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Jew Bankers Piss on Morals

Jew Bankers Piss on Morals

I bet the title is no surprise for people who understand the jewish question, but many of our folk do not understand this issue at all. Many are innocently going about their daily lives trying to survive within the matrix of jewish control, and as of late, many are struggling just to keep a roof over their head in this purposely engineered great depression.

This video below is a great example of how jews piss on the morals of humans. The woman in the video below worked in collections for Bank of America, collecting debt from Americans who are suffering in this new depression. Unfortunately, this woman had a conscience and good morals, which are qualities jews absolutely abhor.

Is it any wonder this entrance to Bank of America looks like a jewish masonic temple? These banks aren't vaults to safely store money. They are blood banks for the vampiric jews who want nothing more than to suck you dry. These temples will steal your soul if you let them.

In fact, when you hear how her boss fired her for helping struggling Americans onto a debt relief program, while at the same time feigning praise for her morals, it should make your stomach wrench itself into knots. You might just finally realize the malicious intent of everything behind jew behavior, jewish usury, and this jewish system of capitalism. Then again, I might just be dreaming with that last statement.

The cold-hearted, venomous malice of the jew comes to light in this story, through the eyes of the average clueless American. I don’t blame this woman for being clueless, and I applaud her humanity in the face of these snarling beasts with blood soaked fangs we call jews. People are starting to see what’s going on, we just need to guide them to the ultimate truth.

This video was nabbed off of youtube and is archived here, because I want it to stay available, and embedding youtube videos often ends up in a blank video player. On youtube it was titled “Why Bank of America Fired Me”, so feel free to check it out there and leave a comment for this woman and the people watching it.  Click here to go to the video at youtube, or you can simply watch it below.

Bank of America has recieved billions of dollars in federal aid since the bailouts began, but do you think they care to bail out the people they’ve enslaved through usury? Not a chance.  For instance, here we can see Bank of America getting billions of dollars for enslaving you through usury, and you get the bill for that on top of your existing debt!

Did you foolishly believe that the bailout money was going to help you or anyone else who is suffering?  No way in hell.  Do you think that while Bank of America gets billions in handouts, that it would show any compassion and mercy to suffering Americans?

Can you see how they screw you without a care in the world?  Can you see how something has to be done about this? Watch the video and you will.

Don't look at me goyim. You know it's your fault that we jews raped you to death. Hurry the fuck up and fork over the taxes to our other debt collectors....the IRS.

The jews are getting exactly what they want out of you, slaves so down trodden and indebted, that you are unable to fight them off by the time you realize how bad it is. All of your effort and energy goes to paying jews for your own enslavement, and you can never win because the system is rigged.  You can’t pay your debt off, just like you can’t ever beat a casino,  the deck is stacked in favor of the house.

In reality, the issue is very simple.  The (jew) bank is the only source of the dollars you use to fuel everything you do. So they give each of you some dollars, but attach interest to each and every dollar you get.  Since there is a debt attached to every cent in circulation, even giving up every last penny in America would never pay back the debt.  The debt itself is over and above every last cent ever created by the privately jew owned non-federal reserve.

Thus there is no escape once the system is in place.  This is why as long as any amount of interest is applied to money, it is to be considered usury. The only way to fix it is to abolish the system completely and start anew, because this model is designed to wreck you.

This is the game of the money changers, and it hasn’t changed for thousands of years.  This didn’t just start yesterday, it’s happened to almost every nation on earth, so don’t get bent out of shape when people like me come across harshly.

Isn't it funny how crypto jews like Ken Lewis, now former CEO of Bank of America, seem to slip away unscathed with a quick resignation once the investors have been bilked? This is the kind of scum that helped create the whole mess and presided over the kind of policies outlined in the video below.

This is serious as a heart attack, and there is no time for pandering and formalities. Don’t let the jews tell you that anger, outrage, and physical force against them are anything less than righteous self defense and preservation.

Usury, contrary to popular belief, is not “exorbitant interest rates” at all, although these are not off limits either as can be seen here, where people are being bled dry with 79% interest rates. Usury is having any amount of interest, no matter how small, attached to monetary transactions.

While Americans bail out these jewish money changers to the tun of trillions of dollars, the money changers (credit issuing jews) prey like blood soaked vampires, on those struggling the most by pouncing on them with insane interest rates. Rather than help people who are suffering, while you pay them trillions in free money, these creatures are out to sap you for everything you’re worth.

Charging 79% interest to those who are hurting the most, is just like Bank of America firing the woman in this video for putting needy people onto debt payment programs.  Can you see how vicious and malevolent this system really is?  Is it starting to make sense why 84 countries exiled the jews, with almost all of them citing usury among the reasons for their expulsion?

All one need do is look at the non-federal reserve and see that it’s a privately owned jewish debt slavery machine, run by smirking jews like Ben Bernanke, or it’s former head Alan Greenspan who disappeared $2 TRILLION right before 9/11.  Just a cursory look at the media, hollywood, the white house, the congress, senate, judicial system, most major corporations and everything else around us, and it quickly becomes evident the players are all jewish.

This isn’t rocket science, so give people Basic Training for Revolutionaries, and show them things like this video so they can get on the same page.  It’s up to us to make the change we want to see in this world.

