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Why Give No Quarter?

Why Give No Quarter?

I’m sure some of the people who happen upon this site have an immediate reaction to the slogan at the top. Give no quarter, ask no quarter. What does that statement mean, and why say it? This can partially be answered by my No Quarter video on the video page here, but it still might not be clear to people who have never heard someone speak ill of the jews, or to those who are just discovering “zionists” and have no clue how dangerous the jew really is. In fact, many people who think they know what they’re dealing with, are in reality, absolutely clueless.

I am breaking the law to say jews should swing from trees, or was it jews that broke the law murdering hundreds of millions of people? I am fully justified in everything I say.

I am breaking the law to say jews should swing from trees, or was it jews that broke the law murdering hundreds of millions of people? I am fully justified in everything I say.

The jew is an enigma that is hard to describe sometimes, but an honest look at history will reveal many things about their character. When I say give no quarter, it is because of this character that I say it. The jews have perpetrated more genocides than you can shake a stick at from Russia, to the Ukraine, to Poland, to Armenia, and to a number of other places. Everyone around the globe can easily see the behavior of jews, who celebrated this last passover by slaughtering defenseless Palestinians with depleted uranium, white phosphorous and DIME weapons. Absolutely all bets are off, and all rules of engagement do not exist for the jew. If you can look at these actions and think for a moment that any jew is benevolent, you’re likely going to pay a hefty price for your ignorance. There is no such thing as a good jew, and again, history has made this very clear. The reason to give no quarter is because the jew is not only a demonic genocidal being, they are the most malevolent manipulators and deceivers you could possibly imagine. The beasts of your holy books can not even hold a hanukkah candle to the depths of deceit and depravity contained within this tribe of degenerates. If you think you can deal with the devil and come out on top, you better think again. These jews are the devil personified, and walking upright, in the flesh. You don’t even have to believe in the devil to understand a demon can not be reasoned with.  If you think I’m playing, or taking things too far, you need to keep your distance from me.

Here is a video that illustrates very clearly why I say give no quarter, and why you may ask none. Not only will you receive no quarter from the jew, when they decide it’s your turn, but you will not even see a hint of negative emotion; let alone remorse. Instead you will experience the coldest beings ever to As you will see in the video below, which the author is calling the “jewish murder machine”, that the jews are emotionless butchers. The jew will not even bat an eye. Line ’em up, and shoot ’em down. Now is the time you either get serious about what you’re dealing with, and realize that no quarter can ever be given, or await your turn at the massacre. Many will say that it will never happen, and all I can say is don’t be scared, because the pain of death doesn’t last long.

Note: This video will likely not last very long on youtube, but I have downloaded it, so if it disappears, I will host it here. Also note the point of the video.  No trains, no uniforms, no camps, no brothels, swimming pools, de-lousing, etc.  Just one bullet to the head and into the hole you go.  What makes anyone believe Hitler would be so wasteful if his goal was the execution of the jews?  He should have taken a lesson from them.  One bullet on the spot saves a lot of time, effort, and money. Unfortunately, the video is depicting jews doing this to non-jews, and we’ll see the same again if you people won’t get your heads out of your asses. (UPDATE: The video didn’t last, so it is now hosted here at SN, click HERE to download your own copy.)

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One of the number one examples I use to show people that this is a JEW problem and not a “zionist” issue, is the amount of times the JEW has been exiled throughout history. These jews were not zionists when they were exiled from over 84 different countries/areas, a total of 109 different times since 250 AD. There is no argument if this is a jew or zionist issue. It has always been the jew, and will always be the jew that is the problem. There is something inherently wrong with these creatures that has given rise to their repeated ejections. It has nothing to do with everyone else on planet earth having some kind of “hater” issues. Take a look at this list and tell me what we’re facing is a “zionist” problem. Better yet, take a look at this list, and slap the shit out of anyone who tells you it’s those darn “zionists” and “neocons”. We don’t have time to debate the issues, and this, like all my other work, is not a fucking debate anyway.

Some of these countries expelled these demons repeatedly because if you let one fucking jew reside amongst your people, the infestation will take root and you’ll be right back where we are today. How many of our ancestors would be fuming mad to know that we are not only still fighting this parasite today, but we are almost completely dominated by them? If this list doesn’t make it clear there is something wrong with these beasts, then there is something wrong with you for not understanding it, PERIOD. Not ONE SINGLE JEW may remain among our populations, or every future generation will despise you for not taking action, and rightly so.

