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Dresden – The Real Holocaust

Dresden – The Real Holocaust

As many are likely aware, February 13th marks the 65th anniversary of the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany during WWII.  The event took place from February 13-15, and is one of the only parts of world war two that can literally be described as a holocaust.  Just for reference, a holocaust is a burnt offering, as I have highlighted before, but feel free to look HERE and see for yourself.

Hundreds of thousands of Germans were torched in a real holocaust, or burnt offering, in Dresden and Hamburg in 1945. Who were the jews sacrificing these innocent people to?

If you do look for yourself, you’ll quickly see that the “holocaust” has come to almost exclusively mean the deaths of six million jews, supposedly murdered by the Germans during WWII. This is simply propaganda, as I’ve stated before, so many times that I’m actually getting deja vu typing it out again. The only definition to concern one’s self with is the fact that holocaust means, literally, “burnt offering”.

The bombing of Dresden fits this description accurately.  The city was (falsely) described as a military target, when in reality it was a cultural center of Europe known for it’s beautiful Baroque architecture more than anything else.  Dresden was largely untouched during WWII, but that all ended on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day.  Unfortunately, those who had set their sites on Dresden were nothing like Cupid, and they had no interest in spreading love.  Instead it was allied bombers dropping thousands of tons of incendiary bombs on a civilian population in the most barbaric, inhumane firebombing in history.

Dresden was utterly decimated by allied bombing, and scorched to the ground by firestorms resulting from the use of incendiary weapons on a civilian populated cultural center.

Although labeled a military target, the outlying industrial areas of Dresden would remain untouched by the bombing raids, and instead the heart of the city would be bombed to death. Many refugees flooded into Dresden from surrounding areas as the German fronts were pushed back by allied forces and Stalin’s (jew) ruthless raping, murdering Bolsheviks (jews).  At the time, the population was said to have swelled to almost double it’s original size due to these reasons, reaching nearly one million people.

Within two days of the start of the bombing raid against Dresden, Germany’s seventh largest city at the time, fifteen square miles of the city would lay in ruins, consumed in firestorms that were so fierce they spawned tornadoes of fire, which would turn humans to glowing embers in a matter of moments.  When the raids started, many people foolishly refused to seek shelter, because Dresden wasn’t a military center, and hadn’t been touched during the entire war.

Ignoring the air raid sirens would cost thousands of civilian residents and refugees their lives. Dresden didn’t even have any air defenses to ward off attacks, and many were lulled into a false sense of security because it was one of the only German cities untouched by the whole of the war. Most Germans sought shelter when the sirens went off, but most didn’t believe they would be attacked anyway.

This is actually an image of the firestorm from Hamburg, Germany, which got the same treatment as Dresden, but not nearly as bad.

At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames.  Firestorms raged as many smaller fires converged into one huge inferno, tearing it’s way through the heart of the city.

Many of the people who originally sought shelter underground, to avoid the carnage of the bombs raining down on them, would unfortunately succumb to suffocation as the fire fed on the oxygen in the surrounding air. Many others would perish by being burned to a puddle of flesh, literally, but it would get worse before it got better.

This is a view of Dresden after the jews ordered that a massive holocaust take place to appease their insatiable appetite for blood and misery.

Approximately three hours after the first wave of the attack, RAF Bomber Command had the second wave on target.  The three hour gap between the first and second raids was specifically planned to give people enough time to come out of their shelters to escape the fire, and just enough time for the rescue teams to arrive and start helping survivors.  This is the same thing you see today when mossad jews set off a bomb, then time a second explosion when the help arrives, ensuring massive casualties.

By the time the second wave arrived, the thousands of fires spread across the city of Dresden could be seen from over sixty miles away by ground, and five hundred miles away by air, with massive billows of smoke rising ominously 15,000 feet into the air.  This second wave dropped their munitions on either side of the huge smoldering area to spread the damage even further bombing the main railway station (a place where refugees were seeking shelter, just like jews bombing UN buildings in Gaza full of innocent people) and Großer Garten, a park where many of the victims had gone to escape the fires of the first run.

Don't mind all the bodies that litter the streets in this image, or the bombed out buildings, smoke, and dust everywhere. Get used to it, because it's coming to America. Just a few buildings were bombed by jews on 911, but it can get much worse.

In just 23 minutes the bombers dropped 1,800 tons of bombs, setting off the aforementioned tornadoes that would cremate a human in an instant.  People on the ground reported seeing men and women running around with their clothes and hair on fire.  There were reports of adults burnt to a crisp, their bodies so shriveled from the heat, many were shrunken to the size of a child. The tornadoes of fire swept the streets, forcing many to stay in their shelters, only to die from heat and asphyxiation.

