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Alex Jones – I support Israel

Alex Jones – I support Israel

Here is all one needs to know about Alex Jones.  If this fat retard were a real patriot, he would be telling you the truth about things like 911, the wars, the economic collapse, Obama, the police state, and all the other things he rants about.  The truth about these topics are that every last one of them was engineered by, what he calls, the “global elite”.  However, there is nothing “elite” about the monsters behind all of our ills, because they are nothing more than a bunch of blood sucking leeches known as JEWS.

Here Alex Jones lets his true allegiance be known to all by flashing the mano cornuto, or the horned hand, a sign typically used by demonic jews. Guess who's side he's on!

How many dopes out there still believe that Alex Jones is really on our side?  How many people think he ignores the truth about jews, just because he’s playing it safe and politically correct?  How many excuses have you heard people make for this overweight windbag?  I know I’ve heard dozens myself, but once people start to read sites like SN, it doesn’t take them long to figure out exactly where this chump falls short.

In reality, all Alex Jones is out to do is keep you in fear, because fear paralyzes.  At the same time, he’s also out to make sure that anyone who really knows the truth, makes a fool out of themselves trying to share it with others.  This is why he brought other psy-op groups like We Are Change, the makers of Loose Change, etc. (see here, here, here and here) to the forefront.  Simply because their methods sell real good to truthers, but at the same time, make you everyone involved look like idiots.  At least, their line of crap sells good to those who haven’t reached an understanding about jews, but to those who have, these people are nothing but criminal conspirators and traitors.

Anyway, this clip doesn’t need much said about it.  Alex Jones dug his own hole with this one.  Have a listen, and pass it along to as many people as possible.  No real patriot would dare say they support the enemy, so what does that make Alex?

  1. i never trusted this asshole jones from the get go. if only people would looker deeper in to things for them selfs. then they all would see whats realy going on in the world.

    • When considering an Islamic site, one must research until he understands that Islam was created by the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Church, like the Corporation entitled The United States of America, has a shadow government of its own. It is referred to as the Jesuit Order or the “society of jesus”. These are the jews that run the Vatican. The vatican spawned all the protestant whores, therefore the jews run all of them. They are referred to by MessiYah Yahoshua as the synagogue of Satan. Pergamos, wher Satans seat is, just so happens to have been the exact location where the Khazars(Ashkenakim)were at the time Rev was written. They then went across the Caucasious mtns up into central Europe, adopted the Satanic Kabbalistic teachings of the Rabbis of Judaism, later fled to Poland and Russia, only to invade the Land of Ysrayl to masquerade as the children of Ysrayl.under the Balfour Declaration of the Freemasonic Monarchy of Great Britain, in 1948. They left black and returned white! Abracadabra!

      • You’re not trying to say today’s jews are Khazars are you? Some jews have Khazar blood, just like some jews have mexican, arabic, and chinese blood. All these supposed separate groups of jews are genetically related, i.e. one and the same.

  2. There are some key points in this stage of the truth movement people need to get over.

    1.If they say they support Israel in any way shape or form, no matter what else they say. They are full of shit, and a shill/jew.

    2.If they say they hate israel and “israelis”, but other jews are ok, they are full of shit (most likely a jew) and working towards the jewish one world government by making it look like they are on OUR SIDE.

    3.They say “Zionism” is the problem, and we must stop it, other jews are fine, then they are most likely a jew, and again trying to pretend they are on our side.

    4.If they say Zionism and jews are the problem, but lets all hold hands and pray, or wish for world peace, then they are a jew on their back foot trying hard not to get you angry.

    5.If they say violence is not the answer, guns are bad, they are a jew afraid of you fully understanding what they are doing.

    6.If they say they are against the new world order and bankers etc, but won’t tolerate any racism, they are a jew site. Even many muslim sites have jews running them, so be aware muslims!

    7.If they say guns are good, load up on ammo a shitstorm is coming, but to survive, do nothing, stay out of trouble, keep your head down, they are fake patriots, and most likely jews.

    8.Calling jews TRAITORS to America is retarded. To be a traitor you must be on our side (a non jew) and cross to the jew side. Jews have ALWAYS been on the jew side, therefore not traitors, they are simply the enemy, and always have been.

    9. Anyone that says you need permission to do anything is a lying jew, or traitor non jew.

    10.Learn to read the PSYOP angle when you read. What is the jew wanting you to feel/think? When a story says “Banks are too big to fail, too big to arrest” they are trying to tell you you are helpless, and there is NOTHING you can do. They are full of shit. NO JEW OR CRIMINAL IS FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET HEADED IN THEIR DIRECTION!

    11. Jews are WANTING a revolution. Many such as Mike Jewvero of are calling for the government to collapse. During this collapse the media will focus on jew leaders leading the “resistance” so people will rally behind them, as they did in Russia in 1917. Then the jews will turn against those that supported them. When it hits the fan, take them out as fast as you can (jews and the media). Don’t give them an inch. NOW is the best opportunity for military personel and those that can, to not let the jews dictate how things will go. A coup right now would be a blessing for the American people, and take the jews by surprise.