There must be a real “final solution”, because I do not wish to damn my children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren to slavery or even death at the hands of these monsters. How about you? Exile sounds nice, but is it working?  Maybe it’s time for a better plan. This list is a direct result of people who didn’t understand what it means to give no quarter. Will your efforts to save your people from their grasp fail because of this most crucial point?  Or are you just into reading and talking about it, hoping someone like me will do all the talking and do all the fighting.  Maybe some of you hope that a guy like me will make this all go away because of my veracity, but I can’t do this alone.  There are NO non-combatants in this war, and many will die trying to root out these parasites…the only question is who will die a martyr and who will die a victim. Those that are left will be doomed to eternal rape and slavery at the hand of the jew.

250 – Carthage
415 – Alexandria
554 – Diocese of Clement (France)
561 – Diocese of Uzzes (France)
612 – Visigoth Spain
642 – Visigoth Empire
855 – Italy
876 – Sens
1012 – Mainz
1182 – France
1182 – Germany
1276 – Upper Bavaria
1290 – England
1306 – France
1322 – France (again)
1348 – Switzerland
1349 – Hielbronn (Germany)
1349 – Saxony
1349 – Hungary
1360 – Hungary
1370 – Belgium
1380 – Slovakia
1388 – Strasbourg
1394 – Germany
1394 – France
1420 – Lyons
1421 – Austria
1424 – Fribourg
1424 – Zurich
1424 – Cologne
1432 – Savoy
1438 – Mainz
1439 – Augsburg
1442 – Netherlands
1444 – Netherlands
1446 – Bavaria
1453 – France
1453 – Breslau
1454 – Wurzburg
1462 – Mainz
1483 – Mainz
1484 – Warsaw
1485 – Vincenza (Italy)
1492 – Spain
1492 – Italy
1495 – Lithuania
1496 – Naples
1496 – Portugal
1498 – Nuremberg
1498 – Navarre
1510 – Brandenberg
1510 – Prussia
1514 – Strasbourg
1515 – Genoa
1519 – Regensburg
1533 – Naples
1541 – Naples
1542 – Prague & Bohemia
1550 – Genoa
1551 – Bavaria
1555 – Pesaro
1557 – Prague
1559 – Austria
1561 – Prague
1567 – Wurzburg
1569 – Papal States
1571 – Brandenburg
1582 – Netherlands
1582 – Hungary
1593 – Brandenburg, Austria
1597 – Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
1614 – Frankfort
1615 – Worms
1619 – Kiev
1648 – Ukraine
1648 – Poland
1649 – Hamburg
1654 – Little Russia (Beylorus)
1656 – Lithuania
1669 – Oran (North Africa)
1669 – Vienna
1670 – Vienna
1712 – Sandomir
1727 – Russia
1738 – Wurtemburg
1740 – Little Russia (Beylorus)
1744 – Prague, Bohemia
1744 – Slovakia
1744 – Livonia
1745 – Moravia
1753 – Kovad (Lithuania)
1761 – Bordeaux
1772 – Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia)
1775 – Warsaw
1789 – Alsace
1804 – Villages in Russia
1808 – Villages & Countrysides (Russia)
1815 – Lbeck & Bremen
1815 – Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
1820 – Bremen
1843 – Russian Border Austria & Prussia
1862 – Areas in the U.S. under General Grant’s Jurisdiction[1]
1866 – Galatz, Romania
1880s – Russia
1891 – Moscow
1919 – Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
1938-45 – Nazi Controlled Areas
1948 – Arab Countries

  1. What an excellent visual example of just one of the many murderous events carried out by the satanic jew. If only we had visuals of the Russian bolshevick atrocities, the Armenian genocide, jew Eisenhaur’s death camps and the many countless other murders that have taken place by them when they have gotten an opportunity. And that is in itself the key to understanding what the future holds. That is, when they have gotten the opportunity. They have manipulated circumstances well into their favor, and when they have finished using these United States in battling the armed resistence of the Moslem, they will dispense with the American tools of their agenda as well. I only wish that so many hours of T.V. and theater drama were dedicated to making the truth of this murderous tribe’s history known, as are now dedicated to covering their tracks. When viewing the subject to the jew, we see that their strength lies in their racial cohesion. We must really ask, on what does this cohesion rest? There are two principles that are prime ideologies among ALL jews. The first is, that they are god’s chosen. The second is that they are Anti-Christ. When these two principles of identity are relinquished, the jew, in effect, ceases to be a jew. It must be understood that EVERY jew holds these ideas, as such, there can in fact be no such entity as a “good” jew. They have, by default, closed themselves in to the only option left for them; the agents of satan. And this is what they are, and all his biding they will do. That is the ‘line in the sand’ that THEY have drawn, and which all others must recognize. To ‘blur’ that line in the sand which the jew itself has drawn, is suicide plain and simple to all other peolpes. Their first target will always be the Christian and those things that are ‘rooted’ in Christian thought; but that does not exempt others from their murderous bent, for they hold all people to be lower than beasts, only to be used as the jew sees fit. It is interesting that when the jew atomic energy agents of the U.S. frothed at their blasphemous mouths to demonstrate their diabolical offspring, “Little Boy” and “Fatman” the war was over in Europe. The Japanese were suing for an honorable surrender at the time. Japan had been, historically, adherents the the religions of Budhism, and the ancestral veneration known as Shinto. However Christian missionaries had made some inroads, yet these modest efforts were restricted to only two Japanese cities, Nagasaki, and Hiroshima. Coinscidence?……My ass!

