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Is Obama Jewish?

Is Obama Jewish?

obama-wreathLots of people ask me this question. Is Obama really a jew? Especially since I have no qualms with labelling Obama as such, and why should I? We are talking about a man that dons a skull cap and campaigns for president of the United States, by visiting the wailing wall and Yad Vashem, the sacred jew holocaust shrine. This is a man who went from an absolute NOBODY Senator, to President of the United States in two years flat. He beat out the first woman to run for office, and became instead, the first black man to hold said office.

He’s become the poster boy of “change” for an entire generation of unwitting minorities across America, empowered by the jew owned media. His do no wrong, jew media coverage has certainly helped create this man and sell him to the public, but we’d be silly to think this was an election, rather than an appointment to office, because America doesn’t have elections anymore. Obama hails largely from the Chicago area, long known to be a hive of activity for the jewish mafia and their criminals. This nobody, who was likely born in Kenya, attended school as CITIZEN of Indonesia HERE. He failed to produce a birth certificate for the United States that was even halfway credible, yet rose like a phoenix from the ashes to attend Harvard and eventually, take the most powerful office in the land; without even confirming he’s a natural U.S. citizen in an open and honest manner.

obama-change This was even tested in court where, you guessed it, another jew (Phillip Berg) stepped up to file suit and have Obama removed from the ballot. Here’s an article about it that exposes what a total farce the proceedings were here. Thank God for his chosen people always being there to investigate, litigate, or prosecute crimes of their brethren! Man, if they didn’t handle all sides of everything for us, what would we do? I mean, we might actually end up convicting one or two, then where would we be? That silly old fable about gas chambers and ovens would be replaced by a real historic legacy of electric chairs and lethal injection! I mean, how would we deal with a foreigner sneaking into the most powerful office in our government? Something about pitch forks and torches?

I can point out a thousand times Obama wearing his yarmulke, or that his staff is entirely jewish (Emanuel, Summers, Axelrod, Clinton). Or that every appointment Obama made, when taking office, were jews (Paulson, Napolitino and others). Or that his chief of staff is the son of jewish irgun terrorists. Or I can point out how he recognizes and celebrates jewish holidays, like he is going to do now. Obama will be the first president (thought he was a black dude?) ever to host the jewish passover ritual known as seder at the White House, as can be seen HERE. Not exactly keeping in trend with someone who’s supposed to be posing as a christian. Or was it Muslim? No…it’s jew. This is the same holiday Abraham Lincoln was assassinated during all those years ago. Barack Obama, the non-jew, also goes out of his way to bless everyone with his warmest Hannukah greetings, HERE, in 2007. I wonder why Obama was silent during 2008’s Hannukah celebration that included depleted uranium, DIME weapons, and the massive civillian massacre in Gaza? Surely he would have cheerfully considered that one a hoot!

obama-yad-vashemYou could look at it a number of ways. Is Barack Obama jewish by his blooline? Is Barack Obama jewish by his deeds? Please note, we ARE going to hold ANYONE’s feet to the fire who is jewish by their deeds, or helping this criminal network. Criminals of all stripes will be dealth with, and there will be no saving grace for them. That out of the way, I would say Obama is a little of both. Obama clearly shows by his deeds he is more jewish than many white skinned jews. Barack Obama claims Jewish “kinship” HERE stating clearly, “There is a kinship and a sense of shared community that predates my political career and will extend beyond this particular election,” Obama said, according to the pool report from the closed-door event. “Know that I will be there for you, just as I believe that you will be there for me.” Stressing the point, he added: “My links to the Jewish community are not political. They preceded my entry into politics.” We’d be silly to think they didn’t, Hussein Obama.

