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If you even thought it would be productive to complain about the content here, or to attempt to debate the facts on this website, forget it, because facts are not debatable.

No quarter.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am French, and I have just created my publishing company “Fatherland Publications”. I am now working with a translator on a German book published in the thirties “Deutschland Erwacht” (Germany Awakening). Of course, this book would be definitely revisionist (I have subcribed to David Duke ‘s Newsletter and Barnes Review already). Recently, I bought the book “No Beauty in the best. Israel Without Mascara by Mark Glenn, and I can tell you that I will do everything to translate it in French language. Every book published by my company would be improved by myself. Mark Glenn, on the page 25 of his book give some information about Jew Child Porn Murder ring. It is not enough for me. I want to prove it in publishing some nasty pictures about those monstruous acts. It is the best way to destroy them! So, would you agree in helping me to get some pictures or full films about that? I know that some Italian TV channels have showed some parts of those films already. If you are located in Europe I might come to see you.
    Hoping to hear from you at your convenience, I am,
    Sincerely yours,
    Christian Meunier

  2. Meunier Christian says:

    Dear Sir,

    The first message I sent you is “awaiting moderation” but every phrase is important. So, would you have the kindness to contact me.

    Christian Meunier

    • ALL comments are moderated here, with good reason. The jew has enough of a platform to spew their shit, so you have to wait until I get around to reading through, replying to, and posting the worthy comments.

  3. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    I have a feeling that that Jews are likely behind the Newark Riots.

  4. Hi, Are you done writing on this blog? I stumbled on your piece about Oathkeepers. I think you’re the only person I’ve found who understands what a scumbag Rhodes is. I met the fat bastard in Lexington, MA when they first started. He screwed up shortly after that and inadvertently told me the whole thing was a scam, which I had already figured out.
    Anyhow, I wrote to see if this might interest you:
    I modified the original Declaration of Independence and updated it to address the problems we face today. While the original was signed by representatives of the states, our government is 100% corrupt and We the People can not leave our fate to any of the bribed politicians who misrepresent us. We the People have to sign this ourselves and throw out every elected official in the country and start fresh. That said, any elected officials who are honest (I know there are a few.) are welcome to join The People and sign their names. Exceptions can be made in throwing “all” of them out since the few honest ones should not be lumped in the criminal majority. Those honest few may prove themselves by promoting this solution to rid us of the corrupt ones.

    I’m John Best, a former Air Force Captain, still sworn to defend this country from Domestic enemies. That’s what everyone in Washington D.C. is, enemies, and it is our duty to rid ourselves of these vermin if we expect to survive as a free nation.

    As it tells us in the original Declaration “…deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,…” We the People have the power and once we recognize the abuse that has conspired to destroy our country, we certainly have the right to reverse that destruction. I see it as a “duty” but calling it a “right” works just as well.

    We have all been playing a foolish game for the last 100 years or more wherein we have two aristocrats shown to us on TV as our choices in every election. In every case, both choices are owned and bribed by the same people who own the TV networks, banks and corporations who ship our jobs to Asia and cause our unemployment. The choice is always the same, which bribed liar would you prefer to lie to you for the next four years. It’s foolish to keep playing this rigged game. We have to take control of the game. We are the governed and we have to consent to give them the power to act on our behalf. I do not consent to be robbed by the illegal Federal Reserve and lied to and sold out by the bribed liars who always misrepresent me. You should not consent to that either.

    So, here’s the plan. I put the new Declaration(DoI) on a petition site for ease of signing. It says it’s a petition from words added automatically by the petition site but that’s not what it is. It’s a legal document giving all of us claim to the rule of our country while evicting all of the bribed criminals who currently infest our government. We aren’t bound by any rules for signatures that our corrupt legal system might try to impose on us since We the People make the rules, not them. I would like to gather enough supporters to arrange for lots of volunteers in every town in the USA to collect signatures on the 4th of July at local events. Obviously, people can copy the new DoI and go collect signatures on street corners or anyplace they like at any time. (I welcome information of where I could put the new DoI besides a petition site to collect signatures online.)

