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Alex Jones & Jason Bermas – Gate Keepers

Alex Jones & Jason Bermas – Gate Keepers

Do jew puppets like Jason Bermas and Alex Jones have foot in mouth syndrome?  It seems they like to continually stick their foot in their mouth, when it comes to the jewish question.  It turns out that the jew wise fella that called in to Bermas’ InfoWarrior show which I talked about here, called in again, and this time, Alex Jones steps up to take the helm and smooth things over. Bermas the jew gets a little too excited, and could have destroyed himself by trying to handle it on his own again. So instead, Alex Jones destroys the both of them with his tirade.  These jews are always extremely nuerotic and spastic, so it’s no wonder Bermas responds the way he does. (audio/video at bottom of this article)

What do you mean it's the jews? You should take a toaster in a bath tub!

What do you mean it's the jews? You should throw a toaster in the bath tub with yourself!

The call starts off with the man telling them how he records and distributes Alex’s show, and Bermas tells him that’s good because, “we have to wake up the youth”.  All well and fair.  Then the caller mentions, “I was the guy that called in last week…you said should be….thrown in a bath tub”, and Bermas immediately flies off the handle.  “If you’re the guy that hates the jews, you should”, although this man NEVER stated he hates jews.  He only asked a simple question about them.  He immediately cuts the man off, “let me stop you, let me stop you, and I’ll give you your chance”.  No folks, if Bermas intended to give the man a chance to speak, he should have let him finish what the fuck he was saying. This is how jews operate. Shut up the competition immedately, and push your own propaganda heavily.  He had no intention of letting the man talk, because jews are taught at their little yeshivas to shut up the competition at all costs.

Bermas instantly goes on defense of the jews.  He tells the caller that saying 90% of the media is owned by jews is anti-semitic.  Only jews use the misnomer of “anti-semite”, and it’s no surprise to hear that as the FIRST thing out of Bermas’ mouth.   He follows that up by making the caller out to be a racist, and turning it directly into a racial issue.  Have I not been telling everyone the racial divide is their strong point?  Why not let the man pose a question and answer it head on, like an honest person would do?  The answer is simple, he has a lot to lose, and a lot to hide.  Like I’ve said before, liars and thieves ALWAYS lash out when caught red handed.

Bermas is an extremely terrible radio host, and has a very difficult time making a point without getting heated.  Alex Jones is a little more experienced in the hot seat, and has to step in before Bermas ruins their credibility by himself.  Why does Bermas act like this though?  Isn’t he the “InfoWarrior”, major master truth seeker?  He’s gone from nobody to horrendously flawed (and redone three times), Loose Change film maker.  Followed that up with “Fabled Enemies” to defend Israel, and now has his own radio show in the studio with Alex Jones, and through it all he doesn’t know jews own all of the media? Has he even looked?

  • Jew – CBS – Paley
  • Jew – NBC – Jeff -(rey) Zucker
  • Jew – ABC -Stuart Bloomberg/G. W. Bodenheimer
  • Jew – ABC news – David Westin
  • Jew – CNN – Gerald Levin
  • Jew – FOX – Gail Berman
  • Jew – MBS – Ronnessen
  • Jew – Daily News – Maxwell, real name HOCH
  • Jew – US News – Zuckerman
  • Jew – New York Times – Sulzberger
  • Jew – Reuters – (All world news – Jewish org.)
  • Jew – PARAMOUNT PICTURES – Bradley Alan Grey
  • Jew – 20TH CENTURY FOX – Peter Chernin
  • Jew – COLUMBIA PICTURES – Kaufman
  • Jew – WARNER BROTHERS – Barry M. Meyer
  • Jew – WARNER CO – Martin S. Davis
  • Jew – DREAMWORKS – Spielberg
  • Jew – Walt Disney TV, Touchstone TV and
  • Jew – Buena Vista TV – Micheal D. Eisner
  • Jew – VIACOM – Sumner M Redstone(Rothstein)
  • Jew – MTV – Murray Rothstein
  • Jew – Nickelodeon – Murray Rothstein
  • Jew – Universal Pictures – Stacey Snider
  • Jew – Universal Studios – Ron Meyer
  • Jew – BBC, Sunday News – Michael Ian Grade
  • Jew – Murdoch empire
Info warrior, and jew, Jason Bermas battles the spread of info about the evil of the jew.

Jew "info warrior" battles to keep you from the truth of jewish domination and infiltration.

You mean to tell me that these guys can come this far, and still not know?  Of course not.  Why is it that Alex Jones, Bermas, Rudkowski, and all these others fellas are all tied in and working together?  What, Alex just took them under his wing and gave them publicity, because they were just a bunch of super good guys?  No, they were put here to distract EVERYONE away from the jew.  The jews that did 9/11, the USS Liberty Attack, own the media, hollywood, infest our government, etc.  They know that 9/11 was the single biggest event that would draw attention their way, and they had their agents in place, long before hand, to steer those who would seek answers, in the wrong direction.

