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How The Deception Works

How The Deception Works

It seems that people are having a hard time understanding how the deception works when it comes to jews and their agents.  Especially when people have been getting their information from these jews and jewish agents for such a long time, they come to a website like mine with a warped mentality, not unlike that of a child who is unable to discern fact from fiction.  They have many wild fantasies and misconceptions based on distorted information, and it is really a sad state of affairs.

Time to wake up.

Many people have the experience of dreaming they are awake. In fact, many who think they are awake are snoring and drooling down their chin. It can be disheartening to the few that are awake and watching it all.

Many people will argue (and boy do they ever try to), that Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, and other shills are “waking people up” to the problems we face. They will stamp their feet and scream that these shills have opened so many eyes to “government corruption” or to the “911 deception” or to “zionists” and a whole host of other topics, so surely, they must be some good!  The problem is, many of you don’t know how the deception works, and fail to realize that people are NOT “waking up” to anything, and instead, they are being put BACK TO SLEEP by these dream weavers.

As someone who had the opportunity to learn about close up and stage magic extensively, it’s actually quite easy to spot a ruse, a sleight, or misdirection.  As is the case with a magician performing his feats, these charlatans are fooling the masses into looking the wrong direction at the right time, but only the trained eye is able to pick up on it.  In magic, there are many things used to ensure the proper outcome of astounding the onlookers, and the reason these things work is this.  Often times the methods used to perform some of the most amazing feats, are just so down right simple that your mind will never catch it.

That’s right.  The methods used to deceive and manipulate are often so simple that your “logical” mind just simply can not pick conceive them. Sometimes the methods are not just simple, but balance on being so ridiculously absurd, that your “educated” mind is just not capable of decoding it. The methods of deception often rely on such blatant and obvious distortions that you would simply overlook them! That is IF and only IF, you should even come close to discovering them.

Most of the deceivers use tactics so simple a logical, educated mind has a hard time believing they are even being fooled!

I have made mention of these things and how they work on SN before, but there are still billions of people who need to hear my message, so I will continue to preach it as I deem necessary.  I have mentioned how things like persistence of vision and misdirection work, but there are numerous principles behind even the workings of these two things, which the laymen usually knows nothing about.  For instance, the biggest obstacles facing those who wish to “wake up”, as it is often called, is their very own perception. The way you view things, just as a natural course of your growth and indoctrination, act as barriers which keep you from ever being able to fully lift the veil of secrecy.

The magician, like many of the shills who purport to teach you the “truth”, already know that your perception, and your preconceived notions about reality, will work in their favor to help them produce the desired outcome.  In the case of the magician, he is only looking to “fool” you to entertain you; whereas in the case of the shill, he is looking to purposely make a fool out of you. The magician wants you to enjoy his chicanery, to see him as fun and entertaining.  The magician has a vested interest in making sure he doesn’t make you FEEL LIKE A FOOL because he tricked you, and in this, the shill and the magician share the same interest.

With websites like SN, you will often find that there is no room for debate. There are no forums for you to spew as you wish.  There is nobody that cares about your “opinion” or your “feelings” or your “ideas” or your “thoughts” or your “beliefs” relating to the facts, because SN is simply interested in sharing the FACTS, which do not even exist in the same realm as these types of fallacies.  Not every poster’s comment is accepted, but unlike WRH, you don’t have to pay to comment.  All you have to do to get one published is tow the right line, stay focused solely on the jew, and support the message of the site.

Imagine that! Wolves in sheeps clothing leading the herds of sheep. We often count sheep to go to sleep, and at the same time, those sleeping are called sheep. What a coincidence!

SN is not run by someone who dresses like a salesman or a yuppie, and comes at you with a fake smile and hand shake, because SN isn’t trying to sell you on something.  The facts don’t need a salesman, for they will remain facts, no matter how you, I, nor anyone else decide to face them. SN isn’t run by someone who gives a shit how you feel about the truths presented.  They are simply presented, and you can take it or leave it. SN doesn’t care if you can’t handle a little cursing and genuine anger, and you’ll never see anything “politically correct” to get you to buy into SN and it’s content.

The “politically correct” behaviors, fancy dress, and fake smile are often signs of deceivers, which many of you fail to notice.  The reason you fail to notice them is two fold. Your programming since a very early age, and your preconceived notions about what is “good” and “bad”.  Many think “cursing is bad, can’t listen to that guy” and thus you will never escape from the illusion you live in. Or maybe you think “he won’t allow my opinion, what happened to democracy” and thus you are for SN to prop up the things that are destroying you. Opinions have no weight in light of the facts presented, and as such are not needed or warranted in any way, shape, or form.

Fortunately for animals in nature, there are signs which help warn them of the danger of other creatures.  There are many insects which are brightly colored, and the color red is almost a sure sign of something poisonous if eaten. Some may carry giant spikes, or have huge claws and sharp teeth with a vicious scowl on their face. In nature, many brightly colored patterns on animals are meant to warn predators not to eat them, but also to warn all animals that they might be dangerous.

