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Jew Lists Now Available

Jew Lists Now Available

Here’s something I meant to get around to a long time ago, but never did.  If you will look at the navigation above the featured articles area on the home page, you will see a new addition called “Jew Lists”.  In this section are a number of lists of jews in high places to use both as a reference, and a resource for those who need it, but also to make SN a little more comprehensive in showing just how pervasive the jew problem is.

The lists are not the be all-end all of jew lists, but they are quite comprehensive, and took a LOT of work to put together.  The good news is, they are still under construction, and more will be added to them as time goes by.  Even more good news is that YOU, the reader, can have names added to, or removed from the list (should there be any errors) if you feel something needs to be there that isn’t.  All you have to do is send me an email, with the proper information, and I will add what is necessary.  Be sure to search the lists before doing so, as I would hate to add duplicates of things already there.

Nah, there's no jew infestation in America, never mind the giant menorah on the white house lawn, you can't prove anything! With SN's new jew lists, you certainly can prove how bad the infestation is.

That said, some names might already be duplicated on the lists because they fall into multiple categories, or because they ended up in multiple places during the compiling of these HUGE lists. I’m absolutely positive you will be impressed with the amount of data collected, formatted, filed, and stored in these lists for your benefit.

No longer will someone say “it’s not really jews everywhere” and get away with it.  The information is now at your fingertips in one easy to find, and easy to share location.  For those who are new, or those who have their doubts, these lists should easily put that to rest.  It’s no coincidence when only 2% (officially) of the world’s population ends up being 99-100% of the media, hollywood, entertainment, corporate CEO’s, congressmen, senators, and government staffers.

In each and every case, jews make up numbers in these positions that FAR outweigh their standing as a percentage of the population, and FAR exceed what could ever be possible without something fishy going on.  So now, these things are at your disposal in a nice neat format here at SN, as long as we can keep the jewish hackers and complainers from shutting this fabulous, accurate website down, which they are always actively involved in.  See here and here.


Here are what lists are available to search through.  They are still being updated constantly, and your input on them is still needed, so feel free to help grow these lists.

  • JEWISH ENTERTAINERS (Musicians, Artists, Actors, Miscellaneous etc.)
    1. Sickening…..and these names are mostly just in the USA! If people could understood the world infestation, with an insane amount of Prime Ministers and Presidents and state leaders all over the world either being a jew, or married to one, they might finally click that we have a problem!

      Even a good old redneck western province like Alberta, Canada, with 3.7 million residents has a JEWISH Premier with less than 20,000 jews living there. New Zealand has about 4.3 MILLION people, less than 8,000 are jews, do the math.

    2. FUCKJEWNTURKS says:

      Filthy bastards have comtaminated every White Country,every Aryan Country. It’s hard to beleive what these jews have done to the entire world.Keeping the truth hidden away for centuries. These fucking kikes and turks need all the fucking exposer they can get.
      Even the Swastika was destroyed by the fucking jew.
      Fuck em all!

      • just lol at you equating turks with jews.
        nice work adam,keep it up.

        • white is not aryan. aryans are only indians and iranians and nobody else-get your fact right.

          • I’ll let this comment stand, but the book you wrote is deleted. Explain your position in simple terms, don’t write 10,000 word essays in my comment section. You can link to something explaining what you said if you like, but your other comments are too huge to post.

          • “white is not aryan.” This is total garbage as the Indians are Phoenician “chosen ones” that killed most of the true Indian Aryans when they overthrew the Drakos thousands of years ago at what is now “Lions Paw” Sri Lanks.

            If those look like “lions” paws then you’re not thinking. Those are the LYING LIONS of JEWDUH, just like the Indian so-called ‘aryan’ implants!

    3. FUCKJEWNTURKS says:

      Check this site out>>>
      l think they are all fake ass for the most part

    4. The jew list is a great tool for making flyers and giving to friends and family. Adam, you did it again! Genius! Send some genius my way so I can figure out how to download the audio basic training book from pirate web site.

    5. Brenda, you need to use a Bit Torrent client to download torrent files. You can use the Utorrent client. You can do a google search for the torrent file “Audio Book. Real Oath Keepers Basic Training. Read by Paul.” You can find a number of sites hosting the torrent file. Then you open the torrent file in your bit torrent client to download the file.