Anyway, at about 2:15 into the video/audio below, you’ll see Alex Jones jump in and make an ass of himself.  He says callers often try to make the show about catholics, jews, and protestants.  No, Alex, you fat worthless fuck.  People like myself are positive our problems stem from the jew, and it sounds like this caller was too.  No need to bother with the the jewish pope, or other heinous distractions.  In fact, Alex’s vehement denial gives the jewish answer further credibility, while diminishing his own. He goes on to try and SALVAGE his credibility by saying the ADL attacks him.  THEN, after they rudely interrupted the, rather polite caller, Alex goes on to say “but he has his first amendment…and it’s best to let the folks say what they want, put it out, and move on”.  You’re god damn right Alex, so why didn’t you do that?  The answer is simple, the whole “move on” part is what’s important to Alex. Forget letting them put it out there if you can’t interrupt and distract by “moving on”.

Alex's best argument is that he is attacked by the ADL, but if the ADL doesn't attack him, he loses credibility.

Alex's best argument is that he is attacked by the ADL, but if the ADL doesn't attack him, he loses credibility.

You’ll see Alex get a little heated with Bermas when he metions that people are talking about him all over the internet.  Alex makes it clear, quite firmly, that they aren’t there to “fall into the ADL’s traps” of “infighting”.  He uses the fact he’s talked about the USS Liberty as a deception, and puts the blame heavily onto Lyndon Johnson, deflecting heat from Israel. Alex wants people to believe that the ADL is after him for talking about Israel, but I don’t doubt the ADL would be a willing partner.  They HAVE to attack Alex Jones to prop him up.  Even more so now that people are catching on to the jews.  For example, there was this recent article on infowars, that complains about the Alex Jones channel being banned from youtube.

Just like Alex getting arrested for protesting, these things ADD to his credibility. The deception is deeply woven, and well thought out, but it’s not that hard to see with open eyes. While people like myself are banned, sometimes within TWELVE HOURS of opening an account, for a simple video like my Plea To US Military, which just got my most recent account locked for “terms of service violations”; Jones’ channels last for months on end and get thousands upon thousands of subscribers.  I’ve been through dozens of accounts, and none of mine get anywhere near the exposure he does. Alex has to go through some of these “struggles” to make him look like one of us. Like an undercover agent trying to join a gang, he’s got to prove his “street cred” to those he wishes to infiltrate. Without it, he’s nothing.

This is the kind of foul, disgusting behavior that Alex and Jason want to stop you from discovering.

This is the kind of foul, disgusting behavior that Alex and Jason want to stop you from uncovering.

Alex then covers the whole idea of him being a jew or not by saying, “there’s nothing wrong with it if I was a jew”. Bad move Alex. Those of us who know about the jew infestation understand there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with being a jew. We know what kind of demonic spawn it would implicate you as being, if you were a jew; but by playing the role of the pied piper, it is quite clear how evil and deceitful you are under that fat facade. Gatekeepers are usually disgusting little creatures, like gargoyles perched atop a menacing structure, and Jones’ ugly mug is no different.

You can giggle when I make correlations between jews, their agents and demonic creatures if you like. However, if you fail to realize the evil of these critters is far darker, deceptive, and disgusting than most can imagine; then you’re in big trouble. This is REAL evil. The stuff they tell you about in the bible doesn’t hold a candle to this. They’re slithering around you, all over you, and coming at you from every angle. I’m not telling you to believe in bible stories, because I do not myself. What I am telling you is to start believing in dark, demonic forces, because this is exactly how they behave. Their deceptiveness and penchant for evil deeds knows no bounds. Anyone who would find pleasure in feasting on children is possessed with an evil so dark, it is nearly impossible for the HUMAN mind to fathom.

Next, Alex brags that he’s the number one show on the internet, satellite radio, and more. He tells us “jew haters” and “white supremacists” fight with each other all the time, and wants to convince us that these groups “attack anybody who sticks their head up”. That’s not true, Alex. Those of us who understand how all this really works, only attack jews and their agents. Myself, I don’t attack other races, and do not come at this from a racist angle. Instead, I attempt to unite ALL non-jews against the jew, because I’m not falling for the divide and conquer tactic. Alex then makes it clear, he wants you to believe “jew haters” talk about him and jew boy Bermas, because we want to use his name to elevate ourselves.

Real truth tellers don't make it on jew owned prime time television media.

Common sense will tell you, those that expose the jew will never make it on jew owned prime time television media, but jews don't own the media according to Alex.

Of course we use Alex’s name to elevate our message, but not ourselves. This isn’t about the messenger, it’s about the jew. Non-jews like myself are indeed manipulating Jones to show people what a lying piece of shit he is, and capitalize the opportunity to convert some of his millions of followers to the truth about the jew. Using his own words and propaganda against him, we discredit him AND his message, while helping further our own. One thing a person must ask themselves is this. How is it that Alex Jones is the number one show on all these networks and all across the internet, if he can’t figure out the truth? How does Alex Jones get on CNN, FOX News, and other prime time shows, if he’s such a danger to their criminal network? It’s because he’s a lard ass jew puppet, who is likely married to a jewess, and works closely with other jews like Bermas and Rudkowski, in a concerted effort to distract from the jew.

There is nothing wrong with us using his notoriety to get the truth out to people. It’s their tactical incompetence that allows us to do so. They’ve made a major mess of their credibility, which we will use to our benefit, and that thanks to just this ONE caller. Of course we will pounce on the opportunity to destroy him. He is the enemy, and he deserves it, but while he plays gate keeper, he is still a CONDUIT for us to reach people.  He is a TOOL for the jewish mafia, but he is also being USED like a whipping boy, to help people like myself expose the jew.  Nothing pisses a jew off more than to realize that, all of their efforts, regardless of result, are being used against them.  Unfortunately for the jew, they ALWAYS play directly into our hands and make our job of exposing them easier.

