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Comedy and Entertainment – The Enemy’s Weapons

Comedy and Entertainment – The Enemy’s Weapons

As the title says, comedy and entertainment might seem like nothing but fun and games to the average moron, but they are extremely dangerous weapons in the hands of the jew.  Here in the near future, SN will be bringing more information showing just how powerful these tools can be in the hands of your enemy.

Those who view comedy, movies, music and other media as mere "entertainment" do not yet have the eyes to see the real agenda.

A good friend, and real supporter of SN sent this particular clip to me, and we’ll get to that in a moment, but I want all of you who read this to understand the implications of not just comedy (as this clip will show) but movies, magazines, newspapers, television “programming” and even your favorite music, video games, and other forms of media can be, and have been weaponized by mankind’s one true enemy, the jew.

First have a look at this clip, and see if you can pick up on what’s really going on here. This clip comes from The Onion, a news satire/parody program that reaches, not only a huge internet audience, but according to articles like this one are also gaining contracts to beam their “programming”-I mean entertainment, into your homes via your television set.

Web and newspaper comedy favorite The Onion and the Independent Film Channel (IFC) are collaborating to develop a half-hour cable TV series called Onion News Network. IFC plans to air the show beginning in early 2011.

This is the second deal The Onion’s made in cable television; it signed with Comedy Central to bring its Onion Sports Network to the air a few months ago.

Here’s the clip, titled Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures, check it out.

Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures

Now, I know that many of the regular readers of SN will find it rather funny, and damn near spot on target, and it is to an extent. However, there is danger in this kind of satire that many of you just won’t catch, so I will outline it for you.

First, the video touches on some extremely important current issues, and do not doubt for a second it’s actual purpose is to dissuade you from the type of thinking outlined by the fake author being interviewed.

The comedic "grabbler" presented by The Onion are meant to do more than just make a funny, and this is no laughing matter.

It starts off with the idea of imagining a typical greedy jew banker swiping all of your money, and hiring only their own kind, leaving you out of work. This happens around you every single day. They even use very specific imagery of the typical greasy hook nosed jew. The “author” has you visualize the jew problem as being whisked away into dust by a “purifying wind”, and replacing that imagery with one of “peaceful meadows full of lilies swaying in a gentle breeze”. With the “author” talking so soft and sweet, doesn’t that make you feel better about the problem already?

You should be able to see already how this works, but for those who don’t, I’ll explain. To your conscious mind, it all sounds just as silly as it’s presented. The problem is that your subconscious mind only sees things in a literal sense. It does not have the ability to reason, and it is completely unable to use any logic what so ever. So, when you are told to visualize these problems simply fading away, and replacing the imagery with something soft and sweet, this is exactly what your subconscious mind does.

It’s very subtle, but this kind of neuro linguistic programming works extremely well, and your enemy is seasoned in this practice in ways many of you are unable to imagine. These are the kinds of techniques taught in the secret mystery schools to all of their kind. This is the stuff you often miss, that is playing a vital role in their battle for your mind, bodies, and souls.

Next, the fake “author” slips in a very important piece of programming, with a very low voice saying, “they’re not scheming, or trying to rob me”, but if you believe that one, I have some land to sell you. Again, consciously, you may not be buying into it at all IF you are one who understands the jew problem, and knows your enemy well.

The problem is, 90% of the people on planet earth do not know who this enemy really is, they do not recognize the “grabbler” as the jew, and they are utterly clueless as to how serious of an issue this really is. After all, it’s presented as a simple comedic parody, but it works it’s magic on the mind just the same.

Mind control and brainwashing is often far more effective, and far more subtle than you think.

I suggest those of you who do understand the problem, and even those who don’t, to actually make a very purposeful, and conscious effort to tell your own subconscious that this isn’t funny. Tell your subconscious that these “grabblers” are hook nosed JEWS, and that they are BEASTS. Tell your subconscious that they represent the most vile, evil, and dangerous threat to you, your entire life, and the lives of those around you. Tell your subconscious that it’s NOT OK to exchange imagery of this dangerous enemy for something soft, sweet, and peaceful. Make a conscious effort to tell yourself out loud that it’s NOT OK to ignore this problem and imagine it simply fading away to dust. Let your subconscious know that this problem is real, and must both be solidified in your mind, and kept at the forefront.

You’ll note that the fake “anchors” actually help anchor and reinforce this programming in your mind by saying “whoa, that really works” and the other says “I feel so relaxed”! Whatever you do, don’t dare relax your guard and allow this type of chicanery to hoodwink you.

Next comes the “blabbler”, which relates to the typical stereotype of the whiny, argumentative jewess, whom many of you come across in your daily travels, and unwittingly bear the sting of having to listen to. This type of jew (which can actually be male also) is the one that gets under your skin, and makes your stomach turn. This is the one that makes you want to slap the dog shit out of them, because they are so devious, underhanded and unscrupulous. It’s even reinforced, as the other was, with a typical caricature of the nasty old hook nosed jewess.

Pathetically annoying blabbering jewish women are something everyone detests, and with good reason.

The “blabbler” represents all of the “negative energy we experience when dealing with difficult personalities”, which describes the typical jew to a tee, because jews are nothing like humans, and are a serious pain to stomach. They are “people who love to argue, and complain in nasally voices”…yup, that’s them alright, no doubt about it. Note the male anchor says “they’re everywhere too” and the pseudo author replies, “they are, they’re always lurking like rats”.

If you’re smart, you will realize that this is exactly the kind of imagery that this website pushes about these, well….rats. Unfortunately, not many others do, but you can bet your bottom dollar this kind of “programming” has come about thanks directly to websites like SN. Go ahead, look around and you will see that there are VERY FEW IF ANY others working to dehumanize the jew in this fashion like SN, so you can thank sites like this for helping throw a wrench in their cogs. If what I do here wasn’t damaging, they wouldn’t be going to this kind of effort to combat it. Remember, where there is smoke, there is fire.

The pseudo author tells you that to combat this, you need something better than visualization. You need a real physical distraction to get away from it. This is again reinforced by the female anchor who says, “I feel better after my yoga class”. Go right ahead and think it’s a game, because they are telling your subconscious mind that it’s better to find a powerful distraction, than it is to deal with the source of the problem head on.

The Onion's little parody teaches you to use physical exercise to ignore serious issues. Exercise is great, but don't allow yourself to be tricked into ignoring our problems.

Here the method changes slightly from pure neuro linguistic programming to Hegelian dialect. Hegelian dialect works by presenting a thesis, i.e. removing the stress of dealing with the jew head on by physical exertion and distraction. Next is what’s referred to as the anti-thesis. (In this case, one close to what SN suggests. Keep in mind, these aren’t the tactics promoted by SN at all, but it’s their relation to taking serious physical action against your enemies, which SN promotes heavily, that this particular snippet is dealing with.) The antithesis comes in the form of “throwing flaming bottles at certain houses” and “even sneaking in through the back doors and setting their curtains on fire while they’re asleep”.

The pseudo male anchor sums it all up by saying, “working up a sweat to rid yourself of that stress”. This is the final step in Hegelian dialect called the synthesis. By presenting you with both the thesis and antithesis, the mind is left in a confused state, and this ultimately leads to preserving and saving the original idea proposed in the thesis, by presenting it’s opposite. This method of dialect actually resolves the conflict and solidifies the original thesis, which is then reinforced one last time by this final comment of the male anchor.

In fact, if we look at the Merriam-Webster definition of such, this is exactly what it says. The definition below can be found with more information about the Hegelian dialect tactic here.