    The key to succeeding here is to reach as many citizens as possible. People who want to make minimal effort by sharing this truly can save our country and take it back from the criminal bankers who stole our freedom from us through the Federal Reserve. The new DoI is also in the “Notes” section here where anyone can suggest changes, additions or deletions to what is there now. Remember, it’s you as part of We the People who have the power. Use it or someone will abuse it.

    Let’s do it! Take back the USA!!! Take back our Freedom!!!

    Email me if you’re interested. Don’t know when I’m liable to check back here.

    • No, I am still here. I don’t require any special document to declare my independence. As a sovereign living soul, I have always been independent. What needs done is the jews need eradicated swiftly and without malice. People must know it’s the jew, and must deal with the jew, or all else matters not. It’s really that simple. This will require more than showing people the truth. They must be awakened from their slumber like Sleeping Beauty. They are under a spell, and until that’s broken, things will progress quite slowly. More will awaken, but not at a rapid enough pace.

  5. 15-year-old girl learns the truth about the holohoax, submits a report and gets an A

    • Yeah, I saw this. I wonder if she is jewish herself, because most anyone else would be expelled for such a thing.

      • I’ve got all kinds of internet Kikes trying to befriend Me in this last Year– talking of Holohoax & Not Cutting thier jew demon bastard babies penises at birth– I tell them to convert to Solar Zionism & They’ll be a good jew in My Eyes.

  6. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    More or less Unrelated question: What is the flaw in leading by example?

  7. I have found out that the video game market is run by jews.

  8. Thanks for website:

    The Jews are the most wicked group of people on the planet Earth. Combine their wickedness with a delusion of grandeur and you have the makings of Satan’s twin.

    I have a lawsuit against a large group of Jews. The Jews who started the mess with my family helped my ex-husband to trick me into marrying him and applying for a green card for him while he used a fictitious name. Many years later, when I filed for a divorce, every judge who read my divorce action and saw that I implicated my ex-husband’s immigration attorneys did everything they could to stop me: 1) defamed in the paper; 2) kidnapped me; 3) put me in jail; 4) put me in a mental institution; accused me of violent crimes that I never commit.

    Believe it or not, I now have the upper hand against all of them, except — I need as many people as possible to keep an eye on the federal judge who is handling my case. His name is William E. Smith. I do not believe that he is a jew, however two of the appellate judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit are jews.

    The caption of my lawsuit: Cheryl D. Uzamere v.United States of America, et al, Case No. 1:2013-cv-00505. You can see my lawsuit here:

    HELP! I want to win this case. I sued for two billion dollars.

    Thank you!

    • A majority of the time, the name Smith is a jew. Not all people named Smith are jews, but most of them are. All attorneys, judges, and other “officials” are in on a massive scam against humanity. You really can’t win in their arena, it’s all rigged.

      • Does the same apply to Jones?

        • Actually it does most of the time. Same with Johnson. There are many names like this that I actually thought were “normal American names” that happen to be jewish. It’s not a 100% rule, because there are many non-jews with these names, but it’s certainly very close.

          • Actually, a real easy method is to study the names of so-called Black people in America.

            Any English-sounding name is most likely a reminant from American slavery and JEWS ran that enterprise, NOT Whites.

            If you meet a Black man named Bob Johnson, you can bet your bottom dollar, “Johnson” is a Jewish name.

            Study the last names of Blacks in America and your eyes will be opened to how widespread the Jews really are in Amerika.

          • This is very true. I used to think the “normal” American names were things like Smith, Johnson, Jones, etc. They’re almost all jew names, made up or stolen from other people of course, but the majority of people with these names are jews for sure.

  9. Commander Goyim says:


    Your site is fab and I have been away for a few years
    but remembered you by that article you wrote about
    9/11 “All The Proof In The World”

    It is unique to find somebody not “paid off” and I agree;
    all the willpower the Goyim can find must be used to
    fight jew traitors like Alex Jones. These Shabbos Goy
    must be named and shamed and eliminated.

    Someone said that no politician ever told the truth
    or he/she would be dead.

    It is going to be hard finding honest, bright men for
    this war (total war) against the jew.

    I have some fund raising ideas if you can email me
    and I wish you luck in the new/old crusade for the integrity of the Aryan race.