Next Jones says “zionist documents” outline how “they” do things. They want the jews persecuted, Israel staged attacks to get jews to move to Israel, so they could be the slaves of the government there. At this point you should start feeling sorry for the poor little jews that went around bombing things like the King David Hotel to get control of Palestine from the British. Terrorism is a jewish construct as much as the media and hollywood are. Our American troops keep dying in Iraq thanks to mossad’s sophisticated, remote trigger, shape charges and IED’s. In a round about way, Jones likens these behaviors to Nazis, knowing that invoking this term in any sense is a powerful distraction to the conditioned minds of the sheeple. At the same time though, he makes it quite confusing who he’s calling nazis. Either his detractors, the ADL that attacks him, Israel, or all of the above? The important thing is attaching “nazi” to anyone who detracts from him and points the finger at jews. Then he pours on more pity for jews with the radiating of sephardic jews done by Israel. Alex thinks we should be fooled because these monsters even attack their own, but it only serves to emphasizes how disgusting the creatures are as a WHOLE.

Exposing the jew will ensure you never get a spot on FOX News talking to Geraldo.

Exposing the jew will ensure you never get a spot on FOX News talking to Geraldo.

Jones carries on to tell us that “they”, whoever “they” are, want to make it about the jews so the public get’s SCARED and won’t join the fight! He says “they” don’t want us to go up against the federal reserve, but he fails to mention that the federal reserve is a PRIVATELY OWNED bank, and the owners are all JEWS. Of course we’re going up against the federal reserve, fat boy. Usury is how they control ALL nations.

At this point, he goes on to tell us the (jew owned) media wants to make it all about jews, stating that the media always says “jew, jew, jew”. If that isn’t further from the truth, I don’t know what is. IF the media WERE doing this, our job of exposing the jews would be FAR easier. He tells us the federal reserve and banking system are not all jews, but even the bible stories from 2000 years ago are clear that the jews were the money changers, and they still are today. Why was Jesus so angry with the money changers that this, supposedly peaceful man, flew into a rage and chased them off with a whip?  The story was a somber warning for future generations when it comes to borrowing money at interest.  In fact, usury is a sin in the bible, so I often wonder how a predominantly christian nation, like America, ever fell for these tricks.

The absurdity of Alex’s comments are extremely destructive to his position, and I’m glad it was recorded for the world to hear. Finally, he tells us “The Obama Deception” has gotten him death threats. He ADMITS that the OKC bombing was run out of Elohim City, a small airstrip and a couple buildings jews use to run drugs; but says it’s because of some of these things, that the caller has simply bought in to the wrong ideas. After nearly EIGHT MINUTES of ignoring this guy, Jones finally says “he has his right to free speech”, and “we were gonna go back to the caller…he hung up….he’s welcome to call back”. Sure, he’s welcome to try again, and get another ten minute rant where Jones and Bermas love on their precious jews.

I would encourage the man to call in again, because like I said, it gives us more proof of who’s team people like Bermas and Jones are on. In fact, I encourage EVERYONE to call into his show with the same remarks. Flood his show with thousands of people asking him questions about the jews. Within a week his credibility will be flattened, and MILLIONS of his listeners will hear him continue his attempts to squirm out from under the jewish answer. These jews and their agents can NOT win against the real patriots who are aware. Every time they do something, they stick their foot in their mouth, and give us a sharper edge against them.

Alex Jones is arrested while Geraldo makes his bumbling protestors look like idiots on national television.

Alex Jones is arrested while Geraldo makes his supporters, who parrot "911 was an inside job" like a broken record, look like freaks and nut jobs on national television.

Check out the video below, then call into Alex Jones’ show and mention the jews. While you have a second on the air, mention Subverted Nation too! Record the call, and I’ll even host it here for you. We’re making a dent, now let’s do some real damage to this shill and his deceptions.  Don’t stop with just Alex Jones’ show.  I have been known to seek out radio shows all over the internet, call in, and divert the conversation to the jewish question.  I have done this with all kinds of radio shows, and even ones run by jews themselves.

Quickly get your message in and plug the website before they shut you off.  Do it in a clean and concise fashion.  Listen in on the show, then pose a relevant question about the jews to the host, and see where it goes.  It’s both entertaining, and useful.  Say things like “when you talk about xxxx, isn’t it really true that….dual US/Israeli….jews…..jewish….” All of a sudden, all the listeners to a radio show about jesuits, are hearing the truth about the jewish question, and watching the hosts stumble all over themselves to straighten out the mess.  I’ll look around and see if recordings of any of these escapades still exist, so you can see how effective it is.  To top it off, these shills don’t get to blab on with their deception unhindered.

Try it.  It’s fun, it’s liberating, and it helps!  We don’t get radio shows with tens of thousands or millions of listeners, so I ENCOURAGE people to exploit theirs.  Do it with mainstream media.  Get a call in on Bill O’Reilly or something of the sort.  Hundreds of people can do it daily and make a big mess.