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  1. KrypticClue says:

    This is a good statement of the position gentiles find themselves in and their masters keep them in.

    I would like to add that use of the words “bail out” might be playing to the tune of the jewish controlled media (virtually all) who coined these words to describe what went on in 2008/2009 and still goes on today to a lesser extent.

    The words “bail out” implicitly assume that the their companies got into trouble by some folly or other.

    I do not believe this was so, the proof of that is Daryl Bradford Setters-Smith and his side-kick Rafeeq (Paul Rupert DeBeer) who predicted the problem would occur.

    I believe that this was planned in Israel, with South African Gold/Diamond interests (the mainstay jewish trade) and their banking families.

    10Trillion$ of garbage investments were sold at ridiculous prices to major commercial banks in the various target countries where jews had control of these banks. They pushed aside anyone who objected to these purchases.

    The most controlled countries are USA (60%), UK (65%), Greece (120% – jew communist control), Spain (85%), Portugal (70%) – debt as a percentage of GDP in brackets.

    These countries are the most indebted nations out of those who bought these garbage investments. By contrast Italy (where people more recently do not trust jews) only have a 20% dept.

    IMHO this was a giant SCAM by jewish criminals. Their aim was to control our wayward leaders and bring “revolution” under their control to our countries. The revolution they favor is one of the “Environmental” movement. You’ve been seeing these people staging their practice mobilizations over the past decade at G7 etc leader conferences.

    Anti-capitalist – read communist.
    Anarchist – read communist.
    Environmentalist – read communist (of useful idiot).

    One last throw of the “political revolution” dice to exterminate the remaining gentiles resistance on this planet.

    Its a no lose outcome them, if the gentile governments want to survive then they must give into jewish demands.

    The jews are even forming the backbone of the right wing and nationalist movements in USA, Holland, Germany, Britain (and England) etc. This covers all ends of the political spectrum.



    • The governments are already in the hands of the jews. The resistance has to come from normal human beings. We don’t have to give in to their demands for anything. We so far outnumber them it’s not even funny, and nothing they have is a match for what we can muster. This battle has really only just begun for our side. The jews are long and drawn out in the fight for thousands of years. They’ve extended themselves to the brink, and things like 9/11, Bernie Madoff, the Passover attack on Palestine, etc. have had a major impact.

      This is a no win situation for the jews. The memory of what these beasts really are is hiding just below the surface, with their media standing at the gates trying to hold it all back. They barely have a finger in the dam anymore, so the end for them is inevitable.

      They can form what they want, but they can’t form the ideas out of people’s heads. As long as the resistance exists in the minds of the people, the jews ultimate fate will be lurking near by. They haven’t won until we admit we’ve lost. We haven’t lost…..we’re just getting warmed up. Be careful with defeatist messages (intended or not). This site is all about winning the battle. Thanks.

      • KrypticClue says:

        The horns of a dilemma.. when IGNORANCE is BLISS.

        The dilemma is…
        .. How to wake the people up and give them the information they need to protect/defend themselves, whilst keeping them interested?

        One way is to “TELL the TRUTH” dispassionately, as it is, and let people take the knocks and make up their own mind.

        Where there is OVERWHELMING evidence, showing an obvious pattern, then people need be shown the pattern.

        By this way, you shake people, wake them up and get them active.
        If what is said, has a sense of urgency and significance, then it motivates.

        Its not good to tell folk that they are losing 2 cents a month to a group of thieves or that they have the power (numbers) to easily fix the problem. Because, if you do, then they will go back to sleep and do it tomorrow, a tomorrow taht will never come, until it IS too late. This was Daryl Bradford Setters Smith trick before he started calling them “zionists”.

        If, as others have commented, you look at our entire financial, commercial, political and media world, and see that it is almost entirely controlled by the enemy then you cannot say gentiles have the upper hand. They have a good chance, because of numbers, but they need to act NOW, before technology puts their “good chance” out of reach. The WWW gave us an opportunity to organize and free ourselves.

        ONLY when a self-centered, overconfident people see the WRITING ON THE WALL and realize they need to take IMMEDIATE action, will they do so.
        ONLY when they feel that they are all but in the MINORITY, will they get off their lazy rear-ends and pull their weight.
        Such is human nature.
        Sure there will be those that sit in fear, a fear which itself will fester in their mind until they finally motivate themselves, and those who throw their hands up in the air and those who’ll take the payoff. But of course, they would do that no matter WHAT you say to them.

        As ALWAYS, at first people bury their heads in denial, hoping it will go away, then, just as they begin to defend their “programmed” beliefs they realize they got it wrong, and so they finally accept what they can now see is truth. This is the power of the ACTIVATED, the now ACTIVIST recruit, unlike the accepting attitude of the totally brainwashed (now becoming rarer), they KNOW whats what, to whatever extent they’ve seen the truth!

        Motivation is when you realize that 30million Iraqis and Afganistanis are held under a military dictatorship by less than 300,000 US & allied troops. That’s 100:1. And unlike DBSS’s estimates (0.1%) of the number of jews, I KNOW there are at least 2% in the US (I will explain if you permit).



