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Understanding Parasitic Jews

Understanding Parasitic Jews

Why would I continually, and quite boldly state that all jews are a problem for non-jews?  The answer to that is quite simple, the jews admit it openly.  Of course, I don’t expect that everyone else has taken as close a look at the jews as I have, but none the less, this is the truth.  There is really one simple key to understanding jewish behavior, and the problem that this jewish infestation poses to our people, as I will explain shortly.  However, it seems that many people are still hung up on the idea that there are some “good jews”, or that our problems only revolve around “zionist jews” or “zionism” in general.   So, let’s take a look at what some of these things mean, and iron this issue out once and for all.

This is how jews behave. They laugh when they murder people, and some still think there are good jews.

This is how jews behave. They laugh when they murder people, and some people still think there are good jews. That logic doesn't hold up to fact.

First things first, one must understand what a jew is, in order to get past this bullshit line they’ve been selling everyone for years on end.  This is NOT just a zionist problem, and that is an easy myth to dispell.  Take for instance the fact that I myself am a zionist!  That’s right, I am a zionist, because I am all for a homeland for jews.  However, I am not for a homeland in Palestine (or any other non-jew lands, which includes every inhabbited land around the globe), and I refuse to call it Israel, because it’s Palestinian people’s land, and jews have no claim to it.  Many understand these facts about Palestine, but why would I say I’m a “zionist” if I’m fighting against these jews so vehemently?  Simple, I support a homeland for the jewish people on the surface of the sun, or at the very least on Antarctica.  Of course, if you want to put the jews in Antarctica, the polar bears and penguins will eventually end up subverted themselves, in one way or another.  Also, you’ll need to station naval ships off of the coast line with orders to absolutely annihilate anything that moves off of the shore.  So, in my opinion, the surface of the sun is the best place we can create a new zion for these creatures, and we can call it  solar zionism.

The point I’m getting at is, it’s easy for anyone to be a “zionist”, whether they are a jew or not.  It’s also very easy for jews to claim “I’m not a zionist” in a bid to save themselves from the coming upheaval.  They’ve already been exiled over 100 times since 250AD, and this fact alone is probably all one needs to know to realize that the jewish parasite is the problem, and not this political ideology called zionism.  If zionism was the issue, how do we explain the last 2000 years of jewish domination, subversion, infiltration, pedophilia, ritual murder, usury, manipulation, supremacy and all of the other ills that come with the jews?  How do you explain that these critters have been kicked out of 84 different countries, long before this “zionist” bullshit line appeared on the scene?  These jews weren’t “zionists” when they were exiled from all of these places, they were simply jews behaving as jews are known to do.  This one fact alone accentuates and explains the very nature of the jew as the problem, and not this “zionist” bit that jews and their minions try to sell you on. Does that mean that “zionists” or even “christian zionists” should be spared for supporting genocidal jews?  Of course not.  These people bear a lot of blame, and are in many cases, just as bad as the jew, but I wouldn’t dare take the focus off of these rat faced jews for even one second.

I have just given all the evidence one should need to understand that the jewish race, as a whole are the problem, and not just “zionism”, but I know some of you need more than that to comprehend the problem.  Another thing that illustrates this point is the “sayanim” or “helper”.  Every jew is expected to be a “sayanim” for the jewish tribe, and they are expected to respond when any part of the tribe is threatened.  In fact, today this is almost a knee jerk reaction for every jew on the planet.  They are all “helpers” for their tribe, and if you doubt that fact, just strike up a conversation with any “good jew” you can find about their murderous ways, and you will find them defending the tribe in an instant.  Of course, many of them will manipulate you by pretending to be “anti-zionist” jews who won’t stand for Israel’s domination, but hit them with facts about jewish blood libel and ritual murder, or the fact that jews like Stalin murdered 30 million people in Russia, and you will quickly find them on the defense.  They have no problem towing the line right along with you, until they realize you are onto the fact that all jews are parasitic, subversive, and destructive creatures that should be summarily executed.  So, I will provide a quote, which is in my book, that you should have already gotten a copy of for yourself, along with a few extras to pass out to other people. This quote sums it all up, when it comes to the “sayanim”, which literally means any jew will come to the aid of the tribe at any time. “Mossad can go to any distinguished American Jew and ask for help.” (exCIA official, 9/3/1979, Newsweek)

These jews were caught dancing and celebrating the attacks of 911 where 3,000 people were murdered, and some of you are tricked into believing there is anything good about a jew, when there is nothing good about them.

These jews were caught dancing and celebrating the attacks of 911 where 3,000 people were murdered, and some of you are tricked into believing there is anything good about a jew, when there is nothing good about them.

See, if you actually get a copy of my book, and then take the necessary step of reading the damn thing, a lot of this will become clear as a bell in an instant, but I’m not just trying to promote a book. I’m trying to get a point across that there is no such thing as a good jew, and they can not be trusted, in any way, shape, or form. The very existence of “sayanim” proves this fact, and I have witnessed this first hand in the responses I get from jews when I start exposing their asses. So, I will provide a few more quotes, which can be found in the book, that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no jews can be trusted what so ever.

One of the things people get caught up on, especially when you throw in the “zionism” distraction, or when people get confused by judaism (their philosophy they call a religion) is that only some jews practice judaism. Or when jews confuse the issue by saying “I’m catholic”, or any other number of excuses they use to distort the issue. The key to understanding the jewish problem, is understanding that jews are a specific race, and not a religion, or an ideology. The good news is, you don’t have to take my word for it, for the jews openly admit these things themselves. So,  I will provide you with a  few more quotes from my book that prove what I’m talking about. No more will there be any confusion as to what a jew is, regardless of what it calls itself. They’ve made it quite clear on their own that they are different from the rest of us, and even science backs this up. If jews were simply a religion, why would there be jew specific DNA tests?? Simple, jews are a race, and not a religion or ideology. In fact, there are many jew specific genetic diseases like tay sachs and bloom syndrome, as can be seen right here. So, lets just forget about the confusion of jews as a religion or ideology. It just doesn’t pan out scientifically, and in fact, I will have more info covering exactly what these jews are in the future, so you can look forward to that.

So, what do jews say in their own words? Do they really reveal these truths on their own? Of course they do. They always do, and one of my missions here has to been not to give you a fish, but to teach you how to fish. If you pay attention to the details I point out in my lunatic ramblings, you will see that I am giving you the key to being able to feed yourself with the knowledge you need. I have taught you the type of insight it takes to understand the world around you. I have even given you tools to learn the right perspective, and help others do so at the same time, like my book. Without further a due, let’s hear the jew speak for itself, and prove my point for me. Hopefully by doing so, not only will you learn something, but you will see the value in the book I published, and really help get it out there.

Are jews a race?

“Jew and Gentile are two worlds, between you Gentiles and us Jews there lies an unbridgeable gulf…There are two life forces in the world: Jewish and Gentile…I do not believe that this primal difference between Gentile and Jew is reconcilable…” – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, page 9.

“You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of a Hebraic character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.” – Gerald Soman, Chairman of the World Jewry Fellowship, in its official manifesto, January 1, 1935.

“I am not an American of JEWISH faith. I am a JEW. I have been a JEW for a thousand years. Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race, and we are a race.” – Rabbi Stephen Wise, N.Y. Herald-Tribune, June 13, 1938.

“Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member.” – Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Ct. Justice, Zionism, page 113.

From an earlier article at SN: Holocaust activist Elie Wiesel, whose lies about his holocaust experiences seem to be legion, also claims that Jews are a superior race. “Everything about us is different,” Wiesel boasts. “Jews are ontologically exceptional.”

“Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983

“We have a case of the Jew…a totally different species.” – Rabbi Mendel Schneerson

“The body of a Jewish person,” Schneerson bragged, “is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all other nations of the world. Bodies of the Gentiles are in vain. An even greater difference is in regard to the soul…A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

“Jewish blood is not the same as the blood of a (Gentile) goy.” – Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

These jews are parasites, much like blood sucking leeches, but are we stupid enough to say "some leeches won't suck your blood"?  Of course not.

These jews are parasites, much like blood sucking leeches, but are we stupid enough to say "some leeches won't suck your blood"? Of course not.

See, the fact is that jews are a race, and they behave in a very tribal fashion. The sayanim proves that all jews work very cohesively, and that any jew will come to the aid of the tribe when needed. The quote from Newsweek above also helps drive this fact home. However, I haven’t covered what it means to be a jew, and in this, there is even more telling evidence that there is no such thing as a “good jew”.

Being a jew instantly means subscribing to the supremacy and racism found in the quotes above and in the vitriolic jewish doctrines. Being a jew means believing that all other (real) humans are cattle, to be slaughtered at will. Being a jew means it’s acceptable to cheat, lie, steal, subvert, manipulate, scam, scheme, rape, rob, and murder any non-jewish person. Why people can not fathom that the very nature of the jew is evil to the core, and still get hung up on the idea of “good jews” is beyond me. The facts just don’t pan out in this manner. So, again, I will provide more of the quotes that can be found in my book, in an effort to share and educate some of you. This is what it means to be a jew.

“In everything, we are destroyers–even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief…We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.” – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147.

“The Jew is an inborn Communist.” – Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311

“The Jews have a disproportionate number of mental defectives, idiots, and imbeciles.” – Dr. Maurice Fishburg, Eugenic Factors in Jewish Life.

“The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.” – Michael Rodkinson, in preface of Babylonian Talmud, page XI.

“The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, or ceremonies we observe-whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or merely spasmodic sentimentalists-we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.” – Herman Wouk, This is My God.

Right, and what is judaism itself?

“What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew’s) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!” – Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.

These jews are parasites, and they admit it.

“Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.” – Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, page 18.

See, I could go on forever with this, but I hope by now you’re getting the point. The jews are a race, and they operate cohesively on all fronts. There is no division between good jew and bad jew, because being a jew means to be a disgusting, parasitic, genocidal supremacist hell bent on the destruction of all that is good. There is no division between “anti-zionist” jews and other jews. They’re still fucking  jews any way you try to twist it. They’re all still “sayanim” that will gladly work towards your demise, especially if it helps them or rest of the tribe. They make this all clear in their own words, but still some of you refuse to get it. Of course, there are hundreds of other quotes in my book that will teach you these things, as well as teaching you what real freedom means, and what it means when you dare call yourself a patriot, revolutionary, truther, or anything else of that nature. If you want to call yourself a revolutionary, you can’t do it without the right kind of basic training, and you can’t do it without being a warrior for your people. None of this is possible if you don’t fully understand the dangers or grasp the depth of the situation facing your people. This is why you need a copy of my book, and maybe a little help on your perspective.

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    This is so dead-on accurate. I think most non-jews have difficulty understanding this, or other “out there,” information because it so alien to their own nature. They don’t see it in themselves or those they know and thus think it can’t be so. Furthermore, acknowledging the reality of it would mean realizing the world is a far more rotten place than they’d like to believe–that monsters do walk amongst us.

    • Totally right!

      • The Hebrews view gentiles as a natural resource..Like the Hebrews are above all other races and that we are here to serve them..The reptillian species create and tinker with life for their purposes..The reptillian specie over long periods of time their genetics dont change..They are also androgenous meaning male and female in the body at once..This proves to them that they are superior rather than mamalian genetics which change and adapt to enviornments..Were talking a battle of species here..Reptillian VS> Mammalian..Get it!!Its an old war..Nothing new on this earth..

        • Feel free to elaborate more on this. Where does your information come from? If you have more pieces to the puzzle, let me know.

          • GuitarMan says:

            Adam, I thought this might be helpful to you as far as the jews being a race and an aggressive one at that. I got this off of what seems to be a jew site.

            “Is Judaism more than a religion? Is there a jewish Gene?

            Ethnic groups who marry among themselves and for generations are genetically “linked”. It is scientifically undisputed that there are genetic patterns that occur frequently in Jews. Jews have developed over the centuries a certain degree of genetic homogeneity that becomes visible in a DNA-test.”