Pieces of bodies including arms, legs, torsos and heads littered the streets and the park. Dead rescuers, soldiers, civilians.  Men, women, and children were all sent to their deaths in one of the largest “burnt offerings” which were “wholly consumed” by fire, that the world has ever seen.  Even those lucky enough to make it out from their shelters into the streets would watch many others die as bombed out buildings crumbled and smashed them to death. Many would faint in the streets from lack of oxygen and burn to death. Some would either burn up and simply glow like a cinder, while others would be reduced to piles of mushy cooked human flesh.

To my left I suddenly see a woman. I can see her to this day and shall never forget it. She carries a bundle in her arms. It is a baby. She runs, she falls, and the child flies in an arc into the fire.

Suddenly, I saw people again, right in front of me. They scream and gesticulate with their hands, and then — to my utter horror and amazement — I see how one after the other they simply seem to let themselves drop to the ground. (Today I know that these unfortunate people were the victims of lack of oxygen). They fainted and then burnt to cinders.

Insane fear grips me and from then on I repeat one simple sentence to myself continuously: “I don’t want to burn to death”. I do not know how many people I fell over. I know only one thing: that I must not burn. – Margaret Freyer – Survivor

All the way through Valentine’s Day and into the 15th of February allied forces continued to bombard Dresden.  Many bombers unable to see from the massive amounts of smoke covering Dresden would bomb further and further out, spreading the death and destruction out for miles and miles beyond the city center. Supposedly some groups had primary targets, but ended up bombing Dresden anyway as a secondary target.  The truth is likely they all had orders to decimate Dresden, and so they did; over 15 square miles of it.

Dresden was left as a pile of smoldering rubble, much like the burnt offering by jews at the world trade center on 911. Today American troops continue to doll out this kind of devastation for their jewish masters on other countries. How long until it's our turn?

Within two days the allies had dropped 3,900 tons of high explosive and incendiary bombs on the civilian population of Dresden. The entire city lay in ruins, with absolutely nothing spared. Hospitals, clinics, churches, markets, schools, cultural buildings, chapels, residential building, stores, shops, insurance buildings, retail houses, warehouses, and everything you can think of was utterly decimated, but hardly any military targets were hit at all, because there weren’t really any to hit.

Some estimates state that nearly half a million people were killed in this horrific “holocaust” that is hardly mentioned at all in the history books. In fact, the official count is held at a paltry 25-60,000 depending on which source you look at, but the city had 650,000 residents at the time, and had swelled to nearly one million as refugees and wounded soldiers from other areas poured in. The Germans reported over 200,000 deaths in the days following the barbaric attacks, but this is brushed off today by jewish historians and publishing outlets as merely German propaganda.

So, what was the reason for this massive holocaust? The answer to this is really simple. The jews behind the war, Churchill, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt were likely acting on orders from the World Jewish Congress to reign down terror on the German people for putting jews into work camps. Germany was to be taught a lesson for trying to single out the jews, and even worse using them for hard labor. Churchill seems to be the source of these inhumane attacks, so listen to what he says:

It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed. Otherwise we shall come into control of an utterly ruined land… The destruction of Dresden remains a serious query against the conduct of Allied bombing. I am of the opinion that military objectives must henceforward be more strictly studied in our own interests than that of the enemy.
The Foreign Secretary has spoken to me on this subject, and I feel the need for more precise concentration upon military objectives such as oil and communications behind the immediate battle-zone, rather than on mere acts of terror and wanton destruction, however impressive. – Churchill in a telegraph to British Chiefs of Staff

See, Churchill and his jewish buddies knew this was nothing more than a terrorist attack of massive proportions. Instead of showing any remorse, he says we should look at it from a point of their own (jewish) interests, which sounds a lot like the kind of rhetoric spewed by jewish leaders in Israel as they slaughter Palestinian women and children for fun and sport today. Note the last part about “mere acts of terror and wanton destruction”, which fully describes what happened in Dresden. Also note “however impressive” those things are to this jew, because death and destruction is always impressive to jews, unless it’s their own death. Then they will do anything to avoid it.

Would you enjoy cremating the bodies of your friends, neighbors, women, and children like these people had to do? America is not immune to the devastation wrought on people's by the jew. Watch what happens as the usefulness of America slowly wears out. This will be you one day.

As we sit on the brink of world war three, I think it only fitting that Americans, and many other people who never experienced the terror of war up close and personal, take a good look at what happened before, because we can almost certainly expect the same kind of treatment to continue. If you think this was bad, don’t forget they did almost the same thing to Hamburg. Then they also nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people in more “burnt offerings”.

What you need to ask yourself is, do you want to see the kind of carnage people experienced in Dresden? Do you want to watch your neighbors running down the street screaming with their hair on fire, as tornadoes with flames like a torch singe your women and children in an instant? Would you like to scoop up puddles of mush, knowing those were once your neighbors? This kind of terror is still being rained down on people by our military, just like before, but you can rest assured America is not immune to the jew. It has a serious fatal infection just like Germany did, and only one kind of medicine can cure it. That deadly infection is the jew, and the medicine is the gun.

    • We won’t be taking any attention off of the jew here. Christians may be brainwashed, but I consider them victims, not the source of the problem.