    12. All those truthers out there supporting jews in any way shape or form should be delt with the same way as the jew-no exceptions. Those like MARK GLENN that say “we need jews to help fight the jews” are a lying sack of shit. He leaves the window open for all manner of infiltration, subversion and psyop tactics by the jew. Those assholes have chosen their side, and they will pay for it with their lives.

    13. Remember a jew is a JEW FOR LIFE. No matter how much they try to convince you. Beware the jew that holds a cross in front of your face-Brother Kapner. He has good info, but swears Russia is our friend, and jews don’t control it…..LIAR!

    14. Always ask “Is he/she a jew?” or “Where are the jewish connections”?….meaning jewish wife, family, business partners, friends etc. Most of the fools running around pretending to be on your side get money to spew shit and lie to you on a daily basis. In fact, you probably pay for them to do it to you.

    15. ALL the jews shills out there have their own angle of attack, and say 80% of the shit you want to hear. Rivero says “Canned goods and shotguns people!”…..and gun owners are like YEAH MAN! YOU ROCK!…..The fact rivero told us all about the voting system scams during the last 2 elections, and today still says to VOTE THEM OUT! this tells you he is full of shit. He has one of the biggest “truth seeking” audiences in the USA, why isn’t he calling on all gun owners to take over washington DC? Why is he making people feel helpless and useless by giving you day after day of shitty news concerning the downfall of America? Because thats his job!

    Be empowered, and be strong. jews fucking hate it! Be what they hate and fear most!

    • Amen! (I am here for the first time and already this is my favorite site)

      • That happens a lot. Welcome.

        • Terrific post,Bobby…how predictable was the latest massacre right after the Hebe’s got their Nubian slave in?As for Brother Nat,Putin is a rich Liberal shabbos Goy.

          • I think Putin is a crypto jew. In fact, I’m sure of it. Getting Obama in was easy. They appoint whoever they want. It wasn’t a real contest.

          • That Brother Nathaniel supports Putin who has decried Russian Nationalism is the surest indication of his fakeness or genuine Judentum…a lot of misleaders sound right but talk bent when you like deeper…one has to be a connoisseur of both liars and idiots today…

  3. This alex kike jones is so full of shit,it’s hard to believe that people can’t see right thru this renta-kike,l’m sure experience activist can. The punk gets all pissed off when someone asks him if he knows who B. Freedman is.
    Another rent-a-bitch for the jew media.
    This asshole is trying to get the world to support the terror state of lsrael.Israel last l heard was receiving 30 million US Tax Payers dollars a day. For a shit hole DOT on the planet.
    No wonder we are all slaves to the fucking jews!

  4. ***Alex Jones’ Jewish Connections***

    1.) He has a Jewish wife named Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and he has three(3) children with her.

    2.) He and his Jewish wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s \Law of Return\.

    3.) He has at least twenty(20) Jewish sponsors and advertizers that financially support his radio show and websites.

    4.) He has a Jewish lawyer named Elizabeth M. Schurig who is also the lawyer for Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the most powerful Jewish Zionist families in the world.

    5.) His flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Jeffrey H. Smulyan.

    6.) His radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy W. Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

  5. The only fucking thing jews don’t own is the fucking air!
    l’m sure they would tax air if they could.

    • Have you looked up at the chemtrails lately?

    • You pay for air in money for air conditioning systems, and pay with illnesses from their filfthy tubes, and your childen with filthy flu in unventilated school buildings: instead of God’s air conditioning, by opening a window.

      yeah, carbon tax is the beginning… basically it costs you to open your window because it cool’s the air inside. it’ll end with the right to bottled air if you can afford it, like bottled water.

    • MarcusOHreallyUS says:

      They’re trying to tax CO2, oxygen is next. This all due to the Sabetean frontman, “BearManPig”.

  6. Adolf Hitler says:

    Alex Jones. Like all jews will show their true nature. You would think Alex the jew Jones is smart enough to be anti-israel like most leftist jews who pretend to be on our side.

    People, espicially Arabs keep falling for jew converts or anti-zionist jews. Then they wonder why Arab leaders are assassinated.

    THE DAY THE LAST JEW DIES is will be the day non-jews QUESTION everything. The goyim will HATE everything jewish. That means Communism, Democracy, Liberalism, Islam, Christianity. Too bad a BILLION people will probably have to die before this day comes.

    • titus1fourteen says:

      Christianity is Jewish, It’s white only.

      • No, Christianity is NOT Jewish. At least not Jewish in the modern sense of the word ‘Jew’. Read what Martin Luther and Jesus Christ Himself said about the Edomite/Khazar, convert Jews of their time. The original Jews (like Christ) were pure white Judeans, as were the original aryan Indians, Persians, Mesopotamians from which the pure Jews originated.

        However it has BECOME Jewish. Most atheists make the same mistake of assuming all Christians are pro-Jewish and fail to understand that the Jews are such a bunch of imposters that they aren’t even Jews!!! (Judeans in the original sence).

        Christianity, like everything else, has been infiltrated (the majority, mainstream part of it) by Jews.

