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What Jews Think of Humanity

What Jews Think of Humanity

Here Israeli soldiers kidnap a young girl. You'd piss your pants too if you had any idea what was about to happen to this little girl...gang rape followed by murder is common.

Here’s a great example of how jews view humanity.  In fact, jews only view themselves as human, and the rest of the planet as goyim (cattle) or animals, or even insects.  The real story is that jews are not exactly human like the rest of us. They lack a lot of important human traits, such as a conscience, and the inability to do anything more than fake human emotions.

Not much really needs said about this clip.  This is an Israeli soldier speaking about the Palestinian people they have trapped in the world’s largest open air prison, where they are routinely shot, beat, kidnapped for their organs, raided by Israelis who hunt them for sport, deprived of basic needs like food, water, medicine, blocked from fishing their own waters, have their farms raided and destroyed etc.  The list of atrocities carried out by jews against Palestinians is so long it’s disgusting, and yet these monsters want you to feel sorry for their faked holocaust? Hah, fat chance.

ANYONE supporting the jews and the terrorist state of Israel is a TRAITOR to humanity as a whole, and should be dealt with as such. Those who think that this site’s purpose is just to take the jews down are sadly mistaken, because any of their supporters, enablers, and other traitors will be (and should be) dealt with just as harshly.

Don’t be so foolish to think that jews wouldn’t do this to your children. Where do you think all the missing kids in foster care went to?  What do you think happens to the thousands of children who go missing every week in this country? What do you think will happen when jews are allowed to roam YOUR COUNTRY freely like they do in Palestine? Ignore the jewish problem, and you WILL condemn your children to this same fate.

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  1. The next battle against this Shit/Piss-raël (LINK!) will be their last one also! We as a whole nonjewish world have to be there and support the arabic peoples in their fight against this almost fatal spreaded cancer of all humankind. I know some ex-soldiars here in Holland who have promised me to spread this information of Adam between their desceived ranks also. They fought there in Irak and Afghanistan like a sleepy and jewowned slave but are at the moment aware of the situation and that they did that only for the profits of ‘our’ (yes they are mine!!!) jewbanksters with their worldwide moneyprinting monopoly. The arabian nations are like the political moneyhooked prostitutes all over the world also goymongered (LINK) and conned. This cabbalistic demons who bribed and sucked all of the nonjewish (LINK) energy out of their host, are namely only exited when we’re all dumeddown, pascificated and therefore paralised?!. It does not matter where you look in the arabian world to see (Palestinian-‘Authority’, Saudi’s and Dhubai petrodollar junks!) how easaly it is for this moneyprint monopolists to bribe, steal, and murder in the name of their god samaël and holocaust all of ‘THEIR'(!) nonjewish ‘goy-cattle’ on the altar of their evil and antihuman criminal intentions.

    • The real patriot act
      Exposing , identifying , arressting , prosecuting and upon conviction of treason executing dual citizen zionist jew traitors and the coward goyim scum that stand with them is not anti-semitic. It is however our lawful , constitutional , and patriotic duty as americans to preserve , protect and defend our constitution and the republic it defines against all enemies foriegn and domestic.
      We also have a moral obligation to past , present and future generations of a truly free and independant people,

  2. I have seen that picture before, and it makes me sick to the stomach.

    Shitrael and its gutless shit-heads in the IDF make me sick.

    My only hope is that these blood-sucking scum bastards take on Iran, wherein ample reason is then provided to bomb these shit-stains into last century.

    Israel needs to be destroyed along with all the scum that live there.

    This is not hate-speach. Those ass-stains in Israel practice as much every day one of them opens their brain-dead mouths.

    • Ok, good…now what about the rest of the jews? Israel isn’t the only problem…there are millions of these worthless scumbag baby rapers in countries all around the globe. You think cursing about “Israel” and the “IDF” and “zionism” will solve the JEW PROBLEM? So, you wipe out Israel…then what? What about all the jews in your govt? What about the jew bankers you are slaves to? What about the jew media? What about jew owned hollywood? What about the jewish sex slave trade? What about the jewish organ harvesters? What about jewish ritual murder? What about the jew illegal drug trade? What about the jew tax on everything you buy? I suppose once we get those dastardly Israelis and them evil “zionists” the rest will simply fade away?

      What about the JEWISH RACE who’s been raping this planet for the past 4000 years? Are they only a problem in Israel? Did they just pop up in 1898? Why so many exiles of jews all the way back (recorded ones) to 250A.D. in Carthage? I guess we can ignore the fact that EIGHTY FOUR countries found enough reason to get rid of ALL JEWS, and just pretend Israel is our only problem today? Maybe we can just blame these “zionists” and foget about those 109 different exiles and expulsions?

      COME ON PEOPLE…Stop drinking the fluoridated kool aid and USE YOUR HEAD. It’s ALL JEWS……PERIOD. You don’t get an “opinion” in it. Your “thoughts” about it don’t matter. Your “ideas” are useless unless the help us rid the world of ALL JEWS. The FACTS are, it has ALWAYS been ALL JEWS and always will be. Chuck that “zionist” lie in the fucking garbage where it belongs.


        • The problem is he didn’t “start” anything. He seperated jews from Germans and put them to work. Most jews fled before the war started anyway, now we are dealing with these rat faced kikes and their little bastard offspring on a daily basis.

          The more you study National Socialism and the Third Reich you begin to understand they were very moral and very just. They tried to “do the right thing” by not slaughtering the people that had raped and pilaged Germany so as to “not be the same” as the jew.

          This was a fatal mistake by the Germans, and all National Socialists of Europe. They allowed the rat to escape, and the rat hoodwinked other nations into destroying the people who were actually doing “something” against these creatures.

          This time is very different. The rat has exhusted all their host nations, and there is NOWHERE left on earth where their lies and deceit will be accepted at face value, ever again!

          Jews have had 60+ years now of relative freedom of movement and freedom to do anything. Those days are severely limited, they know it, thats why the crying and whining.

          They know their end is getting near.

          • i want to say ..of all the sites i visit…that i have to give credit to this one for pointing out that a parasite must have a host…and that is why joos don’t all return to joo land ..isnotreal/unreal…

            most other people live in their own country…russians ..russia…germans germany…mericans..merica..mexcans…mexco…japs japlan…etc…but //joos…they mostly live in ..and prey on other countrys…

            thanks SN…for helping me see the evil of the joo more distinctly…

            i don’t learn that much from other it is a real treat

            good question to put to the joo..

            why don’t joos all go to joolan?

