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Fake Al-Qaida Leader Calls for Muslims to Attack

Fake Al-Qaida Leader Calls for Muslims to Attack

Here we go again with the same old tired routine.  It seems that the fake al-qaida leader Adam Gadahn is calling for Muslims to attack zionists in a new video recently released.  In the video, the media labels this fool as Adam Gadahn a.k.a Azzam Al-amriki, but they left out his real name, Adam Pearlman.

This jew has been charged with treason for acting as a fake Muslim terrorist leader. All jews are treasonous terrorists, and the punishment includes death. Time to break out the rope and balance the scales of justice.

Of course the jewish owned media has good reason for leaving his real name out, because Pearlman is a rat faced kike pretending to be an evil Muslim terrorist.  I have covered this a couple times, here is one example and here is another.  The jews have been pretending to be Muslim terrorist while engaging in terrorist acts for decades, as can be seen in the video with this article here.

Pearlman doesn’t even do a good job at faking an accent, and his strap on Muslim extremist beard needs a little work to be believable.  I like the AK-47 he throws in for a good touch, but who buys this shit anymore?  Look at this video and see for yourself just how ridiculous this jew actor is.  Does anyone really believe this jew is a Muslim, and all Muslims are on a jihad against us because of our freedoms?

According to this article here, Gadahn is the first American to be charged with treason since WWII.  The problem is, every last stinking jew in America should be facing the same charges, and should then be executed for their crimes.  The jews have already weaseled their way in, kind of like the kike in the movie  Jud Süß, which I suggest you watch.

Gadahn in 2006 became the first American to be charged with treason since the World War II era, according to the Justice Department. Authorities announced a $1 million reward for information leading to Gadahn’s arrest or conviction when announcing his indictment four years ago. The charge of treason carries a maximum penalty of death.

Now the jews can see you naked every time you fly. Next thing you know, you'll need a naked body scan to enter a jewish department store, and all this because JEWS go around blowing shit up to make you submit.

You’re god damn right the penalty for fucking with every nation on planet earth is death.  The jews are guilty of far more than treason.  Just look around this site, and then you can take your excuses for saving jews and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.  These jews are the terrorists.  Their media terrorizes our people daily.

They’ve pushed so far with their bullshit that now we are under heavy surveillance, and the police state is working it’s way into existence with every passing moment.  Thanks to fake terrorist attacks like the underwear bombers and shoe bombers (please don’t say you thought those were genuine attacks) Americans will now either submit like good cattle to full body scans at the airports, or very intense scrutiny from TSA authorities including pat downs to board a plane. Thankfully, there is an endless stream of idiots willing to give up freedom for security, like the ones in this survey here.

Over a third (35%) were not concerned by the prospect of a full-body scan and ‘couldn’t see what all the fuss was about’, according to the survey.

A further 15% said they would find it acceptable to take part as long as they couldn’t see the person operating the scan and the image was destroyed afterwards.

Only 7% of respondents disapproved of the new security measure, with 6% saying it would make them feel ‘extremely uncomfortable’ and 1% admitting that they would consider refusing.

You have to be fucking mad to accept a leash around your neck just so you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  The jews will bomb whatever airline they want, whenever they want, and no amount of body scanners is going to stop them.  You want to rid yourself of terrorism?  Rid yourself completely of jews.  The truth is, this survey is only presented to make you feel like an idiot for questioning naked full body scanners, and nothing more.

The jews have gained control of our entire government.  They print our money and charge us to use it.  Then they swipe what few crumbs you are able to get a hold of through wall street.  They have put us all under the boot of a system of debt slavery, and now they’re putting millions of Americans out of work and onto the street. Pretty soon, just feeding yourself is going to become a serious task, and all because you didn’t get pissed off enough, soon enough.

Where is the breaking point?  How much of this crap will you let them spew at you before you get angry?  Take a look at this faggot jew give a B rated performance trying to pretend to be the enemy.  He doesn’t have to pretend to be the enemy.  Him and the media supporting his bullshit message are the enemy.  We just need more people to realize that the enemy is a JEW above all else.

You can wait until it’s too late, and there will be nothing you can do to stop the coming of the jewish world order, or you can start supporting sites like SN.  You can start spreading the word far and wide.  You can start organizing through things like Real Oath Keepers, and you can start making a difference.  Whatever you do, the time is NOW.

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