        Nepotism, deception, criminal actions, drug trafficking (Sassoons, Ezras, Belilios, et. al.) slave trading, human trafficking, etc. They’ll do the unthinkable as long as it helps them and hurts non jews so jews can succeed. They had to or else they would have been gone already, or they would be poor like the Romani people, who never had anything. You can talk about Romani people and no one cares, but jews don;t want you to talk about jews.

        ALL the top wealthiest families in the world are jews and crypto jews. Half of billionaires are known to be jews, the other half are married to jews, have jewish family, or are crypto jews. The scum rises to the top. The most evil ones are the ones were the most successful. They’ve always acted the same. It’s a genetic instinct survival mechanism.

        Jews are believe they are the chosen people, they’re racist and if you’re a non jew they don’t even see you as human, they actually say this. Sometimes they pretend to ‘care’ about black people or women but they only use them as a tool to divide and conqueror. Watch “Israel’s New Racism, the persecution of Africans” too see how they really are. They actually say that they’re ‘proud to be racist’ and that ‘black people are a cancer’.

        Khazar theory was made up by jews exactly to mislead people from knowing that there are crypto jews that look Middle Eastern, crypto jews that look Asian, crypto jews that look Black. Right now in ‘Israel’ there are Black looking jews, European looking jews, Middle Eastern looking jews, Asian looking jews, etc. Anyone can check that this is true for themselves. To them you’re a jew or a non jew/goyim, doesn’t matter what color you are.

        Once you study their features they are easy to spot, however, many of them they get plastic surgery which makes it harder.

        Forehead neck, and ears almost always give it away.

        Sloped back forehead.

        Low set, ugly, large ears with some shapes you will see over and over again in jews.

        No neck, head that sticks out in front of the body.

  5. Kristina says:

    Koch KBR BP plagiarized my graduate cotton gossypol pharmaceutical research and posted a KBR 1992 military assault on my hacked Facebook profile on the 21st anniversary at the same time the Boston marathon bombing happened. KBR should not be given immunity for harrassment and assaults and war crimes and false imprisonment and libel for reporting with non-profit tax shelter status acting like they are charitable.

  6. These pricks (JEWS) do not seem to be the same persons spoke of in the old testament. I am learning more all the time. Check out rev 2:9 and rev 3:9. Also look into the warning’s in matt ch. 23 the entire chapter. We will be free from these scum eventually.

    • They’re something funny. Still not 100% sure what just yet, but I’d damn sure like to know.

      • Leo Lundgren says:

        What are they?

        I was millimeter from KILLING a jew today.
        We where in his QiGong place, I just saw it from the street and want to know more about OUR TRUE spirituality.
        and first he was calm.
        Then he said he was born in Israel.
        I asked him if he read the Talmud, and he said: yes all of it!
        The moment I start to say all this unbelievable sickening things it says in the talmud and how they killed non-jews and play with our lives and that they own everything in the world and control. I stated it as the obvious fact it is and he got a outbreak and DID NOT (in any of his “think-about NOW not the past, and all other snake sentences they say) SAY THAT IT WAS ANYTHING WRONG.
        and his real “we are jews and we see you and treat you like slaves-and-kill you non-jews how we want” showed up, he defend THAT something they are hiding to the death. (his serpent gene origins or what the FUCK it is)
        I wanted to kill him on spot, but I want to kill as many jews as possible/take away their demonic energy in the world before, if I go to jail/death.

      • Nita Singh says:

        Give this guy a chance and listen to him, in part 3 he goes on about where they’re from I think. He knows the Jews hate the Samurai and Sumo and have always tried to destroy Japan. Well they want everywhere destroyed I know. Adam I hope you are well, you were one of the best speakers I have ever heard.

      • The blacks were the bible Jews who were replaced the the Jewish or Jew-Like Jews of modern times. It’s in the bible

  7. Subverted, there are many references throughout the Bible that mention the ancient Jews and other Israelites as being white and rosy. Not only that, but they are told to remain pure (Deuteronomy 23:2 A bastard not allowed in congregation of the Lord, even to tenth generation. BASTARD is mamzer – mongrel – in Hebrew).

    All this shows the original Jews were pure white and not mixed like they are now (Mongolian and Negro and white).

    By the time of Christ the Edomites had converted to Judaism and they killed Christ (literally) after getting Pilate’s permission (the Roman). Edomites =Esau=Idumeans=Edom. (mixed Canaanites, forbidden intermarriage with Israel). 1000 years later the Edomites converted the Khazars (Mongolian Turks) to Judaism forming the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews which spread into Western Europe, then the world.

    Even Jews admit the Khazars converted and are part of Jews worldwide today, but they trivialize the extent to which it happened and claim DNA evidence of far more Semitic blood in them. Truth is all they can prove is a close relationship to Arabs and others in Middle East, not specifically Jews as there are no Jewish mummies for a DNA comparison. In reality, its Edomites DNA they are actually proving.