      The ONLY problem we have is jews still walk the face of the earth. When that changes, then we can start worrying about anyone else.

      Kike Slayer, there is no question who the jews are, they are a fucking race, and your useless drivel about “who decides who is a jew” won’t be showing up here. In almost every post of yours is stupid goy/christian/freemason and all kinds of shit which you seem to like to use to take the focus off of the jew. Find a jew run website for posting that tripe. No wonder voice of venom banned you.

      Nobody has to “decide who’s a jew”, their fucking DNA decided that already. Seems to be a major influx of people like you recently trying to add in some kind of doubt here and there as to what a fucking jew is. Especially since I started making waves for big name jews like Ognir and Anna Baltzer, or since I bitch slapped the jews at Militia Radio, with the truth about the jews, etc.. The jew is a species that can be easily identified by it’s genetics, so you don’t get to “decide” who’s a jew.

      Anyone else want to slowly try to weasel in some kind of bullshit message that takes the heat off of the jew, and gives us reason to assume they are not a race?

  1. kyke slayer says:

    You’re all a bunch of jews, you, mark glenn, nate kapture, voice of vermin, all jews and I’m going to start a web page just to expose you all. Traitors to mankind.

    • Make your website mother fucker. You are a lying piece of shit with your “who decides who is a jew”. So now what kike? You thought you’d slip in and pretend to be a “kike slayer” when in reality you were just a KIKE trying to interject doubt as to what a jew is.

      You want to come here posting anonymously and playing your bullshit. Send me a photograph and a real name. Better yet, let’s meet in person so I can have a good look at you and snap some photos or video for everyone else to see.

  2. Well the truth does not need a bodyguard of lies. If a person is a crypto jew agent. Then out them. Then we will not have to waste time on them. It looks like the only way to get to the men on this site is to heckel them. A tactic that is a waste of time. So if if they are jews then this is just a puppet show and a waste of time also. So in the end nothing the jews do will save them from justice.

    • The only jews you’ll find here are the ones that keep getting banned for pretending we can’t figure out what a fucking jew is. A jew is a SPECIES with specific DNA. It’s not a decision that you get to make as to who is a jew or who is not.

      The only puppet show is jew bitches who come on here talking about aliens, saying jews aren’t a race, stating that “stupid goy christians” are the problem, or anything but the JEW itself like this “kike slayer”. The only waste of time is me having to delete all the jew propaganda people keep trying to post here, with their shit like “who makes the final decision on who is a jew”. The DNA does. This was the same person stating “DBS is right, not all jews are bad”. No wonder they’re pissed I deleted it.

      The one part you got right is there will be no saving the jews. They are easily identifiable, and there is no question as to what is a jew and what isn’t. Interestingly enough, after exposing the jew Ognir and the kikes at Militia Radio, there has been a massive influx of jews spouting their tripe here, not to mention having my book banned and youtube account flagged for “hate speech”.

      The crafty little cryptic jew messages don’t get published here, and this is where the problem comes in. I purposely published this fools comments to give them a public raping, and I welcome their “outing” me. In fact, I will publish a link to it for you, just for shits and giggles, so let me know when it’s done.

      Anyone else want the same treatment for pushing jew shit on my site? Just let me know.

      • I’m a very young but aware student of true history…I can understand the intensely strong feelings that are fueled by these issues…Believe me. My curiousity and concern is regarding the references to “the dna” that ID’s a “jew”? I’m curious in that my research would seem to lead to the term “jew” itself being a deception! Benjamin Freedman called them “so called jews”…The Khazars were an odd critter unto itself…Really Talmudic converts around 800ad. Isn’t the real problem with the term “jew” that it has been morphed into a “catch all” club rendered useless for anything meaningful? Like “antisemitic”? They are double minded…and their native tongue is double speak? If you would please explain the “dna” aspect? details? Thanks for any info! Mike

        • It’s very simple. Koestler made up a story about “so called jews” being the Khazars who converted to judaism in 750AD. This is a lie, because Ashkenazi, Sephardim, Italqim, Mizrakim, and just about EVERY other type of jew you can think of have the SAME DNA. There is no difference in ANY of them. The ONLY “jews” who don’t share that DNA are the Ethiopians (not jews).

          Your research has largely come from JEWS and this is why the DNA doesn’t make sense. The jews have been looking for a way to divide themselves up for centuries. There is absolutely no basis in reality for this idea of “fake jews”. They are all jews, and always have been. The term is not a deception. The deception is you thinking that some of them are different than the rest. However, this is not “opinion”, this is scientific fact.

          Another problem lies in the fact that getting your information from jews, you believe that jews are a religion, when in fact they are a RACE, or possibly even closer to a separate species. The jews LOVE you to think they are a religion, because then anyone can claim not to be part of the religion. Some jews could claim they are not one of the “real jews” too. You can’t get hook noses from a religion. You can’t get droopy eye lids from a religion. You don’t get genetic diseases from a religion. They love you thinking some are just “fake jews” who converted, and that those are the really bad ones, because that means a few can be sectioned off from the rest and saved from extinction.

