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Who Should Fear Who?

Who Should Fear Who?

What do you fear most?  Do you fear watching your country slip into a communist dictatorship?  Ex-president Bush said, “there’s nothing wrong with a dictatorship…as long as I’m the dictator”, and although said in a laughing manner, how many of you think he was kidding?  How many believe that America hasn’t been operated by nothing more than a string of oligarchs for the past sixty years, at least?  Do you fear losing your gun rights?  Do you fear squads of jack booted goons coming to kick your door down for something you said?  Or for opposing tyrany, illegal taxation, criminal subverters, or those guilty of espionage and treason against your country?  Do you fear speaking your mind in public, or spreading the story of the jews to real people?  Do you fear standing up to tyrants?  Do you fear losing your material “wealth”, or is holding onto that more important than your freedom? 

The jews want you to fear them, and your own servants.

The jews want you paralyzed with fear that speaking out against them could make you a criminal, or even worse, a dreaded terrorist!

What about jews?  What do they fear?  Do they fear people exposing them for the demons they are?  Do they fear political opposition?  Do they fear anti-semitism?  Do they fear being attacked?  Do they fear losing control?  Do they fear free people with guns?  Do they fear bloggers, book writers, movie makers and others who expose them?  Do they fear the world knowing about their ritual murder?  Or their pedophilia?  Or people learning that those left with blood on their hands, from most of the genocides we’ve heard of, are almost always jews?  Do they fear people learning how they poisoned the wells throughout history, and how they poison our water today with flouride?  Do they fear losing their victim status as the holohoax is exposed? 

Who has more to fear?  The jews with their fragile veil of secrecy and the illusion of control?  Or should those dominated by these beasts, fear them for their infiltration into every aspect of their lives?  To answer some of these questions we have to look around us at what is going on today.  More and more patriots like myself are standing in the wide open, and we’re making a dent in their plans for domination.  We’re tearing down the veil of secrecy, that hides a jew behind all of our ills.  We’re pointing out how the jew works against us, even when it pretends to work with us, as in the so-called “truth” movement.  We’re spreading positivity, strength, and patriotism; empowering our people to stand against them.  We’re showing just how vulnerable their power structure really is.  In fact, many of us are not afraid at all, and you shouldn’t be either.  For those of us that are in this for principle, and principle alone, we bring righteousness and a glimpse of what real justice looks like.  Every day more and more people awaken to the problem which is the jew, and our numbers are growing at a rapid rate.  We also bring the vision of a brighter future without the jew meddling in our lives. 

Jews fear being seriously investigated and exposed.

Jews fear being looked at too closely, for their illusions and manipulations are merely superficial.

What about the jews though?  Unfortunately for them, they are relegated to sneaking around in the dark, like the little trolls they are.  Manipulating, misdirecting, confusing, distorting, and lying are all that they can muster.  Manipulating others to fight their wars for them, misdirecting attention from their relentless subversion, causing confusion by manufacturing their own opposition, and blatantly distorting even facts that are public knowledge.  For example the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, or the attack on 9/11 which lead America to fight Iraq, Afghanistan, now even Pakistan, and soon Iran; all for a pack of lies.  They fail when they do attempt to fight on their own, as Israel proved with it’s sophistacated (swindled), world class <giggle> military force, whom had their asses handed back to them, by a very small force of guerilla fighters in Lebanon, 2006. (This is the war our current chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, left the U.S. to join the Israeli IDF, and help them fight Lebanon i.e. he is a traitor, but then again, to be a “traitor” requires more than feigned loyalty to begin with.)They failed at sinking the USS Liberty.  They failed on 9/11, when millions more people awakened to their crimes.  

To make up for their failures, they lock 1.5 million Palestinian people in the world’s largest prison, with no food, water, or medicine for months on end.  Then, when the people are sufficiently weakened, they send their military force, in all it’s might, to decimate a civillian population.  An unarmed civillian population, including women and children.  They later celebrate this hannukah massacre by commemorating it with t-shirts depicting pregnant women in a scope.

Showing massive weakness, jews boast about shooting pregnant women, but fail in real battle.

Showing extreme weakness, jews boast about shooting mother and baby. Like most women beaters, they fear a real conflict.