.the Hegelian process of change in which a concept or its realization passes over into and is preserved and fulfilled by its opposite… development through the stages of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis in accordance with the laws of dialectical materialism ….any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict

Indeed, you may think this is all just a laughable parody. You may convince yourself that they actually said the kinds of things you might genuinely want the unenlightened and/or ignorant masses to hear, but that was not the case at all, as I have proven. You may also “think” that what I’m presenting here is pointless, because you’ve been convinced that you have the “freedom” to do and “believe” whatever you like, but you can’t change the truth. The truth is that, specifically what I am highlighting is happening in this comedic parody, and is indeed 100% fact.

The Onion has a huge and expanding audience, so imagine the damage they are able to create with a propaganda piece such as the one described above.  There is certainly “no mercy” in their attempt to discredit legitimate discourse, and in return, they will receive NO QUARTER from SN, what so ever.

News Without Mercy
The Onion News Network is the most popular 24-hour cable news network in America, delivering hard-hitting, up-to-the-minute reporting to more than 100 million households nationwide. Globally, the Onion’s network of branded channels and services reaches 811 countries in 152 languages.

Important Addendum

The good news is, SN is making a dent, no matter how small that might be, and has caused MANY so-called “anti-zionist” websites to change their tactics. It has made an influence, and even triggered specific responses from both mainstream media outlets, and other portions of the “entertainment” industry.

We must work together to succeed, so be a real supporter of those who work to support us all.

Take a look at SN’s ranking at Alexa here.  Even though traffic is slightly down as of late (due mostly to my lack of recent posting more than anything) SN has actually gained quite a following, and is hitting harder than many of you might expect.  SN is now ranked 310,225 (as of this posting) by Alexa in these united states, out of the millions upon millions of websites online.  World wide, SN is ranked at 666,431 (again, as of this posting) out of the untold millions of websites around the globe.  Let me assure you, ranking this high is no small feat.  (Note the devilish number 666, which is out of my control, but with your help, we can push it back to where it was, which is in the top 400,000 websites around the globe.)

If you like what information is presented by this website, and consider yourself a “supporter” of it’s message, then actually get off your ass and support it. If you’d like to be a real supporter, like the one that sent this video to me, which in turn, sparked my interest to bring you this critical analysis, then actually be supportive. Head over to the donate button at Real Oath Keepers (my other website) and do so by clicking here.

Volunteers are needed. Help the resistance by posting bulletins, passing out fliers, and sharing the information here in any way you can.

Yes, I realize many of you in this movement that never moves, have been programmed by other “anti-zionist” sites to think you shouldn’t support those on the front lines, but without a supply line, the front line is ultimately destined to fail, as is my energy and ability to bring you this vital information. SN is indeed making a dent, but it isn’t without real supporters that this is able to happen.

At the same time, you should be posting articles and links from here all over the web. You should be sending everyone you know emails with information provided here daily. You should be making fliers with info and links to SN and putting them everywhere. You should be posting this stuff on the bulletin boards at laundromats and anywhere else you can. You should be printing copies of Basic Training for Revolutionaries and passing them out to friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. You should be putting copies of information on disks, and giving those away freely.

Most of all, you should be showing some real support those who have given their time and energy to make this possible. So, get over there and donate a few dollars to help make a difference for those who need it most.

  1. Great article Adam.

    I don’t think many of the new jew aware people still know to what lengths the jews attack non-jews on a daily basis. They are unforgiving and relentless. The lengths they go to, to get inside peoples heads, and then laugh it all off….just sickening.

    Don’t anyone out there ever trust a jew. It will cost you. They rely on gullibility and naivety . Be what they hate the most, and fear the most. A well informed, aware and pissed off human being, focused totally on them.

    It’s not hard to see they try to distract and deflect attention from themselves, but as this video shows (and others), they will tell you TRUTH then laugh it off as a joke. They do the same thing in movies. They will tell plenty of truth, then mix it with lies and fantasy, so that when you talk about to people about BANKERS and how they fund revolutions and war, they will laugh and say “Oh I saw that in the movie THE INTERNATIONAL”…..and look at you like you are crazy……”Dude saw that in a movie, and he thinks it’s real!…haha”……

    They are fucking with your mind plain and simple, and it will get worse, much worse as the years go on. They will make normal sane reactions to acts such as pedophilia seem “insane”. They will make questioning ANYTHING they say or do as insane, and make jokes about “sane” people on tv and the net. They know herd mentality, and will use it.

    People think the movie HOSTEL (jew eli roth) was just a good movie. Jews are sadisic, but not smart enough to make this up. Im betting it was based on reality, as plenty of backpackers go missing in eastern europe. One Australian girl went missing and the local police did not help at all, and all the security tapes of the bar she was last at went missing. What about Natalie Holloway and jew Joran? Think of the massive network that helped cover his tracks!

    Then they make movies about people going missing and getting cut up and laugh about it. Thats the jew for you. The “deflection” in the movie “Hostel” was the ISRAELI guy in it…..just to throw you off the jew scent……

    They will make movies like INGLORIOUS BASTARDS which is just a jewish wet dream. Based on no reality whatsoever, the aim was to make jews look rightous and superior…..going after “jew hunters”.

    The amount of propaganda they have and the layers of it (the onion!) is mind boggling…until you “get it”. Then you just see right through the disgusting vile crap they pull, and you will also see that the so called truth sites out there saying they are against ISRAEL and ZIONISM, are full of shit…..thats NOT the whole problem, and deep down you know it. Getting rid of Israel will not stop them. It’s bigger than just Israel.

    It’s time to stop peeling back the layers of the onion, and simply crush it.

  2. Thanks for the article. Awesome points.
    I don’t get cable TV. Had it yanked years ago when I began to feel nauseated and disgusted with the cable bill and the shit that was filtering through.But I’m surprised to see that this skit from The Onion you posted described the enemy so accurately. It almost makes me think there’s progress in the ability for the humans to recognize the beasts.Hopefully the humans who see this Onion show won’t think it’s funny and cute. I need to laugh at something that is really funny.But my idea of funny is Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. Got any ideas for decent entertainment?

  3. Bismarck says:

    Just keep on promoting this idiotic multiculti “anti-Jew-only” bull shit…it will go nowhere. It is time to reveal the truth. If you think it is not time, you are a fool (or a shill). If these idiots can’t get it by now they likely never will. Quit acting like Jew hufshit and cut to the meat! Or are you working with him, daryl, and the rest? Don’t give me that shit that “well, they need more time”, NO, the time is now! Lets get with the program, idiots. The more you fuck around, the more you fuck up. We are tired of hearing “anti-zionist” right? Well it’s time to spill the beans about the rest of picture, and that includes the racial problems. I don’t give a shit what “commander” hufshit says.

    • Don’t dare come at me talking shit bitch. You’re too god damn stupid to realize the jews want you stuck on the racial issue, so you will NEVER get to the jew. Plain and simple. Go ahead and play supremacist like a kike and pretend HUMANS can’t unite to fight off the jew. You’ve got to be about dumb as a fucking rock to try and make the JEW issue an issue between whites, blacks, latinos, arabs, asians, etc. The issue is, and always has been HUMANS vs. JEWS. Hufshit is a kike, but you’re just a stupid mother fucker. Where do you think you’re going to go that is NOT racially “integrated” in today’s world? Do you think “white” people (or ANY race for that matter) have the power to fight off every other race AND the jew at the same time? Seriously, do you really believe that? You fucking moron, I did not make this a “multi-cult” society, so don’t blame me for stating the obvious. You either unite with ALL of your fellow countrymen against the jew, or YOU WILL FAIL. It’s not something your ignorant ass gets a choice in. You either do it, or die fighting the whole fucking planet. Got it? GOOD. Hufshit might be your commander, but I don’t bow to jews, so you can shove that shit up your ass. Are you really so stupid you would shoot your own foot before the battle even begins? You need to think long and hard about that one. If you want to talk about the race issue, how about this. White man helped the jew ethnically cleanse the natives who have more right to this land than you, so now what????? HUH?? Get the fuck off your pedestal mr. high and mighty.