  1. Anyone who believes Alex Jones needs to listen to his radio show from 12-31-1999 available all over the internet, but here is a short YouTube video from that show:

    As far as the Jesuits go, people need to know that the Jesuits have been run by crypto jews from the gate:

  2. Now i know why they are always standing near and behind eachother. 😉
    They are exposing themselves more and more openley/arrogant like this alex-skull-bones shows us with his puppy bern-shill-assss does! Their modus operandi tells us always the same manipulative cosjer/pimping crap. This parasitic talmudic jew are rotting with this behaviour. ;-( Greetings from Europe. They’re losing worldwide every day at least harder and without their cosjer desceptive tricks!

  3. And Bermas blabbers on about how much he enjoys that nasty jew, Howard Stern, and his porn show.

    And it is okay with him when some dude calls in griping about how tired he is having to turn on tv and having the Blacks in his face. Well, Jason just starts talking about how he likes some Black rappers and not others. Whaat… I had to turn it off. Can you imagine how foaming at the mouth, Bermie would have gotten, if someone had called in and said how tired she/he was having to turn on the tv and having the jews in his face.

    Keep exposing Jason and Alex, please. Today, Jones had the nerve to say on his show that the USA radiated 10,000 jews. Unnerving liar.

  4. Man, this is excellent. Can’t wait to get started!!! Thanks for the idea, and I found this article on a link from

    Now, let’s see how this works. 🙂

  5. Adam,

    I had to listen to that again, combined with your analysis. You NAILED them several times,and my favorite is when Jones says “the media always says JEW, JEW, JEW” What a JOKE!

    Second favorite observations is Bermas eating his shoe leather, calling somebody anti-semetic b/c they observe that media is 90%+ jew-owned. Bermas is a train-wreck, and definitely in the wrong business. Jones worked HARD to squash that dumbass statement.

    Funny how the caller NEVER got to speak, although they kept reminding him of his free speech. Remember, IT REALLY IS THE JEWS!!!!

  6. Not all J-ws are part of the conspiracy, therefore it is more effective to talk about their power blocs, rather than to play into the Zionist’s hand by putting the guilt on all J-ws.

    Listen to Alex Jones, “Isr-el wants the J-ws to be persecuted”. He’s right!

    “A lot of the Zionists are promoting White Supremacist groups”
    -that’s true!

    I listened to the first call, he made the mistake saying it’s “the J-wish people”

    That is a fallacy, no more true than saying it’s “the American people”.

    • Zionists? Zionism didn’t come about until 1898, but these jews have been wrecking nations for nearly the past 4000 years. Zionism is a scape goat for jews, because any of them can say “I’m not a zionist”. Guess what? I AM a zionist, because I support a homeland for the jews….on the surface of the sun.

      To say “the jewish people” is NOT a fallacy at all. ANYONE who calls themselves a jew, practices judaism, kabala, or adheres to any of their beliefs is a part of the problem. In order to be a “jew”, one must subscribe to racial supremacy. In order to be a jew, one must view ALL others as cattle. It’s the inherent evil of their beliefs and the behavior that it manifests that is the problem.

      What you are doing is distracting from the EVIL of judaism and jews in general. THIS is where the problem lies, not “zionism”. Most jews will NEVER consider themselves zionists because they are a PARASITE, and a parasite must live off of a host. Therefore, most jews will NEVER think of going to Israel, unless they are caught in their crimes.

      In order for one to be a “good jew” they must cease being a jew all together. Judaism supports pedophilia, incest, rape, murder, lying, thieving, manipulation, racist supremacy, and much more. To say it’s only some jews, or just zionists, would mean ignoring 3900 years of their history, and ignoring the doctrine they obviously live by at the same time.

      This IS a JEW problem, through and through. You go fight zionism, I’ll handle the jews.

  7. Thanks for the article. Unbelievable that Alex Jones has obviously sold his soul to the Satanic death cult referred to as the Jews. Alex Jones has so much bullshit spin in his website/commentaries that’s it uneffing believable. Just another useful idiot hired to cover up the criminal operations of the Jew Crime Network. Also, Alex’s wife is Jewish (probably a Sayanim controlling Alex) – a sure sign that Alex is well plugged in – connected to the Jew Crime Network.

    Even Geraldo Rivera is part Jewish. Explains a lot, doesn’t it. Everyone in the msm is Jewish, part Jewish, or is a useful idiot promulgating lies to protect the Jew Crime Network’s criminal operations. That’s what the newsmedia’s – Jewsmedia’s main purpose serves: To cover up and protect the crimes committed by the Jew Crime Network. Eric Hufschmid says on his website that all these people working in the newsmedia are lying and covering up crimes, and are therefore part of the Jew Crime Network and should be arrested for criminal complicity. I agree.

  8. Nice little essay. I don’t know how anyone can listen to Alex Jones, let alone that Bermas guy. I even put the youtube video where he tells anti-semites to kill themselves on mute while I read the new batch of comments.

    To listen to those two, even if just to refute and tear them down, takes more patience than I have got. I get more angry at truth movement ramblings than mainstream media fluff. The thought of people waking up from what the powers that be want them to think, only to wind up in Alex Jones’s goy pen is frustrating.

  9. arminius says:

    Please, excuse the profanity. I am so fucking goddamn sick of jews.

