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Where’s MY Bail Out??


You heard me. I want my bail out and I want it now. Just over a year ago I lost my business that I built from scratch with my own blood sweat and tears due 100% to medical issues. It totally collapsed MY economy, so I believe I am entitled to the same bail out as the banks are trying to push for. I want $700 billion to save myself from total financial ruin. Since it was by no fault of my own, unlike the ENGINEERED collapse of our economy we are seeing now, I have more right to it than any banker ever had.

Remember what I said about democracy HERE?? When we allow our country to act like a democracy it WILL FAIL in an average of 225 years due to loose fiscal policy. This is historical fact, and history is repeating itself right in front of your very eyes. Democracies fail when people realize they can just vote themselves all the benefits they want. Well, when you let our SERVANTS run our country like a democracy, they vote THEMSELVES all the benefits, and the end result is the same.

It’s almost insane to watch the dog and pony show. The bankers that caused our troubles now want US to save them? Not really. They want us to put ourselves FURTHER in debt to them. What you are witnessing with the mortgage collapse is not just an error. It was done on purpose, and that purpose was to transfer the wealth of the American people into the hands of their subverters. Your houses won’t disappear because you couldn’t pay your masters the interest on your hyper inflated mortgage. The property and wealth will simply change hands. From your hands to those of your subverters.

This situation with the mortgages reminds me of a famous quote.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks) will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

How many more people will wake up homeless on THEIR OWN LAND today? How about tommorow? How long will you let this go on America?

Ben Bernanke and his gang of CRIMINALS at the Federal Reserve are NOT law makers. The federal reserve is not even a government organization. It’s a PRIVATELY owned and operated bank that has ILLEGALY been given the power to create our money, and here we sit today at the whim of this criminal gang after repeated warnings from our forefathers and founders. Why didn’t you listen America?

The point of this article is where is MY bail out? If you will allow these cretens to pay their friends for the engineered collapse of our economy, a payment that will come out of YOUR HIDES, then surely you won’t mind giving an actual honest American a bail out in his time of need either. E-mail me for details on where to send my bail out check. I will attempt to link to numerous sources outlining the troubles of our financial collapse and other points stated in this article if time allows.

That said. What are you going to do America? Watch your forefathers roll in their graves, or are you going to FINALLY stand up to these CRIMINALS and EXECUTE them like they deserve? We do not need their permission to arrest, try, and hang these bastards. In fact, we don’t need their permission to forcefully remove them from power either.

Unfortunately, these are pretty much the only options left thanks to the complicity of the majority of Americans over the last two centuries. They wouldn’t listen then, many still won’t listen now. What did all those men die for, please remind me since none of YOU are willing to die to change it.

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