          • I am afriad Mike, that they have not exhausted all their host nations – i am afriad my country India will be their next host. They already have a strong presence here in the southern states (since the days of the spice trade by ships) and the western states (diamond cutting and polishing), soon they will take over Indian Government, Indian Film Industry (world’s largest film industry) and begin to increase their population here, if they already have not started doing this. The amount of broad-day-light corruption that is happening in India could only be because the jew-owned media is playing both the BJP and the Congress (the two major political parties like the Republicans and the Democrats of the USA)

          • Do you really believe that Hitler was trying to rid this world of Jews he moved the Jews out of the areas of war where the jews would be less likely to be killed Hitler put Jews in charge of the camps and the greed of their own people is the reason for the dead jews during WWII. Hitler preached of the filthy Jew but he was willing to sacrifice the people he said are the pure race to protect the dirty rotten filthy jew so do not believe he was trying to purify this world of jews.

        • Thats the first reasonable account Ive heard about National Socialism and the truth in a long while, If the truth be known, Hitler said, he wanted and ordered that the solution to the jewish problem be cancelled until after the war. That pretty well negates all the bs and hysteria concerning any holocaust which we all know is phoney. We must deal with the jew wherever we find it, It is the animal, or neanderthal as the case may be, it must be exterminated, Wir Mussen die Juden Ausrotten. die juden eist forlorn

          • The Jews are the rats of humanity. I’ve known this since I was 7 years old. Allow me to explain: I was walking along aroad with my parents along a road, and there was a party going on in someones garden. I started to walk up the drive of the house, and my father said|: This is a barmitzah! I had some images in my young mind of disgust and repulsion. I don’t know why, but as I have become older, and the more that I read and observe; how right I was! An inate hatred of these animals I still have to this day. 6 million. Bollocks. Paul.

        • Patton had it right about this scum, Imagine,it was bad enough to see dozens of russian soldiers running back across the steppes to Russky carrying toilets on their backs, thinking they were potato washing devices, but the jews not using them in lieu of shitting on the very floor of the hospitals they were languishing in,He was right, they are less than animals, lost to any decency is right on the mark

    • Since I cant find a topic concerning the Japanese nuclear disaster I will put one in here, It has been supposed by internet sources that HAARP type cloud formations were noticed the day before the earthquake hit Japan, On further study, it has also been found that the entire country was blackmailed by the same kikenvermin that run our monetary system, Apparently the Japanese arent totally obeying the joo so they were punished by an earthquake type machine, I dont particularly believe they have this power, however, combined with predicting accurate events it is possible to “push” it in that direction. Apparently the Japanese still havent been punished enough for siding with Hitler during the war not to mention their apparent refusal to omit the muds into their borders to muddy up their gene pools. Seig Heil Nippon.

    • go to my website on jewtube for the opening vid ,, see-

  3. i tried to spread the word over youtube and over my e-mail lets hope we get more attention.

    • wow all youtube videos posted on this thread have been banned, it seems they are really feeling the pinch from this site. interesting point to note is that they are removing videos that directly speak of the jew, and not removing videos that have the word zionist, for example i made a video zionists 99 rest 1 and it has not been removed nor have i been warned, it is just like Adam said, they want us to focus on made-up false scape-goats like zionists, neocons etc instead of seeing the true picture that all jews are bad. i bet soon my account too will be banned here it is btw automatikred, because i comment a lot wherever on any video that calls for a strong comment.

  4. Damn my heart goes out to that girl in the picture ,and people want to still play the ,,its the zionists game,, its only some jews not all of them ,,fuck that shit.Its all of them it always has benn always will be. And whats the deal with that asshole today holding people hostage at the discovery channel today over global warming , what a fucking tard , dude seriously why couldnt he be exposing the jews , or at the very least 911 , or something useful if it was me id go out with a bang and make them expose the jews or something not global warming that dude got shot in the head over a tree instead of something that could have spread the word about jews . It wouldnt suprise me if James Lee some how had some jew blood in him cause only a jew could be that fucking dumb. I dont believe in reincarnation but if i had a past last life i swear it was being a nazi at some concentration camp , my sole job would be stuffing the jews in those ovens ,just another day on the job.Anyways that girl in the picture is definately in my prayers.

    Ok some jokes now are in order

    Why did hitler commit suicide …….. cause he got his gas bill.

    Why do Jews have big noses ……… cause air is free.

    What did the coach tell his jewish defesive line to do (in football)……………….get the qaurterback

    What is the most dangerous thing in the world …….. a jew with a coupon

    Whats a jewish dellima……………… ham , oy its free but its ham

    fuck those pickle eating , bagle making , penis sucking , child molesting , war causing , money lending , brainwahing , incest loving , cock sucker of a jew mother fuckers. when the shit hits the fan i want to be the oven tender !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks to DNA testing they will eventually all be traced and dealt with accordingly.

  6. My God we are still putting up with these psychopaths!

    What the hell is wrong with humanity?

    Arrest the Rothschilds try them then execute them.

    How easy can something be?

    • “how easy can something be?”
      seeing as how the rothschilds can BUY any army they would like to its rather hard till enuff people cant take any more jewish subverting of their people the real people. to speed things up all you can do is pass the knowledge along to others about these demons masquerading as humans. it all starts with us and thanks to adam you can make copies of his book and burn them to cd and pass them out to people that’s what i do. the jews have got deleted my accounts with utube, facebook, ect… but fuck them now i pass out copies of basic training to people around the area. if you are like me and live in a small population area you have to do things like what i do so that you can find some folks to form up with. as for a larger populated area will shit pass out as many of the copies of the book as you can that’s where the people are at.

      • Jeez people, yelling ^%$& the zionists, jews,
        Rothschilds does zero.
        Please stop and think.
        It’s not a joke.
        Solutions are needed.
        And very quickly I fear.

  7. As Ariel Sharon, ex prime minister of Israel said, “Jews control America. And, Americans know it”. From murder,rape, massive killings, drugs,shooting an American boy in the back, attacking the unarmed American ship, the Liberty, and killing many aboard, and then get over $6,000,000,000 a year from the United States, you can bet your last dollar that America is controlled by Jews. Jew media, Jew banking, Jew Hollywood, Jew controlled Congress, Jew money, Jew controlled press, and then we have John Hagge, the preacher from Texas, who really sucks up to the Jews and is Jew controlled. Can not move to Canada because they are owned by Jews. And, we sit around the T V watching football which is also owned by the Jews. Are we stupid ?

    • No, “we” are not stupid. The jew just knows how humans work, and has exploited flaws in our defenses. If a woman gets raped because of a lack of security in a parking garage, did it happen because she was stupid? Remember, you can’t blame the host for the problems caused by the parasite.