    • First, I didn’t write any article, “All the Proof in the World”. Second, I don’t call humans by derogatory jewish terms like “goyim”. All politicians are pieces of shit, as are all forms of government. If you have fundraising ideas, hit the contact form. I am not crusading for any one race, I am crusading for truth, justice, and humanity as a whole.

      • I hope you are also campaigning at the very least national for racial separation!!! (segregation) It’s the only way America will get back to the freedoms enjoyed pre-Martin Luther King days…

        • I actually think segregation isn’t a bad thing. Lions don’t hang out with tigers, even though both are cats. However, there is a much bigger problem to deal with here than multi-culturalism, which is a fucking lie that hurts everyone.

          I am campaigning to get rid of jews so we can build a sensible world. Period.

  10. Hi Adam ive been told to ask you this Question : Is Jeff Rense a Jew and if so how do you know for sure ? he said on an interview with Tex Mars the other day that he is Italian German and a little Irish

    Reason i ask you this is because someone said that you said he is a Jew !

  11. I had a longer email prepared but I realized that it could be summed up in one sentence: There is so much history behind their black magic spell casting symbolism that they have everywhere, that the most infinitesimally small amount of research would prove who these filth-mongers worship. Chosen people my ass … look forward to exploring your website.

    • Indeed. Everything goes back to magic and spell casting, demon worship, etc. So do not ever listen to any asshole who tells you to ignore these things. This is where the answer to their defeat lies, so look close.

      • Guillermo says:

        Perhaps the main cause of the populace’s hypnosis is due to the occult symbolism found in the dollar denominations. It does make sense considering everyone with few exceptions is exposed to it, and there is no alternative unlike TV, movies articles, etc.. and I believe also that due to its frequency that the spell’s power is amplified. It would be a GREAT misfortune for the jew’s prized symbol (the right side of the one dollar bill)to be besmirched. I like to think that money is like a river and it can be contaminated and yet continue to spread to its end spots. I hope you get what I mean.

      • Guillermo says:

        I want to add further. That this could possibly break the spell most non-jews are under. The river by which they control the world(money) has everyone under a spell. But the spell can be broken if the river becomes contaminated with some symbols as well. Letters are symbols after all. This this symbological spell casting should nullify itself. But more importantly once the river is contaminated there is no stopping it. Not you not I. Guess who would benefit? Anyway, I’m eager to hear from you since I see you haven’t posted anything this year. Something is cooking from both the Jew side and the human side. So much distraction, abnormally so this time of year, and no commenting from you. Like you’ve always said real revolutions are never televised!

        • Guillermo says:

          I would like to further comment that one’s greatest strength is also one’s greatest weakness. The jews’ avariciousness, moral depravity, consciousless mode of living and overall virus to the human race are the best ways to identify them. The Jew’s stranglehold through which everyone is affected both materially and spiritually through the occult symbols can be used to reach as many people from different parts of the world about the jew Lastly, karma is waiting its turn to take on the jew, and it will be COMMENSURATE to their evil deeds. Bye-bye jews!!

          • I agree. There audacity will be their own undoing. I actually can’t wait to see them crying victim and begging for mercy where they never gave any. That pathetic look won’t be enough…not one single person will have any feelings of remorse or sadness for them. I will make sure of it.

        • Just getting to your comments, my friend. Money is definitely at the center of the spell everyone is under, but there is also the whole media apparatus, fluoridation programs, chemtrails, vaccines and more helping this all along! We will undo it, no matter what it takes.

  12. God bless you.
    I’ve recently become aware of the scope the (Jew)Ashkenazi strangle hold on America. How would we go about getting Black America awakened to the serious problem ? We really haven’t got a clue to what’s been happening. I’m ready Bro.

    • At this point all we can do is keep spreading the message. There is an awakening occurring, and I am working feverishly on new methods to expose this to the masses. Talk to those who will listen, and have them do the same. Information is still paramount, or they wouldn’t have millions of little rats trying to combat what is said in places like this.

  13. Black people and people of other races will become upset when I say this, but here it goes:

    If there is a master race, Europeans/Caucasians are it. Sure, Europeans/Caucasians/Whites have engaged in enslaving others, great wars and other international crimes, but they are not the only one. More than this, Europeans/Caucasians/Whites have contributed more good to the world than any other race. This, I believe, is a fact.