Also fortunate for humans, the jew comes with markers that should be like warning signs for us.  Certain traits and features that let us know these creatures are the poisonous ones, and should not be allowed amongst us, lest we would like to find ourselves poisoned and dying. The jews have many features like this, which will indeed be covered in upcoming articles. Things like the hook nose, the crooked eye balls, the joker smile, the weak pointy chin, the sloped forehead etc. Again, your perception and preconceived notions of your own reality, largely controlled and taught to you by the jew, have caused you to overlook these things as well.

A sloped head, like the one on Larry King in this image, is one of nature’s warning signs to humans that this creature is dangerous, and humans should steer well clear of anything like him.

SN doesn’t just try to beat you down with thoughts and news about how you are being screwed on a daily basis. No sirree! SN attempts to help show you how the deception works, how to identify the enemy, how to stay focused on the right target, who to blame, who these enemy’s are, and what to do about it all. Rather than beat around the bush, play nice, play politically correct, why not just come out and say what the problem is, then start looking for and offering solutions?  Haven’t you ever wondered why others never seem to do this?  THAT is a marker of the deception in it’s self right there. Does it really matter how many ways they screw you until Sunday, or does fixing it matter more?

Anyway, let’s get back to the deception, and some important points about it. In magic, there is a principle that goes sort of like this. The larger movement conceals the motion of the smaller one.  For example, bringing both hands rapidly together, can conceal smaller movements of the fingers on one hand. You can see something similar to this when it comes to the shills in the fake “anti-zionist” movement. The larger movement caused by shoving mounds of information and truth at you, conceals the smaller one which is the bullshit they slide in with the rest of it.

When it comes to this principle, the ruse is that these jewish shills pretend jews are not the problem. How could jews be the problem, if everyone telling us about the jew problem is jewish? Should we not then consider these jews as heroes, and make super hero toys based on them? Oh, it’s quite a slick ruse, but a ruse none the less. Not all jews are a problem if some of the jews are willing to stand up and speak out is what you are expected to believe. Thus, the larger movement of speaking out, covers the smaller movement of lacing it with bullshit to convince you it’s not really a jewish problem, but one of “zionists” or some other scape goat.

The larger movement of jews “leading” the truth “movement” (which purposely never moves), conceals the smaller movement, which is their intention to protect the tribe. The jews set themselves up to lead, and misdirect your attention on to meaningless off-shoots of the problem they have created like “zionism” or “jewdaism” or “neocons” or “communism” or anything they can come up with at the time. Anything that doesn’t put the heat on to the JEWISH RACE, or anything that gives you a problem to deal with which can not be solidly defined, fulfills the purpose of protecting the tribe, rather than helping you defeat it.

Zionism is the quest for a jewish homeland. Zionism can't explain the jewish infestation or why they refuse to leave our lands. Zionism can't explain the problem with jewish bankers, jewish ritual murder, jewish genocide and ethnic cleansing of humans, or any other ills that come along with the jew.

It’s funny (and sad) because adults are actually extremely easy to “trick” or to “fool” in the eyes of the magician. Adults have so many preconceived notions that make it hard for them to understand when a sleight has taken place, or how it could have possibly happened. Children on the other hand, have very few preconceived notions and ideas.  A young child does not know that an adult can’t just wave his hands and make something disappear. A young child doesn’t fully conceive that a coin shouldn’t pass through the solid top of an oak table.

Due to the fact that a child often assumes all things as possible (until they are taught otherwise), they tend to catch on to more of what’s happening in the moment.  The larger motion does not so easily conceal the smaller one for their wandering eyes.  The child is not bothered with the waving of the hand, and is not always intently watching where he was directed to watch, so things don’t always go over so well for the magician with a child.

I can honestly say I’ve been there in that position.  I’ve performed in front of children and in front of adults, and children are a formidable force to the practicing magician.  Sure, many working professionals spend their time doing children’s shows, but I guarantee all of them would rather perform for adults. Not only do children not have the preconceived notions, they don’t have the programmed chivalry to stay quiet when they do catch on to something. Having a child blurt out the secret to a trick can quickly ruin the effect.  Luckily, SN intends to continue blurting out how the deception works, and ruin the entire show like a crazed heckler!

The only reason for mentioning how a child sees things is this.  Once the child has grown to an adult, lived their daily life in this seemingly solid material reality, passed off his formidable years in indoctrination centers being convinced of the solidity of this reality, and sucked up years upon years of programming from teachers, his peers, and the automated brain washing machine we call televisions, all of this changes.