        Yes, there are Jews with Chinese genes, black genes, Pakistani genes, but for the MOST PART, the Jews are Khazar, Edomite, European mixtures who have been upgrading themeselves genetically with more and more white blood over the generations. But even if they were mostly Pakistani genes, it wouldn’t make much difference. All coloreds will try to destroy whites, directly, or indirecly through promoting miscegenation. They are ALL a threat to us which is why the Jews encourage ALL TYPES of race mixing and immigration. The Jews simply have more white blood than the others, so have more brains behind their dishonesty, The other steal millions, while the Jews steal trillions. They also got a head start over the others by getting into usary (banking/lending/interest) centuries before everyone else leading to a Jewish monopoly on money.

        Revelation 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

        • The jews are NOT converted Khazars. That’s a bullshit lie, that has NEVER been proven to be factual. EVER. It’s a fable put forth by a JEW. The jews mixed with some Khazars, but they are not Khazars. Just like jews who mixed with Chinese people are not Chinese.

          Christianity in itself is largely a jewish fable based on pagan religions that predate it by millenia.

          • so if the “j” word represents evil and christianity is a fable what word in your lexicon stands for good if not christian?

          • You mean jew? Christians aren’t great either. How many millions have died at their hands? How many still do today?

            True good doesn’t need a label or anything to stand for it.

  7. Wow. So the UN wants to dissolve israel or is jones blowing smoke? I just keep talking about the truth and hope that all of the contacts I forward this to actually read it. This monkey had me fooled in the begining. Thank you. I am awake.

    • Stephen Wolfe II says:

      Embrace where you are now to by considering where you were before. Most of us see the disinformation as a curse, but in order to find the “truth” in anything you have to be strong enough to view ALL the information and see exacly what roads lead to where. Although disinformation is disgusting, we have to have a certain knowledge about it to keep from being lied to. Everytime I see some jew propoganda on the internet it makes me stronger because it culminates the foundation in my head that “YES Jews are swamping us with persuasive psyops.” Once you truly accept that as reality it only amplifies your need to stop this bullshit.

      I guess you could call it fuel to the flame.

      • Mostly disinformation is absolute shit, because the majority can’t see through it, which means it must be repeatedly exposed and crushed. One problem with disinformation is, even those who KNOW WHAT IT IS, do not understand the depth at which it works on their own psyche. These people are VERY CRAFTY at what they do. The “programming” it instills is the most dangerous part. Simply by reading it, your subconscious mind absorbs all kinds of influence, and does so without you knowing at all. One must make a very determined effort to reprogram their own subconscious after devouring such bullshit, lest they would like to find themselves confused, fearful, and powerless, like much of it is designed to accomplish.

        Fuel to the fire? OK, what are we waiting for then? Burn the fuckers at the stake!

        • Yep, “Global elite” comes to mind… gives them the air of superiority and invincibility, but none of these pricks can outrun a bullet. They are not elite, they are scum.

          Don’t call yourself “Goyim” or “Gentiles” either, thats the dirty jews words for you.

          • If the jews hear US call ourselves “goyim” they’ll certainly know WE’re on to their parasitic, disgusting, behavior and practices.

          • So, we should call ourselves by THEIR derogatory names they have for us? Sorry, that’s not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. “WE” are NOT “goyim”. The jews also call us lower than animals, so should we say the same? They say we are worse than insects, so we should call ourselves insects? NO. Save the “goyim” and “gentile” bullshit for the jews. Maybe jews should call themselves pathetic, genocidal, nation wrecking, baby raping RATS, because that’s what I call em!

          • Yep. Alos, most/many have bought into it by being caught in economic slavery in slave jobs, and educated in PC jewish aetheism.

          • Albion's seed says:

            Exactly right. This global criminal network of thieves, child-rapists, murderers, and worse KNOW we are their superiors genetically, physically, culturally, morally, scientifically, artistically, militarily, aesthetically, and even economically if we compete with them on a level playing field and don’t allow them to use fraud, kosher affirmative action, political bribery, murder, theft, industrial espionage, patent theft, honey traps, false flags, covert central banking takeovers and monetary and market manipulations.

            They can only win by deceit. They have no honour. Edomea
            delenda est.

          • This is true, but they will fail, because the seeds of resistance have already been sown and they can’t undo any of it.

          • charles says:

            The bible clearly teaches that those that call themselves jews are truly the goyim . It is quite funny .

            Jersualem below will be trodden down by the (gentiles) /goyim/heathen until the time of the gentiles/heathen are done

    • Right on Brenda its good to this site is effective i oblivios to all this before 911 myself i stumbled on 911 truth around late 2002 early 2003 i came across alex jones also nothing he said sat right with me though he told you an incredible 80% of the truth and left out the key 20% something always bothered me about him though by the end of 2003 i came across a book called fourth reich of the rich by des griffen for me it blew the doors off everything , everything became more clear , crystal clear , no more confusion i wouldnt say griffen is the be all to end all though , it was the right book at the right time for me then i came across in 2004 hufshmid and boylns site there was 90% truth and yet still a key 10% left but they ended up being a bunch a fucking jews themselves you got watch for that if people have any excuse for the jew period they have not yet arrived this should be the bar that you hold against people to find out there true colors the are not zionist ,its not just some of them ,its not the isrealis,its all fucking jews period if the person isnt agreed with this then your probably dealing with a jew very simple! and i couldnt agree more with you adam if i ever hear someone call me a goy i will knock everyone of there teeth out i cant belive people embrace this filthy word fuck you if you think your an animal to the jew fuck the jew hes the true goy .