    Even more than their contributions is a spirituality that makes them see their own mistakes and change them.

    Europeans/Caucasians/Whites are now the first group of people to see the horrible behavior of the Jewish community. The sleeping European giant is starting to awake.

    Those of us who are black, or Asian or Latino, we need to watch and learn from the “master race.” If there is any race of people who can fight the Jews and win, it is the White race. I’ve lived under the tyranny of the Jews. I can’t handle it any more.

    • There is no “master race”, only different races. There is nothing wrong with liking your own race, we’re all different. The one truth that can’t be avoided is that it will take a CONCERTED EFFORT of ALL RACES to defeat the jew. Anything less will likely fail, because the jew will use minorities against anyone who stands up to them.

      • Brandon William Hennig says:

        How can Jews be the “master race” when they’re not even human? They are DEFINITELY a seperate species of parasitical demons. You can’t be racist towards silverback gorillas. I agree that all human races MUST unite and destroy the zhid…

        • That’s right, and this point has been hammered home on this website just about everywhere. Welcome aboard, the more the merrier.

          • Brandon William Hennig says:

            I want to elaborate on what I said. While we all know the jew is in no way human, genetically (except for the genes they’ve assimilated from people), behaviorally or in any other way. People who are new to the jew problem will have an easier time accepting the word ‘race’ than seperate species. Unless they are directly seeing quotes of kikes admitting the seperate species deal that is. So the jew is a seperate species and in NO WAY human but showing how ‘racist’ they are against us is still the way to go.

          • I disagree with you on this on Subverted Nation (Adam?).

            Did you know that ‘Adam’ is a Hebrew name? Do you know what it means? It means to be rosy, blush, flush, show blood in the face. (as white people do).

            God told us (true Israelites/white people) that WE are the chosen people and that we must separate ourselves from the mongelized people of the land of which the impostor Jews are only a small part.

            We are told not to make an agreement (covenant) with ANY of these people, but rather to destroy them – even their children and animals who will remain loyal to them even after they are gone!!!

            Blood is thicker than water and even the Arabs (Canaanites) will side with the Jews (Canaanites) against the white Adamites when push comes to shove.

            You would be making a fatal mistake to think that the enemy of my enemy is my friend!!! God warns us against it. The Jews are the goyim (heathen) and WE are the chosen people – not them. They are Edmomites (one of the many tribes of the Canaanites of the Bible).

            Do not worry about the other minorities besides the Jews and trying to befriend them. Fatal mistake!!!

            Worry rather about pleasing God.
            When God is on our side, one of us will chase ten of them; and ten of us will chase one hundred of them!!!

            They are ALL united by their hatred of the white man!! Never forget that!!!

          • The problem for you is that you are going at this from a biblical perspective, KNOWING FULL WELL that jews have rewritten that book dozens of times. There is no fatal mistake in multiplying your forces against an enemy like the jew.

            The only GRAVE ERROR will be people who want whitey to fight the jew, the black man, the hispanics, the asians, the arabs, the indonesians, and every fucking other race on earth, when the JEW IS THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM.

            Only a complete and UTTER FOOL would pit himself against EVERYONE ON EARTH while the jew rapes us all. You will give the jew the RACE WAR THEY WANT, and they will own your ignorant ass. I REFUSE to be divided and conquered like a fucking idiot.

            There is but ONE RACE that needs dealt with here, and that is the jew. The JEW is the one that has all of the other races hating “white” people to begin with! You will play right into their hands. Take away the jew race baiting, and things will change real fast.

          • “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.” – – Deuteronomy 23:2

            Bastard in Hebrew (in the context of this verse) is translated “mamzer” (mongrel). This is why the verse goes on to say “even until the tenth generation”. A mongrel is a mongrel is a mongrel, no matter how many whites he marries into – even to the tenth generation (eg. a Jew).

            You show me a righteous mongrel and I will show you that he still believes that it’s fine if all whites worldwide marry only mongrels tomorrow and became extinct in one generation.

            Does that sound acceptable to you? It matters not to them, as we will just become like them which they see no problem with.

          • All this says is that jews can mix as much as they like, they will still be jews. Of course jews think it’s ok to get rid of MOST humans. Bank on the fact they don’t want them all wiped out, they need a host like any parasite.