Here we can see the Huffington Post names Obama “The First Jewish Presidential Nominee” in this article, where they attempt to pretend there was some sort of divide between democratic and repulican jews. (yeah right) Yet, in the same breath they’re telling us Obama got 77% of the jewish vote in exit poles. “Despite the tense rift between Republican and Democratic Jews over the course of the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, exit polls on Tuesday showed that Barack Obama received about 77 percent of the Jewish vote. These numbers were higher even than the 2004 election, when Democratic candidate John Kerry received 74 percent of the Jewish vote. Al Gore received the highest percentage of Jewish votes in 2000, with 79 percent.” Some “tense rift” that is. Judging by their own words Obama did far better than many before him. Quite amazing for what jews would call a “schwartzer”. (derogatory jew term for black people)

secret_relationship_between_blacks_and_jewsFound at the same link, “[Obama] said that there was nothing in his own background that shows anything but a love of country and an understanding of the importance of the relationship between blacks and Jews.” For those who want to know more about the relationship between blacks and jews Obama must surely be referring to, can read the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, which thoroughly outlines jewish involvement in the African slave trade. Then you can ask this clown, Obama, what he really has to say about this “relationship”. I’d say the biggest relationship between blacks and jews was between the end of the jew’s whips, and the backs of many black man’s hides. There was a relationship between the jew slave ships and the 90-100 million African slaves killed by them. Gotta love Obama sticking up for blacks when it comes to the jews he surrounds himself with. Now, why were the minorities supporting him again?

There is more to Obama still though. Like Obama’s jewish soul, for instance. Quite odd jews would say he has the soul of a jew, speaking so fondly of a schwartzer, as can be seen HERE. Have a look at this cast of hook nosed, evil eyed, monstrosities that “made” Obama what he is today, HERE. These jews are awful fond of this nobody from Kenya. Which should be more than enough reason to give one pause, but read on.

When asking ourselves this question, about Obama’s jewishness, it becomes rather obvious that we have quite an extensive myriad of things that point to Obama being a jew. For a while there was fleeting evidence that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a jewess, born to jewish parents. This is quite likely, judging by his rise to fame, but solid evidence relating to this has become nearly impossible to find as of late. However, there are some key factors pointing to Obama’s jewishness that have been made public. For one, his grandmother was vice president of a bank as can be seen HERE. Although not proof in itself, it’s probably more than coincidental his family can be tied to the jew bankers before his arrival. The link is to a family tree of Obama’s, but how accurate is it, and what information is missing? How did they slip this jew Obama in, without any information about his jewishness coming out in the public spotlight? Gee, maybe by being the source of information pertaining to his entire family blood line? Why so concerned that they needed to publish his bloodline? Maybe the forces at work wanted to ensure nobody uncovered his jewish roots.

Well, let’s look at some other clues. First and foremost, look who else Obama is related to at this link HERE where it outlines this:

“Obama is also related to other politicians, such as Vice President Dick Cheney, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Civil War General Robert E. Lee. The vice president’s wife, Lynne Cheney, announced her discovery while discussing her new book, Blue Skies, No Fences, on MSNBC.

When asked if she would support Hillary Rodham Clinton because she is a woman, Lynne Cheney said, “I have to admit to a certain bias here … Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins.”

Obama’s distant presidential cousins include President George W. Bush and his father, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison.

Considering the Bush family is a bunch of jews, Churchill was a jew, the Cheney family are jews, I’d have to say Obama is likely of jewish stock also, but that’s not all. They have actually let it slip that there is jewishness in Obama’s family. Obama’s wife, Michelle, is related to the head rabbi of Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation, Capers Funnye, which can be found easily at jewpedia.

Again though, this is not the only thing that has been let slip. So far, many believe there is no real connection to Obama and the jews, because most of it is well hidden. As has always been my belief, I think these things are hidden in plain sight. Almost as if it’s some sort of ritualistic behavior that they must make the truth public, but they don’t have to ensure you see it. A good look at their historical behaviors shows this to be mostly true, but forget that for now…What about Obama? Well, it turns out, there is a link to Obama’s jewish side right HERE. Here are the important parts below. (emphasis added)

Immigration records show that Sen. Barack Obama’s grandfather, Baruch Heshy Obramowitz, was an Ethiopian “Falasha” Jew, who changed his surname when he moved to Kenya. The revelation has set off rumors that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is a secret Jew.