  8. Thanks Allcingi. Then we must be the weisen or whatever the opposite of goyim is. I kind of followed the same pattern you spoke about to the awakening. And what a nightmare to wake up to. Our nation and the globe has been infiltrated all the way down to the mayor of my town.I was talking to my black friend (has a clue of what’s happening)but still stuck on the black, white,democrat, republican labels. It was mentioned about our senators being democrats and useless, she said because their white and I had to clarify to her that they’re jew. I had to stop there because I was at work.It’s difficult for me to keep my mouth shut. So what is the opposite of that jew word goyim anyway?

  9. wow i was lookng at my post earlier the batteries on my keyboard must be dying i cant even read my own post ,ya it would be great if all races could come together on this common issue ,i personally dont have a problem with other races just the jew we need a black Adam ,or a mexican Adam ,and some asian Adams ,weve all been sucked down by the jews its like that movie a bugs life as soon as we realize theres alot more ants than grasshopers the jews days are numbered i think theres currently around 14 million jews in the world and over 7 billion of us the jews dont even make up 1% of the global population and yet they cause 90% of the problems .i suppose the opposite of goyim is human being !

    • I like the bugs life analogy. A few more Adams in different colors are on order. Ok Universe?! The percentages and ratios you just gave make me sick. How and for so long did we let this happen? Right now the”man” is actually cutting our salary. Many sheeple say “let’s be thankful we have jobs”. In other words let’s bend over and take it. It angers the crap out of me. There have never been more billionaires in the world in spite of this jacked up economy! I’m trying to think good thoughts. Got any?

      • here is a great though for you might not apply right now, but in our life time at the rate things are the amount of growing rage against the jew “we will in our life time see and participate in the greatest event of human history the end of world jewry and the eradication of the jews” look the future because all this going on now are far to fucked

        • Not while we’re in economic slavery , I doubt; but when I reconsider, it is possible that rage alone could mount to the point… possible, but doubtful. An alternative vision of a way of life to the slavery alngside would be good.

          • i bet all the other countries had doubts among there people to but they did it and were free of the jew for a little bit. the difference now is that after all the shit they did in the 20th century they have gone to far and people a getting the idea not to let them live this time. this is not middle ages were they can converse to a different religion and escape the gallows. come on man you can think like that if you want to, but once the men that have no doubts start doing some shit jump on Bord. when a person has doubt in them and lets it fester it becomes the start of that which will cause failure. you think Tomas edison had doubts making the light bulb no he couldn’t of or he would have quit he knew that he could do it and although be it after hundreds failed attempts he did have success. well after 109 attempts with these Jew people have learned not to let them go peacefully to another land and i have no doubt in my mind that the final victory will happen in our life times. if everyone united it would be a quick war then we would have to search the globe to insure that the plague is gone. with even that not the case we still have many numbers and add to that more each day that are getting the massage. shit, the battles may go back and forth on who wins in such a war, but we have the total victory in the end of this war, i have no doubt and if i die in the event that i die i will have that taught in my head and die happy knowing that there is a future free of the constructed way will live by the jew

  10. John Martinson II says:

    Alex Jones has also admitted that his wife is a Polish Jew.

    Jones also surrounds himself with the three stooges that made Loose Change (all three of which are Jews).

    On the other side of the conspiracy guru fence, Mike Rivero (WhatReallyHappened) can’t help but to compare Israel to the Nazis as often as possible or otherwise feature articles about \brave Jews\ that have stood up against Zionism. Of course, Rivero is supporting Ron Paul dupe Ryan Dawson, who has yet to explain how swearing allegiance to a Freemasonic Constitution and system of government is somehow going to liberate us. Dawson has blatantly said that Jews did 9/11 but he quickly follows it up with \all Jews aren’t bad\. Then on the other end of the spectrum Michael Tsarion has periodically trickled in a few facts about the Jews as if to give a nudge-nudge-wink-wink that he’s aware of the Jewish problem. However, if you listen to his solutions on how we need to change our thinking processes, it’s all Freemasonic philosophy (anarchism, anti-hierarchy, individualism over nationalism, global-think instead of nation-think). The same goes for Jordan Maxwell, and he is quite adamant to preach against monarchy. Anyone has knowledge as Maxwell knows full well that the very reason for Freemasonry’s existence is to overthrow monarchy in order to institute Judaic republics all over the world.

    For the record, Rivero is distancing himself from Alex Jones but this is nothing more than an example of controlled dissent. As anyone should be able to tell, regardless of which guru of the above mentioned gurus you go to, all of them will feed you the same pack of lies.

    • John Martinson II says:

      I forget to mention: Mike Rivero is an admitted Sephardic Jew.

      • Article concerning Rivero on the way soon, with lots of good info on him.

        • There’s no need for Yiddish Masonry to overthrow monarchies-Jewry just infiltrate monarchies like German Jews have the Brit one
          and make them Protestant Liberal Democratic wildernesses for their secular kosher brethren in Parliament… Europe’s monarchies haven’t lifted a finger to stop the new Muslim conquest of the continent because the cryptically sponsor it as treacherous impostors.So Yiddish.

