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What Jews Think of Humanity

What Jews Think of Humanity

Here Israeli soldiers kidnap a young girl. You'd piss your pants too if you had any idea what was about to happen to this little girl...gang rape followed by murder is common.

Here’s a great example of how jews view humanity.  In fact, jews only view themselves as human, and the rest of the planet as goyim (cattle) or animals, or even insects.  The real story is that jews are not exactly human like the rest of us. They lack a lot of important human traits, such as a conscience, and the inability to do anything more than fake human emotions.

Not much really needs said about this clip.  This is an Israeli soldier speaking about the Palestinian people they have trapped in the world’s largest open air prison, where they are routinely shot, beat, kidnapped for their organs, raided by Israelis who hunt them for sport, deprived of basic needs like food, water, medicine, blocked from fishing their own waters, have their farms raided and destroyed etc.  The list of atrocities carried out by jews against Palestinians is so long it’s disgusting, and yet these monsters want you to feel sorry for their faked holocaust? Hah, fat chance.

ANYONE supporting the jews and the terrorist state of Israel is a TRAITOR to humanity as a whole, and should be dealt with as such. Those who think that this site’s purpose is just to take the jews down are sadly mistaken, because any of their supporters, enablers, and other traitors will be (and should be) dealt with just as harshly.

Don’t be so foolish to think that jews wouldn’t do this to your children. Where do you think all the missing kids in foster care went to?  What do you think happens to the thousands of children who go missing every week in this country? What do you think will happen when jews are allowed to roam YOUR COUNTRY freely like they do in Palestine? Ignore the jewish problem, and you WILL condemn your children to this same fate.

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