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Youtube Jews Ban Subverted Nation

Youtube Jews Ban Subverted Nation

Here we go again. This makes FOUR accounts now that have been banned by youtube. Dirty rotten little jews. What’s the matter youtube? Can’t handle someone telling it like it is? Can’t handle someone who won’t back down from your sayanim? Can’t handle a real man face to face? I’ve offered your punk asses to meet me in the street any day of the week, but none will take the offer because jews always find devious ways to deal with people. NEVER will you see a jew take up an offer to go toe to toe with someone who’s not afraid of them.

Youtube doesn’t even have the decency to give a warning on MY accounts. I don’t see how some people get these account warnings, because I NEVER get them. I checked the status of my account today with youtube. “Your account is in good standing.” OK. So what the fuck happened jew tube? Why is it some of these people get multiple warnings and I don’t?

I’ll tell you why. One reason is I spoke about the coming nuclear attack on America today on youtube in some comments. I told a number of people how the attacks into Syria and Pakistan are just to give the jews a SOURCE for the nuke that is going to take out an American city. Of course, the nuke will come from the missing nukes that were flown across the US earlier this year and the attack will be blamed on Iran. The jews are getting desperate to attack Iran, so there has to be some logical conclusion they can draw for how Iran got nuclear weapons since it has been reported numerous times that they don’t have the capacity to make nuclear weapons of their own.

There is also the fact that I have argued to the ends of the earth against their sayanim who are VERY poor at what they do. I have given them numerous chances to prove me wrong on anything, and I have put them in their place hundreds of times, because it’s difficult to lose an argument when you speak truth. They simply make fools of themselves trying to debate me on any issue. Hell, even if I’m wrong, I have the ability to make them all look foolish in their arguments, so this is surely part of it, but mark my words, jew tube didn’t ban me without warning because I’m wrong.

Then there is the fact that I had gathered a fair following again within a very short time and people are awakening to the truth VERY fast thanks to my efforts. Can’t have a loose cannon straightening out the truth of matters on HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of youtube videos where regular Joe’s read it and start to catch on.

There is also the little matter of the JIDF that had added me to their list of people to attack like keyboard commandos and get banned about a week or two ago. Another bunch of pussy ass little yids that can’t face us in the real world.

THEY ARE SCARED AND WE ARE WINNING. That’s what this ban means more than anything. I was making a BIG DENT in the consciences of people who normally wouldn’t know anything about the jews and their depravity.

The truth is, I speak the truth. The HARSHEST cold hard truth like almost NOBODY is willing to do. I’ll cuss you in a minute, and I AM willing to go to blows over it, but these weak little turds are NOT. I call a jew a jew and don’t pull any punches. I don’t try to beat around the bush with “zionist” bullshit. I call out jews for what they are. Dirty little carpet baggers and carnival barkers who must rely on deceit to accomplish anything. Filthy fucking ghetto rats with no conscience and NO balls to boot. This is why they shoot children from 300 meters away hiding in a tower or through a port hole in one of their jeeps with American made M-16’s.

Why is it the weakest of constitution and those with the lowest of morals seem to be able to get this far? Stay tuned because they’ve pissed me off, and I’m going to redouble my efforts to expose the answers to this question. Fuck you jewtube. 🙂

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