      • Thank you John. I’m trying it now. I’ve downloaded the Utorrent thingy and it looks like i can do a search with that utorrent program. Here goes.

        • Sometimes I amaze myself. Thank you John. I’m a proud owner of a basic training cd.I hope you recieved the new addition to the jew list Adam. I’m still searching for more local jew officials to flush out and manifest the infiltration.

        • there is a female reading the book named audrey just look the same as did befor only put read by audrey

          • Thank you. It’s a bit funky listening to the nonhuman neospeech. Can only play the cd on my laptop. Won’t work in my car. Maybe because the stereo is ancient. Can’t stop thinking about 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. I’m sick.The shit is coming.

    6. Okay, well the new one is read by the Neo Speech male voice Paul. It is called, Audio Book. Real Oath Keepers Basic Training. Read by Paul. People who want the British voice can download the Audrey one.

    7. The drop down menu is too big for netbook screens. It displays categories til “entertainment & miscellaneus”, the rest is impossible to access on small screens.

      • Simply click on “jew lists” in the navigation and it will take you to a page containing links to each individual area. The smallest screen I am able to test it on is a 17″ CRT monitor, and it appears fine. Sorry for the trouble netbook users are having. Just click the the “jew lists” in the menu and you’ll be on your way!

    8. Brilliant idea! Thank you for these lists, I can’t believe someone hasn’t done this before. We should make sure everyone on the internet is aware of this list and certainly make it available to Occidental Observer and other such sites.


      + S. Daniel Abraham

      + Daniel Abrams

      + Sheldon Adelson & family

      + Annenberg family

      + Arison family

      + Roland Arnall

      + Steve Ballmer

      + Carl E. Berg

      + Leon Black

      + Arthur Blank

      + Leonard Blavatnik

      + Michael Bloomberg

      + Charles Brandes

      + Donald Bren

      + Sergey Brin

      + Eli Broad

      + Edgar Bronfman, Jr. & family

      + Alan Casden

      + Steven A. Cohen

      + Lester Crown

      + Mark Cuban

      + William Davidson

      + Marvin Davis & family

      + Michael Dell

      + Gérard Louis-Dreyfus & family

      + Stanley Druckenmiller

      + Larry Ellison

      + Donald Fisher

      + Kenneth L. Fisher

      + Richard S. Fuld, Jr.

      + David Geffen

      + Malcolm Glazer & family

      + Tom & Alec Gores

      + Pincus Green

      + Maurice R. Greenberg

      + William H. Gross

      + Hasidic dynasties (many are headquartered in the U.S.)

      + Leona Helmsley & family

      + Carl Icahn

      + Barbara P. Johnson & family

      + George Kaiser

      + Jerome Kohlberg, Jr.

      + Bruce Kovner

      + Michael Krasny

      + Henry Kravis

      + Edward Lampert

      + Lauder family

      + Ralph Lauren

      + LeFrak family

      + Al Lerner

      + Leon Levine

      + Peter Lewis

      + Alfred E. Mann

      + Bernard Marcus

      + Michael Milken

      + Robert Warren Miller

      + Paul Milstein

      + Newhouse family

      + Larry Page

      + Max Palevsky

      + Nelson Peltz

      + Ronald Perelman

      + Michael Price

      + Pritzker family

      + Sumner Redstone & family

      + Ira Rennert

      + Marc Rich

      + George R. Roberts

      + Stephen M. Ross

      + Rothschild family (American branch)

      + David Rubenstein

      + Haim Saban

      + Henry Samueli

      + Herb Sandler

      + David Saperstein

      + Tamir Sapir

      + Howard Schultz

      + Stephen Schwarzman

      + Larry Silverstein

      + Herbert Simon

      + Norton Simon

      + James H. Simons

      + Jeffrey Skoll

      + George Soros

      + Steven Spielberg

      + Leonard Stern

      + David Tepper

      + Tisch family

      + Bruce Wasserstein

      + Sanford Weill

      + Les Wexner

      + Stephen Wynn

      + Sam Zell

      + Jerry Zucker & family

      + Mark Zuckerberg

      + Mortimer Zuckerman

    10. The surnames you’ve published are only a fraction of what is available.

      Would you care to publish a PGP public key?