          There is NO difference from one jew to the next. They are a parasitic RACE of creatures, NOT a religion, and not some “fake jew” converts. There are no separate group of jews who are better than the rest. They are all evil as fuck, and there’s no escaping it. The reason you haven’t heard this before is this is probably the FIRST TIME you’ve EVER run across an anti-jew site run by a HUMAN.

          • I’m aware of many perspectives ranging from innocent victimhood to Satan spawn…What I’m asking for (from you) is the “DNA” data you are stating? Specifics please as I’m not much for mere opinion…I’m not saying I don’t agree with much of what you are saying…I simply know too much about British Israelism not to be cautious when “jew baiting” is apparent…Have you read “The Union Jack”? If not, you should give it a peek! And let me know your response to the premise if you would? Thanks, Mike

          • What the fuck are you saying about jew baiting? If you think that’s what’s going on, then you need to be reading all the jew run anti-jew sites instead of this one. Have a look here:

            Read this part closely:

            Key findings:

            The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews of the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations of the world is Israelite. The Israelite haplotypes fall into Y-DNA haplogroups J and E.

            They are ALL THE SAME. You’ll note that the ONLY group of “jews” who don’t have JEWISH DNA are the Ethiopian (not jews). The jews call their common link “Israelite”, but this doesn’t mean they are true Israelites, it just means this is the name of DNA that links ALL JEWS TOGETHER. The ONLY ONES in the list without this DNA are Ethiopians, who are non-jewish.

            Hah, jew baiting my ass, whatever that’s supposed to be anyway. Don’t come at me again talking about “opinion” or “beliefs” or “ideas” or “feelings” or “thoughts” on the subject. The FACTS back up what I say. This is nowhere near “opinion” as you stated.

          • To poster “mike” This is totally about race. There’s no argument or debate or question to the subject. The evidence provided proves jews can’t section themselves into smaller fragments to save the tribe. They are all the same, and they have had thousands of years to change. Now they get no quarter. No need for time to sort it out, it’s already done.

            I don’t care what your opinions are. I don’t care what you “think”. I don’t care if you “think” the scope is too narrow. The jews are a race of parasites soon to be eradicated, that’s all you need to catch on to.

            As for the bible drivel, it too has no place here. This site is about exposing the jewish RACE and steering away from jewish doctrines. This site is about getting people ready for the first real extermination of this parasite. I have no respect for stories based on the jewish torah, period.

  3. Good then let the battle start. If I cannot see them and draw blood to test. Then I will judge all by their word.

    • Yeah, and the “word” of this person are the words of the kike like “stupid goyim christians” and “not all jews are bad”. Unfortunately, most of you can’t judge the words of the jews, because many are still listening to kikes like DBS, Hoofsmith, Ognir, and all the others. If they were any good at judging their words, people like me wouldn’t be here having to set the record straight and enduring the harassment, death threats, and the childish rantings of idiots who think they have a clue.

      Read the “word” as put forth by this site and you will quickly notice a huge difference compared to all the rest. Maybe you’ll even learn to recognize when you’ve been bullshitted to death.

      Thankfully, most jews can be judged just by their outward appearance and their deeds. This is another jew myth that perpetuates all over the supposed “anti-jew” sites, that somehow we can’t recognize them. I don’t doubt most people have no idea how to identify the enemy, but thankfully there are those of us who do that share this information so you might learn something.

      The battle began long ago, the enemy has just had you convinced it wasn’t a battle against YOU, so you would see no need to fight, and thus, you haven’t.

      • I have heard about the evils of the jews since I was a boy. But it seemed like the bitching of the old timers. It did not start to make any sense to me until now. They reached a tipping point with me. I have drawn the line.

  4. Jews are again trying to deflect away from the truth. That jews incinerated German civilians and killed them willingly just as they do to people today. Take a good look at those pictures jews. That will be YOU in the coming years. Americans are waking up to your lies and deception, in fact the whole world is.

    America has over 300 million guns, and the day is not far off that they will see clearly that it’s the jews that have been causing all the trouble, and sending their kids to DIE FOR THE JEW, for only jewish interests.

    That’s when the fun will begin, as you will try to take our guns because YOU MUST, and those guns will be turned on you.

    Vengence will be had.

    It’s a mathematical equation that you cannot change.

  5. I’ve known about Dresden for a while now as you have described it Adam. But it’s only as I had a look at the article you wrote when I realised the date of this crime and that really is a testament to the true power of censorship by the parasitic Jews. I can’t think of any other instance where a loss of life this big is not marked on the calender.

    Keep up the good work Adam


  6. Hi Adam, I so agree with what you are saying, if one Jew is left just like a parasite it starts all over again. Nearly 100 countries have thrown these parasites out of their lands in the last thousand years but we still have the jew problem today.