          • Masonry did indeed do a lot of the leg work to help overthrow monarchies, but that’s not their true purpose. The jews have certainly infiltrated a lot of monarchies, taken them over completely, or instituted them on their own. For example, the Saudi royal family is jews, the British royalty are jews, etc. Europe’s monarchies are mostly jewish, so of course they’re not going to do anything.

          • They do it because they can like any criminal mafia or natural virus-there is no mercy in nature for the stupid-ask why the Romans eventually converted to Christianity…their own cruelty was the moral inroad Shaul of Damascus and his ilk had for revenge against the then top-dogs of Europa,Rome and Greece-we can trace blame back so far that today’s Yiddish hegemony looks like biblical prophecy…if that is the case,then the web is the instrument of revelations and that’s what we’re doing here…in my opinion,the English are today’s original Shabbos Goyim and the blame has to start somewhere for there to be change…trouble is, they can just say,as they’ve done before ‘Yeah,we did and do it and will do it,so what?’To topple Zionism means to topple it’s exported roots,Judaism which means martyrs/warriors like the Palestinian ones who represent the disinherited European perfectly
            where the ‘Minorities’ equal the IDF and Settlers…(by the way, get this site translated into Russky and German).

          • The blame is on us all, no matter where it starts, until we finish it.

          • The ENGLISH are NOT Goy pal!!! Most of us are also against the damn Jew!! Yes we have a Jewish Monarch (for what bleedin good it is) and most of the people want them out! STOP stereotyping, it makes you look ignorant.

          • No worries. It’s patently obvious that Stefan is tried to weave a web of deceit here, but failed.

    • Stephen Wolfe II says:

      John, what you posted above connected so many dots for me. From what I understand, the Knights Templar were originally set out to fight the jew for the monarch. Using what you said above though, they were subverted into an internal order with thier own banking and usury that caused the throne to “chase them out” aka Friday the 13th style. This from what I have also read became what we know as “Pirates” today. Jews that were cast off of monarch land and out to sea where they were forced to go and had to be nomads to survive.

      I do not know if any of that is factual but seems to explain alot of the past and why things such as pirates and medieval knights are pushed so hard in our culture. Next time you watch a halloween show for children take close note to what costumes the characters are wearing. It is almost always a knight, a pirate, a vampire, and a wizard ( magican if you understand occult ). It is all jew bullshit at the root.

      • This is a very interessant post…a friend told me Robert Newton who played Long John Silver (Man?)in Disney’s Treasure was also a Hebrew and there is the ritual skull and bones…bear in mind the Egyptian origin of Judaism and western occultism…

  11. i hate that guy alex jewish jones

    really i do ill say it proudly with my hand on my heart hes a fucking idiot and a scum bag i wish nothing but a slow painful death on him..

  12. And here are the scum of “global elite” the fat useless fuck alex jones is referring to;



  13. Rev. Ted Pike has exposed Alex for very recently telling him, off the record and mike, that he was allowed to criticize Jews on his show. although he could finger the ADL. Ted goes into the detail, and also posts the letter he wrote AJ in response to his refusal to tell the truth about Jewish supremacism and the harm it does, to put it mildly, at the “republic broadcasting” website and at his “truthtellers” one.

  14. Alex Jones is not the only one in this field. There are hundreds of westerners who criticizes Israel to receive credit as ‘brave and honest’ Jews or Christians – but when the question of the survival of the illegal Zionist entity comes – they all united behind the Zionazi state. One of such ‘intellectuals’ is professor Noam Chomsky, who on May 23, 2010 said during an interview: “I regard myself a supporter of Israel”.

    • Rehmat- Chomsky IS A JEW…..he supports JEWS and just fucks with peoples heads and fellow jews hold him up and promote him as some sort of intellectual god, which he is not.

      He plays a massive part in the jews psyop team to confuse people.

      He can keep yapping, he is digging his own grave, and I can with all honesty and sincerity say, I would not piss on that fucker if he was on fire!

    • Noam Chomsky is a fucking kike. Who gives a fuck what a kike says? Nobody here does, I can guarantee you that.

  15. Avram Noam Chomsky (b. 1928) is child of committed Zionist parents. His father William Chomsky was a Jew immigrant from Ukraine while his mother Elsie Chomsky was from Belarus. In his early career as a writer, Noam chomsky was honored by pro-Israel Jewish groups for being the US, top author. Chomsky even lived in a Jewish settlement (kibbutz) in 1953 – built on the land stolen from Palestinian Muslim owners. He recalled his experience at the kibbutz “extremely attractive” and “I probably would have lived there myself – for how long, it hard to guess”…….

  16. Rev. Ted Pike and Michael Piper are really waxing upset over Alex Jones (“Jones: Israel-Bashers are Scum”}. You were way ahead of the crowd, dear Adam.

  17. fuck Alex Jones and his fat jew wife, Just remember a single jew can fuck up the whole bunch, so dont be fooled by the jews who cry about zionists who misrepresent their religion, Their religion is talmudism, which is racism against anybody who is white, No fuckin quarter to these assholes, No mercy, we must be hard and determined, just like Adolf spoke to his young Hitler youth in the day, Resolve yourself to a change and that means, no quarter.