            “The MAOA-L gene variant, the so-called warrior gene, causes its carriers to be more willing to take risks while simultaneously enabling them to better assess their chances of success in critical situations.

            For a recently published study, scientists at the California Institute of Technology pitted 83 young men against one another in a financial simulation. This entailed them having to gamble and multiply their seed money, USD 25, in different games. Each man had to choose between a sure option (100% no profit, no loss) and a risky option (various risks of loss and chances of profit) 140 times.

            The findings of the study: carriers of the MAOA-L gene variant were more prone to take financial risks, but only if doing so was beneficial to them. This indicates that carriers of the warrior gene variant are in a better position to make decisions, which are beneficial to them.

            Earlier studies have shown that the MAOA-L variant can also be responsible for impulsive behaviour and aggressive behaviour, which is why this variant was given the nickname warrior gene.

            Human behaviour is complex and affected both by genes as well as by the environment or circumstances. Studies show that carriers of the warrior gene variant more likely show the described behaviour than men without the warrior gene variant.

            The warrior gene is on the X-chromosome; hence, men inherit it from their mother. Since men have only one X-chromosome, the warrior gene is fully effective if present. In contrast, women have two X-chromosomes, which is why one single warrior gene either has no or less effect. The effect of the warrior gene on a woman if she has it on both X-chromosomes has yet to be established. The warrior gene test is available for men and women.

          • The jews aren’t really great warriors, so calling it the “warrior gene” is a bit of a misnomer. These pussies always cry and manipulate everyone else into fighting for them. I’d call it the decrepit rat gene.

          • I agree, jews are not warriors. They have wet dream fantasies about being so, but even asians know that-

            “Today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, October 17, 2003.

            Here is your warrior IDF Soldiers-

    • Good point. I’ve been trying to tell people about all of this, warn them since I myself realized it, several years after realizing 9/11 was a false-flag operation. I kept trying to avoid the evidence that I kept seeing on the periphery of everything I was exploring and discovering, that JEW Banksters and the “jewish community” in general were behind 9/11 and everything else. And then you’ve got people like Alex Jones and others saying, well, it can’t be ‘the jews’ because its not just Israel’s fingerprints on all of this treachery, America and England are also in on it, which is a TOTAL statement of MIS-DIRECTION as the ‘jews’ long ago took over America and hundreds of years ago took over the power center in and around London. One needs look no further than Benjamin H. Freedman’s 1961 warning on America being run by ‘jews’ and I think most all of us know about the treachery of the Rothschilds and how they infiltrated and took over England, etc., hundreds of years ago.

      • gridlock says:

        ALEX JONES (born “Bill Hicks”) – married to a Jewish woman, has two Jewish children, has a radio operation staffed by Jews, has his advertisers being 99% Jews…


        It is well-known that many years ago Alex Jones used to complain on his radio show about how difficult it was for a non-Jewish spouse of a Jewish person to immigrate to the state of Israel because of the excessive bureaucratic red tape and regulations involved.”

        Golly, maybe there is a reason behind his “obtuseness” regarding the Jews (he calls them Zionists and Globalists, but basically it’s the Jews).

        You might also want to look up how the Genesis Radio Network came to be (stolen equipment) (CIA MOSSAD-funding by Adnan Khashoggi)…

        In short, Alex Jones is a “Covert Anti-Jewish-Dissent Magnet” working against any meaningful revolt against the anti-human Talmudists.


        Adnan Khashoggi, GCN, the Protocols, Alex Jones, and the 9/11 Truth Movement

        “Christian Media has repeatedly sought to expose the treachery at the Genesis Communications Network… They stole their original equipment from another patriot network named Republic Radio. Fraudulently claiming they had purchased the network, the management of Genesis literally backed up a U-Haul, and loaded up the broadcasting equipment while the rightful owner was out of town!”


        “Info on Khashoggi runs the gamut from the ridiculous to the sinister. To get the serious stuff out of the way first:

        Khashoggi was among a number of prominent Arab businessmen, like Khalid Mahfouz, who agreed to continue what have been described by US intelligence officials as “protection payments” to bin Laden at a meeting in Paris in 1998, said London’s Sunday Business Post October 7, 2001.

        Even Khashoggi’s guru has CIA connections, we learned: the vastly rich swami has been under official suspicion in the assassination of Indian Premier Rajiv Ghandi, and was even arrested by Indian police for currency fraud.

        Adnan Khashoggi revealed: He is wanted in Thailand, where he was convicted for fraud in absentia; is currently being sued, in a major and well-publicized case in Federal Court in Minneapolis for what may turn out to be criminal fraud; reportedly, he is also currently the subject of a massive investigation being conducted by the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles.

        Add to that the recently declassified American intelligence report from 1991 listing the top 100 drug traffickers and associates. It included lawyers, right-wing paramilitary fighters, a Peruvian rebel commander, a Colombian singer, a pre-dead Pablo Escobar, a pre-jailbird Manuel Noriega… and Adnan Khashoggi.”

        Further quoting the same article,

        “From their base in Tampa Florida, Khashoggi and El Batrawi controlled a network of companies, all using the word “Genesis” in their name. The number of Khashoggi-owned Genesis companies we’ve found keeps growing. There is, or was, Genesis Aviation, Inc., Genesis Aviation II, Genesis Diversified Investments, Genesis Studio and Production Corp., Genesis Media Group, Genesis Properties, Genesis Intermedia;; Genesis Delaware; Genesis Florida… The list, it do go on. And on.”

        And then there’s the Genesis Communications Network. There’s actually two of them, seemingly unrelated, but they’re so extremely similar in the fraud department to each other and to “Saudi Genesis” that the relationship appears strongly familial. We’re still uncertain as to how close they all are; kissing cousins, at the very least.

        The first GCN is a so-called “patriot” network hosting Alex Jones and Dave Van Kliest, the, ah, the individual fronting for the latest See the Flash extravaganza, advertisements for which are spamming the Internet at a rate that must be causing concern among conservationists of our digital landscape of ’1′s and ‘ 0′s.’

        VanKliest is our pick for Disinfotainer of the Year… an especial honor, considering that there was some fierce competition. Of course, “See the Flash Dave” from the powerhour, like Alex Jones, is part of the GENESIS Communications Network.

        • Alex Jones has been well covered here at this site, but thanks for your input. However, next time do not link to the jew at Darryl Bradford Setters or I will not allow the comment. Nothing good will come out of pointing people to that shit bag jew.

  2. The main problem is that jews are presently in charge of the show. Once these kike monsters are knocked off their pedestals the moronic masses will listen to whoever is in charge–let’s just make sure it is people like us.

    Jews must be wholly eradicated, no exceptions. We have the DNA testing available to catch any of the craftier kikes who will disguise themselves with plastic surgery, name changes, hair straightening and dyes–there will be nowhere for them to hide. Any jew loving/apologist Christian must also answer for his crimes of aiding and abetting these well poisoning mass murdering sociopaths.

    From here on out as the economy near collapse I guarantee all of you that jews will make their play at feigning to befriend some of the right wing type groups and convince many fools that “good” jews actually do exist. Like what is happening in the BNP, American Renaissance, etc.(which is why I have no use for “right” wing groups) Anyone who falls for this crap and allows jews to enter their ranks are just as guilty as jews for what the jews have done to mankind.

    The only hope for all of mankind is the total genocide of jews. All other options are either stupidity, cowardice, complicity, or outright insanity. The jews must be wiped out. They are a cancer upon mankind, a plague, a disease, a poison that can never AND will never stop its waves of destruction and misery until it is wiped out.


    • Your answer sums up my sentiments exactly. We do indeed need a DNA kit as this creatires will simply try to pass themselves off as wither White or Human. Either way they are not genetically the same as other people no matter how much they try to assimilate so distinguishing them with a DNA kit should work just fine.

      • If you ask a Rabbi what Hebrew means is Crossing over..crossing over of what??crossing over of the bloodlines..Their Messiah from what I have learned are low level clutz Reptillian genectic engineers..The oil of Messa or Messiah is that fat of the crocidile..its in all the ancient text..The cricidile is the oldest reptile on the planet..It is a symbol of the genetic of the reptile species..The hebrews know this..

  3. Well no one can accuse you of mincing words my friend.

    One who proves the parasitic angle with excellent research is Eustace Mullins. The Biological Jew. Here you also learn why they seek to use sex as a primary way to pollute ~ how they enter the hosts. How they can lie dormant for hundreds of years as need be, and then, like the first Rothschild, hop in through a loophole, and begin the parasitic takeover of the host.

    Another one from Rabbi Wise, creator of the Holocaust theme and claiming 6M back before WW1, “I have been an American for 63 years. I have been a Jew for 6000.”

    YET, how do you explain a man like Vanunu? Or like Joseph Moshe who is probably dead by now? I have a conundrum when it comes to such exceptional people who go completely against all we know is true.

    Anyhow, your post will be up on my site before I sleep and it is 1:30 AM.
    Thanks for a great piece of work once again.

    • That’s easy. We don’t explain them, and we don’t make any exceptions, especially when they are so few. We don’t go letting our guard down and trusting any of them. How does one explain someone like Bobby Fisher who says jews should be executed too? We don’t, we just make sure he goes with their ass, just in case. The answer is simple. How many lumps do you want? One, two, 109 exiles? How many more? None shall be spared for any reason, the answer is to give no quarter. It’s not because we’re just a bunch of “radical right wing extremists”. No, not at all. It’s because we are supposed to LEARN from history! The story is, jews can not be quartered amongst non-jews for any reason, no matter what tune they sing. We’ve seen what happens more than enough times, so now we make no exceptions. Unless all these “activists” are cool with damning the next five generations to the same thing, we make no exceptions. This is not something we can take lightly. This is deadly serious, and must be dealt with as such. The jews must be handled like toxic waste; i.e. fully isolated and disposed of. I didn’t make it that way….THEY did.

      • the jews are decendents from the enki side of the annunaki which is a marrage from a culture from Orion and Sirius B system..The offspring of these 2 cultures became the Niburu which means divided amongst two, or the crossing over of the two..Which become the Hebrew civilisation of today..They have been in control for thousands of years and the average person lives in the architecture of their wicked control and doesnt even know it..

        • Brad Kayganich says:

          Pete, you need to stop with this zecharia sitchin annunaki bullshit. What? you didn’t seem to wonder about him did you? zecharia sitchin is a kike. So this is the wrong place to spread his trash, take that garbage elsewhere.

          • Sitchin is certainly a kike, but doesn’t rule out of all Sumerian history. There’s a reason the jews went and stole a shit ton of Sumerian artifacts from the Baghdad museum. They’re definitely hiding something about that time period.

  4. Even amongst pond scum, one can find virtuous parasites…but they do remain parasites.

    The time is coming…their perfidies can no longer be hidden.

  5. Prima Tempus says:

    Hey Adam, quick question: ever killed a Jew?
    You talk and talk about what should be done to the Jews, your photos have you holding a gun or a cool looking rifle in all of them , but did you ever used them on something more formidable the a row of empty bear cans? did you ever pulled the trigger on a Jew? have you even seen one in real life? (you don’t sound like a guy who go out that much).
    Don’t block this response, grow a pair for once and respond…

    See ya

    • Sure, I’ve seen plenty of jews. Question is, do you want to find out what I’m willing to shoot at? You don’t know me from anybody, so don’t form opinions of your own. When the time is right, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll shoot plenty of jews, and anyone who gets in my way. I’m not asking for your fucking permission. I’ve pulled the trigger and fell many living things. I am not a murderer, so I haven’t had the chance on a human…..or have I? Hmm…..Who the fuck needs to grow a pair? I’m the most outspoken person you’ll ever find on this problem, and I’m all set to execute as many jews as possible. Does that bother you? Does it make you wet your panties? At least I have the fucking balls to speak openly about the solution, what have YOU done? Oh, I see……fuck you. Want to be first?

