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We Are Change

We Are Change

Yup. It’s your turn We Are Chumps, because unlike a lot of people, I know a rat when I see one, but why did I choose to pick on We Are Change, and why call them chumps? Aren’t they one of the largest groups to make waves in the “truth” movement? Aren’t they the guys that are out at 911’s ground zero in New York protesting against all the big government agencies like the EPA, FBI, CIA, etc? Aren’t these the guys who jumped David Rockefeller at his cave in New York and hit him with the hard questions? Aren’t these the fellas that are sticking up for the sick and dying first responders to the tragedy of 911?

Sure thing…if you call what they are doing constructive, but what exactly do they DO? They stand on street corners bullhorning passers by and handing out videos from their jewish friends Dylan Avery, Corey Rowe, and Jason Bermas, creators of the smash hit disinfo piece called Loose Change, which to me symbolizes the loose change rattling around in their skulls. I think a better name for this group of criminal jews is Loose Screws, because they’re keeping a lot of GENUINE people chasing loose ends, and screwing over the truth movement.

The Loose Screws Crew Corey Rowe, Dylan Avery, and Jason Bermas.

If you want to see the video that has the criminal jewish mafia running scared, let me refer you AGAIN to Missing Links THE definitive feature length movie about 911, and just about the ONLY one that can be called “TRUTH”. Version three is available now, and it’s only gotten better since it’s inception thanks to John Martinson Jr. and Mike Delaney of Prothink and all of their hard work on a VERY limited budget. If you have some LOOSE CHANGE to spare, throw it at THESE GUYS.

One of the first things you’ll notice if you look at the We Are Change website is the list of flags down the left hand column of the front page. They are EVERYWHERE, and a WORLD WIDE group that gets a lot of coverage. Displayed prominently, and the ONLY flag that waves is the New York flag.  Many in the know realize that New York is HIVE CENTRAL for the criminal jewish mafia, so it’s no surprise that this is the headquarters for the we are chumps movement. Of course, We Are Change is headquartered in New York because this is where their movement started, and the home of the most treachorous Israeli false flag terror attack in America’s history is what some will say, but make no mistake, there is more than meets the eye with this group. This is where they do the majority of their activism as well, if you can call it that. These guys won’t tell you it was an Israeli false flag attack, so that should be a RED FLAG when it comes to trusting them.

So, how did We Are Change come about, and who is behind it? We are chumps (a much more fitting title) started out with one young fella who was the son of a fire fighter who lost his life to this criminal jewish mafia on 911. His name was Dan Wallace, and his father Lt. Robert Wallace was killed that day when the towers collapsed and turned him to dust. Dan Wallace pretty much started out on his own protesting at ground zero out of love for his father, the first responders, and the 3,000+ people who died that day.

Dan Wallace met his untimely death January 27th 2007.

Dan Wallace was a genuine young fella all of 23 years old doing the only thing he knew to do to get the word out about the lies of 911. Young Dan Wallace quickly found himself surrounded by some criminal jewish personalities I will reveal, and soon found he also had a lot more attention to his cause, but the attention probably wasn’t as good a thing as it sounds. No surprise his message was getting attention because for the rest of his life, he would be barking up the wrong tree, and be lead around by one arm of the jewish criminals behind 911. Young Dan Wallaces life was snuffed out January 27, 2007 unexpectedly and quite mysteriously. It was said he died of a heart failure in his sleep, but there is much speculation as to how he really died. Luke Rudkowski, who I will get to in a moment, had this to say about Dan:

“Dan, you are the best friend I ever had, I will never forget you as long as I am alive, one day brother we shall meet in the sky. We all love and miss you very much.”

That statement will make your stomach turn by the time you finish reading this article and the links included about Wallace.

Young Dan Wallace pictured here with Luke Rudkowski who now heads what Dan started.

