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About Those Bees Again

About Those Bees Again

The Truth Seeker just put up a link to a story from the Telegraph about the rising problem with bees and the colony collapse disorder, as well as another parasite called the varroa mite that is currently decimating bee colonies in Britain and other countries across the globe.

The article here states:

Tim Lovett, President of the BBKA, said: “Bees are probably one of the most economically useful creatures on earth, pollinating a third of all we eat. They provide more than 50 per cent of pollination of wild plants on which birds and mammals depend. We must identify what is killing them and that means research.

However, the thing is, we don’t need to identify what the problem is. If you’ve been paying attention at this blog, I’ve already pointed out the source of the “colony collapse disorder”, which in reality seems to be an engineered disease like just about everything else we see in today’s world, but WHO is behind this disease, and what is it? This is just more smoke and mirrors designed to DRAIN YOU of your money before they wipe you out by destroying your food sources. Yet another transfer of wealth from the hands of the people who earned it to the hands of the people who want most of you dead.

The disease that most of us know of as “colony collapse disorder” is an engineered virus called the Israeli accute paralysis virus, and THIS is what’s wiping out the bees. Funny thing about these ritualistic, satanic creatures that currently rule our world is it almost seems to be a RULE in their esoteric rituals that they must TELL YOU OPENLY what they are doing to you, and they ALWAYS do.

Go read my article about the bees and colony collapse disorder so that you are no longer fooled by the jews who engineered this disease to wipe out your food source. The article can be found by CLICKING HERE. Now hurry along, and tell your friends too before it’s too late. With one third of all bee colonies already decimated and another third expected to disappear this winter, you don’t have much time.

  1. love love LOVE this post bro 🙂
    Keep up the good work!!

    In Love & Respect, your sis

  2. Great read FM. as always. ; )
    I hope you don’t mind if I share it with OUR friends.

    Kick over a rock and you will find a Jew. LMAO


  3. Fate's Messenger says:

    Thanks Bob. More good stuff coming. Sometimes I’m a little slow posting, but all it takes is something to piss me off good and I’m back to work. 🙂

  4. Damn Tom…powerful post. Rock on!

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