  10. What really sucks is this racial superiority nonsense that they’ve been indoctrinated with since birth. This core attitude is at the heart of the problem. Long term planning is in order with goals along the way. They have set things up such that gentile children are separated early from their parents so that they do not form proper social bonds and the parents values are not passed on. When it comes to their own children, they do not integrate them with others until they have been heavily indoctrinated. It’s amazing how they’ve turned this around and put framed things such that every group but white males can openly express “white” pride OR “straight” pride. Every other group can have “pride” but straight white males. It has been conditioned that IF straight white males express pride, then they are RACIST. Ain’t that a bitch!? Sneaky fucking propagandists! Unfortunately most straight white males who express pride, have decided Hitler is some kind of hero when he was a part of this Kabbalistic bullshit. arg. /end rant

    • That kind of comment about Hitler that he was part of this Kabbalistic bullshit is nonsense. That kind of propaganda came out of jewish mouths a long time ago. Hitler will always be so many things. What remains as facts is Hitler and Germany got sick of jewish bastards and did something real about it. The laws that were put in place took the jews and their freemason lackeys out of business. Freemasonry was outlawed. The Germans had their hero instead of a jewish ghost named Ya and his avitar name jesus and all their lackey followers called freemasons.

  11. That’s true whitey, and it has been orchestrated in this fashion to make whitey want to stand alone from the other races. By making whitey feel threatened like an abused minority, and giving all the benefits to the other races, it gives whitey animosity to those other races. Whitey is supposed to dislike the other races, and they are supposed to dislike him, and each other. Blacks against Mexicans. Whites against Blacks. Mexicans against whites. Then the Chinese and the Arabs.

    I am a white man, and I’m not “proud” to be white…I’m just white. I didn’t get a choice in it. There is nothing wrong with loving your own people, and I do love my own people. I also have many black friends and family members, as well as Mexican/latino friends, Arab friends, etc. They all have HUMAN qualities, just like anyone else. The jew is the only exception to this. The problem only arises when we get mixed up attacking each other instead of the jew. When the problems of one race are pinned to another, the jew ALWAYS wins. However, if the focus is directly on the jew, we ALL win.

    I agree that Hitler has been used as a trick and a trap for white people. Same with the KKK and much of the “white nationalist” movement. We’ve just got to realize we’re all on this ship together, and the god damn thing is sinking. I don’t give a shit what color you are if you can help save the passengers. If this sucker goes down…the sharks and hypothermia aren’t going to care what color you are either.

    Remember one important thing. The jew LOOKS LIKE whitey. Therefore the jew NEEDS whitey to be his scapegoat to all the other races. Whitey is who the jew tries to blend in with. Whitey is the jew’s cover. Whitey takes the flack for everything the jew does. Whitey’s problem, just like everyone else…simply the JEW.

  12. jason bermas, it’s the jeewwwws and their sayanim!

    Aipac urges Congress members to sign letter to Barack Obama calling for Israel to set pace of negotiations with Palestinians

  13. S.N.-The divide and conquer is absolutely what is going on. I’m mainly of German and Irish descent but I do have Native American in my blood also. I’ve never been one to express much pride because I know no matter how well I can do something that someone before me or someone after me will do it better. So appealing to others has never been a major concern for me. My lady is an Asian and I also have family members with African ancestry. The great thing is that it appears there are many others from these other cultures who are aware of what is going on. It’s always those who have higher discrimination capacities who understand the simpleton nature of bigotry and how it is utilized against those who are simple enough to engage in such behavior. Professor Tony Martin has done superb research upon the Jewish role in slavery. There is a Japanese professor who’s name fails me at the moment, but he has done a HUGE website dedicated to exposing Zionists and their role in 9/11. We have ALLIES across the globe which is a major plus for us.

    Jews do look like Caucasians but there are certain features that can be highly distinct about them. I was thinking of throwing a PDF together to circulate which would go over some of these details with pictures. For instance, the kind of lips, nose, eyebrows and a certain facial expression seem to only appear within that group. William Krystal exemplifies the lips/smile, eyebrows, plus the furrowed eyebrow they will do which kind of makes them look in pain/pitiful. Woody Allen does the same furrowed look.

    I have a background with facial expression research so some of these relatively exclusive traits started to stand out to me. It can be valuable especially in knowing off the bat what kind of a background the person might have…

    Maybe a pdf with comparisons between Jew and Gentile features is in order? People tend to learn best when they can discriminate differences between stimuli.The average person is probably confused out of their head especially when you get Jews, such as Sean Penn, playing roles like he’s an Italian (Mystic River). School is out and I’ll have some time this summer. Does any one think that this might be worthwhile?

  14. These differences are indeed difficult to spot, and this is something they use in their favor BIG TIME. Why do you think plastic surgery and NOSE JOBS are so big in Holy Wood?

    This project is totally worth it. Do it, and if it looks good, I’ll put up an article about it to get it some exposure.

  15. I’ll put some thought into everything I want to go into it. I’ll be out of town for a week starting Monday but I’ll brain storm my lay out during that period.

  16. Nom de Plume says:

    Ha ha. I guess Rudowsky or whatever his name is also got his YouTube channel “suspended”. 😀

    He opened another one, and posted a rant. I wish I had saved the URL.