  2. I am finding more success in explaining jews as a plague rather than as evil. If one is simply evil he can find redemption in changing his ways and atoning for his “sins” but if one is a plague ridden monster redemption is not going to cure the disease or make them any less dangerous to us.

    Jews are a human-like plague. They cannot change who and what they are. They are utterly vile and wholly destructive. Jews are deadly to us. They can be given no pity when the chaos of the coming collapse goes down. As you say, NO QUARTER!

  3. One more. USA 2009

  4. I had never heard the explanation, given by Tom Ferguson here, that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were chosen for the Jewish atom bomb annihilation, because there were Christian missionary inroads made there. The more I know about the Jew, the more I crrrringe, and hate.

    • Saint Maximilian Kolbe built a very thriving monastery in Nagasaki, that was miraculously saved from the bomb blast because it was on the other side of a mountain, which the japs had told him was a bad location because it was not all Feng Shui. Many Japanese converted to Christianity because of Kolbe’s monastery, which is still there to this day.

      • There was no bomb blast in Nagasaki. It was firebombed. Nukes don’t exist. It’s entirely possible his monastery was spared because it’s useful to the jew undermining what the Japanese know about energy and their connection to the earth and universe through Feng Shui. Maybe converting Japanese away from real spiritual understanding was the goal, and thus the reason it’s still standing.

  5. Tom Ferguson says:

    Here is a quote from TIME magazine, 1945; one week after th “A” Bomb was dropped on Nagasaki-“Spanish Jesuits, disciples of St. Francis Xavier, went to Nagasaki in the 16th Century. When missionaries returned there in the 16th Century, they were met by people who said: “We too are Christians. Our head is a white-dressed, aged priest called the Pope, who lives far away from here, we don’t know where.” Last week the second atomic bomb, that wiped out 30% of Nagasaki, devastated with it the oldest Christian center in Japan.” and another quote from “The Rumor Mill”-“Hiroshima was the city in Japan with the largest population of Christians, and what better way to “abolish” Christianity in Japan than by murdering them all in the name of war-fighting ?”

  6. l only wish the Kike Holoco$t was true.The only good thing about the Armenian,Greek,Assyrian Genocide was that 8 million turkish khazar mongolian got Fucked for 8 Million b y Russia! I understand the Chinese also fucked the turks for 8 million,all female chia pet goat whores burned the fuck alive! Tha’s how fucking stupid turks are,get suckered into wars and genocides,now the entire world hates jews and turkish cockbars.
    Gives me a fucking hard on!

  7. WOW! I have enjoyed reading this article and all the responses. It has given me something to think about! My family has jewish friends, and I was taught as a child that the jews were Gods Chosen People. That the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob is the only living God. So many people think that if America turns on the jews we will fall as a nation. I also know that when George Washington was fighting in the Revolutionary War, the jews gave us money and ammunition to win the war against England. I always got the heebie jeebies with the Muslim’s black eyes that have no emtion, and can kill you looking into your eyes.
    I always wondered why if the jews were Gods chosen people have they had such a hard life! Now I am totally confused.

    • Yeah, these jews are not god’s chosen people, that’s a title they gave themselves. When George Washington fought in the Revolutionary War he was a freemason, and an agent of the jews. He didn’t FIGHT the British, he shot at them and ran away more often than not. He didn’t win any great battles, etc. Also, Britain was fully jew controlled at the same time, so the only people actually fighting each other were the serfs, the proletariat, as usual. Washington gladly left us indebted to jew financiers, and for his work was deified by the jews. This is why you see such great (phallic) monuments to him, and murals like the Apotheosis of Washington.

      • ZOGGING says:

        yeah ..and the jews also funded the british…and both side in the civil war..they always finance both sides…

        and as for the chosen people…hahhaha…yeah chosen by their evil god to destroy the human race

        the god of the joos is not the creator..he is the destroyer…what kind of god shows preference for one people over another …they are telling lies to gain an advantage

        more people have died over their fuckn religions than there are stars in the sky

        the real god of the joos is ,power, wealth ,control, murder, perversion…any and all bad things

        don’t be afraid to see the truth about them ..they have programmed you to fear the truth ask doubt their lies

        read ,search, seek the truth and it will set you free

  8. You know I have figured out that Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were jews because Look at their facial features.

  9. You know the Reason why the Jews use Cops to Beat and Kill People is Because They Don’t Want to give us Quarter.

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