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U.S. in Depression

U.S. in Depression

No, the mainstream media isn’t going to tell you in such direct terms, America, but this isn’t the first time you’ve heard me say it, and it won’t be the last. The U.S. is in a depression, and the signs are all around you. If an $800 BILLION bailout, that doesn’t even begin to slow the decline of the U.S. economy, isn’t enough to clue you in, then I don’t know what will.

Maybe this article here where “Obama warns of trillion dollar deficits” will help some to get the idea, but I have my doubts. With his new $800 BILLION package to stabilize the economy (read: socialist programs) we are told to believe that he will make sure the “money is used wisely” and that he will be “working with Congress to implement spending controls and efficiency measures”. Yeah right. Meaning, they will find ways to employ more jewish stooges into fabricated new positions, that will have to be created to fill the role of “spending controls”.   I’m sure those jobs will pay real nice too.

In reality, when gathering information from the mainstream media, what you are witnessing is nothing more than thinly veiled, and carefully crafted psy-ops against the American public. Take for instance when Obama says “I’m going to be willing to make some very difficult choices in how we get a handle on his deficit,” what he is really saying is “I’m going to be willing to piss on the constitution, act like a dictator, and continue to shit on the American people any way my jewish masters see fit”. He does admit that this is the “worst economic crisis that we’ve see since the Great Depression”, but he hasn’t told you that THIS will be known as the GREAT depression, and the former will now be known as the MINOR depression. When Obama and the monstrous jewish demons behind him, are done with the U.S. economy, the first depression will look like a mere blip on the radar.

The article goes on to state “Analysts predict that the federal deficit will hit a new record of at least $1 trillion this year” and also says it could “easily be duplicated in 2010”. This means you are flat broke America, and the jews are handing out blank checks with your name on them, signed in blood. It also says that Obama will have to “ignore short term deficits”, which is nothing more than saying forget how much debt they are going to burry you with, because you have no choice anyway. Broke or not, the fiat printing presses are going to get a work out like they’ve never seen before.

Another clue comes in the form of this article here, which blatantly lays out what a waste the first $800 BILLION bail out was, saying, “Despite the aggressive action, “the economic outlook would remain weak for a time and the downside risks to economic activity would be substantial”. What will be substantial is the coming collapse of this house of cards we call our economy. Thankfully, the record number of jews elected to the U.S. Congress and their jewish friends in the Senate, have vowed to swipe another $800 BILLION according to the new rescue package, without hesitation.

The first scam called a bail out went through without a hitch despite rather massive protest from the American people, and now, we will likely see little to no protest for the next $800 BILLION whack in the head, but why is that? The reason is, Americans are now so scared the economy will completely collapse, that they are willing to accept anything, as long as it sounds like a solution. In typical manipulative fashion, the first bail out was initially rejected by the “good guys” in congress, pushed right back through, and accepted hands down. The whole plot of their schemes play out worse than a poorly scripted soap opera, and still millions can’t seem to grasp it.

We are treading on very dangerous water now. This is a classic modus operandi for these criminal jewish demons. They have, and will continue to use fear, pain, and manipulation, for as long as it takes, to get you to beg for your own demise; and beg you will. On 9/11/2001 they murdered 3,000 of your fellow country men, and used it as a pretext for American troops to murder Arabs, helping further the jewish agenda. They used their control of the media and hollywood to set you up for a big fall, and they’re not through with you yet.

I don’t know how many more times I can say the time to do something about it is now, before the opportunity passes us forever, but one thing is clear.  America needs to realize how deep in the shit we really are.  Americans need to realize that the jewish money changers, jewish media, and jews in general are the problem, period.  We need to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated, no matter how painful it is, or you will soon look at the great depression as a walk in the park.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but it can’t get better if the jews behind this crap are not fully exposed, or more generations will suffer this fate, yet again.

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