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Videos Back Up


All Subverted Nation videos are now being hosted on this site.  Due to the fact I refuse to keep my mouth shut, anywhere I go, I am unable to keep my videos alive on popular hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and others.  In fact, here is my latest warning from youtube from two days ago:

Text comments you posted to YouTube have been identified as containing hate speech, and have been deleted from the site.

Received: June 26, 2009 | Acknowledged: June 26, 2009

As you can see, youtube is not one to advocate free speech. In fact, they have a massive program of censorship, and youtube is partnered with the ADL/Mossad to squelch any facts being spread about jews and Israel.

Indeed I speak my mind, and if one must consider it “hate speech”, they should check THEMSELVES for the reason they feel this way. It has nothing to do with what I say. I admit I’m harsh, but I don’t give two shits either. My words are FACTS, whereas the talmud is FULL of GENUINE hate speech.

Let’s get this straight. You can have FREE SPEECH, or you can have CENSORSHIP. You can not have BOTH at the SAME time. Fuck youtube, fuck these jews, and fuck anybody that doesn’t like how I put it. I’d say boycott youtube, but getting people to boycott anything is like pulling teeth, so forget it.

That said, my videos are here to stay, so head over to the video page, and watch them till your heart’s content. Send everyone you can find to this page, and if we’re lucky, they’ll learn something.

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