      • yes,we must not blame ourselves as we dont have an inbuilt natural desire for the destruction of mankind,thus we dont think others are inherently corrupt.most are unaware not “stupid” to the jew problem.

      • Well…. I would have to disagree to a certain extent on that one. Most people ARE incredibly lazy intellectually. I have come to think that people will prefer the seemingly peaceful status quo than get up and do something about their children’s future. They brain-feed from 20 minutes of CNN watching every night and go to bed content. Most know that something is awfully wrong in our world today but how many actually cares?? This is all very depressing, I personnally have stopped trying to inform and convince. Fuck’em, there is a great period of pain and economic suffering coming from their lack of attention and I say let them have it. revolutions were never carried out by the majority anyways.

        • Oh, I’m so glad I looked back over these comments, because this can’t be let go. The jew exploited the very nature of human behavior, and snagged them up in a trap they couldn’t resist. The television is like a bug zapper. The flies like the light, and have no idea it’s going to kill them. Is it the bug’s fault that it flew into the trap? NO. The jew is a fucking predatory parasite. The JEW sought out our people, attacked, trapped, and enslaved them. Our people didn’t go looking to be brainwashed morons under a fucking spell. Do not ever post that any of this is the fault of the victim again. PERIOD.

  8. I have to be real honest about my feelings regarding Is-real-hell. I fully acknowledge that the Ashkenazi jew has no right to Occupied Palestine and that what the kike is doing over there is beyond criminal.

    I must admit though, I certainly DO NOT want the jews from Is-real-hell coming over to America or Europe in order to give Palestine back to its rightful owners. Sorry, I don’t want to see that happen and unless they are wiped out that IS what will happen.

    Right now the Western world is shackled by ZOGs from doing anything to help the Palestinians, and as I have said, their only hope lies in exterminating the entire lot of jews, no exceptions.

    Since America and the West cannot and will not help the Palestinian–it’s up to Palestinians and their Arab brothers to save them. I hear a lot of angry talk and see a lot of counter-productive action–more so in the past admittedly, but nothing changes except conditions worsening for the Palestinian.

    It is high time that the Arab world pool its brains and finances behind this cause, it’s your problem. Don’t blame the jews on Europe either–they never belonged there to begin with so find another villain when assigning the blame. They are not welcome in America either, we are already suffering the death throes because of what they have done here, we cannot help you.

    The Arab world is awash in oil money so the only ones you have to blame for your problems is yourselves. With the kind of money that rests in the OPEC world there is no reason you cannot do this on your own.

    Oh yeah, the Saudi Royals are crypto-jews and that’s why you can’t move forward right? Why don’t you as easily unseat them and replace them as quickly as you put them on the throne to begin with? No more excuses from any of you, I am sick of cry-babies–and that is what you have reduced yourselves to, period. End of debate.

    Show the world you are men or show the world you are nothing but a bunch of whining sissies. This is your choice. Don’t be pissed at me, be pissed off at yourselves for being such useless pawns for as long as you have been.

    Dry your tears, straighten your back, wipe the yellow from your bellies, and do something to make a real change. Your tactics so far have done you only great harm. If you do not fight for yourselves then you can’t complain when the jews wipe you out, obviously they are stronger and better than you.

    Don’t run away from your problems from wherever you come from to come over here and complicate our problems. Your presence has done no good for you, for us, or for the families you abandoned like cowards to protect your own sissy asses. Go home and fight for your own land and people!

    • I would agree….although I would never concede that the jew is stronger or better than anyone, evil deserves no credit.

      I would also say this same message needs to be heard by all peoples of every country, because everyone wants to point at everyone else, instead of joining together to solve the problem. Everyone can’t wait for the other one to fix it for them, we ALL must fix it together.

      Also, not just Ashkenazi, but NO JEWS have a right to ANY land, but what we deem fit to give them, which for me is NONE. The jew is a parasite, and parasites can’t have rights. It doesn’t matter what kind of jew it is, it does not have some magical right to just up and claim parcels of land for it’s self.

      • “I would never concede that the jew is stronger or better than anyone”

        I didn’t mean it like quite the way it sounded, it was meant to be a blunt a kick in the ass to wake people up by pissing them off.

        As you know, ALL jews must perish in order that mankind can live. Again, just naming Ashkenazi kikes was my fault for being incomplete in trying to make my point but I hope most can see what I was getting at by just mentioning only one group out of the filthy lot. I did it for simplicity and did not wish to cloud the issue.

        Bottom line, all jews must be exterminated in all land in which they have parasitically attached themselves to–AND by the peoples of those lands. We all have to work at this problem where we are.

        I am not trying to insult Arabs, I am just trying to get them to look at this mess realistically. I doubt that their ancestors would appreciate what they have become–just as ours are spinning in their graves in disgust at how we have managed things regarding jews.

    • I say we all ship them to their dear IsraHell … but after confiscating all their stolen wealth and without any foreign aid. We’ll see how they deal with their Arab friends. Their past actions may come to haunt them…

      • Yeah, see. Yet another bullshit comment from you. We don’t ship them all to Israel, fuck head. We GIVE NO QUARTER. Do you understand what that means? NO quarter…not here, not there, not any fucking where. Fuck these demons, we should not even give quarter to their god damn ashes. That kind of bullshit you are speaking is a security risk mankind can NOT afford to accept again. How many more hundreds of exiles are we supposed to think will work? That is a FAILED policy, and anyone preaching that shit is a FAILURE as a leader.

  9. If only it were that simple. The arab nations have been separated into 23 different nations with their own nationalistic aspirations and goals. Picture a divided USA with 50 different nations,can any one of these nations function the same as a unified cohesive USA? the answer is a simple NO.
    The arab nations are a perfect example of the kike tactic of “Divide And Conquer”.

    A not so good example i will use here is the crusaders,they came and conquered the mid-east for a few hundred years with relatively no opposition from the arabs. But when a unified arab force was created by Saladinn the results were clear and obvious.

    100 years of brainwashing takes a little longer than a few years to recover from. The arab nations did try to form some sort of unity against the kike,even Lebanon (then a so called christian state) joined in on the action and they nearly wiped israel off the map,but lo and behold the western nations (mainly usa) came in the nick of time and saved their ass’s with supplies and ammo (they were near on empty)

    Now im not making any excuses for the failures of the arabs,like you said,they need to get off their sorry ass and do something about the kike,but trust me when i tell you,most arabs do not understand the jew like you and me. To them the jew is only a problem because their fellow brethren is being killed in palestine. They don’t understand the inner workings of the jew.