  6. Jewish evil has no bounds but those we set by rifle rounds.

  7. Thank goodness there are some men who celebrate the fact that they were born to know, love, and serve goodness, and are willing to fight the evil, devil Jews.

  8. Basic Training For Revolutionaries is a damned good book.
    Everyone who’s ear I can bend will hear of it.

  9. In a word–EXCELLENT. Until the rest of the world’s people start to understand that Jews operate under a completely different energy source than others, nothing will ever change. They are predators and we are prey and there can be no ‘peacful co-existence’ between the two.

  10. Who’s gonna save us from this jew race, well I can think only one name,

    one and only :)) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    Some people think he is the next Adolf Hitler well I have no problem

    longest he turns the Jerusalem “Glow In The Dark”….I’m a Christian

    and I’m 100% supporter of Mr. Ahmadinejad and his Nukes (God willing

    very soon)..

    • Ahmadinejad is a fucking jew. He won’t save you from shit. Neither will Russia, or anyone else. You’re gonna have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do it on your own. In fact, Ahmadinejad is going to help secure your destruction with his bullshit posturing. His job is to help subdue the Iranian people, and draw your silly asses into a war you can’t win. Mark my words, the US will get crushed just like Germany did when this is all said and done. They are setting your ass up, and you’re more than happy to fall for it.

      You say you’re a christian? Then you might want to listen to Jesus a little closer. He didn’t say sit on your ass and hope for salvation. He said sell your garment and buy a sword. Jesus went into the temple with a whip and kicked the shit out of these jews. Pacifism is not going to do shit but get you destroyed. You support Ahmadinejad, then you support the jew. What you should support is people like me who have a clear focus and a level head.

      • Subverted Nation wrote:
        > You say you’re a christian? Then you might want
        > to listen to Jesus a little closer.

        Jesus was a jew (if he existed — or a jewish cartoon character), the first “Christians” were a jewish cult, and the “Christian religion” is a jewish scheme to take over the Roman empire and the world. The jews were outcasts in Rome but with the fake religion of Christ they managed to gain control of Rome and even make it the center of a global empire (vatican). And to dumb down the masses and monopolize the intelligence, they introduced “Christian” monasteries and the celibacy, where they gathered (and brainwashed) the intelligent offspring of the peasants and forbade them to procreate –> dumbing down the rest over centuries. Those intelligent goyim who didn’t join the monasteries were persecuted and killed as “witches”. Today the jews control the universities and knock out anyone who exposes them. The “Christian religion” was also useful from the jews’ slave trade in Africa to today’s imperial wars of the U.S. — always using goyim as tools (doing the fighting for jews) and scapegoats (when the backlash from Africans/Arabs hits). This way the jews can always say: “Ah, but it’s not us, it’s evil Christians / Christian leaders who are doing/ordering this!”

        • Oh, you were under the illusion that I believe in the fables of the bible? To me the book is nothing more than an imaginative story based on astrology. I don’t give a shit who Jesus was, whether he was a jew or not doesn’t make a bit of difference. It is in fact, completely meaningless. What’s important is what this Jesus character said and did in the story, nothing more. What’s important is people who wish to subscribe to such beliefs should know what the book says.

          It does in fact say he took a whip and beat the jew money changer’s asses. He called them a “brood of vipers” and said they were of their father the devil. He also said in Luke to sell your garment and buy a sword.

          Whether he was a jew or not doesn’t matter because he didn’t exist in reality. I don’t give a hoot about Christianity besides the fact that people who follow it should read the book themselves and see that they were warned about JEWS almost 2000 years ago.

          Getting into an argument over whether Jesus was a jew or anything else biblical is pointless, but pointing out the fact that these JEWS have been evil for thousands of years gives the story all the meaning that’s needed.

          • Well, I wrote “… or a jewish cartoon character”. I agree that it doesn’t matter whether Jesus existed. But the important point is that the “Christian” religion is a jewish tool, instead of an “opposing religion” to judaism. It has served to divide goyim over centuries — “catholics vs. protestants” led to the 100-years-war and other wars, even in countries as peaceful as Switzerland. Today again, like in the ancient crusades, this tool serves to divide goyim in “Arabs vs. the West (Christians)”, to divert attention from the fact that the real conflict is “goyim vs. jews”.

  11. I initially thought Ahmadinejad was a Jew or working for them and I have always thought that Putin was a Jew or working for them.

    I sort of dropped that opinion of Ahmadinejad but everything he does
    is supportive of Jewish interests and the fact that He works with
    Yarmalka wearing Putin helps to prove that he is a Jew or working for them at least.

    • Yeah, here’s the thing. It’s not an opinion. Ahmadinejad is a kike, that’s exactly why everything he does is supportive of jewish interests. Putin and Medvedev are no different either, but you have JEWS like Kapner telling people Putin is their savior. People need to stop letting jews toy with their emotions. Better yet, people need to stop looking to jews for help dealing with jews and start relying on THEMSELVES. WE have to take these fuckers down from a grass roots level OURSELVES. Doesn’t matter who’s who at the top, they’re all on the same team.

      • In other words Ahmadinejad and Putin are play actors like Obama that aren’t really against Israel or Jewish interests, but make people think they are? Kapner seems to put forth a lot of good information so are you saying that he’s just another dis-info agent (1 that’s better at deception than Alex Jones.) or that because of the genetics thing once a Jew always a Jew and that it doesn’t matter what religion they convert to they will always retain some parasitic tendencies?

        • Yes, they are actors. Both are jewish. Kapner may give some good information, but he’s still full of shit, and leading people around by the nose like a typical jew. You have to be able to see the bigger picture to catch on to it, but it’s pretty obvious by the things he says. There is no converting your DNA…so yes, a jew is a jew. Have you read the quotes in my book? Let me help you:

          “A Jew remains a Jew even though he changes his religion; a Christian which would
          adopt the Jewish religion would not become a Jew, because the quality of a Jew is not
          in the religion but in the race. A Free thinker and Atheist always remains a Jew.” –
          Jewish World, London December 14, 1922
          “It is the Jew who lies when he swears allegiance to another faith; who becomes a
          danger to the world.” – Rabbi Stephen Wise, New York Tribune, March 2, 1920
          “We are Jews and nothing else. A nation within a nation.” – Dr. Chaim Weisman,
          Jewish Zionist leader in his pamphlet, (”Great Britain, Palestine and the Jews.”)
          “A Jew remains a Jew. Assimilation is impossible, because a Jew cannot change his
          national character. Whatever he does, he is a Jew and remains a Jew. The majority
          has discovered this fact, but too late. Jews and Gentiles discover that there is no issue.
          Both believed there was an issue. There is none.” – The Jews, Ludwig Lewisohn, in
          his book “Israel,” 1926

  12. C’mon Aussies, join the battle with our American brothers! With things like this happening, its obvious they intend to rule us by force-

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will host a delegation of senior Israeli politicians in Australia this week, including Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom.

    Mr Rudd will launch the Australia Israel Leadership Forum at a lunch in Sydney on Thursday.

    Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard will address the forum in Melbourne next weekend.

    The Israeli delegation, comprising 35 prominent political, academic and media figures, will also meet with Australia’s Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens.

    Event chairman Albert Dadon – a Melbourne businessman – says the forum aims to foster closer relations between the two countries on matters such as regional security and the environment.

    Iran’s nuclear program will also be on the agenda.

    Ms Gillard led a delegation to the inaugural Australia Israel Leadership Forum in Jerusalem earlier this year, including Liberals Peter Costello and Chris Pyne, as well as government backbenchers Mark Dreyfus and Michael Danby.

    The New World Order is the JEW WORLD COMMUNIST ORDER, they are coming here to give our politicians their marching orders! Do you want these kikes running our country?

    • the reckoning says:

      Well as an Aussie your course should be more then clear. I a yank here in Australia,although for not much longer as I wish not to be trapped in a country where you will have to fight against guns with sticks and stones.These parasitic criminals have been working you guys over and softening you up for decades,we say this in the states when they pulled their false flag in port Arthur to deprive you of your human right of self defense,and were stunned to see how you all just rolled over.When ever a case is being presented for disarming a people you can bet your life the parasitic jew will be behind it. I know the fight is coming,I have been in this fight now for over thirty years and I’m happy to see many across Europe braking their mental chains and saying enough.I like the Australian people, btu you folks are going to have to come to grips with what is being done to you,either you will find your nationalist roots and intestinal fortitude and fight back,or you will lay down and die. it’s just that simple,and that goes for ever country and people around the world,yes the Reckoning is coming.

      • True. It doesn’t matter what continent you are on, or what country you are in. You must resist fully with the rest of us, not say, “I hope you guys do something”. WE ALL MUST DO SOMETHING…..TOGETHER. This message is why the jews and their minions hate me so bad, because they know if I unite everyone against them they are fucked.

  13. Subverted nation is suppressing my comment. You wine about how jews edit information yet you do the same..

    • You’re absolutely right! If your comment is out of line or detracts from the message put forth here it WILL NOT SHOW UP. I don’t remember what your opinion was, but I do not have to allow any opinion here. The jews have enough places to spew their rhetoric, and I will not give them MY ONLY PLATFORM to speak on, so I could care less if it hurts their feelings. Now, I don’t remember what your comment said, but if you don’t see it, then it’s highly likely it was something that is not up for debate. You are more than welcome to submit it again, and if I disagree this time, I will email you and tell you EXACTLY why it’s not going on my site. I don’t have shit to hide, but I have a serious and straight forward agenda. Destroy the jews at all costs. If your comment is not helpful to this agenda, it won’t show up. It’s nothing personal…strictly business.

  14. Yup, the reason it didn’t get posted last time was your defeatist attitude. No need to allow that crap here, when the jews consistently push that same thing as part of their agenda.

    Here’s the thing. They CAN and WILL be defeated this time, but unfortunately, you’re all going to have to go through some very unfortunate growth pains first.

    See, beating the jews is nothing more than a choice. When people finally choose to be rid of them, they will be, as has been done 109 times before. Acting like we can’t get rid of them is silly. It’s been done repeatedly, but nobody has finished the job. My purpose is to make sure people are instilled with the right kind of thinking to make sure nothing is left incomplete this time.

    Fate already has their number. It has mine, yours, and everyone’s number. No matter what you’d like to believe, the jews special fate is unfolding right before our very eyes. They have opened pandora’s box, and there is no closing it now. Keep giggling about the wood chippers, I already have mine picked out. Pretty soon when you hear the drone of that machine day and night, it won’t be just the tree service.

    Reform your attitude with optimism, and help spread that. Defeatist ideals won’t help us even in the slightest. Next time you or anyone else posts a thing like “we can’t win”…it won’t show up again.

