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Break the Jewdicial System

Break the Jewdicial System

A funny thing happened in America during the years of the alcohol prohibition, and it’s this phenomena that I want to point out to my readers in this article.  Once you understand these points, spread these ideas as far and wide as possible. Spread the word to everyone you know. Make a point of talking about the things you find here on Subverted Nation, because it’s through the dissemination of information and education of our people that we will one day free ourselves of the yoke of oppression.

I will continue to give you information that will help free our peoples from these subversive, demonic beasts, so perk up, pay attention, and visit often. That said, don’t forget to browse through previous installements on this website, and feel free to research the things I’m telling you.

First things first, let it be known the the jew-dicial system in America is largely dominated by jewish lawyers, jewish judges and jewish justices. The Congress and Senate are largely jewish, or filled with jewish lap dogs, but do your own research and discover the truth for yourself. All three branches of our government are in fact infested with these creatures we call jews, and instead of a separation of powers, daily we witness a consolidation of these powers. In fact, Congress officially recognized jewish Noahide laws in a measure that was passed by both houses and hook nosed jew boy, G-dub Bush. If that in itself isn’t enough to make you realize that America is operating under a system of jewish law, I don’t know what is. Again, don’t take my word for it. Educate yourself, or live forever under their rule, which will only increase in it’s destructive and oppressive nature.

Unfortunately for the jews who have snuck theirselves into positions like this in order to subvert our nation, most Americans still believe that we operate under the supreme law of the land, the constitution and it’s principles. This is not fact, and I will be covering that in an upcoming article targetted at defendants who find themselves caught up in this jew-dicial system. For now, this topic is geared towards people who are not yet snared in this trap, but are called upon to perform their duty, as a patriotic citizen, for this corrupted system.

Getting back to the years of alcohol prohibition, a funny thing happened on the way to the prosecution of many people who found themselves victims of this ridiculous rule of law, governing personal behavior and victimless non-crimes. Almost everybody and their brother was either a drinker of alcohol, producer of alcoholic beverages, or used them for medicinal purposes during that era, as well as many other things I haven’t mentioned. Much like we see today with the prohibition of other personal choices, but today, alcohol is accpeted, and healthy mind altering substances like cannabis are illegal, which is something I will give a good explanation for in the future.

So, most Americans, being consumers, producers, or distributors of alcohol, were not happy with the laws of prohibition and the effects such things had on their families and friends. The funny thing that started to happen is Americans used their own brains (rare thing these days) and began to refuse to convict anyone roped off for so-called “crimes” pertaining to alcohol. In a process known, in fancy terms, as jury nullification, American citizens were able to OVER RIDE the power of the jew-dicial system. It actually got to the point that the courts couldn’t convict anyone of these so-called “crimes” relating to alcohol prohibition. The American people used what power they have to start the process of changing the laws. Keep in mind, those behind both prohibition, and many of the organized crime gangs heading up illegal distribution of alcohol, were also jewish.

So, how does this pertain to our precarious situation today? It’s simple really. Americans called upon for jury duty, must DO THEIR DUTY as patriots, to nullify the unjust system of law practiced by these subversive demons today. We are currently jailing people so fast it makes my head spin. What many believe to be the land of the free, is actually the land of the enslaved and the land of the imprisoned. As mentioned in one previous article, we have jailed more people in sheer numbers and as a percentage of the population than ANY OTHER COUNTRY on the face of the planet. Even communist China, with FAR more people than the U.S. does not jail nearly as many people as we do.

Today, judges will blatantly tell the juries how they are going to judge a case. They will tell the juries that they are NOT to judge the LAW, but to simply judge the “facts” of the case. In many cases, judges are damn near forcing convictions on people through their instructions, but the truth is this. It is our duty as Americans, as patriots, to NULLIFY unjust laws. If you find yourself called up for jury duty, JUDGE THE LAW, JUDGE THE JUDGE HIMSELF, and DO NOT convict people for heinous, victimless non-crimes, like drug posession or traficking. Drug convictions and people jailed for their use produce absolutely staggering numbers, for nothing more than a personal choice that doesn’t involve anyone but the consumer of such things. Look for another article in the future that will cover this topic in depth.