    The fact of the matter is,it will be the arabs who will deal the death blow to the jew,when and how no-one really know but(very soon i hope) every nation must play its part in the general scheme of things.

    “Don’t run away from your problems from wherever you come from to come over here and complicate our problems. Your presence has done no good for you, for us, or for the families you abandoned like cowards to protect your own sissy asses. Go home and fight for your own land and people!”

    Cause and effect mean anything to you? I can argue that if it wasn’t for your kike infested government i wouldn’t be here,but that is the card we were dealt and will have to live with it for the time being.oh and btw the only people killing kikes are arabs,there not killing much but still, its a start.

    Like i said before,we all have a role to play in the downfall of the jew,yours could simply be stopping sophisticated American military technology from reaching Israel and mine could be the actual deed.

    • I equate any Arabs leaving their countries the same way I see what the “brain drain” does to the third world countries where most of those types come from.

      It might help us by allowing them to come here, it might help them in the short term by coming here, but it is definitely hurting all of us that people don’t stay where they are and fight, both the jew and their governments who have sold out to the jew.

      By coming to America, for instance, how is the jew affected in any way? Has the influx of Arab immigrants done anything to stop the jews from pushing their agenda?

      The sad reality is that the jew knows exactly what it is doing. Do you really believe that the USA, as we know-totally controlled by jews, would risk bringing in a foreign army into their midst? Think about it, really think. All the jews want discontent stirred up against Arabs so they can have the fools and the christian zionist lunatics to co-sign the continued aggression against the Muslim world. If you believe for a fraction of a second that the jews who control this show are allowing immigration of the Muslim world into America because it is the compassionate thing to do then I have some “moon” rocks from Apollo to sell you.

      I can tell you with full assurance, as someone who actually knows because I tried in vain for years, there will be no alliance between the west and the Arabs against the jew. I sincerely wish it was possible because it is the best, and perhaps only way, to deal with the jew problem once and for all.

      I wish the world and the people in it could unite in this effort as it affects us all in extreme ways but,like I said, I don’t see it happening. If that’s the truth, and it is, then our only other option is to get the different faction to fight in their own ways and in their own lands.

      America is not going to unite with Arabs against jews. This is all mostly due to the jew propaganda people have been poisoned with through the years by the jews–I don’t like it but that’s the way it is, and I don’t see any way of changing it one bit.

      The jews want a race war. As the idiot American turns against the Arab American the jew will worm his way into the ranks of the whites conning them, once again, to do their dirty work. That’s the way it is, and people will fall for it, sadly fall for it without a second thought or ever understanding that, once again, they have been played by the jew.

  10. Jim – Before advising Arabs to stay at home and fight the Jews to recover their stolen lands – people like you should follow that advice yourselves. Are not the Jews controlling the governments, banks and mainstream media in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Australia, Austria, Holland, etc. etc.? Why don’t you people pick-up the courage like Palestinians, Lebanese and Iranian, Iraqis to fight the Jews?

    But, I know people like you are just ‘armchair’ warriors. they love to ridicule Arabs while send billions of their tax money to the Israeli Jews to kill Muslims and Christians in the Arab world.

    Find out how Lebanese Hizbullah is fighting the Zionist Jews to protect the dignity of Christians and Muslims.

  11. Cocksucking faggot goat molester Rehmat,

    Unlike your camel fucking queer self, I am well known.

    Any time mother fucker ask Adam so we can exchange addresses. I would love to meet you face to face so I can watch you shit yourself.

    You rug spinning fags think this is all a fucking game, take my challenge you pile of shit and learn all about a GOOD OLD FASHIONED AMERICAN ASS KICKING.

    Fuck your religion and fuck you and your people too scumbag. Most of all, just go fucking home!!!!

    • Rehmat and Sam- I can see you are posting from the Muslim perspective and you do raise some interesting points but ultimatly Jim is correct no matter who’s view point you are looking from.

      Just look at the facts, Jim pointed out that he is against the Jewish occupation of Israel or whatever you would want to call it, but the fall of Israel would surely lead to the Jews once again becoming displaced people again. I say people but that is quite incorrect because the Jews are below animals. What good would that do.

      I strugle to take the words of Muslim immigrants talking about the Jewish question seriously. Be they 1st generation or 3rd generation immigrants it is still a massive contradiction.

      Sam said
      “The fact of the matter is,it will be the arabs who will deal the death blow to the jew,when and how no-one really know but(very soon i hope) every nation must play its part in the general scheme of things.”

      That’s crazy. It would take two western powers to deal the deathblow to the Jews. You think the fight over that useless scrap of land called Israel is of any value? If the South of France fully mobilised for war they could conquer the middle east within a year, that’s what the Muslim world equates to, worthless.

      What Jim is saying is you guys need improve your contries and get your act togeather so perhaps you wont be so worthless. It can’t make you proud that most Muslim countries are as socially advanced as medieval Europe, can it?

      • Cocksucking faggot goat molester Rehmat,.. Wow, touché! Nothing like tough guy threat and ridicule passed as argument. Take your meds man.

        • and now two are fighting..and the joo is laughing…STOP FIGHTING ..FOCUS…IT IS THE JOO STUPIDS

          • Some people come here to cause division and insurrection on purpose like Rehmat. Let him be openly chastised, because the rat bastard does nothing but spread enemy propaganda anyway.


          • The jews are the rats of all that is good, honest and true. The only way that this world will survive, given that the poverty and deprevation caused by them around the world, by theft, usery, and political manipulation; is the utter riddance of these shits. Not one, but all of them. They are a desease. There is but one cure. Pauly.

  12. Place the jew in an empty petri dish–And observe!
    I am not advocating the physical extermination of the self-destructive jew. The parasitic Asiatic jew never built a civilization, it never will, it’s a genetic religious impossibility; in this fundamental respect, they are in fact, vastly inferior culturally, to the nomadic gypsey. Throughout its squalid history, the depraved jew has only survived and thrived on its risible imitation and ruthless leeching of more advanced host cultures. The end result of their heinous crimes normally ends up in their expulsion or worse, as our gentile history often testifies. The goyim does not have to extirpate the jew, I merely propose, their strict isolation, and they will quickly undertake the unpaid humanitarian work for us. An empty petri dish, as home, for jewish bacteria is their unbearable nightmare. Ask them?

    • Well, come back when you ARE advocating the extermination of the jew. It is the ONLY thing that will save humanity. The jew is something WAY TOO DANGEROUS to be preserved or caged or anything of the sort. If you don’t rid the world of jews, you WILL SUFFER AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. This is not something that can be played with or taken lightly. Thousands of years of their history prove that the danger is FAR TOO GREAT to pretend we can control it.