It is my belief that Dan Wallace, after years of research and gaining WIDE popularity was snuffed out by the criminal jewish mafia because he stumbled on to the REAL truth about 911; the fact that it was an Israeli false flag attack, and if HE had blown the lid on these truths, We Are Chumps wouldn’t have the control of the truth movement they do today. With his wide spread popularity, the masses of people who were following him would have quickly caught on to who was behind the murderous attacks of 911 if he had exposed it. Eric Hufschmid has an ARTICLE HERE about the mysterious death of Dan Wallace where he explains that Wallace had just finished a DVD pointing to the criminal jewish Bilderberg Group as the masterminds of 911, and it was probably just shortly after finishing this DVD that Dan Wallace stumbled onto the information that got him killed, because characters like Luke Rudkowski and Matt Lepacek were already working with him. You can read more about that at Eric Hufschmid’s website.

Getting back to We Are Chumps and who they are today. The group today is headed by big time media star and Info Wars reporter Luke Rudkowski and other criminal jewish personalities like freelance reporter Matt Lepacek.

Matt Lepacek seen here confronting Rudy Giuliani as if he were on your side.

Lepacek is a jewish personality, who unlike those of us exposing jewish crimes was easily able to get official CNN press credentials for one of the early Republican
debates, but in a most likely staged event was arrested at said debates.

Luke Rudkowski (most likely of Polish jewish descent) interviewed jewish senator Joseph Biden and I quote:

In Jason Bermas’ documentary Fabled Enemies, We Are Change activist Luke Rudkowski confronts Biden on his relationship to ISI director Mahmood Ahmed, who wired $100,000 to alleged hijacker Mohamed Atta through MI6 asset Saeed Sheikh.

according to Info Wars. Not surprising he attempts to tie the attacks back to Mohamed Atta, considering his jewish roots and his role in all of this.

Luke Rudkowski has admitted his jewish roots openly, and a piece of info I got from one of his we are chumps supporters on youtube stated that Rudkowski is half jewish and half mexican. How about that for a laugh? Another founding member of we are chumps whose information can be found on the sidebar to this video on youtube is jewish personality Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, and the video states quote:

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, founding member of WeAreChangeLA, and founder of ‘Jewish Voices of Conscience for Truth, Justice and Peace’ stands up strong and challenges the LA City Council to consider the dangers of a recent agreement to employ top Israeli security consultants in regular inspections at LAX.

Interesting he considers Israeli security consultants at US airports dangerous. What a coincedence, SO DO I!!!

I could go on forever about this group and all of it’s ties to the criminal jewish mafia and how they cover up for the Israeli false flag attacks of 911, but I hope some of you are starting to get the point. You need to BE CAREFUL who it is you’re putting your trust in, and who it is you let be YOUR voice. There are many other We Are Chumps groups across America, and most, if not ALL have been infiltrated and lead down the rabbit hole by the same criminals responsible for 911. If my beliefs, and the articles from people like Hufschmid are correct, it cost young Dan Wallace his life.

Father of the truth movement, Alex Jones is the father of DISINFORMATION.

Also let me note one last IMPORTANT point. Standing on the street corner screaming and bullhorning “911 was an inside job” like a damn parrot is NOT getting you anywhere, and THEY know it…but do you? Do you realize how FOOLISH they make YOU and the ENTIRE truth movement look to the average Joe? If you want, have a look at the first 30 seconds of THIS VIDEO of BOBBLE HEADED parrots (with Matt Lepacek in the mix as usual) many of whom are SINCERE people looking for answers, and see just how foolish it looks. Or you can see THIS VIDEO of Alex Jones leading the parrots to protest behind Geraldo Rivera who is LIVE ON TELEVISION, and uses the opportunity to sluff off the truthers as nothing more than a bunch of “conspiracy theorists”. Then father of the LIE movement Alex Jones takes one for the team and is frivolously arrested, and immediately released, making a fool out of HIMSELF to the police who’s help we could use.

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST. Leading your own opposition is controlling dissent. We do NOT need more parrots, and HEAVEN FORBID you attempt to WAKE UP some of these “awakened” people, but MAYBE if you can pry them away from Loose Screws and We Are Chumps long enough to watch Missing Links we MIGHT start gaining some ground.

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