    • The jews are a race, forget the whole “religion” angle. They don’t have a religion. All they have is a book that codifies their sick, demented beliefs and actions which they wrote for themselves. I can write a book saying we can all be evil shit stains too, would that make it a religion?

      • Wasnt Hitler a jew?

        • That I’m not 100% sure of, but I’m positive he worked for them. His actions speak louder than anything else. Why he let the British walk away at Dunkirk is beyond any rational explanation.

          • PrimaryPerception says:

            He created a debt-free currency. People working for the jews can’t even imagine something so noble.

          • I wish it were that simple. See some of my other replies on this topic.

          • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

            There’s also the “ler” suffix in his surname. That should be clue enough that Hitler is most likely a Jew if one were to look your “Jewish Surnames” article.

          • Mike LVNV says:

            I’ve read that General Jodyl told them to let the British go as they were not going to kill their Teutonic brothers.
            Germany is the tribe of Judah and Britain is the tribe of Ephraim. Brothers.

          • That’s just stupid. I don’t care who they are, anyone that takes up arms against me is not my brother. Given the chance, I would have mowed them all down as an example of what loyalty to the jew means. Then I would erase their names from history and piss on their graves. I don’t give a shit at all. This is a serious war. There are TWO SIDES, good and evil. People better choose carefully, because you don’t get a second chance to join this side.

  18. My “rejected” submission to that relates:

    TOPIC: Massive New Radiation Releases Possible from Fukushima … Especially If Melted Core Materials Hit Water…Boo!

    Wow, they don’t quit with this one. Plenty of “Useful Idiots” out there. People wake up, Fukushima was a staged event with shills such as Alex Jones , Mike Rivero and others saying they are lying and the radiation levels are 1000x worse. Ever wonder why everybody was fleeing Japan and all the media whores flew into Japan to cover the story? A supposed “nuke meltdown” and ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and all the other POS that lie to you run in to cover it and be heroes! NOT! If this earthquake was a 9.0 (another lie) why did the 1995 Kobe earthquake at 7.3 show more damage? Go investigate. And to see the Japs using helicopters with water buckets to “control” the core temperature was friggin comical. Their Engineers aren’t that stupid…the Jap government has been compromised and is complicit in the deception. And we all know who the Worlds biggest scum of deception are!!! Am I supposed to drink the kool-aid and believe that the soon to be decommissioned Fukushima plant at sea level exposed radiation that rose (defying gravity) to 27,000 feet and took a ride in the jetstream and then decided to just decide to come down (with gravity) in Oregon and California. Radiation didn’t want to ride to the east coast or Europa? I saw many staged geiger counters in the northwest US going ballistic; but fortunately there are wise people who called it a fraud because by how the magnitude setting led the untrained to think..holy$hit! OK, they can’t get the sheeple to line up in droves for the flu shot so they BS and scare the American public with this so that in the “future” there is another nuke meltdown here (yep…staged) and all the idiots will remember Fukushima and how the Japs lied on the levels. The MSM losers and the duped Alex Jones and Rivero subscribers (they can’t see they are being misled) will beg for potassium iodide or ExRad (see below). Jones and Rivero (no Miguel a 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon) draw you in with 90% spot on but there is 10% BS to lead you where they want you to be led. Think for yourself, turn off the TV or better yet, use it as a means of gathering intelligence from the media liars and beware of psy-op on top of psy-op on top of psy-op.

    Source: which was created on 16Mar11, 5 days after Jap earthquake…hmmmm, nothing suspicious here!
    Ex-Rad (or ExRad) is a drug developed by the US military to protect against what would otherwise be lethal radiation exposure. It is also implied that the drug, which is given orally or through injection, protects and repairs DNA after radiological exposure. At the time of this writing, the FDA has not approved the drug but it has successfully cleared more than one study. Aside from treatment of radiation exposure and fallout from dirty bombs, reactor accidents (like the Japan Crisis) and atomic warfare, Ex-Rad may also have applications in radiation treatment of cancer patients, since it may allow for a higher tolerance of radiotherapy that would otherwise be fatal. The United States Army is recommending a stockpile for members of the military, but other authorities and NGOs are also hoping to get stockpiles sufficient to protect the civilian population in the event of a radiological accident or attack.

  19. Mel Gibstein says:

    Jones had me fooled for a long time.
    Even though I watched the videos accusing him of being a shill. Most of the videos were cut and paste crap, so I didn’t believe them.
    I didn’t start catching on until after the Austin Gun show, and listening so something Devvy Kidd said about him. Then when I heard the statement about Arabs owning Hollywood that was enough for me.
    Also I found Oracle Network about the same time, once I and started listening their programs I started to realize how full of shit Jones really is.

    • melgibstein says:

      The other Mel Gibstein, me, never believed a word of Alex Schlong Jones, never listened to the biatch Devvy Kid in my life and Oracle is the most Jewish network (along with Rense) on the internet. It is thee most antichristian crap out there and more than likely run by the JDL.