Now the child has “beliefs” and “feelings” and “ideas” and “opinions” about the way this reality works. These beliefs, feelings, and opinions eventually become so real to him, and so familiar, that it is hard for him to even conceive the fact that these ideas were GIVEN TO HIM by someone else. He is an adult now, and surely he has spent plenty of time pondering the things he learned.  He doesn’t feel stupid, or ignorant, he knows he paid attention and got the education he was supposed to. Certainly he did, but he never knew that education was designed with the very strict purpose of keeping them away from the truth, rather than helping them learn it.

The more you grow and learn, the further indoctrinated you become, and leaders like this chump make sure of it. It is during this period you pick up the preconceived notions and spoon fed opinions that inhibit your ability to see outside of the box.

The child was taught to trust his “elders” and his “teachers”, and he saw much of what he learned in writings he read himself. There it was, right there in his school books.  In all those volumes in the great libraries, and then later reinforced by hollywood, and the media. A lot of these things were reaffirmed yet again even by the statues of “heroes” in the parks, and in their names commemorated on street signs, and their likeness fashioned into monuments all around him.  Certainly truth can not be far off from what he knows, but it’s this “belief” that only serves to take him farther out to sea, like an un-piloted dingy drifting helplessly away from the safety of the shore.

So, for many, the larger motion of jews bringing them what they perceive as “truth”, covers the smaller questionable movement that one should ask like, “why is it always jews bringing us the truth”? Why is that? Why is it that, not only are jews found to be in every position directly causing us problems, but then they also appear in every position as activists, community leaders, heads of human rights organizations, anti-establishment writers, and big mainstream “truthers”?

For the adult with preconceived notions, this poses a serious problem. Certainly not all of these jews can be bad if so many are found in positions like this!  Certainly there must be something good to them, because 98% of what they say is true, correct, and accurate!  To top it off, most people won’t notice the part that isn’t accurate until some wise guy like SN goes and points it out! Some of these information outlets contain so much information, and went to so much trouble, they couldn’t possibly be the enemy, could they? Yeah right.

Here’s the question though. If I were going to feed you a delicious meal, so delicious it was beyond your wildest dreams, would you eat of that meal knowing I had concealed just a smidgen of dung in it?  Would you?  Certainly the meals has a purpose as both nutrition, and a wonderful sensation for your taste buds, right?  Considering this, you can simply ignore the dung mixed in with it, can’t you?

What if you had been eating the meal already, and it was the best meal you had ever experienced in your life and THEN I came along and told you it was laced with dung? Even if I was factually correct, due to your perception of the meal and your chef, you might simply think it’s better to trust the chef than me, right? Hell, you might not even want to question the chef going on what I said, right? After all, the chef has been real good to you so far, as far you can tell!

Imagine only ONE slice of this pizza had dog fesces spread into it. Would you even dare take a chance that you might get the tainted slice? Of course not, you would consider the whole thing tainted and leave it be, like you should when it comes to shills and their messages.

I bet it’s starting to become clearer now isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how much perceived “good” or value these liars seem to represent, for they are still liars, and their words are still tainted.  Even if you can’t taste the dung, knowing it’s there should be enough to keep you from eating it, right?  I mean, even if everything else about the meal is so heavenly you can’t help yourself, wouldn’t you resist eating of it, knowing the dung is in there somewhere? What if it’s only in a small portion of the meal somewhere, would you risk eating certain parts of the meal not knowing where the dung is?

Here is where the deception lies. These jewish “truthers”, related directly to the other jews causing all the problems, always magically show up on the scene as the purveyors of truth related to everything to do with the jew. Yet, somehow, these jews want us to believe the problem is only those dirty old “zionists”, and not the nature of the jew it’s self.  They are all too happy to join our side and lash out at those evil old “zionists”, yet they turn neurotic and psychotic when one of us points out that JEWS AS A WHOLE have been causing the SAME problems LONG BEFORE “zionism” ever showed up. (in 1898 for the record)

Magically, these jews are unable to account for over 175o+ years of jews being exiled and expelled, at the very least 109 times by 84 different countries. Where were all the jews warning us about their brethren then? Where were the jews to cry out against jewish ritual murder of people’s children, or jews drinking the blood then? In fact, where are those jews now? Right, they’re telling us to worry about those “zionists” while child services turns into a blood bank for vampire jews, and foster care magically makes children disappear faster than so-called dangerous, unfit parents!

The deception lies in the fact that anyone could be a “zionist”, and in fact, many non-jews are indeed unwitting “zionists”, but they are not the root of our problem.  Behind zionism is the same old jews.  The same old jewish bankers.  The same old jewish molesters.  The same old ritually murdering jews. The same old genocidal war mongering jews. The same old subversive communist jews in the media, hollywood, and government, and now, the same old jews pretending to be our friends whilst stabbing our backs at the same time.

Even jews against zionism are still jews. Many say they are true torah jews, but the torah is part of the talmud which supercedes it. That means they still consider you cattle, still support ritually murdering your children, raping your nations, etc.