    You have told us about ognir and DBS, can you please let me know what you think of Rafeeq?

  7. Rafeeq is a Jewish convert to Islam…real name is Ruppert!

    • Agreed. Just another kike trying to play good guy. The whole clique of DBS, Hoofsmith, Rafeeq, Kaminski, and all their other lackeys are just a bunch of jews trying to keep you distracted from the fact that all jews need openly slaughtered for their non-stop crimes against humanity as a whole.

  8. The Jew is a Parasite and cannot fight its own battles.
    It would never have succeeded in killing Gentiles if we didn’t fall for their lies and turn our weapons on each other. We Gentiles must realize that we all share a common bond and vow to never kill each other again. The Synagogue of Satan is the enemy of all humanity. Let’s stop feeding the coffers of the International Jew with our lives and instead unite against our common enemy. No more Gentile slaughter for the Jew and no more financial support through the Central Banks of the world.
    Down with the Jewish World Communist Agenda. Remember the Holodomor. Never again!

  9. A 7.62 for every jew.
    I hope to send HELP soon.

  10. Remember Dresden…SN is right, no one is going to save us, but us, there is an enemy, you give the enemy nothing, but you take from it everything.

  11. Dresden,Hamburg,Nagasaki,Hiroshima…etc…War crimes committed in our name! But not committed by “us”!

  12. Dresden was a saturationbombardement…Berlin Also Was
    That Means frying Civilians
    Both Had No Militairy purpose
    This Was at the End of the War

    Whole ww2 was planned organised and executed by jews who conspired from with in USAgov…Britain..Poland…Russia….AND Germany

    Same Signature is going on Right Now…Palestines…Irak…Iran…as ww1…vietnam
    jews taking out and get possesion and power over Nations one by one with the help of dumbfucked Children´s Nations

    AFTER the War jews who totally commanded ALL Allied And Russian forces did execute an other 1000…Thousand saturationbombardements at 1000 German Cities
    Them spreading tyfus in Germany and Poland killed two million Civilians they later also spread AIDS..a polish jew on assignment in North Afrika injected 500.000 Afrikans in 1962 And Soon We had the First Famous AIDSCase Gary Grant…

    I Did Not Find 3th Party Sourches Yet to Back up My Claim of the 1000 After ww2 Extermination saturationbombardements…That is any way …a Very Common jewway …hidden with timeshifting Data

    But Datet Logistics Data Must be Around for Thousands of tons of pfosfor any Where…Big afterwar Fuelorderings …Maitenancereports of Planes

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    From Some Place Else….Same Problems….

    BIO GRAF 09-06-2010 03:48
    OH MY GOD…THIS MUST BE ..the family of the Exterminator of Mankind ..the kaufman that wrote a pré World war two book of why the German Race had to be exterminated to set up the Amerikan Society to Genocide…it even was published in the jew Human Race Traitorpaper new york times in 1941

    ……In that Case Britain is in Danger of being abused for Genocidal works

    The dna strang of this kaufman made sure that the german Race Became Aware of the jewplans of kaufman …
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    Jews in the british polish russian and USgovernments …AND in German Government ….DID conspire to get Germany into war
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    Germany of Course Also Was Knowing That at Some Point ..So That Might be the Reason germany Wanted Al jews Arrested And Separated from the Populations Where Possible !

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    Favoring them selfes usually from with in or helped from with in … by taxes subsidies Insurancefrauds problems with licences…low or no punishment when caught at Crimes..favoring them selfes all power and good payed positions…sending Us to war and stay behind..blaming Us and have them selfes payed Major by Us the Innocent Ones…favoring laws to jewindustry and against the Workers usually the Victim “host” Nations…having Us pay for Major scams and them of course…making them selfes Chronically “untouchables” by Ultra Rascist Separatist terrorlaws against the host Victimnations and gain lawsuit immunity for All of their Crimes and terrorism …And the List Can be Extended to be Much Larger Than Any bible of their spiritpoison ever written

    Who got hold of the 800 Billion Employmentinjection ?
    They even layed by force of terrorism and murderhits a bankingsystem on Us to Chronically plunder Us that Has Got No Lawfull Foundation But Severe on purpose Upfront Crime …a pyramidscam that has a go around of about 70 years and usually finishes of the Victimnations with war and Disasters to avoid Prosecutions and damagepayments !

    Then start the whole scam over again
    So the Whole Wide World in Fact Does Not owe them a Dime But Instead they Owe Us trillions of Trillions in All Kinds of Damages ..Guilts And Interests !

    But the direct Neighbourhood…
    Check for the Presence Of semites afrikans and jews scavenging the Vincinity of schools …those usualy do collaborate with jews in Crimes Against Your Children also in Case of drugging and grouprapes and prostitutions even from with in between the lessons !

