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Al-Quaida is a Hoax – War is a LIE

Al-Quaida is a Hoax – War is a LIE

Highly publicized Al-quaida member turns out to be a JEW. This is a JEW war, 911 was a JEW attack, and our soldiers die DAILY from JEW roadside bombs, protecting JEW interests. This completely destroys any reason for justifying the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The terrorists are not Muslim or Arab at all. They are JEWS, and always have been.

This video above is great evidence that jews are the problem. Why else would there be so many jews posing as Muslims/Arabs? Why do they have such an interest to ensure the focus is squarely on Muslims? Getting caught in a lie is enough to destroy anyone’s credibility, so why are we still fighting this war? Do you realize jews have pulled off terrorist attacks, dressed like Muslims, for nearly 30 or 40 years now?

Fake al-qaida boogey man turns out to be just another jew pretending to be Muslim. How many more jews must we out before people realize al-qaida is a fraud?

Not only that, but the jews actually BRAG about some of their terrorist activities. Instead of claiming responsibility for their terrorist activities, these jews have the nerve to blame their victims, simply because the jews gave a warning that they would blow them up. What kind of logic is this? There is no logic to it at all. Terrorism is terrorism, and just like a real terrorist, who would actually have a motive, these jews make it obvious they were the perpetrators, and the motive is even more obvious. You’ll even hear these jews are happy to be called terrorists. The King David Hotel is the smoking gun that exposes the jews behind 911.

You’ll see that I’ve said Israel is a terrorist state that harbors terrorists, and not only that, they made one of these terrorists, Menachim Begin their president. This just makes it clear that jews as a whole are terrorists, they love their jew terrorists, and even hold them to be HEROES. There should be no need to ask why I say “give no quarter”. What you should ask is, why are these terrorists being interviewed for television and not being HUNG FOR MURDER? Yes, some jews died in that attack, unlike 911, but that’s because they didn’t get out in time.

This one terrorist attack alone immediately implicates the jews in the attacks of 911, because they were nearly the same modus operandi. Clearly note the propaganda of the attempted justification for jews and their terrorism throughout the video. Why is it justified if jews blow shit up and blame Muslims? Why aren’t we fingering jews instead of Muslims for 911? Also note that the video hints at other following the lead of the jew with this kind of terrorism, but the jews INVENTED this kind of terrorism, and are always the perpetrators. ALWAYS. We have their confessions, no more evidence is needed. Find the nearest tree, get some good rope, and get to work.

  1. The rogue State of Israel is the prime “terrorist base camp” of the world. Jews across the globe, the inner circle and the outer circle of ‘syanim’ alike have a safe harbor to flee to if they are detected. The in relationship that they have with the ‘Palestinian’ people within their borders is very interesting. The jew will forever hound and torment the original inhabitants of the land they have stolen. They have in effect developed the largest ‘outdoor’ prison in the world, for the containment of the Palestinian. It must dawn upon some observers that a prudent Palestinian would make some effort to migrate to a more hospitable place within the other Arab countries, or elsewhere. Of coarse, that is not as easily done as it is said. You see, the jew, for all it’s compliant about it’s Palestinian neighbor, will not allow the Palestinian to leave. On the surface this seems like some sort of insane enigma. For surely, if a people viewed another group as problematic, the easiest way to solve that problem would be to encourage and facilitate their migration. But the jew as much as it hates the Palestinian, and all other people as well, needs the Palestinian. The Palestinians are their only shield against the wrath of the nations. For, if there were only jews in Israel, it would be a simple act to eliminate the worlds largest terrorist base, Israel. But as it stands now any such effort would also mean the death of thousands of innocent Palestinian “Hostages/Human Shields”.

  2. Dead on, Tom. Remember that ridiculous Nick Berg video? Who knew it was so easy to slice someone’s head from their neck? No need to worry about blood gushing; why, it’ll be a nice, easy, non-struggling go, as long as you can stand the chick screaming in the background.

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