In magic, the magician will often do a specific motion a couple of times, before introducing a sleight. This convinces your mind that the motion is as legitimate as it seemed the first few times. So it is, that by presenting legitimate truths in a specific format the first few times, your mind will never catch on, nor even want to believe that is was slighted in a latter cycle of the same progression.

The same is done with propaganda.  You are presented with anti-zionist material that gets your head nodding “yes”, and then slowly you are slighted with the idea that “not all jews are bad” or “we should love jews” or “we shouldn’t be like jews and start killing them”. Yet, at the same time, these jews are actively poisoning you and your children. They poison your air, water, food, and everything else around you. They are actively plotting to kill most of planet earth, and quite boldly so. They are actively attacking and destroying the environment which sustains you. They are actively getting you engaged in wars, and sending your children off to die. In Palestine, they are actively engaged in openly murdering humans for sport, (not to mention all of the assassinations and other killings like the Gaza aid flotilla incident) and all of this leads to yet another point.

The jew knows how your humanity works. He knows how your conscience works, because he helped train it to react specific ways with his propaganda, just like the magician trains his audience to think a sleight is just a legitimate motion of the hands. The jew knows, just like the magician, that you have deeply ingrained preconceived notions about not only humanity, and yourself, but about how you should react and treat others.

A parasite often mimics it's host very closely. The migratory shining cuckoo lay eggs in the nest of grey warblers and the cuckoo chick that hatches will then push from the nest any unhatched eggs or young chicks of the grey warbler. Having disposed of the competition, the cuckoo hatchling then mimics the sound of grey warbler chicks in order to be fed by its surrogate parents.

The jew knows that you instinctively (and dangerously) believe most other “humans” to have a certain level of consciousness like your own.  The jew knows that you project your own beliefs and feelings onto other people when meeting and dealing with them.  The jew know that you perceive anything that closely resembles you to be human, and to have human dignity and a conscious, and it is this that has allowed the jew to thrive as a parasite, and destroy you from within.

Like many other parasites, the jew mimics it’s host. It looks similar (but not exactly the same) and it can behave the same. Look at hollywood actors for instance, who can portray human emotion well enough to bring you to tears, many of which are jewish, and really don’t share the same painful emotion.  I could go on and on writing an entire novel on how the deception works, but I’ll leave you with this quote from wikipedia on parasites who mimic their hosts. Hopefully in the future, you will learn to pick up sleights, misdirections, and other ruses as I’ve explained above, but that’s up to how much of your preconceived notions and conditioning you are able to break free of.

Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry where predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host. (emphasis added src. here)

  1. Commenter tim is a jew.

  2. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    I just realized Actors also have something similar with the magicians, where they play on people’s emotions to further their own plans.

    • Many jews push the idea that all of the jews of hollywood and in the media are MK Ultra victims, and they don’t know what they’re doing. There are mountains of propaganda related to this bullshit story. The truth is that all the jews of hollywood are in on the gig, and happily play their roles to undermine our society. The real MK Ultra victims are the POPULACE AT LARGE. Not the fuckers producing the the movies, or acting in them, etc. Watch jewish actors when they play really emotional roles. Once you know what you’re looking at, you just see a demon faking emotion. I remember movies and things that would touch me emotionally, now they just make me sick to the stomach. Watching them fake emotion makes me feel dirty inside, and makes my blood curdle.

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        That’s actually what I meant. One example was the movie called “Olympus Has Fallen” 5 to 7 weeks ago. All there really was Jewish actors being terrorists, Jewish non-terrorists (in the movie) crying. It was nothing different. Just Jewish actors faking emotions. Same old hypocrite Jewish bullshit.

        Another movie I watched, recent, was the GI Joe: Retalition. One of the Jewish actors had a fucking eye bulge and the fat bottom lip concealing the upper lip, which I immediately catched on. Same old bullshit hypocrite Jew talk with the nuclear weapons, terrorists, blablabla… My goodness, these Jew look ugly as fuck in these movies.

        By the way, I’ve never heard of this Project MkUltra until now. I may write an article on my blog on this. I’ve isolated myself because I’ve realized there’s no good point convincing my family or any of my friends (only have a few) about this.

        • Well, now you’ve heard of MK Ultra, and heard the real story. Go look up some sites that talk about MK Ultra and movie stars. You’ll see they pretend all these jews are victims of their fellow jews. It’s pretty common jewish disinfo for that topic.

          • A bit off tiopic here, but what is your opinion on anti-zionist Jews like Henry Makow, Norman Finkelstein and professor Michel Chusodovsky of and the like? Maybe you can write an article on them sometime.

          • They are lying jews. Zionism isn’t the problem, jews are. Next question.

          • Road Runner says:

            Add Mac Slavo of SHTF to the Jew shill list. He is a fucking donkey.

          • He did what to a donkey? Nothing surprises me with jews.