  20. Jones is a gatekeeper. I was a long time fan but a red flag started to get raised for me about two years ago. I am very happy to finally see jones as the fat jew that he is. The deception runs deep but more and more people are starting to awake to the zionist game. The zionist have so many shills covering for them including major figures in the “truth movement.” I was disappointed that Luke Rowkowski and we are change are apart of this cover up. It is what it is. I will continue to dig deeper into the rabbit hole. This is a great site with tons of useful information.

  21. I came across Alex Jones about six months ago. His documentaries and jew tube video’s woke me up to the reality of the world around me to a degree, but there was always something not quite right about that fat cunt I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I started doing my own research into the events and things he talked about and found one common denominator. The jew. I have never trusted the hooked nosed fucks and he is surrounded by these bloodsuckers. Finding this site has brought me past waking up, It is now clear to me who the real enemy of mankind is. These demons are making a play on the whole world, even down here in New Zealand we have a fucking kike prime minister and he is fast tracking us to ruin. Excellent site, keep up the good work and keep shedding light on these parasitic Vampires and eventually they will get what is coming to them. Kia Kaha – Stand strong.

  22. You could very well be hitting it right on the proverbial head;

  23. It is Called the New World Order
    Headed By Harry S Trueman and his United Assains Nations Corporation Built on a Pig Farm in New York and Run By the CIA and the CFR., WZO.,ACLU., ASL.,Southern povwrty and Law Spy Organization J.D.L World Jewish Congress,American Jewish Congress ( not the U.S. Congress) and their Handlers of th Republican and Democratic Party,It is Called the New World Order
    Headed By Harry S Trueman and his United Assains Nations Corporation Built on a Pig Farm in New York and Run By the CIA and the CFR., WZO.,ACLU., ASL.,Southern povwrty and Law Spy Organization J.D.L World Jewish Congress,American Jewish Congress ( not the U.S. Congress) and their Handlers of th Republican and Democratic Party,

  24. The only Solution, and it was proposed to Alex Loud Mouth Jones, if he has a Large Following , to Immediately File Criminal Conspiracy against to Jewish controlled Lobby’s, suing all 100 senators 600 Congressmen all in the Executive ,the Judicial Branch 9 Whores,in Black Dresses ,and Evert Lower Court Along with The Private not Federal Reserve Bank Fraud ,and it’s Formed and Funded United Assassins Nations Corporation For Violating their oath of Office to support the Constitution and Guaranteeing all Americans and the States a Republican Form Of Government and Allowing Obama to change this into a A Marxist (Demonic) Democratic Nation

    We know the Jew Agenda has been hard at work since 1913 and they Started with Abe Mass Murderer Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Hoover then Franklon Delano Roosevelt Harry S.Trueman Eisenhower,Johnson Did in Kennedy and Nixon Jimmy Carter George H Bush ,Bill and Hillery Clinton,George W Bush,Are All Traitors and now this Ailene Usurper That the Jew Lobby Shoed in.
    It is Called the New World Order
    Headed By Harry S Trueman and his United Assains Nations Corporation Built on a Pig Farm in New York and Run By the CIA and the CFR., WZO.,ACLU., ADL.,Southern povwrty and Law Spy Organization J.D.L., World Jewish Congress,American Jewish Congress ,( not the U.S. Congress) and their Handlers the Media of their Control of the Republican and Democratic Partys

  25. And doesn’t’s frequent guest, Wayne Madsen, of Danish commie lineage, an invited presenter in “911 Missing Links”, who never criticizes Israel or the jewish agenda when interviewed by Jones or any of his hosts, look like a hobbit, which a commenter here said that Norwegian jews resemble.

  26. Hello. Adam, what do you think aboutvthe vídeos of the own ceremony that supposedly this guy infiltrated?

    ¿What is the intention? Maybe they wanted to pint to some oligarchs that they needed no more.

    Maybe the gola is to put fear and paranoia in out minds. They do not shadow themselves: HERE WE ARE!!!

    Actually i don’t finish to understand the goal of the bohemian groove videos. The simbology is very clear.

  27. A few things in the movie about Palestine :
    There are supposed to be nuclear shells capable of being fired from conventional weapons. So– when we see those terrible explosions reaching very, very high into the air, with brilliant white smoke and a different kind of light radiating from it, are these nuclear rounds? I believe they are. I have never noticed before such horrible explosions from cannon fire or missiles.
    Israel is supposed to have 800 nuclear bombs, everyone says to fool us. Maybe , but years ago, I have a vague, but very vague feeling it was in the thousands, like maybe 8,000 nuclear weapons (probably of all kinds) and the last years we have never heard of nuclear shells for conventional weapons mentioned or talked about as though they never existed. So, considering neculear shells for cannons and missiles, excluding bombs–Yes!! the Jews in Israel have thousands and thousands of nuclear weapons.
    The Jews use and have used phosphrus shells an the Palestinines.
    It is seen in the videos of it spreading through the air after exploding.
    Sometime in the 1980’s, I guessing, the Russians bought 5000 of our patents. So it is no wonder that we are given nice cars, appliances, plenty of food , Televisions and football and entertainment of all kinds while our jobs are sent to foreign countries and we are actually living in the past while the One Worlders are living in the future using our brains and talent to go to the moon, other planets, cause wars, unemployment, have superior health, like Chaney, Bush’s, etc etc. To live in mansions while we are not sure we will have a job no matter what the occupation in the future.
    There is a video somewhere of a Jewish woman claiming that the Europeans are complaining of the terrible immigration problems of their countries and she says: “It’s too bad. Thy better get used to it.”
    Our country is slowly being degraded and will be unable to defend itself. We are more capable to be invaded then ever before than in the past and with the One Worlders controlling both sides, we can be subverted easily to be invaded overnight.
    And the one thing no one thinks about when they brag of how powerful America is , is that if war comes to America , will our Military be told to stand down? Will the Ammuniation or weapons be locked up and our military not allowed to defend themselves ad our country?
    OBama is hard to figure out at times, but he is a plant and hown to us as to how low we are capable of going to select our leaders and pout up with them. He is said by the news media to have re-newed the Patriot Act .
    All of the photos of our politicans and Presidents being shown with the Pope of the Catholic Church shows who the real leader od this world is, whether anyone wants to believe it or not. Our forefathers knew and told us about it.
    WE should have known when the government was forcing companies to put Spanish instructions on products that we would have a Mexican immigration problem.And the Conservatives are making hay about it while they can because they have the Republican Party under their thumb. Just as they made an issue of Bengazhi.