  13. Subverted Nation says:

    “Well, come back when you ARE advocating the extermination of the jew. It is the ONLY thing that will save humanity. The jew is something WAY TOO DANGEROUS to be preserved or caged or anything of the sort. If you don’t rid the world of jews, you WILL SUFFER AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. This is not something that can be played with or taken lightly. Thousands of years of their history prove that the danger is FAR TOO GREAT to pretend we can control it.”

    Try as I might, I cannot disagree with you one bit. It’s a very tough, age-old problem that has been a thorn, very large thorn, in mankind’s buttocks since the beginning of recorded history and has always managed to resurface again and again and again after temporarily being extirpated by whatever host nation had their fill of them.

    It’s a pity no “decent Jews” can reel in those evil, destructive, scorpions in their tribe that are actually at fault.


  14. So…I posted a blog in regards to Jewish Ritual Murder, – I then received this asshattery in response:

    Dennis L. said…

    You obviously need some intensive psychotherapy. Jewish ritual murder has long been a claim to spur on anti-Semitism when it has no historic basis. The Catholic Church long ago denied its existence. Based on the content of your text you probably believe in an international Jewish conspiracy and your bible is probably the Protocols of the Elders of Zion; a fraudulent work by the Tsarist secret police. Get some help.

    This fuckwit has an empty blog titled “Denial of Holocaust denial the first step”

    Guess what, fool – that first step just sent you over a cliff – have a nice fall.

    • ANYFOOL who denies the Protocols and in the same breath swears the Holohoax took place has obvious monetary ties to the latter and probably doesn’t want too many people to look into the former, As long as the jew or media say it is a forgery is enough for me to think the exact opposite, which is always a safe bet in the media.

    • it’s called black propaganda

  15. \A Brief History of The Future by Jacques Attali (2006) outlines the elite’s agenda for the 21st Century.

    A French Jew (he recently told the European Jewish Congress the world’s Jewish population needs to rise to 200 million)\

    Hmmm? To raise it to 200 million they must be close to that figure now. Let’s just be conservative, very conservative, and split that number in half. So there’s a minimum of 100 million Jews now, possibly way up to 180 million or more? That’s quite a big difference from their stated population of around 12 million isn’t it?

    • The jews are at the very least 10% of earth’s population. They are as high as 15-20% and if you doubt that, just look the fuck around for a while……no way in hell even 200 million are in a billion different places at once. Their numbers are far larger than they have EVER let on.

    • I Think jews aré 1/6 of the earth population. There is jews of all colors. You would be surprised of how many a frican tribal leaders have RH- Dna.

      Their aré parasitos, so everywhere there is cromagnons you will fin neanderthals.

      To the lector, try to understand the intestion of the next paragraph, even if you aré not agree or even if i don’t really know wat i wat to say.

      I think the key word is Neanderthal. I think Jews aré the descent of Shem, so
      semites. But there is also others neanderthals that descent from Irad, Lamech,
      whatever. So semitas are the neanderthals that descend from Shem. I think that others neandrrthals don’t descend from Shem.
      But use the word jew is GOOD. Don’t use zionist or other word than jew. If i say that about shem is for moré concise information. if you attack the jew you attack All neanderthals, because all neanderthals are parasites.

      They need to do evil to survive. Feelings modify the tast and composition of they need to create bad feelings to drink the modified blood that they need:
      broken hearts (ishtar the godess of “love” and prostitution, beeing all the goy prostitutes brokenhearted),
      law infractors (that is why sharia, Islam and Hammuraby las codees where so rude),
      necrofilia (giovanni and médicis families)
      Vicious beheaviour
      Criminals (so they need to create mafia way of live)
      Madness (who is interested of the use of litium, who works in mental illness institutions),
      Physical dolor (this explains why JEWS are the experts in torture and interrogation),

      Feelings change composition of blood. They need to create bad feelings, so that is why sacrifices are so violent, that is why all societies aré violent and corrupt. If there is a JEW in key power, cromagnons suffer.

      Some rabbis say that the soul is in the blood, so that s why they drink it, they aré devils, soul eaters. Listen to Judas priest love bites song, it is inmoral. Other shitty song is Grinder, cromagnons does not understand that halford is laughing at them.

      Other rabbis say that goy soul or blood is diferent from people soul or blood.

      That is a methaphisical thing or so, but don t be afraid to tal about that.

      Last thing, i think human word come from HU.MA.NU, a word from mesopotamia, sumer or babylon. In fact this word must be writen in cuneiform letters, i only “write” the sound pronunciationin latín caligraphy. What i want to say is that maybe human is another way to say cattle, but i do not know in what context this word appears in some tablets with cuneiform caligraphy. If i remembre it, i prefer to use person moré than human, human possibily meaning also catle.

  16. New Study Finds More Jews in the United States Than Previously Thought

    Read more:

  17. Did you guys quit updating the site?

    • I’m back. It’s not “you guys”…this site always has, and always will be just me, although you may see a guest from time to time in radio shows, but I think this I will also keep to a bare minimum in the future.


  18. I absolutely agree with you. This is not the time to move though. This is the time to gather information. Make lists. Put databases online. Count lamp posts in your town. So as that the rats cannot escape next time.

  19. Hello,

    My dear Americans friends, it has been now for more than 60 years that the Arabic and Muslims world in middle east has been fighting against the Zionist Jews (Watch ”Friedman” on You tube). Even in our countries, there are a lot of traitors (last example Tunisia, sounds like a jewish zionist plot to take over). You Guys in US should protest, especially against those fanatics Christians zionist(…

    Stop buying their music…
    Stop buying their films…
    Stop buying their clothes….
    Stop watching Fox news…
    Stop electing this plague…


    • You should get it right. It’s not fucking zionists, and I’m sick of hearing that bullshit. It’s the jewish god damn race. Protests won’t do a fucking thing. Man you fucking people need to listen instead of just spewing your opinions at me.

  20. Mr Adam,

    You are quite right. Where do you think all the missing the children go?

    In just about every country they have been in, jews have been kicked out for kidnapping (probably raping) then murdering children.

    Then it was only the elite who got to participate, and they had a far more imperative mission, drink the pure children’s blood to gain their MORE HUMAN form (formula) and “see into the future.” In fact the “net” or “web” can be seen as nothing more than just that. A “net” where these genetically deficient insect like creatures get information from “forums” by the more genetically enhanced whites, of which they lack. And a place they can find the best “flies” (those close to having wings) to hunt, as the FBI and government are trained to do, for these physically un-enforceful creatures.

    Now in the most resourceful nation the world has ever known, with a population of over 300 million, everyone gets to join in on the fun…and have so much more.