As you can see, we have much less to fear than the jew.  In fact, fear is largely a learned behavior, and we can learn to shut it off at will, if we like.  Reminds me of a news story about a baby who fell from a second story balcony.  The child simply bounced off the CONCRETE, suffered a couple of minor scrapes, but was otherwise, unharmed.  The reason is that the baby did not know to fear falling and didn’t tense up.  When we begin to understand that they feed off of our fears, we can see that shutting off that source of fuel is crippling to them.  Hence the motto, order out of chaos.  Not to mention, this is a parasite, and must be treated as such.  Things like the attacks of 9/11, this recent swine flu, and the financial collapse are all designed to cause a reaction of fear.  They will string out the agony of all of these issues until you beg for them to fix it, and then you’re in real deep doo-doo.  That’s how they got away with at least $7 TRILLION in bailouts already, and why Obama is having such an easy time with his communist policies.

All of that out of the way, it seems there is a new bill being proposed to stop free speech on the internet.  Well, not just the internet, but e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, websites, telephones and text messages; according to this article.  The article correctly states,”The proposal by Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Los Angeles, would never pass First Amendment muster, unless the U.S. Constitution was altered without us knowing.”

Sanchez’s bill goes way beyond cyberbullying and comes close to making it a federal offense to log onto the internet or use the telephone. The methods of communication where hostile speech is banned include e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, websites, telephones and text messages.

We can’t say what we think of Sanchez’s proposal. Doing so would clearly get us two years in solitary confinement.

The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

New bill to block free speech on internet, emails, voice mail, and more because your oppressors fear free speech.

Jews want to block free speech under any guise they can, because it allows them to be exposed as fraudulent, criminal, blood-sucking parasites.

I can tell you exactly what I think of this proposal. It’s pure shit. How hard was that? These silly words on paper do not confine me. It reminds me of Bush and his “signing statements”. All he would do is write something down, sign it, and everyone would assume it was law! These laws are fantasies, and they fear you figuring that out. They fear you saying exactly what you want to say. That’s why we have “political correctness”, and billions of people censor themselves for nothing more than a mere perception. Free speech can have no limits on it. You might not like it, but it’s not your choice. In my case, I’ll say it anyway. It’s not a matter of law, it’s a matter of physics. I own this vessel called a body, and will do with it as I see fit, until my time inside it is finished. The point being, it proves that they fear those who speak freely, while we have nothing to fear. Righteousness is a beautiful thing, and when working to thwart the jew, it is yours.

While poking around as usual, I stumble on a link at judicial, that states the assault weapons ban is going to be reintroduced next week:

Since her appointment to the Senate, one-time NRA favorite Kirsten Gillibrand has passed just about every test on guns set by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy – but that might change next week. As the junior senator from New York, the upstate Democrat has undergone a transformation, moving quickly in the past three months away from her House record that won the NRA’s top rating while remaining a supporter of Second Amendment rights to gun ownership.

She even jumped ahead of McCarthy, who reintroduced her bill closing the gun-show loophole at a news conference Wednesday, by co-sponsoring the Senate version of that measure two weeks ago.

But McCarthy said that next week she plans to introduce an assault weapons ban – legislation that is anathema to the NRA and that could pose a problem for Gillibrand.

“I think the assault weapons bill will be a test,” McCarthy said Wednesday in an interview.

I have no doubt it will be a test. A test to see how many Americans are going to bend over and take a fisting from these goons. A test to see how easy it is to make Americans give up those terrible “assault weapons” for good. It says this Gillibrand (crypto-jew?) was once the NRA favorite, but no doubt she still is. She was favored by them because, they knew she would bite and spit venom at the people she works for, like the wicked viper she is. In case you forogt, the “all powerful” NRA is not your friend either, so it’s no wonder they supported such a subversive.  Like I have argued before, posing a law to usurp the constitution should be considered treason, and all violators should be put to death.

History shows when a people hand over their weapons, they are usually slaughtered wholesale, and usually by the jew.

History shows when a country hands over their weapons, it's people are usually slaughtered wholesale, and almost always orchestrated by the jew. Do not dare hand them over, America.

Carrying on, it seems they’re buttering up congress and the senate to accept the ban in this article, by letting them know their jobs are still secure should they pass the ban, because supposedly, many fear the previous ban cost democrats control of congress. This is just the usual dog and pony show. They’re all puppets, and will vote accordingly when their masters tell them to. One opposes, another votes yes. Next time around, they switch so that each side can convince the lemmings they are better than the other guy.