  4. Look at this from Mike James in Germany. He has always been “anti-zionist”, but look how they expose themselves!

    “My fourth advisory principle is this: Release yourself of any anger you hold in your heart, whether directed against yourself or any other human being. Most of us are angry, not because we perceive flaws in those around us, but because we are singularly unable to come to terms with, or, at least, change, those aspects of ourselves that bring us the most grief. ”

    “Which brings us to the question I guess most of you have been waiting to hear: What about the Jews?

    Well, what about them? Those I knew at school, college and in my profession as a freelancer in London were, to me, just as English and decent as English and decent could be. Some became my best friends. They weren’t parasites or scroungers, but remembered my favours in terms of a Scotch or a much-needed cigarette. I loved the guys, and so it did not bother me in the least that most of them slid almost seamlessly into positions of executive authority into almost all divisions of the corporate UK media. I put it down to ‘talent’, or that universal cop-out, ‘synergy’.

    That said, I never resented the fact that my lesser talented English Jews got to the top of the media ladder before I’d downed my last beer and made a stumbling move to mount the third rung. Besides, they never forgot me, and threw a whole load of contracts in the direction of “Good ‘ol Mike.”

    “In 2008 I was prosecuted by the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Who stood by me and offered me moral support? A German citizen? An Englishman? An American Christian? No! A French Jew who insisted that the so-called ‘holocaust’ was nothing more than a lie designed to extort from Europeans vast sums of taxpayers’ cash in memorial of a ‘crime’ that simply did not happen.”

    “My fifth advisory principle is this: Accept every Jew as your fellow countryman and compatriot until he proves otherwise.”

    “My seventh advisory is this: Love your fellow human being, whoever he or she may be. We are all about to face a severity of economic hardship unknown to even the eldest among us. The ruling elites will rejoice at our apportioning the blame to this group or that. They always win by means of dividing us and setting us at war with one another. ”

    They expose themselves by what they say. No normal human that knows about jews would say “Accept every jew”…..what kind of psycho babble is that?

    Mike james has had a nice ride crapping on about his life and how bad it is in Germany, but his latest article shows that jews and their puppets have hit a brick wall. James now says to accept them and love them. HUH? Sounds like what Kaminski said.

    In the end these pricks can only go so far, and it’s funny to watch them reverse on themselves. The end is nigh for them!

    • Sounds like a jew ass kissing scumbag to me….might be a good idea to look into his heritage. Let’s see, Kaminski says we should LOVE THE JEWS. This guy says we should LOVE THE JEWS. Mark Glenn says we should HAVE THE JEWS HELP US fight off the jew problem……No wonder everyone that comes here is so fucking confused. They can’t even figure out when it’s a JEW telling them these things.

      • Yeah this is Mike James.

        Again this is humans vs jews, and he has picked his side. The net is full of half hearted confused (or disinfo agents)people. Even incogman says this-

        “Sure, you can use what a precious few of them who tell the truth to awaken other Whites to what they do. That’s just being strategic. People like Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathan Kapner, and Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein seem to be honest enough Jews”

        “All this “good Jews versus bad Jews” bit is confusing us here. This goes to the heart of something called “collective guilt” or excuses for “collective punishment.” All Whites should be intimately familiar with the concept since they’ve been laying the slavery guilt trip on our asses for many decades now.”

        Sorry, but I see NO CONFUSION. What the fuck is up with everyone? IT’S ALL JEWS(and their weakling puppets) VS EVERYONE ELSE-GET IT???

        • Yes. I get it. It’s sad. So many people are afraid of the “antisemite” word. What in hell is a “semite” anyway? I think it means Arab as well???

          • A semite is a descendent of the biblical Noah’s son Sem (Shem). So yes, Arabs are semites. About 90% of jews today are called Ashkenazi jews. In the Bible, Ashkenaz was the grandson of Noah’s son Japheth, not Sem. So most people who call themselves jews today are not semites at all. The term “antisemite” is a completely bullshit word that jews made up to label anyone who criticizes the jews as a racist, even though jews themselves are the most racist horrible people on earth.

          • Remember the bible is a fable full of allegory and metaphor. What jews really are has yet to be completely discovered, because this they are hiding more closely than anything else. Anti-semite is indeed a bullshit term, but the true origin of the jew is still a mystery, and no theological text holds a TRUTHFUL answer to it.

  5. Bismarck says:

    Too god damn drunk last night to be posting.

  6. Bismarck says:

    “Where do you think you’re going to go that is NOT racially “integrated” in today’s world?”

    I live “out of the way” and can refuse to have anything to do with the “racially integrated” cities. Might try it guys. 😉

    • Here’s something funny. Out of the way doesn’t matter. You can’t just stay “out of the way” and not be affected forever. With the way the population is growing, you’ll be in the middle of it soon enough. Have you ever looked at google earth? It’s a SMALL SMALL WORLD…there is no “out of the way” anymore. Oh, and “out of the way” won’t be when they release a biological agent. Just look up at your chemtrail filled sky and tell me you’re “out of the way”. You can’t stay out there “out of the way” and fight off the jew…you can’t reach them from there. So, when you get “in the way” you’re going to have to face other races. Are you wanting to pick a fight with them, and never succeed in getting to the jew?

      I’d lay off the alcohol while you ponder some of these thoughts. You only think you can refuse whatever you want, but if they release a biological or chemical weapon via chemtrails, you can’t refuse that. When they starved nearly 10 million Ukrainians to death, many of them were “out of the way”, but they couldn’t refuse letting the jews come in and steal their grain and food stores. Be rational, not emotional, and think like a warrior…not an adolescent. Ever seen any real battle action? Guarantee you wouldn’t give shit what color the guy next to you was if he was covering your back.

  7. Bismarck says:

    For now I’ll do what I can online. When I see some REAL progress (like a real fucking army) than i’ll join and be “in the way”. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Why wait for a “real” army?

      You see those addresses listed on there? Why can’t solutions be at the individual level? An army is comprised of individuals. It’s individuals shooting individuals, not some Voltron conglomeration attacking another.

      Maybe you can go have a … chat with some of the people causing problems who are in your neck of the woods…or maybe go on a road trip?

      • What good is chatting with the enemy going to do? Sure, you could go on individual rampage if you like, but you won’t get far, and you make everyone else look stupid…at least, that’s what the media will do with you. However, if you have 50,000 people all on the same page, saying the same thing, ready to fight for what’s right…it’s much harder to do so. An army is NOT a bunch of “individuals”. A team doesn’t consist of “individuals”, it consists of ONE BODY that works towards a common goal, WITHOUT playing this “I” or “me” bullshit. Chatting with the enemy is what fake “activists” do to make you think they’re accomplishing something. What good does it do to talk to a rattlesnake about biting your ankle? The rattlesnake doesn’t care what you say….Waste of time, but people sure buy into it!