  15. I will contact you through e-mail, talk somemore..

  16. I have seen the insidious ways of the jew both globally and locally. I can recognize them, whether they pose as nazis, Arabs, truth-tellers or faithful Christians. They are terribly afraid of two things gentiles might understand, both of which is necessary and sufficient to launch the total annihilation of their race: one, that they can be recognized with dead-on accuracy and two, that there is no “good” jew. That’s why in many countries young jews go to schools brainwashing the kids that there is no such thing as a typical jewish look and their other bullshit lies, and that’s why many of their “truth-tellers” such as DBS say all the time, that if a jewish beas… I mean person has nothing to do with their “zionist” counterparts’ horrible acts, then they should not be punished. That fucker in France even goes as far to say that poor jews are tricked much more than we humans are. Oh poor jews! Their cunningness goes so far that their agents expose each other, as in the case with the DBS-Hufschmit-Bolly soap opera. Poor Bollyn was kidnapped with his Israeli wife and with his perfect Hebrew pronunciation! These critters lie. They lie when they open their mouth, they lie in every field and all the time. Whether it’s politics, finance, trading, news, science, media, art… they lie. You see, we humans have a choice in the morning when we wake up, we can lie and we can say the truth, we can be decent people, or hurt someone. On the other hand, the jew cannot be anything else but its essence: a liar. Therefore I don’t hate the jews – I just want them to be eradicated. All of them, as this is the only solution. If we leave even one alive, we better not start at all. You see, every jew will die, all we have to do is to make it happen at once. We have to kill them all, “good jews, “bad” jews, “zionists”, “anti-israel” jews, ADL people, poor old Holohoax survivors and little innocent children-jews. Or what will you do when lil’ Moishe will hide under his yiddishe momma’s skirt? Will tears start to drop from your eyes, and you monsternazi will finally have conscience, lower your weapon and let it live? Will the wishpering jew voices in your head start to say the ingrained pre-programmed jew-propaganda that “He is not guilty, he cannot be blamed for something he didn’t commit!” and will you lower your weapon just so that years after little innocent Moishe turn into a full-fledged monster such as Henry Kissinger or Larry Silverstein? Or will you man up, and put it off? When the time comes, killing a jew, any jew will be the greatest, most heroic act a human can do. The jews lie and lie and lie. I would go as far to say that they are not even humans, exactly as Adam – correctly – assessed. It is not for nothing that they had to hijack archeology, paleontology, biology (together with everything else) and start spitting their incoherent, unscientific dribble. It is not for nothing that no autopsy cannot be done on a jew according to religious laws, a jewish corpse cannot be exhumed and a newly dead jew has to be buried as fast as possible. Have you ever thought of why is it so? Did you even know that, dear reader? Perhaps they turn into their actual beast form right after death.
    And for a moment, think of the time, when the last jew on earth will be killed. Can you even imagine what a different world will come afterwards? How can an animal, captive since birth can ever understand what it is to be free until it actually becomes free?

  17. Jennifer Chen says:

    Finally someone tells the truth! Ask any person who has had a near death experience-people put themselves in Hell by lying-by not seeing/admitting the truth. The jews lie-they are all in Hell-they are evil-yet see themselves as superior=everyone else is there for them to control and enslave-these victims of the jews are to blame for anything the jews do to harm/destroy them-the jews are always the victims-and when they demonize their victims first-to the jews all the evil they do is then justice-heroism-excused. Jews are all criminal sociopaths-this is genetic-it is incurable. Why? They regressed backwards away from love-to the point of no return-(sociopaths lack the capacity to love)-they want to corrupt you all to do the same-those they can’t corrupt will be killed by those they can corrupt=war. The greater one’s ability to love-the more evolved you are. the only power that exists to make things better-(the ultimate goal of creation) is love. That is why the jews can only destroy and harm-they only have that power-they will be taken soon from this planet-along with those they have corrupted-separated men from women and will die off. Jews cannot be co-creators using the power of love they emote from fear that turns to violent aggression are here as an example of what you must either reject-or be corrupted by

  18. I don’t think the answer was ever to give them their own state. That’s dangerous as we’ve learned.

    As I’ve read in your Basic Training Manual, part of the quote believed to be Benjamin Franklin’s:

    “For over 1700 years the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, they call Palestine. But, Gentlemen, should the world today give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some cogent reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

    Mark Twain wrote in his essay Concerning the Jews (1897):

    “Speaking of concentration, Dr. Herzl has a clear insight into the value of that. Have you heard of his plan? He wishes to gather the Jews of the world together in Palestine, with a government of their own – under the suzerainty of the Sultan, I suppose. At the Convention of Berne, last year, there were delegates from everywhere, and the proposal was received with decided favor. I am not the Sultan, and I am not objecting; but if that concentration of the cunningest brains in the world were going to be made in a free country (bar Scotland), I think it would be politic to stop it. It will not be well to let the race find out its strength. If the horses knew theirs, we should not ride any more.”

    Both comments are correct. They would never leave us alone even if all of them lived in that state. A concentration of such dangerous thinking is no different than concentrating criminals together in a prison; most prisoners come out more criminal than when they went in.

    I saw a documentary one time showing a Jewish guy telling two Africans who were being deported that people like them can’t leave Israel. “Jews don’t do labor,” he said, so naturally the goyim must do it for them. Not only do they need us to do their labor for them, but they need our hard earned money to syphon as well. Of course, then there’s the blood rituals, which I won’t get into. But if this is the only way they thrive, again, they wouldn’t stay away from us.

    The problem boils down to Judaism itself. I am sure that if a baby born to Jews was adopted by a non-Jewish family, that child would grow up like any other non-Jew. It is the idealogy that is the culprit. It is a hate ideology and must be banned as such. It does us no good to consider them a race or ethnicity, it only feeds their lie that criticism of them is racism, and that such an “ethnicity” should provide them a home of their own. If we were instead to show that it’s the thought system in which they believe, then it would take away from the claims of “anti-Semitism,” and racism, but would instead show it is their thinking that is at issue, and very much like the ideology of the KKK, but in fact worse.

    • There is NO debate on that subject. This is and has been a racial/genetic/hereditary issue for over 5,000 years now. We’d be fools to let them TRAIN US to lay the blame on judaism, or bolshevism, or zionism, or anything else when the JEW ITSELF is the real problem.

      The KKK was led by a bunch of JEW GRAND WIZARDS and is a bad example.

      The good example is this. If you raise a pit viper from birth, it will still be a pit viper with the SAME INSTINCTS, because it is GENETIC and HEREDITARY. The way you raise the viper will have no bearing what so ever on it’s instinct. It’s HARD WIRED to strike, and WILL STRIKE your hand if you stick it into it’s cage and you will fall over DEAD for being foolish enough to think you somehow changed it’s genetics by the environment it was raised in.

      The JEW is the same thing. A separate SPECIES, that can NOT be raised to act like us. If it could, we would have figured this out somewhere in the last 5,000 years, but NOTHING has changed. They’ve been raised amongst our peoples for thousands of years and NOT ONE has turned out worth a damn. NOT ONE.

      The problem boils down to the JEW SPECIES itself, and not any of the ideologies they’ve created. Just because you or I raise one of their demon spawn, does not mean it would be any less of a demon.

      It’s very simple. Give no quarter, ask no quarter. I don’t give a shit if they cry about it being “racist”…..jews are THE MOST racist people on the planet, and these are the FACTS which JEWS even have a hard time trying to argue, because they know it to be correct just like I do.

      Fuck the jewish RACE/SPECIES!!!!!!

      • What about a gentile adopted and brought up Jewish? It happens. Does that person grow up to be any less viperous? What about the 90 Peruvian Indians who were converted to Judaism and moved to the West Bank? ( Will they be less viperous because they aren’t racially Jewish? These are valid questions. I don’t believe it is a racial thing. There are converts to Judaism who will spawn children who will be brought up Jewish who will be as viperous as these parasitic Khazars.

        And yes, I know about the KKK’s Jewish origins. I basically know much of what you know and have for many years, mostly because I have a couple of decades over you on this earth. I respect what you are doing immensely.

        • They will be adherents to a disgusting ideology, but they will not be jews. Pathetic low life people come in all shapes, sizes, and races, but the jewish race as a whole is unlike any other. The converts can’t spawn jews, that is 100% genetic, and has nothing to do with religion. This is not my “belief”, but the facts.

          Converts are just people fooled into believing the jews allowed them to join the club. They are just as guilty, as are many non-jews for the crimes around us, and they will all be dealt with exactly like the jew. They are poisoned in the mind, but the jew is a genetic poison. These converts will not be ignored, but the jewish race will be wiped from the land, period. No criminal is going to get a free ride because they’re not jewish, but there is no denying that jews are a race. Many have sold out to work with and for the jews, and many of these converts to judaism were crypto JEWS to begin with.

          The whole Khazar deal was brought forth by a jew, and doesn’t hold water. The Khazars and Sephardics share common genetic links as do all other jews.

          “A Jew remains a Jew even though he changes his religion; a Christian which would adopt the Jewish religion would not become a Jew, because the quality of a Jew is not in the religion but in the race. A Free thinker and Atheist always remains a Jew.” – Jewish World, London December 14, 1922

          The religious angle is used to keep people confused. Nobody can figure out what a jew is when coming at it from a religious stand point, and they know this. They also know and openly admit the truth is that jews are a RACE, and must dealt with as such.

          • I understand the “religious” angle and its purpose. I’ve also read your book and all the quotes so I know this quote.

            I still find it odd to consider them a race since so many kingdoms converted to Judaism over the years, not just Khazaria but also Yemen and others. And in those days whatever the king’s religion was the whole kingdom’s, as I’m sure you know. And there are Ethiopian Jews who look like Ethiopians and not European Jews, and many now live in the West Bank, which I know irks the Ashkenazim. The government didn’t want them there but I think they saw an opportunity after the fact; they needed bodies to fill up their settlements in their further attempt to take over the entire area so they threw blacks on the front lines, same for the Peruvian Indians, who would do anything to get out of their dire situation back home. They also treat the Yemeni and Iraqi Jews pretty badly and many have left as a result. I used to know an Iranian Jew who said she did not feel welcome in Israel. She was too dark. I heard similar from a Russian Jew I met some years back. She said they kept telling her she didn’t look Jewish and therefore wasn’t Jewish, she didn’t have a hooked nose. So yes, there is a belief that it’s racial. But what race are they referring to?

            But all these people together do not constitute a race unless you are referring only to the Khazars. There’s also a theory that the Palestinians were the original Hebrews who converted to Christianity and then to Islam but that theory came from Professor Shlomo Sand who is a Jew in Israel so perhaps he’s got something up his sleeve with that theory, I don’t know.
            So I’m guessing you are referring only to the descendants of the Khazars who consider themselves a race, is that correct? I know these Khazars or Ashkenazim do not like Jews of other races like the Sephardim because they know they are decedents of the Moors, and of course they don’t like Ethiopian Jews. I’ve heard this from them directly. I used to be around a lot of Jews at one time, I happen to live where there is a large percentage of them, unfortunately, and they would say some of the strangest things, I learned so much about them from them, and still do. I also once worked for an Israeli (before I knew any better), I was responsible for the website, and he insisted that I list our Israeli distributor under Europe and not the Middle East. I started noticing other Jews doing the same thing and even though I didn’t know much then, I found it annoying considering their presence there was causing so much strife.

            By the way, on a different subject, what are your thoughts on David Icke?

          • You’re not getting what I’m telling you. ALL of these jews, Sephardic, Ashkenazi, etc have the same DNA, PERIOD. They are ALL THE SAME.

            These Ethiopian jews do NOT have ANY genetic link to the others. The jews do not like black and brown people there is no question. However, the jews come in all colors as they have bred with all races.

            Advanced genetic testing, including Y-DNA and mtDNA haplotyping, of modern Jewish communities around the world, has helped to determine which of the communities are likely to descend from the Israelites and which are not, as well as to establish the degrees of separation between the groups. Important studies archived here include the University College London study of 2002, Ariella Oppenheim’s study of 2001, Ariella Oppenheim’s study of 2000, Michael Hammer’s study of 2000, Doron Behar’s study of 2008, and others.
            Key findings:

            The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews of the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations of the world is Israelite. The Israelite haplotypes fall into Y-DNA haplogroups J and E.

            ALL of them have specific DNA that ties them together. There is no debate, this is science. There are no “other races” of jews.

            David Icke is a fucking idiot and a waste of time, why would you even mention him? I’m not talking about fucking lizards, I’m talking about jews as a specific race/species, and ALL of the evidence points to this. What were jews all nice, warm, and fuzzy before this fake ass “conversion” in Khazaria? NO, they were exiled all over the place for CENTURIES before that fable supposedly took place.

            There is a specific agenda by the jews to MAKE SURE they are divided up into different groups, so they can screw your asses over again when you get it wrong thinking it was just a religion or ideology.