You know what I say…go Buy More Guns America, then see if you can figure out why your forefathers wanted you to have them in the first place. If you can’t see the pattern here, they are extremely fearful of you learning the truth about them.  Hence the reason for the hate crime bills and this new cyber-bullying bill, designed to stifle free speech; especially when it’s about the jew. They also fear those same people having guns in their hands, but why do they fear it? The reason is that they know that they are wrong, and they fear righteous, freedom loving people with guns.  They fear freedom loving Americans relying on justice to guide them.  They fear those who have finally fingered the jew as the problem, and haven’t forgotten what the hell America’s guns are for.

In conclusion, we can see that it is the jew who has more to fear. They have raped the world of all it’s spoils. They’ve committed genocide, treason, terrorism, and many other crimes against all of it’s peoples.  They print the money, and therefore own just about everything around you. They have far more to lose, and lose it they will. They operate from a position of weakness,  due to their un-righteous ways. We operate from a position of strength, with truth, justice, and righteousness on our side; and it’s this attitude as well as these qualities, that will finally bring us to victory over these vermin.  Fear nothing.

  1. Adam, please read the following article, I told you this was happening and it’s getting even worse….expect this to go nationwide as the second collapse of the economy goes down.

  2. Here’s what we need. I need a supporter to buy 2,000 firearms for free give aways to adults of legal age. We’ll give them a $100 coupon WIHT the gun. With a few conditions. It can not be given away, sold, destroyed, or disposed of. At all costs, it must not end up in the hands of law enforcement or government “officials”, and must be employed in defense of THE PEOPLE if ever needed. Not saying those receiving gifts would have to use them, but they must be employed in our defense should the need arise.

    Who’s buyin?

    Imagine if we could do this across the street from every police department that attempts this. GIVE ME the $30 MILLION you goons dropped on Ron Paul, and watch what happens. This isn’t a game. I’ll run advertisements, hang bulletins, hand out flyers, hang door hangers, and we’ll make some real waves.

    It’s amazing what I could do if I had the funds, and that’s just one idea. For now, I have this website. Each person could get a pamphlet that thoroughly outlines the jew infestation at the same time with sources for more info, etc. DVD’s and other things could be passed out as well with them. It’s time NOW that we crush these suckers, but it’s going to take THE PEOPLE to do it.

  3. Better yet, let’s just offer double whatever the police are offering and buy their fire arms. It will be far cheaper than buying new guns, and we’ll put them right back on the street. Set up shop right in front of them and pay people double. People like myself, with the right funding, could destroy these beasts….

  4. Adam, the sick and sad part of this story lies in the final two sentences….”About two-thirds of the drivers pulled U-turns and left. Others stayed and turned in guns without compensation.”

    People have gone insane! Hell, if a third of the people are going to just hand over their guns for free we are in deep shit. How many people will just hand them over when the DHLS come knocking on doors…90% or more?

  5. Hey guys, keep in mind that you’re citing statistics from a main stream source. The stats are going to be skewed. The other thing to keep in mind is that there are people with complete pieces of nonfunctional garbage who will turn THAT in for the $100 and turn around and buy ammo or parts for a functioning gun. This actually happened up in Michigan. People took old imports which were beyond repair and turned them in for $$$ and bought viable arms related things. I think the main focus at this point needs to be ammo production. The bastards have pushed the military to rely on civilian production and they get first dibs for bullshit wars abroad. There are people who are working hard to deal with all the needed things: brass, bullets, powder, and primers. It’s coming together as we type. Check out Mark Koernke’s The Intelligence Report if you can.

    • Thanks for the reply. Notice this site is not quoting any statistics, because this site is all about exposing those deceptions, and I fully understand what “statistics” mean. This site does however use mainstream reports, produced by the jew, to show what the jew is up to and how their manipulations work. It is fact that many do what you are talking about. They did this same thing here in Jacksonville. My suggestions still stand, let’s make a show of it and actually thwart their attempts. The publicity will be amazing.

  6. Another excellent article. I’ll have a few comments and observations to add later today, but right now I’m heading to the shooting range!!!!

  7. let’s keep an eye on this one:

    “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.”

  8. It was me, but my name isn’t johnny! LOL 🙂

    Yep, good time indeed. Thanks for showing me the place, and telling it exactly like it is.