    One of the honest 911 channels on YouTube told me in a PM about AJ’s forum, “Just mention the word ‘wife’ in a post there, and see how fast the comment is scrubbed off the board.” (AJ’s wife is jewish, therefor she and the kids are automatically israeli citizens)


  17. This youtube “drama” that AJ et al. are “experiencing” is just part of a distraction and meant to elicit emotional responses from those who follow him. “How could any one think AJ is disinfo!?!? *DROOL* *DURR* His account was disabled on youtube! Why would youtube do that if he was disinfo?? This must confirm that AJ is legit! *DUR* *DROOL*”

    That’s all the account bans at controlled youtube are about. For those who can not lead themselves it will be a hard pill to swallow…Gotta rally the troops and reinforce their choice to follow AJ or risk losing many as they wake up to his controlled message.

  18. That’s funny, Nom.

    I was gonna call in this week to promote this site, but can’t stand listening to him for even a second. Hadn’t thought to ask how’s his wife?

  19. “This IS a JEW problem, through and through. You go fight zionism, I’ll handle the jews.”-ADAM

    LOL. Exactly. JEWS created Zionism (and a host of other problems), NOT the other way around. Anarhcore is confused.

  20. The game’s up for those two clowns. They’ve been thoroughly exposed as frauds.

  21. ALLCINGI says:

    ‘ He says callers often try to make the show about catholics, jews, and protestants. No, Alex, you fat worthless fuck. ‘ ‘Lard ass jew puppet ” that’s to funny !!I went on his comment site for a couple of years ,and then his forum but got kicked off that in about 3.2 seconds for telling the truth about the jews .It always amazed me that Alex Jones will tell you 80% of the truth and leave out the most critical 20% You know ….the Jews did it part .He calls himself a truther , either he’s the worlds biggest idiot , or he knows exzactly what he’s doing .I’m going with both.How does Alex make a living doing this and not stumble face first into this heaping pile of shit that all points towards the Jew .It amaze’s me all these people that visit his site ,never stop to think about that missing 20% .What’s even more frustrating is the people who do stumble on that 20% ,get scared or all the brainwashing kicks in and the tuck tail and run.Alex Jones isnt helping because he’s obviously been put in place to sway people back into submission.”Lard ass Jew Puppet” is Alex’s New Name!

  22. Louis from Montreal says:

    I am still getting flamed from Bermas’ fans. Just got another message calling me a, “disinfowarrior,” a term I used for Bermas.
    It started like this:
    Me; Not to sound anti-septic or anything, but Bermas is a Jew.

    ahset; Don’t you mean anti-semitic?

    Me; Not really, think about it; Try a dictionary.

    ahset; antiseptic-controlling infection.what does infection and disease have to do with being a jew. you try a dictionary idiot.

    Me; If you really need me to answer that then you are beyond enlightenment. Just stick with DISINFOWARRIOR like the rest of the sheep.

    It continues like that for a bit and then my posts get deleted or changed. Another one of his followers says, what difference does it make if Bermas is a jew, “He’s anti-NWO and is doing an awesome job, to which I replied that he,(Bermas), was doing an “awesome job of snowing him. Anyone who can’t or won’t name the enemy is one of them.” Every post I left with this url automatically gets deleted, and several of the others too. Especially if I mention the J word. Final analysis; You can’t debate anything with these sheeple and they are completely anti-truth.

  23. Is Jason Bermas a jew? If he is a jew he would know Jewish is not a race.

    • Bermas is a jew and he knows full well that jews ARE a race. That fact is not debatable. How the hell can you get a DNA test to see if you are jewish, if the jews aren’t a race? We’ve been over this a thousand times here, the jews are a race, and maybe even closer to a separate species. Why do you think jews always scream “racist” when someone mentions “zionists”?!?!? Simple, jews are a race, and their reaction to “zionist” proves that it is a racial problem, not an ideology or religion.

      Download my book at the bottom of the site, read it, and learn something. We won’t have any comments stating jews are not a race. Their agenda is to have jews considered to be anything but the race that they are. Go ahead, type “jewish DNA test” into google and see what you find. If you’re smart, you’ll quickly find that they ARE a race, and not only that, but there is no real difference between ashkenazi, sephardic, or other groups of jews.

      If you still think jews aren’t a race, don’t post it here, because it’s not scientifically factual, and won’t be allowed here again.

    • Brad Kayganich says:

      kikes are not a race???????You ever heard of Tay Sachs?????Found in 99% of the kike population, in addition to other kike specific disorders that only show up in their DNA.

  24. Alex Jones is married to a jewish girl.and and has children with her. So maybe she is his handler.

  25. Feds hate Alex Jones

    • Don’t be gullible. The feds don’t hate Alex Jones, he works for them. How hard is that to understand?

      Get this, if they hated him so much, why does the media give him so much publicity? If you still think the media is a fair and balanced open forum, you are WAY behind the eight ball. It’s not the “feds” that are the issue, it’s the fucking JEWS.

  26. Alex Jones’s wife is JEWISH, Jason Bermas IS JEWISH. Just look for the jew somewhere, if there is one, don’t trust them! Even then if there isn’t one, look at who they are blaming, if they don’t say JEW, then don’t trust them. There are some agents that say JEW but then try to twist things and screw with your head like Eric Hufschit. There are multiple levels they work on.

