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You Have To Wonder


You have to wonder about these so-called Young Turks. The original Young Turks were a murderous group of jews that slaughtered up to 1.5 million people in Armenia from 1915-1917. Hanging them in the town square as a warning to others, the jews destroyed all of Armenia’s “intelligencia”, or basically, the higher educated portion of their society. Their intent was to leave behind a dumbed down, docile society that would placidly follow the rule of these “chosen ones”.

What’s curious is the behavior of this jew from the modern day “Young Turks” political group when faced with the question, is Obama jewish? The answer to this question is not so difficult for people who are keeping tabs, but check out this jew’s reaction, and the fact that these jews felt it important enough to make a video dedicated to it. In fact, a very quick, cursory search, shows that this crypto-jew, Uygur spends a good bit of his time snivelling about anti-semitism. While this jew laughs it off that supposedly 1% of people in some obscure poll think Obama is jewish, you might want to ask yourself why they’re tring to shrug it off in such a manner. To those with open eyes, it’s obvious.

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