  9. ZOGGING says:

    i have say this ..i am scared..posting on this site scares me offense intended..but how do i really know that this site is not a screw front set up to smoke out and trap people who have figured some things out..i don’t know…but i still hope that there is some real attempt to spread the word about the screw..i sincerely hope that this is real…and that somewhere behind the screen there is not a screw is smirking about ferreting out one more fool who is trying to connect with other humans…in spite of creeping fear ..i can’t stop posting and other places…i will not surrender my guns …just to die on my knees…nor will i ever be silenced…until i am dead…i only hope we can prevail…we are risking all against great odds ..against an enemy that is almost inconceivably evil

    i also post here the screws are in the process of softening up Mexico for our ZOG to invade and set up another profitable NWO state

    i was posting on screw tube ..but they keep closing me down..any repeated negative/truthful reference to the 10523s results in censorship

    but the struggle continues…i thank you for this site…and i hope it is legitimate

    • If fear has you beat that easily, it’s already game over for you. Posting on a website won’t have jews knocking on your door tomorrow. You will have to make your own decision if this is legit or not, and if you truly feel it’s not, then you haven’t been reading this website.

      Like I said before, just VISITING sites like this means you are being tracked. ALL web traffic is monitored, categorized, analyzed, and scrutinized. Even if it’s not, you should assume it is…..but it is. If you are timid about posting online, you’re going to be far more timid about pulling the trigger on a living being, but the jew won’t hesitate for a millisecond when pulling the trigger on you. They’ll rape your women in front of you with foreign objects, make you watch, and then shoot you like a fucking dog. This is not something to be timid about.

      As for Mexico…there is no softening up needed. Why do people so easily forget that the jews (starting with Christopher Columbus) killed all the natives, and mixed with what was left? Mexico has been run by jews for 400 years, same with the Caribbean and South America. They don’t need softened up for anything. They are being used to soften up America!

      • ZOGGING says:

        i am well aware of the history of Mexico…the founder of Monterrey was burnt for being a crypto…but it still has primarily a grass roots cash economy…the screws are out to kill it…and to gain control of the lucrative drug trade

        you are very bold..calling for arms and such…to me this is a war of the mind before a war in the field…excuse me for my caution…i think you have mistaken my honesty for lack of resolve or courage …is a sniper timid?…maybe so in comparison to a headlong charge…fear is a tool to me helps preserve me…a man without fear…is a curious thing…maybe you are that man…i don’t know…whatever ..a mi es no importa..

        i have read every post…and it all seems straight…i have felt the club and boot of the trained dogs of the screw before…and will not shirk my duty ..and am far from beaten

        i do like the focus on the screw as the hand behind all evil…i would say to be less abrasive towards others who are looking to form up…remember are not a general yet..and if you ever are …never forget… leaders lead by gaining and maintaining respect…you are showing leadership, but show abusive tendencies…i would suggest to be more tolerant of questions and those who are cautious…i am not sure that harshness is conducive to the struggle will take every person possible to overthrow the screw…each one is a pearl..can we afford to alienate support?…all shoulders to the wheel..i am not here to fuck around .. or to be insulted in any way..i am really looking for fellow resistors…you know a lot …but no one knows it all

        i have downloaded your is pretty good…irregardless as to what transpires between us personally due to this is a good message , and i intend to make copys and pass them out..we may clash to the point that we cannot work together side by side in the struggle..that would be regrettable…but i will just circle around and chip away at the screws from another place …leave you to your area and make no more comments here…it is best to present a united front towards the enemy

        either way i salute you for your boldness, knowledge and for maintaining a very good site ..the best so far…saludos

        • No way in hell. Generals lead because they are mean enough to lead, not because they pander to people who follow them. If people can’t handle harsh leadership, they will never defeat this enemy. The best generals are not your friend, they are your general. I’m not looking to play nice with anyone who comes along questioning me. Nine times out of ten it’s a jew who says “this site is great BUT………” I say but nothing.

          Please tell me what else is there to call for? To call for everyone to stand around and talk about the problem all day? We need an army NOW……not later. You can say whatever you want, but without an army to back it up, you’re wasting your breath because it will never go anywhere. TALK IS CHEAP.

          I am tolerant to a point, but I also don’t see any reason kiss ass to people who are often more likely to stab my back than help me fight. Not saying that’s the case with YOU in particular, but the majority it is indeed the case. I’ve been fucked over by my so-called “best friends” before. Remember, fear is stronger than love. I absolutely refuse to be nice when people call my integrity into question, fuck that. I refuse to be nice to people who refuse to listen, fuck that too. In fact, I refuse to be nice because I’m the ornery son of a bitch with enough guts to say what needs said, regardless how that makes you feel.

