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Subverted Nation Guest Appearances

Guest appearances including appearances by Adam Austin on other radio shows.

From the Bunker with Direwolf on Rever Radio

Click HERE to listen to the show. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

Key Questions:

Do you know how Judaism started and the purpose for its creation?

Do you consider Jews to be a race of people or an ideology?

Do you consider all Jews Zionists? If so, what do you say to the Jews that are anti Israel?

Do the Jews control the Vatican? If yes, when did they take over and by what means?

What is your opinion on the “Holocoust”? and why do you think people only use that word in meaning the murder of Jews?

Do you know of Frank Collin?

In your opinion, what is the ultimate goal/goals of the Jews?

What do you think the best method is to stop them?

Additional Subjects: Talmudism, racism, slavery, racial guilt, Jewish Mafia tactics of division, feminism, gay rights, religion & mind control, Holocaust Revisionism, prophecy fulfillment as a weapon of enslavement, cursory history of police, effectiveness of protests, cowards, agents, shills, dehumanizing the enemy, Satanism, Christianity, abortion industry, Stanley Kubrick, faked moon landing, ancient history

Subverted Nation Survival Report

Survival Report – Episode One

Click HERE to listen. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

Subjects: survival, gun laws, Obama, constitution, rights, jewish criminals, jews, rahm emanuel, loyalty, bill of rights, patriotism, security, thomas jefferson, banks, finance, homelessness, foreclosures, tent cities, homeless, thieves, gun ammunition prices, D.C. gun ban, supreme court, constitutional rights, right to bear arms, martial law, communism, columbine, parasites, organic food, genetically modified food, monsanto

Survival Report – Episode Two – January 2009

Click HERE to listen. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

Subverted Nation – Good Ole Boy Broadcast

Finally, Subverted Nation goes to an audio format! Hold on to your hat, because if you’ve never heard a good ole southern boy rant about jews, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime. Do NOT download and listen to this in front of your children. This audio is for ADULTS ONLY. It contains graphic content, raw, and uncut speech on these parasitic jews.

Topics covered: Who is Adam Austin? – The BOOK Basic Training for Revolutionaries (Get your copy NOW) – Anonymous Internet Personalities – Racism and Immigration – The Unwitting Masses – Truthers and the Truth Movement – Awakening the Awake – Call to Action & Passive Attitudes – The Scourge of Democracy – Who’s a JEW and Who’s Not? – Free Speech & Language – Reaching the Masses – Effective and Ineffective Activism – Leadership

Good Ole Boy Broadcast – Episode One – September 5, 2009

Click HERE to listen. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

Good Ole Boy Broadcast – Episode Two – September 23, 2009

Topics covered: No Quarter, Reader Comments/jew comments, Heroes and hero worship, Leadership, Revolutionaries, Good jews/bad jews, REAL solutions, misleading jews, infiltrators, activism, and much, much more.

Click HERE to listen. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

  1. What happened to your audio files? I wanted to listen to you while making dinner, and couldn’t hear your audios. Did you take them down?

    Anyways, after listening to your other audio files, and reading your articles, i know you don’t give a fuck about replies, and making friends, etc. However, i am on your side. Keep the faith.

  2. Brandon William Hennig says:

    Brandon William Hennig. Born December 30,1990.
    29710 N Red Fish St Athol, ID 83801…208-561-1931

