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What is happening to the bees?

What is happening to the bees?

Growing concerns over what is happening to the bee populations in countries around the globe has many people worried. We all know that bees are needed to pollinate crops all around the globe. They are the workers that bring our fruits to bear. The official story being touted is that scientists have no idea what is happening to the bees. The scientists believe it could be a number of things environmental, virus, etc. but no solid answer to the problem has been put forth.


What is called “colony collapse disorder” hit bee keepers in more than half the country last spring. Now it has spread to all but a handful of states.

They reiterate the fact that a single cause can not be nailed down.

“That’s been a frustrating part,” Pettis said. “We know some things that are contributing, but we can’t point to a single factor as a cause.”

Bees are dying at alarming rates, and it turns out it's a jew invented virus causing the bees to disappear. What a coincidence...not.

This is a serious problem for the ENTIRE food chain on planet earth, but is this just something in nature causing these issues? Is it the fabled global warming? Is it really a virus? Is it pesticides and other chemicals being dumped into the environment? This article HERE by a jew named Sepp Hasslberger says that the cell towers are to blame. There is another article HERE that states the same thing, but you’ll notice some intelligent replies stating that if cell towers and radiation were to blame, the bees would have started dropping as soon as we started putting them up.

I think I have another explanation. I happened to luckily stumble upon an article, actually a small side note in Scientific American magazine a while back. Page 36 of the November 2007 issue of Scientific American has a side bar labeled “In Brief”. The second little quip in this brief is labeled “Bee Bug”. Here’s what it says.

A mystery illness last winter wiped out 45 percent of bees among nearly one quarter of commercial U.S. beekeepers. Sophisticated genetic analyses have revealed the presence of an obscure bee bug, the Israeli acute paralysis virus, in almost all beekeeping operations affected by “colony collapse disorder” but in only a single healthy one. Pesticides and other stresses may have contributed to hives’ vulnerability to the virus, which apparently spread from Australia three years ago. -JR Minkel

Isn’t that interesting? The bees are dying because of what (I will go on a limb to say) is an engineered bee bug. Isn’t it funny that we know the jews plan for world domination, and many of us are aware of their plans to kill most of the planet’s population. So, should we believe that colony collapse disorder caused by an ISRAELI acute paralysis bug is just a coincidence? Believe what you like, but this is no accident.

Whenever something in this world goes awry, all you have to do is kick over a rock, and you will be sure to find a jew.

  1. Fate's Messenger says:

    I find it rather odd that a virus that causes accute paralysis wouldn’t be contributing to CCD. I’d say it’s more than a marker if bees are suffering accute paralysis.

  2. Sharilyn Wood Stalling says:

    it has been proven that 100% of the viruses known to attack a bee with a weakened immune system has been found in the remaining brood and queens of hives devastated by colony collapse disorder. The latest one is IAPV and it shows up in 93% of CCD hives but it is proven to NOT be the cause of CCD but rather a marker of potential CCD.

  3. Yeah, this comment from November of 2008 looks to be a rather ridiculous claim in light of my newest findings posted here:

    I was right when I posted this then, and I am proven right by this new information, because the jews admit that IAPV is causing the collapsing colonies in the article and video.

    I love it when I’m right.

  4. Just lately I’ve also come across an article having something to do with a connection between Monsanto’s GM foods and the bee colonies collapsing. I’m sorry I can’t remember much of it but the gist was that when the bees did their thing pollinating all the plants that because of the genetically modified foods that the bees would end up with a strange bacteria or virus in their system that would interfere with their life cycle, maybe stop them from reproducing or something like that. I’m sorry I’m so vague on it and don’t know where to find it right now but that was the basic idea. Monsanto’s GM foods were interfering with bee colonies so much that they were collapsing. If anyone knows of this particular article or has more info on it I would welcome the input. As always, all the very best to all of you.

  5. Here’s an interesting link concerning Monsanto and CCD. If a you have a chance please read it and come to your own conclusions.
    Monsanto is really a very evil, reckless, and totally irreesponsible company. Unfortunately this is not my original article. At the moment don’t know where I put it, but this will do just as well.
    Apparently there IS a scientific link between Monsanto’s GMO corn and the global die off of bees.
    And it all has to do with the Bacillus thuringiensis.
    Monsanto in their wisdom found that BT killed a corn parasite. So hey, let’s put that particular DNA sequence into our GMO corn. No more corn parasite. BUT!!!
    So now the BT causes an immune response in the bees, also holes and porosity in the bees gut. Lucky bees!
    So the bottom line is that after collecting the pollen from idiot Monsanto’s GMO corn the bees get lost trying to find their way back to the hive. Thank you very much Monsanto.
    Did they not have enough brains to figure this out beforehand. And if they did do this on purpose then they are totally insane and criminally liable. All the very best to all of you.

    • The articles already prove well enough that the jew bee virus is killing off the bees, I don’t know why you keep trying to pin it on something else. Certainly other factors play a role, but not nearly as much as the IAPV. One thing you’ll learn real fast is that this is NOT the place for debate. The story is as the articles state, period. The jews created a virus that kills off the bees. Got it? GOOD.

    • Brad Kayganich says:

      Nomad, I guess you did not see who owns Monsanto. Its a kike corporation. kikes have been running that company for years, if not started by a kike. Not surprising the IAPV. kikes want to destroy your planet too. Take a look at who owns all your petrol, mineral, mining, natural resource companies, etc…..The kike broke Mans bond with Nature hundreds of years ago, what do you plan on doing to help humanity correct this issue?

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