    11. On another note, I couldn’t fail to notice that you carry jewish sounding fore- and surnames: Adam Austin.

      Is this a coincidence or are you running a honeypot here?

      Just asking.

      • The name Adam is what you get when your christian parents think they are doing you a favor by giving you a biblical name. That’s the first time I’ve heard “Austin” called a jewish name, but should jews hold my name, then it is likely a case of jews stealing non-jew names. Unlike yellow bellied kikes, I come from a long line of Austins who have spilled their blood in these jew instigated wars, and I am their vengeance in the flesh.

        If this were a “honey pot” as you call it, it wouldn’t contain anything close to the kind of content it does. If you can’t recognize a jew when you see one, that’s your problem, but I’m not hiding my identity. I’m not asking for encrypted keys, or trying to hide from YOU or ANYONE ELSE, as if that makes a fucking difference on the internet either. I’m also not ashamed of my names, or my ancestry, which has been studied thoroughly, both by myself, and independently by others in this movement. Finally, all jews are easily recognizable by both their looks and their deeds, neither of which put me into that category chump.

        I’m the last person you want to be accusing of being jewish, you’re likely to get slapped for even trying me like that. In fact, your pompous attitude gives me quite a rise to wonder if YOU yourself are jewish, and just trying to stir the “pot”, as you called it. I guess we’ll never know, since you’re looking to connect through encrypted, secure means???

    12. I was just asking. No offense intended.

      I am more for solving differences over a beer or two, but all the best to you anyway. See Matthew 10:16.

      • Right on…I’m not one of the sissies that take kindly to people taking a dig at me. Enjoy the site.

        • I have NEVER run across any jew who carried the surname Austin. As far as it goes, most Americans carry biblical first names, and middle ones too.

          I have never in my life run across any site which has a complete list of jews or of all jews even in a single category, IE, entertainers. You could never keep it current even if you could get it flawlessly up to date as new jews come onto the scene on a daily basis, who could keep up? Anyway, who cares for that sort of flawless detail?

          The main objective is for people to get a handle on jew identification and noticing the common behaviors of jews.

          Secondly, and more importantly, it is to nail the jews who fool most folks by pretending they’re something other than being jewish and showing people what these bastards have been up to using this ruse and how they are in sync with their fellow jews every step of the way.

          The ultimate goal is to educate the future leaders of the survivor factions on how to handle the main job when all is said and done; to leave no jew left alive in the post apocalyptic world we will all soon be ankle deep in soon enough, and thanks almost entirely to the jew and their criminal behaviors which have led us to this point.

          NO QUARTER!

          • To leave no jew alive in the Earth- wipe them ALL off. It´s quite biblical.You can find it in the Book of Obadyah.

            Jews are Edomites- Sephardis are the descendants of the converted Edomites who lived in Judea before the Romans kicked them off.
            They are not Israelis in any way.

            Ashkenazis descend from Edomites as well. Some Edomites mixed with Turkish in Anatolia and later with Mongols and became known as khazars. So, there is the garbage.

            The most important is to understand, that they are not Israel, but Edom.( Edom means red, as Rotschild “red shield”. The creators of red jewish talmudic communism.)

            I would add at least the Bushes, Rumsfield, Cheney, John Kerry, Emanuel and Obama onto the list.

    13. Brenda, they are MP3 files. A CD Player would need wave files and that would probably take about 7 CDs. You can play them on a MP3 player. If you are able to, you can hook up a MP3 player to your car stereo. If you don’t have audio inputs on your stereo, you can use a
      FM transmitter connected to a MP3 player and listen to it over the radio on a unused radio frequency.

    14. “FM transmitter connected to a MP3 player and listen to it over the radio on a unused radio frequency” that’s what i did today played it though the surround sound while cleaning the house

    15. Hi Adam, you maintain an excellent site with extensive list of Jewish folks.

      I’ve particular interest on “News agency” because they control the news distribution to the newspaper we read daily in many countries.

      Referring to those “News agency” as in,
      i am able to identify following news agency services are controlled by Jewish people:
      – Reuters or Thomson Reuters
      – Associated Press (AP), which is owned by Reuters
      – Bloomberg L.P.
      – CNN
      and so on as mentioned in your list.