  8. You are right with this comment against Bismarck: “Go ahead and play supremacist like a kike and pretend HUMANS can’t unite to fight off the jew.” Because Bismarck is talking like this ratfaced-jew, and is not telling his audience who is behind all that only for the jewishtribe profitable goyim mongering goyish carnage… Why is this ‘soldiar’ not informed about the criminals behimd 9/11 and what caused the reason why the world is now fighting this wars for the sake of that nazionistic criminal state (Piss/Shit-raël) there in the middele east? Now Hufschmid is also ‘learning’ us that Quote: “We might also discover that the Jews who are the most troublesome have little or no genetic connection to the original Jews of Palestine from 2000 years ago. The original Jews may have interbred with dozens of different races, but the disgusting qualities of the Ashkenazi Jews may be coming from their Khazar ancestors, or from the Huns, or from the Neanderthals, rather than from those original Jews. The Ashkenazi Jews may have given “Jews” a bad image.”(!) What the fuck is this? Are their greatest stealth operating shills with this crap losing their desceptive “jewifighting” ‘credibility’? He is stating that the reputation of all semitic jews is damaged by their own ashkeNAZI children!? This is the same insane and dirty game they are trying to play (goy-mongering) with us in the clip of your article Adam… Sorry about my terrible grammatical English but my mother tongue is Spanish/Dutch. My English is fine but only outspoken. 🙂 Your information against this deadly cancer of all humankind will be good promoted here in Europe!!!

    • Yeah, Hufshit wants to pretend that they are somehow separate from one another. He’s very good at mixing jewish propaganda with his bullshit message. How would all the semitic jews and ashkenazi jews have the SAME DNA if they were different? I think you got it right that he is failing, as are many of their other shills, and it’s definitely thanks to websites like this one who take no prisoners and GIVE NO QUARTER!

      Your English is far better than the two words I might know in another language, so thanks for your input and support!

  9. YankeeRebel says:

    The jews are master deceivers and mind manipulators.Their goal is first to wipe out the White race and then to enslave the rest of the remaining races.The control of the media & entertainment is part of the plan.They know how to use these weapons of propaganda to influence the masses to think in the way that the jews want them to think.I watch very little TV now and I’ve noticed how much more I can think for myself and form my own opinions about current events.

    • Bismarck says:

      Roger that

    • Stephen Wolfe II says:

      I would disagree with a few things mentioned Yankee. They will never wipe out the “european” tribe, because we are thier overshield from the other tribes of the world. A pyramid crumbles from bottom to top. This is why being the capstone is so important to the jew.

      Another thing that noone seems to grasp is there will NEVER be a collapse of any kind that they do not already control completely. In other words, waiting for something big to happen in order to move is fucking stupid becuase that is the exact headgame they use to snare people. You wait around forever in a fighting mentality and exaust yourself waiting for something that never happens. Y2k, 2012, ect. Follow me?

      Nothing is going to happen unless WE make it happen and nothing is going to happen overnight, regardless.

    • yankerebel,i think you are right on some points regarding the jews and the white race,but what i would like to point out to you is that the jews need the white race to survive.the jews are parasitic in nature and without the host(the white race) they would not live long.reason why i say this is because their lies and guilt-trips mostly work on white people only.i dont know why this is the case,it could stem from years of holohoux indoctrination to the white masses around the any case,the white nations around the world have been the protector of israel and of the jewish people to a large extent.but i think things are changing now thanks to people like adam (does not mince words) who see a spade and call it a spade.

  10. Bismarck says:

    @ Chésùs

    Hey fucknuts, where the fuck did you get the genius idea that I wasn’t informed about who did 9/11? Oh that’s right, you pulled it out your ass. I suspect it’s also where you got the idiotic idea that the Nazis were Ashkenazis….why else would you capitalize the last 4 letters of the word? If you still believe that shit promoted by DarylHuffshit, you might as well give up, as you obviously don’t have the brains to handle the Jewish Question. You probably believe the the BULLSHIT lie that Hitler was a Jew. Stupid fucker. Ever read Mein Kampf? Oh that’s right, you can’t read. Silly me.

    • The Nazis werent Ashkenazis maybe some not all though im sure there were Jewish nazis too .My question to you is Hitler was half Jewish and i have read mein kampf , ive had a theory for along time now its totally based on a hypothosis THeodore herzl started the zionist movent in 1890 or so the plan was to regain isreal at all costs they failed in world war 1 or at least suceeded at stiring the pot in germany for stage two ww2 ive often wondered if hitler was a useful idiot or a knowing idiot in herzls plans to regain isreal and obviously alot of other shit was gained from this too in my opinion hitler has done more to help the jews than to ever harm them look at how empowered the jews have been since ww2 mein kompf isnt and wasnt proof to me that hitler trully hated jews hell one of the jews greatest tricks is deciet it wouldnt be beyond them to right a book talking about how bad the jews are to actually further their goals even if it meant killing lesser jews to reach their goal.the jews use this tactic all the time divide and conquer ive often suspected hitlers intentions . before anyone gets their panties in a twist im just stating a hypothosis i have no factual info on this and no way to prove it ive just wondered about it is all.

      • The claim was/is that Hitler had a Jewish grandparent, but there is no *REAL* evidence for that.

        It is very possible the “top of the pyramid” Jews allowed Hitler to build up Germany, so as to destroy it and than “expose” the “evil German aggressors” with all the nonsense they shove down our throats to this day, such as the holohoax.

  11. @Bismarck:

    First you have to learn how to control your dependency from the jewish bootsleggers, before you (drunk like a puppet played by your cabalistic pimps) must tell me what i have to do or not. Yes silly you. Because with your trash-supremacistic and ‘anglosaksian/germaniac’ stupidity, you forgot that the biggest slaves of the jews from Nebukadnesar till brack-osama you the ‘white’ tribe is. People from your genetic family have done more in favour of the jews against humanity as a whole, than even the blacks or whatever other races! Got that? This is the last energy that i will spend on you because we must get rid of the biggest profiteurs/owners of the (your) ‘white’ nation. I will not saperate the HUMAN-force who is capable of overruling and destroying this anti human and ANIMALISTIC-kike-fenom. Don’t panick just be Hispanic… ;-(

    • Yeah, let’s not get into some big argument over it. We will either stand shoulder to shoulder and make a difference, or we will stand apart and fail. I’m “white” but I don’t hold guilt for what other people do, plain and simple. EVERY “race” has had their part in this, whether due to ignorance and complacency, or due to direct involvement in selling us all down the river. So, instead of bickering, let’s move forward and fix it. Then we can all claim that our “races” had a part in SOLVING the problem…

  12. @ Chésùs

    Well just keep counting on them to help you out. FYI I would LOVE to see them fight the enemey with us, but I know that this is pretty unlikely, for the most part. I certainly do not encourage fights with the other races, as that gets nothing done, and actually helps the Jew. If a few do help fight, that’s great, but it’s still going to take us to get the real job done. Thats a FACT.

  13. @ whitey

    Funny that most of them are Jews…did you not notice that?

  14. @ Chésùs


    What the fuck does that mean?

    No, the biggest enemy of the Jew was, is, and always will be the white man. Thats a FACT. If you, and other races wish to fight the Jew, which is the main enemy of mankind, great! But don’t get in the fucking way of better warriors. Got it?

    • Keep the arguing to a minimum. This goes for EVERYONE who posts here, not just you, or him, or her, or them… This site works like this. The JEW is our problem…NOT each other. Do you want to fight THE JEW to solve it or not? Plain and simple…

      No need for wasting energy on anything else. All further bickering will be removed so that we can focus on the proper goal. ANYTHING that disturbs this website from doing as such, will not show up.

  15. I begin to see the tip of the spear in the fight against this demonic jews. A few months ago you mentioned the desceptive tricks of this jew ringo (backwards ognir) about his beloved and ‘heroic’ jeweses. Look with what kind of ‘humor’ this desinformant (again like the sample in your article!) tries to fearmonger his ignorance newbies.