        • I understand what you’re saying, but there is enough defeatism being pushed by the jew, so I prefer to let people know all is not lost. What it boils down to is I prefer to give people hope and positive optimism, rather than the negative, no win attitude pushed by a lot of the jewish pied pipers.

          This website and are about getting people to realize how late in the game we are, and how urgent action needs to be. Maybe you haven’t listened to any of the audios here, or haven’t read enough of what’s been said? I suggest checking out some of the broadcasts and getting a taste of the kind of urgency I push.

          As for the number of jews, it is far beyond 2%. I have openly stated they are at the least 10% of the population, so feel free to expand on it if you like.

          • KrypticClue says:

            But your enemy, those whose motto is.. “By deception we shall make war” (Mossad)….. they have a vested interest in lulling YOU, their enemy, into a false sense of security.

            Here’s my advice on how to “think” about the YOUR enemy..

            1. NEVER assume your enemy will/has not lie(d) to you.

            Have they told the truth on national census forms? Or did they declare they were something other than jewish?

            What if most (birth) jews had filled in their census forms saying their religion was, “unknown”, “other”, “agnostic”, “atheist”, “christian”?

            So then the percentages of (birth) jews might be 10x what is officially stated (census about 2% in the USA). Your guess of 10% may be right or even an underestimate. But it varies depending on State/City etc.

            Lets consider… New York…pick up a New York phone directory (they are online) and search for names with “gold” in them, there are tens of thousands of them. Then search for “gould”, then mold, bold, old, fold, etc.. (all derived from the word GOLD, then do the same searches for the equivalents from “Gould” (e.g. Fould(s)). Then do “silver”, “stein”, “berg” “man”, “wise”..

            I make it OVER 10% of NEW YORK state are jews and over 20% of NYC are jews.

            I am doing a study now. I have found many more jewish names that I previously had. Hopefully I will have accurate estimates for the USA as of this summer. I’ll post more then.

            2. NEVER assume your enemy will/has been play(ing) fairly!

            Have they really converted to your faiths? Or are they faking it to infiltrate/for expedience/for cover?

            What if most (convert) jews were still practicing their old religion in organizations such as the freemasons?

            Then percentages of (crypto) jews might be 10% or more of religions like Roman Catholics. Even amongst Scottish clans (fake jewish names which have been given clan status) it appears to be more than 10%. Could these be the famous Scottish freemasons are they in fact jews? But at the top of ALL the hierarchies jews are all pervasive.

            3. NEVER assume a highly successful and devious enemy will have/has no forces/power!

            If they fight you, will they fight their own battles? Or will they use others to do their dirty work for them?

            Are their converts, our leaders, in charge of our religious organizations? Could find gentile volunteers to bolster their numbers, say by using the christian (evangelic) right?


            Bolshevic Revolution,
            Cuban Communist Revolution,
            Young Turks in Armenia,
            Dutch “Orange” Empire,
            French Revolution,
            English Civil War,
            American War of Independence,
            American Civil War,
            WW1 & WW2..

            .. to name but a few.

            4. NEVER assume your enemy did not choose to pick the fight with YOU, when the time was right for THEM!

            Remember the “67” war by neighboring countries on Israel? Do you think that if the jews of the USSR armed and trained Egypt, Syria, Lebanon etc, that Israel did NOT pick the time for the fight?

            WHY would the jews have brought the financial institutions in their western power base to their knees. unless they had a gameplan?

            So lets consider their gameplan…

            a. The DETAILED part of the gameplan HAD to have been in the pipeline at least 10-20 years.
            You cannot just immediately divest/acquire assets on a global scale over any shorter period!
            Which means that its extact form has been in the pipeline since at least 1998. Think back to that era, there was all time low prices for gold when national banks (jewish controlled) were selling off their gold reserves for squat-all.

            How to make a profit out of all that gold you bought up cheap?

            Easy.. Destroy confidence in the major global non-gold assets (US & EU currencies, stocks & bonds) then sell off that cheap gold for a 10 fold profit!

            But you can only do that ONCE in a VERY long while.

            b. We know from the writings of Pike (the freemason/satanist) that their previous gameplans have already been executed successfully.

            c. We know that all over Europe and in the USA that HIGHLY INCRIMINATING files/evidence relating to the 9/11 investigations and the Iraq war have been sealed (or held as state secrets) for at least 25 years (from 2003).

            This means that we can calculate a deadline for their END-GAME.

            20-25 years from 2003/4, at which time the jews expect to be in TOTAL control of these countries, enough to stop ANY uprising resulting from the unsealing or to have the power to stop this evidence from ever coming out.

            That END-GAME is 2020 or there abouts. Just 10 years from now.



          • marxistgulag says:

            A world without false Jews,my hope belongs to me,a world without Jews,my dreams belong to me,Adolf Hitler new,we were all on the wrong side,I trully hope these perverted beasts get what they are due,murderer’s of millions upon millions of innocent men woman and children.

  2. the kikes deserve genocide…nothing more nothing less!!!

  3. 4th army. says:

    only nationalist forces growing in europe. if it aint anti jewish the jew is in the box. i believe they are only bluffing-the jew is a bluffer with a poker face. these few fools of a few million untrained fat and weak bodies can’t pull it off-we are so much more even if the sleepers continue to sleep-there is no way that they won’t face their new holocaust. i’m getting ready for training day in day out P.T is on daily.