    Here is a nice jewish girl discussing jews doing such practices all across the nation

    The same demonic practices they have been committing since their time in Caanan (where the term Canni-baal itself derives from) as discussed by Eustace Mullins in his excellently documented book “The Curse of Caanan”

    In fact who do you think made that stupid movie covering up such TJB crimes but the jews with their stupid movie “The McMartin Indictment.” As if all 400 children, could be persuaded to tell the exact same story and somehow make up the underground tunnels…which were found to have existed. And that McMartin family are the “sicko collaborators” you so discuss on this website.

    If the Rothschilds did not own the Federal Reserve would we have such CIA backed organizations as the Finders doing sexually charged mind control experiments on children just to find out what we know about communism. When the Cold War itself was nothing more than a Rothschilds engineered hoax

    So what is their possible motive for continuing to do this at such alarming rates other than the fact that this nation has been subverted by satantic jews who view all goyim as human shapped things simply to play with, and have been doing this since their appearence in all known history.
    -Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson


    It is true these things are not fully human, at least by our modern definition, unless we going to start including such characters as “Basou” if he is what they say he is.

    If you want to tell a jew simply look for the “neanderthal” features. I think the game “Super Mario Bros” may have been the Japanese illuding to what these things are (Neanderthal shapped demons from the center of the Earth) by legends, and not even knowing it.

    Here is another jew, not attempting to hide what it is but smugly gloating about it (but to whom??)

    We know what this thing is

    …a semen (blood substitute – jewish protein) drinking faggot, as nearly all of them “force” them selves to be, to get that “man form(ula).”

  21. The Jews ARE the rats of mankind and need to be delt with. No quarter given, just as those involved will give the rest of us. This is a war.The World will not be a balanced place until these scum are removed from it. Paul Give no quarter. They will not, and neither should we. Remember everthing and forgive fuck all. Fight these these animals with the same ferocity.

    • You can see that they are not going to give you quarter. They’ll do you like they did when they took over Russia. They’ll drag you to the street, put a bullet in your head, and then move in your home and claim your belongings as their own. Fuck these demons.

      • Antoine says:

        Hey Adam, what’s your policy for folks with one jewish grandparent? The 25% jews…

        • Good question actually. I haven’t set a policy in stone yet, because I don’t have 100% of the evidence I need. There is indeed a genetic identifier for what jew is, but these jews have also mixed with all of Europe, Africans, Chinese, and everyone else. They obviously know how to identify who is who, and there’s no doubt it’s genetic. Where the cut off point is, or what genetic factor specifically defines these creatures is something I don’t know yet. A lot of geneticist disappeared after unraveling the human genome, so there is something we’re not being told. They’ve already admitted to this much, so we will see.

          Let me add, all 100% jews and their entire families must go. Anyone who even ACTS or has a fucking TWITCH anything close to acting like a jew must go with them. This will make it real easy, because they will always be known by their deeds. No quarter and NO tolerance will get us real far, guaranteed.

          • Antoine says:

            This is off topic, but could you tell me your opinion about Jacksonville? My yanky ass wants to relocate, and I have my sights on Florida, mainly for gun law purposes. I know every city has a nest, but Chicago is mega-nest, if you know what I mean…

          • I wouldn’t recommend Jacksonville honestly. It’s full of jews and ass backwards idiots that love jews or prefer ignoring the problem. I wouldn’t move into any city if you’re not already in one, Jacksonville especially.

          • you will know them by their deeds…

            it would be impossible to cleanse the world of all joo dna…but it would be possible to stop the joo actions…usury…perversion…their godamned religion..their proclivity to degenerate humanity…if we cant kill them out ..we can breed them out..erase all memory of them and their practices…

            sorry to say ..out goes christianity and islam as well…no jew influence whatsoever…no memory of them …nothing ..nada…nunca …por siempre…olvides todo cosas de el judo

            unless we do that…they will always be waiting… in the corner the dark …to return

          • It’s not impossible to cleanse this world at all……anything is possible. All that needs done is their specific genetic markers need identified (by human scientists) and the work can begin. I do agree that those who exhibit their behavior will be dealt with just as harshly. Don’t let any so-called human think they will escape because they don’t have jew DNA. You act like a jew, you are slated for extinction with them. Oh, and fuck all religion. Beliefs should be banned.

          • ZOGGING says:

            we are on the same page …in the same chapter the same book…

            the joo..and all their jootool religions …all their joo financial practices…their joo perversions…their joo thinking…

            the memory of them ever having existed … every aspect…every aspect…erased for all time

            then maybe we will be able to live in peace on this earth

          • Good. Just don’t let the enemy convince you that their biggest opponent is their agent. I am pretty positive that the opposite is patently obvious to anyone who reads this site. You should see all the crying from the jews who aren’t allowed to post here, haha. That would tell the whole story in itself!

  22. Thank you, Subverted Nation.

    At last I’ve found a site that fully identifies the jew as not human, and which doesn’t blame US for “letting” the jew take over.

    Too many say it’s all our fault for letting it happen, when it happened long before we were born, and it wasn’t our ancestors’ fault either. No host invites a parasite. The parasite seeks the host, not the other way round.

    Another thing I get fed up with is being told we can “vote them all out”, when the truth is that if only ONE person voted, that one person’s chosen candidate would be elected and would then claim to have “majority support”. I don’t know exactly how things work in the US, but here in Britain the majority don’t vote because there is no-one to vote FOR, and we don’t have the option to vote for “none of the above” except by not voting at all, which means our opinions are ignored, exactly the same as they would be if we did vote.

    Btw, hANOVER fIST, could you make your blog a little easier to read? Light blue text on a beige background isn’t the most legible combination (white on black is). I have to copy it into a text file to read it, the same as I do with fixed fonts that are too small for my old eyes.

    While I’m on the subject, the “captcha” image on this site is difficult to make out. I realise it’s supposed to prevent OCR, but it’s a bit TOO good when Human eyes can’t tell what it is either.

    • “No matter who the people voted for, they always voted for us”. – Joseph Stalin, rat faced genocidal psychotic jew. That should settle the whole voting thing. You want real change, you’ll vote with the barrel of a gun, and appoint a good leader to straighten out this mess. One that won’t bullshit about what needs done, or the consequences of doing so. You want real change, then prepare for war. This enemy isn’t going to just walk away, they’re going to bring down everything they possibly can on you. I’ll see you all when you’ve decided you’re ready for such a leader.

      Sorry about the captcha thing…really must do to prevent jews and spammers.