    PS: Don’t get me wrong. I dont try to promote his propagandistic jewcrap, but my purpose is to show how their unintelligent desception this days is sold when you study intensively the article above. One of the many examples ofcource, because they are the mother of all desception…

    • Wow…most people will laugh and say “oh that Ognir is a funny guy” but they won’t realize it as the slap in the face that it is. Thanks for sharing that one. People need to see it…

  16. This is not entertainment as such, but you can see why comments like this have people confused. From Mike Jewvero at

    WRH Exclusive Aug 11

    Reagan insider: ‘GOP destroyed U.S. economy’ BOVINE EXCREMENT ALERT!
    Get it? Not “destroying.” The GOP has already “destroyed” the U.S. economy, setting up an “American Apocalypse.”

    Webmaster’s Commentary: (Mike Rivero)
    Beware this election-year whipsawing back and forth of which party is responsible for the disaster our nation faces. What destroyed our nation is rampant greed, which knows no party, no race, no religion. Every politician of every party is responsible for this mess, voting higher and higher debts for the people to enrich themselves and their cronies, knowing it would be some other Congress or administration down the road that would have to clean up the mess”

    Can you see the lie he just told? The fact is JEWS are enormously overrepresented in congress for their population. Yes all of congress etc helped the jews get what they want, but it’s the JEWS running the show. He never hammers on about the JEWS, because he is a JEW.

    Most websites run by jews try to make it look like everyone is to blame and jews are there, but are just role players. That’s been Alex Jones stance as well. By now many are seeing these websites and the deceptions they use. Many are VERY subtle.

    David Cameron (British PM) came out recently and said GAZA is a prison camp, and the jews are “dismayed” at his comments”…..guess what, David Cameron IS A JEW, and he told us nothing we don’t already know. It’s all a trick to try to get people to think Cameron is a decent guy.

    Another was Oliver Stone, he said the media is run by JEWS, which, is the truth! The jews come out and make him apologise, which HE DOES! Why would he? HE IS A JEW, and it’s all for show.

    These assholes play like this ALL THE TIME. Why people need someone “important” on the world stage to “confirm” what they already know, is simply retarded. I don’t give a flying fuck what these pricks say, I know what the score is.

    Look at what people are saying on the net, and what their solutions are. Most have NO SOLUTIONS. Rivero still says to “vote them out!”…..after all this time, that’s his solution? He had a million stories covering the voting machines being rigged and vote fraud!….vote them out…..

    Stop trying to find confirmation from some important person on tv, and use your head. Once you unravel their layers of the onion it’s real easy to see who’s spinning you a lie.

    • very true mike, you make it sound so clear and simple because thats what it is at the end of the only thought is why cant most people see it this way?

      • Sam-It’s the lies and truth, mixed with fantasy and reality in their movies and propaganda. The difference is, you know truth, so you can see the lies.

        I watched a movie (bad idea) called “Crossing over” with Harrison Ford (Jewish) and it’s about immigration in America. The fact it was made by the “weinstein” company was my first clue it would be full of jewish shit.

        I highly recommend the movie to people wanting to see jewish propaganda and bullshit on multiple levels. Basically they make everyone look bad, and jews look like angels. Make sure you have a reinforced barf bag close by.

        I especially love the part at the start where a jewish guy from the UK is wanting to stay in the USA and his girlfriend says “but you are an atheist, AN ATHEIST jew pretending to be a religious jew!”…..that cracked me up…..I thought, yeah, but STILL A FUCKING JEW!

        For people who want to show others how jews maniulate peoples minds this is a good flick.

        Like I said, they make everyone (blacks, Iranians,muslims,mexicans,koreans,whites) look like assholes/idiots…..backdropped by “nice” jewish people.

        Watch out for the “rabbi” lending a helping hand…..thats what a SAYANIM is, and they certainly don’t hide it in the movie.

        Also watch for the Iranian girl calling Iran a filthy religious fucking shithole and fucked up country. It’s funny because they don’t mention Iran directly, but talk about the Shah and the Ayatollah Khomeini.

        Also watch for the young muslim girl giving a speech to her class about 911…’s 911 propaganda riencforcement to the extreme!

        Anyway, watch it and see what others might not see, and show them.

        • It seems like the jews are getting our money no matter what we do. When we go see a movie, go shopping for essentials like clothes and food they get our money. When we take out a loan from a bank they break us even more.I’m paying the jews $100 a month just in finance charges. It’s real difficult to boycott these MF’s. I guess we have to pay attention to political, trade and global marketing issues because this country of ours is being sucked dry!GOP or Dem it don’t matter. Career politicians are all bought out. My senators don’t listen (both jew)but I do tend to side with more GOP Libertarian type stuff. Maybe we have to fight the enemy by hitting them in the ballot (voting or writing congress) or the pocket (stop buying jew products). What does SN or anyone else think?

          • It’s going to take physical action, and a lot of pain and suffering to get rid of this parasite. There isn’t anywhere you can spend your money that won’t eventually go to them. Spending locally and with small NON-jew owned businesses helps some, but it’s not a solution. They print the money, and have more of it than you can imagine. They don’t care if you try to boycott this or that, the majority will still spend their money on stupid shit.

            As for voting. Stalin (the jew) said, “No matter who the people voted for, they always voted for us”. Any real opposition to them won’t make it on a ballot. Any real opposition to them won’t get publicized, so you wouldn’t know who to vote for either way. Voting is not the answer. The system is screwed, and needs to be fixed from the bottom up. Writing to congress does nothing. Those that aren’t jews (much less than you think) in congress or the senate will do exactly as they are told. Those who don’t, will not last long enough to make any difference. When someone up there SEEMS to be doing something in your favor, it’s because it is their turn to play good cop, nothing more.

            It’s going to take a literal army to remove them from power. It will take an army to protect our borders while we do so also, because if we start kicking them out en mass we will have dozens of countries lined up and ready for war against us. There really is only one solution, and that is to fight like the dickens, but most people are afraid to even openly stand up against them, let alone risk their lives to make it better. A lot of people around the world will say “it’s up to you Americans to win this”, but that’s wrong also. It’s going to take a coordinated GLOBAL effort to remove them from EVERYWHERE at the same time. It’s going to take SHUTTING DOWN the monetary/banking system for a while. SHUTTING DOWN and regaining control of the media and standing up ready for WAR.

          • According to Thomas Jefferson, we (people vs gov’t) should have had a few rebellions by now. WTF. The goddamn rich are getting too rich too fast. Voting won’t work, boycotting won’t do the job. Am I ready for some pain and suffering? It’s going to be difficult watching my kids go through it. What will happen when the internet is eventually taken over? Alot of people think I’m nuts. When reading yahoo news and commenting to people who really think there’s a fucking difference between dems and repubs I think it’s almost hopeless. jesus christ! It’s right in our face, in the NY times, wall st journal and people still don’t get it. Let’s all meet and go target practicing.What the hell. The top 1% rich part of the nation’s population back the war in the middle east anyway. Let’s giv’em some. Like Mike said earlier. the jew represents 1% of the nation’s population and their running over a 3rd of our gov’t. What do you think? Anymore Thomas Jefferson’s out there?

  17. Reck:Less, Abandon says:


    1. A bicycle can’t stand alone; it is two tired.

    …2. A will is a dead giveaway.

    3. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

    4. A backward poet writes inverse.

    5. A chicken crossing the road: poultry in motion.

    6. When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.

    7. The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine was fully recovered.

    8. You are stuck with your debt if you can’t budge it.

    9. He broke into song because he couldn’t find the key.

    10. A calendar’s days are numbered.

    11. A boiled egg is hard to beat.

    12. He had a photographic memory which was never developed.

    13. The short fortuneteller who escaped from prison: a small medium
    at large.

    14. Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in
    the end.