  4. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

    Thomas Jefferson

    • the Zionist bankers launder the cocaine money in the US..They need to be stopped..When they get caught, they get fined and are allowed to continue business..They should be locked up and their businesses shut down but that doesnt happen..So suggestions is that We the people are gonna have to take Justice in our own hands..They killing our kids with drugs and they are pediphiles also..

    • Mike LVNV says:

      Paul Warburg, jew Banker, Testimony before U.S. Senate Feb. 17, 1950:
      “We (jews) will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
      And they let him walk out of that meeting un-charged and un-harmed instead of calling for a rope.
      Invest wisely in rope factories because we have enough poles and trees to hang the bastards on.

  5. It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

    Henry Ford

  6. The terrible thing about interest is that those people who will not be turning a shovel full of dirt on this (Muscle Shoals Dam Project) or be contributing a pound of material towards it will collect more money from the United States than will the People who supply all the material and do all the work on it.

    Thomas Edison

  7. What does our Federal Reserve System have to do with Communism?

    Leon Trotsky received 20 million dollors from Kuhn Loeb Bank through Jacob Schiff to help finance the Bolshevik Revolution.
    Kuhn Loeb Bank was one of the founding banks of the Federal Reserve Cartel.

    Leon Trotsky – Jewish
    Jacob Schiff – Jewish
    Kuhn Loeb Bank – Jewish
    Lazar Kaganovich – Jewish
    Genrikh Yagoda – Jewish


    “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.”

    The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935

  8. That video told the story of a blood-sucking vampire/corporation when, finding out you’ve only enough blood to survive, develops a ravenous appetite and sinks yet another fang into your neck.

    Fuck the banks.

    Fuck the corporations.

    Fuck the federal reserve – no, I won’t capitalize those bunch of nation-raping whores – suck my cock in hell, scumbags.

    • Fuck the banks. (JEWS)

      Fuck the corporations. (JEWS)

      Fuck the federal reserve (JEWS)

      Read: FUCK THE JEWS

      • Adam…I stand corrected. Time to form up!

        We were screwed when that cockstain Woodrow Wilson allowed the creation of the federal reserve, and allowed corporations to have the rights of a “person”. Someone should piss on his grave. What a piece of crap.

        We need more men like Smedley Darlington Butler.

        • No point getting angry at people who are dead. Get angry at those fucking pieces of trash that are alive today! Those that smile at peoples naivety as they lend them money which they created out of thin air, then demand it all back plus interest.

          People just don’t know what money is and how it is created.

          Once they have an idea, it’s all over for the jew, they cannot pin that on muslims. Sure they will create a false flag terror attack and then the result will be a crashed economy, and the media will say “It’s the muslims”. It will not work this time. The first place people look after any attack now is, WHERE’S THE JEW.

          Ive been in this game for years and years now and Ive seen how far people have come.
          They still get tripped up with “Zionist” and “not all jews”, but it doesn’t take long to see a jew contributes by being a jew and living the jew life. Being a jew means to give themself the right to screw people over, and kill if needed. To a jew, the end justifies the means.

          People need to start looking at where these people live, and get ready for whats to come.

          There is nothing jews fear more than people that are AWARE of who and what they are, and are willing to execute them.

          Always keep the focus ON THE JEW. Their puppets and lackeys will be delt with AFTER the jews.

  9. Fuck the JEWS, they run it all. Death to Jews.
    110th expulsion will be worldwide, and permanent.

  10. Steelback says:

    Jefferson was not the only early US statesman to warn of America’s fate if the Jews had their way.

    The Amsterdam Jewish bankers played a similar role financing the American Revolution as they had the English one a century earlier.

    In fact King George’s forces were not unaware of this source of the colonists’ arms and finance.While Rodney went after the island of St Eustatius whence Jewish arms smugglers were peddling to the colonists,Cornwallis was trapped and forced to surrender at Yorktown.

    Haym Solomon,through his contacts with European banking families, including the Rothschilds and Sassoons,was another major financier of the colonists.

    By the war’s conclusion the British concluded that the force they needed thenceforth to control their colony was to be the Rothschilds.

    Cornwallis had seen it all coming and he did not mince his words:

    “A holy war will now begin on America,and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom,but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown.

    Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government.That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire.All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses,and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”

    Needless to say the degrees of Freemasonry Cornwallis was talking about were the higher 33 degree ones dominated by Jews and Kabballah.

    Look on the top of your dollar note above the eagle’s head and you’ll see the sign.Yea,the Jew Alexander Hamilton(aka.Levine)a Rothschild agent saw to that.

    Cornwallis must have been some kind of latter day Nostradamus I reckon.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      Perhaps Cornwallis knew what he was talking about because he was a jew? Anyone whose name ends in “-is”, pronounced “iss” is probably a jew; everyone I’ve seen so far that met that criteria is jewish.

  11. One point to make is the pain these banks cause people. For some the stress is too much and they kill themselves and their family, because of what the bank is doing to them.

    Now remember the banks, through fractional reserve banking, create the money out of thin air, so they never lose a PENNY on a housing loan.