  23. To ~ thanks for having the balls to enlighten confused and angry individuals such as myself. It took me 29 fucking years to finally “figure it out” and that wouldn’t have been possible if you had sold out to the whore spewing fear cannons of the jew owned mainstream media. One thing I did figure out on my own is that the minute you compromise your beliefs out of fear, you fucking lose and the rat faced parasites have found a new host. (insert witty closing statement here)

  24. Please see the attached image, it is a screenshot of the Spielberg movie “Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark”. See how the jew mocks the people, a movie made by a jew clearly shows palestine in the map. They are mocking people by showing this and saying “look palestine existed during WW2, and we took it, and we show that fact in our movie and you can’t do shit”

    I have loads of other observations about specific events/dialogues/scenes in movies where propaganda is at work, i bet if you make this page it will help people understand how badly they shower us with propaganda through hollywood. A page like that probably does not exist on the net at the moment and so it will help attract new readers who might google their suspicions of propaganda in hollywood and then see this page’s link. Im sure it will grow to be one of the largest commented pages on your site.

    here is the screenshot of the map from the movie

    look how they show israel in the same map today instead of palestine

  25. SN, I’m re-posting this from another site. I didnt write it although I wish I had. Its one of the best descriptions I’ve read about jews and communism. Its by a commentor named ‘Flanders’.

    Communism is nothing more than an extension of the Kehillah system which the jews have always lived under.

    Communism is expanding that Kehillah communal system from the jewish Kehillah and extending it’s coverage to the rest of the (non-jew) world.

    The jews lived under the Kehillah system in Europe (and probably going further back) long before they ever came to the US. It’s a communal system where the jews pack together in opposition to the rest of the world. Thus, the “unending world revolution” called for by communism is the jew kehillah’s opposition to the world.

    The system is administered to (or onto) the jews by the Rabbi’s who act as the Officer Corps for the international financier classes of controlling jewry, such as the satanistic Rothschild’s and their Bankster class of friends. The Rabbi’s are more concerned with organizing and collecting money shares from the jews than they are in instilling religion as it is known within civilized societies.

    Why else would there be so many secularistic, athiestic and agnostic jews? And, why do the jews hate, ridicle and denounce Jesus Christ and Christianity? They HAVE learned what the Rabbi’s teach them. What the jews learn just isn’t truly religious. Jews learn greed, envy, subversion hypocrisy and hate, but they learn to pretend otherwise while administering those skills.

    That is why the end game for the NWO is actually the same as that of the jews. The non-jews of the world are expected to be required to live according to Noahide laws in conformity to the wishes of that same Bankster class of satanists who constitute a Presidium over the jews. The non-jews are, of course to be subservient to the jews (the communist class) in the same way that the jews are subservients to the international bankers. Non-jews can expect the usual treatment accorded by satanists to those subservient to them.

    We Whites and non-jews are already on the receiving end of much of that.

    The jewish soul is a vapid stinking hole.

    by Flanders

    • Remember, when jews attack christianity, they’re attacking what most christians don’t understand. They attack Jesus because he wasn’t real…..because he is the personification of a sun god. They do this because the “profane” (as they would call christians) think Jesus is the son of god, when in reality he is the SUN of god. Lots of homework needed to understand what that really means too….The SUN is the “way, truth, and life”. Attacking this personification is like attacking a straw man.

  26. Jew bank lords, who have stolen through deception enormous amunts of the money themselves created from nothing must be put to trial, sentenced for their crimes, and all debt made in cheating, revoked.
    The federal reserve has to be given to the public ownership once and for all, and very severe laws be made for ensuring it allways remains so & pays cristal transparent accounts to everyone, and that no private interested entity ever takes over.

    The only addecuate sentence for all this is that the projected debds they extract from intencionate bad mangement and plots does actualy not exist.
    It only means the pretended profits they projected are wrong, nothing more, and as wrong they must be discarded.
    Furthermore, beyond measure indemnizations are owed to the damnified parts. This will actually end up with the wealth of the corrupt world bank lords-enslavers of humanity obtained by successive financial strokes.
    And the setence must also disable them forever in finances in exchanche for their proved viciusness and evil trhough all of the time in history.
    I’m talking about the Goldman Sachs, the Rockefllers, the Rotschids, the Morgans, the Fuggers, the Warburgs, and all the lot.

    The means for such a tribunal to be formed, I don’t know how. But this is what genuine JUSTICE calls for.
    And it has to be done. Just that.

  27. “Then the rest of the jews can work as slave labor in Antarctica for the next 20 centuries to pay off their debts.”

    Hmmm…Cozying up to the Jews are we? loool

  28. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    It’s really sad that the average person who seeks happiness is always an easy victim to deception.

  29. everything happens according to the power of people. why we afraid to others power. we must overcome against their power. fuck all human killers.

  30. Muhamad Rida says:

    Kalashnikov is the portuguese “war time rock’n roll” band

  31. Kingdemay,what kinda dope are you on??

  32. Hey I want to know is their any Japanese Jews anyone knows of? Just want to know.

  33. samantha says:

    As upset are we are, fighting these jews is no easy task. It is unfair battle. I do not like cheater and prefer not to play their game where they always win namely las vegas and stock market rigged by them for their own benefits. First of all we must convince other that conspiracy do exist and that we must learn of it.
    I see two problems. convincing the masses that hidden conspiracy is fact and that we must investigate rather then let Jews investigate their own crime.
    America was a free country prior to the invasion by columbus in 1492.. Nobody is free. everyone is a slave. whether we know it or not.
    Jail exist to keep people enslaved. it not to protect us or defend our freedom that is just lies repeated so many time i am so sick of it.
    Waking up the masses is impossible. Therefore it is our duty to do what is needed to change the world to have a better future. We should set example for other to follow.
    I am a leader like you. i am not looking for a leader to follow such as obama or hitler who never really did anything but talk bs.
    How many people are willing to risk their life, risk everything to end this nightmare that is like a horror movie?
    I’m not risking my life by joining the army and being ordered to kill innocent people by the criminal government that jews control all over the world.
    To them.. we are mere cattle. to be herded, milked, and slaughtered. i would rather fight criminals to the death, including cops then harm any defenseless person
    its not right..its cowardly.. these traitors have no honor.. liar.. weakling.. wimps. btw, why do ppl fear jail so much that they will blindly obey the law without resistance?
    the word jail put anyone around me into a mode of panic attack. unbelievable. yet this talk of jail is my favorite subject. the next thing that ppl fear even more is death.
    death is a topic that most try to avoid and try to ignore as if it doesnt exist. Eventually we all gonna die. i would rather live one day as a lion then a lifetime of slavery and misery. life is to be taken seriously. we must do what we can to make life better for ourselves and for our future generation as well. My job is to inspire and to motivate those who feel hopeless and that our action do matter. if our action do not matter why do the jews take us very seriously? if you talk and they hear. You could be in jail for life or even executed for political incorrectness. Truth is the jews worst nightmare so they will try very hard to stop it from spreading often resulting in the death of the messenger.
    Anyone that speak truth and is spreading it better be prepared to deal with Jewish outlash.