    It’s all a show, everything, the tea party is a jewish run event.

    I find it still amazing that people just can’t seem to get to that next level in the thought process. Im sure Adam thats what you are waiting for. Just more people, thousands more that REALLY understand how the jews play their evil game.

  27. Soon we will be the bringers of peace and bring about the golden age of Man on Gaia. not even death can conquer pride this strong I’m afraid.

  28. Good article.

    I noticed, when listening to the video, that this tub of lard’s defense for not being Jewish is that Jones is a Welsh name and he is the descendant of the founders of Texas. First of all, the last name he goes by is irrelevant because Jews often change their name and someone is defined as a Jew in Talmudic law when their mother is Jewish (hence, they don’t necessarily have Jewish surnames). Second of all, him saying that he is the descendant of one of the “founders of Texas” should raise a red flag for people who know their history: the founders of the Lone-Star Republic were slave owners who revolted against the Mexican government because they were not allowed to have slaves… and Im sure most people here know who dominated the slave trade and made up the highest percentage of slave owners.

    That brings me to my next point, as much as Alex Jones says that ethnicity doesn’t matter and people are “anti-semitic” for not diverting attention away from Israel when it comes to the USS Liberty and 9/11, this fucking hypocrite has shown to be extremely racist against Mexicans: there’s a video of him insulting the Mexican flag and saying that Mexicans are hell-bent on destroying America and are the driving force behind NAFTA and the North American Union (what happened to “its not just one groups fault”? The US government signed NAFTA and is also pushing the NAU, why is he not blaming Clinton and Bush like he blames LBJ for the USS Liberty?) and has had over the ex-JDL member Glenn Spencer whose Minutemen killed a 9-year-old Mexican girl in her home. Also, he’s not above calling out other ethnic groups such as “the Arabs” in his lying tirade about them owning the media, or “the Chinese” and “the Russians” (Im sure most people here have seen it, but if not, look for Jones’ antics during “Y2K” on YouTube and see what Bill Cooper had to say about it). Interesting how this shill suddenly becomes Mr. Political Correctness when it comes to the giant rat in the center of the room…

  29. Just thought I would mention that long ago I followed Bill Cooper and found what he had to say interesting. But the more I studied the more I started questioning what Bill had to say. I really think he was a shill as well. He could never correctly define the difference between so-called socialism and National Socialism. He also promoted the holahoax. On the recent docutmentary done in 2006 which was obviously directed by jews Bill explains about the cabala and that man it’s not the jews that are the problem. I wrote to Doyle Shamley a couple of years ago questioning what Texe Marrs had told me that Bill was a good patriot but was not a christian. Doyle said that he had a falling with Texe Marrs. You really get nowhere with these people. Religion befuddles their minds. False oppositions as always just as the John Birch nonsense had even fooled the likes of Prof.Oliver.

  30. Brad Kayganich says:

    bill cooper was a fraud as well. That’s why when jew jones came along, he got fired up about jew jones spreading his bullshit to a larger audience, quicker than bill cooper could generate material for.

  31. Brad Kayganich says:

    Here you go SN, here’s the link to cooper saying that.

  32. Bill should have said, man it’s not just the jews.

  33. Hey I want to know is the Child Protective Services Run By Jews Adam?

    • Most definitely. Same with all the missing children programs and things like orphanages and foster care. The jews traffic in humans like humans traffic in livestock.

      • Wow Jews are a bunch of Fucking Nasty Ass Goblins. And One More Thing What do you think of Golden Dawn you know that white Nationalist Group in Greece.

        • Run by jews. The name “golden dawn” should say enough. That’s a jewish secret society.

          • Hey Adam I exposed the jew-masonic golden party in an article on my blog if you wanna check it out. Just to name some of the facts I uncovered: The Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn was founded by freemasons(jews), they use hebrew books in their rituals that are kept hidden from lesser initiates, they’re definetely connected to the 30 year old Golden Dawn political party, their leader was on the KYP/CIA payroll atleast in the 80’s and probably still is, and that they focus primarilly on the symptom of immigration in a belligerent and unintelligent way instead of pointing out that the jews are behind this nation-wrecking charade.


          • One problem I have with your article is stating that jews needed Hitler to get European jews to bond together and move to Palestine. That’s bullshit. The jews have always been a unified force. They needed their straw man Hitler built up so they could knock him down, and use WWII as a way to subdue Europe. It had nothing to do with getting jews to move to Palestine.

            Saying this implies that some jews are not part of the overall scheme of things, when in reality they all are. The jews didn’t fund Hitler to scare other jews into moving to Palestine. That’s a jewish lie. They needed Hitler to turn all of Europe into a police state where people can be jailed for even speaking out against the jew. That line is one sold by the jews repeatedly, and it’s bogus.

            There’s a reason I don’t link to any outside sites, and this is a perfect example of it. Why would I want to let my site promote an article that doesn’t tell the real story? I’m going to leave it so people can see what I’m talking about, but next time I’ll strip your links. Don’t take it personal, it’s strictly business. I’m not playing about what kind of message is promoted here.

            The jews weren’t scared of Hitler or any uprising. They LOVE Hitler, and loved what he was doing for them. They knew the plan all along. The jews LOVE Hitler today, because they have this built in straw man to beat up every time someone criticizes them. In fact, the jews even show of a fetish for Hitler in their depraved pornography. Hitler is a hero to them.