    Their system causes people to DIE. The pain and suffering is horrific! The bankers sit back and laugh as they count the $ rolling in.

    So if you think Im harsh saying they should be executed, you think of all the needless shit they do to people that results in many deaths, family break-ups and such.

    The fact Bank of America fired this girl for showing compassion for peoples situation should make your blood boil. Remember they created the money out of nothing! Therefore if the person defaults on their credit card they lose nothing! They just write the debt down as an asset and SELL IT in the markets. It’s all an illusion when it comes to money. The only reality is people working to pay it back. If they started at $0, loan out credit which can’t be paid, they are back at $0. They have not lost a cent.

    It is no effort at all on the part of the bank to give you “bank credit” which is money, takes 20 seconds for them to lend you $1000 from an ATM machine, which is new money, newly created by you. How long does it take the average person to pay that back? a month of work or more once you have paid for your bills and food?

    Eventually the system will crash. There is 50+ TRILLION in derivatives floating around the world backed by nothing. The banks and the markets are flooded with crap people will never pay back. They have made money off money off money a thousand times over, but in the end, its all fictional. The money does not exist.
    When people realize the systems a scam, it comes crashing down.

    This is where the jews ALREADY KNOW THIS well in advance, because they have done the same thing countless times throughout history and they have their fellow jews shouting loud for you to follow them for salvation and an answer. It’s usually some form of communism they want, and in the end you are far worse off, or dead.

    The banks are just part of the jewish cycle, they are a cog in the system of control. Any jew that is against the banks, is flat out LYING to you. The banks are the cornerstone of their power, without it they are nothing. The media is the other base of power, because they IGNORE the realities of the banks. Sure, they report a few stories here and there about how Billy Joe is having problems with the bank. They will never call for what it is, the most evil jewish weapon against humanity, and call for it to be abolished, and those that run it to be executed for crimes against humanity.

    Everything is up to the citizens. All change must come from the citizens. Armed Citizens on the streets marching behind a stong leader who knows what must be done.

    Those Tea Parties are run by JEWS. Now they are putting Jewess Sarah Palin up as their spokesman. It will take you getting off your ass and doing something for real change to happen. They FEAR you doing something, because they cannot control you. So use that power, and make a difference.

  12. Very nice shot Steelback! Have you read \The Union Jack\? I’m not finding many who have… it would appear to be a compendium of sort which exposes this very evil for \one world kingdom government\ via a subverted church which uses biblical terminology (\a form\..) \while denying it’s spirit\…(they promote the \millenium\ and \the great tribulation\ as Gods judgement on the nations!) while they secretly destroy national sovereignty with \British Israel\ ie. \Spiritual Communism\! Clever but Satanic!

    • Saying “British Israel” is misleading. The problem is JEWS, whether it’s in Britain or Brazil. Geographic locations are not the enemy. The JEWS are the enemy.

      • Bobby (Texas) says:


        Im getting sick and tired of people not labeling the enemy correctly. Anyone that says anything other than the jew should be labeled a JEW from now on. Ive been in this far too long for people to bullshit about the illuminati, neo-cons, germanic death cults, israelis, zionists, communists,liberals,the left, bankers,corporations,bolsheviks,young turks,hollywood,wall street,the government,kosha mafia,the mafia, the russian mafia, the media, the vatican, black pope, Global elite, New World Order etc.


        FUCK OFF!

        Most of you are jews trying to cast doubt as to who the enemy is. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE DIPSHITS!

        You can’t hide. Even on the net without your fucking crooked noses, beady eyes and big fat bottom lips, you stand out by what you say.

        Get ready for the woodchippers motherfuckers!

        We’ve ordered special ones that run at 1/4 speed so you feel every blade, and the souls of hundreds of millions as they slice and dice you.

        • Agreed 100%. I don’t care to hear any other label than JEWS because all the others are a distraction from the root of the problem. Anyone trying to push any term other than JEW is full of shit.

          One problem is many people who learn about the jew are afraid to say jew, so they’ll accept any label that allows them to avoid the truth. Once you know there are serious, life threatening issues at hand, and you know what the source is (the jews) then the only thing left is to DO SOMETHING about it. For many, it’s much more comfortable to have an ever shifting target and an enemy that can’t be defined, so that they may continue on not doing a fucking thing about it, for which there is no excuse. This type of enabling allows evil JEWS to run a muck completely unhindered, and if this is what people want, then they might as well not even complain about getting fucked, regardless what label they use.

          Even worse, when you fail to label the jew openly, you make the struggle take even longer, while they target people who do say JEW for “hate crimes”. Now, if everyone said “FUCK THESE JEWS” in unison, the jews wouldn’t have a leg to stand on with their “hate crime” bullshit. The jews in this movement have people convinced that labeling the jew and calling for their execution is going to lead to “hate crimes”, so they must not say “jews”. What people fail to realize is, the longer you do NOT say JEW, the longer you allow them to get away with their bullshit.

          Label the enemy properly. The word is JEW!

  13. Lex Mercatora says:

    hANOVER fIST: It’s been said Woodrow Wilson’s true last name was Wohlson (jewish). Looking at pictures of him one sees he has the same eyes as numerous jews like Susan Sarandon, James Spader, and others. On another note, it is correct for corporations to have the rights of a person because corporations are, in fact, persons. A person (persona) is NOT a man/woman but a fiction. People often refer to themselves and others as “persons” w/o comprehending what they’re really saying.