    15. When you’ve seen one shopping center you’ve seen a mall.

    16. If you jump off a Paris bridge, you are in Seine .

    17. When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought
    she’d dye.

    18. Santa’s helpers are subordinate clauses.

    19. Acupuncture: a jab well done.

    20. Marathon runners with bad shoes suffer the agony of de feet.

    21. The roundest knight at king Arthur’s round table was Sir
    Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

    22. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it
    turned out to be an optical Aleutian .

    23. She was only a whisky maker, but he loved her still.

    24. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because
    it was a weapon of math disruption.

    25. No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be

    26. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for

    27. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

    28. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are
    looking into it.

    29. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

    30. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

    31. A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: ‘Keep off
    the Grass.’

    32. A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a
    hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was,
    a nurse said, ‘No change yet.’

    33. The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now
    a seasoned veteran.

    34. Don’t join dangerous cults: practice safe sects.

  18. Adam Austin.

    IF RACE ISSUE is not important. Then why are ONLY White countries being flooded with 3rd world countries. Why does the Jewnited Nations push immigration for white countries?

    I am not a White Nationalist but they are right. The jew wants to exterminate the white race first, then enslave the non-whites. Remember how the Jew Soviet Union conquered ALL non-white countries under Communism.

    Why are muslims being flooded into White countries if they are a big threat to jews? Why did most non-white country fall to Soviet Union/Communism very easily? Why are non-whites encouraged to breed very fast via welfare. Why are whites encouraged to have no children via heavy taxes, pushing global warming/over population propaganda?


    • Hold on a second, YOU are telling ME to “wake up”???? You better stop drinking the fluoridated kool aid. Yes, race is an important issue, but you obviously don’t understand WHY it is. If the jew wipes out white people first, exactly who will they be blending in with at that point? DOH! They can’t wipe out their only means of cover. The reason race is important is because it’s used to divide you and keep you quarreling amongst yourselves. The reason they flood so-called “white” countries with Arabs is because they know “white” people will see that as a bigger threat than the jew. So, you waste all your energy trying to fight the wrong opponent. Now that your countries are full of people of different races, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

      If “white” countries are such a threat, answer your own question. Why exactly did they fall prey to the jew’s communism so easily? You think Africa wasn’t flooded with white people? Oh, but I thought it was only “white” countries this was happening to? How does welfare encourage non-whites to breed?? You are quite confused. You tell me, “wake up” yet it seems Arabs are the ones under attack by the very “white” people you say jews are attacking. What about the genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc?

      Again, your countries are all mixed up regardless. So would you like to make this a “white” only issue and turn possible allies into enemies, or are you smart enough to band together with whatever resources are available to solve the problem? If you’re worried about white people disappearing, GO HAVE SOME BABIES. Have lots of them. WAKE UP yourself, because jews attack you so you will wall yourself off from any possibility of defeating them.

      There’s nothing wrong with loving your own race, as it were, that’s all fine and dandy, but when you separate yourself from the opportunity to defeat the enemy because of it, this is where the problem comes in. Their plan to whittle the earth down to less than half a billion people won’t work without wiping out significant proportions of all races.

      • Are jews flooding the white house? Banks? Media? Are middle class working slobs blaming welfare recipients for the collapsing economy? What about the banker jews who recieved millions in government (taxpayer, working class)bail outs.Not only our natoin but the world is getting murdered by this 1% very rich jew part of the population.

        • Supercrazy says:

          So please describe the ethnicity and religious background of your current US of A president. Then STFU.

          • His mother is jewish, making him a 100% true jew as far as they are concerned. So what exactly are you trying to say? Obama is a jew…his religious background? What do you call praying at the wailing wall? He’s a kike so you stfu.

          • How long is it going to take for people to understand the jew infestation?

            Supercrazy thought he had you nailed……Oh shit, Obama is African, and a muslim oh no! You got me! He is a jew, and thats all that matters. Look at Obamas grandparents for fucks sakes, the grandaddy looks like henry fucking child raping kissinger.

            How appropriate supercrazy that you posted this under comedy and entertainment. Thanks for the laugh.

            You need to read more of this site, then ask questions….or make comments, otherwise you are flying blind.

          • Obama is definitely a filthy jew. Just look at what he does. Almost all his appointees are jews. He bombs the shit out of the few remaining countries that aren’t jewishly globalized. He isn’t just a jew shill. He is fucking one of them.

          • Yes, Obama’s mother was jewish. His entire staff is jewish, and all his actions are that of a shit bag jew. I think some might think they can escape because of black skin, or hispanic features, or whatever the case. The jew has mixed thoroughly with all peoples, but they are easy to spot by their deeds. In fact, they can’t resist giving themselves away by what they do.

          • Chris McKinley says:

            11-5-11 8 downing street

            I wrote my congressman (what a useless bunch of cabbages) to inform him that Obama Jr. was a Ford Foundation stooge, a Brzezinski bumboy, and a Goldman Sachs/Wall Street chimptoad. Unfortunately for decent humanity these characterizations seem to be his highpoints. Onward and upward.

          • Writing congress won’t do shit. Capitol hill is a millionaire’s club, they don’t give a fuck about you. Obama jew, congress jews, senate jews, media jews, hollywood jews, wall street jews, banker jews, all on the same team fella. Don’t be so gullible.

  19. “Not only our natoin but the world is getting murdered by this 1% very rich jew part of the population.”

    That’s why we have to unite our non-jewish energy (Whatever the ‘race’ is!) so that we can be sucsesful in what the article below is stating. We are not able to waste our time anymore. I do not agree 100% with the statements in it, but the fundament is my my goal also. Namely to whipe out this diabolical jewish serpents of all humankind and our beautiful planet…

    “I believe that Jewish Rule must be prevented at all costs. I believe that anyone who promotes Jewish Rule from an official position is by definition a traitor. There is only one penalty for Treason, as even our rump government acknowledges. So, get ready for action. In the coming years (if not sooner), be prepared to kill or get killed. For a preview of life under the Jews in the North American Union in 2010, just look at Israel and what quality of life it has created in that tragic region, or Russia after 1917, or Hungary or Poland or East Germany after 1945. It is my opinion that Americans are responsible for the Jewish destruction of so much of the world and that we must take responsibility for our part. We must repay our victims or their survivors as best we can and we must ensure that Jewish Rule is ended as quickly as possible, before it destroys us all. We can all think of ways to end Jewish Rule. Let’s figure out the best ways and use them.”

    Quoted article…

    • I’m listening…….

    • Only problem with that link is the “two kinds of jews” bit, where we are supposed to believe that Ashkenazis are fake jews. They ALL have the same DNA, and there is no difference in their behavior, what so ever. Need I remind people the Sephardics were the ones exiled from Spain in 1492? Why were there so many exiles of these jews since 250AD of BOTH kinds, if there is some kind of difference? Why is the behavior exactly the same? It’s a tired old line I get sick of hearing. The DNA evidence says they are indeed the same, and they will be treated as such.

      • All humanoids who are collaborating within jewishness are doomed and ripe for the hunt. That is right. He’s also desinforming about shills like rense and some other points like the militias. He’s admitting the similarity between all jews below:

        Their Magical Touch:
        “It’s my idea that Jews – Zionist or otherwise – ought not to rule anywhere. Everything they touch turns to garbage. Music, literature, art, science, government, education, labor, medicine, race relations – everything goes bad fast when they are involved in it. The main Jewish contribution to science has been the nuclear bomb, which is only consistent with their battle cry, “We are the destroyers!” That’s really all the Jews know how to do – steal and destroy things. Look at Israel, which they stole from the Palestinians. They destroyed it. Now they’re destroying Lebanon, just as they did in 1982. They got us to destroy Iraq and we and they together will keep destroying everything because the Jews are in control of Bush/Obama. Not just Zionists – Jews.