          • The books called the red letter gospels were adopted as four books by Vatican one in approx 400 ad. The nt books thereafter subverted christ’s message to weave eye for eye principles. Clearly anti Christ. The bible is where it began.

            Next. No matter the harsh facts. Whether Zionism was truly created in 1898, or in 1850. Diversions to keep us arguing. Forget facts. Our value is in exercising rational thought and logic. We can also use a good dose of semantic training. Facts will not save you. Your properly trained instincts will.

            Next. No matter how bad you describe our situation in being controlled, I suggest it is actually many multiples worst than you state.

            Next. If facts can be relied on, The greatest war criminals ever are GB and USA. Incineration of half million Germans in Dresden. An iconic city where true German arts dating millennia were a living masterpiece. Bombs dropped on Japanese where the war actually was won, and we merely needed to show force to keep Russia out of those islands. But, is this true? Or still part of the 98% true to divert?

            The only god is the universal consciousness that is the energy that propels the possibility of electrons, neutrons, black vacuum energy and the fact that quantum physics is a horror story to our realty.

            If the joo is gods chosen, then their god is money. May even be worse than money. Their god is the poop in the Christmas cap.

            Next. How do we even know this site is not part of the display. Be ever vigilant.

          • If you’re confused about this site, then your instincts are not properly trained.

          • One more thing. Use the mossads own rule againt their kind. Don’t talk too much. Don’t share your innermost beliefs. Subvert their power. Be not as a white. Be proud to be Nordic. Or whatever your flavor. It is right to preserve what is good. And what we learned of whites from joos in the last century is not true.

            They may as well have posted a picture of a shill, and said- This is the white race. Be ashamed. Go into a hole and die.

            Time to stop the magicians ruse to white guilt. Watch Germany. They are awake, and they are bidding their time. Don’t listen to what they say. Watch what they do. Putin also knows. The enemy is in power in the USA. Just as Krushev stated.

            Want a clue? Time is an illusion. There is no time. Only now, forever. Time is the perpetual toll bridge crossing that works hand in hand with usury.

            Lastly, Repeat. I do not consent. The four most powerful words I know.

          • It is true Putin is on to the Jew invasion. I watched a lecture by David Duke in Moscow from some years ago, then I watched a short talk by Putin recently and he sounded a little like David Duke about his knowing who the real bad guys are. I heard him say in another short clip a few years ago, (wish I could find it) that he likes the American people, but not our Government.Something to the tune that our Government has been “subverted”! He didn’t really name names but said enough so you knew he was talking about Jews. It’s been awhile so can’t quote, but that’s what I came away with.
            I have only recently figured all this out. My daughter who was home schooled has been telling me for years now where the problem really lies. I thought she had lost her mind, but now I see she just had very good intuition and discernment.I was self schooled and wanted that for my daughter. She has a 180 IQ so there’s not much she doesn’t get to the bottom of.She has just been hired as a jounalist for an award winning magazine and has never done journalism in her life. All they had was her webiste/blog about sustainable living through permaculture and a couple short articles she’d written for another little magazine and now she’s pushing Stanford and Harvard journalists aside. Haha! Tell me the Jews are the smartest on the planet. That’s what they want us all to believe. Anything to disempower us!
            Love your website.

          • Hate to… wait, LOVE to break it to you that David Duke and Putin are jews.

        • Fritz Springmeier is a crypto jew. He looks like a jew, acts like a jew, and talks like a jew. Once you are jew aware he is very obvious and stereotypical, no need to even look at his background or family.

          His purpose is to mislead, give the jews cover and buy them time. I read his books 10 years ago when I fell into their “New World Order” trap and they spread A LOT of unnecessary fear. They want you chasing ghosts. They also spread a lot of false conspiracies like aliens. There may be aliens in the universe, but everything the jews tell you is disinfo.

          His little prison story is very likely fake to give the impression of “credibility”.

          Illuminati and New World Order are just euphemisms for Jew World Order.

          • Agreed. There is no need to look into people’s background. I’m going to cover this a lot coming up soon. For all those who thought they would escape because their heritage is hidden, I’ve got some seriously bad news. We’re not going to be totally focused on genetics. OH NO…..a man’s deeds expose his position more than anything else, and judging people by their deeds will ensure that NOBODY slips through the cracks. No quarter scum….you’re going down.

  3. Or you could discuss how the zetas “beheaders” on the web are really jew scum pretending to be mexicans that’s all over the web just now

  4. Williiam St. Leger says:

    Dear Mr. Austin,

    Your site is spot on. I particularly enjoyed your lyrically relevant choice of the soundtrack ‘No Quarter’ by Led Zeppelin to accompany one of your videos.

    I wonder, have you had a chance to listen to ”Guns of Brixton’ by The Clash?