  14. Mr Austin,
    My name is Donna and I’m from Charlotte, NC. I came across your site while searching for information about the banking system. As an Evangelico Christian, I have to say, at first I was most offended by your website. After reading about the bankers and some other stories on your site I have tried to comprehend what you are saying. I recently lost my house and job after years of struggling to keep up with the payments, I had an adjustable rate mortgage in which the payments doubled. I have many friends that are also in the same position and none of us had a clue what was going on. Right now I live with my mother in her basement.

    To say it simply, your website has upset my world as I know it, but as I read more I am starting to see that maybe you are right in a lot of what you say. Before I came across your website I was starting to feel disillusioned by my church. I can understand a little of what you say about the jewish people as I have some in my church that use every chance they have to disrupt proceedings.

    The language on your website is not quite what Im used to, but these days I hear it out in the public domain more and more as the people around me lose their homes too. I guess when people get angry, and are thrown out on the street, whats the point arguing about what language people use.

    I voted for Obama this time around, hoping some kind of change would happen, but the change I see is totally opposite to what I was thinking of. In fact it looks like there is nobody in politics that has any answers!

    Again, Im still trying to wrap my head around your website, and Im sure Im going to be spending more time looking through your files. Everytime I read one of your articles, the dots connect. Im struggling with my own beliefs while reading them, but I have nothing left to lose, and I want some change.

    Maybe the change has to come from me?

    Thankyou for your interesting articles, even though they are making my brain explode!


  15. Donna…congrats to you finding Adam’s page, and for taking a new stance. Check out RealOathKeepers as well [] and most importantly, spread the word. When some of your peers hears this info coming from you, they may take the information here to heart.

    Let’s you and I save the world.

  16. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Donna… I’m not religious but doesn’t the bible state jews are evil, spawns of the devil, or words to that effect? Please keep that in mind as you learn in gory detail why they are referred to as such. Welcome aboard.

  17. Thanks guys.

    I’m starting to see the world in a whole new way. What I’m seeing is very disturbing. I’m having a hard time trying to understand how the men in my country could have allowed this to happen? Where are you guys! I thought because we had the right to carry guns in this country it would keep us safe from evil people, I guess I was very wrong!

    In church they keep away from all the jewish talk and focus on helping people, and being nice, like jesus was. Im going to take the information from this website and pass it around! I can see most will not get passed the swearing, but I know I have to do something.

    I have never felt this way before, I feel sick, exhausted but strangly free. I’m thinking this is probably very normal?!

    Adam, I will contact you via email about sending some money for your work. It won’t be much, but I appreciate what you are doing.

    • Mike LVNV says:

      Jesus was nice?
      Luke 19:27 But those mine enemies that would not that I should rule over them bring them hither and slay them before me.
      “If you don’t have a sword, sell your coat and buy one.”
      Jesus took a whip to the money changers (jews) in the Temple.
      Jesus said the jews were responsible for all the blood shed from Abel to Zachariah.
      Jesus called the jews a race of devils.
      Jesus said the jews hated Him and they will hate you.
      There are many more niceties of Jesus but I won’t go into them as I think you can see the picture. i also will not cite the verses in Scripture as a Strong’d Concordance will find them for you.
      All from the book of “fairy tales” as SN call it.

      • It is a book of fairy tales, whether those tales are intriguing or not. The bible is not a literal historical text. If you knew anything about what I’ve said, you’d see that I said I admire Jesus’ stand against the jews, but that doesn’t mean I think it is any more than a story. The bible is a copy of many much older stories and religions, and that can be factually proven. What can’t be proven is that the stories in it actually happened at the time they say they did, with the characters they say were involved.

  18. End The Bubbles says:

    This is an awesome blog! Just what I’ve been looking for.

    I just want to add that I believe anyone with debt that can’t pay should just be defaulted on. EVERYONE should default on ALL debts and pledge.

    We need to eliminate the debt based system of slavery and also start making “soap and lampshades” out of these bankster scum and all their ilk! This crap has gone on long enough……..

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      It is not possible for us default on debts because the legal/commercial system does not contract/deal with living beings, only fictions. Those debts were never ours, the living souls, to begin with. They are gambling you won’t see through it. We have the military to thank for promulgating the principles of usufruct to protect us.

      This is a subject too involved to delve into here.

  19. Adam, I hope you realize that socialism, for the most part, is also Jewish….

  20. I just wanted to put this out so everyone can see this for certain.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      America has legally been a socialist nation since 1933 but unlike the Swedes and Soviets the U.S. “government” doesn’t brag about it. Most other countries are as well, except perhaps for a few Muslim countries because they still use a substance-based money system. At the time of the impending change to socialism Congress knew what was coming yet didn’t warn us.

      The Jews took advantage of our ignorance of law/money/commerce–a weakness the Founding Fathers stated we have–to slowly effect this change over a long period of time. America has been in a Jewish death grip since its founding thus matters have simply gone from bad to worse.