      But how about Agence France-Presse (AFP)?

      The newspapers in my place mostly get their news sources from Reuters/AP/AFP.

      Btw, this kind issue starts to attract my attention since i read the article “The Great American Bubble Machine | Rolling Stone Politics” written by Matt Taibbi (

      Thank you for your info.


    16. Rifleman Dodd says:

      Excellent as always. If this comprehensive list of culprits doesn’t jar the sceptic out of their stupor, I don’t know what else would.

    17. Anyone here to clarify the party (or parties) in control of Agence France-Presse (AFP)?

      Most of the news circulated in local newspapers are sourced from Reuters/AP/AFP networks 🙁 really sucks

    18. The Jewish hand behind Internet – Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay..

    19. The strange thing that makes me think the Jews are up to something is also the ratio of their small global population, but rather large percentage of key positions in government, finance, intelligence, law, and other areas.

      If you took the same percentage of infiltration times the global population of say Russia, China, France, Germany, they would be running 100% of every country or so had they penetrated to the magnitude of the Jews.

      In fact many nations even beyond 15 million Jewish population, simply have miniscule showing in other countries. The Jews by contrast target specific control nodes, and the numbers speak for themselves.

      So if 30% of the government in Europe or it’s cabinets of guidance are Jew, at 15mil global population, then the Colombians at 45mil, would theoretically, with the same viral diffusion, would run 90% of Europe.

      Now that’s just plain mathematically weird, and now I feel there is more to the story than meets the visual eye, but the logical eye sees it.

      I believe now their materialistic drive, and love of money magicianship, has indeed driven Europe into becoming a nation devoid of former morality, as in America, and the money system, media and commerce system are the mathematical messaging system, that has rotted these social orders, driven by a bank propelled obsession with consumption, and profit overkill at the expense of the whole.

      It is a bit of an assumption, but the more I look into this, the more uncanny the numbers, and viral symptoms appear systemic to the Jew presence in that science of money loving as an art and obsession capacity.

      • Antoine says:

        Marlena, I’m afraid we have to accept that the number of biological jews on this planet far exceeds 15 million. I am certain that there are at least 30 million in the U.S. alone. Their claim of “2% of the population” has been shoved down our throats for centuries, and it’s clear they don’t want us looking into it.

        While I was reading the article you linked to (which was worth it just for the pictures; they spoke 6 million words) all I could think about was how jews steal human ideas, human innovations, human creative output, human technological developments and the fruits of human physical labor and claim them as their own as they twist it all to their own jew-hive advantage and from within a jewish system that they not only control, but have intimately tailored to suit their own genetic nature.

        These creatures are not smart or genuinely ambitious. Their advancement through society should be compared to someone acing a written test because they copied all the correct answers from a cheat sheet while the teacher was out to lunch. Very impressive.

        On top of this, they relentlessly attack humans from all psychological angles, emotional angles, intellectual angles, and social angles while parasitically feeding off of the human energy from those very same facets.

        …and all of that only sums up 2% of the jew.

        However, even with all those advantages and thousands more, they are losing. One of their biggest weaknesses is that they continue to underestimate how great humans are. They can’t help it. They’re filthy jews.

    20. I mean “humans are.” Well, I fucked that up, didn’t I?

    21. Do you have a name for the type of jews who are in your lists i.e. they are not just “Jewish-American”?

      As a point of interest there is an interesting book in my local library all about how Hitler and his political party was largely sponsored by Wall Street, they didn’t care about the loss of life, only to have Hitler get in the way of the spread of communism and the Eastern block and profit from the increased arms dealings later. Maybe it was Jews in Wall Street who sponsored Hitler: How ironic.

      I can’t agree that all Jews are bad yet I recognise the section of the jewish community which you list as making money yet not taking proper social responsibility e.g. Dell Computers and the abuse of the environment.

      Should you not also include in the lists those at the top of the pharmaceutical and medical industries e.g. pushing medication to be prescribed for people who need counselling & counselling and psychotherapy relying upon Frued and Jung (who both never looked at love).