            Again, I am not here to debate your “feelings” and “ideas” and “opinions”. I present the facts, and if you’d like to debate, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

          • Amandla, you and your “jews aren’t a race” bullshit is just that, complete utter bullshit. Obviously the facts I presented prove this fact, but let’s take it a step further.

            What exactly was your motivation for trying to disrupt my message? Oh, that’s right, you’re a fucking jew! See, you tried to weave your web of lies, but it doesn’t work. I bet you were thinking how superior you were to have pushed your bullshit here, thinking you would continue to get away with it. Let’s see, what did you say in your latest comment sitting in the trash bin?

            “My ancestry is irish/swedish/english, and I did a lineage DNA test myself. I went to a website that showed I shared DNA with several others, including Jews. I’m not a Jew, have absolutely NO Jewish lineage yet there it was, a DNA match with some Jews. I found it rather funny considering they consider themselves superior racially and yet they shared DNA with many non-Jews.”

            Right, but it seems you are lying your fucking ass off, because if we go to this place right here: we can clearly see you pushing the same bullshit line that jews are not a race, but you admit to being a jew.

            “Jewish is a mindset. It is a supremacist political movement disguised as a religion. It is NOT an ethnicity, it is NOT spirituality. It is more in line with the beliefs of the Klan than it is with any actual spirituality, which very few religions actually are. It is part of that belief that Jews hate Blacks as much as the Klan does. How do I know this? I grew up Jewish, but I’ve renounced such chauvinism.”

            You dirty, rat faced kike mother fucker. Nice try, but you just helped make an even stronger case that jews are a race. We know they openly admit it. We know there is DNA evidence, and now we know you’re a lying piece of shit. Ouch…

          • I have read a report covering David Icke, he works for the jews and promotes their lies:


            “With david kikey he switches the truth he claims Whites are reptilian and our Gods as well. When its the opposite kikes are reptillian and there creators and master as well. He then does everything possible to cover up for the jews he works for like his partner Solomon. And the race jew russel pine [AKA Joran Maxwell] who brought him into the mainstream kosher con-jewry bowel movement in America. Where he is now worth a quarter million and charges 50 bucks a head for 2000 people speaking events. And reprints the same book dozens of times basically with a new window dressing and calls it a new book.

            Icke stated in one of his first books “Love changes everything” That he is a medium for ascended masters especially “Rakroski” and “Jesus” [ET’s of the Right Hand Path Religions]. His work is simply a repeat of Alice Bailey [who was a christian] who was a stated medium for the same “assended masturds.” Icke just put a new science speak over it. Today he calls them “the guys” he simply preaches a covered christianity as his metaphysic’s as well. Icke states these “beings” guide him in his work. He is an enemy medium and propagandist.

            He promotes the jewish black propaganda that blames the evil committed by the jews and their jew world order onto Satanists. So the jews go free and their righteous opponents get slandered which maintains the jewish status quo on their lies. And keeps the masses in the enemy RHP program cells. With his zionism gimmick its the same he claims its not jews behind it at all, and the poor jooz are just getting used and are the suffering victims they always pretend to be. When the jews are the ones soaked in the blood of the Gentile world they have been slaughtering for a thousand years via all their programs.

            Anyone who believes Rothschilds are not jews is a fucking liar or lunatic.


            The jews have been pushing this angle Icke plays thought their other agents as well to attempt to steer awaking gentiles away from them and into confusion and control as they are chasing ghosts while the jews laugh.

            Having read much of Icke’s works and watched and listened to hours upon hours of his lectures and checked deeper into his claims, this quote is most apt in reviewing his over all pattern in research method and the mind behind it.

            “According to a scathing review of ‘The Biggest Secret’ by the late Jim Keith, Icke lacks the finely honed analytical skills required to discriminate between credible and delusional sources. Whilst Icke does highlight in his own way the turbulence of the multi-polar Digital Age and the exploitative excesses of laissez-faire capitalism run amok, he also prints (plagiarizes?) the most bizarre anecdotes, without any sustained critique. His books are required reading to grasp the irrationalism and virtually nonexistant research methodologies that plagues the conspiriology underground,”.-Alex Burns

            He kepts claiming we are all one, his entire metaphyiscal platform is based in xianity even if he openly repudiates xianity. He is a unconscious communist.

            And he acts as a general disinfo agent always keeping people away from the truth in some cases more and more by meeting them partial with a half truth to hang them with a lie.

            Alex Jones (which we all know is a kike agent) has Icke on all the time he is the best disinfo agent in that sector the Jew has so he gets the most air play.

            Icke lives in Britian, a nation where people go to jail for telling the truth about the NWO and the Jews behind it. But yet he is free and quite well off and without major hassle.

            Icke gets to do a open tour thought Germany a nation that thousands of people are jailed yearly for thought crimes Jews don’t approve of. Yet he can just waltz right though the same Nation.”

    • I checked out “Amandla” at the website you gave and sure enough at comment 150 was a lass named “Amandlatoo” with the same m.o. as Amandla here on your site who says she was raised “jewish”.

      Colour me stupid but I don’t understand. Why would she pretend to be gentile here, yet pretend to be jewish there, BUT GIVE THE SAME MESSAGE AT BOTH PLACES?

      Why would she give a false impression here? Why wouldn’t she embraise the idea that the jews are a race if she is in fact pro-jewish.

      You are right, she was lying by misrepresentation and you caught her red handed, but why was she doing that. I fail to see her motive for speaking against jews as a race.

      P.S. I am a gentile and you can check me out any day of the week at Smoking Mirrors, Petri Dish or Visible Origami commenting as Anaughty Mouser

  19. Thank you Amandla, your IP address has been logged, and you have put yourself in the crosshairs. Your home/work address will be found, and you will be put to the front of the line in your local area for the Jewish Woodchipping Festival.

    You Jews don’t get it do you? We know what the fuck you are up to and no amount of bullshit whining and hair splitting will change what thousands of hours of research has lead us to. We know we are not the first to “discover” what you are doing, but you can be damn sure, we intend to be the last that’s ever needed.

    We will make NAZI Germany look like a sunday school fucking picnic.

  20. An interesting article about the JUDEN – I have posted it elsewhere on this site as I feel it’s quite important that non Jews appreciate that even the JEW knows that he is a beast. Karin Friedmann, however, choosese to selectively use the word zionist which I would simply replace with the word JEW when reading this article!

    “In a recent article by Karin Friedemann, who is an anti-Zionist, ethnic Jew, she renounces being a Jew, due to Jewish attitudes toward Gentiles and their corresponding mental health issues.

    Karin Friedmann is quoted as saying:

    “American Jews are actually being trained since childhood to interact with non-Jews in a deceitful and arrogant manner, in coordination with each other, to emotionally destroy Gentiles and Israel critics in addition to wrecking their careers and interfering with their social relationships. This is actually deliberate, wicked, planned behavior motivated by a narcissistic self-righteous fury….

    The problem is that Gentiles are taught through emotional pressure and violence via the media and the school system to be very sensitive to Jewish suffering so when a Zionist becomes outraged at them for challenging their world view, the Gentile really has to fight against his own inner self in a huge battle against his “inner Jew” making him feel inadequate and intimidated. But the Jew doesn’t care how much he or she hurts others. Jews only care about what’s good for the Jews. …

    I once reduced a 50 year old man to hysterical sobbing tears because I told him gently and lovingly that Jews were not that unique. I just told him the Jews, like everyone else, have had good times and bad times. Times when they were slaughtered and other times when they slaughtered others. Just like everyone else. Guess what he did next. He emotionally abused me in an insulting way and then cut off all further communication. Jewish behavior is so predictable that it’s truly scary. …

    If you mention cutting off the money or if you mention the possible compromise of living with Palestinians as equals in one state they become very angry and start using bullying tactics, unless they have some reason to fear you, in which case they shun you and complain about you to the authorities, try to get you arrested or try and destroy your career or social status through character assassination. …

    Zionists all believe in the myth of “1000 years of Jewish suffering” and feel that the world owes them compensation for their ancestors’ “unique” suffering. It’s a criminally insane viewpoint. They cope with the contradictions between their belief that they are the good guys and what Jews are actually doing to their neighbors, both in the Middle East and in the US, by developing mental health issues. Most Zionists are functional schizophrenics. “

    • I’ll let it slide because it demonstrates that jews know how fucking evil they are, but please refrain from posting links to jew’s websites here. I don’t care if the bitch renounces being a jew, she is only playing a necessary role to help ensure their survival. Some of them have to pretend that they are not as evil as the rest of their tribe. We are not foolish enough to give two shits what a jew has to say, because that bitch will fry with the rest of them.

      They have NEVER been the victim, or the ones to suffer. Every time you think of “jew” and “suffering” together, try to imagine a seven year old child being drained of their blood, and having their throat slit while still conscious.

      The bitch says it all when she says “jews only care about what’s good for jews” and her propaganda fulfills this purpose, and no other. No jews get an opportunity to speak here, by themselves or by proxy, so remember, last time you post anything from a jew. I don’t care what they think or how many of them try to pretend to be good guys, all are slated for extermination. The world has let them run free for too long, and given them too many chances. Their gig is up…ALL of them.

      • Sorry for posting the link to the kike site. I have only just seen your reponse.

        • No problem. I just don’t want to give them a platform. Your post was indeed relevant to show how pathetic and vile they are. The idea is to keep them out of the discussion about what to do with them. In fact, the idea is to keep them out of any and all discussions if we want a better world. We need them out of our lives completely. That’s why comments are heavily censored here, to keep the crap to a minimum and keep the message pure.

  21. such a nice article!! i’d like to add more… Jews are into Black magic, Occult groups, free masons, Elites all have roots linking to Jews by one means or another. divide and conquer, anti God views, anti religious Views, Evolution are all fabricated by Jews. They are waiting for their savior the so called, One eyed King to rule the world again. They practice incest and various satanic rituals to promote magic and anarchy in the world… they are the founds of New World Order. They are the cause of Current collapse of the US economy.. They are behind wars between various factions around the globe.!! i can go on and on!

  22. David Baker says:

    Here’s a song parody I composed to illustrate the Jew’s penchant for denying the obvious. Sung to “Good King Wencesslass”

    “We don’t run the media, nor do we run the courts

    Or congress, gambling, porn, the Fed, ‘don’t make a dime on torts

    We are victims of white males, those bigots hate our guts

    So we started both world wars, we needed census cuts!

    We were not the Bolsheviks, we never hurt a fly

    So Kulaks who caught our tricks mysteriously died?

    Those gulags were a Stalin tool, Jews never were around

    So the commissars were Jews, they were out of town!

    Now your nation’s faltering, your faggots want to wed

    Minorities are lawsuit fiends, your Bill of Rights is dead

    And only Jews are protected by laws we make ourselves

    Goyim struggle to survive in Neo-Bolshevik made Hell”

  23. Anonymous says:

    In one of your responses, you said:

    “The KKK was led by a bunch of JEW GRAND WIZARDS and is a bad example.”

    I had never heard this before, and wondered if you could elaborate, and perhaps provide your sources for this statement? I would also like to know your opinion of David Duke. In his book, “My Awakening,” he has nothing but praise for the KKK, of which he was once a Grand Wizard himself. Can he be trusted? BTW, the email address I supplied is not my real email address, so please respond on your blog for this article. Thank you.

    • Read the article. There are a number of examples of jews leading the KKK and WN movements. In fact, the jew is always at the forefront of whatever is happening, be it KKK, NAACP or a hundred other things going back a few thousand years. Even Harry Truman (crooked eyed jew president) was a member of the KKK!

