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You Haven’t Seen the Real Face of Obama Yet

You Haven’t Seen the Real Face of Obama Yet

How many of my so-called fellow Americans voted for Obama? How many millions showed up on the night of the election to wave your signs and shed tears in support of this baffoon? How many more millions (record number) showed up for his inauguration? Will you ever learn? I have to ask myself some times, because it damn sure doesn’t look like it.

So, Obama is now in office. It’s official, the deal is done. Although, he was given the wrong oath, and we never saw a real swearing in. He’s starting to sign bills in your blood, and judging by how well he did during the elections, this illegally elected president is going to have a hay-day in the oval office. How many of you realize he’s not eligible for president? Going further, how many realize that electing an illegal president is a sign of the END of America as you think you know it? The man couldn’t even produce a credible birth certificate for Christ’s sake, but there he sits on Capitol Hill, a glaring symbol of America’s subversion. Thanks a fucking lot, people!

On a different note, how many people do you think have figured out that Obama is NOT a friend of the black man? Yes, he has dark skin, but he’s a jew, through and through. When all is said and done, it will be clear that there was only ONE minority that he represented, and that is the jews. Look at his cabinet, all jews. How could anyone possibly think this man represents the black community?

So, today, Obama plays the good cop routine and states that $18 BILLION in Wall Street bonuses are “shameful”, yet somehow, appointing half of these crooks directly off of Wall Street and the failing financial institutions to powerful positions in our government is NOT?? So much for good cop. In this article HERE Obama calls the behavior of Wall Street companies receiving bail out money “the height of irresponsibility”, at the same time, asking those people to “show restraint”. Who the fuck is he kidding? You don’t ask a crook to show restraint when you’ve caught his ass rummaging through your safe. If you’re a good, red blooded American, you shoot the bastard. Is he not irresponsible himself for appointing jewish criminals to our government, and following their lead like a donkey chasing a carrot?

He obviously understands that the public has no respect for these criminals who continue taking cookies from the jar, while we’re busy trying to fill it back up. According to the article, Wall Street bonuses are down 44%, but still as high as they were during the boom in 2004. The real question to ask is, why the fuck are these idiots still receiving ANY bonuses? Or even a paycheck for that matter? They lost over $7 TRILLION of YOUR fucking money!! Obama, and his jew Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geitner, will speak to these Wall Street leaders, because he’s afraid their bonuses will undermine public support for the bail outs. Fuck…the only people supporting it are the one’s getting a fat chunk of it.

The truth is, this worthless piece of shit knows damn well that the American people have EVERY RIGHT to start shooting these demonic fucks, right where they stand, for the bullshit they’ve pulled on us for the past two centuries. He is simply doing his part to quell dissent amongst the public, so the shooting doesn’t happen too soon. These Wall Street jews, Congress & Senate jews, White House jews, and all of their cohorts don’t want to see a major uprising. Especially if you realize where to direct your energy. Thankfully, these massive bail outs, and the eventual collapse of our economy has people slowly starting to point their fingers in the right direction. Many are starting to realize the common bond between these people, the fact that they’re all jews. All it will take is for one leader to stand up and publicly point the finger, or some massive psy-ops designed to expose these freaks, and the show is on. Yes, I’m working on it.

Obama plans to have “conversations” to “underscore that they have to start acting in a more responsible fashion”, but that isn’t going to solve the problem. Everybody needs to get their head out of their ass and understand a few things. First, our government, and Obama’s administration are completely illegal. Therefore, we do not need to listen to a word this non-natural citizen says. Second, this illegal administration is full of jews, and some of you idiots elected more jews to Congress this year, than ever before in history; so don’t expect to be excused for your ignorance. Third, with these administrations being illegal, all of their actions are also illegal. Their ficticious authority over you NEVER existed to begin with, and it damn sure doesn’t exist now.

However, if you continue to act like lemmings, they will continue to treat you like lemmings. If you continue to sit on your hands, worried about your materialistic LIE that you live in, they will continue to sell you down the river. If you don’t start focusing your energy on your rights, your freedoms, and your real spirituality, you are fucked. You can’t beg for it and then scream “rape” when it’s all said and done. If you continue to GIVE them authority over you, they will continue to enforce it; legal or not.

The first thing that has to happen, if you want to see “change”, which is a word that has as little value as “truth” now days, is you have to change your MIND SET. You’ve got to stop viewing the world through rosey glasses. Maybe you need the sunglasses the characters had in the movie “They Live” from the eighties? Sometimes, I wish I could slip a pair of these onto the face of the nation and you would finally see for yourselves what a world of shit you’re currently in. Get your mind focused on what’s real. On what’s right. On what’s just. On what REALLY matters in this thing we call “life”. Remember, you only require food, shelter, spirituality, freedom, and peace to live a happy life.

Give up on the material world for a while, because until you do, they will continue to use this paradigm to manipulate you. Your spirituality, and your real purpose have been sold out from under you and replaced with consumerism. Give it up. Ignore the shiny beads, or you’ll find yourselves in a position just like the Native Americans, or the Palestinians, or the Russians, or the Armenians, and at that point, none of those things will matter anymore anyway. Forget about the fancy house, the shiny car, the blingin’ rims, and all the other crap for a moment while we rid ourselves of this parasite. I can already see a much more beautiful, and peaceful world without them, and that’s what YOU need to see too.

You have yet to see the real face of Obama, but I have. It’s the face of a demon cloaked in human flesh. The face of satan basked in flames amongst the brimstone. Outwardly, it appears normal, but on the inside, he’s possessed by the evil of the jew. His skin is dark from the fires of HELL, not because he’s a decent black man that will stand for the down trodden. Those who are the most evil, are often hidden behind a caring and respectable facade, and you just fell for it, America.

Bend over and accept your next bail out, passed by Congress, (with the Senate having their own version) and sure to be signed into law by the demonically possessed, Barack Obama; to the tune of another $800 BILLION you don’t have to spare. You didn’t have the money for the first one, so what does another one matter? It’s heading straight from your pocket to the pocket of your jewish masters unless you stand up and show these mother fuckers what for.

There is really no other way out of it, and the last thing they want you to realize is what I’m telling you. Don’t let yourself forget for a moment these are genocidal maniacs who will stop at nothing to destroy you. They spend every waking moment looking at ways to stomp you into the mud, and you are DELUSIONAL if you think talking about it is going to make a difference. Strike them down right where they stand, or they will wear on you until there is nothing left. Your choice. Maybe they need to start blatantly killing you before you’ll act. Maybe the thieving, and killing you slowly by poisoning you isn’t enough, but you’ve been warned.

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