    The lyrics: ‘When they kick at your front door, how’re you gonna come? With your hands on your head, or on the trigger of your gun?’ have always seemed quite relevant to me in my short life in the jewish police state Zimerica.

    When I’m feeling particularly pissed off at the revolting criminals that have robbed us of our inheritance
    I turn to Black Flag’s uplifting ditty called ”Revenge’.

    ‘It’s not my imagination -I’ve got a gun at my back….

    Promises you make never become fact
    We’re gonna get revenge
    You won’t know what hit you
    we’re tired of being screwed

    Don’t tell me about tomorrow
    don’t tell me what I’ll get
    I can’t think of progress when
    Just around the corner
    There’s a bed of cold pavement
    waiting for me

    I’ll watch you bleed
    That’s all I need

    I won’t cry if you die

    We’re gonna get revenge
    You won’t know what hit you

  5. Jay Winslow says:

    My intensions are pure, and Satanyahoo has been wrong-footed by V. Putin on the Syria/Iran issue and Israel is being put under the microscope as never before.

    Good times, for a change…

    Israel is being exposed as the aggressor war monger terrorist state in the ME for all the world to see.

    God speed.

  6. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    If anything, the Jews capitalizes on our manners. Why? Because they know we would get in trouble if we misbehave in or interrupt civil affairs. In short; Manners overide everything if one were to think about it.

  7. This may help accelerate many to learn the depth of deception:


    it seems complementary to the source of all this evil you are exposing…yah’ll take care…ah yeah ahm a native Texan…

    • The first link is mostly bullshit about “NWO Elites”, which tells me it’s probably written by a jew.

      Your second link points to a file, which is not allowed here. I deleted it to protect my readers.

      Anything that doesn’t say the JEW is the problem is not helpful at all.

  8. Perhaps you all know this already:

    Products with the “K” or “U” or “COR” or “MK” are kosher and should be avoided at all cost.

    The consumer pays this “kosher tax” every time he purchases a product bearing any of these symbols. It can be found on everything from canned soup to toothbrushes.

    It’s extortion. It’s a racket. The company making the product is forced to pay a rabbi to say “ok” and then passes the tax to the benighted consumer.

    The money surely goes to further the genocide of the Palestinians, amongst other crimes against humanity.

    Please make the extra effort to avoid products bearing these demonic symbols. It’s not easy, but it can still be done.

    And educate those around you.

    Best Regards,

    • I always felt that kosher was the safest purchase, if the Jews are poisoning our food, it is quite likely that processed food is only safe if kosher.

      Of course I try to buy fresh as much as possible.

      • It could be, but just because a rabbi blessed something with the blood of satan doesn’t make it safe. Try to eat fresh, organic, local. It’s tough these days, but it’s about all we can do outside of providing our own food.

  9. One word more: Make a noise. Nothing loud or abrasive, but make a noise.

    Example: Ask the grocery store manager why the kosher food is not relegated to a kosher isle. Ask him for help in searching out products on your grocery list THAT DO NOT BEAR THE SYMBOL. This is a very effective ploy and attracts positive attention and questions and discussion.

    Example: When passing a “cancer fundraising begging booth” always stop and ask, “How long have we been funding your so-called research?”

    Provide the answer: “It’s been what? 75 – 80 years! And still no closer to a cure?! What kind of bums are you hiring to do the research? Not one penny more! I pay for results, not for promises!” Cancer research is FRAUD and we are duty bound to denounce it as such.

    Speak civilly, briskly and with a smile, but loudly enough to cause people around you to hear.

    Make a noise and have fun.

    Best Regards,

  10. Why don’t my comments appear? This is very revelatory, indeed.

  11. Thanks.
    Best Regards,

  12. This is a great website, keep up the good work friend.

  13. Samantha says:

    This is just a theory we have jews living among us. we know that they eat the flesh of human and drink our blood. love to circumcise baby penis and suck its blood. in truth their blood thirsty creature like vampire and werewolves. We have missing children everyday, i suspect that jews are poking holes and drinking the blood of a child. then the body is sent to be turn into hot dogs, hamburgers.. kind of disgusting. Jews are cannibal, they love to eat us. to them we are just cows. they are like that for eating the flesh of others.
    have you seen how ugly lions, tiger are? their similar to jews.
    shark isnt a pretty fish either. it ugly as fuck. snakes is just as ugly as a jews it also love to consume other including it own egg. did some human ate humans in ancient time? probably. they are known as jews today. we evolve differently from the rest that dont eat human but animals like chicken, fish, cows, pigs.. then i look up..
    what you eat is what you are. you become what you eat. a bat like to suck blood and is ugly and like the dark. its creepy. it is cursed for drinking the blood of others. My point is if you do what a jew does, drink human blood and eat human flesh you will become a jew just like the rest of them kikes. many years ago.. i went to my aunt house, she has 2 dogs.. i went out to buy hot dog for it to eat. it totally change from being a nice dog into a mean vicious dog.. it bark a lot, it would bite each other and go crazy. my father find it amusing and kept laughing. meat is blood, and its also has bacteria that infect the body and take control of you because it is a parasite. it addictive, it hard to stop eating meat. cook meat is not good for us either. it toxic and turn sour very fast.. i believe the healthy way to life is to avoid meat completely including dairy, fish, eggs. a vegan.