      In my travels I met someone knowledgeable of the occult who pointed out that some Jews are not into the Talmud or the Torah at all, they are into Kabbalism, which is a branch of witchcraft.

      I saw on a Christian website that they say they should nopt be part of the “diabolical world system” and to be “not of the world”, so some Christians can see that things are wrong.

      • No special name, we just call them jews. Yes, Hitler was funded by jews, and the result of all he did founded Israel.

        You can go around thinking all jews aren’t bad, but they are an evil seed…..and you will eventually learn. It’s like saying to me, “I don’t think all vipers are dangerous”…OK, go pick out the good vipers and play with them until you lay dying on the floor foaming at the mouth, with every muscle in your body seizing up, and your organs slowly shutting down while you are still conscious. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

        Yes, jews at the top of the pharmaceutical industry and anywhere else CAN and SHOULD be included. These lists I have are compiled from many sources, and are NOT meant to be the be all end all of jew lists. They are just meant to show how pervasive this parasite is. If you have some names to submit, please do so. I can’t guarantee every one goes on the list, or that I even get around to adding this one or that one…but send them. There are no exceptions for any jews who are not on the lists. Those are not hit lists, that would be 1000x longer.

        Yes, kabalah is witch craft, and it does not matter if jews are into the talmud or anything else, for the jew is defined BIOLOGICALLY, not religiously. I agree, some christians see things are wrong, some are supporters here…..Just because I am not religious and see the bible as a coded text about astrology, numerology, symbolism, witch craft, black magic, and sun worship doesn’t mean they are not welcome here or are somehow not worthy. One thing I can guarantee is that almost EVERYONE….INCLUDING ME will likely have to accept that we didn’t know it all, and didn’t have all the answers, but many of those things WILL BE REVEALED when these creatures are removed from power. When humanity takes back the hidden knowledge from these rats, I’m sure there will be more changes than we can even imagine at this point. People will be forced to adjust their religious beliefs, their political ideologies, and most likely even their perception of their place in this world and their origins.

        The only ones who already know all these things are the jews….so it’s nearly impossible to know it all without being one of them.

    22. Why are we in Libya anyway?


      It’s only the least in-debt country in the world!

      (therefore, extremely rich)

      • Yeah, people jump on ideas like that…’s the OIL!!!!!! They’re after the DIAMONDS in Africa!!! NOPE……..they’re after YOUR SOUL, your energy…..they’re after YOU and what you are able to produce and provide them. They’re not worried about oil…the reservoirs often refill themselves. They’re not worried about diamonds, those are as plentiful as grains of sand on a beach. They’re not worried about how much ore they can harvest, or how many “rare earth” minerals a place may contain. These people OWN EVERYTHING……THEY PRINT THE MONEY. They can get you to go harvest whatever the fuck they want by throwing dollars at you………they are NEVER after just the simple stuff. They are after your very essence…your mind, body and soul. It’s the people who they are after….they’re taming their flock of wild sheep. That is the real asset……without that, they are fucking no better than ANYONE else. They’re left doing it all on their own like we do. You’ve got to think bigger….and I will offer more help in that sense in the future.

        • Ophelia says:

          Well and truly said.
          They are different; they want to destroy our bodies in wars, destroy our morals in depravity, suck us dry financially, and lie to us (create a phony virtual reality) from cradle to grave.

          Read “The Biological Jew” by Eustace Mullins.

      • 11BangBang says:

        Sure buddy. “Oil” is an ideal red herring. Once a country is “freed” with democracy & a crooked jew financial system ALL resources belong to the jews. Especially the human resources. Like SN said they want your soul.

        I feel the need to share a personal experience. I was in Iraq w/ the US Army & had the pleasure of working a few details supervising fuel day for Iraqi Security forces. They would line their trucks up by the 100’s outside our FOB with their 55 gallon drums trying to get as much of Uncle Sam’s gasoline as they could**, courtesy of the oblivious US taxpayer.

        If we had somehow gotten Oil out of the Iraqi invasion would the US taxpayer be paying market value ($5 a gallon at the time) to supply Iraqi government services? It was common to hear other soldiers tell me “Don’t even try to make sense of it, you’ll go crazy trying”.