    If You See a White Child or Young One in the Streets at Times It Belongs at schools Immediately Call the Non jew Police…if the Child is in compagny of members even Children same age( they escort the Victims for the customers) of other races Including jews ..even or especial even when they identify as “”thé”” teachers…Immediately Call For Non jew Police And Follow Them or Have Them Followed Where They Go So Police Can Find the “costumer” of Your Children….You Have to Urge the Non jew Police To ALWAYS Investigate for drugs and rapescars and Signs…fluids !
    The Kids are usually rapes Already then !
    Even befor …after ..and in between schoolhours …the Evenings…Watch it !

    Even in Nightlife And Youthplaces the jews and semites are lurking with GHB And heroin in their pockets for Your Children !
    The scum even hyperbrutally puts some of the Crimes on Internet And One Has Got to Have a Good Insight And Understanding of what Really is happening to the gangbanges jewvictim or One Does Not Notice the terroristsituation the Victim …usually drugged and Dizzy Dreamy or Sleepy … is in!

    On the Other Hand …All porn and brothelindustry is based on by them Very Young raped And drugged Children…usually at Kindergartens and elementaries Already …and Also equally hyperbrutally tell Us “it is normal…They want Them Selfes….for the Money (……those filthy moneymongering whores…deflecting Blames And Suspicions with those Humiliations and Bad words)””!

    All sexindustry is owned by jews and some semites and traces of diverts
    Sexindustry is a part of slavery…And Child abuse
    Where one is ..the others are around also and usually jews and semites on top of it

    In Every Nation the jewish porn and Child pornproducers and druggers are protected by jews in governments and lawsystems…Here in Holland We even have a jew sektmember ernst hirsch ballin who is protecting jewish Child porn industry And the Crimes done to the Children at elemenatries and Kindergartens from with in the highest position in justice
    He ordered his justiceoffices and courts to suppress Every Try to Investigate And Prosecute these Specific Crimes and terrorism by jewculture against Mankind

    I Believe I Am at This Point in Time beyond the Tenth murderhit Since I Write On Internet about the jew and semite terrorism and Crimes…Especial Where it Concerns their Crimes at elementaries and Kindergartens!

    Also My Ideas about israel´s geo political scams terror and secret sneaky plans they are very Not fond of…a Tell Tale that israel is terrorising the Whole World from with in the Own Governments And All jews are Because of That Absolute Traitors And terrorists to the Nations they say to serve !

    Most from with in policeforce court law justice secet services departments… and Some from jewmedia( in collaboration with jews from with in the Mentioned systems )

    Several sektmembers are spread over the political parties and institutions as they are massively present in court and justice..did the same and worse Crimes…and are keeping that way the Victims and Victimnations by the Throaths!

    Back to the Neighbourhood again…
    jews at schools…male AND females earn about thousand euros pér rape this way …that is about 1200 Dollar !

    A Remarkable Unknown rapesign when jews did rape a Child is also a Sudden Bad Eyesite ..and a Óf of this Planet Fuzzy Behaviour …A Sudden Wearing and Needing Glasses is Common !

    Maby Some Could Investigate the Past of when Children got a schooltrip or campweek And Compare that to the Numbers of Glasses And when They Started Needing Those And at What Age..I Suspect Age 3 to 4 And 8 are Most Likely.

    jews afrikans and semites do these Crimes in Every Nation they settle down usually together …where the jews always lead and organise the crimerings !

    They organise these Crimerings from Kindergartens up to the highest levels of governments and Society …one Big Crimepyramid !
    They take over Any nation they can and then wipe out the Gentile Populations from with in…in Many Several ways …but Chronically !

    I Strongly Warn Against campweeks and trips offered by schools institutions religions churches and governments they do abuse the schoolsystems massively and most of their Brainwashings monarch and other scumbagging is commited a lot at campweeks ..Do NOT hand out Your Children to any official or even Youth care…if You have to …are forced to…Check for the Substanses And Signs of Abuse and torture Afterward immediately !

    IF a jew male or female IS married in to Your Family …You AND Your Family is in Severe And Very High Risk Danger….óf….the Children…Nephews..Nices..Being raped abused prostituted to the semite and jewclans…the Woman marries to a jewman is in Very High Danger of being prostituted…Crime extrosion drugs and jewcrimegangmembers will find their way to Your Family.

    A relation or marriage to a jew or semite is usually upfront Based on rape and drugging …often even at early Childhood Already…at campweeks or trips…in the Neighbourhoods where jews and semites massively work together in abusing and drugging the Children of the Neighbourhoods

    When related with a semite or jew …Ask That Familymember if it is by rape…the Consequenses …Also for the Offspring is Severe for All generations to Come if the Situation keeps on Existing…by them raped Familymembers are usually Very Frightened …they make sure of that when they gangbang the Children at campweeks at elementaries or in the Neighbourhoods even at Their Own Parents Houses With the Paralysed Parents Present as I Experienced Also Again in My Present Neighbourhood!