          There is nothing transpiring between us. If you’re on the team taking the fight to the jew, then we’re on the same side. When all is said and done, you can go your way, and I’ll go mine. This is strictly business, not happy hour. If 80 year old catholic nuns have no problem with what I say or how I say, fuck anyone else who does.

          All that said, I’m glad to have every real warrior who is willing to step up. Beyond that, fuck the masses. They won’t do shit but sell you out to protect their way of life. If I weed out a few thousand because I’m stern, then GOOD…..that means I’m doing my job!

          You are welcome here any time you like, so don’t fret…I’m just not a nice guy about dealing with these piece of shit jews.

          BTW, you’re right…..nobody knows it all, but I’m getting damn close. When I disappear, you’ll know I found what I was looking for.

          • ZOGGING says:

            haha..good answer…maybe we can share the same foxhole …i am sure we can share the same field…you do know a lot be sure ..hey and put a lot of work into the struggle…

            having been fucked over by “friends” as well…i am with you there …mebbe we will rub of some rough edges and fuck up some screws …

            you know what REALLY pisses me off at them…other than their smug faces and fuckn whiny voices..the way they have stolen so many legends and bits of history from ancient people and twisted it into their fuckn religion..killed all those people off , and claim to be the chosen people of god…even when i was 4 years old and read the bible ..that pissed me off ..that they could just kill anybody they wanted to ..steal their shit ..and it was ok…what a bunch of lying pinche madres…

            the story of the sechemites was the worst…use a screw woman to fuck them up ..then convince them to convert …mangle their dicks ..and then still kill and rob them…thats god?..fuck that

            i try to explain to people that the god of the screws not their god…but the conditioning is hard to break

            it is amazing how lies told over and over again get into peoples brains and are almost untreatable

            their god is a demon ..not the creator …i would like to cram every one of the slimy cocksuckers up their gods ass and shoot them into the sun

            ok tranquillo….breathe…that vein in my head is pulsing…hahhaa

    • Antoine says:

      Hey Zogging, I wouldn’t worry about posting on the net. The jews have already tracked you and I, but they have their claws full because they are LOSING. Granted, they are losing slower than I would prefer, but the worst they can do to us at this point (if you’re handling yourself intelligently) is fuck with our ability to make a living, like I’m sure they’ve done with Adam. Even then, there are risks for them, and their hiring blacklists do not work most of the time. They don’t have time to stop me from working some $12 an hour job, which is all I really need, if and when I get one.

      Be smart and have no fear. When they physically show up at your door beacuse you ran your mouth, it will be a whole new ball game by that point.

      Also, you may want to change your name to JOGGING.

      • ZOGGING says:

        thanks for the reply…hahahaa..they will have to make some effort to “show up” at my door…i am fairly mobile…and don’t really have much of a door..

        i think my comments regarding fear came off wrong…my old man always told me fear will keep you alive …the graveyard is full of brave fools…courage is acting in spite of fear…like Patton said “you have been told to die for your country”…but the way you win a war is to make the other SOB die for his country..i really like that ..i have fear ..caution and courage ..and intend to survive

        i guess i am so used to being a loner that it freaks me out to get close to other people ..even in a blog …i spend a lot of time in Mexico ..along the border… where the fear is very real ..but you got to keep on living..

        i am by no means trying to weaken the spirit here …just expressing some personal feelings…just trying to test the waters …a toe in the water then the foot ..and so on

        i give respect to the screws as a deadly enemy..look at what they have done with such few numbers…a more deadly animal has never walked…they are playing for keeps..and i expect no mercy from them…these culeros claim a mandate from god to exterminate and/or enslave the whole earth…not my idea of god…i have crossed them before and suffered the consequences…but intend to keep on keeping on

        anyway….i don’t know how to change my name here …

        about Mexico..the screws are replacing the cash economy with a credit debt economy..right now you get a 10 or 15% discount for using a card..or other form of electronic currency..and straight out of the protocols ..they are abusing the population with violence sufficient to install complete control via a police state/NWO system, also i have read that screws are immigrating there in record doubt to rule over the people by owning and controlling the business sector…calderon was the pick of chango boy bush…most people have no clue..but one thing about Mexico..if you talk bad about screws there ..pretty much everybody nods their head in can actually say screw in public… i work against the screw when i am there

        i would like to see more international networking …the screw not only holds the reins here spain ,greece and portugal the people are rioting in protest of the IMF policys…

        • Antoine says:

          They don’t have few numbers. They’re all over the place. I am positive there are no less than 30 million jews in the U.S. alone. These fuckers want us to believe they only have 600,000 in Los Angeles. Yeah…

          • Agreed. If by “few numbers” you mean about 15% of the global population, then you are pretty close. Anything less is a lie. These rats have infested everywhere……..