    • Humans are omnivores. We are designed at our very core to eat meat and vegetables. A balanced diet is most healthy. The jew is a different entity, probably a lower class beast created by the same people who created humans. In some tribes, eating your enemies is a way to consume their energy and have power over them. Drinking human blood is feasting on the life force of humans for them. Many dumb animals feast on other animals that are similar to them.

  14. askeroftruth says:

    Hello SN.
    I have been searchin for truth for some 3 years now (I am young -21) so thank you for this.
    1)why do the jews want to do all this shit?Destroy environment etc?Why hAve they “ooutsmarted” us?
    2) if they are some sort of similar beast, aren’t blacks, Asians, etc similar beasts as well?They are races too I mean.Why are the jews bad and the Asians not for example?
    3) how can we take control back?

    • 1. They are psychos who want to control the world. I don’t really need a reason. They do it, and that’s enough.
      2. The jew differentiates itself from all of humanity. You could ask them what kind of “beast” they are but they won’t be very forthcoming. In fact, when they realize you know they are different, all discussion will end.
      3. Spread the word. Grow our numbers. This is still just as important today as it was the day I typed the first letter into wordpress to create this site.

      I will have more info coming on how we can take back control soon.

  15. Are Jews sociopaths genetically?

  16. You know Adam I have a Feeling that the Charlie Hebdo thing is just another Jew Hoax.

  17. Hey Adam,

    Don’t have lots of cash to donate at the moment, but have a vacation home you can use in a national park. Really want to know if some Jews are absent the evil. Or, is it a reptilian type of thing where they can’t help it.

    • My experience has been that there are millions of them that pretend they don’t even know what being a jew is, but they defend it to the death. Nope….don’t think there are any that are absent their link to the tribe.

  18. Iran's information says:

    The detailed plan has been known by us for a long time. Massons and Jews in Iran are collaborating secretly with criminal so-called “Baha’is” (also according to our information) to take over the country, step-by-step, economically and politically over the long run:

    1. Privatization of Iran’s industries

    2. Infiltration and spying and recruiting thru social media (eg. Google, Facebook etc)

    3. Infiltration of Iran’s State media such as PRESSTV (already verified)

    4. Contracting massive external and internal debt for all Iranians thru Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign loans.

    5. Use of front men and foreign agents

    6. Disabling Iran’s truly domestic industries by cutting Research and development and funding thru the National Budget

    7. Providing credit to front men by Jewish Financier in New York, Switzerland, London, Moscow and Beijing

    8. Buying up Iran’s industries with FIAT money step-by-step secretly (eg US dollars)

    9. Controlling media and industries in Iran

    10. Making Iranians consumers of Western goods and products

    11. Replacing the Godhead by arithmetical calculations as per authentic Protocols of Zion document. ie making Iran a materialistic easily controllable society thru fiat money Jews exclusively control abroad.

    12. Corrupting the few honest politicians, magistrates, independent thinkers who would resist them.

    13. Killing the remaining thru diseases and accidents

    14. Using agents like double-agents/MOLES “NUR” (see Usenet at talk.religion.bahai) inside of Iran to infiltrate further Iran’s intelligence apparatus thru LIES and deception and by manipulating the system from within. Spreading disinformation by looking the other way against the one common enemy: i.e. Talmudic CRIMINAL Jewish International Bankers

    all these above points have ALREADY started. BEWARE, Iran!

    God bless honest Iranians, Jews and Americans alike!


    read also:

    PS: If you are a regular honest Baha’i you do not have anything to fear from us. The problem is that your “Universal House of Justice” and most “National Spiritual Assemblies” have been infiltrated and are being controlled. So your in your “administration system” you have basically to obey a The Baha’i coming elections in Haifa, Israel for the members of the Universal House of Justice are not fair.

    There have been many irregularities reported in the past:

    1. Votes sent by mail are not always authentic or even counted (tempering).

    2. Some delegates have been corrupted in poor countries (payments).

    3. The box that contains the votes of the delegates is replaced and mixed with fake votes (infiltration & manipulation).

    4. Baha’is’ trust has been abused in the past by outsiders & insiders (their agents) who are secretly seeking control of the Baha’i Faith (conspiracy):




    1. Ask to examine the Box containing the votes of the delegates. It must be transparent, with non-removable sides AND ALWAYS in the sight of ALL the delegates AT ALL TIMES (INCLUDING DURING THE COUNTING OF THE VOTES). Ask other friends to do the same. Do NOT delegate. Do it before AND after the votes are cast.