  20. You are aware of our current status in this world. Read the article i linked under my last comment to you, and you imediatly will be able to provide people like Adam to organise your fractions against judaism there in North America. What we allover this planet have to do is with intellect and without quarter unite us in arms to save humankind from extinction…

  21. It would be great if we could all Unite all walks of life from every culture,except the jew and turk.Make them understand what the REAL PROBLEM is.I handed out over 1300 dvds and flyers l made at the Armenian Genocide Protest in L.A.I got the idea of doing this because jewtube and the turkish coalition would continue to genocide my accounts for NO JEWTUBE VIOLATIONS.
    So what l did was collect vids that l felt would make a impact on society,Passed them out for free to expose the fucking ashtray headed beasts! Even at the protest l got harrased by some fucking bitch.She went for the cops so l split,remained in the back streets and handed them out eventually.Jewtube and the turkish allahfuckbars actually gave me this idea. You see..l did the Homework for them which should open up some doors.l have even went into gang lands to speak to folks about the jew.Pointing the finger at the jew. Explaining how they have fucked the world and killed millions of Christians,Catholics,Muslims Etc.
    To add,l have been speaking to friends of other ethnic groups
    about the jew.They are all fucking clueless of what has been happening to the world.

  22. “Jewtube and the turkish allahfuckbars ”
    im disappointed in that term you use ozzy.from what i gather from your post i assume you are of armenian decent and i can fully appreciate your hatred of the turkish ppl.having said that i would advise you to look up on who was actualy responsible for the genocide of your people.dont go around hating the wrong people.a short answear to that is the jews were responsible for the armenian genocide (look it up for yourself if you dont believe me).we must put our differences aside and fight our true enemy or else their grand master plan of enslavement or death will have succeeded.

    • Yes, the “young turks” were a bunch of kikes. There is an article about the political news show called “young turks” and guess what? They’re a bunch of kikes too. I’d rather the focus stay on the jew, and anyone stupid enough to align themselves with the jew, period.

      • it seems to me that every major and minor player in this movement are still aligning themselves with the jew or are jews. even if they are not jews they are preaching this racist shit against others then the jew or both. that’s what makes SN and ROK going to help insure success the laser like focus upon only on the problem the jew and their dip shit non jew cohorts. no forums, distracting side lines, or off topic articles. just the truth about things how the jew is fucking us all and has their claws in everything

    • l’m Persiam/Armenian,born in lran, Christian,Ex U.S. War Veteran.
      l know all about the genocide and the kike involvement.Notice l use the word turkish allahfuckbars and not Arab,lranian,Palestinian?
      The kike and turk is my enemy. l have respect for all walks of life and religion except for the ashtray heads and turkish kikezar mongol. On jewtube l have all walks of life as friends,hidden,l mean all walks of life…why, because l want the world to see what jew cunts have done to the world! Another thing l would like to mention,very few friends know this.l can’t get the fuck along with my own kind. My race like every other race..corrupted as fuck,brainwashed to focus on the fucking whore kim kardasians ass and tits.l have always said that kim whore is a jewish creation like everything else.l have even called that whore on jewtube a fucking whore.Here you have a famous Armo/White bitch that can make a difference for our people to give the genocide recognition….but NO, this whore and her fucking followers rather focus on make-up,gold digging,cars,perfume,sex,vibrators,dildo,skin care,hollywood,celebs,ray-j,flavor flave etc. All fucking distractors formed by kikewood hollywood.

      • still doesnt explain your hatred for turkish people,by your logic every muslim in the world should hate the american people because they invaded iraq,but the reality is, israel invaded iraq and just used and abused those poor american souls to do their dirty work(fucken kikes).my dad was killed in the lebanese civil war at the hand of a palestinian a few moths after i was born in 1980.should i hate all palestinians because of this? or should i dig deepper and find out what brought these people to lebanon.and we all know the answear to that.

  23. Salman Hossain says:

    Ozzy, the Turkish Muslims LOST POWER after the dethroning of the Caliphate by the Young Turk Revolution – which was ALL BY KIKES…but wait a second…if the Turks are enemies of you Armenians they sure supported you guys and you guys supported them for 800 to 1000 years BEFORE the Young Turk revolution subverted Sultan Abdul Hamid’s court in 1896 and brought down the Caliphate in 1908!!! Then they raped your women and cut off their hands in a Black Hand babylonian black magic ritual…by soaking that hand in vinegar…some sick Jewish magic…the directors of the genocide including those in the Army were ALL JEWS with Kurdish gang/bandits aiding them…the Turkish Yanisseries/Mujahideen did NOT kill or slaughter the Armenians…Kurdish gangsters/bandits unleashed from prisons in South Eastern Turkey carried out these atrocities under DIRECT ORDERS from the KIKES IN ISTANBUL!!! Turks were less involved and the Arabs, Persians, and even many KURDS saved your lives when under attack by the Jews and their gangs. So quit hating the Turks.

    • This is a bit late on the reply, but no less valid as I am of the understanding the Armenians really do believe it was the Turks that commited the genocide and have no idea it was the Jews. I myself ignorant of the fact it even happened, only to know because a close friend is of Armenain descent, also (had I not recently come to light), believed to be the truth also. I plan on directing my friend to this site.

      I’m still fairly new to all this having stumbled on your site from a commenter on, of all places, Alex Jones site (the irony)! No I wasn’t a committed fan, it was a case of an article leading here, there, everywhere. My research has only been 6 months or so, and with little resources and restrictions, but I’ve managed to cover some ground, obviously I’m here! 🙂

      Its obvious that we are being annihilated even without any knowledge, you can see it, smell it, feel it, it’s undeniable! It’s in our faces, impacting our very lives everyday. I just can’t understand how people don’t see it.

      Upon my search for truth, I just wanted to know who is behind it all? And for what purpose? My research is leading me into interesting territory.

      Curiously, the more I learn about Judaism the more I am astounded at the similarities it has with Islam. But that is purely my opinion only. I am aware, as is obvious, Islam is being hijacked, funded, radicalised by poweful forces (thats a whole other subject) used as an ambassador of terrorism. The propaganda clearly has been very successful, but the religion is not without its faults either. It is however just another ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. Terrorism is where our rights, liberty and sovereignties will be completely eroded, except most people will never really know the true nature of the real terrorist, and that will lead to our demise.

      I agree despite difference of opinions we must work together, we all have a common enemy.

  24. Yes! I love learning history and the truth! So much more to learn. I like the idea of handing out dvds to educate sheeple. Nice one! As soon as I learn how to work this computer completely and efficiently I leaarn that as well. For now bombing sheeple with spam is my forte!

  25. CFR hater says:

    For a rarity, I was watching the McLaughlin Report on Sunday, and heard the elderly moderator spout out that a poll had showed that Judaism was the most trusted religion, and Islam, the least. The Jewess panelist kept nodding her head, and as usual Buchanan was silent on the issue (like he always is about the Jewish agenda/issue, when cameras are rolling}. Later, Patrick talked about how much he liked Sarah Palin, and expected her to be the Republican nominee for prez,, looking like the mere thought of her gave him a hard on, and said naught about her warmongering rhetoric, flag of Israel in her office when governor, and madness for Israhell and a war on Iran.

    So many of the characters in tv shows now are Jewish, and mention of Jewish, as normal and common in America, is thrown throughout, with plenty of disinformation. There are some who think that that type of favoritism and Jewish monopolist is going to end soon. But, like Adam says, it is likely to take a hell of a fight.

    • Right CFR a hell of a fight is right. One of the neighborhoods in my county fought against the expansion of a jew temple and so far are winning. Reading the comments in my local paper are encouraging. More people are waking up. The temple will most likely move due to zoning regs. Oh yah!