  10. ZOGGING says:

    hey i have a suggestion for another about ..”my favorite screw story”…little personal accounts of personal encounters with the chosen the time one stole …cheated me , or lied…little anecdotes like… when i first became aware of the screw…personal interest storys ..or the time the screw got preferential treatment…just a thought…also ..mebbe the Henry Ford story.. a lot of common people are receptive to Henry Ford

    • Antoine says:

      In the third grade, a rat-faced, yellow toothed, bagel-breathed, goblin-headed, albino vampire-skinned, evil-eyed fat ass troll with freckles and kinky orange hair grabbed my ankle with his fat sausage fingers and pulled me off one of those playground towers during a game of tag. I crashed face first into the wood chips; a five foot drop. The living turd had held his grip on my ankle all the way down until impact. He later insisted to the teachers and principal that all he had done was “tagged me.” That was his first year at the public skool. His first and second grade years were at some yeshiva skool where they told him he was better than everyone else, and that he should constantly boast about how great he is in every way possible way. I found a recent picture of him as an adult that he uses for his online profiles. He’s pictured standing before the Department of Defense podium at the pentagon with his mouth open and his index finger pointed high in the air. Cute.

      I grew up around these demons. I went to a few bar-shitzvahs. I went to school with them. My high school was 25% jew. I’ve worked with them. I know them inside and out.

    • Zogging- Good to have you aboard, we all come into this from different backgrounds and different races, but all face the same enemy.

      Call them by their correct name-JEW.

      They hate it, because they know it is saying “dirty, subversive, filthy rat faced kikenvermin, lying piece of shit, demon etc” all in one word. Thats why when you say to a jew “oh you’re a jew” they recoil. Thats why they say “Im jewish, or of the jewish religion” but rarely if ever do they ever say “Im a jew”.

      The only bad thing about talking about the jew is it’s like flushing your head in the toilet, they are disgusting creatures to even think about.

      The Greek riots will be coming to america very soon enough, and that will be the end of the jew.

      They are creating their own destruction.

      • ZOGGING says:

        PS gracias para su bienavidos…thank you for your welcome…and i like kikenvermin..i like to say it has a cadence…

        kikenvermin marching into the sea …kikenvermin shuffling side by side… kikenvermin with no place to hide…kikenvermin with no where to be …now there are no more kikenvermin…and now we are all free

        sung in a patriotic manner


  11. ZOGGING says:

    hahaha,,it just a habit i have picked up from trying to post comments on other sites…and being denied …so i use joos…chews…juos…screws.. 10523s…choosons..satantools…hiddenhands…etc…. i like screw because it is derogatorily descriptive …everybody knows what it means..

    about the greek riots..classic wince/retch jew trick…and the rest of the EU members are expected to pay to bail out the screw banks…robbing them ..and pissing them off at the greeks …divide and conquer…drive the wedge and rob both sides…

    real screw move …blame the victim…kinda like a screw raping a virgin ..then blaming her for it ..and then saying ..oye vey…now she should just be a whore.. and i have a house she can rent

    we need more international communication and networking…fight the screw worldwide…an annual cyberspace convention or something

    i learned today that there are only five countries on earth that don’t have a red shield/reys del judo bank..and two are under active physical attack…

    N Korea, Cuba, Sudan,Libya,and their real ultimate prize,,Persia/Iran…Sudan has been divided …and the oil is in the bag..we all know about libya…leaving only three..

    .Cuba and NK..will be left as an excuse/ boogy man for some future move

    and then the snake has crawled through the whole earth…next?…time to crown king d’vid de red shield…that creepy pinche madre is all over utube..talking shit.. about world government, looking like hippy jesus…

  12. Did you know fidel was a jew?

    He works for them, see Adam’s article where he points out he’s in ALL LIKELYHOOD a marrano jew, who just recently tried to distract peoples attention away from the jew claiming “it’s the bilderbergers”.

  13. Jews are all types of scum says:

    Fuck the jews

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