One important point is, don’t just jump up and tell the judge you won’t convict. Do your duty by KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT while anywhere near the court house, but come verdict time, SHUT THEM DOWN, with a refusal to convict. Do NOT let on that this is your intention or you won’t get a seat on a jury. You won’t be picked to judge any cases, and will simply be ejected during the selection process. Get yourself onto a jury, then use that position to save your country men from living like caged animals.

There are a couple of other tricks we can store up our sleeves to deploy when the time is right. One of those being our ability to demand a speedy trial. Don’t fall victim to fear mongering and pressure when you find yourself caught up in this corrupt system. This tactic works on a couple fronts. First, this shortens the amount of time the prosecutors have to prepare a case against you. Second, and leading in to my next point, it forces them to move trials quickly through the already bogged down system, which causes a bottle neck. The final point, and most important, is for those who are wrapped up in litigation with the jew-dicial system is to DEMAND a trial by jury. Again, it bogs down the system and throws a wrench into their gears. Any offense that can result in fines of over $100 can be tried by a jury, if memory serves me correctly. So always demand a speedy trial by jury. If this is carried out on a wide scale, we can bring this corrupt systme to a grinding halt. They simply do not have the manpower or funding to fight us on these terms. This is guerilla warfare without the weapons involved.

Through these methods, we can make a HUGE dent in this jew-dicial system. We can slow the advance of draconian laws to a crawl. We can keep more of our fellow Americans free of the jail racket, which is making these demons money hand over fist. We can put the brakes on these thieves of our liberties and show them who really holds the power in this country; just like real patriots did during the years of alcohol prohibition. Jurors, nullify the laws. Defendants, excercise your right to a speedy trial by a jury.

Of course, this is, in no way, meant to be legal advice. Consult one of the thousands of jewish lawyers for real legal advice, and watch for more articles pertaining to this topic. It’s time we stop acting like victims and take the fate of our people, our country, and our lives back in our own hands.

  1. dude, you are a fucking badass writer. keep up the good work.

  2. the ugly american says:

    YES! Make them PROVE it.
    Rights are like mussels, if you don’t use them they go atrophied.
    I’ve done it and it works.
    I just dumped my T bonds today.
    Not that much money but every little bit Hurts them.
    Fuck the ZOG.
    South Korea & Singapore are dumping the dollar fast.
    I never get on a jury. I have hate in my eyes.

  3. This article kicks ass. Absolutely correct, and this is just the first step in ripping the parasite off the host’s neck!

    Great ideas.

  4. anti-zionist says:

    Great site!

  5. I really like your blog, great information!

  6. Adam,

    I had to listen to that again, combined with your analysis. You NAILED them several times,and my favorite is when Jones says “the media always says JEW, JEW, JEW” What a JOKE!

    Second favorite observations is Bermas eating his shoe leather, calling somebody anti-semetic b/c they observe that media is 90%+ jew-owned. Bermas is a train-wreck, and definitely in the wrong business. Jones worked HARD to squash that dumbass statement.

    Funny how the caller NEVER got to speak, although they kept reminding him of his free speech. Remember, IT REALLY IS THE JEWS!!!!

  7. Thank you SO much for writing about Jury Nullification! I overlooked this article.

    In regards to alcohol I read that brewing moonshine can power your car and this was partly responsible for prohibition. If you do this I understand you need to make a conversion on your car engine.
    If this concept (or the website) stinks please tell me so I don’t spread misinfo. thx.

  8. Great article.
    Power to the people!

  9. See, there’s a gem or two here and there! 😉

  10. sadly in India, there isn’t even a jury system. We have the worst most inefficient justice system anywhere in the world – thanks to the British Empire which might have been jew controlled. They put the laws before India’s independence in 1947 and most of the laws remain unchanged even till today. No juries, no power in the hands of the citizens, here someone can steal your property (our quarter million dollar property just got stolen and now is set to go into the jew-dicial system except here, it’s the allies of the jews who are controlling things) and then tell you to sign the papers for a fraction of the cost or keep waiting for 10-15 years for justice to get your property back.

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