    • We must all do what we can, and keep the message moving forward. Even the smallest pebbles make ripples when tossed into the pond. A million pebbles at once can create a tidal wave. No need to fear death, or consequences. Virtue and honor weigh far heavier on the soul than any punishment for righteousness ever could.

  34. When the jews are gone I’m gonna make a cake and say “Rot in hell jews” as a celebration cake.

    • When they are gone, I will simply go back to living my life without being bothered by anyone else. No need for any fanfare. I don’t celebrate when I take the garbage out to the road. I’m not a sadistic fucker who wants to slaughter these enemies for nothing. I just want them gone, and once it’s done I will simply move on. It will be a joyous day for the entire planet, but we shouldn’t let ego get in the way. It’s just a dirty job that needs done, and then we move on with building a good life for everyone.

  35. As an Autistic person I’m offended what kathie lee has did to this autistic boy.

    • The jews don’t give a fuck. They only pretend to have feelings. A rattlesnake doesn’t give a shit if you care for it, love it, and feed it for five years. You make the mistake of putting your warm blooded hand in the cage with the rattler, and you will die foaming at the mouth for your ignorance, and the snake will be completely indifferent to your suffering and death. They don’t care.

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        I’ve came to this realization a while ago, but one would actually think Special Ed is about highly people, but no, the Jews mocked it by putting in kids with disabilities. Jews are fucking trolls.

  36. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    Without the fucking television, they’re nothing.

  37. While we are taking out the Jews we should take out the cops as well because police are nothing but servants to the Jews.


    here’s another reason why police are hated and look at the comments down their.

  39. personally i have nothing against people that r part jewish cause i know some that are part jewish but people that are 100% jewish are more racial than anyone,i bet u cant name any1 thats 100% jewish thats not rich,for instance they donate some much money but its only to help jewish people,they run everything in usa from the government,tv,movies,sports,music,hospitals,lawyers and thats only some stuff,i forget who the guys were but just look back when they got them thrown out of the U.S. cause they were involved in ww2 helping hitler and i think they were in there 80s and they said they were just guards,u think they wouldve just left the guys alone,how about the surprise attack from the japs in pearl harbor,how come nothing gets done about japanese living in U.S.

    • Be very, very careful with that. Think of “part jewish” people like sandwich with a little smudge of poo in it. It can be the greatest sandwich, but once you know there is fecal matter in it, do you really want to eat the sandwich?

      The jews attack and vilify these “guards” from “nazi” Germany to keep their fake holocaust alive. To revivify their position as “victims” etc. That’s the only reason for it. Also, during WWII all the Japanese were rounded up into concentration camps, so something was done to them at the time. Pearl Harbor was just another false flag anyway.

  40. All the devises and wicked schemes of the Kenites (sons of cain) are layed out in scripture.The serpent offspring are the magicians and enchanters.This website is very in depth concerning the psychological manipulation of the Jews aka kenites, but to deny the very scripture that warns us of these imposters of Gods Chosen People, really causes me to wonder.The bible says don’t touch them , because they are suppose to fulfill the negative aspect of his plan in testing Gods people; but at the very end of the age they will be destroyed.There is no way of stopping them now they own all the money , they control politics , the mainstream religious system , the economy , and media\education\entertainment.How the hell are we going to stop them lol ..There big daddy Satan will appear as Antichrist and have his short time to play , but we as Christians gotta stick it out and not be deceived by the magic show.Stick around though because when the True Christ returns they are gonna get wiped out.

    • Just reading scripture with eyes to see will reveal the sly cunning nature of the enemy.

    • Psalms64:2 Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:
      64:3 Who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words:
      64:4 That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.
      64:5 They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?
      64:6 They search out iniquities; they accomplish a diligent search: both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.
      64:7 But God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded.

      You have eyes to see?

    • See, I have a serious problem with that. What the fuck does it mean don’t touch them? We’re supposed to just let them slaughter the fucking piss out of us and do nothing? Fuck that. It’s stuff like this that makes me think the bible is a pile of steaming shit.

      I will tell you what is real. Either you choose to do something about them, or you have chosen to support them. It’s really that simple. You want to know what your freewill is? It’s your choice between good and evil. If you do nothing, you have chosen to let evil flourish. I refuse to just let it slide. If this “god” wants to kick my ass for standing up to evil, then seriously fuck him too.

      There are plenty of ways to stop them, but it takes real action. We keep sitting around waiting to be saved, and we’ll be sitting in the back of trucks waiting to get our bullet in the back of the fucking head too.

  41. The Honest Truth says:

    Well i can certainly tell you this, they’re the Worst of all people to work for since they’re really Cheap Bastards.

  42. JewsAreCunts says:

    I went to palestine. the christians and the muslims suffer badly there. In the hands of jews of course. Just to navigate the streets of palestine freely, i had to wear that disgusting kippa. Palestininans are not allowed to move freely from one place to another. only israeli people living there have the right to. the military of israel roams the streets of palestine freely. And israel mows down houses which do not possess an israeli permit. fuck them jew cunts… i met a guy. his name was ibrahim. he was accused by israeli military for killing 5 soldiers with stones. He was a muslim and his mother was attacked by some israeli soldiers. He then, picked up large stones and started savagely smashing them on their heads and cracked the skull open of 6 soldiers and the other 3 retreated. The 6 jews later died and they had strict instructions of not leaking this news. I wasn’t questioned by anybody because of that fucking kippa i was wearing. Oh and Ibrahim was shot 3 hours after the incident. Imagine, israel needs 4 soldiers to grab a 5 year old kid to kidnap him. what magic the muslims can do if they decided to attack israel by brute force. Hezbollah is a saviour of Goyims. Hezbollah single handedly mowed down tons of israeli soldiers in the 2006 war. and when jewish ass was kicked by them muslims, those filthy jews resorted to bombing schools and hospitals just to kill some muslims so that they can fucking label them as terrorists and show to the world that only a few soldiers died and the y killed way more terrorists even though they were civilians. Palestine is a really nice place if you are in the eastern side that does not border israel. the side that borders israel is a real hell. thats why i was only there for a day. I mostly enjoyed the rest of palestine but not that israeli bordered part.

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