        How perverse that this seems to be the life philosophy of most Americans today, that it’s in their own interest to remain ignorant. That’s what the jews want, they want us to think ignorance is bliss and life is too complex for us goyim to think about. They provide the bread & circuses to distract us with while they systematically corrupt our desire to resist. They manipulate us into begging for the priviledge of serving as their slaves.

        Anyway, my entire life I never could make sense of any of the wildly destructive policies clearly not in our own interest yet still forced on us by “our” great democracy. Until I became jew conscious, and then it suddenly all made sense. They are the source of humanity’s misery. They are the scourge of the Earth.

        **No chance in hell I ever allowed any of them any more gasoline than they were authorized, which was topping of the security vehicles.

        • Exactly. They don’t want you to start thinking in real simple terms like what this website shows you how to do. It’s not a super duper mystery that mere mortals can never understand. Maybe some of the fluoridated kool aid guzzlers have issue with it, but they’re not important anyway.

    23. Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.
      Census: The U.S. now ranking 49th in life expectancy and nearly 1 in 3 U.S. children Live in poverty. Why?
      Because the global pariah have positioned themselves as the meat eaters and the herds are harangued while awaiting to be selected as their next target.
      We have become a subverted nation of slaves.

      • Well said. Now just wait until you realize this country was FOUNDED as a subverted nation of slaves! None is more hopelessly enslaved than he who thinks he is free.

        • Let’s go back in time to the Articles of Federation. The reason for the May 1787 convention in Philadelphia was to improve on the Articles of Confederation, not to write a new Constitution. But that’s what they did and over time it has became what it is today… a plutocracy.

          Governor Morris of Pennsylvania said, “This country must be united. If persuasion does not unite, the sword will.”

          Only 8 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence attended and only 6 of the signers of the Articles of Confederation were there. Jefferson and John Adams were in Europe, Patrick Henry refused to attend, and Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams and Christopher Gadsen were not chosen as delegates. 14 of the delegates would later resign from the Convention in disgust and go home. So, the remaining 41 delegates, acting against their charter to merely revise the Articles of Confederation, instead scrapped it and replaced it with the foundation of what has become today, unquestionably an empire serving the interests of an international elite. And that, my fellow Americans, is how our republic was murdered in its infancy 223 years ago.

          Hamilton was an agent of the Rothschilds’.

          • Almost all of them were freemasons and jews, and they had a plan for America that we are watching come to fruition today. There is nothing “elite” about these people. They are demonic swine who lie, cheat, steal, rape, pillage, and murder to get their way. They are disgusting scoundrels, and there is nothing “elite” about them. These are people who torture children to the point of SHEAR TERROR, then poke them full of holes and drink their blood as they lay dying. They actually use the extreme suffering of their victim as some kind of oracle, and in many cases, they will tap an artery with a straw and drink the blood straight from their victim. They are blood drinking vampires, who think it’s ok to molest three year olds. Everyone else likes to call them the “elite”, but I prefer to call them rotten demonic spawn at best.

            • You’re right! Elite isn’t probably the right word to use… “They” and only “they” would think of themselves as elite. Rotten demonic spawn works for me.

    24. Finding this site was like striking gold. You aren’t alone, many are with you. I do what I can to expose this serpent before us. Stay strong and brave.

      • There’s a reason you don’t hear about this site everywhere…I think you can figure out what that reason is. If you hear about my site from someone else who exposes “zionists”, they’re more than likely talking shit, not trying to promote it. That says enough on it’s own.

    25. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

      Jews are only elite in one thing and one thing only: Immorality.

    26. DEATH TO JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. My Jewish friends are always proud of so many pianists, scientists, etc etc being jews, but always conveniently neglect to remember that this monopoly of the government, the arts, the sciences etc was prevalent in exactly the same way in Russia and look what the Jewish Bolshevik communists did to Russia; It was the same in Germany and look what they did to Germany; And now they’re about to do the same thing i.e. destroy, the US. They have already started their plundering of the wealth of America and haven’t anyway finished yet. They’ve already started a global thermonuclear war in Fukushima. Hitler was only doing what 80 plus other countries had done over 2000 years to deport them because they were and always have been trouble and robbed the people blind.Let’s also remember Jews headed the gulag system in Russia and two of the biggest mass murderers in the history of the human race were Yagoda and Kaganavich. God help us all here in the US. Leopards never change their spots. The only one difference is that America is heavily armed.