      Let me make it real simple about Duke. He is on their team. I’ve explained how to recognize this a thousand times, and heard enough people whine about me picking on their heroes to say I’m not going to waste my breath explaining it. This site defines how to recognize people who are full of shit, so I’ve done that already. I think the reason many people ask that question is they can sense that something is not right, they just can’t put their finger on it yet. If you pay attention to this site, it becomes real easy to put your finger on it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It seems that you were right about David Duke, according to John de Nugent’s latest blog:

    In the comments section, he then backtracks, and says that Duke is a sincere White Nationalist. But then, I don’t trust John de Nugent, either. I now believe that they’re both working for the Jews, and are merely competing with each other to be the “great White leader.”

    • Of course I’m right about Duke. However, this DeNugent guy dated Duke’s ex-girlfriend, worked with him, stayed with him at his house, and here he is whining about Duke like DBS, Bollyn, and Hufshit whine about each other.

      The FUNNIEST PART is how this CROOKED EYED fiend DeNugent talks so much smack about being “white” and yet, here AGAIN this mother fucker could out-do Larry King for the most sloped forehead I’ve ever fucking seen! Same deal too…NO FUCKING EAR LOBES. Holy SHIT people!!!!!! This is what passes for a human these days??????????

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? This DeNugent guy is so full of shit he smells like he ate a turd sandwich.

      Please don’t link to jews like this DeNugent guy again in my comments, thanks.

  25. So..what do you propose we do now that we know the truth?

  26. 8 downing street Chris McKinley

    In Nov. 1881, in Century Magazine, Madame Z. Ragozin wrote an article named, “Russian Jews and Gentiles”. The article meticulously demonstrates how jewish parasitism operates on a neighborhood or, as it is organized now, zip code level. Here is a very short list of some of the terms (ways) used in everyday life by the parisitic jews on Russian gentiles.

    Kahal–“a 19-member administrative body which “weilds supreme, absolute, and unquestioned power over every phase of Hebrew life…”

    Beth din–Talmudic court of justice that is under the high protetion of the Kahal and under whose jurisdiction are placed all transgressions and litigations arising between private Jews…”

    hefker–This is where the property of Gentiles is regarded as ‘”a lake free to all”, in which, however, no one may spread his nets but a Jew duly authorized by the Kahal.”

    meropie–This is the targeting of an individual human being for ownership, or just basic slavery.

    kherem–This is an act of excommunication which can be called for by the Kahal or Beth din on any jewish offender through an act of rebellion or disobedience.

    box duty tax–This is a tax on all meat and fowl slaughtered and sold in Russia, This tax must be paid in silver, and the proceeds go directly to the Kahal. The Kahal uses the receipts to bribe gentile politicians, judges, and government officials.

    The Kahal and Beth din “rule the private and social life of the Jewish population in a great measure independent of the Talmud, and their own private ordinances, supported by the penalty of Kherem are of far greater moment to the modern Jews than the Talmud.”

    The article is certainly worth reading and thinking about.

  27. ALLCINGI says:

    Hey Adam I normally wouldnt post a quetion on a forum that wasnt related to the topic,i didnt know where else to go though.Im trying to find and buy a hard copy of yor book Subverted Nation’s Basic Training for Revolutionaries and i cant find it anywhere where can I get a Hardcopy?Ive looked on ebay and amazon for used copies can i buy one directly from you ?

    • If you ever need to get a hold of me, click the “Contact” page, and the message goes straight to my inbox.

      As for the book, I really wish there were more copies, but there aren’t. I have one copy myself, but I don’t have any others and there aren’t really a whole lot of them floating around either.

      • ALLCINGI says:

        Thanks Adam that sucks about your book , so im buying a printer to print it out .Ive read the entire book on the pdf format damn good book man, very intelligently laid out too . I liked how you ,instead of relying on personal opinion (although true and accurate,i might add ) ,you let them do that in their own quotes .I recently purchased two books Protocols of Zion and The international Jew by ford .I noticed right off the bat though that my copy of the protocols was slightly different than yours it didnt take away from meaning or intent just written slightly different it was written more like a book instead of an out line,just kinda curious as to why that is .I wouldnt doubt it if the book has been altered to give a different intent or kosher meaning to it.The international jew is an outsatnding book also ,what ford said on gold is fascinating .It reminds me of that fat lard jewbag Alex Jones site every time you go on there they are pushing how gold is the real money and how we’ve had it all wrong that gold is actual money so send in your money right away so you can be in the “KNOW” and be able to divert the bankers scheme of printing paper money ,what a fucking scam .They got all these adverts on there too,to buy gold and how its the real money ,Ford said fuck that ,gold is nothing but metal one way to cripple the jew would be to not recognize gold as being money anymore its funny people hold up signs saying its the oil stupid (as if they think their privy to something the rest of us arent )I want to stand next to them with a sign that says its the jews stupid .Then you got people saying abolish the fed ,now i want to hold a sign that says abolish the gold they use gold to manipulate the markets they always have .The idea that people think their clever buy buying lots of gold is ridiculous and somehow their bypasing fake money like paper currency. Shit, Ford saw it back in 1915 that gold was REALLY what was perpetuating the problem ending the fed is pointless having a gold standard is even more pointless gold is only valuable if you say it is Fords own qoutes page 298 the international jew “Jewish capitolism knows exzactly what its doing what are its gains? 1.It has taken a whole rich country without the cost of war 2.It has demonstarded the necessity of gold.Jewish power rests on the fiction that gold is wealth.By the premeditated clumsiness of the bolshevik monetary system ,THE UNTHINKING WORLD HAS BEEN MADE TO BELIEVE STILL MORE STRONGLY THAT GOLD IS NECESSARY,AND THIS BELIEF GIVES JEWISH CAPITOLISM ANOTHER HOLD ON THE GENTILE WORLD.IF THE BOLSHEVISTS HAD BEEN HONEST,THEY COULD HAVE DEALT JEWISH CAPITALISM A DEATH BLOW .NO!!GOLD IS STILL ON ITS THRONE .DESTROY THE FICTION THAT GOLD HAS VALUE ,AND YOU LEAVE THE JEWISH INTERNATIONAL FINANCIERS SITTING FORLORN ON HEAPS OF USELESS METAL” Powerful shit laid out by Ford almost a century ago. Fuck Alex Jones he leading people in a bad direction he tells you a truth and then covers it with another lie people are walking around thinking they now have this down when the jew has hoodwinked them again. Alex Jones has done nothing but turn this into one huge fucking problem .I think Alex should be at the very top of the list even before the jews as people to take out .Hes got to much a hold on popular opinion he really is a front for the jew . This guy really is more severe a problem than people can see .What Alex is doing is literally upholding the protocols in mass deciet. To bad Adam there wasnt a way to funnel traffic from that site to this one . And the beat goes on.

      • Protests for a no-fly zone over Palestine in Tel Aviv today 13.04.2011.

        I’m just hoping there is another way to rid ourselves of the global zionist infestation without killing women, children and honest zionist denoncers.

        • There is no way to deal with a JEW problem by calling them “zionists”. PERIOD.

          • It amazes me today that so many people still get fooled by calling them Zionists. It’s just another name for the same group of subversive agents.

            The only name they seem to bitch and whine over is jew, but it doesn’t matter to me whatever name they call themselves, I know who they are, what they have done, what they are doing, and what they want.

            Mouser you found your way to this website, so thats a start, but drop the zionist name. It’s a gag, a joke….kinda like capturing Bin Laden.

            They are laughing their asses off.

            Like Adam has said elsewhere, you end zionism and israel today, and you are still left with millions of rat faced subversive fucking Kikes all over the world that will continue to do what they do, which is lie, cheat, steal and kill.

            jews take all sides of every debate, but one thing is clear, they MUST dominate the discussion and get it going in a certain direction, which is anything but actually forming up and taking on these cunts.

            They will create pro Hitler and white nationalist websites and keep you there. They will have glorious videos and write ups about Hitler. The subtle point is to keep you in the past dreaming about how things could have been, or were. They block all comments and ideas about backing any leader today that is willing to take on the jew.

            Their manipulation of the human mind is something most people do not understand. They work 10 layers deep.

            The good part is they always trip up. Somewhere, somehow, they trip up, and it cannot be excused by ignorance, not if they have been in the game long enough to know something.

            Look for what people are saying and try to think about what they want you to think, and also see what they are NOT saying, which is the biggest clue if they are a psy-op agent.

            The net is full of jews spewing their shit. For their reported “population” they are in every debate and comment board.

            Their numbers are far greater than what they say.

      • If you fail to understand what motivates the Israeli pilots to drop bombs on civilians from aeroplanes decorated with Jewish symbols, (jewish) law professor Gavison provides the answer;

        “Israel will do whatever it takes to remain a Jewish state for as long as it takes.”

        If you ask yourself, how is it that 94% of Israeli Jews supported the IDF genocidal measures at the time of Operation Cast Lead, then Gavison may have some insights to offer.


        “The Jewishness of Israel is the meaning of which the state of Israel is enabling Jews for the first time in many years, to take control of all aspects of their lives”

        They certainly do: Israeli brutality is beyond comparison.

        The end of israel is nigh…

        • The end of Israel won’t change a thing. There would still be jews running every other country on the planet. So tell me, how would the end of Israel be helpful? The end of these united states as we know them will likely come first because people don’t listen.

  28. good read! it’s nice to see people still trying to tell the truth. we are the jesuses of suburbia

    the people will rise

  29. GuitarMan says:

    Read this all the way to the end and tell us what you think about it, Subverted Nation. I’d really like to know. Revelation 2:9 & 3:9.

    ********Link to “Synagogue of Satan” pdf removed by admin. No linking to the kike DBS from here. Fuck these jews. NO QUARTER.*********

    • I read the book years ago, and it’s a fraud sold by jews. Nothing more. The ashkenazi jews have the same damn DNA as the sephardic, italqim, mizrakhim, and every other group of jews. They always were all the same. Eighty four countries kicked out all jews, without distinction between one group or another over a hundred times. Anything that even comes close to eluding that some “fake jews” are the problem while taking the heat off the rest of the tribe is bullshit. I removed the link because you don’t need to point to that kike DBS’s website from here either.

  30. I just read where the Japanese nuclear problem just outshone Chernoby. Not that you are going to read that anywheres, but due directly from the zionist/haarp involvement Japan is now polluting a very large encompansing area of the pacific ocean’s main current which provides the fish for Korea, China, Russia and Alaska, then BC.,Canada, then to Washingtonstate and right on to Mexico. Now combine this with very high levels of stantium,celisium,uranium, and plutonium in rainwater, which has now made levels consistently higher in milk, cheeze,mushrooms and vegetables with larger green leaves. Now, add into account the eventual poisoning,contamination and death of the northern american continent of all its mammals who drink and graze on its grounds, All cattle,livestock,wild animals and fish will go the way of the dinosaur. And it will be in a single generation, not many, as Japans third reactor exploded like an atomic bomb, its flash seen for hundreds of miles. Betcha you didnt hear about that either, Now, Russia and China arent going to take all this lying down, I now predict these countries of the east will unite against the countries of the west which are largely responsib le for the end of these important things for our survival, and why not? /Russia, China, India would in theory try to kill these powers to at least be left with some of the necessities for life or none at all, Which would you choose given this scenario?
    p,s, sorry if this isnt in the right place

  31. This is an interesting video in light of the “Bin laden” death….who as most of you already know, most likely died back in 2001 of kidney failure, and was NOT wanted by the FBI for 911!

    What is interesting is all the plots and strategies they talk about in the video are exactly what is on this website. Adam has warned time and time again about race wars, which is why he focuses on JEWS and no other.

    The jews controlled the black slave ships that bought the blacks to America, they were behind the immigration policies which have flooded latinos into the USA. Jews founded the NAACP and have been leaders of the KKK and NAZI parties in America.

    They have set the stage over hundreds of years.

    Now they are saying Al CIA Duh is ready to attack. What will get past most people is that JEWS control most of the security now at Bus stations, Train stations, Airports and malls. Look at the companies, and who owns them!