An e-mail sent to Muslim voters, from a group called The Truth About Jewbama, claims that while growing up in Hawaii, the future senator attended a radical Jewish school, called a “Yeshiva.” The e-mail also says that his campaign has several Jewish advisers, including Woody Allen.

“I heard that at Harvard he was a member of Hillel,” the caller said, repeating a much-circulated rumor that the senator once belonged to the Jewish student campus organization. Other callers railed against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for his pro-Israel voting record and his reported fondness for gifelte fish.

US-ELECTIONS-OBAMASo, as you can see, Obama is indeed a jew. He surrounds himself with jews. He worships like a jew. He “mourns” like a jew at Yad Vashem, he has had jews all through his career boosting him from one plateau to another. We can find clues of his jewish behavior all around him. Including tonight’s Seder (jew) celebration at the White House, the first of it’s kind. With Bush, we had the first ever Menorah at the White House, and keeping with the tradition of jewish domination, Obama now has his first jew celebration. We can look at how Obama has moved quickly to implement socialist policies, and provide HUGE paydays for the jew bankers he works for, or how he licked the feet of the people at AIPAC during his campaign. Either way, it should now be glaringly obvious that Obama is a jew, judging by both his actions, and his family line. Although some may still have their reservations, make no mistake about it. Obama serves the jew. Obama lives like the jew. Obama surrounds himself with the jew, and Obama observes jew holidays. Face it. Obama is a jew.

Big thanks to The Jew List for helping uncover some of these connections. Rest assured, there will be more to come as time moves forward.

  1. According with jew reckoning, if one’s ‘mother’ be a jew the child is a jew.

    • Michael Ali says:

      Seems Bush senior,William Clinton and Barak Obama all
      seen wearing scull caps in Jewish cereimonies. No?ment

  2. obama is bloody jews

  3. Jerome Lenfant says:

    I believe the author is not serious. The name given for the Ethiopian Jew ancestor is an Eastern European name. Falasha have and had pure Ethiopian African names.

  4. SUMMON,the minuteman in all american citizen to take back our country from the greedy banks and wall street bastards, NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. Yes. Obama is Jewish. He is a crypto-Jew, or a secret Jew. His mother Stanley Ann Dunham was Jewish through her father Stanley Dunham. Stanley Dunham was Irish Jewish. Also, Obama’s maternal grandmother was the vice-President of the Bank of Hawaii. And yes, Clinton and Bush families are crypto-Jews too. Clinton’s daughter Chelsea married a Jewish banker. Bush’s daughter Jenna married a Jewish man as well. Vice President Joe Biden is Jewish and his oldest daughter just married a Jewish guy. Obama, Clinton, Bush, and Biden all come from the same bloodline. The Jews have been running America for a long time. Plus, Hilary Clinton, our secretary of State has admitted to having Russian Jewish roots. And if you look at pics of Bush’s wife Laura Bush when she was younger, with a different hairstyle, you will see her Jewish facial features more evident. And also, study George Bush Jr.’s nose. He has the typical hooked nose, but it’s slightly more attractive than Jews like Madeleine Albright. Bill Clinton also has a very large nose, and Chelsea Clinton has awkward Jewish facial features depending on hair, make-up, and lighting These are all Jews who parade as Whites, and secretly want to destroy America. And it’s working.

    • Capitol hill is one big mitzvah. Almost every one of them are jews or masons anyway.

      • Yeah the big fat fucking Menorah at the white house should be a bit of a clue. Fuck you guys wake the fuck up already. Do people really need some agents/FBI/SAWT/MOSSAD whatever, whoever, to burst through their door to understand that if you are not WITH THEM, you are AGAINST them by default?!

        Beware though, even if you go with them, you are just an “asset” until they decide to burn you, and you are killed.

        You guys need to watch

        Understand this is your best defence, in numbers. This will be the only way to go about your god given rights in the very near (like now) future.