    So this message is for all past, current and future readers of SN.
    I urge EVERYONE to listen to both Good Ole Boy shows, and if you have LISTEN AGAIN!
    Adam makes SO many good points about critical mass and how only ACTION is going to get us anywhere, the point has been made. We’ve reached critical mass YEARS ago people! The time to form the fuck up is upon us. I’ve personally been formed up for eight goddamn months, I’m ready for a fucking ARMY of us jew hating sumbitches to make something happen! I feel like the internet’s put everyone under a pacified spell where y’all think you’re making a difference. Like Adam said there’s no point in talking back and forth with people who ALREADY KNOW about the jew, I’m not saying stop trying to enlighten others because I’m doing it everyday. But are we REALLY going to wait for WW3 or the ‘shit to hit the fan’? How are we EVER gonna get to the jew with millions of jew controlled Chinese, Russians, North Koreans and who the fuck knows who else standing in our way? How many more defenseless children are gonna let these DEMONS abduct and murder? When will we say ENOUGH?! We’ve got a perfect LEADER in Adam, but with NO ONE behind him we can’t do SHIT!!! How many of my people are still LOCKED inside the jew matrix, chasing ‘careers’ and girls and useless meterial BULLshit? When will we collectively stand up and SAY FUCK YOU KIKES you are DONE!!! I truly feel it’s time to FORM UP or SHUT UP. I’m sick of waiting for someone else to make a stand. WE have to make a stand TOGETHER, as ONE BODY and FORCE the change we want in this world. NO QUARTER.

  3. James Keller says:

    I have to disagree with you having to send these bastards into the sun, for I believe that their stench & full on taint of corruption will cause the sun to combust. I’d rather throw their asses to planet jupiter where their lungs will turn inside out the moment their filthy hides step outside the ships. That is in case their ship doesn’t get destroyed in the process.

    • Yeah, new word says nothing goes into space, so the whole game has changed. Wood chippers into volcanoes will work.

      • Brandon William Hennig says:

        Or we kill them, dismember them, feed them to pigs, then shovel the shit into big bonfires. Either way these kikes are going to be killed and dismembered, since a whole corpse will jam and clog a wood chipper ;). Either way jews are fucking doomed. So I’m happy.

        • Anything that gets rid of them is fine by me. I seriously have zero emotion where they are concerned. This is a job like taking out the trash. Nobody cares what happens to the trash as long as it is disposed of properly.

          • Brandon William Hennig says:

            My problem is I DESPISE these rat fuck kike bastards.

            I can’t comprehend how somebody could know the depth of their evil and not despise them.

            The torture, pedophilia, cannibalism, genocide after genocide over THOUSANDS of years…

            Trapping everybody’s minds in a matrix of LIES. Stealing precious hidden knowledge and using it against us.

            Inverting and corrupting our sacred symbols. Devolving our once mighty languages into powerless babble. Blaming their victims for their crimes. Goddamn I could go on and on. Jews really are FUCKING TRASH.

          • It is righteous and honorable to despise evil. They are the epitome of evil. These are all very natural, very healthy feelings you are having. Encourage others to feel the same.

            The jew will tell you hate and anger at their ways is bad, and it will destroy you. Bullshit. Hate and anger at their ways will ONLY DESTROY THEM.

            No quarter.

          • Brandon William Hennig says:

            Yeah, I always heard growing up that the princple of evil made flesh was mankind. Then I read your book four years ago.

  4. Hi sorry didn,t understand the whole mail/website requirement… anyhow i stumbled upon your website while researching genital mutilation ,and wow hard hitting stuff. I guess you could say i was pretty blind to most of these facts and ideoligies but when i think about my daily life man im getting fucked up the ass . Ive known it since i entered the workforce at 14 years old but now i feel like i better understand the hidden agenda as to how and why i bust my ass and still rub pennies together at the end of the fucking month. Now i know why in my so called free country Canada that is …if i stand up for myself im a fuckin criminal if i have a few firearms im a fuckin maniac or if i say merry christmas to the wrong person im politically incorrect. Just like you said someone is taking away my balls so they can make me bite the pillow and live like a slave. Im not a particularelly intelligant man but if i figure out a way to send this message without fucking myself to where i cant meet my basic responsibilities then you bet it will be carried out all the way up here in the great white north!!

  5. Gracious Greetings Adam..I discovered YOU maybe a month ago..Thank You 4 crucial truth and important information on the jews regardless of the heat You face..I really like Your gentle but firm voice.. I can usually feel something important in a voice..Eyes Wide Open 4 Me THANKS 2 People like You..IM trying 2 pass it on daily..Sincerely, Connie

  6. The Jew’s Smile Angers the fuck out of me.

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