    There is a video out there somewhere where a Canadian politician was concerned enough about an jewish company getting the contact for the security of the Montreal mall system to bring it up in parliament. He correctly mentioned that the jews ran the security on 911 and 7/7 London bombings, and should they expect an attack in Montreal if this company gets the contracts!

    If these Al CIA Duh dudes are so anti-jew, why haven’t we seen an attack on the Oscars ceremony? What a ripe target that would be for them!

  32. GuitarMan says:

    Adam, I sent this link to several friends of mine and they answered back and said they only got a malware & phishing warning for this “understanding parasitic jews” link. Just thought you might want to look into that. I have never had trouble or warnings coming to this site. Maybe it was just their anti-virus kicking in.

    • The page is likely blocked by their provider, their browser, or their anti-virus, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the page. I see no warnings, and no signs of trouble. It may still be this way because of when the site was hacked. Tell them to refresh the page, it is safe. Don’t let the jew win by them being scared off because of that bullshit. Do you see this on any other pages?

  33. Daniel Gilfry says:

    I’ve been saying it since I was old enough to talk; you can’t understand the Jews – you can only exterminate them!
    Daniel Gilfry, C.A.M.P. – Intl. Freedom Party

  34. Daniel Gilfry says:

    The Jew Parasite is a non-human, alien life-form which does not belong on this planet. We human beings must wipe our this infestation to save our planet.
    The only “Jewish Homeland” is Hell, where this parasite was created and where it belongs!
    Daniel Gilfry
    C.A.M.P. – Intl Freedom Party

  35. New vid. Very good and informative. The music might be a little unsettling but the overall content is a must-see:

    How the Jewish Mafia Screwed You:

  36. Gene Alongi says:

    I often wonder if Jews really are not a completely separate humanoid species than modern Homo sapiens. Everything about their behavior is almost completely different from everyone else. In my youth I did a lot of interracial dating. I’ve dated Filipinos, a few Japanese American girls, a Puerto Rican girl who was a Mestizo and even a black girl who was what would have used to be referred to as a octaroon or a high yellow. My experimentation is what led me to a White racial awakening. When I did finally find that special White girl it was just natural and right. By far though, the two Jewish girls I dated were the worst experiences of my life. While there was always a certain amount of cultural conflict between myself and the families of those girls, the Jewish families didn’t even treat me like I was a human being. Furthermore, it quickly became apparent to me that the Jewish girls I dated did so not because they cared about me even in the slightest, but because they were trying to get even with their fathers. To say the way they think is different is an understatement. In reality, it’s almost completely alien. th

    • They are completely alien to anything human, but I can tell you jewish women didn’t date you to get back at their fathers. Usually there is some ulterier motive involved. They want something from you like your money, your belongings, your business, your land, or even your genetics. There certainly are major differences between the behavior of a jew and that of a human. They are some kind of odd parasitic creature that is completely foreign to humanity, and is jealous beyond belief that they aren’t us.

      • MonarchyFTW says:

        Would you even kill Bobby Fischer if he was still alive?

        • Why would you keep him? Do you honestly think you can trust a jew? What’s the monarchy bullshit? You want to rule over everyone or something? JAM pushed that monarchy shit, and I almost bought it for a minute. Why do we need someone to run our lives though? Are we not sovereign individuals already? Take that monarchy shit elsewhere.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      What SN states above re the Jews wanting our genetics may not make sense at first, considering their view of us as mere animals. They are well aware they have weak, degraded genetics so sometimes, if they want to be somewhat “official” about it, they’ll even get a rabbi to bless the union of a jew and a human so the hybrid offspring’s genetics can later refresh the jewish gene pool. It is these hybrids they use on Hollyweird & TV screens. They tell us a lot about what they are and how the world works via their films, by the way. Their desire for our genetics goes deeper than this and factors into the jealousy SN spoke of above. We have emotions, creativity, evolutionary potential, etc.–a power–they lack and feel is wasted on us who they believe to be unworthy of such gifts. Well “fuck them” and whatever spawned them, I say.

      They funded the Human Genome Project not merely out of scientific curiousity but to learn what makes us “tick”, so as to both acquire what we have and destroy what makes us human.

  37. I just stumbled into your site from sott, your ideas have been hovering over my mind for some time. And while I am still not ready to fully comprehend, but intellectually, the extend of what you say I think it will sink in slowly as time goes by.

    I haven’t been ‘lucky’ enough to have had contact with many jews, in fact there has only been 2 instances, once I met two girls from israel in thailand and another time a guy also from israel in another country, hard to describe but I have traveled a lot and met many people and I have never experienced such disconnection and awkwardness in a such short interaction ever, after 5 minutes a primal hate and feeling of threat started to grow and I had to shut up inwardly and quickly get over with the interaction at the risk of right there and then get into an argument and then into a fight, verbal or otherwise.

    Hard to explain, the regular asshole we meet now and then falls short and never draws such instant reaction from me at all.

    Congrats for telling it like it is.

    • Well, isn’t that interesting. SOTT is a jew run website that doesn’t like the content here. Look what they said when someone posted a link to this site. They actually DELETED THE LINK you followed to find this site! To quote them:

      “The problem therefore is not any particular Jewish person, but rather the fact that psychopathic ideologies dominate in the Jewish belief system, as they do in other mainstream religions, not to mention political and social systems. War and the sowing of divisions among normal human beings is the way that psychopaths maintain their control. You are only helping to perpetuate those divisions, and the wars that result, by promoting the idea that the “problem is the Jews”.

      I have removed the link you posted since it promotes an unbalanced perspective.”

      Looks like SOTT is trying to censor the truth about jews, and soften the blow. I would suggest you warn people to stay away from those kikes over there. They’re trying like hell to take the heat off of the jews, so I wouldn’t waste your time reading their bullshit. Claiming it’s just some random psychopaths?!?! That’s fucking hilarious. You should go tell the jews over there I said to fuck off, because they’ll get NO QUARTER. The jews are a RACE of disgusting, inhuman creatures. This asshole acts as if they are just “normal human beings” and couldn’t possibly be the problem. I wonder how much blood he drank for hanukkah. Here’s the link to this “Joe” (the jew) fella talking stupid. Go see what a lying sack of shit jew runs that SOTT website.

  38. Guitar Man says:

    Adam, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this or not but here it is…..

    Moses Hess, a Jew, one of the historic figures through whom the whole Jewish Program has flowed down from its ancient sources to its modern agents, wrote a book entitled “Rome and Jerusalem” in which he stated the whole matter with clearness and force: “The Jews are something more than mere ‘followers of a religion,’ namely, they are a race, a brotherhood, a nation.” (p. 71). “A Jew belongs to his race and consequently also to Judaism, in spite of the fact that he or his ancestors have become apostates.” (pp. 97-98). “Every Jew is, whether he likes it or not, solidly united with the entire nation.” (p. 163). “Jewish religion is, above all, Jewish patriotism.” (p. 61).

  39. I wish the world would understand things like this article has explained to us.

    “There is even more telling evidence that there is no such thing as a “good jew”.”

    I will always live by this. I hope the world soon follows.

  40. uunion boilermakers work for and truly hate psychopath jew scum hate is a nice word for jew scum who put young boys in refinery cancer tanks with little or no protection from this toxic junk, no wonder boilermakers die at 59. thanks to psychopath jew kill all the jewd go to heaven. local 28 bayonne hates scammer psychopath jew company men ,

  41. Hey man, didn’t you know that you’re a “cointelpro agent” for advocating the only solution to the eternal jewish problem, which is to kill them all before they kill us all. Thats what these numbnut shit for brain telll me when I post your link under their shitty articles and radio shows. Like a 110th exile is gonna finally do the trick or something…HA

    • LOL. I get a kick out of that. I love the smell of fear on my enemies. They know we’re coming. The cool thing is, WE CHOOSE WHEN. All they can do is cower in wait for the day they are eliminated, and if they were to collapse our world as we know it, we STILL get to choose when to strike them. Let them tremble.

      • I hear ya. I wish I was aware of the extent of the worlds jew problem when you had your realoathkeepers site, not that it matters anyway cuz the jews took it down. But there’s gotta be a similar way to organize and expand our numbers towards a common goal. That’s just what Ive been thinking about lately. Because the world is just getting shittier and shittier to the point its unbearable. Personally I’ve spread a lot of this information to the people around me, to no great success because most are beyond repair and my younger generation is more concerned with drinking jew juice and making jew dollars more than anything, which I dont want my life to be revolved around at all. I’m planning on moving to the mountains soon to live off the land to get away from this jew system and hopefully find some like minded people. From what I can see , no serious resistance will happen until the shit hits the fan, and I wanna be loaded up on ammo and protected by the terrain as much as possible when it happens, which is impossible here in Jew York. I can only really see local community factions and militias organizing aat that point and hopefully they can be educated enough to want to make a push towards the enemy jew once they figure out its the only way they can get their country back.

        • The jews didn’t take down ROK. I took it down because I couldn’t afford to pay for the domain anymore. I’m actually glad I did, because I have pretty much lost all respect for police and military. I used to hold out for the ones who didn’t know better, but I simply can’t see it that way anymore. You have to pick your side in this battle and stick to it. Even though they may not know what they’re doing, their choice has been made. Ignorance can’t be used as an excuse any longer. The only reason anyone wouldn’t know is because they don’t want to.

          Keep pushing the information, it helps to a degree. You will at least reach the ones who are ready to hear the truth and need guidance. The rest are under a spell like Sleeping Beauty. They can’t be awakened by talking to them.

      • Except we’re gonna exile their lives.

        • Right on. Anyone who would rather live in an even more pathetic slave existence to the jew rather than fighting to the death for their human freedom isn’t worth the air that they breathe. Which pretty much encompases every jew-run troofer site out there who shit themselves when you propose the only solution to solving our eternal jew problem.

          • The sick part is they play in the feces once they crap their pants. With this kind of behavior, why would anyone want jews around them? No wonder Patton said they stink so bad he lost his lunch.

          • Kyle Bradford says:

            Makes sense why ZionKikeFaggotry didn’t publish my comment confronting him about what his solution to the jew problem is, and not to mention about him having a problem with Adam for absolutely no reason (other than the fact that Adam tells it like it is, whereas ZCF is a jew shill recycling info everyone already knows). He won’t allow any talk about getting rid of these jews once and for all, but proposes that they should move to Madagascar! That’s right, Madagascar. It’s so ridiculous I actually want to laugh.

            Oh, and I’m banned from posting comments on his site now. Hmmm…

          • Sincerely trying to solve the problem doesn’t sit well with people who don’t want to solve the problem.

  42. James Killbrant says:

    Adam, you claim Jews are a small minority…and you live in Florida? – Jew capital USA. Common, Jews are 20-30% of the total population in all coastal cites. And just like Darwin and commenter Paul says on December 25, 2009 at 9:45 pm “I can recognize them, whether they pose as nazis, Arabs, truth-tellers or faithfulers Christians.”

    I too, can tell every Jew who comes into my stratosphere, and trust me; they are in much higher numbers than 2%.

    Jews are hunting down Aryan genocide through procreation, which takes more than 2% to accomplish.

    You say, and I quote: “Pretty soon when you hear the drone of that machine day and night, it won’t be just the tree service.”

    The only drone you’re going to hear will be the silent one that caps your ass. The Jews have Tesla technology, and infinite dimwits just graduating from video game home-schooling.

    Is this dis-info?

    Besides, the fastest and most effective way to kill is through dehydration, no work at all, just wait three days… hell, have them dig their own grave, just like Eisenhower did with over a million Germans in WW II.

    Video: Eisenhower’s German Death-Camp – Killed One Million Germans

    With Jews owning Tesla [Aryan] technology, it just isn’t going to be that simple.

    • I’ve publicly stated on here NUMEROUS TIMES that jews are AT LEAST 10% of the population. Who the fuck are you to call my work disinformation?