    I Grew Up in a Family That Was Already Used for Generations ( Blonde And White an Extra Curse Concerning jewish and semite Childmolesters) by them And I Had a Life where jews …some of em became president and ministers later on…just walked in to My Parents House And abused Me and My Brother…When I Was 3 Years Old And My Brother About 15 Months That a Lot happened at My Parents Place…Nothing They Could Do …they also were the police !

    I Have Seen This in My Present neighbourhood Also Multiple Times …a Child Between About 2 and 8 …Especial When Blonde and the semites ….and jews always first …come running in and out of the Place…Parents are in a State of Some Kind of paralysing shock…an Other Reality Where Apparently No One Can Hurt Them Any More…These Crimes of Utmost terrorism are so Severe they leave the Victims With Amnesia…No Memory to What Just Did Happen!
    Usually they prostitutie the Toddlers and Kids also to their semitefamilies and jewclans

    Back to the Neighbourhood again

    Even Check if the Toothsurfaces are Damaged …they are evil and also earn Money off of rotten Teeth( forcing Children during the rapeweeks to chew on Sand) they do of of the Damages commited by the druggings rapes and tortures of the Children…and for Red Spots ( little Wounds)and swellings at Body and under the Feet….Between Their Legs and Between Their Bummy….Be Alert on Soar Troaths and as if they Seem to have a Cold …Then Look For Intestinal burnings in Al Openings And Scars Between the Legs Also( tortures with Solderingirons)….Look For Traces of antibiotics ( those are used to prefent infections by what is done to Them)

    Look for Signs of Being Tired …No Sir NOT from stying Up late…But from 24/7 Being mass raped and tortured…if that is Accompagied by a Soare Throath…as if They Have a cold…And They Act as if They Had the Best week of Their Lifes…You Better Call the Non jew Police!

    Acting as if They Had the Best week of Their Life is Because of Fear of Death to Them Their Family and Their Schoolfriends…jews make very sure of those Fears …also by tricks like blaming Them Selfes for the rapes the Violence and Crimes ans corrupting Them by having Them forced to collaborate in the Crimes..So They Also Feel Guilty And Bad Like Hell
    Also jews make sure the Kids will Think Now They are Only a no Good Worthless whore a secondhand whore…So That Feeling of Being the lowest Form of Life Also Shuts Them Down Out of Fear for Their Lifes…or the Fear of to must be a whore for Live when Own Race Finds Out They were “”had””

    Rest Assured…Every One is “”had”” even the male semites when they them selfes were Young…And Also All jews
    Semites use like techniques to Shut up Children and Kids !
    Also work together and with jews together in the Crimes …also after the campweeks in the Neigbourhoods and collaborating for their abuse …..heroin and sex industry..And extorsions with Child prostitutions to work their ways up to the highest ranks of Societies…And one day You call them dear mr president as already often happened !

    The Danger of Your Children Already are Victimised and Do Have the Mentioned drugs and chemicals in their Bodies is High …Very High!

    All Kinds of Severe Illnesses and Handicaps Will come in the years …the Existense after the Crimes !

    If Nations Become Aware of the Massiveness the Numbers And of the Consequenses …the Fysical And Mental Ilnesses And Handicaps And Also Damages from behavioural Consequenses And Drops of Lifequality … Lawsuit in Order of Many Trillions Should Become a Normal Way to Deal With the terroristsekt And their cells!

    Give a Copy to Your Local Non jew Police And non jew Population…as Already Mentioned Above Do Avoid afrikans and semites in the Action…Mentioned purpetraitorgroups are extremely Violent And Do not hesitate to wipe out a Family …as I Had My Chare of murderhits Already!


    Oh…And israel Did BP disaster to push Us toward Bloodshed against Iran…goldman sachs and the bp director sold their stocks in the weeks befor the Disaster struck …I REALY DO HOPE Amerikan Society Has Got Enough … Lethal Injection…stocks !!!

    I Also Hope You asap get to Understand what a psychopath can and will do …and then Realise that a whole Population of psychopaths exists that parasites on Our by them made Sufferings

    A Anti Christ a devil….Core And Sourche Psychopaths …Not one person ..But a whole population is the anti Christ and the devil!

  13. unearthedtruths says:

    I say, why argue Subverted Nation. I never argue because I don’t have the patience, I just strike, or kill. The reality will come and 3/4ths of the people will die on this earth. Many of which are the alien kikes, the degraded mindless copies, the educated warriors and the intellects only few educated warriors and intellects will remain here. The earth won’t put up with it. It already identifies us as the parasites, unless we connect with it by what we do, how we think and how we contribute to it… it knows our energy just like when we are around our fellow people. The earth is alive whether we like to think it is or it isn’t. Not to mention the universe is on its path to bring in Pluto, which is a sign of death, cleansing, rebirth, new beginning. Protect yours and others who are there to help! Cuz when the shit starts to fly… lets hope we don’t end up shitted on. Chaos.

    • That’s the thing. I don’t argue. I tell it like it is, or tell people to get lost. I don’t have time for those who refuse to listen, or attempt to preach to the preacher.