      • one man task force says:

        America has not been legally a socialist state.
        There is nothing lagal in bankcrupting a government and having a jew (rosenfeld=Roosevelt) residing over it.
        Thats a scam.
        Socialism came to life in america through carefully replacing the constution that by law stated that we are a constitutional republic.
        By this carefully being implemented the jew created democracy via mass media. Democracy cant be confirmed by law-only by mass media indoctrination.
        We are not by law a democracy and are not By law a socialist state-we are a constitutional republic by law.
        This is stated in the law of the land (constitution).
        But we are not managed as a cinstitutional republic by law.
        The jews set up through the fed jew bankers 300-400 so called regulatory agencies (jewish corporations with jewish CEO’s=also called directors).
        Some of them agencies are well known-for example: home land security-energy department-transportation security administration-FDA-USDA-census dep.-dep. Of commerce-IRS-DOT (dep. Of transportatio ).
        All of these corportions have: legislative power meaning they make laws (these laws they make them at an assembly line pace).
        Now these regulatory agencies have also a court system-every agency for itself. These jew entities have also law enforcement. This law enforcement are military units (boston style///new orleans style).
        The media hype that surrounds congress to make laws and decide to vote on laws is fantasie. Congress makes nothing of importance.
        Congress was replaced by the regulatory agencies which knocked with that the constitution out. The constitution says: congress shall make laws.
        The jews make the laws now with their agencies and show on the jew box congress making laws. All done via jew box smoke screen by the fed bankers.

  21. – I guess one faux passport scandal wasn’t enough.

  22. America has legally been a socialist nation since 1933 but unlike the Swedes and Soviets the U.S. “government” doesn’t brag about it. Most other countries are as well, except perhaps for a few Muslim countries because they still use a substance-based money system. At the time of the impending change to socialism Congress knew what was coming yet didn’t warn us.

    The Jews took advantage of our ignorance of law/money/commerce–a weakness the Founding Fathers stated we have–to slowly effect this change over a long period of time. America has been in a Jewish death grip since its founding thus matters have simply gone from bad to worse.

  23. Lex Mercatoria says:

    No one actually has a debt because debts (aside from the $5 you borrowed from your neighbor) are in the name of an entity the government has title to. The name on a birth certificate does not represent a living man or woman.

    If you believe you are obligated to \repay\ what you actually gave them (a long story) then the jews are more than happy to take advantage of your misunderstanding.

    Most unfortunate it is that Hitler & associates didn’t do what they’ve been falsely accused of.

  24. Shafkat says:

    – So, now you understand why Islam BANS Usury ?
    – Do you understand its Uncompromising stance on ‘softening’ the Divine Laws relating to ALL aspects of our life?
    – USURY has actually been declared ‘Haram’ by ALL of the 3 Abrahamic religions ..Judaism, Christianity and Islam … But it is a shame that changes were allowed to me made to the laws relating to it by the first two… leading to DISASTROUS results as can be witnessed with the facts as reported in the above article …
    – The Qu’ran is the PURE, UNADULTERATED message from our Creator..(1,431 years later – ZERO change !)
    – Does the Creator know whats good for his creation ?

    • The jews never banned usury, they’re the ones who invented it. Judaism isn’t even a religion, it’s just a twisted ideology jews made up to call themselves “god’s chosen” and to justify their ills, but thanks for your comment.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      The gimmick employed to circumvent the usury ban is to indebt a fiction (trust), not the living man. They are all to happy to lie to us to get us to believe we are the trustee (the party that has to settle accounts), when we don’t even know such an arrangement exists.

  25. Aeneias says:

    As for the number of jews. There’s more than just judaism and jews at birth. People following Freemasonry, Wicca (and all other New Age/Kabbalah/Holywood-buddhist/etc/etc/etc), atheists, satanists (LaVey/Aleister Crowley, who were actually Freemasons!) and all of their respective sub groups should be counted too. I don’t know the numbers of that, but I’m sure it’s shocking!

    • Not all of those people can be considered jews, just people following jew ideologies. Those who refuse to listen about the jew, and continue to follow said ideologies after being warned of the danger, should be considered just as much a jew. In the case of freemasons and the like, they should positively be considered as jews, no ifs ands or buts about it. In fact, anyone part of any secret society should be considered a traitor to humanity, and dealt with as such. If we were to automatically consider ALL of them to be jews, then we would have to consider christians, muslims, and many others to be jews for following jew religions. The idea is that we don’t want to confuse those who are simply misguided, with those are well aware of what is going on, and what their allegiances are. Fear not though, because all of these groups are FAR easier to sort out than the enemy would have you believe.

      • You’re right. A lot of gentiles are misguided, but the “spiritual” groups I mentioned are based on jewish code (freemasonry, and indeed Christians and Muslims can be freemasons, but it is so clear that freemasonry has as goal a secular world. People following this are bound to know what it’s about) or invented by a jew (Wicca is invented by this Gardner guy, satanism by LaVey/Crowley which is based on freemasonry again). It’s all a big circle, one points to the other. Satanism to freemasonry, freemasonry to wicca, wicca points to satanism.
        I live in the Netherlands where majority of the people might already be jewish by birth. Christians and Muslims are constantly made fun of or attacked and nobody is finding that strange anymore. A lot of atheists and freemasons here; lots of secular people. These people again might be misguided. I wouldn’t know though how their eyes can be opened to look beyond this easy passive way of life.