      I can tell jews who come into my sphere too, especially with defeatist we can’t win bullshit.

      Even if jews do reach 30% of the population (they actually might) they can only control people through FEAR and DECEPTION. They would still be outnumbered 2 to 1. These are a VERY FINE line they walk, and must heavily reinforce EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of their lives.

      The jews stole Tesla’s work, sure thing, but they don’t have any super massive weapons to use against us. Otherwise we wouldn’t be fighting conventional wars all the time. They don’t even have nukes, they’re a fucking hoax.

      I am not afraid of drones either. They can’t stop all of us. ANY ONE of us who actually resist them, without spreading fear and the idea that we can’t win, could take out some of their best at the drop of a hat. We choose when and where to strike.

      These are not all mighty, all powerful beings. They are COWARDLY losers who’s only strength is their cohesion and their instinct for lying and manipulation. So what if they pick off a handful of people, they still can’t win.

      If they actually had what it takes to control everyone, they would do it openly. They don’t, so they use FEAR to scare everyone into submission.

      Don’t come here calling my work disinfo and linking to your own shit. Your links were removed, and you can fuck off if you think we’re going to live in fear of drones, Tesla weapons, water shortages, or anything else. WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT, no matter what it takes. Right now we’re talking…….soon we won’t be. Enjoy the calm before the storm, and don’t ever come to my site trying to spread fear again.


      • Sorry to have questioned your sincerity, I believe we can win against their “Wizard of OZ’ style fear and deception… just pull back the curtain, the show is about to begin.

        But just be aware, I personally have been hit straight in the gut by Tesla’s ultra-low sound wave technology they posses… the same technology that brought down the twin towers, according to my source, John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon.

        Be psychologically prepared!

        Move away from big cities when it starts and regroup.

        Fuck FEMA!

        • Tesla’s technology is real. To what extent it’s employed, I don’t know. I am pretty sure most of the twin towers destruction was conventional explosives, but it could have had some help, who knows? Either way, I refuse to fear it. What most people don’t realize is that most of their weapons of mass destruction will backfire. This has been proven repeatedly. Chemical and biological weapons are near impossible to control. Look what they learned using chlorine gas during WWI. That’s why they are still using fear, propaganda, and CONVENTIONAL warfare to control us.

          WE CAN AND WE WILL DEFEAT THEM. Their fall has already begun. You may see it getting worse, and it will continue, but I see the beginning of the end. NEVER SURRENDER and NO QUARTER.

    • Brad Kayganich says:

      I see you believe in that kike theory known as aryans’s. These people do not, have not ever existed, at any period in history. Hell the so called aryan swastika is a jew symbol. I think you better wake up, or are you confused like most people when it comes to kikes.

      • The swastika is a symbol used by jews, but it’s been found in almost every ancient culture around the world. It’s not exclusively a jewish symbol.

        • Brad Kayganich says:

          Yes it is found in ancient cultures per say. Yet history is so confused, in addition to being so misguided, we really have no clue. Especially when archaeology, also history are dominated by kikes. Every time I see the swastika it brings to mind the jew swastika which has their so called “12 tribes” branching from the center. Which leads us into sun worship. the kike six pointed star is a sun symbol. As too, the swastika represents the sun. Connection between the two? All religions are founded on kike principles, all use sun symbology.

          • Religion is bullshit, but spirituality is not. Not all spirituality and historic religions are based on jewish bullshit. The real spirituality of humanity has been masked by the jewish trio of jewdaism, islam, and christianity. Sun worship is jewish misdirection for what they’re really hiding, which are the ancient pagan religions that have nothing to do with sun worship.

          • The kike star was stolen from the “Star of Vishnu”, it represents completion, hence two points merging together. If you notice in the jew-run media, there is a heavy emphasis on the number 6 (hence they chose the number 6 million numerous times for failed holohoax stories), this can be seen in the news, movies and tv shows, as i’ve seen it myself. In numerology, the number 6 represents completion. The jews use occult knowledge liberally against the world, for they have removed such knowledge via christianity and islam. More on this:

            The sun which the Pagans spoke of was symbolic of the soul, which is light, seeing as how all matter are vibrations (atoms), geometric patterns of light, color (different frequencies of light), then chemicals and organic matter. By changing the vibration, you change the form (DNA and Body), this is known in the occult as the Magnum Opus, when the soul is perfected (the word Sol in latin means sun). When one is thoroughly familiar with the occult, they will see the christian bible is a book of jewish witchcraft. (as discussed in the link i provided). With knowledge of ancient allegories, it can actually be seen how the bible openly states its intentions are to keep humanity operating on a low level of spirituality, basically to keep us cut off from the astral realm and keep us in a material paradigm.

            In this article, it is exposed how christian mass works in hand with jewish ritual murders on a metaphysical level (the jews are parasites, christianity is their host of power and they know it at top, hence the worship of jews in the bible):

            Yes, history is dominated by kikes, but that doesn’t mean the truth can’t be found after scraping off the parasitic crust. The jew cannot create, only steal and corrupt. *Understand that.* The sun, and other spiritual tales and concepts are allegories for the soul. What the jews did was simple: take these allegories and concepts…and literalize them. Worshipping the sun literally is a waste of time and the jews know it, hence they promote it. The kikes have no “principals”, only corruptions.

          • The swastika is the first letter of the hebrew alphabet, Aleph. But like most things, the jews stole their alphabet almost verbatem from the white egyptian hieroglyphs. The jew swastika means YHVH and the “key to change exile to redemption”. It says it right on the chabad website. God damnit Im sick of these kikes and the hitler worshipers that play right into the kikes game. The jews receive mass worshipful sympathy or redemltion when they flash that symbol across the same. And its no different when supposedly jew-wise nationalists think theyre getting some kind of hitler ghost power when they use that symbol in their avatars and whatnot.

        • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

          Not to mention, this whole idea that Zionism is different from Judaism. Everyone really needs to stop and think, which the majority never really do thanks to the Jewish stagecraft business. Without stagecraft, they’re fucked.

  43. I have recommended SN at John Friend ( and Truth Militia earlier. Also emailed Charles Giuliani urging him to give SN publicity and have received encouraging response. Very few radiotalk hosts around free of carefully masked jew twist to ever subtle diversions. Major contribution of Charles is in blasting the mind-programming of organized religions corrupted for jewish agendas. Those with willingness to use their brains may see through the sham. Christian Identity is jew tactical tool to reinforce religion brainwashing spiced up with white supremacy. Recent damage control by jews show how desperate they are to keep CI alive. Christ-insanity has served them too darn well for them to let it go, fake jew reviling notwithstanding.

    At this point in our history, the only ‘religion’ one needs is how to steady one’s nerves as one pulls that trigger on jews or stick that bayonet into same aforementioned parasitic vile creatures. Too many would shy away from this necessity, cowering under all sort of excuses so that this war on jews could not even begin, not to mention, any chance of winning. Do we want the tragic mistake of bloody historical facts of jew-run mass murders to repeat itself for the umpteen occasion? Come to think of it, there is a reason why jews have cultivated fanatical talmudic zeal of killing non-jews for ages, we would do no less!

    I noticed that after posting along similar lines on jews as SN does, I am now no longer able to post on WordPress websites due to an automatic blanket ban imposed (sure to be the work of jews). Any one out there experienced this? Jew censorship has struck me. It would be a matter of time before total censorship is the rule for mention of jewish criminality on the internet. The masses are starting to smell the jew shit so they are panicking.

    • I have no idea who that guy is, and I haven’t heard from either one. I seriously doubt I would either. What does that tell you?

      If you share the truth in a manner like this site, expect to be black balled. Plain and simple. Real resistance doesn’t get any publicity. Remember that.

  44. Re: the kkk. John lester. Founder,pretend scotsman,lester is not a scottish name

  45. In fact. The guy was a carbon copy of krusty of the simpsons. Curly hair and all

  46. Brad Kayganich says:

    SN, I second that notion of the “good jew” myth. For anyone else who thinks otherwise more evidence here:

  47. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    Mental Illness (Which I’m beginning to conclude doesn’t exist) is just a bullshit excuse for the Jews to commit more depraved shit. This is something I’ve concluded for some time now. Pills don’t treat “mentally sick” people. This “Mental Illness” still doesn’t explain how they committed nefarious acts for thousands of years.

    • If people aren’t careful with this mental illness bullshit, this is the back door jews will use to enforce more anti-gun legislation. Many people are saying it’s good to keep guns out of “crazy” people’s hands, but every man deserves the freedom to arm himself. Society will deal with the crazies just fine if they are well armed themselves. Mental illness where jews are concerned is the norm for their people, but it’s certainly no excuse for their crimes. No excuse exists for their crimes. They get away with shit by being very tight knit and coordinated, and because they lack any kind of morality that would stop a human from behaving as they do.

  48. Take a look at this video of a Retarded drunk ass Israeli settler.

  49. I have not read the autobiography of one of the bigtime jews, Norman Podhoretz, but according to one who did, Podhoretz gloated that the whole purpose of the cold war was so that the USA would build up a huge military, that would then be used by Israel to destroy the Arab nations, being as how that the USSR was never a major military threat. He writes that this has cost the USA hundreds of trillions of dollars.

  50. Hey Adam I want to know is Sigourney Weaver a Jew or not? Just Asking.

    • Well, if you look around, a lot of sites claim she’s not jewish. However, wikipedia says this: “Sigourney Weaver, the American actress who starred in the Alien series, volunteered in a Kibbutz for several months at the age of 18 in 1967.” here:

      How many non-jews do that? I’d say that’s a yes. She has quite a bit of jewy features too.

      • Thanks man and another thing I want to know if George Lucas is a Jew or not.

      • Actually alot of non jews do that…in many kibbutzim the majority of volunteers were non jews.

        • If there are many non jews there, they are just “shabbas goy” as the jew would say, being used for free labor. I don’t know any non-jews who said, “gee, I want to go to Israel and do work for jews”. In fact, I’ve never known anyone to do that, but jews certainly make “aliyah” to Israel to join these kibbutz all the time. Most non-jews don’t even know these things exist. Sigourney Weaver is a jewess.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:


      Most jews, like Ms. Weaver, can be identified on sight; one merely has to train one’s eyes and heed one’s instincts. Also, the jewish on-screen saturation of their media is nearly 100%. One could probably count on one hand without the thumb how many full-blooded humans there are onscreen.

      I think they present us with what are mostly human/jew hybrids to confuse our instincts about what we’re looking at–that and the practical problem of not being able to sell the jew “look.” Because these are just about the only faces their illusion machine shows us we’re being conditioned to believe they resemble humans though these creatures look anything but. Regardless of how “softened” their appearances may be there is almost always something about their appearance, or “vibe”, that reveals them for what they are. Think of the John Carpenter film “They Live.”

      It’s funny… A friend and I were discussing this recently and even as children we eventually noticed very few of the faces we saw on television resembled people we’d see everyday, anywhere. We couldn’t have been the only ones to realize this, though few people will discuss such things.

      • Well said Lex. I spend a lot of time studying faces and features in the media and hollywood. It doesn’t take much to be able to recognize them. There are some who are so well mixed that it’s hard to tell, but their ACTIONS ALWAYS GIVE THEM AWAY.

        Humanity is slowly being assimilated by an alien (to us) race of demonic spawn called jews. As the assimilation moves further along, it does become harder to tell who’s who, but their DEEDS and their BEHAVIOR are always a dead give away. All you have to do is provoke a jew, and they will show their true colors, every time.

        • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

          The features becomes more obvious as they get older.

          • Damn right , l didn’t know Julia Louis Dreyfuss was a Jew. I thought she was pretty when she was younger , but you look at her now and you can see the Jew features in her face now that she is older.

          • I didn’t know when I wasn’t jew wise either. I had no idea about so much. I thought she was sort of good looking back then. Now she looks like a fucking rat and it gets WAY worse as she ages! Ewww…

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