    28. There is “invisible” parasites. People, watch the movie “the Hamilton’s”. The end is espectacular. The last mi tes and the young one speaking and telling the TRUTH.

    29. Search what the Talmud really says. Shocking. Not the Torah; the TALMUD.

    30. i suggest a crypto list, or suspected crypto list
      bill gates? steve jobs?
      obviously difficult to prove, but possibly worth it to speculate

      • Not difficult to prove at all. Besides that, a crypto list isn’t the goal. These lists are not meant to be all inclusive. They are meant to be an eye opener to the level of control the jews have, nothing more.

    31. IsItSomethingISaid says:

      Related to Jew-lists, is my favorite ploy with my father in an attempt to try to make him Jew/Zionist-Wise, is to do the “Jew trace” with him.

      That is where I start with a firm or company doing malicious things, or involved with some of the Jews’ favorite plunder and control industries, and then trace back along its ownership and/or control to find the Jew(s) involved.

      I did this recently with the health “vendors” controlling his Tricare healthcare services. I have done this with several payday-loan firms, and, most recently, a firm that is introducing indentured servitude for tuition–Vemo Education which traces back, via front companies, to a Canadian Jew named Lorne Abony.

      The one that most opened his eyes was my tracing back to Jews of a small regional newspaper in Montana–Montana of all places.

      We were discussing the treasonous railroading by tyranny of some poor sap in Montana, when my father asked if the small newspaper I was quoting might be Jew owned. I responded that I hadn’t checked, but it was guaranteed to be. He sounded incredulous, so I did a quick search, and voilà:

      The regional newspaper in question is The Billings Gazette. From The Billings Gazette one ends up at Lee Enterprises (Hop 1), which is headed by the Jewess Mary Junck (Hop 2), who also heads the Zionists’ complicit-media outlet, the Associated Press.

      Seems that Junck was placed as controller of Lee Enterprises in 2012 after crypto-Jew Warren Buffet purchased Goldman Sachs’ stake–Yes, that Goldman Sachs. Buffet then did some horse trading with other Zionist controlled complicit-media outlets, and then had Lee Enterprises’ debt and interest rates reduced–try that if you are Goy owned.

      Now that’s a lot of Zion and banksters there already.

      I then dug a bit deeper into Lee Enterprises to see how many other local and regional complicit-media outlets they might control in the more independent thinking regions of America in the northern, and North Plains, farming regions. The answer–most.

      Lee Enterprises also controls a little outfit called TownNews, that works as a sort of Associated Press wire service for some 80% of the local, and regional complicit-media outlets around the country.

      I do believe that my father moved quite a distance on the Jew-Wise spectrum, but he is still trying to digest the Balfour Declaration, and the Haavara Agreement and associated Nazi medal honoring Zionism. (Yes, the Nazis produced a medal honoring their relationship with Zion. It even has a Star-of-David on one side, and a Swastika on the other–look it up.)

      • Of course they did because Hitler was a jew. It’s pretty obvious what happened with Hitler letting the queen bee’s 300,000 soldiers walk the fuck away in the middle of a WORLD WAR. He was either REALLY FUCKING STUPID having NO IDEA that the queen bee was a jew (yeah fucking right) or he was full of shit. There is NO other explanation.

        The problem is that many people can’t get past all the good stuff Hitler said. Sure he said a lot, but what did he do? He let them fucking go! Imagine if Germany stomped those 300,000 troops to death, then marched through London and hung the queen by her neck! What world war? LOL….that would have been a HUGE step in their favor. He could have done the same with the Vatican, but he didn’t do that either. It’s like, he became this super world power out of NOWHERE, attacked the SOURCE of the problem (i.e. jews) but SOMEHOW was so fucking stupid, he didn’t know where their centers of power existed. I know this shit and I don’t have any intelligence agency to gather data for me.

        No, it’s not that Hitler was that stupid. It is US who has to be STUPID AS FUCK if we buy into ANY world leader. At the top, they’re all on the same team. I’m sure Hitler just thought letting 300,000 enemy combatants walk away would make them want to be your friend. Bullshit.

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