      • I was trying to post a picture. But i don’t have the tags (or permission?) to do that. I tried to do it with this one: <IMG"here in between the selected picture."P>

        PS: This kike shithead who ‘threatend’ (LINK) you from here of Holland, is a idf cyber crawling-sayan who’s solicitatin to a suicidal game with his opposite interests like us Adam! This kuckroaches of israhell are workinh from all places in the nonjewish world, and are verry frightend because that’s why they are testing our abilities and posibilities with them. W’re winning an that is VERRY GOOD to see!!!
        Go on with your greate work…

  26. I now think of the freemasons as jews. Thanks.

  27. Its time that the American people cut off the Jewish bankers once and for all. These are the real terrorists hiding within America. Cut of the American judicial system that aids and sustains slavery and continues to maintain it. These are the real terrorists hiding within America.

  28. the jews call them selfs the desroyers

    the jews love doing evil toy goy or gentile or none-jew

    like there holy books says (talmud) if a jew wants to do evil he must go where he is not known

    if a jew steals something he may keep

    this is truly a satanic religon

  29. I’ve never really paid any attention to Subverted Nation before, mainly because of people on sites like “Incogman” denouncing it as a jew operation – the same way that most of his/her regulars were recently insulted by the site’s owner in pretty much the same way, causing most of us to leave in disgust.

    From what I’ve seen today, albeit only one page so far, I may have found what I’ve been looking for in SN, a site that dares to tell the whole truth about the jew.

    As far as I’m concerned, not all jews were born jewish. They have no religion, and they’re too mongrelised to call themselves a race. They’re just a bunch of organised criminals. If it acts like a jew, talks like a jew, quacks like a jew and smells like a jew, how could it be anything BUT a jew? No “cryptos”. No “shabbas goyim”. If it has no morals, no human attributes, it IS a jew, whatever it’s mother may have been.

    For most of my life I wasn’t able to accept the concept of a devil. Evil is sick, twisted, irrational, senseless. How could a “supreme being” be evil?

    Taken collectively though, the jews fulfil the function of “the devil”. They hate not only God and man, but ALL LIFE. They seem to imagine that by destroying creation, they can “prove” to their own under-developed mind (singular – they seem to share a single, insect-like mind) that they are somehow “superior” to God.

    Any idiot can knock something down. What has a jew every created?

    These things are not human, and I object to using the language of the enemy. To me a jew is a cell in the body of satan, a robot programmed for evil. The rest of us are HUMAN BEINGS. We’re not goyim or gentiles. No more jewish insults. I don’t define myself by what I’m not, so why should we use any word that defines us as non-jews, especially when the words are those of the devil?

    I’m not a non-pig, a non-ape, a non-elephant or a non-anything else. I am what I AM, which is a Human Being.

    The internet has facilitated the awakening, and we can’t un-learn what we now know. Even if the internet goes down tomorrow, the jew-game is up. Too many Human Beings know the truth, and that truth will spread until it achieves critical mass, and then the jew will have nowhere to hide.

    Everything the jew possesses, he stole. We owe them nothing but a nice piece of rope made from hemp, the valuable plant they demonise as a “dangerous drug” because it threatens their (monopoly) oil interests.

    • That’s funny that Incog would dare go that route considering he links to this site, and also considering he wouldn’t answer me when I asked why his article made it seem like Gadhafi was an enemy of the jew if he’s jewish (he is).

      Humans know when they’ve finally run across a real human who tells it like it is. I won’t waste my breath fighting with these bullshitters, because I know who the fuck I am, and this isn’t about me, it’s about the truth.

      Speaking of truth, the jews are a specific race or species. They are not human, and they admit this themselves. Anyone who aids or abets the jew, or is so doped up on jew programming that they behave like a jew, will indeed be considered as such. No quarter means no fucking quarter for any shit bag, including any humans who sell out their species to these demons.

      You should be able to recognize the language of the enemy, and the fact that many people who’s bullshit you read doesn’t come close to saying things exactly like they are. You don’t need any special clue to tell you what is legitimate resistance and what is not. Only a subversive would continue to call humans by derogatory, slanderous names given by the enemy.

      There is only one truth about all of this, so it’s easy to tell when you’re listening to someone who’s version doesn’t line up.

  30. anybody with half-a-brain knows that our system was founded on the principle of free markets…BUT NOW…we have arrogant academicians who think “they” know better where prices should be — for stocks, real estate, bonds and…well…all financial assets. sadly, these chaps are always jewish. people will say…”what does religion have to do with it?” my retort, “that’s a darn good question!” greenspan, bernanke, the former 2 heads of the SEC, th head of the CFTC…OH…and let’s not bring the IRS into it.
    Schulman and Lerner head the IRS and are now being accused of weasel tactics in reviewing tea party and other conservative groups. I guess Jews can’t be indicted for hate crimes, eh? i am an ivy-league educated political centrist with a genius IQ…and sadly…can honestly see why anti-semitism is on the rise again.

  31. Brad Kayganich says:

    jews dumping stocks. To create more homeless folk. For those that don’t know, warren buffett is a crypto-jew.

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