  14. wellaware1 has some very interesting insight to these jewthings.

      • Guillermo says:

        I want to add further. That this could possibly break the spell most non-jews are under. The river by which they control the world(money) has everyone under a spell. But the spell can be broken if the river becomes contaminated with some symbols as well. Letters are symbols after all. This this symbological spell casting should nullify itself. But more importantly once the river is contaminated there is no stopping it. Not you not I. Guess who would benefit? Anyway, I’m eager to hear from you since I see you haven’t posted anything this year. Something is cooking from both the Jew side and the human side. So much distraction, abnormally so this time of year, and no commenting from you. Like you’ve always said real revolutions are never televised!

  15. It is obvious, that next shields for the jews are anarchy and atheism, they have predicted before long time ago, that early or later we are going to wake up so they have prepared, trap after trap, ideologies, behind which they are going to hide….So anyone who preaches such a sick ideologies is just another jew puppet…

    • I don’t know why anarchy gets such a bad rap. Anarchy is simply a lack of government. I’m all for not having some jackass punk mother fucker think they have some kind of authority over me. Who the fuck owns me? I DO! Fuck government. Common law is all we need. Not rulers.

      • Correct. British common law, upon which America’s legal system is based (except parts that changed after the revolution against Britain) has always in existence in America and it is based on Biblical law. Ten commandments, death penalty, etc – all the Bible!!!

        How about a prepaid system for everything and no taxes? Government idiots who don’t do their jobs, they go bust like any private company…

        • How about no government? Why the fuck do we need people with the power to rape, rob, beat, extort, kidnap, and kill us? Please explain why we need this. I see no use for it.

          • Brandon William Hennig says:

            We don’t the state itself is a parasitic jewish idea anyway. It’s going in the trash WITH THE JEW. No more shall anybody rule over anybody else. State = tyranny.

  16. You may have received an incomplete letter from me minutes ago. This has happened several times while trying to pass info to you. The page shifts suddenly and my work is gone. I do not know why or how this is happening, but you should be made aware.

    Now back to the matter at hand. Before I lose this again here’s a link for you to investigate, then I will attempt to give you my thoughts.

    I was researching Rep.Thomas Massie’s work in congress for an unrelated article someone close to me is doing with his help.I came across the above issue of the 28 pages of redacted 9-11 info he says needs to be released. As I was perusing everything I could find on this to see if they had yet to be released, I started noticing all the Jewish attorneys and politicians involved in this legal lawsuit by families of 9-11 victims.
    This has to be one of the biggest “smoke and mirrors” cases by Jews I have come across in a awhile. I’m sure if you do what I just did in the last few hours you’ll agree there’s something very fishy here.
    The Saudi who’s in jail for life,(Zacarias Moussaoui) coming forward now to rat on royal Saudi families for being complicit in the 9-11 attacks really bothered me. He has been in prison since almost the beginning of this so he’s either being paid off, or has been brainwashed to lie. I feel very strongly from all my research over the years that Israel had more to gain than anyone else. I’m not saying the Saudis weren’t involved but I would imagine they were working in conjunction with Israel if they had much at all to do with it.Probably just more slight of hand to throw everyone off the trail of Israel is my guess.
    From top to bottom this story is being controlled by Jews. It looks like maybe a couple greedy Jewish attorneys are chaffing at the bit to make some big dough off this and once again, the families will be locked out and ripped off.
    I did not know if you were aware of this story yet so thought I’d drop you a line or two to enlighten you.
    I will continue to follow this and follow the stinking money, and will report what I find along the way.
    Peace, Maureen

    • I don’t doubt the saudis are involved because the saudi royal family is jewish. They’re connected to it in many ways I’m sure but it was mossad jews caught red handed in vans full of explosives on 911. Either way, it was jews through and through.

  17. bdcguard says:

    The earth is a plane not a planet, it’s the truth. Jews push the global lie in every single medium they own. Think about it, the lie is no different than the holocaust lie but bigger. It serves a huge purpose of making sure we feel small and worthless. It’s the foundation of our programming. Some won’t be ready to hear this but others are ready. Just be forewarned there are shills there also. I recommend Eric Dubay, he presents tons great information on it.

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