  14. Never got this info in HS or in college history. Hmm. Time to get some wordly educating. Thanks for the info. So many people are worried about political correctness and have fear to face the truth. The truth hurts! Thanks.

    • Yes Brenda a lot has been hidden from us all, especially in western countrries where Jews own the media, and direct the school systems and all of the publishing houses.

      The Jews worst nightmare is about to come true, that being western nations being jew aware, and sites like this that pull back the curtain and expose them for the slimy rat faced kikenvermin they are.

      I have no problems as with most readers here calling for their demise, in fact I think it’s a duty to expose them and deal with them. There is no greater good you can do in life.

      Thankfully they are NOT as “elite” or smart and intelligent as some people (mostly themselves) call them. Lately they have done more to damage their own credibility, they can’t help what they are!

      The truth hurts, especially for those over 30, and especially those over 50 that figure it out. Good thing is we can show the young guns the situation and they have no “feelings” towards jews that most of us have been through. They will see them as a criminal element and want them destroyed. We are here to see this process go through.

      It’s us decent humans that will rule the world, or these child raping lying sacks of shit… take your pick.

      Im hearing for the first time people on the street saying JEW. That’s huge.

      The cats out of the bag and humanity is closing in on them. The battle lines are being drawn all over the planet.

      It’s simple. You are either WITHE THE JEWS and bankers and the governments (that protect them)and they control, or you are AGAINST THEM.

      Let people know that far and wide.

  15. Thank you. I learn something new everyday.After watching this lecture and passing it on to my contacts I plan to read Irving’s books.


    The world is Awakening to the filthy fucking jews and turks.My ppl are not the only ppl that have suffered, meaning Armenians,Greeks,Assyrians,Persians,Syrians and other Aryans ppl.Every where a fucking jew or turk breaths there will be death,destruction,barbarianism and rape.Turks spend millions to cover up their fucking crimes like the fucking jew who helps them,shitrael also spends millions globally traveling around the globe not to reconigise the genocides of 5 million ppl…why? Because the fucking crypto jews suckered them youngturds into wars and genocides. Here you have the fucking jews who have masterminded all the wars and genocides in the world,stealing land from the dumb fucking turkish fuckbars,using the English to get them hooked on drug during WWI. If you look at the turkish history they came from fucking caves and shit.They’ve never achieved a fucking thing but stole everyones land.Jews and turks are blood brothers by DNA.The planet could do without these fucking parasites.

    l understand that the Chinese wrote the book on the jew! I beleive that the Japanese and many Asian Countries are very aware of jew scum for decades. l also know that some Asian Countries post “NO JEWS” on their business! LMFAO!

    • I understand you dislike turks, but I can’t allow you to put the focus onto anyone but the jew. The “young turks” responsible for the Armenian genocide were JEWS…keep the focus on the jew, save the turk stuff for somewhere else.

  17. Thought after the day….. an analogy after having a discussion with a black friend of mine. When people refer to jews as white, it’s about as accurate as referring to blacks as muslim. No? I mean there are black jews too are there not? I know there are white muslims.

    • Yes, there are black jews. There are jews of every flavor due to their inbreeding with all the races of humans. Obama’s mother is a white communist jew slut, which makes him a jew.

      • Brother Drew says:

        Alfred Rosenberg called them a counter race

        I guess a group of demons would be considered a “counter race.” There are MANY Mexican jews who are just about as ugly and visible as the white ones. I have also seen quite a few obnoxious mulatto ones, who are more difficult to spot, but it is still there. They are all definitely partially “Neanderthalic.”

        • Brother Drew says:

          I should say “lighter ones” as they are almost identifical in looks to the blue eyed ones, despite their smug and stupid self assurance to the contrary. And as for “mulatto”…I did not mean of 2 racially different parents, just biracial.

        • Yes, I often refer to them as neanderthal because they are a dumb, murderous, inferior race who’s genetics should have disappeared long ago, and I like that connotation. However, I am very careful NOT to promote any theories until we have the 100% solid truth. My experience tells me that if there are a number of jews pushing this neanderthal theory, it should be taken with a grain of salt…and there are a number of jews pushing it. I won’t say it’s right or wrong. My position is to reserve judgement until the point you know you can NOT be proved wrong any more. We’ll eventually figure out WHAT exactly they are…for now all that’s important is that they are depicted as ANYTHING which is NOT human…because THAT they are NOT! 🙂

  18. Im Aryan an proud to be fuck the jews lets stay pure

  19. Charles Martel says:

    Sept 21, 2013: American public opinion just prevented a US jew proxy attack on Syria.

    This is a major victory, and shows we are starting to win the war for hearts and minds!

    It gives more time for the resistance crescent of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran (Russia and China backed) to gather strenth for the inevitable destruction of the fake Rothchild terrorist state of ‘Israel’.

    Keep posting on news sites around the world and back these child rapists into a corner where we can repay them for the rape of Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, the United States, Palestine etc.

    Israel delenda est. Yehudi delenda est.

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