  26. Your conclusions have remarkable similarities with surah humazah.

    Humazah means irony, sarcasm by the way.

    Selam (Peace)

  27. I was recently looking at a war movie from 1980 called “The big Red One” and came across this bit of trivia.

    The Big Red One (1980)


    The bulk of the picture was shot in Israel, and director Samuel Fuller remarked that it was unsettling after a scene was shot when the German soldiers and SS troops pull would take off their helmets and Fuller would see them wearing yarmulkes, and between takes they would be sitting around the set in full Nazi uniform speaking Hebrew or reading the Torah.


    Just goes to show NOTHING is what it seems on tv and in movies.
    Knowing jews like I do they probably masterbated in front of the mirror or had group sex between takes in their uniforms. For some reason jews have a nazi fetish. Even Mike Rivero the jew from whatreallyhappened admits the holocaust is a lie, and the financial policies of the Third Reich are what America needs, yet he compares Israelis to Nazis all the time!

    Jews sure are fucked in the head.

  28. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    People, to reinforce what Adam has been saying about the Khazar hypothesis, that has been totally exaggerated (in other words, a lie). A youtube user by the name of THELINDGRENN (whose account was deleted, by the way.) confirms this.

  29. Hey Adam, I managed to watch THE DICTATOR with jew boy Sacha cohen, what a typical filthy jewish movie it was. It had all what jews love. Scat, piss, beastiality…the lot….but, the jews get away with it because he is acting as a MUSLIM, making everyone logically believe thats what muslims are like. It’s a very predictable movie, even so I picked that the girl he married in the end would be a jew. The jew girl is made out to be earth loving, friendly, and peaceful, hard working etc, the opposite to what jews are. It has many sly propaganda lies worked into it, such as the Iranians having nukes. Only worth watching to see just how bad they are getting at making movies. I would say watch JUD SUB.

    • Oh boy. I don’t know if I could stomach such a film! Stuff like that is so twisted it makes my stomach turn. These rats always project their ills onto everyone else, then pretend to be the good guys at the same time. That is the mark of the darkest evil the universe has ever seen.

  30. This “Christian” nation’s “leaders” have crawled into bed with the Synagogue and have dragged the fools in with them;

    Has this sort of mass government-sanctioned take over happened before? Yes, many times. Is there any comparison to it? Yes there is.

    From Menorahs on the white house lawn, (while banning Christian icons), to openly bragging about murdering the Christ and a desire to do it again, from un-Christian usury to groveling at the feet of the Christ/Christian/Muslim murderers, I swear this is NO LONGER a Christian nation. The only god blessing this cesspool is Lucifer, the reigning god of the Synagogue of Satan.

    You need to pay close attention to the viceral filth spewed by this filthy Jewess “friend” at 4 minutes, twenty eight seconds into the video above, then show it to EVERY friend/relative of yours that thinks you’re crazy when you speak about this rogue government selling out their own people/nation to this racist evil.
    Muslims are not our enemy, Israel and their minions here are our enemy. From AIPAC to the FED RES,….from the SPLC to B’nai B’rith, they have one agenda….crush all Goy and enslave those still alive afterward.

    • These united states were not founded as a christian nation. It was founded by freemasons and jews, and their beliefs are far outside of christianity. Haven’t you noticed that all of the cities and capitols are dotted with pagan statues, gods, icons, slogans, etc?

      As for the David Duke video, why are you listening to crooked eyed jews? He does make some good points, but in the end, he’s a pied piper who is full of shit.

      • Look closely at the video. Although he may very well be full of shit, The examples he uses are, (to coin a phrase), right from the horses’ mouths. By using their own arrogance, (in video clips, articles etc), he lays out the evidence against them. I don’t especially care for the man, (no, not for things he did thirty years ago), but I DO like the way he puts most of his videos together. His format doesn’t POSTULATE or ACCUSE, by incorporating their own publications/articles/videos he literally let’s them hang themselves. I am much more skeptical of, say Alex Jones than of Duke. Try to look past his “checkered” history to what he’s proving with, again, the Synagogue’s own media. I follow several soources for information on what Jews are doing to the world, (using the “Christian” West as their rabid dog), Roy Tov, Brother Nathanial Kapner,(both former Jews), and various revisionists.

    • Mike LVNV says:

      From the Library of the US sup.Ct.
      You will find statements to the effect that the United States is a Christian Nation in the following opinions of the supreme Court.
      Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States
      143 US 457 at 471 (1892)
      Zorach v. Clauson
      343 US 307 at 313 (1952)
      McGowan v Maryland
      366 US 420 at 561 (1961)
      Runkel v Winemiller 4 Harris & McHenry 276 sup. Ct. Maryland Oct. 1799
      The Christian religion is the established religion by our form of government and all denominations are placed on an equal footing and equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty.

      • You mean America is a judeo masonic nation. Christianity is just a veil for the real religion of the founders.

        • No I don’t mean what you think. I merely quoted 4 decisions of various courts.
          You must mean what you think I mean.

          • Umm, ok. I mean exactly what I state 100% literally.

          • Yeah I was watching a Youtube video with Duke and he had some creepy small hunched French Jew with him answering questions and he says most jews are ok, then they parade some Jew out calling Duke a Natzi. I knew then it was all a circus. I couldn’t believe how gullible his followers are. But I’ve been there. I remember listening to him on Rense radio and he seemed like an excited child about being on the show, I just thought somethings very wrong here. and that Rese character hiding his face with that wig and moustache. Oh yeah Kapner, just looking at him! and the first thing he’s asking for is money. Kapner never seems angry and always has that smug jewish glint in his eye as he tells you your getting screwed. And theirs flat earth and “donate your shekels “. I get on youtube and run amok exposing Jews like Merkel and May but they delete my comments most of the time. SN is an excellent resource and reference. Will recommend.

          • Don’t discount the flat earth too soon. A lot of information is forth coming on this topic. You don’t live on a ball.

            I’m very happy you haven’t fallen for the jew and their pied pipers. Most people can’t seem to figure that one out, and as such are useless as fuck.

  31. Kyle Bradford says:

    Hey Adam, this is somewhatly off-topic, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I never considered it until now. Are you familiar with King Arthur/Arthurian legends? I’ve always thought there has been some sort of cover up involved, seeing as how they called the period he lived in as the “Dark Ages” and a lot of the archaeological evidence seems to be missing or “lost”. The jews seem to be trying to paint him as a myth or fantasy with all the films, books, and other bullshit added to it – but I think there is some truth to it, which they are definitely trying to hide. Many secret societies use Arthurian figures and related Celtic-type symbolism too, so clearly they know something we don’t.

    Just wanted to know what your opinion is on this one, seeing as how you know quite a lot about the occult. Thank you.

    • To be perfectly honest, I’ve never looked very close at it. I do have some suspicion about the “dark ages” myself. As far as the occult goes, I consider myself to know very little, just like everything else. I may have a good grasp on some things, but I am far from knowing enough to make a big difference right now. If you have any research on this topic, feel free to contact me with it.

  32. I think Jews are behind the Blame the victim Mentality.

  33. Has anyone noticed how all the jewish comedians/screenwriters are still criminalizing cannabis?

  34. I understand, they give you the problem which you know. Then they offer you THEIR solution, which is to either imagine it all blows away or take out your rage by doing some exercise so you can go back to slave camp on Monday. The gall and in your face smug arrogance in that video is truly shocking and the picture of that old Jewish woman pointing her finger makes me wince in disgust. Manipulative monsters, but at the same time cockroaches afraid of the light sums up the Jew.

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