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We Are Change – Freemasons and Jews

We Are Change – Freemasons and Jews

I have covered the topic of We Are Change before on this website here, and made it clear that most of their leadership were a bunch of jews.  We Are Change is one of the largest 911 truth groups on the internet, and in the public eye, but that’s only to be expected, because jews always lead their own opposition. Thanks to worthless blow hards like Alex Jones, we are chumps gets plenty of exposure to help them stay at the forefront.

Slick logos, loads of supporters, and still full of shit. Don't let all the attention they get fool you, we are change is run by the enemy.

We are change got it’s fame by confronting political leaders with cameras and tough questions, but this type of activism is ultimately useless.  To the uninitiated, it looks like they’re doing something good, and other morons have followed suit with this same type of “activism”, but what does it really accomplish?  In all honesty, it accomplishes absolutely nothing, besides making those incapable of critical thinking believe the enemy has been delivered a painful blow, but the enemy doesn’t really give a shit about your questions and your cameras.

The jews responsible for 911, the engineered economic collapse, and all of our other ills knew way ahead of time people would eventually rise up in revolt against their murderous communist take over our countries, so they had plenty of time to make sure they had the necessary players in place to quell dissent, and using the techniques described above, they have enlisted millions of unwitting patriots to join their bogus “fight”.

Quelling dissent is exactly what groups like We Are Change are out to do, but at the same time, they like to waste your time, energy, and money while doing so.  This way you are left without the energy and resources needed to put up a good fight.  Most We Are Change members are probably good people who want the truth about the 911 attacks to come to the surface, but what truth is that?  Their truth, unfortunately, consists of nothing but lies put forth by the jewish leaders of their groups. All they’ve done is teach people to parrot “911 was an inside job” and run around chasing their tales asking for a new investigation.

The truth is, 911 was pulled off by jews to force a number of different agendas on our people.  These include, but are not limited to, pushing us into wars that suit their needs, removing more of our freedoms, propagandizing our people, making patriots out to be terrorists, etc. and unfortunately, many of these have worked flawlessly.  We don’t need a new investigation.  911 was a jewish terrorist attack, covered up by the jewish media, with the same modus operandi (method of operation) as the King David Hotel attack, i.e. jews dressed like Arabs blow up a building and blame it on Muslims.

The jews knew you’d be angry and be looking for a leader, so they put dozens of them in place everywhere you turn.  The question is, do you know what to look for when trying to decide what is legitimate and what isn’t?  SN does all it can to make sure you gain the kind of insight that is necessary to do so.  Take a look at this quote from the protocols of zion.

We might have reason to apprehend a union between the “clear-sighted” force of the GOY kings on their thrones and the “blind” force of the GOY mobs, but we have taken all the needful measure against any such possibility: between the one and the other force we have erected a bulwark in the shape of a mutual terror between them. In this way the blind force of the people remains our support and we, and we only, shall provide them with a leader and, of course, direct them along the road that leads to our goal.

You can see why so many people attack Subverted Nation, because they know a good leader when they see one.  They fear all of you joining hand in hand to squash them like the bugs that they are.  The jews are extremely fearful that people might come together in a united fashion behind a fearless leader, so they put their false messiahs in the right places at the right times, while viciously attacking any others that might arise.

Luke Rudkowski is the jew that was hanging around Dan Wallace, a young truther who met a mysterious untimely death. Is he unknowingly pointing at his own killer?

Most of the people following groups like We Are Change will never hear about sites like Subverted Nation, because the jews are good at using distractions to keep them from the real story.  Most people won’t be able to stomach the truth as told by websites like SN, because the jews have been leading them the whole way along.  Of course, you can help make sure these people do hear about sites like SN, it just takes a little effort.

Anyway, it turns out that We Are Change is not only lead by the jew Rudkowski, but also has numerous freemasons amongst it’s ranks.  How exactly can this group be expected to stand up against the secretive cabals ruining our countries, when they are both run by, and infested with their members?  You have to realize that many so-called dissenters are in fact jews and their agents.  They mingle with you daily, spouting the types of things they know you want to hear, in order to both monitor your actions, and mislead you.

Thankfully, SN has numerous people all across the internet and the globe, watching all kinds of different activities and groups, and reporting in on the information they find.  This enables me to be able to bring you some insight into problems the “movement” (which jews make sure doesn’t ever get a chance to actually MOVE) and offer solutions on how we can change it.

Here are jews Craig Fitzgerald and Danny Panzella of we are change fame. Note how stellar Danny looks in his yarmulke.