    Will we slowly be starved with food shortages?Or of various kinds of foods to diminish our health?

    • First, nukes are fake, so you can forget that.

      Obama is a jew, nothing hard to figure out. So is the pope you mention. Our military will be defeated when they decide the time is right. They will be shorted on supplies, and crushed by China and Russia. They’re fucking idiots who have had it rather easy fighting lightly armed opponents. Their hubris will be a major part of their downfall.

      All politicians are mostly jews and masons. They only pretend to oppose each other. Discussing republican this, or democrat that is a sign of ignorance. There is no difference.

  28. Frankly, I just couldn’t get past his ranting…it was such senseless gibberish. He never let the interviewees talk, and continually interrupted them for minutes at a time only to take a breath and then continue on, leaving them irritated at the lack of courtesy to speak. Basically he would do all the talking, but at the same time actually say nothing. It was so frustrating that I refused to watch any of his videos after I realised very quickly that this was his style. Something just didn’t feel right, I felt frustrated, confused, and frankly gave up BEFORE I even got to hear the interviewees talk. No doubt that was the aim!

    I found his site by accident (frankly I had no idea who he was), through interests such as health, through Mike Adams, I have since seen he has interviewed Mark Dice, Dinesh D’Souza, Russell Brand. Do these people realise that he is a shill? I realise most of them are in on it, but I feel some aren’t in on the joke.

    I first came across criticism of AJ through comments from his videos suggesting he worked for the CIA. People seemed to be equally divided on this. But what really tipped it for me was a mention of him on Eric John Phelps website, Vatican Assassins, (which I have yet to explore in detail, so much content), which suggested he is a, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, along with Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura!! Yes there is a photo of Ron Paul, giving the horned hand gesture, a bit like the above. Unfortunately the link to the story is not found, which happens a lot on that site! Definitely a lot of disinformation out there. The interview with Mark Dice, was absolutely painful to watch, the poor guy was humiliated.

    Anyway, I think the verdict is out, AJ is a shill, once you realise this its hard to miss.

    • Yes indeed he is. Speaking of Ron Paul, you can see what an ugly jew he is, and his son’s allegiance to Israel has helped make that clear finally. I bet the morons still support the ugly kike anyway though.

  29. Mike Hunt says:

    This fat, filthy son of a Zionist bitch never seems to bring up Israel. In this video, he avoids talking about Zionism. At 03:03 seconds, when the caller mentioned ‘Zionists’, the music immediately starts playing in the background and Zionist Jones diverts the conversations and then ends the show.

    He’s a lying, disinfo, Zionist shill on a payroll.

  30. IsItSomethingISaid says:

    The key to Alex Jones, and to any of the others that purport to “wake you up,” is to pay attention to how they like to discuss innuendo, gossip, and, above all, induce fear. They rarely say anything of actual substance, and if they do, it is quickly forgotten, put behind them–there is no cohesive lines of thought and calls to action.

    My funniest success in turning a person from these sheep-clothed-wolves involved one, can’t remember which, fear mongering in about 2010 or so about “white vans” roaming the highways and byways of America. They were supposedly up to no good, and “something was coming.” Of course nothing related to “white vans” happened. They also got all wound up about some military vehicles on a train as well.

    A friend and I had a very long, and thoughtful, discussion about this fear mongering. I implored him to stop listening, or at least being distracted by, this crap. I urged him to investigate things on his own. Ultimately, we just agreed to disagree.

    Then a couple years later Alex Jones did the same “white van” fear mongering thing. My friend said that it was like he was following the same script; Even using some of the same words and phrases.

    Well, needless to say, my friend saw the light, and has since turned others away from the truth-as-entertainment nonsense.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • Alex is a fraud. It doesn’t take two minutes listening to figure out what kind of idiot he is.

      Seriously quit with the “citizen” shit. Who are you claiming to be a citizen for? Who owns you?

  31. Give the fat turd some credit. Jones had Micheal Hoffman on twice, over two hours the second time, and all Hoffman does is speak about the joo’s.

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