    Hitler, most of Germany in the tens of millions and half the planet couldn’t stop the Jews in two WORLD wars. Why not. We don’t follow Gods laws in the Bible (at least not all of them). Only God can stop these people. We need to return to Him and keep ALL His laws. Only then will we defeat His enemies. WHITE skin is not all that matters. God can turn stones into Aryans. He wants more than that. He wants us to turn to Him.

    • That’s assuming that the biblical texts, which we know have been written and rewritten by jews dozens of times, are actually legit.

      That’s fine if you want to believe in something, but I am going to go on facts that are verifiable, not a book that has been edited by kikes.

      The whole Khazar bit is a FRAUD and I’ve proved that repeatedly. There was no “conversion” because you can’t convert your DNA.

  8. Seth Griffen says:

    Again, on this one you’d be better off just to say “ALL” billionaires are hook nosed scum. If they’re not, then they served them in order to receive that filthy monopoly money, and they may as well be jews…

  9. Jay Davis says:

    Recently the USA has seen a huge push to bring back and justify male circumcision. CDC recommends = Thomas Fredkin funded by Bloomberg health group

    Bill and Melinda Gates fund circumcision of African men. (What.. yes)
    Jews apply for NIH study to fudge a connection between male circumcision and HIV, but you still need a condom. What ?

    AAP tries to get public funds for routine male baby circumcisions.
    Its kangaroo committee were all pro circumcision volunteers. Three were Jews who did not excuse them self from an opinion

  10. Ernest Battle says:

    He who controls the “WRITTEN WORD” Holds the Control’s of

  11. Pete Powell says:

    The Old Testament god is a Thor like character who became angry and jealous if he wasn’t obeyed. I think some Christians are confused because there are people in the USA who call themselves Christians while they ignore anything Jesus said about love and peace, or not judging others while they hold up their placards judging others. It’s so they support the USA sending their tax money to Israel, while their students are in the most debt in the world.
    The Jewish idea of a Messiah was a warrior who would make the Israelites the most important nation, not a spiritual person. 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel became lost to history when the Assyrian empire invaded.

    • That’s one of the big problems. The book contradicts itself so much, and at the same time, has been written and rewritten dozens of times. We have no way of knowing if ANY of it is true or not. There are some good words in that book though…and there is power in the book and the name Jesus. Why that is, I don’t fully comprehend yet…but I will. The answers are out there, and they will be found.

  12. Was just watching the UK Panorama episode on BHS (entitled How Did It Happen?) 10th Oct 2016. Took one look at this bastard Sir Philip Green and proceeded to use the Jew search engine with the term:

    “sir philip green a fucking jew?”

    and sure enough it pointed me to this site as the 10th entry on the first page of the search engine results.

    and sure enough I can spot one of these turds a mile away.

    Glad I found your site. More people need to be aware of these evil scum.

  13. This information is too advanced for most of you, but all billionaire’s are jews and crypto jews, no exceptions. All if them, by lineage or kinship. Yes, even someone like Oprah. She admits her name comes from Orpah, a character from the hebrew bible. Her rags to riches feel good story is to make people think anyone can make it in America. Her father is a secret. Her cousin admits her story is a lie. She knows her life is a lie and she’s fat and depressed even though she’s a billionaire. She was chosen. Jews have been mixing with different races for a long time. They just mix and choose the most ethnic looking ones to pass off as their most famous and public non jews. Mixed looking ones can still pass in “diverse” countries, another reason they promote race mixing and multiculturalism. They brainwash them from the time they’re born and tell them their chosen and special and promise them power and wealth, then they just make up a fake story about them or in many cases make their parents or grandparents a secret. Fake adoption stories are also used all the time. Or the ever useful “I’m a Muslim” or “I’m a Christan”. Some of them actually publicly “convert” to Judaism later in their life, when they were jews all along. It’s not a religion, it’s dna.

    • The truth is the truth. If it’s too advanced for anyone, they’re not seeking the truth. I concur with your sentiments. You don’t get that kind of money without being related.

      • On his show the jew David Rubenstein he asked her if she would run for president and they both liked the idea.

        Before Oprah was even famous she dated jews like Roger Ebert. Ebert is one of the jews who made her famous. Ebert is the same person that also made disgusting jew Jerry Springer famous.

        Her image is a lie. “I thought I would be working for the warm and fuzzy person I saw on television,” a former employee at Winfrey’s Harpo production company said. “But, God, I was conned. It’s a cult at Harpo. So oppressive it’s frightening.”

        Oprah was given rare access to see the jewish mikvahs.

        Oprah lives on “THE PROMISED LAND”, her 42-acre estate with ocean and mountain views in Montecito, California.

        She’s been promoting hasidic jews and shwe was invited to eat with them in their home.

        “There’s more hasidic jew in me than I knew,” said Oprah.

        She was “disappointed” to learn two of her guests, jews Herman Rosenblat and his wife made up fake holocaust stories on her show.

        She’s fake, greedy, and she’s been promoting jews and holocaust propaganda so fuck her too.

        • Oprah is a slimy piece of jew shit. I bet if we looked at her ancestry, she has some interesting background. You left out her little girls school/orphanage in Africa. I don’t doubt she helps disappear little girls into the hands of her rich pedo jew friends.

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