    2. ASK TO EXAMINE THE votes sent by MAIL (all of them). Check for authenticity (audit by independent & trusted experts)

    3. Don’t let anyone tell you that these verifications and conditions are unimportant because “we should always (blindly) follow the administration’s lead”.

    4. High Corruption is a fact of life. DON’T COMPROMISE THE INTEGRITY OF THE FAITH if you truly LOVE THE FAITH.

    5. Ask many friends to participate in the counting and not established administration officials alone. Never loose sight of the BOX (which MUST be TRANSPARENT) containing the votes AT ANY TIME (Not even a few seconds!). DO not accept any condescending remarks by ANYBODY. IT IS YOUR BELOVED FAITH!

    6. VERY IMPORTANT: AUDIT the votes and its counting once again and obtain explanation about the details of the entire procedure itself BEFORE THE VOTE STARTS (from the time of receiving the votes to the time of counting and auditing).


    1. Pass this email to other assemblies, delegates and friends urgently. Thank you for the Faith.

    2. Please remember that it makes perfect sense that “NOBODY who truly cares about the Faith and its integrity will oppose ANY of the reasonable recommendations made in this email”, in fact they will/should embrace it with open arms!

    3. ONLY internal and external enemies of the Faith will oppose these basic recommendations.
    completely duplicitous LYING infiltrated administration.

    The votes are manipulated and changed as explained in our previous posts. The “CATCH 22” is that, once infiltrated and controlled at its ROOT (i.e UHJ), the system of protection (eg to shun “dissenters” who aren’t really one) has just the OPPOSITE effect (to kill the real Baha’is people inside that community). Think of it as a hidden computer virus that would morph to hide itself and gain control of your computer if you like.

    Read our previous post also:
    “The Devil is in the details”


    • Very true. We see the game was just played with the election in the U.S. I personally thought they would appoint Hillary, but they appointed Donald instead. People actually bought into him, and that’s where the big issue lies. They consented to and literally accept being ruled by voting. They turned out in HUGE numbers to vote for this clown…literally begging for their enslavement.

      Thanks for your comments.

  19. Iran's information says:

    Iran’s PRESSTV is “JEWISH”….who says that? Afshin Rattansi (worked for PRESSTV himself and CNN, RT, Bloomberg News, BBC, The Guardian). Still makes program for PRESSTV called “Double standards” You can also look up his bio. on Wikipedia for basic facts and information.

    That was my OWN experience with them (PRESSTV) online (they are crypto-JEWISH). Same holds true may be for Iran’s intelligence services (part of it at least). Iran’s richest men are almost ALL Jewish. Look at Iran’s economy on Wikipedia and lists. They are the “controlled opposition” as per the authentic Protocols of Zion document. Where does this world known journalist says it? (at BBC One — see in this YouTube video at around 18:30)

    PRESSTV is government controlled and financed. How deep goes “the rabbit hole”? Is Iran the controlled opposition globally? look at their economy ….may be in a deep state of infiltration by Talmudic Jewish bankers thru front men???..

    NSA was very upset I shared this info with you because my computer went “b’zerqued” at the first attempt to communicate online this morning with you..

    • I have been aware of the jewishness in all worldwide leaders for a long time now. Thank you for sharing. They really don’t like this site, and they especially don’t like truth being shared here.

  20. SavageBlade says:

    Thank you for a great article. I’ve noticed it mostly on Sacha Baron Cohen. Remember how he acted out Borat few years ago? Making Kazachstan people look like morons, and in his movie even screaming out things like “kill the jew!”. How freaking weird is that? I always point that out when trying to explain people how twisted these jews really are. Then his little “sketch” of how they get semen from a bull in Kazachstan. Is that funny? It’s just vile crap that’s all it is.
    What’s coming more and more coming to the nowadays is how perverted these jews are: I only saw ONE small clip a colleague of mine showed me of some new “movie” by sacha baron cohen: I won’t even go into details because I’m sure you can look it up on youtube but it just came down to freaking bestiality porn with two elephants. Be warned but look it up I’m sure it hits: sacha baron cohen elephant scene. Some comedy thanks but no thanks. I just hate the fact that we have these vile creatures poisoning our world in so so many ways. Ans yeah like you said in your article: they refuse to LEAVE just like parasites!
    Check out movies with Adam Sandler (jew of course), and how more and more the “humor” becomes just sexist disgusting crap. One guy put it pretty nicely: when watching these kind of movies it’s like allowing a jew to take a crap in your head. And that’s EXACTLY what it IS!
    Sorry for ranting, but man I hear you..!

    • All of their movies disgust me. The level of depravity that is normal for them is almost impossible for others to fathom. These are not humans, so their bullshit is not something people are used to.

  21. Hiding amongst us. He is a Jew!!!! Subverted Nation is a Jew!!!!

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