Someone sent me this information regarding we are chumps a while ago, but it wasn’t until the person hosting a lot of the information regarding the freemason in their midst, that I decided to write about it, because upon second glance, it became obvious that one key part of the information was being left out.  Not only is there a high level freemason at the forefront of we are change, but like Rudkowski, he is also a jew.

It turns out there is a movie called “Truth to Power” which chronicles “the lives of two New Yorkers who have found a calling unveiling the real “truths” in our post 9/11 society”, except for the fact that nothing they tell you is anywhere close to the truth.  The film can be found here, but really isn’t worth wasting your time on.  If you want to see some jews boosted up for leading the blind, but supposedly awakened “truthers”, then be my guest.

The movie covers the efforts of false truthers Craig Fitzgerald, the freemasonic jew, and another rat faced jew named Danny Panzella.  The movie was made by Connor Fieldman Boals (most likely jewish) and Evan Wexler (positively jewish).  So, hopefully it’s already become patently obvious how much jews are involved with leading this bullshit front, we are chumps.  Yes, I call them chumps, because that’s exactly what they are.  Those who follow them might not be, but their leadership certainly is.

It turns out, that not only is this jew a freemason, but he proudly boasts about it, as can be seen in this video here. Take a look at the video image, and get a close look at the hook nose on Fitzgerald. Once you know what to look for, jews are easy to spot.

BUT WAIT, he’s a GOOD GUY according to the video! Is anyone really gullible enough to believe that, knowing that freemasons are one of the groups helping to destroy our nation? Is anyone stupid enough to believe that line, knowing that freemasonry is jewish, and here we have a freemasonic jew involved with this “truth” group? It would seem that way when reading some of the comments associated with the video above on youtube, but you’d have to be even more gullible to believe that.

Here you can see Fitzgerald loves to pose making freemasonic hand gestures for we are change.

The real story is that there are literally thousands of jews all over the internet backing each other up, and twisting truth into a distorted mess. Often times when you read comments on news articles, or even videos like the one above, you are NOT reading the words of legitimate patriots. You are reading the words of your enemy, who are attempting to create the illusion that there is nothing to worry about. Israel even enlists IDF soldiers to help push their bullshit image online, as can be seen at this link here.

Groups like we are change only serve the purposes of the enemy. If you haven’t done so, head over to the videos page and watch my protest video to get a little insight into what protests really accomplish. They mostly make those protesting out to look like fools, turn off people who are still heavily programmed and unknowing, give the media a chance to make you look ridiculous, and pit the people against the police, who are not only taught to have distaste for “unruly” protesters, but have this idea reinforced every time they face off against protesters.

Here we see Fitzgerald making the masonic hand gesture for 666 and posing with jew Rudkowski among other "truthers".

We are change apparently attempted to defend their freemason, but promptly removed any and all information regarding this topic. I’ll let this suffice for explaining that whole fiasco to you, but certainly one must ask, what are they trying to hide by removing their defense of this freemasonic kike? If he’s such a “good guy” why not just let everyone know your group is full of subversive freemasonic jews? Thankfully, most SN readers are smarter than that.

We are change is full of jews and freemasons, and just like jews are known to do, it seems the jew Rudkowski is also swiping all kinds of money from patriots across America, and refusing to disclose what happens to the money! Take a look at articles like this one or this one.

It turns out the little cretin has been using the money donated by genuine patriots like his own personal lush fund. The sad part is the second article linked in the last paragraph, where you will see that people were keeping their mouth shut for the benefit of the group! Why on earth would anyone ignore the “truth” about this jew in the “truth movement”?!?! Why bother calling it a “truth movement” if you’re not interested in truth and transparency in all of your dealings?

Here the jew Fitzgerald poses under a masonic compass and square, while making another masonic gesture and wearing his "911 was an inside job" shirt.

It’s high time groups like this are demolished in the public eye, and their members and efforts are put to better use. Instead of sending money to jews, that money could be used to promote sites like SN. Instead of spending all of their time and energy promoting jewish led controlled opposition, these people could be spreading the message of sites like SN.

Imagine if SN and ROK had as many promoters, supporters, and voices pushing it’s message! The damage that could be done on a daily basis would overwhelm the enemy within a very short period. This is why it’s absolutely vital that any and all supporters of SN are out in force, both on the web, and in public, pushing this message. People are always asking me “what can I do”, and the answer is simple. Go forth and MULTIPLY. Instead of being just one person who knows the truth, recruit others to the same line of thinking, then get them doing the same thing. Network with people and get them active spreading the same information. We’ve got a long row to hoe in getting people on the same page, but by exposing the false front jewish led groups like we are change and enlisting as many people as possible, we can make a difference.

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