        Know who you are, who they are and what the fuck is going on. Any of these assholes try to fuck you up, open up on them.

        In fact all checkpoints should be targeted by the snipers out there today. They work for the jews and have sold their souls to the devil/satan/jews whatever.

        I am shocked that Americans and Brits have not cut these creatures to pieces already. I see videos of Rahm jew fuck you emmanual walking around in Chicago? Come on guys…..

        Maybe it will take a false flag in London to wake the Brits up……but they have no guns!

        Iran, Olympics, 2012, fake alien/jesus returns……the air is so thick these days, Im almost choking on all the bullshit.

        • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

          This so reminds me of this Manga called Fullmetal Alchemist, in which the Fuhrer of a city named Amertris appears to be a human, but in actuality, he’s a Homonculus (although unlike the Jew, he was once a human) hiding his true identity to the public.

          • Is this an anti-Jew forum? Obama is Sephardi not a Beloved German Ashie. His great grandfather is active in Spain but there is a broad difference between Sephardi & Ashkenazi as Sephardi are xenophiles & the Germans are xenophobes

          • Doesn’t matter much to me what differences there are between groups of jews.

          • I believe not only he is related to those blood lines he might have a connection to the blood line of hitler cause recently agenetisist went and discovered hitlers relatives and look it up they live in Germany and some migrated to America he took a saliva sample this will freak you out it showed hitler was half get enough and half African and white his hair is always greased down to make it straight and he is of the Berbers which at one time they originated as the tribe of east Africa Ethiopia and Kenya before migrating to Morocco and Spain etc I wonder if Obamas father a Lou was really a Berber and the Berbers are related to him thy both almost look similar except hitler is lighter and had a weird mustache but their ears and expressions are similar it would be erri if it was a case

          • Hmm…Obama and Hitler were both jews, so they’re related close enough as it is.

  6. Brad Kayganich says:

    Not surprising, If your Christian, or Muslim (Mohammed continued Christ’s teachings after he was killed by the jew’s, in essence Muslim is proto-Christianity) you don’t wear skull caps or pray at their holy grounds.

  7. Brad Kayganich says:

    This also makes one wonder how many of the so called “founding fathers” were jews. george washington makes a very strong case for being a jew.

  8. John Poole says:

    They are not Jews in that they were the chosen people as mentioned in the Old Testament, they are Ashkenazi [designer] Jews that originated in the area between the Black and Caspian Sea’s in AD 700 some thing, created by the ruler of that country, as he saw that they were good business men dealing with both Christian Crusaders and the Muslims invaders of Jerusalem, not much has changed.

    • Ashkenazi, Sephardim, Mizrakhim, etc. etc. they are all JEWS. There isn’t one group of jews more responsible than the others, or one group that is less jewy than the others. This is a myth perpetrated by jews. The Khazarian theory is jewish hogwash, so quit perpetuating it. They’re all 100% genetically related. You don’t get jewish genes by converting to a religion fella.

  9. Obama Yo Mama! says:

    The Jewish Crown Family of Chicago (formerly Lithuanian Jews named Krinsky who changed name to Crown in order to cover their Jewish tracks) “Owns” US Defense Contractor General Dynamics Corp. AND Obama.


    “But what about?”


    “Yes, but so and so is not a Jew.”

    Yes, but he works for a Jew, sleeps with a Jew, eats with a Jew, worships the Jew, talks with the Jew, and pretty much all around helps the Jew dude!

    “Yes, but like I said- he’s not a Jew”

    OK, this annoying guy wasting my time will just be considered from now on to be a Jew too- so put him on The List until he eventually (if ever) educates himself to the facts, apologizes, and repents!

    Anybody ever bump into that guy?

    • Everywhere. I put them on the list as a jew. I’m not that fucking stupid anymore. Making excuses for jews means you are one. Period. They want you to think they are just like you, and they’re just wanting the truth to told, and they are just looking for answers…so then why the fuck are they arguing? A jew or a friend of a jew is the same fucking thing.

  10. So, I’m confused. Is Obama a jew or not?

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