          • No hard feelings Adam, I get it. I shouldve jusy copy and pasted the stuff about Golden Dawn but I guess I was just lazy and wanted people to get some background to where I was coming from. But you’re right, the building up of the straw man is more important than the transfer to palestine, that was just an immediate advantage. Ive always seen it as a 2 for 1 deal but since Ive written that and spent more time on your site it makes more sense that their main reason for funding Hitler was so they could have that straw man for decades and who knows centuries in the future. I kinda said that in the article but not as forthright as I couldve. I wrote that at a time when I was in the thick of some arguments with white nationalists about Hitler and it seemed like a better idea to focus on the creation of ‘israel’ rather than calling their cult hero a puppet straight up or else they might not have read it or started thinking for themselves at all. Another angle I saw as part of the straw man tactic was that the jews let him put in place successful economic policies that the German people loved, maybe as a way of demonizing state printed money and a currency backed in labor and not jew stones, but thats just a thought. Anyway I appreciate your analysis and I’ll refrain from posting links in your comments from now on. I understand that you’re going for a specific message and that’s admirable. I myself had to delete some of the few comments on my blog because they were obviously from jews trying to cast seeds of doubt. Not that I care about hits or money or any bullshit like that, I just wouldnt be able to live with myself if I didnt put my thoughts on paper to try and make a difference.

          • I’m glad you get it. I’m very serious about what kind of message is put forth. The issue is if we say, “the jews used Hitler to chase other jews to Palestine”, it paints a picture of separation between different groups of jews.

            Their cohesion is how they’ve gotten away with so much. For example, look at an article on gun control, and you will probably see dozens of jews whining that we should give up our guns. They don’t have to be prompted to do so, they automatically jump in and do their part.

            The idea that the German economic system could be a straw man is possible. Some of the last few countries without a jewish central bank already have jewish leadership. It’s the people who need sold down the river, not the leaders. There are not major leaders today who aren’t jewish, or working with them. If any showed and gained some power, they’d be dead inside a week without some serious protection.

          • Yeah you’re right I never thought about it in simple terms like that such as with gun control. The synagogues of Germany in the 30’s definetely had the footsoldier jews in on the whole plan to destroy europe from the get go. And they were happy to be kept out of harms way in the camps with movie theaters and brothels and the list goes on.

            It’s the same today how publically in goyim newspapers they scream about ‘anti-semitism’ from commie leaders like Qaddafi, Chavez, and Ahmadinejad, but in their own newspapers they talk about how they’re secretly jews. And then they have all the white nationalist and “jew-wise” sites putting these commie jews on a pedestal becauae “they stuck it to the jews”.

            It’s all a game to make us feel like there are these great leaders out there not controlled by the jews so we don’t realize how enslaved we actually are and do something radical to put an end to it. While at the same time giving the jews their straw men to beat up so they can control the emotions of the rest of the stupid population.

          • Yes. Ahmadinejad, Chaves, Qaddafi, all are jews, yet they play the role of anti “zionist”. Give me a fucking break. The jews did sit out the war in complete comfort, while millions died fighting it. The jews were swimming in their pools at the work camps while Germans were being turned into unrecognizable piles of mush in Dresden and Hamburg by allied bombers.

            Two things though. Humans are NOT “goyim”, we are human beings, and the population may act stupid, but we’re not calling humanity stupid for being raped by a parasite around here.

  34. Mary-Ellen says:

    Hi, Adam,

    I have been reading your website for a while now, and as such I trust your judgement on most issues.

    I have a friend who is heavily involved with The National Anarchist movement, and I’d like your opinion on them.

    Here is a link to the official manifesto of the party.

    • I have no idea who they are, but this quote screams JEW RUN group to me:

      “National-Anarchists do not ‘hate’ ordinary Jews and neither do we wish to undermine them as a people with their own unique religious and cultural identity”

      Sounds like total fucking jewish hogwash to me.

  35. Brad Kayganich says:

    simon shack from September Clues is a jew as well. I do believe no aircraft were involved in 9/11 of course, yes the trade center was brought down with explosives. Yet that’s what they want you too concentrate on. In addition to what he calls “media fakery”. Of course the media creates false news, its jewish. Yet not one time on his sight, did he ever get into how the whole thing was a jew plot. Its very obvious from the get, when you look at the names involved with 9/11, screams nothing but jews.

    • No doubt about it, there were no planes. Even the information that is “correct” is produced by jews, and leaves out the jew. It’s not even questionable that jews did 911, and that the whole thing was tv fakery. The jew wins by having jews expose the fakery, then have them attacked and marginalized by other jews (Alex Jones, We Are Change, etc) and never once mentioning that the jewish media, jewish govt, and jewish hollywood put together the tv fakery of 911. It all just runs in jewish circles. That’s why the fuckers were so pissed when I stuck my neck out there and started telling the truth. The so-called “truth” movement is a jewish circus act. People like me weren’t supposed to enter their arena and start connecting the dots.

      • Brad Kayganich says:

        Yes indeed, all so called “truth movements”(majority of movements, if not all for that matter) are jewish. As stated before. Real resistance does not get publicity.

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